Longmire (2012–2017): Season 1, Episode 3 - A Damn Shame - full transcript

A barn fire kills not only several prize winning show horses but also the owner. As the investigation continues, it starts to look more like an insurance fraud gone wrong.



Walt, the old man says:
This way of life is not easy.

It is a way of life for the strong heart.


This sacred lodge is our original home
from our Mother Earth.

Coming in,
you will leave behind all that is bad.



Stay true to your warrior spirit.

Know when to fight and when to...


This is why I don't have a cell phone.

Reuben, do not bring
that phone in here.

It's for the sheriff.




I was starting to worry about you,

She the only horse that made it out?

Looks that way.

For sure
there are two dead horses inside.

This one here is likely to be the third,
given the severity of the burns.

Whatever it takes.

Don't you listen to Branch.

What a shit-storm.

Bill Hoback?

- What's he doing here?
VIC: He's the Stewarts' neighbor.

He lives five miles that way.

But he saw the lights, heard the sirens,
came over to see if he could help.

- Where's Ray?
- Husband?

- Nobody seems to know.
- That's his truck over there.

Yeah. I've been calling
his cell all night. No answer.

Excuse me, Sheriff Longmire?
I think there's a body inside.

Hard to tell with the smoke and ash.
Roof could come down any second.

You can't go in. It's not safe.
Better to wait until morning.

If there's a body in there,
we're going inside.

No, we are not. I am.

Sheriff, at least wear my hat.

No, thanks. Got one.



Hey, Bill.

Can you take T.J. Inside
for a few minutes?

T.J., why don't you, uh...

...help me find something
to eat for all these firefighters.

It's okay.
Let's see what you got in the cellar.

Ray is gonna be devastated.

He loves those horses. They're his life.
Have you been able to reach Ray?

- I've left him messages on his cell.
- No.

Where did you get that?

- In the barn. I'm afraid it was...
- That's his watch.

Oh, God.

Oh, God. No.

Oh, God, oh, God.
Oh, my God, what happened?

The sun is gonna come up
and when it does, I promise to find out.

No. Oh, my God.


Oh, my God.


Oh, my God, no. Oh, no.

- T.J.
- She needs to be put down.

WALT: Hold up, T.J., let's talk!
Son, put down the gun!

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa, easy, easy.

No, it's selfish to keep her alive when
she's like this. Move out of the way.


Room service.

I've seen some messed up shit...

...but this is my first horse fire.
Sure as hell hope it's my last.

Winston Churchill once said,
"The outside of a horse...

...is good for the inside of a man."

- This guy raise racehorses?
WALT: Nope.

Cutting horses.

All those trophies. These horses
must've been worth a lot.

Body is there, under those stairs.


Now I see why Ray didn't answer
his cell phone.


Ah. All the rounds went off.

Only one spent primer.

So one round was fired.
The others exploded from the heat.

VIC: I'm guessing he took one
to the head.


Give me a hand, here.

- Going up?
- Yep.


Padlock on the inside.

Looks like Ray didn't want anyone
to get inside to help him.

Looks that way.

What have you found?

- What happened?
- Well, it's still early, Mrs. Stewart.

I called a friend from
the insurance company...

...to come, take a look around,
help us sort this out. So...

Well, there'll likely be an autopsy.
I'll push to have that happen today.

Thank you.

Was Ray under
any particular pressure lately?

He was...

He was preparing
for a big competition in Houston.

He loved those horses.


- What?
- Well, last week, he...

He asked a doctor to prescribe him
some anti-depressants.

I forget the name. I think
they're upstairs in the medicine cabinet.

Uh, Deputy Moretti, would you?

So, Alice.

You know I have to ask you about it.

- Sorry, about what?
- You came to me two years ago.

That was a misunderstanding.

He hit you.

I know you didn't wanna press charges,
but you told me he hit you.

So I have to ask.
Was it happening again?

That was a one-time thing.

I swear, sheriff. Ray loved me.

Now, you asked me to keep it a secret.
And I have.

But I need to know...

...did anybody else know
about that incident?

Say, T. J?

What is it, sweetheart?

I was going through Dad's desk...

...and found this note
underneath the keyboard.

My name was on the envelope.
And yours was too.

I'm so sorry.

- Is this Ray's signature?
- Yes.

It's getting hard to see this
as anything other than a suicide.

Not much of a suicide note.

"Sorry for everything I've done.
I love you."

Man of few words.
I know the type.


WALT: I understand a man wanting
to kill himself.

Got to go to a pretty dark place
to take his horses with him.

- Sheriff.
WALT: Phew.

Mind giving me a hand
with her dressings?


Shoes should have been changed
a month ago.

Oh, you know a little bit about horses.

I grew up with horses.

My dad was a farrier.

I followed him around,
managed to pick up a thing or two.

Check out her teeth.


Teeth haven't been floated.

Ray Stewart, by all accounts,
was a pretty serious horseman.

Won quite a few trophies.

Sometimes, if the horses stop winning,
the owners stop taking care of them.

So, doc, she gonna make it?

She's had some pretty bad luck.

Burns over 50 percent of her body.
Who knows what damage to the lungs.


...I always prefer the long shots.

So whatever it costs,
whatever it takes.

You send the bill to me.


Sheriff, before you say anything...

...I know I was supposed
to be there last night.

And, the thing is, I was...

Where my campsite was,
I didn't have any cell reception.

Uh, it won't happen again.

I wasn't gonna say anything.

Hey, Walt.

I saw one of your campaign
signs on the drive in.

I like them. Kind of old-school.

I prefer the word "subtle."

You, uh, check that suicide note yet?

I went ahead and got a copy of
Ray Stewart's signature from the DMV...

...but I couldn't find any more writing
samples to compare the note to.

Bank's got mortgage applications.

County office should have a copy
of the deed to his ranch. So...

Heh. Like this?

The ranch is in Alice Stewart's name.

No mortgage application.
They paid cash.

For the truck and horse trailer too.
Utility bills are in Alice's name.

Maybe she was the one with the dough.
But for whatever reason...

...Ray's signature
isn't on any documents.

BRANCH: I was thinking
we should get in touch...

...with that FBI handwriting analyst
down in Denver.

Not worth the hassle of involving the
FBI. Once they get a foot in the door...

Nothing wrong
with a little friendly competition.

WALT: Looks like Ray's handwriting.
His wife and son says it was.

Until I have reason
to suspect otherwise...

Knock, knock.

I'm just an insurance salesman. I don't
know what it could be other than suicide.

The door was chained on the inside.

His life insurance
have a suicide clause?


Because he didn't have
any life insurance.

And the Stewarts' house and
barn structures weren't insured, either.

The only policies they had
was a life insurance policy on Alice...

...naming T.J. As the sole beneficiary
and policy on all the horses.

Big policies on the horses.
A couple million, all told.

Those were top-breed quarter horses.
And Ray had mostly mares.

They're easier to handle
than the stallions.

Yeah. Plus...

...when they're done competing,
they make million-dollar babies.

It's a damn shame, Walt, really.

Can I get a copy of your evidence
inventory for my claims report?

Sure. So, uh...

Who was the beneficiary
of the horse insurance?


BILL [ON COMPUTER]: I'm getting you in
there. I'm getting a full-body shot there.

- Hey.
BILL: Ha-ha-ha!

Don't tell Ray that, but I'm gonna...

Be careful!

BILL: Look at the camera.
- No. Be careful, you're scaring him!


Whoo! T.J. Is a born cowboy.
You kidding me?

Good riding, T.J.

ALICE: Bill, give me the camera.

- No.
ALICE: I wanna get you in this movie!

BILL: I don't wanna be in it.
RAY: Give her the camera.

- What was that?
BILL: Okay.

ALICE: Look at you. Very handsome.
RAY: Come here.

Let's get the three amigos. On three,
let's say "cowboy". One, two, three.


Another beautiful day in Wyoming.

He won this one...

...in Vegas at a competition last year...
- Alice. Please.

I don't know if it's for your benefit
or mine, but I need you to stop lying.

Excuse me?

I realized I never saw Ray
or any of his horses compete locally.

So I called Vegas and Amarillo.

Ray didn't win any trophies.

Wasn't even a record of him
entering the competitions.

- It's a lie.
- No. No, that can't be. It's...

And your mare?
The one that survived the fire?

- Neglected for months.
- No, he loved those horses.

He sure took out
a lot of insurance on them.

Or, rather, you did.

- What are you doing, sheriff?
- I'm trying to get you to tell me the truth.

There's something
you're not telling me.

No, there isn't. I swear.

Then you're gonna be
charged with murdering Ray.


- Why would I...
- Because your husband beat you.

Or because you have
large insurance policies on his horses.

- And wanted the money for you and T.J.
- I told you...

This is ridiculous.
He committed suicide.

- He left a note.
- That could be forged.

He chained himself in.
You said so yourself.

There's an upstairs window.

All you needed was a ladder to escape.

Alice. What are you not telling me?

This was the only photo
that Ray kept from before.

Those are his parents.

He lived in Boston. His name was...

...Oscar Arnesto.

Why did he change his name?

He worked for
the Depanzo crime family for years.

He had a falling-out with them
11 years ago...

...and he fled with some of their money.

I met him in Texas. And I just...

I just fell in love with him.

After we were married,
he told me his secret.

Why not make a deal with the Feds,
get some kind of witness protection?

Ray didn't trust the FBI.

We just wanted a normal life.

We bought this ranch and the horses
four years ago to blend in.

So all this was a cover. Paid cash.

Everything in your name
so Ray couldn't leave a paper trail.

Yeah. I guess
we're just kidding ourselves.

You can't hide
from the Depanzo family forever.

- You think they killed Ray?
- I don't know what to believe.

Either they did or they drove Ray
to kill himself. I don't know.

Alice, you need protection.

You should come back
to the station with me.

We'll get T.J. From practice.

Ray said don't trust the police.
No matter what.

No, he said the mob owns the cops.

You think I'm with the mob?

I don't know that you're not.
You can't stop them.

Look, I've told you everything
that I know. Now, please, just go!

- So you won't come with me?
- Well, I can't.

Okay. I don't have any choice.
Alice Stewart...

...you're under arrest.


WALT: Any word from Doc Bloomfield
on the autopsy?

No, but this just in.

"Sheriff Longmire arrested Alice Stewart
and is holding her for questioning...

...in the events related to the fire
that killed her husband Ray."

You told a reporter
before you told us, Walt.


Well, then how the hell
did he find out?

I guess he's a pretty good reporter.

When were you gonna tell us?

Right after I gave her breakfast.

Walt, we're understaffed enough as it is.

Gonna freeze me out of every investigation
because I'm running against you?

I'm not freezing you out.
Let you call your handwriting expert.

- Walt, this makes all of us look bad.
WALT: Look.

Once I got upstairs, I had every intention
of filling you in and asking for help.

- But if you can't wait five minutes...
Fine. VIC: We can't.

I need you to check the
registries of all hotels...

...and guest ranches.
- Walt, come on, man.

Thought you'd be more excited to look
into an organized-crime connection.

Paper didn't say anything
about organized crime.

Must be the first time
the press didn't get the whole story.

Looking for anybody
from the East Coast. Especially Boston.

Get the door?

Gotta tell you. I don't like finding out
stuff like this in the paper.

Do what I do. Don't read the paper.

You've been busy.

I see you arrested a widow
without anything...

...even approaching probable cause
and left her traumatized son all alone.

I didn't leave him alone.
I had a neighbor come get him.

Oh, right, Bill Hoback.

The man who's been on the phone
all morning with my boss.

- Hoback called a lawyer for Alice?
- Dad.


You really think
a knee-jerk wrongful arrest...

...is the best way
to kick off your campaign?

Doesn't matter.
If you keep Alice Stewart here...

...you'll be sued, get in the papers,
and lose the election.

I think her life might be in danger.

So you're keeping her in jail
for her own protection? That's...

That's very noble.
It's also kind of illegal.

Dad. Ahem.

Unless you can come up
with some real evidence against her...

...you have to let her go.

Wow. Look at that face.

You really hate it
when I'm right, don't you?



Tell you, Walt.

This is not the kind of sheriffing
Absaroka County needs.

Don't look at me.

Look after them, Bill.

They'll be fine.
They'll be at my place.

Hey, T.J.

You wanna see your horse,
just let me know. I can bring you by.

- So I can see her in pain?
- Please.

Don't give up on her. She hasn't.

Let's just go.

That is one caring
and attentive neighbor.

Yeah. Why don't you follow them.
See that they get to Hoback's safely.

Make sure
they don't run off together.

See you at Doc Bloomfield's after.
Hey, Ruby.

RUBY: Uh-huh.
- You didn't tell me Cady was waiting.

You didn't ask.

Followed them back to Hoback's place,
Walt. No problems.

Then I called Doc Bloomfield's office.
He hasn't even finished the autopsy.

Been delivering twins.
Do you believe that crap?

Some people got their priorities
messed up.

I also checked with a friend
who works organized crime back east.

He confirmed
that there was an Oscar Arnesto...

...who disappeared 11 years ago.

Your buddy think Ray and Oscar
are the same person?

He e-mailed a picture to my cell phone.
It looks like Ray.

I could send it to your cell phone...
Oh, wait, no, I can't.

You don't have a cell ph...


- I'm Agent Daxner.
- Ow!

Oh. Uh...

You must be the, uh, handwriting analyst.

Federal marshal.

I was hoping to talk with the sheriff
about this Ray Stewart situation.

Well, the sheriff won't
be back for a while.

Uh, I'm Ferg, Deputy Ferguson.

- Someone told me to meet him here.
- Maybe that was Ruby?

Uh, she's out.
But you're welcome to wait.

Mind if I had a word with Mrs. Stewart?
You are still holding her here.

I'm sorry. She was released
a couple of hours ago.

You sent her home?


She's at a neighbor's house.

Uh, Bill Hoback.

I can't believe you released her.


You should've called us.

Listen, I would really appreciate it
if you could just tell me...

...where I could find the sheriff.

He's at the hospital for the autopsy.
It's just about 15 minutes away.

- It's near the golf course.
- I'll just meet him there then.

Ferg left word.

Federal marshal is heading over
to ask you a few questions.

We better work fast. We're gonna lose
all control over this case.

What is this, doctor's notes?
I can't read a damn thing.


Ugh, I hate burnt bodies.

It's so hard to make out what's what.

I've never seen burns like this.
Heat must've been like a smelt furnace.


I worked a suicide back east.

Same sort of gun, .45,
to the side of the head, just like this.

Except there was no exit wound.

This guy has got an exit wound,
that's for sure.

Maybe somebody shot him
with a different gun...

...dropped the.45 at the scene.

Nope. He was shot with a.45.



I think I know what the accelerant was
that burnt him this badly...

...helped that fire along.
- What?


A coward dies many deaths,
the valiant taste of death but once.


Pardon my French, but what the f...

Reason a.45 caliber round doesn't leave
an exit wound in the head...

...is because the brain is gelatinous.

It slows down the bullet.

But if the brain tissue wasn't there...

...or shrunk down, as happens
to a body been dead for a few years...

...big old exit wound.

And why the hell didn't you just tell me
this back at the hospital?

Wasn't a hundred percent sure
back at the hospital.


- So our burn victim is not Ray Stewart.
- Nope.

It's Will Jackson.

And how did you know to dig here?

I remembered seeing
this old family cemetery yesterday.

Will has been dead five years.
Figured Ray'd go for the freshest body.

Then, we're not dealing
with a murder or a suicide.

Nope. We've got a missing person.

WALT: Looks like they're still here.
That's Hoback's truck.

VIC: Think Alice knows
her husband is really alive?

- Maybe she was in on this?
- Nothing surprises me anymore.


I stand corrected.


Sheriff! You better go away!

Hey, Bill!

I think you accidentally
left the safety off that gun of yours.

Seriously, Walt!

Just get out of here! Drive away!

I can't do that, Bill!
You fired a weapon at me!

Why don't you just toss that gun
out the door?


Thought you followed them home.
You said everything was normal.

It was. I saw them go in...

...I hung out for half an hour.
Nobody came out, nobody went in.

I guess we got to assume
Alice and T.J. Are in there with Bill.

- Maybe Ray too.
- You know, if we were back east...

...we'd close the roads, evacuate a
three-block radius and call a SWAT team.

Well, we don't have SWAT.

We do have The Ferg.

Get down!

- Sheriff, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
- For what, Ferg?

The marshal who was supposed to meet
you? Never showed up at the autopsy.

So I called the number
on his business card. And no answer.

And when I called
the main marshal office, they said...

They said
they'd never even heard of him.

The marshal was a fraud?

What exactly
did this guy say to you, Ferg?

He was looking for Alice Stewart.

I'm thinking he found her.
You get Branch over here.

We're gonna need some backup.

Ray is alive?
Is he the one shooting at us?

I don't know. Could be a hit man
posing as a federal marshal.

And Ferg told him where to go.

- Accidentally.
BRANCH: Hey, Walt.

Why don't I call the Rez,
get more backup?

That'll only make
a tough situation worse.

More guns make it tough to negotiate.

Is that what this is? A negotiation?

Let's find out. Hey, Billy!


You got somebody in there
calls himself Agent Daxner?

You make sure Agent Daxner knows
my number one priority here...

...is nobody gets hurt.

- Come on. I got you.
MAN: Unh!

Come on.

- Come on.
MAN: Get it off!

Sit down.

Get it off!

- Get it off!
- I got it. I got it.


What happened to you?

That guy, Daxner,
he said he was looking for Alice.

He said he was a marshal, so I opened
the door and he just went crazy.

Are Alice and T.J. Okay?

No, they're scared.
It's just, this guy is crazy.

What does he want?

He said something about wanting
the money that Ray stole from him...

...but he kept calling Ray "Oscar."
Sheriff, what is going on?

Daxner doesn't know Ray is still alive?


Oh, but you do. Obviously.

- Does Alice know?
- No.

How long have you known
Ray faked his death?

Since the night of the fire.

When I came home that night,
he was here.


He said he set the fire
to protect his family...

...but he wouldn't tell
me more than that.

Jeez, Walt, you gotta understand.

Ray, he's... He's been a good friend.

He saved my business
a couple of years ago and I owed him.

- Where is he now?
- I don't know.

Haven't seen him since,
just talked to him on the phone.

Ray's cell phone was destroyed
in the fire.

I gave him mine.

That's it. That's the truth, Walt.
I swear to you.

He's lying.
Phone company told me...

...exactly how far Hoback's cell phone is
from the nearest tower.

Cell tower is here,
which means that phone is on this line.

VIC: That's right here.
- Exactly. His phone is inside his house.

So either he never gave Ray the cell...

Ray is not in the house, Walt.
I swear to you, I told you the truth.

This weather sucks.

Branch, give me a minute.

Do something to draw attention
to yourself.

You're good at that.



Ray, you and I need to talk.

Or should I call you Oscar?

Just let me explain, Walt, okay?
Let me explain.

- Nobody is trying to stop you.
- All right.

They were coming for me.

They were.

Two weeks ago,
I was in town and I saw Lendetta.

- Who's Lendetta?
- Lendetta is one of Depanzo's guys.

He's probably in town trying to work
something out with the new casino.

I saw him in the street...

...and I know he saw me, Walt.
I know he did.


Who's the guy upstairs?

Probably one of their hit men.

Why not just take your money
and get out of Absaroka County?

That money is gone, Walt.

I needed that insurance money
just to survive.

I had no choice. Can't you see that?

I'll tell you what I see.
I see a horse murderer.

I see a grave robber.

I see a man whose wife and son
are upstairs with a gun to their heads...

...while he's downstairs,
warm and safe.

I came back here for them, Walt.

I came back to take them with me!
But he was here first!


I know what you're thinking.

But I am no coward.

Now you just give me a chance
and I can fix this.



What are you doing?

You've been hiding out
your whole life, Ray.

You just need
to hide out a little longer.

Walt. Walt!

That wasn't exactly what
I had in mind as a distraction.

- It worked, didn't it?
- It did.

All right.

I can get Daxner to leave with me.

Once I do, you guys go inside, get Alice
and T.J., make sure they're okay.

You'll find Ray in the cellar. Okay.

Daxner! Hey!

Sorry I been gone so long.

I think you'll appreciate
what I was up to.

I was finding your money.

Ray's money.

That's what you want, right?
I can take you to it.

Alice and the boy don't know where it is.
They're no use to you.

But I know.

If you just come with me...

Hey! This is Oscar Arnesto!

You don't care about that money,
you want me!

Come down here and get me!

I ain't afraid of you!







Oh, no.

Why didn't you stay quiet? Why?

I told you I wasn't a coward.

I know I was a favor.

I only got hired
because you were helping out my dad.

I'm just...

I'm not cut out for this.

Ferg, I hired you for two reasons.
Yes, one was a favor to your father.

And the other?

I'm still waiting to find out.

Pick up your badge, deputy.


...the vet is on the phone.

You don't have to do this anymore.

You already proved how tough you are.

It's okay to go.

It's okay.

"Know when to fight,
when to seek peace.

For as long as the moon shall rise,
as long as the rivers shall flow...

...as long as the sun will shine...

...let us all know peace."



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