Longmire (2012–2017): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Dark Road - full transcript

A young woman, still in her teens, is found dead of head trauma on the side of the road with more than $1500 in small bills and no ID. The money takes Longmire and Vic to a strip club two counties over, then leads take them to the house of young Mennonites on rumspringa, a rite of passage during which each will decide whether to live in the Mennonite world or the "modern" world. While Vic goes native to get the name of a man in photos with the dead woman, Longmire talks to the young woman's parents, brother, and a go-between. He's also guessing his daughter Cady has a boyfriend and he wonders who.


Leave me alone!

Let's take a look at the sign.

Don't go too far, now.


Morning, ma'am.
Had some complaints from the neighbors...

...about the noise.
You mind keeping it down?


- Dad, you really gotta get new material.
- Ha, ha.

If it's not broke...

So breakfast, huh?

Should we go to the Busy Bee?
Or the Busy Bee?

WALT: You choose.
- Okay.

Let's go.

- What?
- So when do I get to meet him?

What are you talking about?

New lock on the door.

The old one was sticking,
so I had it replaced.

This one's installed wrong.

- It's not the work of Durant Lock and Key.
- What if I did it myself?

You put in a dead bolt?

Heh, heh. Yeah, it's not that hard.

The screws aren't flush.

You don't do anything unless it's perfect.

And you're blushing.

When do I get to meet him?

I'm not dating anyone.


Phone's ringing.


Oh, hey, Ruby.

Yeah, he's right here.

Boy still had some cash in his pocket.

He told me he didn't have anything.

Can't be more than 18, 19-years-old.

Looks like blunt-force trauma.

There's no weapon around.

Maybe her head got slammed
against one of these rocks.

- She got a car?
- Not here.

Found some cash in her purse.
No wallet, no ID.

I found this in her back right pocket.


What is that, German?



I don't think so.

Body glitter. Cash. Was mostly singles.

She's a stripper.

Right side's scratched up.

Strawberry on her thighbone,
tears in the jeans.

- Looks like she didn't go quietly.
- Overzealous customer?

There's no sign of sexual assault...

...but we won't know for sure
until we get the autopsy back.

You want me to bring the truck down here?
It'll be easier to load her up.

Call an ambulance.

This girl was someone's daughter.

Deserves better than the back of my truck.

Go back to the office, get everyone
up to speed. I'll wait with the girl.

BRANCH: Twelve hundred and thirty-seven
dollars. Know what that means?

You can add?

Heh, heh, heh. She's not local.

- Hey, Walt, girl's not local.
- You know her?

Never seen her,
but I know she's not working around here.

We didn't even call in to that club yet.
Dirty Shirley's?

No need to. I was at Dirty Shirley's for
Ken Taylor's bachelor party a month ago.

Those girls are not
bringing in this kind of money.

This much coin? It's gotta be Oden.


Town. Two counties over.

Well, not a town. It's a boomtown.

Oden just discovered they're sitting
on one of the biggest oil reserves...

...in Wyoming. Lucky bastards.

Makes you wonder
what's sitting under Durant.

We could do with a little boom.

No shit.

Maybe then somebody'd put in
a decent pizza place.

At least it would mean more jobs.

It would also mean more crime,
and victims.

Like the young woman
whose name we still don't know.

Now, you get over to Doc Bloomfield.

Roll out a fresh copy
of our victim's fingerprints.

Run it to the DMV in Cody.

If she had a license,
they can check it against her thumbprint.

Vic and I will check out the clubs in Oden.

VIC: Twelve hundred dollars a night
times five days a week...

...four weeks in a month...

A stripper makes more in two months
than I do in an entire year.

Did you know I can dance?

And I always thought I
had a really nice ass.

Maybe I should put in an application.

Would you be my reference?



So, uh, Vic...

...you heard if Cady's dating anybody?

Where the hell did that come from?

Well, it's a long drive,
I'm making conversation.

I have no idea.
Your daughter and I aren't exactly BFFs.

Why don't you just ask her yourself?

I did. Said she wasn't seeing anyone.

Well, there you go.

Of course, you don't have to date somebody
to sleep with them.




This is my last resort

Cut my life into pieces

This is my last resort
Suffocation, no breathing

Don't give a... If I cut my arm bleeding

Do you even care if I die bleeding?

Would it be wrong?
Would it be right?

Can I help you, sheriff?

Looking for this girl. Hannah.

She's not here. Is there a problem?

If you could just
give me her current home address.

Buddy, everybody
wants the girls' addresses.

You got a warrant?

I do. It's on its way.

I'll just wait till it gets here.

I never realized I was spread too thin
Till it was too late


Ma'am, my hat. Please.


WOMAN: Girl could get fired
talking to the sheriff in here.

Why are you asking about Hannah?

She's due in court.
Unpaid parking tickets.

Okay, she doesn't even own a car,
so I know that's bullshit.

So you know Hannah?

Yes. I give her rides home.
Such a sweetheart.

Now, you've got me worried,
so why are you really asking about her?

I'm trying to help her.

The sooner you tell me where she lives,
the sooner I can do just that.

Please, ma'am.

I've never dropped her off at a house,
per Se.

Just at a convenience store on Ducaine Road
over in Absaroka County.

- From there she likes to walk.
- You've never seen where she lives?

Sheriff, we take our clothes off for a living.
We hold onto any little privacy we can.

Would you want one of these guys
following you to your door?

So she doesn't have a car,
how does she get to work?

Someone drops her off.

Never seen who,
but you don't forget a car that ugly.

Little puce-colored sedan.

- Puce?
- Yeah, you know, sort of pinkish-brown.

WALT: Hey, Vic. There's that convenience
store. Keep your eyes peeled.

Would you call that puce?


What happened to your coat?

Not that cold out. Now, come on.


- Sheriff's Department.
CALEB: Yes. Come on.


- Yeah!
WOMAN: Ha, ha, ha.


- Yeah!
WOMAN: Ha, ha, ha.

Like that? Like that?

Unh! Yeah.

- Oh, yeah. That's right.
WOMAN: Ha, ha, ha.

What the hell?


Sit your ass down.



CALEB: I'm working on it.
- That note?

It might have been written
in Pennsylvania Dutch.


Stripper's Amish.


You Amish sure know how to party.

- We're not Amish.
- We're Mennonites.

VIC: Well, you Mennonites
sure know how to party.

- What's the occasion?
SAMUEL: Rumspringa.

I'm sorry, rum-what?

Means running around, letting loose.

It's a rite of passage for Mennonite kids.

We leave home to experience the real world.

We're on our own. No adults.

We gotta choose whether we're gonna live
like you English, or like Mennonites.

How do you know what Rumspringa is?

I read.

Now, we're looking for a woman
who lives here.

Hannah. You know her?

Yeah, she's my sister. Is she in trouble?

There was an incident at work.

At the diner?
Did someone steal her tips again?

Something like that.

We need to see her room. Get a picture of
her, make sure we got the right person.

- When was the last time you saw your sister?
- Yesterday afternoon.

I never heard her come in from her shift.
Should I be nervous?

It's just standard questions.
You ever drive your sister to work?

I don't have a license.

We just have the one car. Everyone uses it.
Catch rides when you can.

So this is your sister?


She dating this guy?

I don't know him.

A lot of guys like Hannah.

I make it a rule
not to ask my sister about her love life.

What does this have to do with her work?

That's what we're trying to figure out.

Hey, Samuel. Would you be able
to translate a note for us?

We think it's Pennsylvania Dutch.

SAMUEL: Yeah, sure.
- Good to know.

We're gonna need
to talk to your parents.

They're in the Mennonite colony in Ashlan.
It's a few miles from here.

I know where it is. Why don't you
come with me to talk to them.

I can't. I'm sorry, but I can't go home.

Unless it's for good. I'm not allowed
to see or talk to my parents.

That's... It's how Rumspringa works.

I understand. I don't
wanna upset tradition.

Just an address will do.

VIC: Kid needs to know
what happened to his sister.

Parents deserve to hear it first.

I'll radio back after I talk to them.
You can tell him then.

In the meantime, impound the puce car
so we can have it checked for prints.

You catch a ride with the tow truck.

Find out who this guy is.

There's a photo booth back at Teton's.

Good chance
that's where this picture's from.

Want me to pick up your coat
while I'm there?

The one with the evidence in the pocket?

- Please.
- Tsk.



Black-hearted woman
Got the devil in her eyes

I told you it'd be a waste of time.
Not a talkative crowd.


I got 20 bucks says you can't do better.

You're on. Hold this.

Photo, please.


She'll steal your money


Now that I have your attention...

I know that you have all been shown
this photo tonight.


So the show is over until
I get a name, boys.

Come on, boys. It's just one little name.


What's his first name?

That is his first name.

Then, what's his last name?


Thank you.


Ahem. Pay up, bitch.


...I always do.

Heh. Okay, yeah. Mm-hm.

Let's go.


Hello, Mrs. Clausen. I'm Sheriff Longmire.
Would you mind if I came in?

- I'm sorry, I...
EPHRAIM: Rachel.

It's not fitting for her
to talk with strange men.

Mr. Clausen. I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to offend you or your wife.

I was hoping we could talk
about your daughter, Hannah.

She's not here.

I know. I spoke to your son, Samuel.
He explained.

Have you spoken to him or to Hannah
since they left?


Heard any news about them from friends
or neighbors?


Mr. Clausen, I don't mean to annoy you
with these questions.

Why do you continue to ask them, then?

Because I'm afraid I have some bad news.

Your daughter, Hannah...

I'm sorry to say, your daughter's dead.

She was lost to me long ago.


Do you not have people for that?

You want something done right,
do it yourself.

Ruby said you had not eaten.

HENRY: So you think the dead girl was in this
car. Who else are you expecting to find?

No idea.

You have any dealings
with an Ephraim Clausen?

No. Why do you ask?

I went out there today...

...told him his daughter was dead.

No reaction.

I don't know much
about being a Mennonite...

...but I know about being
a dad, and I'd be...

Well, I'd be something.

Every culture processes
grief in its own way.

Have you heard that
Cady's seeing someone?


It has been, like, three years
since she dated anyone. Who is it?

Oh, so, she hasn't told you either, huh?


This is why I do not have kids.
They make you crazy.

You know, she might tell you.

For some reason, she likes you.

The reason she likes me...

...is I do not pry into parts of her life
that are not my business.

Besides, you might be better off
not knowing.

BRANCH: Good news. While we were in Oden,
we caught a huge break in the case.

Found your coat.

We also got a name
off the photo-booth pictures.

Davis Turner.

How did you manage that?

Let's just say there was a pole involved.

Davis has a record. He's got three
outstanding warrants for assault.

- Sounds like a man we should talk to.
- Problem is, no one can find him.

I just got off the phone with his bosses.

He just started a four-day shift,
driving a truck for Farion Energy.

I'll find him.

Walt. Walt. Cyrus Brooks is here.

He said you called him about his car?

Ran the registration,
I was surprised to see your name pop up.

How is it your car ends up
with a bunch of Mennonite kids?

Well, truth is, I gave it to them, sheriff.

It was my old car, I
thought they could use it.

And there's not a whole host of people
lining up to help those kids.

But I don't suppose we
can leave it at that?

Well, seeing is believing.

Cyrus, I've bought nails from you
for 10 years.

I never had you figure for a Mennonite.

I'm not. I left when I was 17.

Had 21 bucks in my pocket
and the clothes on my back.

I've been in their shoes.

When they get out here I give them some
direction, help them find some work.

Cheap place to live and, yes, a car.

Why'd you impound it, by the way?

One of the residents, Hannah Clausen...

...she was found dead a few nights ago.


Wait... Hannah?

My God, what...?

What happened?

We're still piecing that together so...

There anything you can tell me
about Hannah?

Well, I can tell you
that her job wasn't the safest.

She was a dancer.

An exotic dancer.

You saying she was a stripper?

She didn't want anyone
at the house knowing...

...so she asked me to
drive her to the club.

I probably should have said no, huh?

You can still help her, Cyrus.

You can help me find the person
that did this.

Any chance you'd be able
to translate that for me?

"He who is not with me, is against me."

It's a Bible quote.

Matthew, if I'm not mistaken.

What about the drawing?
Mean anything to you?

Yeah, looks familiar.

Sort of like the cottonwoods
you see along the Dark Road.

Sorry, Dark Road?

It's the road that leaves
straight out of Ashlan.

When you go on Rumspringa,
you have to walk down that road.

Longest half a mile of my life.

It's also the road where some of the
parents secretly meet their kids at night.

Isn't that against the rules?


Eternal damnation is a
small price to pay...

...to know what's going on with your kids.

- Most kids leave for good?
- Actually, no.

Most of them go back home.

Girls more so than boys.

What was Hannah planning to do?

She never said.

But I got the impression
she was never going back there.

No. She had bigger plans.

Texted one of my friends at Farion Energy,
explained the situation with Davis...

...managed to have his shift changed.

If we leave for Oden now,
we could probably catch him at home.

Not you, Vic.
Need you to go through those fingerprints.

See if you can't compile a list
of who was in that car.

Are you serious?

I think Oden's seen enough of you today.


This is pretty standard boilerplate stuff.

Nothing really worthy
of me rushing over here for.

Sorry, I'm always suspicious when your
people ask me to sign legal documents.

So, Cady, you seeing anyone new?

Did my dad put you up to this?

No, come on.

I'm just curious.

Promise not to tell me dad?

I promise.

But why all the secrecy?

It's just, well, ahem, you know
there's not a lot of guys in Durant.

You know, not a very deep bench.

So the guy that I'm seeing,
he's a little older.

How much older?

About 120 years.

- He's a vampire, and he's amazing.
- Okay, okay.

You should really meet him, Henry.
No. Ooh. But it would have to be at night.

You have made your point.


Sheriff's Department. Oh!


Should always stand
to the side of the door.

No, no, no, there's gotta be
some kind of mistake. That can't be.

I dropped Hannah off at home
two nights ago...

...before my shift. She was fine.

Two nights ago?

That makes you the last person
to see her alive.

VIC: And guess where that puts you
on the suspect list.

Hold up, I didn't do anything, listen...

...I loved her.

Every dime we made...

...we put aside to move away together.

Why would I throw away
something like that? She...

Hannah was my soul mate.

She was a stripper.

- They're paid to like you.
- No! She wasn't like that, all right?

You're lying! Where is she?

You got a temper, Davis.

- Hannah ever see this side of you?
- You don't know shit about me.

You can ask anyone,
all I ever did was protect her.

There were plenty of jackoffs where
she worked, but I always put them in line.

- Any particular jackoff come to mind?
- I don't know.

Two nights ago...

...she was arguing with this dude,
but he took off as soon as I walked over.

Had you ever seen him before?

You got off early tonight,
why didn't you go to the club after?

Tonight's her night off.

- She liked to spend those with her family.
- Ever meet her family?


She was never really keen on the idea.

Fact that they're Mennonites
might have something to do with that.

- Meno-what?
VIC: Mennonites.

They're like the Amish.


She never said nothing about being Amish.

Why wouldn't she tell me
something like that?

I mean, I knew she grew up
in a religious house.

Hell, I've heard her quote
chapter and verse by heart.


- Ruby?
RUBY: Uh-huh.


RUBY: Please.
- Thank you.


- My Bible.
- Yeah.

Keep Davis locked up for his warrants
until we get this settled.


...pull Hannah's bank records.
Make sure she really was saving her money.

Where do you think you're going?

- Ashlan.
- Why?

Bible quote from the note was code.

Matthew, chapter 12, verse 30.

It's a meeting time.

Hannah was supposed to meet someone
on the Dark Road at 12:30.

How do you know it's tonight?

I don't.

Davis says it's her night off.

Worth a shot.

Mrs. Clausen.

I... Excuse me.

What are you doing out here, Mrs. Clausen?

I was supposed to meet
my daughter Hannah.

Why are you here?

WALT: Your husband tell you
about our conversation?

He only said that Hannah
wasn't coming home.

Thank goodness.

I told her to leave.

When, uh...

When I was her age,
I didn't know there was any other choice.

It's a comfort to know she won't make
the same mistakes I made.

Where did you get that?

Why were you writing
to your daughter in code?

In case the note was intercepted.

Ephraim would've been upset.

I don't understand why you have it.

How'd you manage to get it to her?

A man in town, whom we trust.

Cyrus Brooks. I gave it to him in his shop
and he passed it along to her.


Please tell me why you have that note.

I'm afraid there was an incident.

Hannah was found dead two days ago.


I shouldn't have told her to go.


Ephraim Clausen never told his wife
about Hannah's death.

You, uh... You wanna bring him in?

Not yet.

First, I want to get Cyrus
in for another chat.

Apparently he's been passing notes
between Hannah and her mother...

...and didn't think to mention it.
- You think that's weird...

...Hannah was saving her money.

She had $16,000
stashed in a joint savings account.

- Joint account? With Davis?
- With Cyrus.

Cyrus said Hannah had big plans.
Maybe those plans involved him.

If he got wind she was leaving with Davis,
he could've gotten upset.

- Confronted her at work.
- Any of those prints belong to Cyrus?

For a guy who says he gave his car away,
he sure as hell drives it a lot.

Let's bring him in.

WALT: Mind explaining why you have
a joint bank account with the victim?

Hannah's parents didn't want
to get her a Social Security number.

Bank wouldn't open an account
without one, so I helped.

You do this for all the kids,
or just the pretty ones?

I never touched her.

If you look at the statement you'll see
I never touched a penny she made either.

Why didn't you tell me about the note?

- I translated it, didn't I?
- You didn't tell me who it was from.

How was I supposed to know that?

You passed the note to Hannah.

I gave Hannah a plain envelope,
I had no idea what was inside.

I didn't consider it any of my business.


Clears up a lot.

I need you to look at someone
before you go.

I don't know him.

Is he the one who killed Hannah?

Can't comment on an ongoing investigation.

Is that all you're gonna ask him?
What about his relationship with Hannah?


Is that the man you saw
Hannah fighting with at the club?

No, I never seen him before.

Here. Make sure you're positive.

- Sorry, it wasn't him.
- Look again.

Wait. What if I recognize someone else?


Excuse me.

It is a beautiful day at the Red Pony
and continual soiree. This is Henry.

Hey, Henry, you got a young kid
in there looks like Opie?

Looks like he just ordered a beer.

- He with anyone?
- No.

Do me a favor, don't serve him.

Why? Is he the guy dating Cady?

If you need a reason, he's underage.




If I remember correctly,
you don't have a license.

Sheriff, I, uh...

There was no one at the house to drive
and I needed to...

Relax, son.

I understand you've
had a lot going on lately.

- I'll let it slide this time.
- Thank you.

I can't let you drive without a license.

Let me take you home.

How long did you know
your sister was stripping?

- I don't know what you're talking about.
- I know you saw your sister that night.

I got a witness ID'd you
arguing with her at the strip club.

You missed the turnoff.

- Where are we going?
- You're a minor.

I can't legally release you
to anyone except your parents.

Take a nice ride out to Ashlan,
get everything settled.

- I told you I can't go home.
- Why?

Wouldn't have anything to do
with your father, would it?

You're afraid of him, aren't you, Samuel?

You tell your father
what Hannah was really up to?

You find a way to let him know
she was stripping?

Wait, Samuel!


Please help me!




Oh, Hannah!



It was an accident, sheriff.

I had to bring her home, I had to.

Why, Samuel?

Because it was my duty.

I didn't even want to come on Rumspringa,
but my father made me.

"Samuel, she's your only sister,
and my only daughter.

Come back with her
or you don't come back at all."


I didn't mean to hurt her.

I just wanted the both of us
to go back home.

But now neither of us ever can.

Where...? Where am I going to go?

What am I gonna do?



...you're gonna take my hand.



...you can't tell Cady about this.

None of it.

That is your choice.

But I can tell you from experience, Walt...

...secrets like this can
tear families apart.





I should get that.

It could be an emergency.

- Hello.
- Hey, punk.

Dad? It's late, are you all right?
Is everything okay?

I'm fine, I...

I just want to apologize
for the other morning.

I didn't mean to pry.

Sometimes it's hard for me
to remember that...

...you have your own life.

Anyway, I just wanted to say...

...that I'd love to meet your...

Your new guy. Um...

But only when you want me to, so...

Thanks, Dad.

In the meantime,
how's lunch tomorrow sound?

- Busy Bee?
- Sounds good.

- I'll call you.
- Oh, Cady?


I love you.

I love you too.

So you want me to go?

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