Longmire (2012–2017): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

Sheriff Longmire runs a small department in rural Wyoming. When the body of a man is found in the woods the investigation leads to tension between Longmire and the local Indian Reservation,...



You've reached the Longmire residence.

Sorry we're not here. Please leave a
message. We'll be happy to call you back.


VIC: Walt. Hey, it's Vic.
Pick up, pick up, pick up.

Billy and Bob Barnes called,
said to send someone to Pronghorn Ridge.

And it's my day off. I
really don't want to go.


Damn it.


Walt. It's Vic. Again.

I am calling you on my day off
as I am driving out to Pronghorn Ridge.

I don't want to deal with these
wing-nuts on my own...

...so I expect you to get your ass
out there and help me. Please.



You've reached the Longmire residence.

Sorry we're not here to take your call.

Please leave a message.
We'll be happy to call you back.


Walt. It's Vic. We got a dead body.


Sorry I kept you waiting, Vic.

No, you're not.

Where are the Barnes boys?

I was sick of the old one hitting on me,
so I sent them back up to their truck.

The body is way up here.

About 200 yards.

That's a sheep.

I said we had a dead body.
Never said what species.

Now that you're here, got it under control,
I guess I'll go home, enjoy my day off.

And miss all the fun? Come on.

We camped out last night so we could
get hunting first thing this morning.

Checked it out,
saw that somebody shot a sheep.

There are no footprints
heading up that hill.

How'd you get close enough
to see the sheep had been shot?

My scope.

Your scope?

BOB: Now, normally we would
ignore a dead sheep.

I know how it looks.

A couple of guys up here with a couple of
drinks in them, taking target practice.

I swear that ain't what happened, Walt.


This sucks.

Look, I know I've only been here six
months, but I'm not exactly a rookie.

You've made that clear.
Just about every day for six months.

I'm just saying. I was working Homicide
in Philadelphia for five years.

And a dead sheep is a waste of my talent
and my time.

Last thing I want to do is
waste your valuable time.

So why don't you start knocking on a few
doors and see if anybody saw anything.

I want a raise.

Seriously though, Walt...

...what kind of messed-up person
shoots a sheep?

They're not as cute and fluffy as they're
made out to be, but they're nice enough.


What are you doing?


- I do that sometimes before I talk.
- Heh.

Know what they call a flock of ravens?

Um... No.


An unkindness of ravens.

What the hell is wrong with "flock"?

"Unkindness" is just a little more apropos.


Aw, shit.

Is that a 12 gauge Mossberg?

- Hunting accident?
- No.

Look at his clothes.

More apres-ski than avid hunter.

VIC: It looks like he went down
before it started snowing.

I'll check with the weather service,
see when that was.

Let's flip him.

- Okay, go.
- Got it.

Careful, careful.

Exit wound is obviously here.

Means he was shot in the back.

The shooter could've been anywhere.

High ground, low ground, behind a tree.

Victim never shot back.

Sometimes you are so full of shit.
What are you, Cheyenne?

You smell oil, gun's been cleaned.

You smell gunpowder, it's been fired.
I smell oil.

- What's wrong?
- You been doing this as long as I have...

...you get so you know every face
in Absaroka county.

So who is he?

That's the thing.

I don't know.

You wait right here, Mr. Parkford.

Where you been, Walt?

People were asking after you
at the pancake breakfast.

Tending to the police side of the job. Nice
to know you got the glad-handing covered.

I was just representing.

Can't serve the community
if we don't talk to them.

A man got shot and killed out there.
I think the community will understand.

Thought the Barneses were pulling another
drunken prank. What happened?

Ha-ha-ha. Look who
just got interested in police work.

Walt. If you got yourself a cell phone...

...could've called me
and told me what was up.

I don't need a cell phone, Branch.
I just need you to be part of the team.

Can't just dip in and out of the job
when it suits you.

All right, then, let me help the team.
Who got shot?

A sheep. Man named Parkford.
Vic's lead deputy on this one.

I got you. Maybe I should go out there
and apologize to her.


One dead body's enough.

- Morning, sheriff.
- Ruby. How we doing today?

Well, somebody trashed Craig Martin's
pickup. Sprayed it with spray paint.

Mostly derogatory comments.

One specific warning to women
not to breed with Craig.

Okay, I paraphrased that part.

Doc Bloomfield wants
to reschedule your physical.

Vic called four times, wondering when
you're gonna send the Ferg out.

And Cady wanted to confirm lunch.

Call Craig Martin.
Tell him apologize to his girlfriend.

No on the physical.
Tell Cady we can try for lunch tomorrow.

RUBY: Why don't you call her?
She's your daughter.

- She likes you better.
- Ha-ha. And what about Vic?

- Is the Ferg dressed for the elements today?
- I got Capilene in my car.

- Where am I going?
- Pronghorn Ridge trailhead.

Vic's out there. She'll fill you in.

BRANCH: I'll go with you, Ferg.
- No, Branch, you're staying here.

Victim had a 12 gauge Mossberg.
Book it into evidence.

These are the plates on the vehicles.
Tell me who owns them...

...and what guns they have registered.

See if any of them knows the Barnes boys,
the victims, or heard gunshots.

This is Wyoming. Everybody hears gunshots.

Where you going, sheriff?

Drop the victim at the hospital
so Doc Bloomfield can get an autopsy going.

- Then to Wheatland.
- That's a five-hour drive.

That's where the victim's from.

This news is best not delivered
over the phone.

You're gonna notify next-of-kin?

- Ferg, why you still here?
- Sorry.

That's a long drive. I
could do that for you.

You could. Then you wouldn't be doing
what I asked you to do.

He hasn't done a notification in a while.

Hasn't done much in a while.



- Are you Susan Parkford?
- Mm-hm.

I'm Sheriff Longmire. Absaroka County.

That's practically Montana.

Yeah. Uh... Could I come in?

Of course.

Ahem. I just, um...

I just have a couple of questions,
if you don't mind.

Uh... Okay.


- Do you know where your husband is?
- Laramie. At the university.

There's a conference.
He's a high school teacher. He in trouble?

How long's he been in Laramie?

He left yesterday. Early, before I got up.

- He a fisherman?
- No. Oh, well a little bit. But those are mine.

I tie flies and sell them
to an outfitter in Jackson Hole.

A little extra spending money.

- He have any business up in Durant?
- Durant? No.

Please, tell me what's going on.

Mr. Longmire, sir,
you're making me real nervous.

I'm afraid I have some very bad news.

- Your husband, um...
- What is it?

He, um...

What is it? Please, God, tell me.

What's happened?

I'm sorry, Mrs. Parkford. He's, um...

- He's gone.
- No.


Walt, pick up, are you there?

Vic needs to talk to you.
She found something. Walt?


Son of a...








This is Vic.

WALT [OVER PHONE]: How's it going?
- Walt?

You finally broke down
and bought a cell phone?

Borrowed one. Radio's on the fritz.
Ruby said you called.

VIC: Yeah, I found a slug.
Never seen one like it before.

It was about 30 yards from the body,
20 from the sheep.

I'm looking for the casing.
I've got the Ferg taking some pictures.

I... I hear you did the notification.

Yeah, Parkford's wife didn't even know
that Grant was in Durant.

Thought he was in Laramie
for the weekend.

Oh, so then this is all about sex.

Take it easy, Vic.

When a husband lies about where he's
going, it's always about sex.

So, Vic, did you know that Branch
was running for sheriff?

Branch Connally. You're shitting me.
No idea.

- What are you gonna do about it?
- It's a free country, you know.

I'll come by in the morning
and pick up that slug.

See if Omar can't help us
identify the murder weapon.


You expecting an invasion, Omar?

OMAR: Well, thought I'd get started
since I was on Walt time.

- What happened to your hand?
- Hurt it.

Heh. Well, your message said that
you'd found a big slug.

So I pulled out all the most popular
high-caliber rifles.

This about that thing in the paper?

- No comment.
- Ah.

The Longmire "yes." If you're here instead
of your deputy, you think it's murder.


That is a lot of lead.

.45-70, at least.

None of the rifles I've been testing
are made for this.

Any modern rifles that shoot this caliber?

No. Gotta be something old. Odds are,
in this part of the country, it's a Sharps.

Call them horse-killers.
Take a horse down from 500 yards.

Pretty valuable antique, now.

Now, this gun's got its drawbacks.
It's heavy, makes a hell of a lot of smoke.

And with a drop-block,
takes about five seconds to reload.

- Appreciate the help, Omar.
- You bet.

Hey, Walt?

The Sharps is a sniper's weapon.

And there are two types of people that like
to kill from a distance: Cowards and pros.

In my experience, both are dangerous.

I'll be all right.

Vic! Vic!


Vic! Vic! Vic!

- You find a casing?
- No!


So how can I help you today, sheriff?

I'm looking for a Sharps rifle.

Oh, an original.

I don't have any right now.
I'll tell you what I do have:

This Henry "Yeller-Boy" rifle.

It's nice. And this Colt Peacemaker.
Both used at Little Bighorn.

Bet you got Custer's mustache
back there, too.

- Yeah.
- No, mainly interested in the Sharps, Dan.

Names of the buyers and sellers.
Sheriff business.

Well, I've only seen a few Sharps
in the last couple months.

Charles Burnett.

He sold me the real deal.
But he bought it back a few weeks ago.

Apparently, Charles' grandfather was not too
happy with him selling it without asking.

Sad, though. We get all kinds
of people in here, you know?

Cheyennes, whites, Crows, all kinds.

Selling family heirlooms
to make ends meet.

- Any other names come to mind?
- I file the guns I buy and sell with the ATF.

- I'll check my office if you don't mind waiting.
- I'm very good at waiting.


Hey, Walt?

When we expanded the grid to look for
the casing, we found something else.


- Just tell me on the way to the res.
- Okay.

Talk to Branch
about the knife in your back?

- Just hop in.
- I want to be there when you do.

What the hell happened to your truck?


And your hand, you hurt your hand.

You're right.

You should consider a career
in law enforcement.

They were 75 yards from the victim.

Problem is, they're Wranglers.
Pretty common pant, pretty common size.

Just that buckle. Let me see that.

- What, you recognize it?
- Maybe. I can't think of why.


Tommy Proud Eagle. Charles Burnett.
Jefferson Stone.

WALT: All Cheyenne, all bought Sharps
rifles from Dan Estes in the last year.

That's the gun that killed Parkford.

In a world where you can buy an AK-47 off
the Internet, why use an antique like this?

Might be old. Still gets the job done.

Any of these guys connected
to Grant Parkford?

Don't know. That's why
I wanna talk to them.

You think the tribal police
are gonna help us do that?

I like to think if there's
a murder involved...

...they'll put aside petty personal
differences and help us find a killer.

They may not think that you throwing their
police chief in prison is exactly petty.

He's the one that decided
to run an extortion racket, not me.

What did I tell you?

What the hell?

Vic, Vic. Enough. Enough.

Did say he was gonna knock me out
next time he saw me.

Didn't really keep your word,
did you, Mathias?

What do you want?

I wanna speak to some people of interest,
live on the res.

You don't get it. You
have no authority here.

Those are the treaty rules.

And I know how important treaties are
to you whites.

I know you're pissed at me.

This is serious, there's been a murder.

I know the kind of rifle used, it's rare.

At least three folks
that live on the res own one.

I was hoping, just this once,
you'd let me and Vic on the res.

Give me the list and we'll
look into it for you.

Kind of like a joint task force.

But I gotta tell you,
we're kind of short-handed around here.

We lost our police chief, chief.

How could you just stand there
and take that?

- Son of a bitch better not step off the res.
- For the last time, just leave it alone.

Tracked down the vehicles
parked at Pronghorn Ridge.

Aside from the victim's SUV and the
Barnes' truck, there were two others.

One belonged to a pair of hikers.
The other to Scott Miller.

- Aren't you the eager beaver.
- Miller have a license?

Thought you'd ask that.

Also the weather service called back.

Told me the snow came on pretty sudden
around 3:30, 4 a.m. Yesterday.

So Parkford was probably shot before then
when it was clear skies and a full moon.

Talked to Jake Hicks
from the Crazy J Ranch.

He's pissed about the dead sheep
but never heard of the victim.

And speaking of the victim, after you left,
I remembered something.

- Parkford came in about a month ago.
- What?

Our victim came in here
and you didn't tell me?

- Uh-oh.
- Sorry I didn't remember the name immediately.

Not like you showed me a picture.

But I did remember and I'm telling you now.

Maybe if we had a more
up-to-date computer...

Why, Branch?
Why did the victim come into my station?

Some friend of his, May Stillwater,
was looking for her missing daughter.

Parkford was helping out.

He brought a photo of the missing girl.
Her name's Lilly.

WALT: And what did you do?
- Everything I could.

Parkford wasn't a relative,
couldn't file a missing-persons claim...

...and said the girl was from the res.
That makes it a tribal police problem...

...so I forwarded the info to them.

Could've called the feds, but I know
you don't like it when they get involved.

Why didn't you tell me this at the time?

Well, you haven't exactly been
on top of your game for the last year.

Vic, the Ferg and I have been trying
to handle everything, but it's not easy.

Well, sorry I haven't been here
to hold your hand.

It's called delegating.
That's part of the sheriff's job, Branch.

Speaking of which, is there anything
else you forgot to tell me?

Anything you think I should know?

- No.
- No?

So where you going now?

Do what you should have done.

Talk to this girl's mom, find out what
the hell Parkford was doing in this county.

I know your memory's slipping...

...but didn't the tribal police just
tell you to stay the hell off the res?

I never said it was gonna be easy.


Hey, Henry.

- I need a favor.
- And I need a wingman.

Gina here does not want
to leave her sister.

I was just saying how my best friend is single,
employed and almost as charming as me.

How about it? Dinner in town,
or should we eat here at the Red Pony?

Will you ladies excuse us?

Gotta get back on the horse.

Appreciate the advice,
but not what I'm here for.



MAY: Standing Bear,
I thought you were coming alone.

Hello, May.

Those dogs have a sixth sense. They
smell white people. Who's in the truck?


He wants to help.

MAY: What the hell took you so long?
She's been missing three months.

I'm here now, and I do want to help.

Any idea where she may have gone?

- If I knew that, I would have gone after her.
- Have you heard from her since?

Once. We had a big fight and she left.

So she was staying with some older girl
who left the reservation.

What do you know about the girl?

Not much. They say she's a prostitute.

My boyfriend? He says that he thinks
that Lilly's into that too.

But I don't believe it. She's only 16.

Is this a recent photo?

Where did you get that?

It was given to one of my deputies
a couple weeks ago...

...by a man who said he was looking for
Lilly. - Oh, my God. Grant came to see you?

I didn't realize he was doing anything.
He never called me back.

- But you do know Mr. Parkford?
- Yes, of course, he's Lilly's father.


- He didn't tell you that.
- No, ma'am.

I guess he wouldn't. He asked me
to stop calling him after he got married.

Did you?

Yes. Until last month, I was so desperate.
Nobody would help.

So I called Grant.

He said he was sorry,
he couldn't do anything.

But I knew he would help.

Grant's a good man.

You said you had a boyfriend.
He have an idea where Lilly may have gone?

Charles and Lilly don't get along.

- Wouldn't happen to be Charles Burnett?
- Yes.

Ms. Stillwater,
we'll do all we can to find your girl.

Thank you. And tell Grant...
Tell him thank you too.

I will.

We pretty much swept the hookers
out of Absaroka last year.

You heard anything new about prostitution
in the county or on the res?

Not my thing. Never had to pay for it.

Have I lost a step?


I just had to ask you about the state
of the sex trade in my own county.

You are an optimist. You do not like to
think of the depravity of humankind.

- And also yes, you have lost a step.
- Hardly an optimist.

Not an hour ago, I thought Grant Parkford
was just some guy having an affair.

Never occurred to me
he was doing something heroic.


Trying to save his daughter from
prostitution? Seems honorable.

Maybe. But just because a man decides to
make up for all his mistakes in one day...

...does not mean the rest of the world
is going to be so quick to forgive him.


- Hey, punk.
- Hey.

- You scared me.
- Sorry.

I let myself in, I made some coffee.

- Ha-ha. What are you doing here, Cady?
- You canceled on lunch and dinner...

...I'm seeing if everything's okay. - I
never canceled dinner, we never planned it.

- Okay.
- How about I make some pancakes?

No, I gotta be in court.

What happened to your hand?

I hurt it.

This job, you have got to be more careful.

Well, you may not have to worry
about that much longer.

Branch Connally's decided to run against
me, so I might be out of a job soon enough.

Where'd you get that?

From inside.

It's amazing that I found
anything in there.

The place is even more of a mess
than last time.

I was looking for coffee and I found that.

You've got Mom's ashes in the kitchen.

I'm worried about you, Dad.

- I think you might need help.
- I don't need any.

- The house is a disaster area.
- Well, I'm fixing it up.

- I'm remodeling.
- With beer cans?

If we're not gonna have any breakfast,
I have work to do.

I heard about the accident.
That you had empties all over your truck.

- I wasn't drinking.
- I really think you need to talk to someone.

I talk to people all day long, Cady.

What I could really use is a break
from all the talking.

You need to deal with this. People are
asking me where they can visit Mom.

Scatter her ashes.

Put them in an urn in a mausoleum.

Put her name on a freaking bench,
but deal with it.

I'm not gonna watch you
wallow in this for another year.

You're gonna be late for court.


- Morning, Dan.
- Walt.

I went back five years in my records.

Found more Sharps rifles
buyers and sellers.


- Is there something else?
- Yeah.

These sconces. You consider selling them?

Not mine to sell.

I'll give you 800.
Lot more for the bookcases.

How'd you end up with such amazing pieces
in a sheriff's station?

A long time ago,
this place used to be a library, so...

Vic, give me those pants.

If I had a dime for every time
a man's said that to me...

I remember why the belt buckle
on the pants looked so familiar.

- It's from the old Ten-Point Ranch.
VIC: Never heard of it.

Because it's called Driggs Ranch now.
Used to be Ten-Point.

Told the sheriff you all would cooperate.
So I expect you will.

We found something
out at Pronghorn Ridge trailhead.

And we want to return them to their owner.

Anyone recognize these?


Okay. Take off your pants.

Hello, Cinderella.

They're Wranglers.
They could belong to anybody in the state.

Not wearing this belt.

Colton, that is the buckle I gave you
on your 21st birthday.

What the hell is going on?

COLTON: I was out there trying to get laid.
- Who were you with?

Nobody. I mean, I went out there alone.

Just you and a herd of soft,
compliant sheep?

What? No, no.

My boys dared me to go out there,

...that's where the girls...
You pay to...

- You mean hookers.
- Colton.

There aren't any prostitutes
near Pronghorn Ridge.

- Not now. They moved the RV.
- The RV?

Yeah. They move around
so folks like you can't find them.


You were with a prostitute in an RV.

Yeah, but we didn't do anything, all right?
We started to get into it and this...

This big guy walked in and I was like,
"Whoa, hang on, dude."

But then he threw me out
without my damn pants on.

- Can you describe the big guy?
- Big.

- I didn't get a good look at him.
- What about the girl?


COLTON: I told you, my friends wanted
proof. They dared me to go out there.


You say they, um?

They move this RV around
so folks like me can't find it?

- How do folks like you go about finding it?
- I don't know.

WALT: The girl in this photo,
the one you paid to have sex with...

...she's 16 years old.

Now, that's statutory rape
in the state of Wyoming.

I never had sex with her.


Answer the damn question.

If you wanna know where the RV's at,
go talk to the Indian at the Red Pony.

WALT: What the hell have
you gotten yourself into, Henry?

Jukebox is broke. It only plays country.

That's not what I'm asking about.

Guess you'd better tell me what you are
asking about so I can give a better answer.

You running some kind of escort service
out of this bar?


Only gonna wait so long for you to smile,
then I'm gonna assume you're not kidding.

- I asked you a very simple question.
- No, you asked a very confusing question.

Really? I was just talking to a young man
who gave me some inside info.

Said if you're looking for female company
in Absaroka County...

...and you're willing to
pay for the pleasure...

...you should go to the Red Pony
and talk to the Indian.


...38 years, then.

We have known each other
for 37 years...

...so 38 must be how long you have to be
Walt Longmire's friend before he trusts you.

I'm trying to find the person
that murdered Grant Parkford.

And I'm pretty sure whoever that is
will lead me to that missing girl.

Well, you better get going, then.

Managed to get my hands on Burnett's gun
by talking to the tribal police.

They were happy to help.

Served a search warrant, got the rifle,
plus a box of old black powder shells.

- This is not the murder weapon.
- How can you tell?

We didn't even run the ballistics test.


There. We just did a ballistics test.

You don't clean these, use black powder
shells, black powder corrodes the metal.

This weapon's a mess.

Unlock him, Ferg.

See him to the door.

You didn't have to do that.

You didn't have to make a big deal
out of it in front of everybody.

You know, Walt, I haven't made a big deal
over you not showing up for work.

Calling in sick or sitting here reading a
book while the rest of us cover for you.

Sounds like you're already writing
negative campaign ads.

I saw the sign, Branch. Nice photo.

They weren't supposed to go up
till I talked to you.

You really think you're
the man for this job?

I'll leave that up to the people.

But given a choice between
some fresh thinking...

...and a tired, absentee sheriff driving with empty
beer cans all over the floor of his truck...

...I like my odds.

I heard about your little accident.

Sorry I embarrassed you back there,

Before you start
spreading any accusations...

...consider this.

Every man that's ever had a beer with me
will tell you the same thing.

I drink Rainier. Always have. Always will.

Those beer cans?
They weren't Rainier. None of them.

I picked them up
because I hate looking at litter.

Everyone knows that too.

Hound of the Baskervilles,
Sherlock Holmes.

If you're gonna be sheriff, you need to start
brushing up on your detective work, son.

Sheriff? Susan Parkford.

Of course.

SUSAN: Am I interrupting?

- I'm sorry. You told me to...
- Yup. Official ID.

I just want to see the body.

Of course. I... I, uh...

I also need to apologize.

- For what?
- The other day, uh...

I also know what it's like
to lose someone.

This is the one-year anniversary
of my own wife's passing.

Day I visited you,
I tried to put that out of my mind and...

You opened the door, I smelled perfume.

Jo Malone.

That's what my wife wore.

I only hope I didn't make
the situation worse.

Was he having an affair?

I could handle it. I mean, knowing
is better than not knowing. So please.

Your husband wasn't having an affair.

But I discovered something else.

Long before he married you or even met you,
your husband had a daughter.

Now, she's gone missing
and Grant was trying to help find her.

Grant had a daughter?


Your husband was just a man.

We're all idiots. We make mistakes and we
don't like people knowing our mistakes.

Grant was one of the good ones.
He was trying to make things right.

Trying to do it without hurting you.

Mrs. Parkford, I swear, I'm gonna find out
who did this to your husband.

Does it ever stop hurting?

Not really.

I guess the only way
it could ever stop hurting...

...would be if we could forget about them.

And that's the thing, because...

...I don't want to forget anything.



Okay, present, present, okay.

Hey, Bob. Couple questions
I forgot to ask you the other day.

- I don't like to forget anything.
- I don't know if this is really a good time.

Come on in.


So... So, Bob...

...you and your son weren't really
hunting the other day, were you?


I know about the mobile brothel
that was parked out there.

- What are you...?
- Bob.

There's no crime against being an idiot.

But lying about it, that can be a problem.

Okay. Well...

We really intended to go hunting and then
we saw the RV and changed our plan.

We came back into town...

...hit the ATM, then we headed back out there
to spend a little time with the ladies.

How'd you know just from looking
it was a brothel?

Oh, man, we know that RV.

The old one with the red, white
and blue stripe on the side.

When it ain't out working,
it's parked here.

Who owns it?

I don't know.



Cheyenne kid.

- His name's Avo.
- Any idea where I might find him?

He's usually working.
He's a busboy over at Red Pony, like that.



A roadblock.

This seems like overkill.
You could have just called to apologize.

Hello, Henry.

I have a name for you,
plus, three other matters.

Is Avo the name?

The other Indian at the Red Pony.

Avo's the owner of the RV these girls
have been working out of.

What are the three other things?

First, while I could not find Avo myself,
we spoke through a cousin.

Avo will meet you tomorrow morning.
Eleven a.m.

An old empty cabin three miles off the
highway near the south entrance of the res.

Second, I do not think you should go.

Sounds like a set-up
and there's already one dead white guy.

What's the third thing?

Since you will no doubt ignore me
and go meet Avo anyway...

...I'd like to propose an O.I.T.


Old Indian Trick.


Morning, Avo.

- You're early.
- Old Indian trick.

Surprise is a powerful weapon.

Speaking of which...

...you mind telling me why you came
three hours early to your own meeting?

If you can tell me unarmed,
I'd appreciate that.

Sheriff, I didn't kill that guy.
You gotta help me.

- Let's talk.
- The dead guy.

I met him a couple times.

He came into the Red Pony.
Said he was looking to get laid.

Everybody knows...

...if you want to get laid...

...you talk to the Indian at the Red Pony.

- What did you do?
- I sent him to the girls.

That was a mistake. I heard later...

...he was freaking out when he got to the
RV, yelling and waving a gun around.

So when he came back,
I said, "No way, man."

He came back
after causing a scene like that?

Said he was upset the first time...

...because what he was really looking for
was an Indian girl.

Guess that's his thing,
he wanted to poke a Pocahontas.

Anyway, I didn't want a problem
with that crazy guy.

I told him where to go,
but I called it in right away.

I told him, "Better move the RV."

I didn't know he was gonna kill him.
I swear.

Who's "he"?


Whoever "he" is...

...is trying to frame you.

Now, the only way I can protect you
is if you tell me who you're working for.


I don't know, man.


Who's out there? Who is it?

I'm sorry.


One, two, three, four, five.

One, two, three, four, five.

One, two, three, four, five.



You weren't supposed to be here.

- Doing my job, Dan.
- You gotta help me, Walt.

Help me. Call an ambulance.

- After you tell me about Grant Parkford.
- Who?

I'm a patient man.

I was just trying to make a living.

That man was bad for business.

I warned him. I swear. I did, all right?
Now call me an ambulance.

And Lilly? Grant's daughter?
Tell me where Lilly is.

If not, I bury you here.

Okay. Okay.


Talmer Ridge, off Route 43.

Where are you going, Walt?


Call me an ambulance!

I don't have a cell phone.





[English - US - SDH]