Legion (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - Chapter 27 - full transcript

David and his father team up to confront the Shadow King. Meanwhile, Sydney, Cary, and Kerry stand their ground at the Xavier residence. Switch learns a truth about herself.








Lessons in time travel,

chapter zero.

Who we were does not dictate

who we will be.

But often...

it's a pretty good indication.

Time travel does not give one

the opportunity to change oneself.

But rather,

to eradicate oneself...

...and allow something else to form

in the wake of what once was.

And in this is a sort of grace...

...or madness.

Your turn.



It's okay.

I'm gonna fix this.

It'll all be over soon.

To the death.

Because if we don't believe

in change...

...then we don't believe in time.

I like this.




I simply can't quit you, my dear.

Nor would you want me to, I suspect.

This is...

My Farouk.

The parasite in my skull.

Such a pleasure to
see you again, Charles.

It's been quite some time.

You deceived me.

I came here in good faith.

You broke my boy.

Your boy has always
been broken, I'm told.

Now I know you.


The victim.

A boy pretending to be a man.

Always blaming others.


David, per...

I suppose...

this makes us dance partners.

Does it not?

Go, go, go.





Oh, Mother, Grandmother.

It's come at last, the sickness.


- Behind you!
- Where?

They're everywhere-everywhere.

So many. Too many.

We have to get out of this house.

Come on.


Cary, what do we do?



My brain is full of spaghetti.

What is happening? What is happening?

The world's ending.

My world ended a long time ago.

- I can't think. I...
- Yes, you can.



They consume time, yes?

So, theoretically, were someone to have

twice the temporal identity,

then that someone would be
twice as difficult to consume.


like a loaf of bread with
two times as much yeast.

- Or...
- So you want us to bake bread?

Yeah, no. No, I...

I have an idea.

It may not stop them,

but it will certainly confuse them.


One more time.

I see it now.

You're gods.

I wish.


Oh, I love my job.

David, whatever you're
doing, do it faster.

Your problem is you think

this fight is one-on-one.

You against me.

But I'm not alone. I am Legion.

We all share one thing...

Monster, monster,

monster, monster, monster, monster...

Monster, monster, monster, monster!

We hate you.


Such a disappointment.

We can make anything we fancy

in this arena of infinite promise,

and this is what we come up with?

Weapons? War?

Surely we have more
imagination than that.

How are we doing?

I can't talk. Killing.

Kerry? Is something wrong?



Nothing at all.

Do you know why you have failed?

Because under all your anger...

there is a baby.

Scared, small.

Given away by his mother

and father.

A baby who is unloved,

and knows that he's unloved.

I'm a good person.

I deserve love.

No, you don't.

♪ Mother, do you think
they'll drop the bomb? ♪

♪ Mother, do you think
they'll like this song? ♪

♪ Mother, do you think they'll
try to break my balls? ♪

♪ Ooh, ah ♪

♪ Mother, should I build the wall? ♪

♪ Mother, should I
run for president? ♪

♪ Mother, should I
trust the government? ♪

♪ Mother, will they put me ♪

♪ In the firing line? ♪

♪ Ooh, ah ♪

♪ Is it just a waste of time? ♪

♪ Hush now, baby, baby ♪

♪ Don't you cry ♪

♪ Mama's gonna make
all of your nightmares ♪

♪ Come true ♪

♪ Mama's gonna put
all of her fears ♪

♪ Into you ♪

♪ Mama's gonna keep you ♪

♪ Right here under her wing ♪

♪ She won't let you fly ♪

♪ But she might let you sing ♪

♪ Mama's gonna keep baby ♪

♪ Cozy and warm ♪

♪ Ooh, baby ♪

♪ Ooh, baby ♪

♪ Ooh, baby ♪

♪ Of course mama's gonna
help build the wall ♪

♪ Mother, do you think
she's good enough ♪

♪ For me? ♪

♪ Mother, do you
think she's dangerous ♪

♪ To me? ♪

♪ Mother, will she tear
your little boy apart? ♪

♪ Ooh, ah ♪

♪ Mother, will she break my heart? ♪

♪ Hush now, baby, baby ♪

♪ Don't you cry ♪

♪ Mama's gonna check out ♪

♪ All your girlfriends for you ♪

♪ Mama won't let anyone dirty ♪

♪ Get through ♪

♪ Mama's gonna wait up ♪

♪ Until you get in ♪

♪ Mama will always find out ♪

♪ Where you've been ♪

♪ Mama's gonna keep baby ♪

♪ Healthy and clean ♪

♪ Ooh, baby ♪

♪ Ooh, baby ♪

♪ Ooh, baby ♪

♪ You'll always be baby to me ♪

♪ Mother, did it need ♪

♪ To be so high? ♪

My boy.

My beautiful boy.

Time to die.




♪ Is it because I'm
beside myself with love ♪

♪ That I can't say
these things to you... ♪







♪ Oh, you and me will never be ♪

♪ Fine ♪

♪ You and me will never be ♪

♪ Fine... ♪




♪ Was taken out for good? ♪




♪ Robots in disguise ♪

♪ Have called a war to you, honey? ♪

♪ You and me, we'll
never be fine... ♪

I've lived in your
son's mind for 32 years.

I saw what he saw, I felt what he felt,

I thought what he thought.

And over time, what was once
a prison became a person.

It's hard to hate
someone you understand.

I love the boy, Charles.

I consider him, uh, my...


Would that I could be as
strong a father as you are.

But alas, it's not in my nature.

- May I be honest with you?
- Please.

The man you met, the man I was,

he brought you here
with base intentions.

To dominate, to punish.

Not because he was strong,
because he was weak.

I was weak.

Now I'm older and weary of this churn.

We call it...


I did not come here to defeat David,

but to aid him in his quest.

What I'm trying to say
is... I have changed.

- Well, then I have a proposition for you.
- Hmm.


I don't feel so good.

It's nothing. It's just a little
arthritis. We're still deadly.

I-I'm scared. I don't want to die.

There is no glory

like the glory of one last battle.

























Please, Father,

before we go, there's
one more thing I must do.



I had him!

- Yes, I saw the blood.
- What did you think,

- I was gonna kill him with words?
- David, stop.

Listen to me, please.

I see you. I do.

You're trapped in a war that you
didn't start. This is my fault.

I did this. You never had
a chance because of me.

What... what are you saying?

I'm saying that war is not the answer.

It's the problem.

David, we don't need this barbarism.

- I've made a deal with Farouk.
- What...?

Oh, you're saying we just leave?

I'm saying that we respect
their right to exist

and they respect ours, yours.

Isn't that what you want?

- To be free?
- I...

- Farouk will never go for that.
- He will.

And what are we supposed
to do, take him at his word?

We're telepaths. We never have
to take anyone at their word.

I've... No, I-I've come this far,

and I can't just leave it up to...

David. David.

I wasn't there for you.

You needed me, your mother,
and we gave you away.

I can't imagine doing it, but...

I adore you, David, and
that will never change.

I could only have
done it to protect you.

I was a baby.

I'll never know what that's like,

the pain of it, to be abandoned,

but I am here now,

and I want to make it right.

So, please, my darling boy...

...let me be your father.


You have become soft in your old age.

Was I really this bitter
and filled with hate?

How petty you seem.


Let me show you what I have learned.

My beautiful boy.

Come on, king. Come on.

"To bed, to bed," the mother said.

It's always blue.

It's always blue.

You leave me alone! God!

Hold the phone. Is that...?

Who's that?

Why are the hot ones always so crazy?

How does that make you feel?

We've got to get better.

I was looking for you.

David? No.

Trick or treat!

They're coming for you...


Take my hand.

We can do together.

Do you see?

You decide what is real and what is not.

This is you.

Seeing you like this,
what you have become.

Boy undone by revenge.

I'm sorry.

Stay behind me.

How did you...

Thank you.

Sydney Barrett, Gabrielle Xavier

and the infant David,

the universe acknowledges you,

that you exist and that
your existence is important.

I can see that you've suffered,

that people you love have suffered,

and you want to know
that it meant something.

It did.

It does.

Nothing of value is ever lost.

Did he do it?


The David you know is almost gone.

His past changed.

And now, Sydney Barrett,
your past will change, too.

The life you've lived, your memories,

everything will be new.

So I die?

This you, the you you are now.

But the you you will be?

She will be... glorious.

How do you...

I am time.

I see all.

I like your jumper.

Thank you.

- So do I die now?
- No.

I will give you time for one last thing.

And thank you for helping
me when I was human.

What just happened?

I think we saved the world.

So... a new beginning.

What will you do?

Be a baby.

Then a boy.

Then a man.

Well, when you're grown,

come and see me.

Together, we will rule the world.

Mm, no.

I don't think I will.

Ah, well...


Now I'm ready.

Look at you.

I feel like I look sophisticated.

I was gonna say wise.

You okay, old man?

I don't think you can
call me that anymore, huh?


...how about brother?

That works, my love.

That works.

This world...

...makes no sense when you're not in it.

I feel exactly the same way.

- Is David...?
- No. He's upstairs.

With his friends.

Our baby has friends.

Thank God.

Are you all right?

Do you ever think you should
have just let me sleep?

In the hospital?


- I saw demons.
- Yes, you did.

I saw a monkey with
a king in his head...

I saw our son as an adult...

but so angry.

And together we fought a mad tyrant.



sounds like you got off rather lightly.

I can't do this without you.

He needs us both.

No more travel.

No more bloodshed.

You know, I've always
wanted to become a teacher.

Are you gonna kiss me?




Are you not surprised to see me?

She told me. Switch.

I get to do it all over again.

This life.


And I bet you're gonna
turn out extraordinary.

Without me around.


I am.


I like your mom.


I'm looking forward
to getting to know her.

So now what?

We just sort of...

Fade away.

Into the ether.

I have to say, I didn't
think you'd help me.

I didn't.

I helped him.



Be a good boy.