Legion (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - Chapter 24 - full transcript

David seeks to recover the time traveler that Cary took. The others retreat into low space orbit to try and evade combat. Farouk undermines their plan by contacting and taunting David via telepathy. Some characters are killed or kill themselves, some lose their minds.

Tangentially on Legion...


- (laughter)
- Where's Switch?

He took her. The scientist.

Cary? Took...

(whispers): You, you
want me to come with you?

Where we're going,
you won't have to hide.

Nothing that hurts me is real.

- (thunder crashes)
- I am God.

Thank you.

- LENNY: For what?
- Always being there for me.


Here's the thing, I'm gonna
need you to take me back.

- Not far.
- I don't, I don't think
I can do another...

You're not gonna
lose any more...

I'm sorry.

It was too far.

My dad collects robots.

Sometimes, at
night, I go in there,

pretend I'm a robot, too.

Do you believe that
I'm a good person?

That I deserve love
just like everybody else?

Of course.

Because we can fix this world.

All the bad things.

We just got to start over.

(engine revving)

♪ T'es qui toi, t'es qui moi?
T'es pas qui, t'es pas quoi ♪

♪ T'es qui toi, t'es qui moi? ♪

♪ Mais toi, t'es
qui? T'es quoi? ♪

♪ N'oublie pas qu'avant toi ♪

♪ Y'en a d'autres que toi ♪

♪ Et qu'après toi, crois-moi ♪

♪ Y'en aura, y'en aura... ♪

♪ ♪

DANIEL: What are
you doing? Don't...

CLARK (over video): It's so chilly
in here, I miss my snuggle buggle.

DANIEL: Clark, I'm at work.

CLARK: Oh, my God, I think
I forgot to wear underwear.

Clark, stop it. (chuckles) Stop.

- It's true.
- Look, I'm just saying,
you think that it's fair

that I have to do drop-off
and pickup every day?

CLARK: Well, I'm on an airship.

DANIEL: Oh, well...

♪ ♪

Attack imminent.

CLARK: That's not dirty...

DANIEL: I have to go.

♪ ♪


(metal thudding)

- (gun clicks)
- (soliders speaking

VERMILLION: Collision imminent.

(men scream)

(man groans)

Please, please, don't kill me.

Don't kill me, please
don't kill me. Don't kill me...


BUS COMPUTER: Autopilot engaged.

(electricity crackling)

Damn it. That hurt.



You can't make me talk.

Where is she? Switch.

My mind has been trained.

- I can't be probed
or manipulated.
- Oh,

is that right?

Well, I guess
training would be in...

long-term memory, hmm?

So, let's erase that.


♪ ♪

- (indistinct voices)
- (panting)

Now I'll ask you again.

Where is Switch?

Who-who are you?

I'm David.

Your friend. We went
to college together.

But I'm sad, because I'm
looking for my friend, Switch.

She's Chinese.

Wears really funky clothes,



(whispers): The airship.

Sh-She's on the airship.

What airship?

(indistinct P.A. announcement)

(brakes hiss, squeak)


(clacking, hiss)

Nobody move! Wh...


What the...?



Maybe you can help.

I can't... (chuckles)

seem to remember...

my name.

♪ One, two, four ♪

("Games Without Frontiers"
by Peter Gabriel playing)

♪ Jeux ♪

♪ Sans frontières ♪

♪ Jeux ♪

♪ Sans frontières ♪

♪ Jeux ♪

♪ Sans frontières ♪

♪ Jeux ♪

♪ Sans frontières ♪

♪ Hans plays with Lotte ♪

♪ Lotte plays with Jane ♪

- ♪ Jane plays with Willi ♪
- (cheering)

♪ Willi is happy again ♪

♪ Suki plays with Leo ♪

♪ Sacha plays with Britt ♪

♪ Adolf builds a bonfire ♪

♪ Enrico plays with it ♪


♪ Whistling tunes, we hide
in the dunes by the seaside ♪


♪ Whistling tunes, we're
kissing baboons in the jungle ♪

♪ It's a knockout ♪

♪ If looks could kill,
they probably will ♪

♪ In games without frontiers ♪

♪ War without tears ♪

(happy sighing)

♪ If looks could kill,
they probably will ♪

- Daddy.
- Daddy.

♪ War without tears ♪

♪ Games without frontiers... ♪

What is happening?

The word is out.

Your children are here.

- Daddy!
- Daddy!

- Daddy!
- Daddy!
- Daddy!

Where's Lenny?

Still mourning.

- She needs your love.
- Daddy!

- Daddy!
- Daddy!

(all shouting "Daddy!")

(indistinct chatter)

♪ Jeux sans frontières ♪


♪ Andre has a red flag ♪

- ♪ Chiang Ching's is blue ♪
- (shouting)

♪ They all have
hills to fly them on ♪

Lenny! Lenny!



(singsongy): We're going to war.

What's happening, Daddy?

Where'd all the children go?

Get everyone together. Lenny!

You killed them.

Wh... (chuckles) No, I...

(scoffs) I didn't kill them.

They're just... someplace else.

Lenny, I need you!

- (thump, clatter)
- LENNY: Me.

Me, me, me, me.

God, you are such a narcissist.

I found Switch. She's
on an airship, moving fast.

- I think I can...
- Blah, blah, blah, blah.

I thought I was a narcissist.

But then I held my baby.

That wasn't your baby.

That was a trick,
just like my mother.


I held her.

And I thought,

"I am such an asshole."

Man, all those years,

all those shitty,
pointless years.

My stupid life.

Getting high. (inhales)

Well, you're still high.


I was better.

I was good, okay?
(chuckles softly)

We had plans.

But then you ruined it.

Leave Daddy alone.

No, it's okay.

She's making a choice to mope.


They killed my family.

We are your family.

Now get it in gear.

We got to go get Switch.

But, look, if we do this,

change the past, then...

I don't know.

Maybe you...

get her back.





I need you.

You can't have me.

(chuckles softly)

- (gasping)
- No.


(Lenny scoffs)

You blockhead.


♪ ♪

(hitching breath)

Why is it blue?

It's always blue.

(chuckles softly)


♪ ♪

(man speaking Mandarin
over headphones)

XIU: Jia-yi.

♪ Come into my parlour ♪

♪ Sail in at my shore ♪

- ♪ ♪
- (Man speaking Mandarin
over headphones)

♪ Now fly on my carpet ♪

♪ Look into my face ♪

♪ See the heart of Man... ♪

♪ In a pagan... ♪

♪ In a pagan ♪

♪ In a pagan ♪

♪ In a pagan ♪

♪ In a pagan ♪

♪ In a pagan ♪

♪ In a pagan... ♪

So this'll hide her from him?

I-It's like a black
hole, my chamber;

it's invisible in
space and time.

Also, if she's asleep
she can't do bad time shit.

- Kerry...
- KERRY (whispering): What?

FAROUK: This is a mistake.

If we are the rabbit,
then he is the wolf.

We need a plan.
We can't fight him.

I can beat him.

SYD: I thought that he
was stronger than you.

Maybe, but he's
erratic, impulsive.

I'm a strategist.

PTONOMY: Negative.
The risks are too great.

The mainframe is
calculating a plan.

- Does he know where we are?
- CARY: David?

How could he? We're
in the troposphere,

we're traveling at
600 miles an hour.

It won't be enough.

This ship is capable
of low Earth orbit.


- Space... We're going to space.
- (stammers)

You're saying we go beyond
his teleportation range;

that could work.

"Could work." (chuckles)

Said the rabbit to the wolf.

Take us up.

Engaging main thrusters.

gravity protocols initiated.

(film projector whirring)


There's my handsome guy.

MAINFRAME: Attention.

All personnel brace
for low Earth orbit

initiation sequence.

- In ten... nine...
- (sighs)

eight... seven...

six... five...

four... three...


(engine rumbling)

FAROUK: David.


My beautiful boy.

(birds singing)

(radio static)

FAROUK: David.

(radio static)

FAROUK: Seeing you like this...

what you have become.

The sweet boy undone by revenge.

It fills my heart
with such sorrow.

♪ ♪

atmospheric barrier.

KERRY (whispering):
We're going to space.


(radio static)

FAROUK: David.

Do what you want.

Take what you want.

Gods make rules.

They don't follow them.

And now it's time
for them to pay.

DAVID: Gotcha.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

(indistinct radio chatter)

(indistinct radio chatter)

COMPUTER: Spectrum
analysis complete.

System normal.

Data stream functioning
at nominal level.

(chatter, laughter)

Full phase array activated.

♪ ♪

(indistinct radio chatter)


Life-forms detected.

Alerting security forces.

(alarm blaring)

SOLDIER: Move! Move! Move!

DAVID: Be free.

go, let's go, let's...



(film projector whirring)

(slow footsteps approach)

DAVID: Bath time.

I should have killed
you the first time we met.



(duck squeaks)

(quick footsteps)

♪ ♪

(alarm blaring in distance)

(distant laughter)

(distant laughter)

(person whistles)

(women laughing)

(grunting, thumping)

Infrastructure breach.

Multiple targets.

Begin lockdown procedure.


(grunting continues)


Virtual control in three,

- (whirring, clicking)
- two, one.

(grunting, yelling)

(distorted music
box melody plays)


DAVID: You shouldn't
have trusted him.



He called me.

He didn't like our plan.

Did you find her?

Switch? No, I can't see her.

Cary built a tank.

She's in the lab.

Did you ever think
you'd go to space?

Why would you do that,

tell me where she is?

You're gonna find her anyway.

I'm not mad anymore.

I was.

But I get it now.

You can't love halfway.


(whispers): David.

I'm gonna change the past.

Don't worry. None
of this will happen.

Only good.

Good things.

Did you kill everyone?


No one who dies is really dead.

You see that, right?

The past changes,
and the future...

(exhales) disappears.

So Clark, Lenny, we all...

get a do-over.

What happened to Lenny?

She abandoned me.

Like my parents.

- Like you.
- No, no.

No, you left me.


I listened to you.

I trusted you.

(sighs) I know.

It's not fair.

I was jealous.

Of myself. Isn't that crazy?

I should have trusted you.

But she showed
me things. Melanie.

You mean Farouk
showed you things.

He put ideas in my head
that you betrayed me,

that you were evil.

And I believed him.

Now look at us.

You left me.

(whispers): To fix things.

To be with you.

Well, it doesn't matter.

'Cause you're gonna
change everything.

So none of this will happen.

We'll never meet.

Or fall in love.

(Syd sighs)

(whispers): Do you
think that it hurts?


Being erased.


It's okay.

I want another chance, too.

I love you.

I love you.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

(faint, distorted clamoring)


You... No.

- It's okay, David.
- No!

It's okay. Don't fight.

- No.
- It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay. I got you.

- No.
- Come with me.

♪ ♪


(women laughing)

- Where do you think
you're going?
- Aw.

- Oh...
- (coughs)

(Kerry coughs)

- Wait!
- Daddy!

Did we do good, Daddy?

No. No.

I'm sorry, it's not
your fault, it's mine.



Wait. It's me, Syd.

I'm in David's body.

DAVID 1: What are
you doing in here?

You're not us.


No. David is gone.

She took him.

It's our time now.

Who the hell are you?

I am Legion.

I am Legion.


What's happening?

He's fighting me. I don't know

how much longer I can hold him.

Kill me.


Kill you you or-or him you?

His body. This body. Kill it.

But you're in there.

I'll jump back.


DAVID 1: I am Legion.

(overlapping whispers): Legion.

- I am Legion.
- I am Legion.

- Legion.
- I am Legion.
- (chuckles)

DAVIDS: Legion. I
am Legion. Legion.

(voices overlapping)

I am Legion.

Too late.



(David laughs)

- I am Legion.
- I am Legion.
- I am Legion.

- I am Legion.
- I am Legion.

DAVID 1: She's
here. She's fighting us.

- We need David back.
- How?

Touch her. That's
how she does it.

- Will that work?
- What if she tricks us again?

What if she uses her powers?

She can't trick us
if she has no mind.

I am Legion.

- I am Legion.
- I am Legion.

I am Legion.

LEGION: Come back to us, David.

Come back.

- I am Legion.
- I am Legion.

- (screaming)
- (Legion laughing)

(whispering): I'm sorry.

I'll fix it.


I promise.

(breathing heavily)


(Farouk speaking Farsi)

If you think about it,

it's brilliant.


To bring your enemy

to a place where he
can do no damage.

- To contain...
- Kill him.

- Quiet. I'm trying.
- We are so close.

You can't stop us.


- Who is "us"?
- Me.

I'm gonna get free,
and I'm gonna kill you.

And then...

I'm gonna undo all
the shit you did to me.

Oh, such language.

When did you
become so uncivilized?

When you ruined my life.

Because you hate me.

My boy,

hating you would
be like hating myself.

DAVID: Wake up, my child.

All is forgiven.


You were always so good at that.

Using words to say

things you don't mean.

Of course I mean them.

You are my son.

And you're my cancer.

This is your problem.


(grunts) No.

It's your problem.

(speaking Mandarin)


I had the worst dreams.

I know.

But I came to wake you up.

Finish what we started.

Are they all dead?


Or none.

Once we go back.

That-that doesn't bother you?

As I walk through...

this wicked world...

searching for light

in the darkness of insanity...

♪ I ask myself ♪

♪ Is all hope lost? ♪

♪ Is there only pain ♪

♪ And hatred and misery? ♪

♪ And each time I
feel like this inside ♪

♪ There's one thing
that I want to know ♪

♪ What's so funny ♪

♪ 'Bout peace, love
and understanding? ♪


♪ What's so funny ♪

♪ 'Bout peace, love
and understanding? ♪

♪ And as I walked on ♪

♪ Through troubled times ♪

♪ My spirit gets
so downhearted ♪

♪ Sometimes ♪

♪ So, where are the strong? ♪

♪ And who are the trusted? ♪

♪ And where is the harmony? ♪

♪ Sweet harmony ♪

♪ Each time I feel
it slipping away ♪

♪ Just makes me want to cry ♪

♪ What's so funny ♪

♪ 'Bout peace, love
and understanding? ♪

♪ Oh ♪


♪ What's so funny ♪

♪ 'Bout peace, love
and understanding? ♪

♪ So, where are the strong? ♪

♪ And who are the trusted? ♪

♪ And where is the harmony? ♪

♪ Sweet harmony ♪

♪ 'Cause each time I
feel it slipping away ♪

♪ Just makes me want to cry ♪

♪ What's so funny ♪

♪ 'Bout peace, love
and understanding? ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ What's so funny ♪

♪ 'Bout peace, love
and understanding? ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ What's so funny ♪

♪ 'Bout peace, love
and understanding? ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ What's so funny ♪

♪ 'Bout peace, love
and understanding? ♪


I'm ready.

If we do this, the
monsters will come,

- and they won't stop.
- We'll be quick.

One change. One small change,

and then everything
will be different.

So, the baby again.

- Your mom?
- No.

I have a different
plan this time.

(distorted chuckling)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

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