Legion (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Chapter 23 - full transcript

David and company come face-to-face with the consequences of time travel.


Remember fun?

Fun. Enjoyment, amusement
or lighthearted pleasure.

"The children were having fun
in the play area."

Yeah, I mean, like,
us having fun.

You and me.

I remember details, facts.

Sounds boring.

I miss Cary.

Do you do that? You miss people?

Currently tabulating
the Taiwanese stock market,

tending to lunar
agriculture colonies

and landing seven jumbo jets.

Everyone is so different.

I don't like it. It's like
we're all... grown-ups.

Forget it.

I guess I just miss him.

Or me.


Are you okay?

Narrative compromised.

Temporal glitch.

Glitch. G-Glitch.

What is happening?

So much data.

So much history.

All lost.

My mustache.

What did they do to my mustache?

What the hell is happening?

You're saying that something
is wrong with time?

Something's wrong with time?

-Who said that?
-You did.


Just now.


That's what he said.

He said that something
is wrong with time.

It's David.

His time traveler.

We're-we're being attacked.
We need Cary.

-No, no, the male Cary.

But he's not...


Go. Get out.

Three, four, go back for more.

Five, six, hit the bricks.

Seven, eight, don't be late.

Nine, ten, pig in a pen.

One, two...


She wants to join in.

How do you know she's a she?

I mean, we're girls.

And when girls get together,
they make a girl.


God, you are so smart.

You make me smart.

What do you think
we should name her?

Another fish name?

-A fish what?
-You know, like "Salmon."

No, silly.

Salmon's not a fish.

It's a color.

-Maybe we call her Violet.

Or Violence.

Violence... Lollipop Busker.

It's got a ring to it.

-What do you think?

Five, six, hit the bricks.

Seven, eight, don't be late.

Nine, ten, a pig in a pen.

One, two...


I was thinking, um...

I was thinking of putting in
my two weeks' notice.

You know? Hitting the streets.

What do you think?

Want to give Violet
a good old-fashioned road birth?

You mean leave?

But you're the Breakfast Queen.

Well, maybe it's lunchtime.

I go where you go.


No. We have to go back.

Hey, squirt, you got a little...

I have to warn her. My mother.

Do the-- do the hand,
make the door.

We have to try again.


No. We have to go back.

Hey, squirt, you got a little...

I have to warn her. My mother.

Do the-- do the hand,
make the door.

We have to try again.

Something's not right. We...


We have to go back.

Hey, squirt, you got a little...

I have to warn her. My mother.

Do the-- do the hand,
make the door.

We have to try again.


We've done this before.

Is it an attack?

It is a phenomena.

What is that?

Computer records
across the globe.

All corrupt.

Time code, code.
Time code.

And in space.

The orbiter and distant probes.

The problem is universal.

Say more about that.

We think of time as
a unified field.

Gravity affects it.
But nothing else.

But something is changing time.

Individualized time.
Localized time.



System breach.

This is how he does it.

Wha-- Who?

-System breach.

This is how he destroys
the world.

System breach.

-Shut it off.

This is how he does it.

Wha-- Who?


This is how he destroys
the world.

Shut it off.

This is how he does it.

Shut it off.


Hey, kid.

They're ready for you.

Everything okay?

Is that a "yes"?

Hello, my Snoopys.

My Sigmunds.

My Howdy Doodys.

Hi, Daddy.

Are you happy?
I hope you're happy.

Happy, Daddy.

- So happy.
- Daddy had a hard day.

A bad day.

He made a big mess.

Are you mad at Daddy?

- Hell no!
- No, Daddy.

We're not mad.

But we got a little bit of
a problem here with the clock.

And I got a family to protect.

We've all got family.

We are family.

Now that we're calm, tell me,

what happened back there?

Why did time loop like that?

In the Hall of Time...

there are demons.

Wait, demons?

I call them demons. Emó.

But maybe they're just
the animals of time.


Okay. In the future,

if there are time demons,
tell me about the time demons.


Tell me about the demons.

They live in the space
outside of time,

but they are always trying
to find a way in.

I can hear them
when I'm traveling.

They... giggle.

What do they look like?

I don't know.

Like cats maybe.

Blue cats.

But instead of playing
with mice,

they play with time.

And they eat it.

Hey, tranquillo, my beauties.

Do you think Daddy won't
protect you?

That's what a daddy does.

We love you, Daddy.

- But we're scared.
- Yeah, we're scared.

Make us feel good.


Dude, enough with the ego-jerk.

Okay? We all wanna sleep
with you.

So stop with the boo-hoo
and give me a plan.


Right, 'cause that's
my specialty.

Just use a different tone, okay?

Be nice. I need you to be nice,
or I can't be nice.

Shit. I don't want you
to be nice.

I want you to get mad.

Yeah, I want you to use
your almighty powers

to save our asses, okay?

So chop-chop, mama's boy.

Get to work.

Well, all right.

Look at us talking.

Working things out.

You want honest?

Here's honest.

I'm gonna fix this.

Whatever it takes.

Whatever the universe
throws at me.

Division 3, time demons.

Send them all.

I'll slay 'em all.

'Cause this is my time.

This is... David's time.

And he's got...
things to do, so...



How are you? Are you okay?

I lost another tooth.
When we were in there.

Yeah, it really
takes its toll, huh?

Here's the thing. I'm gonna
need you to take me back.

-Not far.
-I don't--

I don't think I can
do another...

You're not gonna lose
any more teeth, okay?

I can feel them all loosening.

Just show me where these things
are so that I can...

And the more we go back,

the more doors we open, the more
agitated they'll become.

They'll swarm out, like wasps,
and pretty soon

-Do I have to force you to...

What did you just say to me?

I said I am the alpha
and the omega.

I eat monsters for breakfast.

I do not like that.

Is that...?

They're here.


Even better.


Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.


Big boy.

Wanna dance?

Let's dance.

Jew or gypsy?


Or homosexual?


I don't understand.

This is who they round up, no?

Political enemies?

Deviants and lunatics.

Where am I?

What year is this?

It's the beginning of the end.


What's that stuff for?

It's what I'm gonna use
to get you to tell me

where Jenny Rerorg is.

Your turn to play bad cop?


Good cop and bad cop
left for the day.

I'm a different kind of cop.

Your turn to play bad cop?


Good cop and bad cop
left for the day.

You're the police!

I've heard of this beast.

Time Eaters,
who live in gravity wells.

Black holes.

The laws of time
don't apply to them.

They live in black holes?

-Uh, I mean...
-Yes. Think of time as the wood

in the house, and they are like
termites living underground.

-David must have let them out.
-How do we fight them?

We can't. Not here.

They're too powerful.

We have to go
to where they sleep

The nest.

Well, where do we go,
and how do we get there?

To the Time Between Time.

There's a rift
in the astral plane.

An imperfection.

It has been sealed...

Bombs, knives, guns?
What do I need?

Courage and luck.

Wait. Where's Sy...



We're flying.

I thought we were in a building.

It's an airship.

It's not a plane, really.
More like a zeppelin.

-How'd you get here?
-I don't know.

I was in my room.

I had a dress like that.

When I was...

Wait, what's your name?


Sydney Barrett.

I need a drink.

Can I have one?

How old are you?



You still dating Tommy Vitore?

Or is it the Halsey brothers?

How do you know that?

I'm you.

In the future. Hi.

You're me in the future?

In a zeppelin.

It's an airship.

Remember our first drink?


From that leftover glass
at the salon?

Nine years old...

and everything got swimmy?

No, just one-- you're a minor.

Am I dreaming?

If you're lucky.

And if I'm not?

Then time is collapsing.

Pretty soon none of us
will be anything at all.

Oh, my.

This is good.

- You want to do this.
- I do?

You will.

Let me lead.







What are we hiding from?
- Come.

They eat time.

-They eat time?

It's okay.
I'm here to rescue you.


You're the... time girl, right?

-Uh, woman, yeah.

I was under David's influence,
you see, but then...

it was as if, uh...

as if the moments of my...

were extirpated--

they were...

shorn from me, as it were.

I can't begin to imagine
what he's done to you,

our mind reader.

But fret not.

You're safe now.

You... you want me
to come with you?

Where we're going,
you won't have to hide.


It's frozen there.


If you touch them...

Then I freeze, too.

So, how do we...

The tunnel.

Don't worry.

I'm gonna get us out of here.

Oh Mommy.

I called for my mother, too,

when they caught me.

Where am I?

Is this Germany?

I don't even know
where you're from.

I'm Roma.

My family.


We move always,

from country to country.

Since before there were borders.

Do you have siblings?

Parents? Grandparents?

Doesn't matter now.

We're all gonna be erased.

It matters to me.

It's my history.

There is no history.

For us.

When we're gone,

no one will ever know
we existed.


No, I can fix this.

I have a friend.

Is your friend God?


She can move through time.

I can go back.

I can change the past.

Then change this.

Free the prisoners.

Raise the dead.

No, this is...

It's not about the world.
This is about me.

I see why they brought you here.

You're a madman.

No, I'm not.

Listen to me.

You're gonna have a baby.

After this. The camps.

In the hospital, you'll meet
a man and fall in love.

And you'll have a baby.


Listen to me. This is...

You'll have a baby,

and your husband will say
he has to go on a trip.

Don't let him. He can't go.

Do you understand?


It's okay.

I'm crazy, too.


I'm not crazy.

Something was taken from me.

My life was taken from me.

It is not your fault,
but you can stop this.

When the time comes,
you can save my life.


Remember this.

When you hold me...

when you sing that song,

you think of me.

Think of your David,

and save my life.

I always liked that name.





Stop smiling!




Psst. Psst!

It's all right. It's all right.

-Hold that.



this is the male Loudermilk,

requesting emergency
drop ship extraction.

Latitude is...

71 degrees north.

Longitude is gonna be...

Error message 181.

-Error message 181.

System re--
system reboot required.

181 is a time code error.

Time is everywhere.

Manual override.

User code Alpha Jeremy 7.

Engage temporal failsafe
on my mark.

Three, two, o...

Oh. Oh, good.

All systems back online.

-New time codes issued.

Well, wow.
That-That's great.

We're losing time.

I don't know
how much faster I could, uh...

No. It's a couple minutes now.

A few hours.

What if they eat a thousand
year-- a thousand years?

Or take us back
to the age of the dinosaurs?

How do we fight them
if we were never born?

Are they malevolent
or just hungry?

What does that mean?

He's asking
if these beasts are sentient.

-Do they have an agenda?

Or are they animals feeding?


-Um, Ptonomy?

You said that.
How much longer will that...

Estimated time of calculation:

three years, two months
and nine days.

Three years?

So, if you're me in the future,

then does that mean
that this is my future?

Yeah. Maybe.

Or maybe you'll make different
choices now that you've seen me.

Like staying brunette?

Very funny.

You know, last year,

I was Syd in the past.

But I never got to meet her.


If I did, I would have asked her
the same question

that you want to ask me.

What question?

Who teaches you to be normal
when you're one of a kind?

What... am I?

People get too close.

They touch you
and you disappear.

And then they're inside.

In your belly and in your head.

And when you get back,
there's a smell.

Someone else's smell
is inside your nose.

And you check out.

You tell people,

"It's fine.

I don't own my body."

You say,

"My power is like a vacation.

I get to be a tourist
in someone else's life."

Who cares if...

every time I come back home,
I feel dirty?

I just want to be left alone.

I know.

People die of loneliness, too.

They drink too much.

Slit their own throats.

I went to the shower.

Mom was asleep on the couch,

I went to the shower.

You were curious.

I just wanted to feel something.

And he...

turned me around.

Why did he turn me around?


I thought sex was about love.

It can be.

That was it.

The first time.

My only time.

People talk about sex, and...

all I think about is having
my face pushed into wet glass.

How is that romantic?

Does it get better?

You fall in love.

And that's worth it.

To feel that feeling.

Do we get married?

It's complicated.

I'm not a kid.


He has powers.

But he's unstable.

And for a while, it's magic.


And then...

-What happened?
-You had a bad dream.

...he turned me around.

So we find a desert island
and live alone.

I think about that, too.

Giving up.

It's not giving up.

It's what you wrote.

I know.

I'm afraid.

If I hug you,
do we switch places?




Where'd you swim off to?


Hey. Hey. Hey.

It hurts!
Is it supposed to hurt so much?

Um, push, right? Remember?

You got to push.

This is it. Push.

My Queen. We did it.

Mommy, I made that for you.


What is?

That this is all we get.


Do you want to hold her?

-No. No. No!

She's tough.


Listens to me...

and then does the opposite.

I guess it runs in the family.


You came.

Of course I did.

Thank you.

For what?

Always being there for me.


* I seen the demons *

* But they didn't make a sound *

* They tried to reach me *

* But I lay upon the ground *

* I reached for feelings *

* But they didn't make a sound *

* They tried to reach me *

* But I lay upon the ground... *

* So, miles and miles
of squares *

* Where's the feeling there? *

* Still nobody cares *

* For miles and miles
of squares *

* Daydream *

* I fell asleep
amid the flowers *

* Daydream *

* I fell asleep
amid the flowers *

* I seen the demons *

* But they didn't make a sound *

* They tried to reach me *

* But I lay upon the ground *

* I seen the people *

* But they didn't make a sound *

* They tried to reach me... *

Something's wrong with time?

What are you?

It doesn't matter.

Ah. You know what?

Eat all the time you want.
I'll get it back.

'Cause you're not real.

Nothing that hurts me is real.

No one who hates me is real.

* For miles and miles
of squares... *

Acts of God.

* Daydream *

* I fell asleep
amid the flowers... *

I am God.

* Daydream *

* I fell asleep
amid the flowers. *

Oh, now you're listening.

Well, listen to this.

You want to eat something?

Eat shit.

Now go tell your friends
it's not your time.

It's mine.


Or I kill every one of you.

What am I?

How bad?

Let me help you.


I need to feel it.



Stop. Stop!

Where's Switch?

-She's gone, Daddy.

What do you mean, she's gone?

He took her.

The scientist.

Cary took her?

No, no, no!


* When the world *

* Is a monster *

* Bad to swallow you whole *

* Kick the clay that holds *

* The teeth... in *

* Throw your trolls *

* Out the door *

* Door, door, door *

* I've been there *

* Can't get there from here *

* I've been there *

* Can't get there from here *

* I've been there *

* Can't get there from... *

Now I get it.

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