Legion (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Chapter 21 - full transcript

David prepares for a journey.

♪ Oh, you've lost
900 baseball games ♪

♪ And we kids all love
to call you names ♪

♪ And you never learned
to fly a kite ♪

♪ And you're penless
so you cannot write ♪

♪ And at lunch you sit alone
and mope ♪

♪ You're a wishy-washy
kind of dope ♪

♪ Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown ♪

♪ You don't have one hope ♪

♪ "Yes, I do, yes, I do ♪

♪ "That little girl who's new ♪

♪ "Smiled at me, smiled at me ♪

♪ "At lunch today ♪

♪ "And tonight
I will go home and pray ♪

♪ "That tomorrow
she might come and say ♪

♪ "'Charlie Brown,
Charlie Brown ♪

♪ I'm glad to know you.'" ♪

["First Wave Intact"
by Secret Machines playing]

Everybody out.



Is that Japanese?


Whatever. So, um...

David wants you, right now,

but don't get any ideas,
because I am his major domo.

Got it?

This girl, not you,

with your adorable fashion
sense and your superpowers.

I help him more
than you ever will.

He needs me.

So, if you want to live here
and be part of the commune,

you work for me.

And I work for him.

And that is the order.
Got it?

I'll take that as a yes.

David Haller...
The little piece of shit?

No, that's not...
that's just...

- Used. Tricked.
- Words.

- Judged.
- Stop it!

This blonde thing
that pretends to love us.

That is not... We are in love.
That is real.

Take a seat.

That'll be all. Thank you.

Get something to eat.

You're happy now.

Well, this girl's starving.

If you need me,
I'll be inside, eating.

How does it work?

Your power.

There's a place I go.

A hallway?
It looks like a hallway.

With all these doors.

One way is the past.

The other way is the future.

Show me.

Little help?

I'm sorry.

I always go alone.
I don't...

know how to...


What did you think would happen?

Well, that was never gonna work.

Did you really think
she could help you? Stupid.

You got to try
harder than that. Weak.

Are you mad?

Don't be mad.

Of course I'm not mad.

Here, sit.

- Do you believe in me?
- What do you mean?

Do you believe
that I'm a good person?

That I deserve love
just like everybody else?

Of course.

'Cause we can fix this world,

all the bad things.

We just got to start over.
I do.

Go back, keep the house
from being haunted.

It's so important.
Do you understand?

It's not about a girl.
It's about saving lives.

Starting with mine.

So we have to fix you,
your powers.

You have the skill.

We just need to...

turn up the volume.

How do we do that?

I know a guy.

I wouldn't kick too hard.

It's a long way down.


Pressure plate.

See this big red button?

Let's just say, at this
height, it's unclear whether

you'll freeze to death
before your lungs burst

or the other way around.




This is the wrong foot.

We're getting off
on the wrong foot.

- Which foot should we be on?
- You know...

Right foot. Correct foot.

You and me, us,

that's the beauty he teaches,
skipper... how we're brothers.

- Wait, wait, wait.
- Where's the house?

What house?

Your house.

It disappeared
when we came for you.


That doesn't sound like a house.

There's usually a foundation,

you know, in the ground?

Where is he?



You're trying to trick me.

I'm a good boy.

Squirrel's a good boy!

Who are you talking to?

♪ Jump, jump ♪

♪ Mac Dad'll make you ♪

- ♪ Jump, jump ♪
- Where is David?

Or Lenny.
I-I will take Lenny.

♪ Mac Dad'll make you
jump, jump ♪

Squirrel, baby.

♪ Mac Dad'll make you
jump, jump ♪


Where's the house?

- I need to take you home.
- ♪ Jump, jump ♪

You want to go home, don't you?

Sleep in your own bed?


Daddy Mac... will make you...

Yeah, yeah.








- Parachute deployed.
- Warning.

- Warning. Warning.
- It's a little low.

No, it's all right.
He's okay.

He's... he's on foot.

He's limping a little.

He's heading due... south.

Hey, h-hey, kid!

Miss me?

- Yo, the breakfast queen.
- Yeah.

Did he send you?

Get in.

Hey. Psst, psst.

Ho, ho, ho.


Promise me I get to fight her.

We got to find David.
That's the must-do, so...

you can fight her
but not kill her.


Come here.



What did you do?


It's me.

I didn't want to scare you.

I'm not afraid.

For the record,
I wasn't bothering anybody.

We just wanted to be left alone.
To find peace.


- My people.
- Your commune.

You're talking about
your commune,

where you seduce teenage girls
with daddy issues.

You jealous?

I mean, no,

that's not what I do.
It's about love.

I help people, open their minds.

I teach them how to...
care about each other.

You know? Flaws and all.

'Cause... people make mistakes.
We make mistakes.

We do things we can't take back,

and then we stop
loving ourselves.

And if we can't
love ourselves...

Oh, is that the problem?

You stopped loving yourself?

Baby, I am so sorry.

- No.
- I am.

"I, I, I."

You have no idea
what it's like to be me.

My problems, my life.

the mind reader.

You don't see me.

You never really did.

- Don't-don't... don't do that!
- Sorry.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

I'm just trying to tell you,
trying to show you,

you are all I see.

It's called love.

Have you ever heard the saying,

"Men are afraid women
will laugh at them;

women are afraid
men will kill them"?

No, that's awful.

You need to turn yourself in.

So you can treat me?

Or kill me?

Like you did yesterday, twice?

I saw. She showed me.

The time traveler.

She saved me from you.

Syd, how could you do that?
Without a word.

- We...
- Don't say "love each other."

Lenny said not to come,
but I had to know.

I had to know.

I am a good person.

I deserve love.

- I deserve love.
- You deserve love?

I know,
but you did bad things to me.

You drugged me
and had sex with me.

- What if I could change that?
- The timeline.

You would still be the man
who tricked me.

Who took advantage of me.

I just wouldn't know.

- No, no, I-I mean before.
- Go back before.

- You pick the time.
- It doesn't matter what you did.

It's who you are, David.

And all of this,
your undoing project,

- it's just another trick.
- Well, fine.

Then-then let me go.

I won't bother you.
I won't bother anybody.

- I can't.
- Why? If you hate me so much.

Because you end the world.

It's red. It's red.

It's red.

Are we here?

Is this the house?

♪ Glimpses of clouds
in a forest ♪

♪ Can review well within us ♪

♪ And to never linger
on one is life ♪

♪ Energy radiates
from the source ♪

- ♪ The life around us is but
a reflection of our own ♪

♪ Flowing within never-ending
boundless infinity ♪

♪ Time is just a cumular limit ♪

♪ Which with one glimpse
can overcome ♪

♪ Can overcome, can overcome ♪

♪ Can overcome ♪

♪ Can overcome, can overcome ♪

♪ Can overcome. ♪

Ticktock, little bird.

Pull up a mushroom.

Do you have the...

- Ah.
- Ah-ah-ah.

Little birdies only get treats
after they sing.

Is he here?

That's starling for:

"Who's asking?"

Where you been, little bird?

The house went to Oz,

and you weren't in it.

I was in the airplane.

- The sky.
- Oh, yeah?

You fly first class?
They warm your nuts?

- What?
- Focus, asshat.

I'm asking about
the temperature of your nuts.

Can I... can I just
have the drugs now?


I thought... the blue stuff.

You like wine, little bird? Huh?

A nice Chianti?

Beaujolais? Tuscany?

The Loire Valley?

Ever seen blue wine? No.

- This is the good stuff.
- Oh.

That blue water's
just for beginners.

And you're not
a beginner, are you?

- Oh, little baby.
- Oh. Oh.

Yes, take off his little hat.
You know what to do. Yes.

Aw, and put it back on.

- Can we go?
- They're doing the drugs.

It's not... it's just "drugs."

Can we go?

- What?
- It's not "the drugs."

Is he there? David?

I don't think so.

Heat sensors show the barn
is empty.

Can we go?

What does the mainframe say?

Probability of capturing
all accomplices alive: 63%.

- Well, we don't need them all.
- Just Lenny.

Tabulating. Approved.

Drop the net.




Cary, come in.
We've lost the principal.

Do you have eyes on her?



Oh, Kerry!

[piano playing "O Tannenbaum"]

We need to talk.

He thinks he's the victim.

And that's why he's dangerous.

His mind is fixed.

His reality is alternate.

So talk is useless.

He said I killed him.

Twice. We had him.

And he had her.

How do we stop him
if he can just go back

and undo everything?

We must stop her first.

But still,
he is listening for us.

We won't surprise him again.

If only we knew how he does
it, destroys the world.

Then maybe we could
get ahead of him.

What would be the fun in that?

You are the one

to reach him.

An army cannot sneak up
on a man.

But a lover can.

We're not that.
And I won't do that.

To save the world?



the intimacy we need

is emotional,

not physical.

I will teach you to lie so well,

David thanks you
when you stab him in the back.


You said something to me

at the trial, if that's
what you want to call it.

I think we saw that

as an intervention.

You tried to gas me.

Not me, personally,
if that makes any...

It doesn't.


What-what did I say
at the, at the trial?

You said, "Your mind

"can't reconcile
the person we see

with the person
you think you are."


I-I think that's right.

- Don't kill me.
- I'm not gonna...

- She needs me.
- Stop.

I'm not gonna kill you.

You're gonna do
something for me.

I am?

I need a tank or a tool,

something that magnifies powers.



She's young, right?
I think that's the problem.

They're not fully developed yet,

her powers.

So you're gonna build a tank
or a tool to help her help me.

Help you do what?

Fix things.

David, you don't have to do
this. Come back with me...


Open your mind, your heart.

This is good.
You want to do this.

I do?

You will.



Cesium, Cs.

Zirconium, Zr.

Cesium, Cs. Zirconium, Zr.

Mommy says, when we grow up,
we're gonna be just like her.

Daddy says wolfram is
another name for tungsten.

That's why its...

periodic symbol is W.

W... W... W...


W... W... W...


W... W...


♪ You ride on the swing in
and out of the bars ♪

♪ Capturing moments of life ♪

♪ In a jar ♪

♪ Playing with children... ♪


- Let me lead.
- It's my dance.

I said let me lead.

Let me lead.

He says that you can help us,
magnify the field.

The field?

What do you know
about time travel?

I have a PhD
in quantum mechanics

and a masters
in nuclear physics.

Have you ever seen the hall?

The hall?

Time is a hallway.

It moves in two directions,
forwards and back.

And by drawing a doorway
in the air...

Like this...

I can access the time stream.

That's fascinating.

But only I can go,
so I need you to expand the field,

my field, so I can
take him with me.

I'll need tools, technology.

Hey there, Professor,
we got your shit!

That'll do, hon. Blow.

What you making?

There's a, uh...

The quantum field generated
by Subject A is too narrow

to encompass also Subject B,
so I have to determine

whether it's the intensity
of the field

or its width... breadth?

That's width... that's the
issue and then devise a solution.

Something wearable maybe? Or...

- a scepter...
- Hey!

Get your own hammer, grabby.


Transponders! Transponders...

- When?
- What?


- When will it be ready?
- No.

When is he going? David.
I mean, what time period?

What's he gonna do?

Save the world.

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Now I get it.