Legion (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Chapter 11 - full transcript

After being in the tank to talk to Farouk, David realizes something has changed in Division 3.

You've heard
of the placebo effect.

But are you aware...

of the nocebo effect?

In which the human body has
a negative physical reaction

to a suggested harm.

This will make you vomit.

This will make you vomit.

This will make you vomit.

Your mind has the power

to create
its own physical reality.

This will make you vomit.

Why do we yawn
when we see others yawn?

Throughout history,

there have been incidents.

The Dancing Plague of 1518...

the Tanganyika
laughter epidemic...

the Hindu milk miracle.


Some believe they're
a response to stress.

- She is our daughter!
- She is my daughter!

You didn't have her by yourself!

I don't care anymore,
what you have to say!

I'm done!

Psychologists call it
a conversion disorder.

In that the body converts
a mental stress...

to a set of physical symptoms.

In this case, a tic, or spasm.

And, like any disorder,

it can be contagious.

This kind of collective behavior

is not limited to human beings.

What we know is that,
in certain communities,

under specific circumstances,

an involuntary physical symptom
developed by one person...

can become viral.

- You all right?
- And spread,

from person...

What was that?

To person...

I... I don't know what to do.

Steph, just calm down.

It's gonna go away.

To person...

How are... how are you?

Until the entire
community is infected.

But you don't see
other signs of...

And so, my question to you is,

if the idea of illness

can become illness,

what else about our reality

is actually a disorder?

A loss of meaning is not normal.

A loss of meaning is not normal.

You ready?

Do we have to?

We do.

New symptom alert.


This is called shaomai.

I-It's a traditional
Chinese dumpling.

There is a Japanese version
which is more shrimp-based,

but I prefer these, so...

T-They're fishy.

It's 'cause it has crab meat.

See, all you do...
Kerry... all you do:

Dip it, and take a bite.

That's it.

Look, I just don't
see the point.

- Kerry...
- You know, I get all the nutrition I need

- when we're, when we're...
- I know, I know.

- Together, so...
- But we agreed,

after last year, not to take
anything for granted.

We need you to be independent.

- And there's more to life than fighting, so...
- Okay, okay.

Just one.

Here. Here, just... Well,
I just can't do one.

Just... no...

avoid lines with double meaning.

Avoid lines with double meaning.

Well, I guess you like that.

- Yeah.
- And that's called cream soda.


Is-is everything okay in there?

- This is so disgusting.
- No, it's...

This is perfectly natural.

The food goes in
and then it has to come out.

Of my butt.


D-Do you want me
to come in and help you?

No, no, I'm...

I got it.

Don't forget to wipe,

- you know, the...
- Yeah.


Disinfection crews

will commence at 0630.

Disinfection crews
will commence at 0630.

Is it weird?

Being a cat?

There are certain...


I have to resist.

What's he look like?

The monk?

He's pale.

Very pale.

Honestly, it was dark
in the club.

I never got that close.

When you saw me, in the future,

what was I like?

What do you mean?

Did I look the same?

- Not... quite.
- Hi. Nice kitty.

Am I prettier now, or then?

I feel like
this is a trick question.

Hold on.

Something's happening.



I have no idea what's inside.

And you're sure it's on
the inside of the glass.


Maybe the sickness
is wearing off.


Are you okay?

Count confirmed.

One civilian missing.

It's a sealed room.
He couldn't just...

Secure the building.

Secure the building.

Secure the building.

Secure the building.

Why can't you
just find him yourself,

- with your mind?
- I tried.

Either he's not here or...

Fukyama said these monks
can control their thoughts.

Isn't it better
if we can find him first,

see what we can learn
and then tell Farouk?

Yeah, probably.
But he owes me some answers.

Hey. What happened to you
back there?

I'm not sure, but I...

I saw a flash, of you...

in the future.

- What was I...?
- You were writing me a message.

What did it say?

Stay here.
Keep an eye on the search.

Be careful.

You too.

Tank 2.

Does that work?

Nothing works.

So why...?

Got to try something, right?

I'm-I'm Lenny.

She of the great escape.

Says every girl I ever banged.

Hey, speaking of...

You got any pills?



Where is he?

Hey, how come we never talk?

Come on.

It's me.

Hey, y-you look good.

How's... how's the girlfriend?

Sydney, right?


Or the... the old bat

and the... and the black guy.

How's... Is he...

He's looking pretty fit.



you got to help me.

I'm dying out here.


I'm like a pet.

Or a house plant.

I pulled out
all my hair... before.


But it all came back.

Maybe that was a dream, then.

Can you...

talk to him?


El Rey?

The King?


get me out of here.


Please. Please.

Put me out of my misery.


You found him.

Our monk.

In with the sick.

There was a handprint
on the glass.

He's loose now,
inside Division 3,

but I can't... His mind...

The Monks of the Mi-Go order.



you know the secret.

When I find him...

and he tells you
where your body is...

what are you gonna do with it?

Live in it, my dear.

South of France.




And that's it?

No supervillain
"destroy the world" bullshit?

This word... "villain"...

Do you know where it comes from?

C'est francais.

It means, originally,

"one who lives in a village."

A peasant.

Do I seem like a peasant to you?

- You know what I mean.
- No. This is important.


The meaning of things.

You called me a villain.

Me, the king.

For decades
I rule over my country.

I'm a good king.

Strong, but just.

My people, they prosper.

And then your father...

a white man, which is...

You tell me, important?

He comes.

Does he speak our language?

Does he know our customs?

And he decides what?

That my people
should have better?

That he knows better?

Who is he to make such choices?

You fed off me
when I was a baby.

And I'm supposed to feel,
what, sorry for you?

Is it such a terrible thing

to feel sorrow for your enemy?

What is he, except a brother
with another name?

We're not brothers.

You are still young.

You think justice
is a glass jar.

You fill it with your hurt,

your hate.

Don't you think
I have my own jar?

I'm a refugee.

Do you know the meaning
of that word?


Driven from my home, in exile.

Prisoner in another man's body.

Nobody put you in my head.

Or Oliver's. You made a choice.

Of course.

If the choice is
between death or life...

I choose life.

Listen, I'll call you when
I have the monk somewhere safe.

He takes us to your body,
and then you are gone.


No one ever hears
your name again.

Interesting, don't you think?

You're doing this
for a woman you love

who lives in a future you're
going to destroy if you help me.

- What do you mean?
- The timeline.

She lives in a future

you are trying to change,
and when you do,

she will cease to exist.

So, really, you are...

helping her to commit suicide.

And be careful with the monk.

He is very... ansteckend.


See, this...


They think it's me,
that I'm infecting people.

But it's him.

He's toxic.

He is like Typhoid Mary.

But where he goes,

I follow.

So your friends think

that I am the Mary.

Not so smart, your friends.

I got to...




! I'm sorry.

- Geez, it's me. Aah.
- Sorry. I-I'm sorry.

Shit! What is that?

- It's just...
- It's so lemony.

Some household cleaner.

Wh... Where is everybody?

I don't know.

There were... alarms.

I heard guns.

And Kerry went.

But I-I'm...
not physically brave.

- So I...
- Okay, hold on.

Syd? Melanie?


They're not answering.
We're gonna have to find them.

- I saw him.
- What?

The monk.

He had...

the... children, the soldiers
that were following him.

I thought they were immune.

To the disease.
But he was humming a tune

that was very...


Keep your eyes out for a cow.





He's in there, right?

His mind... somewhere?

Yes. Brain readings
remain normal.

His mind is active, we just
don't know what it's doing.

They're in the maze.


I don't know. Let's find out.

Now, is this...

Well, we're inside his mind.

It's nice.



- Hello.
- Hey, man.

It's David and Cary.

Do you...


It-It's David.


The monk infected you.

We're here to, I guess,

rescue you?


What's wrong with him?

I don't know.

Is this where everybody goes?

When they get infected?

Some kind of floral
astral plane?

Do you sense anyone else here?



it's his maze.

If I had to guess,

I'd say the contagion
locks people

inside their own brains.

Inside their own realities.

Yeah, this is Ptonomy's maze.

Yeah, but... gardening?

It isn't gardening.

It's that he doesn't
remember us. See?

He forgets what he's doing
after every rose,

and then the shears and
the basket... they remind him.

So what are you saying?

It's a fantasy.

Or... maybe I should say
a core desire.

Our friend here
is a memory machine.

He remembers every moment
of every day.

Now, if that was your condition,

what might you wish for?

To forget.

I mean, it's beautiful, really.

To live in the moment...
No past, no future.

Yeah, but it's not real.

It's real to him.
In this moment.

What are you saying,
we should leave him here?

I'm not saying anything.

I'm merely making
an observation.

What if it was Kerry?

You're right. Wake him up.


I don't know.
You're the psychic.


What happened?

You don't remember?


- The monk got loose.
- Yeah.

Everyone's infected.

- Do I need my gun?
- No.

He has the kids... the monk...

And they're armed,
but they're... kids, so...

I-I thought they were immune?

- Pied piper, humming, it's a long story.
- Yeah.


Sh-Should we...?
No. I need to find Syd.

- We should split up.
- We stay together.


- Are you...?
- I'm fine. Let's go.


No, it's not safe here
out in the open.

We should get her to your lab.



All right.

Here goes.

- Are we...?
- Yeah, hold on.

Is this...

Was mine like this?

No. You were in a garden.

In a sharp suit.

- Yeah.
- Stay close.

- What does it...?
- I don't know.

- Sh-Should I...?
- Yes.

- It's...
- We're... A game.

I don't have time for games.

- What do I...?
- Go through the door.

No. Look around first.



Climb... down.

- Climb back up.
- Jump.

Is this Melanie?

Is she doing this?

I think so.

- Where is she?
- Perhaps her core desire

is to be omnipotent.

To control
the uncontrollable world

from a distance, so she's...


The Minotaur.

Look... around.


It's David!

You have to talk to me.

The monk got free.
Everybody's infected.

You're trapped inside your mind!

If you come down here,

we'll... we can go home.


- What?
- I don't know.

- Let's...
- Yes.

- That was...
- A Minotaur, yes.

But why was it in a doggie
wheelchair? I don't know.

Guys, we can't just...

I don't have time for this.

Melanie, please!

They need our help!

That was-that was nice,
but I think we need another...

Should I... hug you?

Please don't.

Let's just go.

Is that... a...

A cow. Yes.

- Okay, that really needs to stop now.
- What's wrong?

Nothing. It's...
I think Syd's in trouble.

We need to split up now.
Cary and I will look for Syd.

Melanie, you and Paul
find Fukyama.

What if we see the monk?

Ask him what he wants.
Just don't get too close.

You should be immune now, but...

- We are?
- Yeah. I did a little thing before we left.

You did a thing in my head?

Just don't get too close.

What about the cow?

Leave it here.

I don't think I want a cow
in my lab.

Guys, I don't care.
I got to find Syd.

Let's check the pedestal first.

Don't touch anything.








I'm sorry.

We want the weapon.

What weapon?

To kill the monster.

They did not tell us he was
a monster and we took him in.

There is no weapon.

To Division 3 they told us.

If there is a problem, go there.

They will have the weapon.

Will have. Do not have.

A weapon was planned,
but never built.

The body was buried.

Then a new crisis and another.

Over time we forgot.

Do not believe.
Where is the weapon?

Where's the body?

No. We do not say.

He is out there as well,
looking for it,

the Shadow King.

He must not find it.

The end of everything.


He's the weapon.

The King is too powerful.

His body, it will not drown.

It does not burn.

David can do it.

Do what?

Destroy the Shadow King.

No. We do not want his help.

He cannot be trusted.

He works with the...


Just-just quiet
for a second. Let me think.

And stop making people sick.

People don't matter.

Only the body matters.

Well, they matter to me.

They're my people.

But you help him, the King.

- And he will kill all of them.
- I am not...

I have seen your mind...

as you have mine.


Where's the body?

We're not afraid to die.

Nobody is gonna... Look...

I'm having a really hard time
finding the landmarks here.

Minds separated from bodies

and Minotaurs in mazes.

You got a girlfriend?

- Girlfriend?
- Yeah, I got one.

Well, I-I got two, actually.

Well, no, just one,
but in two time periods,

is it just one?

I mean, people change, right?

We change,
so maybe she's different now.

In the future.

I don't...

The point is, I love her... them.

And more importantly,
I trust her.

And she told me things happen.

Okay? In the future. Bad things.

So I have to, I have to help.

It's complicated.

Look, just tell me where it is.

The monastery.

It was a valley
and now it's a desert.

That much I know.

Destroy it.

I will.

No, you won't.

I promise.

Just tell me where it is.
I won't let anything bad happen.

It already has.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Now I get it.

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