Legion (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Episode #2.1 - full transcript

It's Tuesday, right?

What is?

Today. I'm asking... Is it Tuesday?

This is a conversation about time.

I try never to have
conversations about time.

Whoops, my drink is empty.


Oh. Thanks.

Is something funny?


We're trapped.

A labyrinth.


There is a maze in the desert

carved from sand and rock.

A vast labyrinth of
pathways and corridors

a hundred miles long,
a thousand miles wide,

full of twists and dead ends.

Picture it... a puzzle.

You walk, and at the end of this maze

is a prize just waiting
to be discovered.

All you have to do is
find your way through.

Can you see the maze?

Its walls and floors,
its twists and turns?

Good, because the maze
you've created in your mind

is itself the maze.

There is no desert, no rock or sand.

There is only the idea of it.

But it's an idea that
will come to dominate

your every waking and sleeping moment.

You're inside the maze now.

You cannot escape.

Welcome to madness.

It's okay.

Help them.


They're in the maze.

David, can you hear me?

Listen, we have you now. You're safe.

Welcome to Division 3.


beware of ideas that are not your own.

Reminder: beware of ideas

that are not your own.

They found him.


I hate it when you do that.

I'm practicing.

Who'd they find?



His blood pressure is 90/120.

Just like the others.

Is he infected?

I don't think so.

His brain function is
consistent with my previous scan.

So why doesn't he respond?

I don't know.

It's possible that his mind is locked

in the astral plane.

We've seen it before.

Master says if there is any risk

The telepath is infected,
we should terminate.


His mind is strong. He can resist it.

You'll see.

This is ridiculous.

- Dr. Loudermilk.
- David.




David, if you can hear me, speak to me.



Hey, boys.


David, if you can hear me,
I need you to say something.

Do you have any waffles?

Announcement four.

Any shift in reality
may signal an attack.

If you feel something, say something.

What are we so afraid of?

Everybody here, this whole building...

That's all I can hear.

Where are we, by the way?

What happened to Summerland?

This is Division 3.


Is there a guy with, like, a...

a basket on his head?

Admiral Fukyama.

He's the... boss.

Our boss.


What do... what does that mean?

We work for Division 3 now.

Hmm? Since when?

Wait. Were there...

women with mustaches, singing?

After the Lazarus Affair,

the divisions were created
to study and defend against

what people saw as a new mutant threat.

Division 1 is global
command and communications.

Division 2 is pure science...

Genetics, technology.

Division 3 is the tip of the spear.

We do the day-to-day
boots-on-the-ground engagement.




After you left, Syd and Melanie

convinced the leadership
that mutants themselves

aren't a threat.

Most of us are... harmless.

We just want to live our lives in peace.


So we joined Division 3

and started working together
to fight our real enemies.

Your friend, the Shadow King,

he's been priority one
since the day you...


Well... you mean since yesterday.

What's the last thing you remember?



Well, Farouk escaped

in Oliver's body,

and we were... Syd and
I were on the balcony.

And I could sense him heading south.


And then there was an orb.



And it zapped me with, like, a-a-a ray.

Why are they children?

Under a certain age,
we can't be infected.

No one knows why.

Infected? With-with what?


get to that.

But you're saying you
got no memories at all

after leaving Summerland?

No. Well, I-I remember...

trees, I guess, and...

being on a roof downtown, and...


Then there's flashes...

David, that was...

New symptom alert.

Unexplained malaise.

We'll talk later.


- Does he know?
- Calm down.

- I think he knows.
- He doesn't know.

Then why'd he leave? That was weird.

Are you the magic man?



You look the same.

Thanks. You look great.

You left me.

I didn't mean to.

I was taken.

I'm sorry if I scared you.

We thought you were dead.


For about a year.

- For about...
- 362 days,

if we're being precise.

I found a gray hair.

I like cherry pie now.


Where you been?

Well, I-I was with you, and then...

I was inside the sphere and the...

But that was yesterday, wasn't it?

I used to play these games with myself.

If I can hold my breath

- _
- until the kettle whistles,

he's alive.






Can I kiss you?

You better.

He's still inside Oliver.

We know that.

There have been sightings
around the world.

He's looking for something.

We think.

We came close to finding
him a couple of times.

Then we got distracted by this thing.

The Catalyst.

We thought it was a weapon at first.

Some kind of biological agent.

Normal people would...

freeze like statues,

except for that creepy thing
they do with their teeth.

Then we realized,
every time it happened,

Oliver was there.

We think he's infecting people somehow.

It's not a virus,

not a physical virus.

Cary thinks it's...


Announcement two.

Know your symptoms.



Obsessive thoughts.

Repetitive sounds.

Repetitive sounds.



If you feel any of these symptoms,

tell your mental monitor at once.





He's back.

This morning. He looks good.

Hmm. Oh, they always do.

Our men,

with all their in, out.

In, out.

All their important things to do.

"World's not gonna save itself, dear."

And off they go.

A day, a month.

A year.


Admiral Fukyama asked if you're
ready to get back to work.

- We need you.
- It's how they control us.

Their absence...

distracts us from our lives,

the things that matter.

I'm not sure what you're trying...

Course, it's never their fault, our men.

God forbid

we should have a feeling about it.

What choice do they have?

Destiny calls.

What kind of bitches would
we be to stand in their way?

Do you know what the saddest words are

in the English language?

"Vacant lot."

Don't know why.

Vacant lot.

I'm gonna...

Cary finished the tank.

David's gonna find Oliver,
and he's gonna bring him home.

You'll see.

Here's what they don't tell you.

After they come back...

things are never the same.


And now we must speak of Zhuang Zhou,

who fell asleep one day and
dreamed he was a butterfly.

For hours, he fluttered
in the warm winter sun,

until he no longer
remembered he was Zhuang Zhou.

Suddenly he awoke, and
he was Zhuang Zhou again.

But in that moment, he didn't know.

Was he Zhuang Zhou who had
dreamt he was a butterfly,

or a butterfly who was
dreaming he was Zhuang Zhou?

A delusion starts like
any other idea, as an egg.

Identical on the
outside, perfectly formed.

From the shell, you'd never
know anything was wrong.

It's what's inside that matters.

Albert A had an idea.

One day, as he was walking, he stumbled.

And for a moment,

it seemed that his right
leg didn't belong to him.

This is how it begins.

The leg was clearly Albert's.

It was attached to his
body, and when he pricked it,

he felt pain.

But despite that, the idea grew.

Such is the power of an idea.

With every day that passed,

Albert became more and more certain

that this was not his leg.

He decided he didn't want it anymore.

And so one day, he went
to the hardware store.

You see, an idea alone isn't enough.

We have ideas all the time,

random thoughts and theories.

Most die...

before they can grow.

For a delusion to thrive,

other, more rational
ideas must be rejected,


Only then can the delusion blossom...

into full-blown psychosis.


What's the last thing you remember?

- Hey, sexy.
- What happened in the nightclub?

What's the last thing you remember?

WOMAN [OVER P.A. Reminder:

a loss of meaning is not normal.

Beware of ideas that are not your own.

Settling in?

You know what I realized?

I have no idea what he looks like.

- Amahl Farouk.
- Right.

He wears so many masks.

There isn't much.

Uh, some sketches, rumors,

a few Egyptian poems.

We think he came to be sometime
in the early 1800s in Morocco.

He came to be?

Well, he's a mutation,
like you, but you-you know

how these things get
blown out of proportion.

We're a superstitious animal,

always turning the
weather into acts of God.

Like, probably, the Devil was
just some guy named Lucifer

who beat up kids for their Lunchables,

and then a few hundred years later...

Wait. He's really that old?

New symptom alert.

A strong urge to confess.

I've been, uh, giving
you some breathing room,

but there's an official conversation

that we need to have.


I heard your story.

You were gone for a year, but
it only felt like a few hours.

So we're gonna run some
tests and carbon-date you,

like you would a fossil,
see what your cells say.

You think I'm lying?

You like soap operas?

My mother had leukemia when I was a kid

and she was in bed a lot.

Kept me home from school,
so I could keep her company.

It was a-a big king-size bed.

We'd eat ice cream, watch soap operas.

Anyway, we had a drinking
game, except with ice cream...

Any time somebody had
an evil twin or amnesia,

we would eat ice cream.

I'm not lying.

Hold on.

Sorry, what were you saying?

You know I can read your mind.

It was good to see you.

I was kind of a fat kid on
account of all the ice cream.

My mom was so nice, though.

She used to call me "husky."

Died when I was ten.

I'm supposed to tell you to
go and see Admiral Fukyama.

They're eager to talk to you.

Wait... they?

New symptom alert.

A sudden decrease...



I'm David.

- Weird.
- Read his mind.

- His mind?
- Their mind, whatever.

Our mind cannot be read.

When we were a boy,

we had the machine put into our head.

For days we screamed.

The pain was in the volcano,

puncturing the molten core.

The device very deep
in our cerebral cortex,

like nails from a
bomb in a public place.

Hardware inside software.

And now we are this.

The machine that bleeds.

The organizing principle.

Okay, well...

I've been someplace
else, and now I'm here.

And we're gonna find
him, the Shadow King,

and put a stop to all this.

He is part of you.

What do they know?

Assume everything. Be honest.

Well, we were together a long time.

I can still... sense him,

still feel him, but...

right now I think
he's-he's hiding from me,

so if there's a way you could...

boost my signal...

We have anticipated this.

Mr. Loudermilk has developed a device...

To help you recover your
memories and find Farouk.

Cary. Good. That's... good.

So... when we find him,

the... Shadow King,

what are you gonna do?

He will be terminated.

Right, but he's in the
body of a friend of mine.

The scientist, Oliver Bird.

Yes, Oliver.

A really... He's a good
guy. You'd like him,

if that's...

something you do.

Either way, he's a hostage,

and we are not gonna kill the hostage.

The body must also be destroyed.

- The body?
- The body of Amahl Farouk.

His physical form.

Many decades ago it was hidden.

After his defeat on the astral plane.

By my father.

Farouk's mind is strong,

but the mutations are genetic,
meaning "of the genes."

Physical, not mental.

- What does that...?
- On its own,

the Shadow King's mind is powerful.

But were he to rejoin
his body, he would be...


So, where is it?

This information is not

available to us at the present time.

We are looking, as is the Shadow King.

So, you're saying it's a race.

We're in a race.

The male Loudermilk
is waiting in his lab.

Do not fail.

How do you feel about small spaces?

I'm against them.

And when I say the words pitch black...

What exactly are you gonna do to me?

In order to boost
your psychic abilities,

I've created an amplification chamber.


The fluid is 80% glucose,

15% bicarbonate,

and it's 5% strawberry extract.

- Why...
- It's for conductivity.

Also to give it a
pleasant aroma and taste,

in case you should swallow
any, which, do not swallow any.

So, I'm supposed to find the Shadow King

from inside a daiquiri?

While you're in the tank,
I'll be using the resonator

to bring up specific frequencies.

We can communicate, so
if you see something,

or if you want me to try
a different frequency,

you just let me know.



Clothes off, handsome.

Yes. In order for the connectivity

to be at maximum efficiency, we do need

full exothermal contact.

So, get naked.

Very funny.

- What?
- We've talked about this.

You make people uncomfortable.

Uncom... I make people uncomfortable?

You spent Wednesday walking
around without pants on.

How do I make people uncomfortable?

All right, in. That's... in, in!

No, I don't... I don't understand how...

I'm so sorry about that.

We're right outside.

This is a bad idea.

Ju-Just open your mind.

Open my mind. Right.

Opening mind.

Ping me if he finds something. Cary?


Okay, here we go.

All right, David,

let's take this for a spin.

You've used this before, right?

Yes, but only in a theoretical sense.

What does that mean?

You believe him?

Which part?

It's David.

That much I know.

And I saw memories.

He says he doesn't
remember, but I saw memories.

A year of memories?

A few images.

He was in the nightclub.

I know. You found him there.

He was there when Oliver was there.

They were there together.

Doing what?


So, you think...

Maybe the Shadow King
still has ahold of him.


You still trust him?

He's my man.

Orange 50, orange 20, red.

Red 15.


Oh, sorry. Okay, I'll-I'll dial it in.



I can work with slightly.

Remember, keep an

open mind.

- Cary...
- David?


Duck, duck,

duck, duck, duck, duck,


What's the last thing you remember?

What are you hiding?

What's the last thing you remember?

Farouk escaped.

Syd and I were on the balcony,

and I could sense him heading south.

What happened in the nightclub?

And then there was an...

What are you hiding? an orb, and...

it zapped me with, like, a... a ray.

What are you hiding?

New symptom alert.

A strong urge to confess.

New symptom alert.

A strong urge to confess.


I think I need to lie down.


I'll clear it off.

No, that's...

There's clothes for you in the lockers.

So, any luck finding Farouk?

No, I...

I couldn't see him.

What's it like in there?

What did you see?

Eh, nothing, really,

just... just a lot of random things.

Just... noise.

You're keeping secrets.


I know you.

I used to.

There's things you're not saying.

Syd, it's...

I-I know it's...

I know it's hard.

You know, so much time
has passed for you, and...

for me, I just saw you, yesterday,

so try to remember: I'm the same.

You're the one who's...

You know, maybe you're right. This is...


This... this is all...


This is a lot to process.

It's the second time.

- What is?
- That you left.

There was Amy, the rescue. Remember?


You promised me you
wouldn't, and then you did.

That was...

Lenny, Farouk... I...

I wasn't in control.

- They...
- So I'm...

just wondering

how long till you leave... again?

Close your eyes.

Come on.

Okay, now, look.

- Where did you...?
- I had Cary make it,

when I was in the tank.

It's beautiful.

It's no ordinary compass.


- How did you...?
- Just head in the direction

it is pointing, and I'll be there.


If we get lost, we get lost together.

You promise:

no secrets.

No secrets.

What's the last thing you remember?

Before the club?

What's the last thing you remember?


Let me out!

Help me!

Let me out!

Help me!




Where are you?

No sound. Great.

That's perfect.


What is that, an eight?

Oh, it's the hour-hourglass.

It's "time."

Time is running out.

Time's running out.



Gift. You have a gift for me.




I'm in the present.

I'm good at this.

Me... arrow...





Arrow of time.

Arrow of time.

I'm in the present, so
you're in the future.

You're in the future.


You're in the future?

Crown. King.

Shadow King.



He's-he's trying to find his body.



Help Farouk find his body?

Why would I do that?

Wait, this is you?

The orb? You sent this?


Is somebody there, Syd?

Talk to me, Syd.

Syd. Syd.


Hey, sexy.