Legion (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Chapter 1 - full transcript

A troubled young man battling mental illness wonders if the visions he experiences are real following a strange encounter with a fellow patient.

[birds singing]

♪ ♪

♪ Happy Jack wasn't
old but he was a man ♪

♪ ♪

♪ He lived in the sand
at the Isle of Man ♪

♪ ♪

♪ The kids would all sing ♪

♪ He would take the wrong key ♪


♪ So they rode on his head
on their furry donkey ♪

♪ ♪

♪ The kids couldn't hurt Jack ♪

♪ They tried and
tried and tried ♪

♪ They dropped
things on his back ♪

♪ And lied and lied
and lied and lied ♪

- Way to go, son!
- Oh!

♪ But they couldn't stop
Jack or the waters lapping ♪

- [voices swirling]
- [screams]

♪ And they couldn't prevent
Jack from feeling happy ♪

[all shouting]

♪ ♪

[all chattering]

♪ ♪

♪ They couldn't stop Jack
or the waters lapping ♪


♪ And they couldn't prevent
Jack from feeling happy ♪

- [alarm blaring]
- Whoo!

[emergency sirens blaring]

[voices swirling]

He's a bad kid.

♪ ♪

Why don't you listen?
What's wrong with you?

- You are stupid.
- Stupid, stupid, stupid.

You're an idiot!

Yeah, you'd lose your head
if it wasn't attached.

Lose your damn head.

[music intensifies, distorts]

Nobody cares about you.

Nobody cares about you.

You must take one pill
twice a day, all right?

All right?

All right, David?

♪ And they couldn't prevent
Jack from being happy ♪

[indistinct voices shouting]

[voices whispering]

Are you nuts?

[voices swirling]

- What are you doing?
- I'm losing.

[voices intensify]


♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday, dear David ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪



There's, um... you can't give me that.



So, do they let you throw
a little party here, or...

Yeah, they clear out the
furniture. We get a DJ.

- Really?
- No.

We do get better drugs, though.

- Really?
- No.

It's just Thursday.

My 260th Thursday as a passenger

on the cruise ship Mental Health.

On the plus side, I have mastered the art

of eating with a spoon, so...

You're getting better, though.

The voices.

You're not seeing things that aren't there.


When can I come home?

Oh, that's...

What does your doctor say?

I tell them I'm sane.

They think I'm crazy, and if I say,

"You know what? You're right, I am crazy,"

then they up my dosage, so...


How about I talk to them. Hmm?

I'll tell them...

You seem better to me.

How is it?


Time for your meds.

[door beeps]

Something new needs to happen soon.

[lively string music]

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

[indistinct chatter]

♪ ♪

[music intensifies]

It's just spit, right?

Human spit?

[whispered voices]

Maybe he ate yogurt.

Like, a creamy...

Or what's he on, you think?


Yeah, Klonopin'll...

Or hold the phone.

Yogurt and Klonopin.

[Lenny's voice slows, laughter]


a cocktail...

[indistinct chatter]

Or hold the phone, is that...

who's that?

[solemn music]

Ooh, a dark horse candidate.

Late entry to the race.

♪ ♪

Ooh, good hair, nice hindquarters.

Watch it.

A little jittery, but I got to say, folks,

here at CNN, we like her chances.

Give me your Twizzlers.

Hey, now, let's not...

♪ ♪

That's just low, son.

Barrett, three pills.

♪ ♪

Oh, shit. Sorry, sorry.

Too close, too close.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I just...

you know, I just wondered
if you wanted a...


And how does that make you feel?

And how does that make you feel?

The drugs help.


The... the Haldol.

Barrett, three pills.

How does that make you feel?

♪ ♪

Could you put the cup on the counter?


Oh, shit.

[tense music]

How do you feel?

♪ ♪

The Devil with Yellow Eyes...


Is he here now?

♪ ♪

[whispered voices]

♪ ♪

[harsh wailing]

♪ ♪


Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm fine.

I'm fine. I'm calm.

I just had a bad dream, and...

Guys, violence is not necessary.

Needles are not necessary.

[gentle music]


♪ ♪

How does that make you feel?

I mean, it's just...

It's fine.

Like, whatever.

'Cause, I mean, look at
me. I-I know what I am.

- And what's that?
- Well, you know.

The... what happened.

What I... what I did to, uh...

to Dr. Poole.

You went off your medications.

But that's not...


[clears throat]


You know, I...

I saw things.

Delusions, you mean. We talked about that.

Your brain chemistry, how your
illness simulates voices...

all the hallucinations you describe.

The Devil with Yellow Eyes.


You have something to add?


Please keep talking so we can all pretend

that our problems are just in our heads.

What does that mean?

It means that you're in here

because somebody said you're not normal.

Like normal is this suit
we're all supposed to...

But you know who else wasn't normal?

Picasso, Einstein.

Ooh, I like her.

I like you.

You got what the kids
these days call moxie.

You know, just so I'm clear,

are you Einstein or
Picasso in this scenario?


All I'm saying is,

what if your problems aren't in your head?

What if they aren't even problems?

Talk about that.

No, I'm good.

I read in your file that
you don't like to be touched.

All animals need physical
contact to feel love.

You know those cartoons
in, like, magazines?

There's a man on an island with, like,

maybe a single palm tree.

People say, "Go to your happy place,"

and that's what I think about.

Well, that's sad.

That's sad?

You're in a mental hospital.

All I'm saying is...

that thing they tell us is crazy,

how I don't want to be handled,

or you see stuff and
hear, whatever, voices.

That's what makes you you.

[gentle music]

♪ ♪

Do you want to be my girlfriend?


But don't touch me.





Find me at dinner.

[The Rolling Stones'
"She's a Rainbow"]

♪ ♪

Why are the hot ones always so crazy?


♪ ♪

♪ She comes in
colors everywhere ♪

♪ She combs her hair ♪

♪ She's like a rainbow ♪

♪ Coming, colors in the air ♪

♪ Oh everywhere ♪

♪ She comes in colors ♪

♪ ♪

No cherries.

I basically live on cherry pie.

- It's incredible.
- Why?

I don't like orange-flavored things,

and I don't like cherry-flavored things.

I mean, this has, like, pretty
much everything you need.

It has, like, crust and cherries.


♪ ♪

♪ She comes in
colors everywhere ♪


♪ She combs her hair ♪

♪ She's like a rainbow ♪

♪ Coming, colors in the air ♪

♪ Oh, everywhere ♪

♪ She comes in colors ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

I see you.

This is your spot, huh?

After the sun goes down,

when the light is right,

if you...

Kind of unfocus your eyes.

Like this, see?

- That's charming.
- Shut up.

Now you.

And then look back out.

You see how the hospital disappears?

[solemn music]

You can see yourself down there.

♪ ♪

Like you're in here...

Watching yourself outside.

What are you doing?

Keep calm. I'm not gonna touch you.

Just hold still and look out the window.

♪ ♪


How long were you together,

you and the girl who disappeared?

She didn't disappear.

I told you, they... they took her.

Sydney Barrett, the girl?


Look, talk to the hospital.
They've got records.

The hospital where you were a
patient for the past six years

after being diagnosed with
paranoid schizophrenia?

Yes, but my condition has
nothing to do with that.

I didn't make her up. She's
a real girl... a woman.

Call the hospital. They've got records.

We've spoken to the hospital, David.

They have no record of Sydney Barrett

ever being a patient there.


Is it possible, Mr. Haller...

and I'm not a psychiatrist, so...

but is it possible that this whole thing...

the girl, the incident...

that it's just part of
your illness, a delusion?

Uh, yes, sure, fine.

Then... well, how do you explain

what happened to Lenny?

Or all of them?

Well, I can't.

That's why we're having this...

Talk to Dr. Kissinger. He knows.

And Dr. Kissinger was your psychiatrist?


Somehow I have a hard time
believing your psychiatrist

is gonna confirm the story
that you're telling me now.

Well, David, I think, don't you,

that we should talk about it?

Hmm? No.

It's important you...
if you want to go home...

See, my job, part of my job, is to assess.

Are you still a danger
to yourself, to others?

And the fact that you
tried to hang yourself...

We can skip that part.


Unless you think it's relevant to...

No. I mean, we don't have to.




Let's talk about it.


Uh, well, I had a hard time after college.

After I got expelled.

I wasn't thinking straight.

The... the voices and not sleeping

and I was angry all the...


And then...

Are you okay?

Philly left.

[door slams]

And I decided,

you know, what was the point?

[indistinct P.A. announcement]

You know, when a plate
breaks, you don't fix it.

You just get another plate.

So I tied a knot.

- [overlapping voices]
- No.

I'm telling you, don't touch it.

- Don't.
- You're stupid.


Did the voices tell you to do that?

No, no.

No, they tried to stop me.

They didn't like it.

And yet the police say

they found no noose
in the apartment.

Just rope burns on your neck.

[whispered voices]

[clears throat]

How do you feel now?


Well, let me ask you this.

Do you still feel that, quote,

"You have power over things

and can control things with your mind"?

Hold on.

You think you can control
things with your mind?

I did, at one point, but
they helped with that,

the drugs and... is that why I'm here?

- Is that what this is?
- David...

I... you think I did this,
that I killed her with my mind?

No, don't be ridiculous,

but the girl is dead, David.

She is.

And it wasn't a heart attack, right?

So we're just, uh...

looking for the truth.

Which you promised to tell.

Look, I don't know, okay?

It's... it's fuzzy.


That's okay.

Just tell me what happened next.

[gentle music]

♪ ♪

[snoring softly]



What are you doing?


Can you be in here?

Don't be a pussy.

Lie back.

[muffled, distant shouting]

No, I'll be on top.

All right.


I'm getting out tomorrow.


Kissinger says I'm clean.

So I get to go home.

Good. That's good.

You got to get better, okay?

So you can come home too.

[somber music]

♪ ♪

And why couldn't you touch her?

Well, she was... you know, it's a...

it's a mental hospital.

People have issues.

I mean, that's what I thought then.


And how long were you
together before the incident?

Can we... can we take a break?

Please, I just... without the meds,

it's really hard to keep things straight.

Of course, and there's
food coming, I promise,

but let's take a break.

We'll pick this up again in 30 minutes.

[tense electronic music]

[door buzzes]

[indistinct P.A. announcement]

♪ ♪

And cue the phone.

[phone rings]

Yeah... [unintelligible]

♪ ♪

[indistinct radio chatter]

[indistinct chatter]

♪ ♪

Second floor in the... is very, very good.

It's a real surprise.

How's it look?

He's twitchy.

You said he was off his meds?

Yeah, for a week now.
You think that may be why

the sudden spike in telepathic activity?

So is he crazy or...

Well, I think he's telling
the truth as he knows it.


Well, he believes he's mentally ill,

but at the same time part of him knows

that the power is real.

And are we clear on the scope
and nature of this power?

No, but if the readings are right,

he may be the most powerful mutant

that we have ever encountered.


After what happened in Red Hook,

I'd say that's an understatement.

So he has the power,

but he doesn't understand it

or know how to control it.

I'd like to dig deeper,

see if we can figure out what triggers it.

Division One thinks we should kill him now,

before he realizes what he is.

We may never get the chance again.

That would be a mistake.

We've never had a subject like this before.

I need...

Look, just give me till the end of the day,

and you have the gas if you need it.

[growling softly]

Okay, but if he so much as farts too loud,

we're moving to Level Two.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

[indistinct P.A. announcement]

Could I be alone?

[door buzzes]

♪ ♪

[door closes]

♪ ♪

[overlapping shouting]

- Is that what you're gonna do?
- Leave me alone!

Look at me.

I don't want to talk about it, okay?


[breathing heavily]

[overlapping voices]

What are you doing?

[woman screaming]


[rattling intensifies]


[intense shaking]

[soft music]

♪ ♪


[objects crashing, whooshing]

[blade whooshes and slices]

[intense music]

♪ ♪

[door buzzes]

[suspenseful music]

Did we eat?


Right over there.

Yes, sir.

Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait. What... what's that for?

Oh, it's just a few tests.
They're readings, really.

We want to see what happens in
your brain when you feel things.

What things? Stop.

Look, just...

I want a lawyer, okay?

I was willing to cooperate
before, but now I'm tired.

I'm just so... just...

David, I need you to stay calm.

♪ ♪


You're afraid of me.

David, please.

I'm afraid for you.

You're a very sick young man

who stopped taking his medication.

Are you a danger to yourself or to others?

I think that's what
we're here to ascertain.

[chair legs dragging]


[door buzzes]


Now let's talk about the
incident at Clockworks.

[ping pong ball bouncing]

[dark music]

♪ ♪

[indistinct chatter]

You can send him a note.

It's probably better anyway.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Alvarez, four pills.

Don't forget, you've got an appointment

with Dr. Schubert on Thursday.

Hey, where is he?

Who, the kid?

He's, uh, climbing a mountain.

He's got his... got his clampons on.

Hey, would you... hold on.

It's lady stuff.

They've got this candy bar. It's new.

I saw it on TV, with nougat and chocolate

and, like, this crispy wafer.

If you could... if you
could buy one and, like,

mail it to me, that'd be great.


♪ ♪

I was looking for you.

David, no.


[intense whirring]

♪ ♪

♪ Twinkle, little star ♪

♪ How I wonder what you are ♪

- Come on, David. Go!
- That's great, David.

Keep pedaling. That's great, David.

- Keep pedaling.
- You went off your medication.

- You were nervous.
- Want to be my girlfriend?

David, calm down.

Why are the hot ones always so crazy?

- David, calm down.
- Crazy...


Oh, David.

♪ ♪



You're okay.

♪ ♪


Hey, be cool, man.

Come on.

No! No! No! No, don't!

- No, no, no, no!
- Get him out of here.

- David, hold still.
- No, don't! Stop!

- Stop!
- Back off, David, now.

Stop! No! No!

No, don't, stop!

Stop! No!

No! No! No, don't, stop!

- Stop! Stop!
- Stay out of the way.

Stop! No!

[door beeping]

[indistinct P.A. announcement]


Attention, all floors,

all stations, we are
on mandatory lockdown.

[breathing heavily]

Are you okay?

Did you hit your head?

- No, I'm...
- I'm so sorry.

Just a little dizzy.

- No! No! No! No!
- Okay, be cool.

Come on. Ease up, brother.

- Please, no! Please!
- He's in the yellow.

- Don't hurt the guy.
- Don't! Stop! No!

Come on, man.

Everybody, there's nothing to see here.

Everybody take a dose.

Hey, man, you've got to cool your body.


[sound distorts]

[nervous chatter]

- What happened?
- What is it?

What happened?

[voices fade]

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

[voices whispering]

♪ ♪

[whispering continues]

♪ ♪

- No, it feels... wrong.
- No, keep still.

I think you may be showing some...

[loud rumble]

Uh, stay here.


[solemn music]

♪ ♪

Uh, stop.

Would you say that again?

I said I looked in the
mirror and I was her.



She was there with you?

No, she...

somehow we...

she took my place, and I
took hers when we kissed,

I guess, but it wasn't me.

I didn't... it was... it
was her power, I think.

I mean, I guess that's
why she didn't want...

Look, I know, okay? But you asked.

Look, forget it. I-I don't need this.

[whispered voices]

[intense music]

♪ ♪

Look, I have been more than...

But now I really want to get out of here.


Be calm.

Nobody is...

I just want to make sure I've got it right.

You were her.

She was you.


[solemn music]

♪ ♪

Attention, all floors, all stations,

we are on mandatory lockdown.

[continues indistinctly]

♪ ♪


[ping pong ball bouncing]

♪ ♪



[loud banging]


[shouting indistinctly]



[shouting indistinctly]



[overlapping shouting]


[frantic shouting, banging]

[shouting and banging continue]

Where are the doors?

[frantic pounding]

Let me out of here!

Can anyone help?

Help us!

[shouting continues indistinctly]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


[frantic pounding]


David, help!





Wait. You said "her power."

Are you saying the girl has some kind of,

what, uh, extrasensory powers?

Look, I-I don't know,
but that's the only...

because it wasn't me.

I mean, at least I didn't think... I...

It didn't feel like
before, the other times...

I mean, not that I...

I know, but, David, Lenny is dead.

Somehow she ended up
inside of a solid wall.

So I'm just trying to...

Um, you're saying the girl...

that you kissed the girl

and she switched places with you?

[passing sirens]

I'm doing you a favor, Sydney.

No, you don't understand.
She's still in there.

The kind of questions
that are gonna get asked,

you may lose your shot at a discharge.

Now, you be careful out there.

Please, wait. I'm not Sydney.

Don't forget to fill your prescriptions.

[emergency sirens passing]

[indistinct chatter]

[tense music]

♪ ♪


Wait what?

You were there.

I was there?


You were the man in
the car at the hospital.

Okay, so I'm clear, you're saying

after you entered
the body of a woman

and escaped from a mental hospital

where all the patients

had magically been sealed
inside of their rooms,

you think you saw me getting out of a car?

Well, you don't have to be a dick about it,

and, yes, it was you.

Hey, no, you're wrong.

In fact, that is one
of the things that we...

that I need to know.

Who were the people at
the hospital that day?

No. No, no, no, no. You're... you're lying.

You're trying to confuse me, and... no.

- David. David.
- No.




Just take a deep breath.

Try to be calm.

Just try to relax, David.



[alarm blares]

The gas, now.

Use the gas.

Use the gas!

[rock music]

♪ ♪


[serene music]

♪ ♪

David, my boy.

♪ ♪

My beautiful boy.

Mommy loves you.

She does.

[birds caw]

My boy.

♪ ♪


David, where are you?

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

[tense music]

♪ ♪

both: Trick or treat.

It's gonna be so exciting. Oh, careful.

- Okay.
- You can go ahead.

Uh-huh, yeah.

All right, happy Halloween!

♪ ♪

[knocking on door]

What are you supposed to be?

Both: Trick or treat.



They sent me home, and then I realized...

I mean, the apartment's gone.


Just for a few days?

Of course.

Uh, I'll talk to Ben.

Come in. Come in.


I've got Snap Jacks and Red Crusties.



Holy shit.

Ben, you remember my brother, David.


You guys have any waffles?




You weren't kidding.

Uh, another one?

There you go.

[footsteps descending stairs]

Is this...

Will this be okay?

Yeah. No, this is...

This is great.

So you know, Ben works early,

and I'll probably be gone when you wake up.

So... you know, make yourself at home.

Don't answer the phone.


It's good.

This is gonna be good.


[gentle music]

♪ ♪

So what'd it feel like, huh?


[laughs softly]

Having titties.

Did you?

If that were me, all day, I'd...


Stop looking at me like that, man.

I know.

I'm dead.

You killed me,

and I got to say, not cool, man.

I didn't.

Yeah, you did.

Don't blame her. Don't blame her.

She was just a... what do you...

passenger riding around in your body.

Don't give a newbie a bazooka

and act surprised when she blows shit up.


I'm sorry, man.

No, it's cool.

It's cool.

What was I gonna...

spend the rest of my life

popping pills from a little cup?

Don't worry about me.

It's you that's got problems.

They're coming for you, babe.

[tense music]

♪ ♪


They know about the hospital.

What you did.

I didn't.

What she did when she was you,

had your powers.

They're coming, and they're gonna kill you.

- No, no, no.
- [laughing] Yeah.

No. No. No. No.

[laughing] They are.

No, this is just my pill. This is not real.

It's... I told him, don't cut my meds.

I'm just...

Ah, no.

- [door opens]
- David?

Mm-hmm? Yeah?

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sorry, I just... I just...
I broke the... the lamp.

- Um... um...
- Oh.

Sorry, it's...

No, it's, um...

it's okay.

It's just... you know, Ben,

he's got to get to the garden
tomorrow morning, you know?

Sure. Okay.

Get some rest. Night.

[footsteps ascending, door closes]

Good night.

♪ ♪



[upbeat percussive music]

♪ ♪


They're coming and...

and then they're gonna kill you.


[man singing in French]

♪ ♪



[man singing in French]

♪ ♪



♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Wake up.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪


Over here.

Let's stop pretending, huh?

Those are power cables.
You're submerged in water.

If you try anything, you're gonna get

100,000 volts before you take a breath.


What is so funny?

I'm insane, you idiot.

This is my delusion.

[radio chatter]

It's not real.

Stop screwing around.

Where's the girl?

What girl?

Don't be clever, David.

We know who you are.

We know they came for her at the
hospital thinking she was you.

No, you took her at the hospital.

You were there.

No, David. It's clear now what happened.

They came for you but got her by accident,

and we've got you, but we want her too.

So just tell me or...

[radio chatter]

She was gone.

I went looking for her.

She was gone.

Yeah, I'm... looking for a patient.

Sydney Barrett.

No, I'm her father.


Hold on. What?

- Well, how...
- Take a left.

How can you have no... no record of her?

She was... Syd Barrett...

I... well, how...

I visited her.

♪ ♪

[tense electronic music]

♪ ♪

[dog growls]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Don't stop.

I said don't stop.


How did you...

I've been looking, and
no one would tell me...

Syd, I don't understand.

I was you.

Did that really... we kiss...

and, I mean, I know I'm
crazy, but that felt really...

David, hush. I'm not really here.

What do you mean? Where else would you be?

This is your memory of the
day you called the hospital,

not the actual day.

I'm inside your memory.

But that's not...

[dramatic music]

I've been projected into your memory.

I've been looking, and
no one would tell me...

Syd, I don't understand. I was you.

David, stop. I'm not really here.

What do you mean? Where else would you be?

This is your memory of the
day you called the hospital.

I've been projected into your memory.

We're not on the street, not really.

We're in your mind. They
can't track us in here.

Who? How is that...

I don't have much time.

You're in a government facility.

I know. They said they were cops.

They're not cops.

I'll tell you everything soon,

but that's not what we're gonna do now.

You're in a government facility.

What are we...

You're gonna go for a swim,
and I'm gonna get you out.

- A swim?
- Slowly, so they don't notice

slide out of your chair and into the water,

and when you see the lights,
don't come up until you see me.


♪ ♪

There was a van.

Yes, that was us.

Who were the other two people, David?

The people who chased you,

the ones who came to the hospital?

David, are you with me?


[laughs softly]

I'm here.

[solemn music]

♪ ♪

It wasn't you

at the hospital.

Yeah, I told you.

It wasn't you.


Slide out of your chair
and into the water, slowly.

[indistinct conversations]

Watch him.

He's making me nervous.

[indistinct radio chatter]

Hey, David, I really need you to stay calm

and, please, do not make
me press this button.

Who are you people?

No. I ask the questions.


The girl.

Where is the girl?

[intense music]

I think you're about to find out.

- [radio chatter, gunfire]
- Open fire!

Code black!

Do it now!

[solemn music]

♪ ♪


[ping pong balls clatter,
indistinct chatter]

♪ ♪


David, don't.

All right? I'm sorry.
You can't touch my skin.


This is Ptonomy, and that's Kerry.


Oh, hey.


Sorry about before.

It's cool.

We like chasing after people.

No, we like catching people.


We got to go. Melanie's waiting.


[dramatic music]


Come on! Come on! Let's go!

Go, go, go, go, go!

[indistinct shouting, gunfire]

Move, move, move!

Move it! Move it!


Keep moving!

Where are they coming from?

♪ ♪

Go! Keep going!

Move! Go, go, go!

♪ ♪



♪ ♪

Got him.

Go, this way.


♪ ♪

Come on.



♪ ♪



♪ ♪

Syd, Syd, Syd, Syd.

No, we can't stop. They're coming.

Wait, wait. I need... stop.
Please, Sydney, I have to know.

Is... is this...

Is this real? Hmm?

I mean, what if we're back at the hospital?

What if none of this
ever happened and we're...

please, I have to know.

Are you real?

I'm real.

This is real, okay?

I'm here.

I came back for you.

I love you.



You gonna say it too?

- I-I love you.
- [explosion booms]

We gotta go.

Miss Bird...

this is David.


Come on, son.

♪ ♪

Take my hand.

♪ ♪

- Announcer: Next time on "Legion"...
- You're not schizophenic!

You've powers! The things you see are real!

- (crowd yelling)
- You're very important to us, David.

- Melanie thinks you're the Key.
- The Key to what?

Winning the war.

The divisions were created
by our government to track and

study people like you and Syd.
And the ones they can't control,

- (dogs barking)
- They kill.

- David!
- (eerie drone)