Law & Order (1990–2010): Season 8, Episode 6 - Law & Order - full transcript

Baltimore homicide detectives Munch and Falsone help Briscoe and Curtis with a murder investigation. However, the victim's family attorney interferes with the investigation by leaking information and offering rewards.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
In the criminal justice system

the people are represented by two
separate yet equally important groups,

the police who investigate crime

and the district attorneys
who prosecute the offenders.

These are their stories.

Look at what you're
doing, you stupid cow!

You were gonna send her out
like that. Open up the blouse.

I don't care if
she has no boobs,

I want them to
look at the blouse.

And take her out of those
pants. Her ass is too big for pants.

Tell her to stop eating
those stupid cheeseburgers.

Paul didn't mean it,
sweetie. He's just high-strung.

Now, come on. Let's
get you a nice skirt.

Where in mother hell
is Brittany? Elsewhere.

That is not an answer!

Look, she's a no-show.

That little bitch,
she's killing me.

Call Jeri Stein. Tell her
I want Brittany right now!

Call 911! Hurry! She's dying!

The victim's Brittany Janaway.
She's some kind of model.

I never heard of her, but then, I
don't pay attention to that stuff.

Now, my wife and daughter...

No, let's pay attention
to the here and now.

Oh, sure, yeah. Her
father, Dr. Steven Janaway,

said she was complaining
of severe abdominal pains.

He brought her here, she
collapsed, he attempted CPR.

Who called it in?
The cleaning lady.

And where's the father now?

In his office. He's a wreck.


Okay. So, it's the middle of the night
and we're all here because of what?

Food poisoning?

I don't have a cause of death.

What I do have is a big
bruise on her lower back.

I don't know how
long it's been there.

Could it have something to
do with her abdominal pains?

Can't say till we check under
the hood, but I'll tell you what,

my daughter starts
doubling over?

I don't take her to my office.

You'd take her to
an emergency room.

That's right.

What kind of doctor is Janaway?

Plastic surgeon.

These samples of his work?

No, it's his daughter.
She was a model.

How old is she, early twenties?

Try 14.


Well, Brittany didn't come
down for dinner tonight.

She was supposed to work.

A modeling job?

Yeah. Yes. I thought
she overslept.

She usually takes a nap
before one of these events.

They often run past midnight.

So this modeling
wasn't just a hobby.

Oh, no, no, on the contrary.

Brittany started
when she was seven.

So when she didn't come
down, what did you do?


I went to her room.

I found her curled up in pain.

She tell you where the pain was?

Yeah, in her abdomen.

She was crying,

and she was running a fever.

I brought her here to treat her.

She collapsed.

I tried to bring her back.

I don't understand
why this happened.


Why didn't you just
take her to a hospital?

It didn't make any sense.

Our house is three
minutes from my office.

I have everything here I
needed to treat her, I thought.

Don't you just love this part?

Meet Miss Priscilla Brown.

In her previous life, it would've cost
you 800 an hour to see her like this.

Yeah, but she would've
been a lot livelier.

Got anything on
Brittany Janaway?

Just the prelims.

I haven't opened her up
yet. Miss Brown was here first.

Believe me, the world's not holding its
breath to find out what killed Miss Brown.

She's a taxpayer.

Yeah, and I'll bet she
reported every dime of it.

I'll get what I have on Janaway.

You ever pay for it, Lennie?

I was married, wasn't I?

I heard that.

Janaway, Brittany.

No immediate indications
of cardiac arrest,

burst appendix, or
anything of that nature.

What about that
bruise on her back?

A deep contusion, oval shape,

maybe from falling on
her back or from being hit.

Bad enough to
cause internal injuries?

Well, it's hard to
tell without going in.

How old is the wound?

Ballpark to a couple of weeks.

Oh, she also had month-old
scars on her left forearm.

Four of them. Not deep,
from a sharp instrument.

Suicide attempt?

No, wrong part of the arm. I'd
guess some kind of self-mutilation.

You see it a lot
with adolescent girls.

Unhappy adolescent girls.

So much for the fairytale.

I've seen her pictures all over.
I never realized she was 14.

Once you get past the
glitter and the glamour,

you're left with
one sad little girl.

The bruise?

And the self-mutilation.
This girl was unhappy.

Any candidates?

The parents.

Daddy should've
taken her to the hospital.

Yeah, the hospital would've reported
the bruises to Children's Services.

If the parents had something
to do with the girl's death,

they wouldn't have
the Mayor's Office

lean on the Chief of
Detectives for some results.

You got calls?

Three so far. The mother's
family's wired to City Hall.

Have a chat with the Janaways,
and please, keep it friendly.

Any idea how she
might have gotten hurt?

The M.E. thinks the bruise
is about two weeks old.


How about when
she wasn't at home?

Is there anybody
we should talk to?

If she wasn't at home,
she was working.

She spent a lot of time
with her agent, Jeri Stein.

Miss Stein acted as a chaperone.

You think somebody
hurt my Brittany?

Well, we're concerned about her bruise,
and also, there were cuts on her arm.


You didn't notice either?

I saw she had scratches. She
said they were from our cat.

The medical examiner
thinks they were self-inflicted.

Oh, my God. I had no idea.

Brittany never
complained about anything.

Did she spend much
time with her agent?

I have to tell you, I never trusted
those people Brittany worked with.

She was so young,
so impressionable.

I never should have allowed it.

Brittany was very innocent for
her age. The camera loved her.

Anybody in your business
ever hear of the kiddy porn laws?

Clients want the Lolita look.

The whole point
is selling clothes,

but we make sure
they keep them on.

What about after the lights go
out? Anyone giving her trouble?

Not when I was around.

And if you weren't?

Mrs. Janaway said she didn't trust
the people her daughter worked with.

Did she include me?

She didn't say.

Brittany had a bad
bruise on her back.

We were hoping maybe you
could tell us how she got it.

She fell in the tub?

Or somebody fell on her?

Well, everybody wanted
her, and I do mean biblically.

Guess being her chaperone,
you had your work cut out for you.

Chaperone? As if. I have
30 girls to keep working.

Babysitting is why
they have mommies.

Let's try this.

Brittany's wounds were
about two or three weeks old.

Who was she working for then?

Three weeks ago she was
doing fittings with Paul Delacourte

for the show she was
supposed to do last night.

He's requested her a lot
these last couple of months.

What kind of a
guy is Delacourte?

Let's just say, too bad he wasn't in
South Beach last summer to catch a bullet.

I only let my girls work with him
because he gets out the media.

If Delacourte did this,
I'll never forgive him.

They're spoiled,
stupid little brats.

Have you ever looked into
the eyes of a supermodel?

Not since my fling
with Jean Shrimpton.

It's like looking into
the eyes of a goat.

There's nothing
going on in there.

Is that how you treat
them, like farm animals?

I don't pay them $10,000 a
day just to wear my clothes.

They have to put
up with me, too.

You treated Brittany
Janaway the same?

She got $8,000 a day, so
I didn't yell at her so much.

Well, you worked with her
three weeks ago. How was that?

I couldn't get
her to stand still.

No matter how much
hitting or yelling?

I never hit her. I'm not stupid.

Brittany made me a lot of money.

Whatever she wore, every
teenage girl in America wanted it.

They're like sheep.

Again with the
farm animals, huh?

Mr. Delacourte, we're gonna need
a list of everybody who was there

when you worked with
Brittany three weeks ago.

I don't carry them with me.
Get them from my office.

And what if we need you?

I'm here for three more days,

then Milan for a week, then Paris
for two days, then Milan again.

My life, it's impossible.

Turn. Great.
Smile. Perfect. Next.

I can talk to you, but I
gotta get ready to go.

The car's coming to pick me up.

No problem.

It's really awful about Brittany.
She anorexic or something?

We don't know why she died.

Listen, we understand
you did a job with her

for Paul Delacourte
a few weeks ago.

Yeah. She didn't look too sick.

Well, how did
Delacourte treat her?

Who, Paul?

He's a big baby. He
yells, he throws things.

Cassie, can you hear me?


Now, you talked with her, right?

Yeah, but we didn't
hang out or anything.

Did she say anything
about Delacourte,

like, if he ever came on
to her, or if he ever hit her?


She had a big
bruise on her back.

We were wondering if
maybe you noticed it that day?

No, I didn't, and I
would've seen it.

We did change together
before we went home.

Is that you or me?

It's me. It's Rodgers.

I'm expecting a car
to take me to school,

and the driver's
supposed to beep me.

What college you go to? NYU?

College? No way.
I'm in eighth grade.

Brittany wasn't a
real happy person.

She was getting
tired of modeling.

Why's that?

She thought it sucked.

We talked about getting into
acting. It's not hard, you know.

Brooke Shields said, "It's
just modeling in action."

Oh! This time it's
me. Gotta go. Ciao.

That kid's gonna live a lifetime
before she's old enough to vote.

Five years to go. Let's
hope she makes it.

I found traces of a macular
rash over 30% of her body.

As in an anaphylactic reaction.

Like an allergy?

In a manner of speaking.

The labs turned up
staphylococcal toxins in her blood.

We're supposed to
guess what that is, too?

Toxic shock. You
mean she died from it?

Yeah. It starts with a fever, lots
of aches and pains, then the rash,

then the toxins build
up, cause death.

Well, how much
time we talking about?

Two weeks.

Well, what caused this?

My exam found abraded
areas in the vaginal walls

which were left untreated, and
triggered a Staphylococcal infection.

How bad was the injury?

She was torn up.


And how.

She was raped and
she never told anyone?

She must've had her
happy face glued on tight.

The M.E. said she
would've been in a lot of pain.

It's definite? The rape
caused the toxic shock?

Rodgers put a
money-back guarantee on it.

And this Delacourte
fellow, he into little girls?

Well, I'm sure he has a hard
time keeping his hands to himself,

but we talked to some people who
were there when Brittany worked with him.

We don't think
anything happened.

After that he was
out of the country,

and he has the
receipts to prove it.

And after Delacourte, we
suddenly run out of suspects.

Well, it's possible she
didn't report the rape

because the rapist is
somebody she knows.

So we're back to Dr. Janaway.
Join me for a hot pretzel. It's on me.

There they are!

Lieutenant Van Buren,

what can you tell us about the
Brittany Janaway murder case?

Who said it was murder?

Is it true Brittany Janaway
was sexually assaulted?

First I heard of it.

Isn't it true there's
an autopsy report

saying cause of
death was brutal rape?

If there is, I haven't seen it.

Is Paul Delacourte
still a suspect?

If we haven't determined if there was
a murder, there can't be any suspects.

As soon as we have a
statement to make, we'll notify you.

Now if you'll excuse me,
I'd like to buy a pretzel.

It's pretty much what
you'd expect to hear

from investigators
in this explosive case,

but anonymous sources
have confirmed to News 14,

the cause of death was rape,

and figures inside
the fashion world

are at the top of the
police's suspect list.

Meanwhile, Park
Avenue plastic surgeon

Steven Janaway
remains in seclusion

with his wife Gayle in their
Upper-East-Side townhouse,

and Venus Agency topper, Jeri
Stein, has set up a memorial...

These anonymous sources, they
wouldn't be wearing blue, would they?

Those leaks did not
come out of my squad.

They got the M.E.'s
report before we did.

I want these leaks
stopped, Lieutenant.

Do you want me to compile
an enemies list while I'm at it?

I don't see anything funny here.

A case this big, we're
going to get leaks.

We might as well get used to it.

No. That's not good enough.

By the time we present
this case to a jury,

the details will be clues in The
Daily News Sunday crossword.

Which could be the whole point

of leaking the information
in the first place.

The Janaways know people who
know people in the department.

The Janaways are
the anonymous source?

Why not? If they got a heads-up

that this investigation's
about to turn back on them,

these leaks could
just be preemptive.

Have your people
talked to Mrs. Janaway

about her husband
and her daughter?

They're gonna try today.

Good. This time let's try to stay
one step ahead of the media.

They're here!

What are you gonna ask
the Janaways? No comment.

Did you know that
Paul Delacourte's

leaving for Europe
tomorrow morning?

No comment.

Is it true that Brittany had a
pentagram carved on her arm?

What he said.

Get that thing out of my
face. Come on, move it.

How about answering a question?

How about you get out of
my way before I arrest you?

Come on! Come on!
That's it! That's it! That's it!

Anybody takes one more step,
you're dead in the department.

No cop is ever gonna talk to you
again. Now go on! Get out of here!

Go find an accident
or something.

Mrs. Janaway, it's just us.

No, I'm sorry.

Look, we just want
to talk, all right?

We can do it here, in front
of these vultures, or inside.

My husband isn't here.

Actually, we'd
rather talk to you.

I'm afraid that
won't be possible.

Who are you? Leslie Drake,

counselor to the
Janaways. And you?

I'm Detective Lennie Briscoe.
This is Detective Reynaldo Curtis.

We know why we're
here. Why are you here?

Watching over the Janaways.

Watch all you want. You can't
keep us from talking to them.

Gayle, do you want to
speak to these gentlemen?

No, not without Steven.

There you go.

And there you go.

We'll be talking to you.

All I can tell you, Mr. Drake, is
Mrs. Janaway is not a suspect.

What about Mr. Janaway?

There's no evidence to make us
think that he should be a suspect either.

Well, explain something to me.

Why do the police want to speak
to her when he's not present?

Maybe there's some things a
mother doesn't feel comfortable

saying about her daughter

in front of her father.

No. When it comes to Brittany,

the Janaways have no
secrets from each other.

I'd rather let the police
decide that for themselves.

No, no, no, no. These
are the ground rules.

They can talk to them
whenever they want to. Together.

No separate interviews.

And we'll decide what
amount of time is reasonable,

and, of course, I'll
have to be present.

Would you like us to submit a
list of questions in writing as well?

We'd have an easier time
talking to Saddam Hussein.

Possibly. And you'll need
to give 24-hours’ notice.

What are your clients
afraid of, Mr. Drake?

What are they afraid of?

They're afraid of a police
department that's got more leaks in it

than the Exxon Valdez.
They're afraid of a media frenzy

that's got their face on every tabloid
in every supermarket across the nation.

Maybe you don't
understand something.

They lost a daughter.

And they're expected to
grieve on the 6:00 news?

Well, it's not gonna happen.
I am here to protect them.

They're not gonna be chewed
up by the tabloid justice system.

Don't think for a minute that you're
going to manage this investigation.

Detectives Briscoe and Curtis
will be at your clients' home

tomorrow morning at 9:00.

If they don't make themselves
available for an interview,

they can talk to the grand jury.

Consider yourself
notified. Good night.

Tell the boys there'll
be fresh coffee

and powdered donuts
waiting for them.

Did Brittany have a boyfriend?

No, I wouldn't allow it.
She was much too young.

Was there anyone else she had
contact with these last couple of weeks?

A family friend or a relative?

Well, my brother and his family

were here a week ago
Thursday for dinner.

Brittany played with
her cousins in her room.


Two girls, 10 and 13.

Was, uh...

Was she ever alone
with your brother?

No. That's a
disgusting suggestion.

Let me ask you
something, Detective.

Are you gonna keep
shaking the family tree

until a pervert
falls out or what?

Hey, we have to ask in
order to rule these things out.

We're gonna need a list

of all your employees, former and
now, housekeepers, babysitters...

Yeah, done. It goes back to
when Brittany was an infant.

All the phone numbers
and addresses are current.

You must have been a Boy Scout.

Mrs. Janaway,

can you think of anybody who
could've done this to your daughter?

I mean, anybody at all?

No. I'm sorry.

I see you have a few people
on the list who live in Baltimore.

Yes. That's where Brittany
was born and raised.

How long you been living here?

Two years.

You visit Baltimore often?

Yes. I still see patients
there. We still have our house.

When's the last
time you were there?

Two weeks ago.

Just the three of
you in Baltimore?

Leslie, that's enough.

Okay, Detectives,
let's call it a day.

We're just getting warmed up.

Warmed up?

This is a game to you?

Sitting here drinking
coffee, playing voyeur?

Somebody killed our daughter.

How dare you?

At least the donuts were fresh.

Well, between bites, did you
manage to get a read on Janaway?

No slip-ups, no inappropriate
reactions. He's very contained.

And the wife?

The grieving mother?
Looks like the real thing.

If hubby was molesting the
kid, I don't think she knew.

Or didn't want to.
Start working the list.

Might be someone there
who had their eyes open.

Mmm, how do you want to
work the Baltimore angle?

There's a housekeeper, Helen
Caine. We should talk to her.

We know people down there.


No, the one whose
ex-wife I was sleeping with.

Tell him he'll have
to be more specific.

The mediocre pool player.


You're telling me you
can ID a transsexual?

No problem.

It's not like spotting an elk
with a 12-point rack, you know?

Those parts are real.

The essence isn't.

Don't give me that
genetically-romantic Latin sonar crap.

There's one in the
building. There is?

You heard me. Your phone.

A Glen or Glenda with a badge?

Better answer that.

Who is it?

Who is it? Come
on, Falsone, tell me!

Homicide, Detective Munch.

What do you mean, "Now you
remember my name"? Who is this?

Hey, Gee!

You'll never guess
who's on the line.

So, how's it going, Lennie?

Detective Briscoe didn't give you
any more information than that?

No, just that the girl,
Brittany Janaway,

died in New York two days ago.

And the family still
called Baltimore home?

Yeah, they've got a house in
Roland Park. Dad's a plastic surgeon.

Made his dough bolting after-market parts
on the rich yet physically challenged.

So, he needs background
interviews, grunt work?

Exactly. Can you imagine the
pair that Briscoe's got hanging?

Do it. Excuse me?

Munch, the fact that Briscoe may
have slept with your ex-first wife

does not take away from the fact
that the man is a fellow police officer,

a member of the
brotherhood of the badge.

Now, if he was to call down here

for a barrel of funnel
cakes, we'd be obliged.

All right, all right, but how did you
know that Briscoe slept with Gwen?

How do you know I
didn't sleep with her?

Go on, get out of here, Munch.

Hey, Falsone, I need company.

I'm waiting on Meldrick.

I'm buying at the diner.

Meldrick who?

Lieutenant, this is Mr. Drake,

the lawyer for
Dr. and Mrs. Janaway.

Ah! Mr. Drake. I've
heard about you.

Detective Profaci.
Hello, Detective.

Pleased to meet you.

What brings you to
our corner of paradise?

I'd like you to meet Mr. John
Law from Los Angeles.

He's formerly with the FBI's
Behavioral Science Unit.

He's a profiler.

John Law. That'd
be your real name?

Uh, Mr. Law has studied the case and
he's prepared a profile of the suspect.

Ah, great. Leave it at the front
desk. Thank you very much,

and have a good day.

Uh, excuse me, ma'am.

I have a letter from
the Mayor's Office

directing you to attend
to this matter right away.

The victim was a
closely-supervised teenage female.

The offender probably spent a
good amount of time observing her

and planning his assault.
You with me so far?

He stalked her. I got that.

The offender has a job
that affords him mobility

and unsupervised time.

He's single, lower-middle-class,

lives alone or with a
domineering female.

Now, this is the
most important point.


The offender was
known to the victim.

The victim's silence was insured
by a credible threat to the victim,

a member of the
family or favorite pet.

Now, investigative strategies.

I suggest deep background checks
on former nannies, housekeepers...

My detectives are
already on that.

I suggest checking their
boyfriends and male relatives.

I also suggest releasing a statement that
you are close to identifying the offender.

This strategy has
proved successful...

Why don't we just let
Mr. Drake leak it to the media?

I resent that.

I'm sure you do.

Who paid for all of this?

My clients paid for this.

Well, does Mr. Law know that your
clients haven't been ruled out as suspects?

I've ruled them out. 100%.

Well, thank you for coming.

Hey, hey!

Save it. I already dialed 911.

Ma'am, we are 911.

I'm Detective Falsone
and this is Detective Munch.

What are you skulking
around for, then?

We're looking to talk to a
housekeeper named Helen Caine.

She works for the Janaways.

Not today she
doesn't. It's her day off.

So, this is the residence where
Dr. Janaway and his family reside?

At times, yes.

Pardon me, ma'am.
What's your name?

Sadie Appleyard.

Mrs. Appleyard, when the
Janaways aren't here, where are they?

New York.

Do you have any idea
when they were in town last?

Of course I do. I'm
the block captain.

I keep a record of everything.

When was that, ma'am?

You know damn well it was
two and a half weeks ago.

How would we
damn well know that?

Because I called in a
suspicious person report.

Oh, right. What
night was that again?

That was Thursday the 8th.

A couple of uniforms came out
here and took a statement from you?


Well, see, that's
why we're here.

Those two boneheads lost the
report. We just need a quick recap.

Well, as I told them,
it was about 8:45

when I was looking
outside my kitchen window

and I saw a cab parked in front.

As I was turning
away, I saw him.

Saw who, ma'am?

This young man right
over there looking inside.

So I closed my back
door and I called the police.

When I went to look for
him again, he was gone.

Do you remember if that
young man was white or black?

In between. He
was Spanish-looking.

In between.

"Since Brittany's death, the suspect
may have altered his appearance.

"The suspect may have turned to religion
or started attending church services.

"He may have started
drinking heavily or taking drugs."

I don't believe this.

It's even in The Baltimore Sun.

And they set up an 800 number.

This does not mean we're setting
ourselves up as private investigators.

Every lead that comes
in, we forward to the police.

You're offering a
$250,000 reward.

Do you have any idea how
many false leads that will attract?

If it attracts one good lead, my
clients feel it's money very well spent.

It's a colossal waste of
police time, Mr. Drake.

I warned you about
interfering with our investigation.

What investigation? Huh?

I offered the police the services
of a bona fide FBI man hunter,

and what do they do?

They dismiss his report, they
ignore his recommendation,

and they practically
laugh in the man's face!

They were a lot kinder
than I would've been.

If I see any more of
this nonsense from you,

I'll have the ethics committee
sanction you for professional misconduct.

I see. You're gonna come
after the Janaways' counselor

while their daughter's murderer is
running around loose in the street?

I don't think that's
going to look very good!

Not as bad as what
you've been doing.

Leaking evidence,
publishing suspect profiles.

It looks like your clients are
trying to poison the jury pool.

They're better
suspects than ever.

How dare you say
anything like that?

You know something?
You've got a lot of nerve.

And let me tell you something.

You take one baby
step towards my clients

and I'm coming after you for
slander and malicious prosecution.

We prosecute who we
see fit when we see fit.

You better not get in the way.

I'm gonna run this ad from Monday
through Sunday for two weeks,

and every lead that comes in, I'm
gonna forward to the police department,

and I expect them to follow
up on each one of them!

You don't dictate
anything to us!

You screw up this investigation,
I'll see you get your license pulled!

The Janaways will be your last
clients in the state of New York!

Call our public affairs office, tell
them to start working on a statement.

Something to the effect that
although we don't usually encourage

the posting of rewards,

we're mindful of the
Janaways' desire for an arrest.

We urge the public
to act responsibly.

We could just ignore the ad.

Too late. We have
to play their game.

Excuse me, is your
name Virgil Pipino?


Detective Munch.
Baltimore Police Department.

Oh! Am I in trouble?

Let me finish, all right?

Sorry, boss. That's
okay. Don't worry about it.

All right, now, a couple of
weeks ago, did you have a fare...

It was the 9th, to be exact.

A young-looking guy,
Hispanic, like, in his 20s?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I
do, as a matter of fact.

Where'd you pick him up?

The train station.

He tell you his name?


Did he happen to tell you where
he was coming from, by any chance?

Yeah, you know, I asked him,
because he had this Mets ball cap on...


And the Orioles played
them interleague this summer.

That's why.

Where'd you take him to?

At some house in Roland Park.

You leave him there?


Thank you, sir.

You know, the weird thing was,

I drive down a couple
of blocks to grab a nap,

and a call comes in,

and I wake up, and I see the
same kid running by my cab.

Great. All right, thanks.

That was Munch. They
got a report of a Latin kid

sniffing around the Janaways'
house two weeks ago.

Cab driver picked him up at the
train station wearing a Mets cap.

He said he was from here.

Well, it's gotta be someone
who knows the family well, then.

The Janaways don't look like they
spend too much time hanging out

with the Latino community.

So it's back to maids
and babysitters.

What's this?

Tips. Thousands of them.

From the 250 Grand
Janaway Sweepstakes.

As if we were
running out of landfill.

She said she wanted to talk
to the detectives on the case.

She ask about the reward?


She said she's been worrying
ever since the girl died.


Put her in Interview.
I'll talk to her.


I worked for three
years as a housekeeper.

Mrs. Janaway,
she liked her socks

arranged by colors
in her dresser.

The same with her
underwear, her sweaters.

She was a precise woman.
She even types out her checks.

Miss Cottone, do you think you
know who attacked Brittany Janaway?

Yes. I think so.

Now, whatever name you give us,

we're gonna have to
check this person out,

do you understand?


And if we find out that
you've made up a story

to get someone in trouble,
or for some other reason,

you might face criminal charges.

Do you understand? Yes.

All right. Who's this person?

Ana Ramirez's son, Johnny.

Who's Ana Ramirez?

She worked for the Janaways as
a babysitter. She quit a year ago.

Why do you think it was her son?

Johnny was always sneaking
around, looking at Brittany.

I didn't like it. I told
Ana. That's why she quit,

before Johnny got
into real trouble.

Did Johnny ever
make trouble for you?

No. He was a nice boy.

But he was always
looking at Brittany that way.

I think there was
something wrong with him.

We're not gonna hurt Johnny, Mrs.
Ramirez. We just want to talk to him.

If he didn't do it, nothing
will happen to him.

And if he did do
it, he needs help,

before he harms
another little girl.

He didn't do this. He
respected Brittany.

But he paid a lot of attention
to her. Isn't that why you quit?

Look, Mrs. Ramirez, somebody
saw him in Baltimore two weeks ago.

They saw him at
the Janaways' house.

It couldn't be him.

They say he's a big Mets fan.

No. That's not him.

Doesn't he wear a
Mets baseball cap?

It's from his high school.

Oh, God.

Just tell us where
we can find him.

He has a room on East
126th. Please, don't hurt him.

He's a good boy.

I told him to stop
thinking about her,

but he said that they were
using her to make money.

He said he wanted to save her.

John Ramirez. Police. Open up.

Come on, kid, open up.

Soup's still warm. Someone
must've sent up a flare.


Where have you been?
I called an hour ago.

Ed, traffic.

You drive a police car.
Use the damn siren.

So where's the fire?

In New York. They had the suspect
you gave them, Johnny Ramirez, pinned,

and they lost him.

So you think he's
coming down here?

No, I think you two
are going up there.

I talked to Jack McCoy in
the New York D.A.'s Office.

There's a suspicion that Ramirez
had been stalking Brittany Janaway,

but that's all he'd tell me.

What, they're
withholding information?

I don't think so, but I do
think there's a strong possibility

that a part of the crime or the
crime itself occurred down here.

I had Cox call the Medical
Examiner in New York.

Brittany Janaway died from
some sort of blood infection

as the result of sexual assault.

So, if Ramirez
is in fact our boy,

he might have raped her
while she was down here,

in which case, he belongs to us.

If they find him, I want you two
there during the interrogation.

And then what?

Bring him back.

He was either tipped off by his
mother or by Drake's full-page ad.

Yeah, well, it's nice to know that
someone still reads the newspapers.

Any chance of
finding Mr. Ramirez?

The police are
talking to his mother.

They notified Amtrak,
both here and in Baltimore,

and I got a call from an Ed Danvers in
the Baltimore State's Attorney's Office.

Funny, I got a
call from his boss.

Danvers put two
detectives on the Metroliner.

When they get here, just make
sure that our detectives play nice.

He's staking his claim.

First you get a suspect in custody,
then you tangle for jurisdiction.

Take a valium, Jack.

Channel 4 just sent over
this tape for comment.

They're gonna run
it on the 6:00 news.

Johnny Ramirez was arrested
for burglary two years ago.

He was given probation.

It is now alleged that he raped

and ultimately killed
Brittany Janaway.

Once again, the police have
let him slip through their fingers.

It's a disgrace.

Dr. Janaway and Mrs. Janaway
have done everything in their power

to help in this investigation.

The police have rebuffed them.

It's now up to you, the public,

to help find this man.

Anybody having any
information towards the capture

and successful
prosecution of this man

will be rewarded $250,000.

He's just put a bounty
on Johnny Ramirez.

I'm gonna shut him up.

Thanks a lot for
that information.

No, no, ma'am. We have to catch
him before you can collect the reward.

No, we can't advance you
anything. Thank you for calling.

They're not even bothering
with the 800 number anymore.

They're calling
directly into the squad.

Mrs. Ramirez give you anything?

No. Just that John was
a good church-going kid.

We got a unit watching
his parish church.

What about relatives?



Lieutenant, Detective John
Munch, Baltimore Homicide.

He worked that subway
bombing two years ago.

Detective Paul
Falsone. Pleasure.

Rey Curtis.

You're the one with the kids.

How's it going, Rey? Good, good.

What are you guys doing up here?

I'm looking for a good piece of
brisket. Can't find any in Baltimore.

Well, before you all slip
into a hot tub together...

Uh, they're not
jumping on our case?

The injuries to young Brittany
Janaway that caused her death

occurred in our
town, on our watch.

Well, that's a theory you're
here to explore, Detective.

Make them feel at home.

Got any take-out menus?

Carnegie Deli okay?

Your Honor, my clients
are not defendants,

and they are not named in any
indictment that I am aware of,

therefore I or they can speak to
the press whenever we choose to.

Your Honor, I've initiated
a grand jury proceeding.

I am now serving Mr. and
Mrs. Janaway with subpoenas

to appear before the
grand jury. Miss Ross.

I ask Your Honor to order Mr. and
Mrs. Janaway and their attorney

not to speak about
this case to anyone.

This is absurd.

This has nothing to do
with my clients' testimony,

and everything to do
with shutting them up!

These subpoenas
are valid on their face.

Why they were issued
is not up for discussion.

This is an abuse of his office.

If Mr. Drake wants to quash,
he has 30 days to move.

Until then, Your Honor has the authority
to order all parties and/or witnesses

to remain silent,

and to cite anyone who violates
your order for criminal contempt.

Mr. Drake,

once your clients have been
subpoenaed, it's all done.

Your Honor, in
all due deference,

any order of this kind is tantamount
to an unconstitutional gag order,

and I intend to appeal!

Appeal all you want.
Now, I'm issuing the order,

and I strongly advise you and
your clients to stay off the 6:00 news.

Your Honor, Mr. Drake's clients
have also posted a $250,000 reward.

Well, I'm ordering that
withdrawn right now.

So, Curtis. CURTIS: Yeah?

You must be Spanish, huh?

German-American mix.

Thanksgiving dinner
must be something.

You kids figure it out yet?


Ramirez turns himself
in and claims the reward.

Or his girlfriend might
drop a dime on him.

Assuming he has a girlfriend.

He looks like he spends his
Saturday nights punching the clown.

You know, statistically
speaking, in the death of a child,

the parents are
always front and center.

Yeah. If you're saying
we're wasting our time here,

let me remind you that you're the
ones who came up with Ramirez.

I'm just keeping an open
mind, Lennie, that's all.

Yeah, he was
definitely dogging her.

You've seen his
appointment book.

Wherever she was,
he was there, too.

Fashion shows, public
appearances, dates and times.

Yeah, I bet he misses her
already. Who's got the turkey?

Yeah. And she's a lot
easier to keep tabs on now.

That top stack there, John.

Green-Wood Cemetery.

Right. Yes!

These black suits keep
you nice and warm, huh?

Walt Whitman and Montgomery Clift
are buried around here somewhere.

Better them than me.

This little Johnny's making us
look bad. He doesn't show up soon,

our partners are liable to
sign us up for the geezer home.

Can you believe we
spent 20 bucks for daisies?

Yeah. I was just thinking.
She used to like irises.

Who? What are you talking about?

Gwen. I know you're
dying to ask me about her.

I have no interest at all in hearing
anything about that little tart.

I still have her number.

Olivia's seven, Serena just
turned five, and Isabel's three.

Oh, yeah? My Danny's three.


Almost three and a half.

It's a nice age.

Yeah, I don't get
to see him much.

That must be tough.

I hope these guys
are right about this.

Look where they put
her. She's got no view.

Just the back of somebody's
head, like a sardine.

My sister died when she was 10.

Car accident.

My old man said,

"There's nothing worse in the
world than outliving your kid."

Palm Beach? What
kind of life is that?

Hey, a guy can work the
beach, troll for wealthy divorcees.

Yeah, right. Lennie
Briscoe, cabana boy.

There he is. Rey. Rey.


Get down on your knees.

Don't run!

I told you not to run.

Thanks for showing up, Johnny.

I didn't hurt her. I loved her.

She was beautiful.
I couldn't hurt her.

I know you believe in God.

You believe in the
Lord's forgiveness?

That's why you were out in the
cemetery, to ask forgiveness, right?

Well, you can have it, Johnny.

You have to confess your sins.

I loved her. How
could that be a sin?

Don't give me
that religious crap!

What'd you use? Your
hands? A stick? What?

No, I didn't hurt her.

You keep lying to me! You
know what I'm gonna do to you?

I'm gonna break every bone in
your face, so stop lying to me.

Please! I didn't hurt her!

They saw you in Baltimore, John.

The cab driver, the neighbors.

They all saw you.


You were there, John.
You had your Mets cap on.


Look, kid, I'm the only
friend you got in this room.

The other guys all want
to stick a needle in you.

Now, you tell me what you did
and you won't have to die for it.

I didn't do anything.

You raped that girl, John.
Come on! Be a man. Admit it.

Tell me you raped that girl.

No! No, I didn't do it!

It's okay you like them young.

I run across a lot of guys in my
line of work that have that preference.

What's that?

This is my hall pass so I can
go to the crapper by myself.

"Defective Monk"?

That's "Detective," with a
"T." "Munch," as in "lunch."

Defective monk,
like a fallen angel.

That's what Brittany was.

Yeah, sure, I can see that.

You told your mother
you wanted to save her.

Is that why you went
down to Baltimore?

Saving her's a
good thing, Johnny.

If that's why you went to
Baltimore, it won't hurt to admit it.

Yeah. I was there.

At her house?

Yeah. I just wanted
to talk to her.

Talk about what?

They were exploiting
her soul and her body.

She let you in?

No, I just watched her.

Through the window?

Yeah. I was just trying
to get a message to her.

How did you get into the house?

I didn't get in. I
just watched her.

I watched what happened to her.

What are you talking about?

Somebody was going at her.


I couldn't see who
it was. I just saw her.

Who was it, Johnny?

I don't know.

Her dad's car was in
the driveway. A Lexus.

Ramirez claims he
didn't see the assailant,

but he's suggesting
it was the girl's father.

And you want to know
if he's blowing smoke?

For starters, does this
crime fit the pattern for incest?

Sure. Why wouldn't it?

This was a violent rape, Emil.

This wasn't seduction.
It was punishment.

It's all about submission.

Guys who get into this like to
think they're seducing their kids,

but they're not. They're
dominating them.

That still doesn't explain a
father hating his child so much

he'd literally
rape her to death.

Give me another 20 years as a
shrink, I'll come up with an explanation.

I'm gonna need some
strategies to deal with Janaway.

Don't hold your
breath for a confession.

Jack, you're about to look into a
very ugly corner of the human heart.

Bring a shovel.