Law & Order (1990–2010): Season 6, Episode 5 - Law & Order - full transcript

Detectives Briscoe and Curtis investigate a shooting at a nightclub during a robbery. A man and a woman came into the bar in ski masks and in the shooting that erupted, at least two people were killed. The manager, Helen Shane, is also missing. They've barely begun to work at the scene when they get another call that a man and a woman in ski masks have robbed a Korean deli 12 blocks away and killer the clerk. They have CCTV footage from the deli but forensics points them in the direction of Leon Trapp who is shot by a store keeper. They arrest his girlfriend Leslie Harlan who claims Trapp kidnapped her 6 months ago and forced her to participate in his crime spree. ADA McCoy decides to charge Leslie with four counts of murder.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
In the criminal justice system

the people are represented by two
separate yet equally important groups,

the police
who investigate crime

and the district attorneys
who prosecute the offenders.

These are their stories.

They ran this way and out the back.
A guy and a girl.

Now the guy is
5'8 ", 5'10" or 6'2 ",

depending on who you talk to.
Hold it.

PARAMEDIC: Coming through!
Give us some room.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

That way.

Hey, buddy. Now, look, somebody
stepped in some booze here.

I want those footprints before a
gurney rolls through them, all right?

Tony, call ESU. Tell them we may
want some search lights outside.


BRISCOE: War zone.

You put that tie on at 3:00 in the
morning or did you sleep that way?

The bartender.
Four shots to the body.

BRISCOE: How many
to the bourbon?

Hey! Do me a favor, if you don't need
to be in here, don't be in here.

She's dead. Caught one through the head.
Maybe a wild shot.

The others look like
ricochet or flying glass.

That's two.

I got the guy and
the girl in ski masks

coming in five minutes before
closing and wanting the register.

The guy did all the shooting.

Hey, Solomon, just do visuals on the slugs.
Don't wait for ballistics.

Lennie, Rey,
this is Mr. Barnes.

These the guys you
wanted me to talk to?


Helen. Helen Shane.
She was the night manager.

She was going
to the ladies' room

and then she was gonna go home
right before they came in.

Mr. Barnes,
so what?

Well, this is her bag.
I found it by the back door.

The strap is torn.
She's not here.

What's she look like?

Dark hair.
Early 30s.

Thank you. Tony.

All right, come on.
And add that to the alarm.

Possible hostage.
Then wake somebody up at BCI.

Tell them we want a list of every
boy-girl team that ever fired a BB gun.

Then what?

Well, we'll talk to the
witnesses some more.

See if they can tell us how
many colors the masks were.

This is Curtis. When?

Give me an address.
All right.

Korean deli
12 blocks from here.

Man and woman in ski masks.
They just killed the owner.

I hit the dirt.
I remembered basic training real fast.

Just the two of them?

Yeah. It was a big man,
skinny woman.

She stood over by the door,
told me not to move.

White folks.

Was there another
woman with them?

She might've been in the car because
the girl was looking that way.

What kind of car?
It was gray.

Old? New?
Local plates? What?

It wasn't new.
It was American, maybe Chrysler.

The guy took one in the chest
and a bonus to the head.

Did you see how it happened?

I just saw the guy pick up a six-pack
and walk toward the counter.

Okay. Thanks.

I guess he didn't have time
to order a drink at the club.

Well, I'll add the
car to the alarm.

Hey, maybe we can
add something else.

Three bodies in 30 minutes.

We'd better get something
before they get thirsty again.

Well, the lab's already doing the blood
types from the Vivant Room, the nightclub,

and they're dusting everything
at the deli for prints.

Horowitz just called from
Helen Shane's apartment.

There's nobody there.
He's gonna wait out front.

Her keys and her wallet
weren't in her bag.

The perps might
decide to walk her home.

Get a scratch on
that to the borough.

BCI has a white M-F crew in
Jersey currently serving time.

Another co-ed pair
in Brooklyn, but black.

Look how she holds her gun.

The recoil would knock
her arm into her face.

So he's a pro, but she isn't?

Hey, you want tall, male,
armed robbers, Lennie,

I can get you
a list this thick, okay?

Excuse me.

Detective Curtis?


Just got your message. I'm Sal Franks.
I own the Vivant Room.

Have you found Helen?

CURTIS: No one's seen her, sir.
Did you bring a photo?


This is the club softball team.
Helen's in the top row.

CURTIS: Blow this up.
Get it on the wire.

Sal, can you think of any reason
why they'd single Helen out?

Was she carrying cash?

No. Helen closes out the restaurant
till and takes the cash to Willy.

He's the bartender.

So the robbers hit exactly the right part
of the club at exactly the right time.

And the woman who
handles the cash disappears?

If you're thinking Helen
was involved, forget it.

I trust her with my life.

Anyone who works for me
knows how we cash out.

Anyone who works for you might
be carrying a grudge or what?

To do this?

Wait a minute.

There's a bouncer,
Bryce Roytan.

He had a thing for Helen.


Oh, yeah. Completely.
It got so awkward, I had to fire him.

He claimed I owed him
four weeks' severance.

I told him, "Forget it."

Hey, you know something,
this is really crap.

What are you looking for?

Nobody here.

Who? Hey, look,
that guy had it coming.

What guy is that, Bryce?

I don't know his name.
That fat slob.

You don't know your
former employer's name?

What employer?
The guy from the Sunspot.

Isn't that why you're here?

Enlighten us.

I'm bouncing at the Sunspot
on West 13th Street.

I had to pop a drunk last night.
He said he was gonna call the cops.

When's the last time you
saw Helen Shane, Bryce?

What about her?

When's the last time
you saw her?

It had to be last month.

I went down to the Vivant at
quitting time, trying to get my pay.

I tried to talk to Helen,
but she almost ran me over.

She drives to work?

Sometimes. What the
hell is this about?

What kind of car?

I don't know. Dodge.


Yeah. What's going on?


What's going on? Is Helen all right?
What's going on?

No gray Dodge
in a four-block radius.

Confirmed from the day manager.

Helen Shane definitely drove
here yesterday afternoon.

So she was just leaving
when the shooters came in.

She had her keys
out to open her car.

That's why they grabbed her.

I'll get out a description
and the plate number.

So how'd they get here?
On the subway?

Or they drove and
decided to trade up.

Profaci, every car in
a four-block radius.

Owner's names and addresses.

You got it.
Yeah, this is Curtis.

Kelly, give me DMV.

The hour after sunrise.
Cops and roosters.

And the parents
of small children.

I'm sure Helen Shane
usually sleeps in.

PROFACI: Lennie.


Around the block
from you. '89 Pontiac.

Registered to Steven
Parzen, senior citizen.


It was stolen yesterday 2:00 p.
M. At Broadway and 96th.

Yeah. The happy couple picked up a
nail and then needed new wheels.

Tow truck's coming
to take it to forensics.

We don't have time for that.

Cigarette butts.

Good for DNA.

A woman's shoe. Candy wrappers.
Beer bottles.

Here's a receipt from
a Value Bin store.

Time stamped
yesterday, 1:30 pm.

"Twinkies, Coke, beer, chips,
candy, candy, Tampax,

"brownie, 9.95."
That's a big brownie.

Maybe they bought a whole bagful.
They're not exactly health food nuts.

Let's check with the clerk,
maybe get a description.

Store number 47.

What do you bet it's
near 96th and Broadway?

1:00 to 2:00, I'm in the back resting
up for the after-school crowd.

I don't keep my eyes open, the whole
store walks out under their coats.

Any way you can tell
who made this sale?

"Candy corn."
That's an impulse buy.

It's on the rack
next to Register 1.

And the cashier would be?

Angela. Works part-time.
She's a college student.

Look, if I don't get to
this mid-term, I'm screwed.

It's really important,
Angela. Take a look.

That could be them.
The girl was pretty thin.

With a sugar jones.
It sounds like a drug addict.

No. Well, I mean, I don't know
if she uses drugs or anything,

but the junk food was for him.

So you talked to them?

Yeah. Well, she asked me if the
apples were pesticide-free.

Like I would know. Anyway, the guy
was like, "Buy the damn apples."

So she said, she'd pick some up at
the organic place near the square.

What square? Washington Square?
Union Square?

I don't know.

Angela, we'd like to take
you down to the precinct

and have you sit
with a police artist.

It would really help us out.

Look, that mid-term
is starting now.

We'll write you a note.

You know, I get a couple
hundred people a day here.

Mostly women.
Organic apple eaters are mostly thin.

See, it's natural...

Natural sugars and
the fiber's filling. Right.

Do me a favor, if you spot either of them,
call that number on the bottom, okay?

Yeah, okay.

You get anything?

Yeah. I finally found out
what radicchio is.

Profaci's working
the Washington Square area.

And there's nothing organic
near Herald Square.

That's the biggest
organic market in the city.

Well, we can park in front and
wait for her to get hungry.

Might as well.

I spoke to Van Buren.

Forensics lifted some
single prints off the Pontiac.

But nothing brings up a record.

Anything on the gear shift?

Yeah. On top of everything else, one
beautiful partial. Not enough to run.



We're on our way.

Helen Shane's Dodge.
A sector car just found it uptown.

It's around the corner,
a block and a half up.

Nobody's in it. We've got cars at the
surrounding eight intersections.

But you're keeping the
immediate area clear, right?

We've got to go in,
see what's in it.

Hey, we have an advantage here.
They don't know we found the car.

So what? Look, the other car led
us to a physical description

and a possible
place they frequent.

Rey, they could be having a
cup of coffee up the street,

they might come strolling back to
the Dodge, right into our arms.

Yeah. Or they could be in another
stolen car 50 miles away from here.

Look, we got a hostage
with two stoned killers.

We wait 20 minutes.
And then we send in a quick-search team.


I sat in one of these
things once for 79 hours

with a detective
named Jorgenson,

who had a very elaborate theory

about how the Norwegians
discovered America.

Nineteen minutes.

You know, Rey,
if you ever get laid off,

you might consider
a career as an egg timer.

Yeah. Well, I don't see them, all right.
Do see them? Let's go.

All right. Now.

Same brand of beer they took
from the deli and more candy.

We'll take the
bottles for prints.


Helen Shane.

No reports of cars stolen near
where we found the Dodge.

Yeah. If they did take another one,
the owner might not have noticed yet.

That could be him.

Steven Balmayo,



He's in prison in Michigan.

How many more
do I have to look at?

Angela, we'll get you out
of here as soon as we can.

Forensics called.
They found a partial print in the Dodge

that matched the partial
thumb in the Pontiac,

put them together
and made a good single.

The computer spit out a
con named Leon Trapp.

Two P's?

ID section faxed
over a photo line-up.

Ms. McDermott, do you
recognize any of these men?

That's him.

That's him.

Convicted of robbery
in the first degree.

Paroled last year.

You got his parole
officer's name?

Yeah, but Leon missed
his last 14 appointments

and left a bogus address.

Mother dead.
Father's address unknown.

Known associates, Bobby Johnson,
AKA "Rathead," lives in Paramus.

Gerald Ritch, currently
residing in Attica.

Michael Mirvis,
26 West 14th Street.

That's half a block
from Union Square.

And the organic market.

Look around, you see anybody?

How do you feel about
organic apples, Mikey?

How would I know?

Don't they need
a warrant for this?

Hey, we got nothing to hide, Joanne.
I haven't seen Leon for over a year.

We find out otherwise, we've
got four bodies on Leon.

That's plenty of weight
to take you down, too.

Hey! That's for the baby.

Who's Leon's girlfriend, Mike?

Am I his dating service?

You ever see him with a woman?

He used to hang around
with Sally Napoli.

Brown hair? Thin?

Brown hair.

Yeah, I'll hold.

So, you think it's coincidence

Leon's good friend lives down
the street from that market?

Maybe. Maybe not.


Really? All right. Thanks.
Sally Napoli is on Rikers Island.

Call ahead and book
the hospitality suite.

They say I cut this guy
with a bowie knife.

What do you hear
from Leon Trapp?

Like I need a knife
to hurt a wuss like him.

Did you and Leon have the same
kind of amicable breakup?

What did he do now?

He robbed two stores
and he killed four people.

He always was kind of frisky.

He did it with
a new girlfriend, Sally.

Young, pretty, thin.

Is this where you think
I'm gonna go boo-hoo?

Sally, if you have anything for
us, we can help you with the D.A.

Talk to my lawyer.

We don't have time.

Now look, you got
us on tape here.

You can keep the tape.

The new girl, I don't know.

I told Leon if I ever saw him again, I'd
cut him and he kind of stayed away.

But if he's been
robbing and shooting,

he likes to mellow out afterward
with a little skag...

The name, Sally.
Leon's dealer.

Yo, Dennis, what do you know?
I just found this in your pocket, man.

Come on, man.
I ain't even holding, man.

I just found this, too.

That's major weight, man.

That's a mandatory minimum
10-year sentence.

Come on, man, you flaking me
in front of five guys, man?

What, these
upstanding citizens?

Yeah. They're gonna make
great witnesses, Dennis.

Especially since I just found
this stuff in their pockets.

Now what do you want, man?

Leon Trapp.

Hell, man.

You seen him around
here today or what?

Has anybody seen
this guy around?

First one gives me the right
answer gets to walk, right now.

Yeah. I seen him.

Couple hours ago.


Yeah. Alone.

No way. With a girl.

You stay.
You get to go.

And guess what, Dennis.
We just found his stuff in your pocket, too!

Okay, man, look, Leon was by,
but not to score, all right?

Just a social call?

Look, man, he was
looking for Babu.

Leon knows he sometimes
stops by, that's it, man!

Babu? A gun dealer?

Look, man, I didn't get time
to get his card, all right?

Take off. Get out of here.
Everyone get lost.

Go ahead.

No sense charging them with
possession of baking soda.

You know, I know a Babu from OCCB.
Deals in full-auto weapons.

So, Leon's
rebuilding his arsenal.

For another takedown.

Or for us.
Get Babu's address.




Too late.
Drugstore on Amsterdam.

You called us for these two?

The bulletin said
a male-female team.

They were walking out of here with six
disposable cameras in their pockets.

The bulletin said

I called you as soon as he called me.
I didn't see them.

Well, are you gonna
take them in or what?

Or what.


This look familiar?

Yeah. For Mirvis'
girlfriend's baby.

His name is Brownie.
Remember that receipt? 9.95.

Leon and his girlfriend bought
one of these and you know what?

I think they bought this one.

I told you,
we haven't seen them.

Yeah. I know that's
what you told me!

That's why you're under arrest
for hindering prosecution.

Unless you want to tell me right now.
Where are they?

Shut up!

Get him out of here!

Then take me, too!

Hold it! You know what I don't find
in this apartment? Her clothes.

Do you live here?
You don't live here, do you?

Where do you live?


Next block.

All right keep them
both inside.

Keep them away from the windows
and away from the phone!

Got a couple of ski masks here.
Lots of ammunition.

The cigarette's still lit.
They walked out in the middle of dinner.

CURTIS: It looks like
12 empties.

They ran out of beer.

All right, they're loose,
possibly local.

Get all uniforms and units
around the corner out of sight.

There's a place on the next
block to get a six-pack. Rey?

We'll go in.
You guys back us up.

Lennie, there.

Leon, we need coffee?

Police! Freeze!


There's 50 cops outside, Leon.

Don't do anything foolish.

Let her walk away, Leon.

Ma'am, you're
gonna be all right.

One move, lady, and I
shoot you in the head.

Leon! Leon,
why don't you just...


Get on the floor now!

Thank you!

Get down on the floor!

Please, call my parents.

Will you get down?

They don't know where I am!
Please call my parents!

Thank God! Thank you!

Her parents are here.
They drove down from Connecticut.

Do we have any
proof of her story?

Her name is Leslie Harlan.

She was kidnapped six
months ago in New Salem.

Are you McCoy?
Are you in charge here?

Up to a point.

When can we take
our daughter home?

Mr. Harlan,
she was just arrested.

You mean rescued
and we're very grateful.

We just need to
understand what happened.



Are you okay?

Do you know what
she's been through?

Lieutenant Van Buren
was telling me.

If you have any questions,
call Agent Gill.

The Hartford FBI office.

She was kidnapped.

By Leon Trapp?

Yes. And his
cousin Eddie.

We paid a ransom.
Agent Gill can tell you.

But you were still with Leon?

Yeah. Eddie picked up the money.
He used it to pay off a gambling debt.

Leon was so mad, he killed
him right in front of me.

And then he raped me.

He made me stay with him.

Is he dead?


Thank God. Mom.

Can we take her home now?

Not today.

She's being arraigned
on four counts of murder.

How are you gonna
go through with it?

Four people died, Adam.

She was there.
She was holding a gun.

But her kidnapping,
was that for real?

Leon Trapp and his cousin

carjacked her BMW outside her
parents' estate, with her in it.

They decided to keep her,
collect some money.

Her information just led the Connecticut
police to his cousin's body.

Would she have gone into bars
with guns and Mr. Trapp,

if he hadn't kidnapped
her in the first place?

That was six months ago.

According to what she says,
he was her only captor.

He has to have slept once in a while.
Why didn't she walk out the door?

Her lawyer's gonna
tell you why.

Brainwashing, Stockholm syndrome.
She's another Patty Hearst.

Patty Hearst was convicted.

That jury concluded
that she was kidnapped,

but then she switched sides.

After being locked in
a closet for 57 days.

What do we know
about Leslie Harlan?

Maybe she was a bored rich girl

who thought shooting people
with Leon was a fun date.

Hello, Claire, Jack.

Tell me, did you miss the
first day of law school?

You know, the day
when they explain

the difference between
victims and criminals?

I have no doubt Ms. Harlan
was the victim of kidnapping.

If Mr. Trapp were alive,
I'd gladly see him prosecuted.

But he's dead, so you're gonna
prosecute the victim instead?

Not for kidnapping.

For what happened in that
nightclub and that grocery store.

Not guilty, Jack.
She was there under duress.

That's an affirmative defense.
You'll have to prove it.

No problem. But you could be a human
being and save me the trouble.

The girl's been kidnapped,
locked up, beaten, raped.

What more do you want?

JACK: She also found time
to go shopping

with Mr. Trapp for baby
gifts for his friends.

She could have run away.

He told me he'd track me
down and kill me.

And my parents.

I believed him.

Couldn't you have
made a phone call?

You can't understand
what it was like.

He drove me around
in the trunk of the car.

He hit me. Here. And here.

He tied me to the bed.

And you walked into a grocery
store and a nightclub with a gun.

It wasn't even loaded.
My God, he wouldn't let me have bullets.

How can we know that
for sure, Ms. Harlan?

I'm telling you,
I was his prisoner.


Duress? You're putting her
mental state into play.

She sees our psychiatrist.


He told me I was his girlfriend and
I should do what girlfriends do.

Was that difficult?


It was easy pretending I loved a
criminal who shoots people in the face.

He expected you to love him?


I really don't know.

He expected me
to have sex with him.

Drink with him.
Watch Star Trek.

I got so sick of it.

I used to dream he shot me and just
dropped my body off in front of my house,

like that was the only way
I'd ever get home.

What was your life like at
home before he kidnapped you?

My "other" life.

I was taking a year
off from college.

What were you doing?


Hanging out with people.

My mother said it wasn't worth the gas
to drive to some job to earn $5 an hour.

Did you agree with her?

My mother has
very strong opinions.

It's easier to just go along.

What about your father?

What about him?

He was working.

Golf on the weekends.

In the summer they wanted me to come to
their country club dinners with them and...

You weren't interested?

I thought about telling
Leon about that place.

All those people with money.

He was wasting
his time robbing stores.

Did you tell him?

No. I'm not a criminal.

We've got some
of her school records.

She was a wild teenager.

Authoritarian mother, absent
father, lots of money.

It's a recipe for rebellion.

She didn't rebel and run
off with Leon Trapp.

She was kidnapped.

Maybe it was her lucky day.
She got the life she always wanted.

She drove her
convertible too fast.

That doesn't mean she dreamed
of robbing grocery stores.


I think she did enjoy it,

at least part of the time.

But she probably also
consciously believes

she was forced to do
everything she did.

Well, just because she believes it,
doesn't mean that it's not true.

She started to behave
like a criminal.

Well, let's take a look
at what happened to her.

Something happened
to every criminal.

Couldn't any of them say,

"I'm only mugging this old lady
because my father abandoned me.

"Because I was
socio-economically deprived"?

"Because I was kidnapped,
raped and terrorized"?

Isn't that a little different?

JACK: Is it?

We send away a lot of criminals

who were beaten and terrorized
in their formative years.

Is this a private party?


We did some homework
on Leon Trapp

and your wayward debutante, including
feeding her prints into AFIS.

JACK: And?

Four months ago, unsolved liquor
store robbery in Bridgeport,

complete with gunfire
and Ms. Harlan attended.

According to witnesses,

the young woman fired the
weapon over their heads

while her male companion
collected their wallets.

I'll file the papers.

Judge, Ms. Harlan is on trial for
alleged crimes committed in Manhattan.

Not something that occurred four
months earlier in another state.

Ms. Harlan's defense is that
she acted under duress.

The fact that she was an
enthusiastic participant

in another similar
crime is certainly...

Is irrelevant and prejudicial,
even if it were true.

Which we certainly
do not grant.

We spoke to three eyewitnesses.

Three eyewitnesses who have never
been seen by a defense attorney

and never subjected
to cross-examination.

Here are their addresses.
Thank you!

You want bus fare?

Mr. McCoy,

do the Connecticut authorities
wish to try Ms. Harlan?

Be our guest, extradite her.

Then send her back to me
and even if she's convicted,

I will still argue that

the Connecticut incident is
inadmissible as a prior bad act.

Ms. Melnick, previous
crimes are inadmissible

only if potential prejudice
outweighs the probative value.

But, Judge, what could
be more prejudicial

than to depict my client
as a trigger-happy thug?

People v. Calvano.

Other crimes may be admitted to
show a defendant's disposition,

intent or volition to refute
an affirmative defense.

He's right, Ms. Melnick.
The Connecticut robbery is fair game.

As you wish, Your Honor.
That's fine, too.

No problem.
Good day. Counselors.

Boy, she handles
defeat pretty well.

No. I know her.
She doesn't.

There is no dispute that
that is Leslie Harlan.

There is no dispute
that four people died

at the hands of Leslie
Harlan and Leon Trapp.

The defense may claim that Ms.
Harlan committed her crimes under duress,

as a result of kidnapping.

But how many kidnap victims set
up house with their captors?

How many rob with them?

How many kill with them?

We will present evidence that Ms.
Harlan did all these things.

That at some point,
months after the kidnapping,

she made a choice,

and she willingly and
enthusiastically joined Leon Trapp

in a deadly crime spree

that began in Connecticut
and ended here.

May I?


There she is.

Holding an unloaded weapon, only
feet away from a psychopath

who vowed to shoot her if she
didn't do exactly, I mean exactly,

what he wanted.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, you are going
to hear a lot of testimony in this trial.

You are going to hear about the
people that Leon Trapp murdered,

while Leslie Harlan
was forced to watch.

You're gonna hear about his threats
to her, his brutalization of her,

his insidious control
of her actions and her mind.

And you're also going to hear

about a robbery in Connecticut

where Leslie Harlan
fired a gun.

Now, the prosecution's not
going to tell you, but we are,

that that was the one time

Leon Trapp allowed Leslie Harlan
to carry a loaded weapon,

and that he demanded, he
commanded her to fire it.


Because the man who kidnapped and
raped and beat Leslie Harlan

wanted extra insurance

that she wouldn't run away and
she wouldn't turn him in.

So, once she had fired the gun,

Leon Trapp told her,

"You're a criminal."
She wasn't.

But in her beleaguered
condition, she believed him.

So Leslie Harlan remained his
willing yet unwilling prisoner,

his pawn, his dupe,

his most innocent victim.

Danielle Melnick, she ought
to have you on retainer.

You dig up this other crime,
it strengthens her case.

I get it. I was supposed
to ignore the fact

that Leslie Harlan
shot up a liquor store.

It answers the unanswered question of
why the girl didn't try to escape.

If it really was because Trapp
forced her to act like a criminal,

why didn't Leslie
just tell us about it?

Because she knew that
you'd use it against her.

And look what you
tried to do with it.

Look what her lawyer
did do with it.

She's not as smart
as her lawyer. You are.

At first they were
staying at my place.

After the nightclub job,
they moved over to Joanne's.

During the time Ms. Harlan and Mr.
Trapp stayed with you,

did you ever go out
with him alone?

We saw the Mets get whipped a couple
times at a sports bar on 2nd.

Where was
Ms. Harlan those nights?

I have no idea.

Did Mr. Trapp know
where she was?

Objection, Your Honor.

He can't know what
Mr. Trapp knew.

Withdrawn. Mr. Mirvis,

did you ever see Ms.
Harlan go out without Mr. Trapp?

Yes. They weren't
always together.

And when they were together, they
shared the same bed, isn't that right?


Did you see displays
of affection between them?

Leon would grab her
anatomy sometimes.

And what would Ms.
Harlan do when he would do that?

She'd laugh.

Thank you.

Mr. Mirvis, would you raise
your right hand, please?

Your Honor, I believe the
witness has already been sworn.

I'm aware that he's already been sworn.
I'd just like him to start telling the truth.

Ms. Melnick, do you have a
question for this witness?

Yes, sir, I do.

Mr. Mirvis, do you have a
scar on your right hand?


Would you show
the jury, please?

And how did you get that scar?

I reached for the remote once when
Leon was eating in front of the TV.

He stabbed me with his fork.

And after that, did you always
watch what Leon wanted to watch?

Oh, yeah!

Even when you preferred
to watch something else?


Just like Ms. Harlan went along with
everything Mr. Trapp wanted to do,

even when he wasn't
stabbing her with a fork.

Objection! There's no
foundation for any of this.

Sustained. The jury will disregard Ms.
Melnick's last remark.

Mr. Mirvis, you were
arrested on a felony charge

for harboring
Ms. Harlan and Mr. Trapp.

How much time
will you spend in jail?


Really? Why not?

I made a deal for my testimony.

I see.
How very nice for you.

No further questions,
Your Honor.

I was coming back from a shopping
trip when I saw Leslie in her car.

I thought she was talking
to some friends. Two men.

Then they started driving away.

She screamed.
She opened a door.

She tried to jump out.

I ran inside and
called the police.

MELNICK: Was Leslie prone to
violence before her kidnapping?

No. My husband kept
a pistol in the house.

Leslie was terrified of it.

And before she was kidnapped,

she didn't run around
robbing stores, did she?



She shoplifted some
candy bars when she was 12.

Everything she did with
that man, he made her do.

Move to strike.
The witness wasn't there.


The jury will disregard
the witness's last remark.

Mrs. Harlan, was there
anything in Leslie's life

at the time that
she was kidnapped,

that might have made her susceptible
to coercive persuasion?

Objection. This witness isn't
an expert in psychology.

Your Honor, a mother
knows her own daughter.

She can answer.

We all like to think our children are happy.
Leslie wasn't.

Why not?

She had failed at college.
She was depressed about that.

She had very little

I'm not saying Leslie was impressionable.
She wasn't.

She always had a strong will.

But she was
at a very low point.

Thank you.

Mrs. Harlan, how many high
schools did Leslie attend?

Why so many?

She had some
adjustment problems.

Adjustment problems.

Why was she expelled
from Saint Antonia's?

Your Honor, minor peccadilloes from my
client's past surely are not relevant here.

This is the great expert on Leslie
Harlan's mind and character, remember?

The defense opened the door.

So it did.
You may continue.

Why was Leslie expelled
from Saint Antonia's?

She sneaked away for a weekend
to go nightclubbing in New York.

She was an adolescent.

And why did you take her
out of the next school?

MRS. HARLAN: We felt it was an
inappropriate place for her.

Why was that?

Any number of reasons.

Including the reason

that she was persistently trying to
seduce her married French teacher?

If you're implying that because a girl
fell for some prep school Romeo...

Fell for or harassed, Mrs. Harlan? ...
that she liked being kidnapped...

Your Honor, please instruct the...
What kind of man are you?

I don't think
Mrs. Harlan liked you.

That wasn't my goal.

If Leon Trapp were still alive and
we were charging him with rape,

I don't think you'd be using Leslie
Harlan's sexual history against her.

You're wondering what
kind of man I am, too?

We just don't know what was
going on inside her mind.

If every case was
clear and easy, Claire,

they wouldn't pay us
these fabulous salaries.

Want another drink?

I think I'll just go home.

I had never even
seen a dead body before.

After Leon shot his cousin,

pieces of his brain
were on my face.

What happened then?

Then we drove
around for a while

until we got to a
motel in Springfield

and then he
pointed his gun at me

and told me to strip

and then he raped me.

And he kept me
in the room for a week.

He showed me newspapers that said
that everybody thought I was dead.

I saw pictures of my
mother dressed in black.

Leon told me that
he might as well kill me

and that he would unless I
did exactly what he said.

And then?

We moved around a lot.

There was the liquor store.

He made me shoot.
He was standing behind me holding a gun.

But you were present,
holding a gun,

when Leon Trapp
shot William Sullivan,

Alice Brett, Helen
Shane and David Kim?

Yeah. I was there,
but I didn't do anything.

Thank you.

No further questions,
Your Honor.

Ms. Harlan, do you
need a minute?

No. I want to
finish this. Please.

Ms. Harlan,

you told us how Leon Trapp convinced
you to shoot up the liquor store.

How did he convince you to go shopping
with him the day you got caught?

I wasn't there because I wanted to be.
It doesn't take two people to buy beer.

He was buying beer.

You were buying coffee.
That's very domestic.

Who's testifying here?


JACK: Weren't you and Mr.
Trapp living together as a couple?

Didn't Leon's friends think
you were affectionate lovers?

It was an act.

It was good enough
to fool people.

I had to fool Leon
or I'd be dead.

Are you that good an actor?

When I have to be.

Like today?

No. I'm not
acting today.


Mr. Trapp often
left you alone.

Why didn't he leave you alone when
he went to rob the Vivant Room?

You'd have to ask him.

No. I'm asking you.

You went along
to help, didn't you?

I went along because
Leon made me.

It excited you, didn't it?


I nearly passed out when Leon shot
Willy and that girl by the bar.

And when he grabbed the
woman with her car keys,

he practically had to drag
both of us out of there.


The bartender.
Leon shot him first.

The bartender's name
was William Sullivan.

How did you know his
nickname was Willy?

It's short for William.

Well, so is Bill.
So is Billy.

You used to hang out in New
York clubs, didn't you?


Including the Vivant Room?

Come on, Ms. Harlan.

If you went there often enough to
know the bartender's nickname,

we can find someone
who remembers you.

I'd been there.

Did you ever see Leon Trapp there
during your club-hopping days?

No. Of course not.

So, of all the places
in New York City to rob,

all the banks, all the
stores, all the bars,

how did Leon Trapp happen
to pick the Vivant Room?

Objection, Your Honor.
Calls for speculation.

Mr. McCoy.

If you know,
Ms. Harlan,

how did Leon pick
the Vivant Room?

Or was it your idea?

No. I'm not a criminal.

Really? Do you want to
see the video again?

Where did he get the idea?

He made me talk to him.

We talked for hours.
I may have mentioned it.

Did you also mention about the
cash there after closing time?

How would I know that?

If I just talked
to him sometimes,


I thought maybe he
wouldn't have sex with me.

He wouldn't have to have
his hands all over me.

Man two, Jack.
I'm giving you a gift.

I'll give you one. Man one.
She does the maximum.



What does that mean?

You'd be eligible for
parole in eight years.

Forget it.

This was your idea, not mine.

If your client wants
to take her chances...

It wasn't my idea
to take that man to that bar.

Mom, I was kidnapped, remember?

It went too far, Leslie.
I can't bail you out this time.

Maybe if you hadn't bailed
her out those other times...


In one of those articles
Leon showed me,

it said you were moving on with your lives.
I was gone a few days,

and it's like, "Next."
Don't be ridiculous...

You think I'm guilty,

because I smoked a little pot

and wouldn't date those eunuch preppies
you were always bringing around.

Of course not.
You always preferred trash.

You think I wanted Leon Trapp to
tie me upside down to the bed,

unzip his fly...



I'm so sorry to embarrass
you by getting raped.

I'd almost think it was worth it
to you if it did embarrass me.

I think you were happier
when you thought I was dead.


You're the one who would rather die...
Admit it!

Than live decently.
Admit it!

Why don't you do the right
thing for once in your life?

Oh, my God, Mother.

I'm not making any deals.

I didn't do anything wrong.

MOONEY: Ladies and gentlemen,
have you reached a verdict?

We have, Your Honor.

The defendant will rise.

On the first count of murder
in the second degree,

how do you find?

We find the defendant guilty.

On the second count of
murder in the second degree,

how do you find?

We find the defendant guilty.

On the third count of murder
in the second degree,

how do you find?

We find the defendant guilty.

On the fourth count of murder
in the second degree,

how do you find?

We find the defendant guilty.

It's all right.

You should have seen her
with her mother, Adam.

I'll pass.

But it cuts both ways.

She became a killer
to get at her mother

or she was vulnerable to coercion by
Leon Trapp because of her mother.

Didn't the jury
decide this for you?

Her family's hired a new squad of
psychiatrists for the sentencing hearing.

They've got a stack of filings this
high making the case for leniency.

There's no law that says
you have to oppose them.