Law & Order (1990–2010): Season 2, Episode 12 - Law & Order - full transcript

In broad daylight, a soap opera star is found beaten and robbed in Central Park and literally left for dead. Cerretta and Logan soon learn that it was much more than a robbery and soon led to an obsessed fan, who's been writing to her and buying up all memorabilia pertaining to her.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
In the criminal
justice system...

sexually-based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives...

who investigate
these vicious felonies...

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Miss Owens? It's Jimmy.


I'm here to fix the toilet.

Miss Owens?

Mary, Mother of God.

Who turned on the radio?

It was on when she was found.

Okay. And she is?

Marnie Owens, age 37,
lived alone.

The doc says
she was probably raped.

The door doesn't look
like it was forced open.

The lock worked this morning.

That's the super.
He found her.

Kill the radio.

I came to fix the toilet.

She call you?

Last night. She said
it was keeping her awake.

Then the boiler goes out.
I had to fix the heat first.

Told her I'd be here today.

Bedroom door open or closed?


I heard music playing, like maybe she
slept through the alarm or something.

I figured I better knock on it, you know,
in case I walked in on her undressed.


Give us a minute.

I'm not going nowhere.

Fluids and bruising
around the genitals.

Cause of death?

Manual strangulation.

Bruising around the neck,
petechial hemorrhaging.

Dead about 10, 12 hours.

She put up a fight.

You get anything from
underneath the fingernails?

Nothing I can see.

We'll know more
after the autopsy.

Don't pick it up.


This is Marnie.
You know the drill.

Marnie, it's Ruth. It's 10:00.
We're starting to worry.

Please call as soon
as you get this. Bye.

Caller ID says
New York City schools.


Her wall of fame.

Outstanding teacher, 1998.

School's out.

So, Marnie Owens survives a tour of duty
in one of the city's worst high schools...

but she isn't safe
in her own apartment.

No doorman. All the doer
had to do was follow her in.

Or be invited. No forced
entry into her apartment.

If she had one, there were
no pictures. A boyfriend?

Plenty of pictures
of students, though.

Her dining room,
set up like a mini classroom.

She seemed
like a very dedicated teacher.

So we can't
rule out a student.

What'd CSU turn up?

Traces of semen on the bed and
two different colors of hair...

one matching the victim's.

Guy who found her,
building super.

Record's clean, alibi checks.

Also found a half-empty bottle
of Prozac.

We had her job,
we might all be depressed.

Any therapy appointments
in there?

No. Just tutoring sessions.

Last one was with Ethan
Chance, last night, 6:00.

You two, go over
to Owens' school, all right?

See if one of her hard case students
was giving her more trouble than usual.

Poor Munch and Fin
get to canvas in the cold.

Marnie was special.

The kind of teacher
I'd like to clone.

She took 10th graders reading
at a third grade level...

and got them through Regents
Exam and into college.

Her most challenging students
she tutored at home.

No charge.

That's dedication.

Takes creativity to
motivate kids like that.

Marnie did things like...

having her seniors write plays
about their lives.

Marnie helped them articulate
their fears and dreams.

What about
her personal life?

I'm surprised she had one.

We were friends here, but Marnie never
shared much about her life outside.

Did she seem depressed?


She missed a meeting on Friday.
First time in five years.

I asked her if anything was wrong. She
said it was nothing she couldn't handle.

In her lesson planner,
she had a tutoring session...

scheduled with
an Ethan Chance?

One of her prodigies.

Kid from a drug corner, has
a real shot at college now.

We'll need to talk to him.

This was Marnie's room.

I'll get Ethan for you.

You cops?


My little girl is gonna
graduate because of Miss Owens.

We're sorry for your loss.

It's not just my loss.

Look at these kids.

Please find the man
that did this to us.

We're doing everything we can.

Excuse me.

Ethan never showed up
for school this morning.

We'll need his address.
Of course.

Do you know
his parents?

No father. Mother's a teller at
a bank on Canal and Lafayette.

I thought he went
to school early.

Principal said
he never showed up.

Damn that boy. Miss Owens
is not gonna tolerate that.

Miss Owens was murdered.

Oh, dear God. No.

Ethan had a tutoring session
with her last night.

We thought he might
be able to help us.

I owe her a lot.
She turned Ethan around.

Showed him there were other possibilities
besides slinging dope on some corner.

I told Ethan,
I don't visit nobody in jail.

What time did he come home last night?

Around 11:00. On school
nights, that's his...


He's been in trouble for drugs,
but he's straightened out.

He's a good boy.

Did Ethan say anything
about his tutoring session?

He just said
Miss Owens yelled at him.

I asked him why, he runs into
his room and slams the door.

I wake up this morning
and he's gone.

Any idea where?

When he cut school, he used to hang
out on the corner with some losers.

Suffolk and Rivington.

She lived next door
for six years.

Came to visit me at the rehab
hospital after I fell last year.

You knew her well?

She was
such a nice girl.

Not like that other one,
down the hall. That kurva.

Yiddish for whore.

Did you notice anybody come in or
out of Marnie's apartment last night?

Well, one of her students.

Yeah. He went in
around suppertime.

Looked like a hood.

Can you describe him?

He was a Black kid.

Wearing a kind
of a brown jacket.

You hear anything?

Some loud voices
while I was eating.

What were they saying?

My hearing is
as old as I am, Officer.

My son had to buy me special headphones
for the TV just to hear my Rosie.

Did you know any
of Marnie's boyfriends?

What boyfriends?

The only one I ever saw
was... What was his name?

Byron. A doctor, no less.

But he hasn't come around
for a while.

What about family?

Her parents passed away.

All she had left
was her brother, Jordan.

But I haven't seen him
for years.

It's her.

My God.

Now I told her not to live in
a building without a doorman.

We need to ask you
a few questions.

Can't it wait?

I understand
you're distraught.

Just one question.

Marnie's neighbor mentioned
a boyfriend, some doctor.

Boyfriend. Try affair.
He was married.

This affair have a name?

Byron Marks.

Surgeon over at Bellevue.

I told her to stay away
from a married guy.

We ain't doing nothing.

Hi. You guys
seen Ethan around?

Ethan Hawke?

You got
the wrong 'hood, man.

Don't play us.

You talking
about Little E?

He's too good
for us now, right?

Ever since he got
his "edumacation. "

Is there some kind of school
holiday I don't know about?

I got the flu.

Yeah? What about you?

It's contagious.

We're gonna ask you
one more time.

We don't like the answer,
we're gonna play show-and-tell.

You want us to go
through your pockets?

We don't look good
talking to y'all.

Yeah, we told y'all.
What's up with this?


Look. Yo, last night he was talking about
that teacher of his. He was down about it.

Where was that?


What time?

I don't know.
I don't got a watch.

Yeah? What did he say?

He was riled up about it.


They had some type of fight.

What'd he say
about the fight?

Ain't say nothing
about the fight.

He just said he had to go home before
his mother came looking for him.

I was separated.
I wouldn't call it an affair.

Was Marnie the reason
you and your wife split?

That was coming long before
I knew Marnie.

How long did you two
go out?

About a half a year. We met in a
mentoring program for inner-city kids.

When's the last time
you saw her?

The night we broke up.
Three months ago.

What happened?

I was looking
for a relationship.

She wasn't.

My experience is usually
the other way around.

I'm a nester. I was more than
ready to settle down with Marnie.

But the only commitment
she wanted was with her kids.

We have to ask.

Where were you last night
around 10:00?

I was at dinner with my new girlfriend.
Spent the night at her apartment.

She a nester?

Just like me.

I looked everywhere, called
everyone I know, all his friends.

What else can I do?

Well, would you mind if we
took a look around Ethan's room?

It's that door right there.

Your kids keep their rooms
this clean?

I wish.

Ethan's into sports.

I make sure his schoolwork
comes first.


Looks like Miss Owens was teaching
her students more than just English.

Facts of life.

Good lord.
What was she doing to my son?

Ethan's mother doesn't know
what he was wearing...

except that
his brown parka's missing.

We thinking
he's the teacher's pet?

The teacher
doing the petting.

She seduces him, gets what
she wants, then dumps him.

Teenage hormones
plus jealousy and rage?

I'd call that a potentially
deadly combination.

This picture didn't get
on the Internet by accident.

Get Marnie's PC down
to computer crimes...

find out what and who else
might be on that hard drive.

The ex's story track?

Said he was in the sack with
his latest squeeze Sunday night.

We're still trying
to reach her.

What about the funeral?

Private. School's sponsoring
a memorial service tomorrow.

You know, Ethan's probably feeling
guilty. Remorseful. He could be there.

All right. We'll have a detail
outside the church, just in case he is.

But for now don't rule out
any other possibilities.

Photo unit will be there as well.

Four of us
and hundreds of them?

What, you don't like
those odds?

Sounds like lottery odds
to me.

Least this is almost over.

I got a brown jacket heading
west toward the church.

I see him.


I got another one. Brown parka.
Heading east towards the church.

Hood's up. Can't see the face.

Him. Zoom in on him.

It's him. Fin,
he's coming right at you.

I got him.


Making me run on my bad knee.

I didn't do anything.

Your mother's
looking for you.

You're under arrest.

You have the right
to remain silent.

You give up that right...

anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.

You have the right
to an attorney.

If you can't afford one,
one will be appointed for you.

Why'd you run?

We found this
in your room.

You want to explain it
to us?

When did you and Miss Owens
start knocking boots?


Come on, a hot teacher like her, she
comes onto you, you get something going...

then she wants to turn it off. No!

You couldn't stand it.

But you couldn't stay away,
so what do you do?

You show up to her service.

I felt bad.

I felt bad because
the last time I saw her...

I called her a whore.

'Cause she dumped you.

Y'all got it all wrong, man!

So tell us what's right.

Come here.

You were the last person
seen with her...

you got this picture...

okay, you're on the run.

They line up
the dogs, man.

If you don't give us something right
away, they're gonna turn the dogs loose.

Little Camp gave me
that picture.

What's his real name?

Marcus Cole.

Fool said he found it messing around
on some porn site on the Internet.

She was advertising for guys
to have sex with her.

Marcus said he was gonna spread that
picture around school to everybody.

Why would he
want to do that?

'Cause Miss Owens was
on his case about...

not doing his work...

cutting class.

Tell us what happened
at the tutoring session?

I showed her the picture.

I tried to warn her about
what Marcus was gonna do.

And she starts yelling. Yelling at
me like it's my fault or something.

She tells me to get out.

Well, that must have
made you angry.

Look, I didn't
do anything, man.

I did nothing.
I was just trying to help her.

You disappeared.

I went back to apologize the
next morning before school...

and I get to her building
and you all were there.

So I asked some guy in the crowd,
what's going on and he says...

He says a woman
was murdered...

on the third floor.

Miss Owens lived
on the third floor.

She never judged me
when I was in trouble.

She told me
I could be somebody.

I called her a whore.


Did Miss Owens ever touch you?

It wasn't like that.
She never laid a hand on me.

Ethan didn't do this.

What about his friend?

Marcus Cole...

17, shoplifting, misdemeanor
assault and a string of drug busts.

Nothing to send him upstate.

Wait, we know this kid.

Well, it's flu boy.

It's one of the kids
from Rivington and Suffolk.

Munch, Fin, pick him up.

Flu better?

What you want with me, man?

Nice. I hear
it's getting around.

Yeah. Thanks to you.

So where'd you get it?

She was advertising on the Internet, you
know what I mean? I'm just a consumer.

Yeah. I bet you are. But you
wanted the real deal, huh?

You knew
where to find it.

You saying I did it?

You didn't like her.

She wasn't gonna graduate me.

News flash. You gotta show up
to class to graduate.

You think I'd kill the bitch
over that?

You spread
this picture around.

Knew where she lived.

I ain't been near her place
in months.

We know where you were
Sunday night, 10:00.

I was right
where you found me.

You could ask my boys.

Prove it. Take a blood test.

Man, I'll take any test
you want.

Well, that was too easy.

Tox screen came back.

Marnie didn't have Prozac or
anything else in her system.

Where are we on the brother?

Not exactly
screaming for justice.

Well, it's time to pay him a
visit. Respectfully, please.

He didn't want to kill her.

Just her career.

Well, we gotta be looking
in the wrong place.

I mirrored her hard drive.

The history in this thing
reads like some bad porno flick.

The Luvstud's website?

That's where
she ran the ad.

Welcome to the red light
district of the new millennium.

"Hot babe
looking for ten hotter guys.

"I can take you all at once. "

Riding through life
on the sex superhighway.

Hey, she save
any of the responses?

If she stored her password,
I can tell you.

There they are. Everything
from the last month.

Print them.

Yeah, I wish you guys would
just leave me alone.

We need your help. Do you know
why your sister was on Prozac?

Maybe the shrink I sent her to
prescribed It.

Look, I don't mean
to sound cold...

but I've been preparing myself
for this for a long time.

You knew
about her secret life?

Some people shoot heroin.

Marnie's drug of choice
was sex.

She ever talk to you
about it?

She didn't have to.

My room was right next to hers
when we were teenagers.

I heard everything.

Each time, a different guy.

She was self-destructive.

Your parents allowed this?

My mother died of cancer
the year after I was born.

Dear old Dad,
when he wasn't at work...

was too drunk to care
about anything else.

He ever abuse Marnie?

He never touched her.

But he just couldn't
keep his eyes off her chest.

And he just couldn't keep his mouth
shut about how beautiful it was.

What could I do?

I was just a kid.

It's called covert incest.

You're a little girl.
Dad watches you take baths.

Tells you dirty jokes.

Mentions how great the sex was
last night with some woman.

Twisted way to teach
the birds and bees.

Then you hit puberty. Daddy
dearest admires your shape.

Leaves porn magazines in your
room. Buys you sexy lingerie.

Maybe takes you as his date to a
business dinner or a cocktail party.

And when little girl
is all grown up...

the only way she knows how to
relate to men is through sex.

And Prozac helps?

Prozac is for depression.

Sex addicts are consumed
by loneliness and despair.

Addicts are
self-centered people.

Doesn't sound like
teacher of the year.

You don't understand,

These people don't enjoy sex.
They're numb.

They're gripped by some force
they can't control.

It's like somebody who drinks
too much, snorts cocaine...

bets the house on the ponies.

And those addictions
are considered disorders.

But when you have to have sex
three times a day...

you're considered a pervert.

Sex addicts carry so much shame,
they're always looking for redemption.

So Marnie's dedication to her
students was her redemption.

What surprises me is that she was
able to keep her secret for so long.

Back in Baltimore, I come
into the office one day...

everybody's staring at me
like my fly's open.

I say, "What's up?"

They send me across
the street to a gallery.

One of my ex-girlfriends
is showing her work.

Centerpiece is a wall-sized
print of yours truly...

from his free-love days
au naturel.

Serves you right for posing
nude in the first place.

That's what I get
for sharing.

You must have
some innermost secret.

I'm a Republican.

"I can go solo or duo,
but I prefer dirty dozen?"

162 different e-mail responses
to her ad.

That's a hell of a lot
of subpoenas.

Psychiatrist give anything up?

Marnie had a sex jones.

Prozac was for the depression
associated with the addiction.

We're just learning
how she fed her habit.

She visited at least a
dozen sex sites on the web...

that have clubs where you
can get up close and personal.

There are LUDs that show a lot
of incoming calls...

from various pay phones...

but the outgoings
go an awful lot to...

a number registered
to Pleasure Partners.

Which also owns a swingers
club called Flings down in SoHo.

You an expert?

I got that
from her computer files.



$85 a couple.
Cash up front.

We give you a private room
to change and do whatever.

Olivia, you first.

Don't be nervous, dear.
We were all beginners once.

We're still beginners.

We're not doing anything
illegal here, Officers.

We're all consenting adults.

So why don't you tell us what you
know about this consenting adult?

Marnie's not
welcome here anymore.

Well, maybe you're too busy to
read the paper, but Marnie's dead.

Dead? How?

She was murdered.

And you think someone here
did it.

Because we're all
sexual deviants, right?

You said that Marnie wasn't
welcome here anymore. How come?

She didn't follow the rules.

You have rules?

She had a threesome
with two married men.

Started an affair
with one of them.

So you don't approve of sex outside the
marriage unless it's done in this club?

Despite what you may think,
we're happily married.

One of our rules is, you have to preserve
the relationship with your primary partner...

or you can't participate.

We expelled Marnie and this gentlemen
when his wife told us about the affair.

And this gentleman is?

That's confidential.
I'm sorry.

I'll tell you what, I'd be glad
to have the health department...

come on down here
and take a look around.

His name is Byron Marks.

Guess the doctor was in.

You said you met Marnie
in a mentoring program.

Sounds more like
you were mentoring her.

She came onto me.

And you jumped right in.

Till she dumped me.

Yeah. That's pretty rough.
I've been there, pal.

You're lonely, you go to her
apartment to get back with her.

She lets you in. You gotta have
her. But she ain't giving it up.

She turns her back on you.
You force her into the bedroom.

Good evening, Detectives.
This interview is over.

That's too bad 'cause we're
just getting to the good part...

where we ask your client
to consent to a blood test.

Can we have a moment?

Dr. Marks would like to
clarify what he's told you.

Keep my wife out of this.

We'll keep her out of it,
if you stop lying.

We met in a chat room.
We hooked up at Flings.

And I wasn't lying
when I said she came on to me.

And you had an affair.

That's all we wanted.

Till it got out of control.


We were having sex
every day.

Sometimes two
or three times.

Wherever we could. Hotels,
my office, clubs.

Till we burned out, broke up.

It's like we used each other
up and threw each other away.

What happened Sunday night?

My wife was at the gym when
Marnie called around 7:00.

She's out of her mind.
Tells me she needs me.

I get there.

Says some student found
her picture on the Internet.

That it could ruin her.

Did you have sex?

She needed it. So did I.

How long were you there?

Till 8:30.
She was very much alive.

My client admits he was there
that night. But he didn't kill her.

You don't understand.

It's like being possessed.

Like some uncontrollable,
overwhelming urge...

and something grabs hold of me
and won't let go...

till I satisfy it with sex.

And then I'm okay,
till the next wave hits.

Where else did Marnie arrange
to meet her men?

When she had a date, she usually took
them to the Majestic on 7th Avenue.

She needed a quick fix,
she went to the club.

I thought she was banned
from Flings.

This other place.

I only went there
with her once.

It's like walking into hell...

just as sleazy.
Dante's Inferno.

I didn't know
Marnie liked it so rough.

Police! All right,
everybody up.

All right,
let's get our clothes on.

Let me see your hands!

That side of the wall, please.
Line up here.

We got enough room here.
Right now.

Straight line.

Cover yourself, please.

We got a tame crowd here tonight.
All we got is an ounce of weed.

The TV news is outside.

Here's a pop quiz. My friends
are gonna show you a photo.

Her name is Marnie Owens,
though I suspect you people...

exchange fluids
more often than names.

Anybody who recognizes her, raise
the hand not holding up your clothes.


Apparently these upstanding people
don't understand the question.

All right. So here's
what we're gonna do.

Whoever tells us what they know about
Marnie, we take you out the back door.

Everybody else, they get their 15 minutes
worth of fame in front of the cameras...

through the front door.

Let's try it again. Anyone?

There we go.

Well, let's see. Promoting prostitution.
Third offense. No plea bargain.

Sounds like seven years
at Fishkill.

Nobody's getting hurt.

Start talking.

What's in it for me?

We'll tell the A.D.A.
you cooperated.

She came in a couple of times
a week.

When did you last see her?

Friday night.

She didn't come in Saturday.
Two guys actually left.

That gal was great
for business.

How so?

She was as wild as they come.

She wouldn't do bi, but she'd
do three guys at one time.

Then three more
and three more.

We get it.

She liked it rough, too.

You ever participate?

I'm an entrepreneur.

It wouldn't be professional for me
to get involved with the clients.

Anyone show up tonight who took
a special interest in Marnie?

One guy. Came in
with the rest of us.

Ten down, five to go.

You see him?

Second from the end,
in the chairs.

He's up next with Olivia and
Elliot. Fancied Miss Owens.

You, go with him.

Follow that detective.

He liked Marnie.

Isn't that special?

What's your name?

Am I charged
with anything here?

How about adultery?

It's still on the books.

Your turn.

Phillip Montrose.

You know her?

That schoolteacher who was killed.
I read about it in the paper.

Okay. We can do this here or we
can do it at Rikers. It's up to you.

I saw her picture
on a web site.


She looked hot.
I e-mailed her.

She answer you back?

She invited me to meet her.

Majestic Hotel
on 7th Avenue.

What happened?

We go at it.

She tells me to meet her
the next night at Dante's.

I thought
it was a restaurant.

I asked her what they serve
and she laughs...

and tells me they have the
most extensive menu in town.

What'd you order?

She ordered for both of us.

Sex, with me
and four other guys.

You go back there
with her?

Lots of times.

You know, sounds like
you're attracted to her.

The place is like an amusement
park. She was my favorite ride.

A rough ride?

She liked it that way.
So do I.

Where were you Sunday night
at 10:00?

At my in-laws.

Trying to reconnect with my wife
and two kids. We're separated.

Byron Marks alibi checks out. Doorman
says he came home at 10:00 p. m.

Didn't leave
until the next morning.

Not a killer, just a perv.

We're talking
about victimless crime.

Unless you're Marnie Owens.

Marnie Owens problem wasn't
that she had group sex.

It was that
she couldn't stop herself.

We got 14 others here from
Dante's. What's their excuse?

You mean the fireman, the accountant,
the director of human resources?

All consenting adults, behind
closed doors, nobody gets hurt?

They don't need an excuse.

That's easy for you to say, Mr. Letting-it-
all-hang-out- at-some-art-gallery.

All right. Last time I looked,
this was the Special Victims Unit...

not the sex police.

These are photos
from the memorial service.

Okay, Phillip Montrose
was arrested...

for criminal trespass
two months ago in Connecticut.

Stamford police say that
he was booked for stalking.

D.A. knocked it down.

Well, Montrose told us that he left Dante's
last Saturday because Marnie wasn't there.

But he did...

go to her memorial service.

I guess he wanted
to pay his respects.

Or stalk her to the grave.

So I went to the service.
That's a crime?

You sorry that your favorite
ride was closed for good?

I told you, we had a good
time. I'm gonna miss her.

It's touching.

We heard you had a problem
in Connecticut.

Criminal trespass.

It was a misunderstanding. I haven't
been near that woman in months.

You know, most stalkers only give up
after they've found another target.

Marnie wasn't just
my favorite ride, okay.

She did every guy
that walked into that place.

We checked on your alibi
with your wife.

She says she hasn't seen you or
her child support in three weeks.

Yeah. Well, she'll say anything
to get back at me, now, won't she?

I got work to do.

You know, Ethan said that some guy,
outside of Marnie's apartment building...

told him she was murdered.

Think it could
have been Montrose?

We know these guys sometimes like to
come back and admire their handiwork.

You ever seen this guy here?

Yeah, I booted him twice.
Last Friday, I think.

He say why he was here?

Claimed he needed
to use the restroom.

I told him to use the head in
the restaurant across the street.

And he came back?

Half an hour later, caught
him trying the door to the gym.

Threatened to call you guys
if he didn't split.

Never saw him again.

Marnie might still be alive
if she'd just called us.

She reports the stalking, her
secret gets out, career's over.

She was afraid
of being judged.

She was right.


Did you guys find out
who killed Miss Owens yet?

We're still working
on that.

Well, thanks to her,
I got a full scholarship.

Temple University.


Check this out, huh?
You ever seen this guy?

Yeah, outside
Miss Owens' building.

The morning
y'all found her dead.

He's the one that told me
she was murdered.

How can I
help you, Officers?

We got a warrant
to search your apartment.

We also have
another warrant...

compelling you to a blood test
for DNA comparison.

I'll call my lawyer now.

Have him meet us down at
the medical examiner's office.

We'll be giving you
a ride.

Check this out.

Family photos?

More like
a stalker's scrapbook.

Telephoto lens.

You like taking pictures,

The scrapbook proves nothing.

It makes our case
even stronger.

You'll never get an indictment. This
woman makes Casanova look celibate.

Which the grand jury
will never hear.

What they will hear is that your
client's DNA was inside the victim.

As was another man's.

They will also hear from the
woman he previously stalked.

They will hear from witnesses
who can place your client...

at both her apartment and her
school the morning she was found.

And they will see your client's
scrapbook filled with memories of Marnie.

About 7:00 in the morning,

I got to Miss Owens'
apartment building...

and the police were there.

What happened next?

I asked what was going on.

Did anybody answer you?

Yeah. Some guy
in the crowd.

What exactly did he say?

He said some woman who lived on the
third floor was raped and strangled.

A teacher.

And did you later come to
know the identity of this man?

Yeah. Phillip Montrose.

Thank you, Ethan.

Ladies and gentlemen
of the grand jury...

Phillip Montrose revealed
a detail of the crime...

that could only have been known at
that time by the police and the killer.

I hope that
you will consider...

Excuse me.

What's going on here?

My client wishes
to exercise his right...

to make a statement
to the grand jury.

Too late.

They haven't voted.

I know what you're trying
to do and it won't work.

Well, you got to play to win.
Let's see what a judge decides.

190.50 of the CPL states that notice
must be filed in a timely fashion.

Read the statute.

It says the defendant can appear as long
as the indictment has not been filed.

They haven't even voted yet.

You told me yesterday your
client declined to testify.

Well, he's changed his mind.
He has that right.

Your Honor, his entire strategy is to
blame the victim for her own murder.

He is going to poison the grand jury by
revealing Marnie Owens' sexual history.

It's all relevant.

Mr. Matthews, you are right on
the edge of a call from me...

to the Disciplinary Committee.

If you deny my client his
rights and he is indicted...

I will move for dismissal.

Of course you will. And I'll
have to grant the motion.

And you will have
to re-present the entire case.

Your honor, I think...

I don't like it any more
than you do.

But you can still get him
on cross-examination.

He's a sitting duck because
Mr. Matthews here can't object.

I met Marnie Owens through a personal
ad she placed on an Internet web site.

She was looking
for a sex partner.

She invited me
for an hour-long quickie...

at a midtown hotel.

She then invited me
to a sex club...

called Dante's Inferno.

That night, I was one of five
men who had intercourse with her.

We returned to the club
together numerous times.

On the night of her murder,
Marnie came to my apartment.

She was desperate. She said...

a student she brought home saw the
nude photo of her in the Internet ad.

She was worried that it would
ruin her teaching career.

She asked me to have sex...

and I agreed.

She was insatiable.

I did not kill her.

Thank you.

You had sex with Miss Owens
the night she was murdered.

Why did you lie
to the police?

I'm in the middle
of a bitter divorce.

It's ammunition for my wife
if this comes out.

Didn't you keep a scrapbook of
photos you had taken of Miss Owens...

without her knowledge?

Marnie saw those photos.
They excited her.

Didn't you tell police
she was "your favorite ride"?

Nobody forced Marnie to do anything
at Dante's she didn't want to do.

Just answer the question.
Did you say that?


Didn't you also go to her apartment
the morning after she was murdered?

I was worried about her.

Where you told
a young bystander...

she had been strangled
and raped?

How do you think
I found out about it?

Somebody there told me.
I didn't know the details.

You followed her to school,
you followed her home.

You were jealous, angry,
weren't you?

I wasn't.

Because she was having sex
with other men.

You think I was jealous
of that slut?

You have to care about someone
to be jealous. She was a whore.

Stick to the facts relevant
to the case, Mr. Montrose.

Those are the facts.

She'd spread her legs for
anybody, anywhere, any time.

As many as she could.

She'd pick up guys off the
streets and bring them home.

She liked it rough! She was
asking for this to happen.

God only knows who Marnie picked
up on her way home from my place...

because she needed
another fix.

She needed a fix?

You stalked a woman in Connecticut,
then you stalked Marnie Owens.

Now she's dead.

What about your fix,
Mr. Montrose?

What happened?

Montrose and his lawyer put
Marnie's sex life on trail.

Law isn't always
about justice.

Who let you in
on our dirty little secret?

All the Marnies
who came before.

That bastard's
gonna beat this.

Don't second-guess
yourself, Alex.

From where I'm sitting,
you did everything right.

And I would be the first one
to tell you if you didn't.

Thank you.

We have an indictment?


Good work, Alex.


They didn't go for murder two.
It's manslaughter one.

Grand jury couldn't
get past her sex life.

The son of a bitch
is gonna get away with murder.

No. They listened.

They think Montrose is guilty,
a jury will, too.

Not life.

Fifteen to 25 to sit around
and think about what he's done?

I'll take that.