Law & Order (1990–2010): Season 19, Episode 3 - Law & Order - full transcript

An investigation into the death of a 17-year-old boy leads Lupo and Bernard into the world of a fundamentalist Mormon sect, its polygamist leader, and one of his wives who is trying to get away from him.

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criminal justice system

the people are represented by two
separate yet equally important groups,

the police who investigate crime

and the district attorneys
who prosecute the offenders.

These are their stories.

Can I help you?

Give this ticket
to the man inside.

And listen when he
tells you where to go.

And I'll meet you back
here in two hours. Okay?

You know, we could go
back to the apartment.

You don't have to do this.

The apartment's not our home.

Today, I'm going to get us home.

Patrol responded to a 911
call. Victim is a male, white.

Oh. The kid's 16, 17 tops.

Looks like a single
stab wound to the chest.

My guys are
lookin' for a weapon.

A five dollar bill and some
change. No wallet, no ID.

Could be a rich kid from the
neighborhood, with that preppie outfit.

Preppie maybe. Rich,
no. Look at his cuffs.

They're all frayed, and
his pants are too short.

Hand-me-downs or he shops
right out of the bin at Goodwill.

Fresh haircut, nails are clean.

He's too well-groomed
to be living on the street.

Even tucked his shirt in.

And buttoned his top button.

Did you ever walk around like
that when you were his age?

Not unless my mother made me.

Where's the emergency?

WOMAN: Please, you
have to help him. He's hurt.

Slow down, Miss.
What's your name?

I don't want to say.
He's in Central Park.

Near 77th Street West.

Police and ambulance are
on their way. Stay right there.

No, I can't stay.

Oh, God, I can't leave
him, but I have to go.

And go she did. Nobody was
around by the time patrol got there.

Have we got an ID on the boy?

No. His prints
aren't in the system,

and no missing
person report fits.

Well, our caller didn't want to
leave. Maybe she knew him.

Did you get the number from 911?

Yeah. Our good-enough
Samaritan is Monica Vance.

She lives in the
East Village. All right.

I didn't make that call.

This girl came running
out of the park, hysterical,

and she asked if she could
use my phone, so I let her.

Normally I wouldn't, but
she said someone was hurt.

Can we see your phone?

How did you know she wasn't
going to steal your phone?

That wasn't the
vibe I got from her.

She was wearing this long
frumpy dress, and sneakers.

She looked like she
ran away from a convent.

We're gonna need
to take your phone.

You see this, between
the keys? That's blood.

I really need my phone.

You can keep it company and help
us with a sketch of the runaway nun.

Grab your purse. (SIGHS)

The blood on the phone
belonged to our John Doe.

Okay. What kind of
knife are we looking for?

It wasn't a knife.

It's as sharp as a
knife blade but massier.

"Massier"? What
kind of word is that?

It's a term of art.

The blade was wider and
thicker than a knife blade.

Those his clothes? Mmm-hmm.

And what else can you tell us about
our John Doe in plain English, please?

Well, he was well-muscled,
his hands are calloused.

Probably saw his fair
share of manual labor.

And he had lentil stew and
milk shortly before he died.

LUPO: Yummy.

These ink markings
on his undershirt,

they look like
they're hand-drawn.


What have we got here?

Aha! It's stamped. Hudson
Hardware, 648 Lenox Avenue.

I know that key. That
key pays my rent.

Hmm. I'd like to get in
on something like that.

It's a front door key for
the Sherman Street Lofts.

Didn't that place used
to be a barrel factory?

Kids packing in like
sardines over there now,

moving in and out all the time.

I made eight of those
keys already this week.

You, uh, remember
making one for him?

I don't recognize him. Sorry.

All right, thanks.

Excuse me, does
this boy live here?

Hey, do you mind
looking at this photo?

Nice work.

Hey, can you help us out?

You guys cops?

Well, not the kind you
have to worry about.

Have you seen this
guy, and this girl?

Her I don't know,
but cool drawing.

We'll pass it along.
What about him?

He's dead, isn't he?


Very. Did you know him?

He hangs out with that kid
who, like, helps the super.

Which one of you guys
is the super's helper?

I am. I'm Patrick.

You know this guy?

Yes, that's Caleb.
What's wrong with him?

This Caleb's bowl?

Yes. He hasn't been
home since yesterday.

What happened to him?

He was found
dead in Central Park.


You all right, son?

Luke is Caleb's brother.

Could you put that picture away?

We're sorry about
your loss, Luke.

Would you come with
us to identify the body?

Can I go with him, please?

Sure, why not.

Let's go.

Let me guess. Lentils?

Caleb said he was going
to the movies with Luke.

I don't know why he would
have been in Central Park.

Maybe it was to
meet a girl, maybe her.

I don't know. They've only
been here for two weeks.

Where are they from?

Arizona, a place
called Boyd Canyon.

Is that where you
know them from?


But you've been here
longer than two weeks, right?

For three years.

Okay, well, we're
going to need to

get in contact with
Caleb's parents.

I don't know how
you would do that.

know where Caleb went.

He just told me to wait
for him after the movie.

So, you like going
to the movies, huh?

I don't know. This
was my first time.

You've never been to a
movie back in Arizona?


I don't want to talk
to you anymore.

It's okay. We're almost done.

Do you recognize her?

No. Can I go be
with Patrick now?

First we're going to
have to call your parents,

so, I'm going to need a number.

I want to talk to
the other policeman.

My partner? What do you
want to talk to him about?

He's just more like me.

So, you mean he's more slim?

Or more white?

Do I scare you
because I'm black?

Son, you can talk to my
partner. Just sit down...

BERNARD: Hey, hey
Luke! Stop right there.

Don't fight me now.

Hey, hey! Don't fight me, boy.

You heard the Lieutenant!

What's this? Huh?

"The Garments of
the Holy Priesthood."

"Backward right angle
over the right breast,

"a "V" over the left
breast, a dash at the navel."

Same as the markings
found on the dead boy.

Well, these are sacred
undergarments of the Mormon Church,

a kind of body armor against
Satan. These kids are Mormons.

Says here you get the
garments from the church

with the markings
already embroidered on.

Looks like these kids
might have made their own.

That kind of fits. Luke
has never been to a movie,

and he's afraid of black people.

Well, that doesn't fit.

The Mormon Church has been
fully open to black folks for 30 years.

And Mormons go to
movies like everyone else.

Everywhere except Boyd Canyon.

That must be it.

These kids are Mormon

the groups that broke
from the official church

live in isolated
compounds out west.

So what are these boys doing
thousands of miles from home?

With home-made magic underwear.

Come on, Patrick,
are we going to find

the same markings
on your undershirt?

You know, I don't know
about your belief system,

but in our belief system, interfering
with a murder investigation is a crime.

All right, suit yourself, man.

I hope that you don't mind

sleeping next to
rapists and murderers.

True Path.

What's that?

We were in The
Church of the True Path.

What about her?
I don't know her.

Now can I just get Luke
and go home, please?

He's going into foster care
until we can find his parents.

Why can't he go with me? I'm 21.

Because he needs
to go with his family.

I'm his family. I'm his brother.

You're his brother, too?
Who're your parents?

Our father is Hoseah Friendly.


What about your mother?

My mother is Leah
Friendly. She birthed me.

And then there's Emily, Luanne,

she's Luke and Caleb's
mother, Sharon and Kallie.

These women are all
married to your father?


They're polygamists.

That's what you'd call it.

Now, can Luke go
home with me, please?

He's 14.

So, one way or the other, he's
going back to Boyd Canyon.

They don't want him back.

The Elders'll send
him away again.

Why'd they send him
away in the first place?

The same reason
they sent us all away.

Wyatt Landon, the Prophet,
he said we were sinners.

What was your sin?

I told a girl in the
church that I liked her.

Okay, and the Elders don't
approve of that kind of thing?

It's okay when
they talk to the girls.

But if a boy does,
they send him away.

They want the girls
all for themselves.

Can I make a phone
call to a lawyer, please?

The ticket taker at the movies
said she remembered Luke going in.

Doesn't remember him going out.

Well, that opens up
a lot of possibilities.

Turns out Luke,
Caleb and Patrick

are all part of one big happy polygamist
family back in Boyd Canyon. Thanks.

Sounds like these
Elders had a racket going.

That's Arizona's problem.

Not unless Caleb's
murder makes it ours.

Patrick's lawyer call was
to a home up in Sloatsburg.

Sloatsburg? Call ACS
and have Luke placed,

and then get yourselves
up to Sloatsburg.

We aren't lawyers. We help boys
who've been expelled from True Path.

My wife's nephew was
thrown out 10 years ago.

We've been taking
in boys ever since.

We call them the Lost Boys.

They've grown up in an
isolated church compound.

They've never
even heard a radio.

Did Caleb and Luke
ever stay with you?

Just when they first got to
New York two weeks ago.

We didn't have room for them,

so we arranged for them to
stay with Patrick and John.

Has this girl been here?

No. We only take in boys.

Is that so?

That pink blouse
on your laundry line,

who does that belong to?

They're police, Joan.
We have to trust them.

Michelle. Don't be afraid.

The police officers
just want to talk to you.

Michelle. Do you
know why we're here?

I think so.

Did you make a 911 call about
Caleb Friendly a few days ago?


Michelle, you're going to
have to come with us now.

Please, you can't tell
anyone you found her.

She's in great danger.

She's one of Wyatt
Landon's wives.

Landon, the
Prophet of True Path?

Yes. She ran away
from him two months ago.

If he knew where she
was, he'd come after her.

Caleb was already
hurt when I found him.

BERNARD: Did he say anything?

He couldn't talk.

(SIGHS) I just...
I went to get help.

On the call, you
said you had to go.

I was afraid if I
talked to the police,

Wyatt would find
out where I was.

The sheriff in Boyd Canyon
does whatever he says.

This is not Boyd Canyon.

Why were you in the
park in the first place?

I was supposed to meet Caleb.

He saw that I was staying
at the Weimers' house,

and he knew I ran
away from Wyatt.

He called me, and he said that he
had a way for me to get my babies back.

You have kids? Yes.

Eric just turned three
and Efraim's 18 months.

I had to leave them
behind when I ran away.

And now Wyatt won't let them go.

Why did you run away?

Wyatt married me when I was 16.

He was 52,

and I was his sixth wife.

I was expected to
make babies for him.

I didn't want to, but...

I love my kids. I just didn't
want to stay in that life.

How was Caleb going to help you?

He said Wyatt was
receiving state assistance

by saying my boys
were sick and they're not.

Caleb said he had
papers to prove this,

and if I showed
them to a lawyer,

they would put Wyatt in jail

and I'd be able to
get my babies back.

So you went to the park to
meet Caleb, to get these papers?

Yeah. But I missed
my bus and I was late,

and Caleb was already hurt.

Did you tell anyone that
you were going to meet him?


Caleb made me promise not to.

What happened to the papers?

I didn't see them.

(SIGHS) I just...
I went to get help.


Well, Caleb didn't
have any papers on him.

Whoever killed him
might've taken them.

Assuming she's
telling the truth.

Well, if Caleb was helping her,

he was taking on the
leader of his church.

It's hard to believe a
17-year-old would do that

without talking it
over with someone.

Last person he
saw was his brother.

Yeah. All right.

LUKE: Caleb didn't say
anything about Michelle.

He just told me to wait
for him after the movie.

I don't know, Luke,
something this big,

it's the kind of thing a
guy would tell his brother.

Right, Detective?

Okay, kid, pack it in.
You're done with foster care.

Where am I going?

You're going home
to Boyd Canyon.

No! No, I don't want to go
back there. I like it on the outside.

That's tough. I'm sure Wyatt
Landon'll be happy to see you,

especially after we tell him
you and Caleb were trying to

put him in prison
for welfare fraud.

Don't tell him that.

Caleb's the one who
wanted to go home.

That's what he
was doing that night,

he was going to fix it
so he could go home.


By giving the Prophet
what he wanted.

Which is what?


The Prophet was
mad that she left.

Caleb was going to do
something to her, I don't know what,

but then the Prophet
would take him back.

Did you tell anybody
what Caleb was up to?

I told Patrick.

Why him?

Michelle's why
Patrick was sent away.

Patrick wanted to marry her.
But the Prophet threw him out.

I don't know where Patrick is.

I came home from work,
all his stuff was gone.

Terrific. We've
lost our lost boy.

You been on this
since you got home? No.

You mind if we
check the history?

Patrick's been looking
at buses to West Virginia.

in West Virginia?

A safe house.

I wasn't running away.

Oh yeah? What were
you doing? I was...

Going to a Lost Boy
jamboree? Sit down.

We know Luke told you what
Caleb was up to in the park.

No, I didn't know that.

We know it for a fact that you
knew that Michelle was in danger.


You still believe in
the good book, Patrick?

Yes. I still believe.

Swear to us that you were not
in the park that night with Caleb.


Take it in your hands,
and swear to us.

Swear it on the
good book, Patrick.


if you went to the
park to help Michelle

that was a
righteous thing to do.

We know she's the reason Landon
bounced you out of the church.

You thought Caleb
might hurt her,

so you had to do something.

I followed him into the park,

just to talk to him, to make
sure he didn't hurt Michelle.

He wouldn't listen to me.

He said I was ruining his
one chance of going home.

He fought me.

LUPO: Now you're
starting to make sense.

You probably brought a
weapon with you, right?

No, I did not have a weapon.

I'm pretty sure that you
didn't see it as a weapon,

more so like a persuader,

something to use in case you had
to stop Caleb from hurting Michelle.

Patrick, whatever you did,

was in defense of Michelle,

and a righteous thing.

All right.

Yes, I did have something.

A wood chisel from
the super's toolbox.

"Docket number 08359, People v. Patrick
Friendly. Murder in the second degree."

My client pleads not guilty.

Am I reading this
right, Ms. Rubirosa?

Two Mormon kids
go at it in the Park?

Mormons, Your Honor.

The defendant followed
the victim into the park

and then stabbed him
to death with a chisel.

Because the victim was
intent on harming a woman

who had escaped from
their polygamist sect.

Even the police told my client
that his actions were righteous.

CONNIE: They were
working a suspect, Ms. Ziff,

you can't take
them at their word.

A jury might. We're asserting
a justification defense.

JUDGE: Good luck
with that, Ms. Ziff.

Bail is set at one
million dollars.

They're going to argue
a justification defense.

Did Caleb have a weapon?

The only things
found near the body

were an old Frisbee
and a dog's chew-toy.

Check this out.
In the background,

the object on the park wall.

It's a can of motor oil?

Yeah. Sinclair motor oil.

Sinclair's headquarters
is in Salt Lake City,

home of the Mormon Church.

Could be a signal.

Okay, looks like
we've got something.

Looks like two male adults.

What do you
figure this is about?

Two guys parked in a
van 50 feet from where

Caleb was meeting
Michelle in the park.

To me, it looks like the plan was
for Caleb to walk her out of the park,

spot the signal, then
walk her past the van,

these guys snatch her.

And take her back
home to the Prophet.

New York.

Okay. The van is registered to

a car rental company
in Palmyra, New York.

Greentree County's
where Boyd Canyon is.

Can I help you?

You guys are a long
way from Arizona.

What brings you to Palmyra?

Yeah, that's right, we're
New York City detectives.

We're here on a pilgrimage.

Palmyra is the birthplace
of the Mormon Church.

It's where Joseph
Smith had his first vision.

But you're not mainline
Mormons, right?

You're with the
Church of the True Path.

enough of the small talk.

The rental company in town said that
you guys rented a white van yesterday.

That's right.

Where did you go with it?

We went to New York City, to
visit the Mormon Temple there.

We didn't want to take the
camper, burns too much gas.

You went to the Temple,
you came straight back here.

No. We parked
next to the park there

and took a nap before the long
drive back. Is there a problem?

I'm afraid there is. You see,
the van was rented to someone

named Wyatt Landon.

There were no other drivers
authorized on the contract.

I'm Wyatt Landon.

What's the problem?

You're Wyatt
Landon, the Prophet?

You know a Caleb Friendly?

He's a young man who
grew up in our church,

until he was asked to leave.

When was the last time
that you talked to him?

Three weeks ago, when
I asked him to leave.

LUPO: You sure about that?

You didn't talk to him about
getting your wife Michelle back?


I say your wife, but, uh,
what is it, number six, seven?

She's awfully cute... And young.

I can see why you would
do anything to get her back.

Henry, Levi, go back inside.

BERNARD: Not so fast.

These men are being arrested
for unauthorized use of a vehicle.

That's ridiculous.

There's no Levi or Henry
on the rental contract.

Now, did you drive these men
to New York City yesterday?

I didn't think so.

Now, Mr. Landon, I'd advise
you not to leave Palmyra.

The sheriff, he'll be
keeping an eye on you.

Persecution and harassment
are nothing new to me.

Have a blessed day.

CUTTER: Palmyra's holding them until we
can charge them with attempted kidnapping.

The worst of it is, the more you
invest in this kidnapping theory,

the more you help Caleb's
killer with his justification defense.

You have to decide
who you want more.

Or another way to look at it...

If Landon put this
kidnapping scheme in motion,

it's the reason
Caleb was murdered.

We could charge
Landon with felony murder.

Landon's fingerprints
need to be all over this.

The police found a 16-minute
phone call two days before the murder

from the public
phone at the RV park

to the public phone two blocks from
the lofts where Caleb was staying.

That's not evidence.

Landon has to be the mastermind.

His followers don't even
sneeze without his permission.

That's not evidence. We
have a kidnapping conspiracy.

We need an overt act by Landon.

Hell, I'd settle for a threat to his
wife that he'd have her kidnapped.

That can't be.

He thought you were in danger.

We think Caleb was conspiring
with Wyatt to kidnap you.

Is Wyatt here?

No. He's upstate, in Palmyra.

The police are watching
him. He can't hurt you.

Have you talked to
him since you ran away?

Twice, to beg him to
let me have my kids.

Did he threaten you in any way?

He said I would suffer celestial
punishment if I didn't come back.


He had a revelation that
I was on fire in the desert.

What'll happen to Patrick?

He'll have a trial.
Chances aren't good.

But it's my fault. I
mean, I let Caleb fool me.

No, you wanted to believe that he
could help you get your sons back.

What he said about Wyatt stealing
state money, it just sounded so right.

Why? What did Caleb say exactly?

He said Wyatt had told the state

that my eldest son Eric
has asthma, and he doesn't.

He just has an
allergy to feathers,

and that Caleb said that before the
state nurse was able to examine Eric,

Wyatt put him
on a feather pillow

to make his allergies kick in.

Who knows that your
son is allergic to feathers?

Just me and Wyatt.

We got him.

These defendants
came into our jurisdiction

to kidnap a woman who
ran away from their sect.

My clients are religious
men, church leaders.

They're polygamists.

Mr. Landon has six wives
ranging in age from 19 to 43.

JUDGE: We're not here
for that, Ms. Rubirosa.

These men have no
ties to the community,

their lifestyle demonstrates their
utter indifference to our laws...

These are not men who
dodge their responsibilities.

With six wives, I
should hope not.

Your Honor... Yes,
yes, Ms. Rubirosa.

The defendants are
remanded till trial.

Your Honor, we believe

the mother of my client's
children is a flight risk.

We request you order the People
to produce Michelle Landon for trial.

On what basis?

My client's right to confront
the witnesses against him.

JUDGE: Sixth Amendment,
Mr. Cutter. She is the intended victim.

The People are
ordered to guarantee

Ms. Landon's
appearance at trial.

Next case. (GAVEL BANGS)

We just delivered
the lamb to the lion.

You charged Wyatt Landon with
attempted kidnapping and felony murder.

I guess you concede
that Michelle was in danger

and that my client
saved her life.

Can a plea offer be far behind?

If Patrick can help
us make our case.

Testify against the Prophet?

He threw you out like garbage.
You don't owe him anything.

We know you have
feelings for Michelle.

If you help us, you'll get
out while you're still young.

When I got to the park,

Caleb said, "We won't hurt her.

"They just want her
back in her rightful place."

He said "we"? You're certain?

I'm sure. To be dragged
back to Boyd Canyon,

for Michelle, that would
have been worse than death.

Mr. Landon was in Palmyra. He had
no knowledge of his friends' activities.

How confident are
you, Mr. Landon,

that your friends will
keep lying for you?

Their faith gives them a
strength you can't imagine.

Michelle Landon
abandoned her kids.

No jury will believe my client crossed
the country to kidnap an unfit mother.

Oh, they will

once I've educated them
about what goes on in True Path.

Motion to exclude testimony based
on my client's religious practices.

Hope you have a Plan B.

Mr. Cutter intends to make
this trial about polygamy.

He knows that will
inflame a New York jury.

Polygamy is the reason
Mr. Landon planned this kidnapping.

His wife's escape
shamed him before his sect.

He had to bring her back.

Armchair psychology.

He just wants to put
my client's beliefs on trial.

Those beliefs are
evidence of motive.

Those beliefs are protected under
the First Amendment, Mr. Cutter.

I won't allow this
trial to become a

referendum on a group's
religious practices.

The defense motion is granted.

There'll be no mention of
polygamy in my courtroom.

That judge did you a favor.

This is a straight-up
kidnap-murder case.

Sounds like he
did you the favor.

He sucked the controversy
right out of this case.

Did he? It never occurred to me.

Polygamy is a legitimate
issue in this case.

Never mind it's
criminal and abominable.

But that crime was
committed in Arizona.

Far as abominable,

some anthropologists would argue

that it's monogamy
that's unnatural,

that men are genetically
hard-wired to seek multiple partners.

Maybe polygamists are
just steering into the skid.

You must be kidding.

I'm pointing out that
it's a hornet's nest.

You don't need
to drag in religion.

Make the case without it.

We're not allowed to bring
up Landon's religious beliefs.

We can't even talk about why
you ran away. Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm just not sleeping

I hate being cooped
up in this hotel.

It's for your safety,
until the trial next month.

Greentree County just issued
an arrest warrant for Michelle,

for Child Abandonment.

The DA just flew in to
take her into custody.

They're gonna take me
back to Boyd Canyon?

Only to Greentree County.

And they'd have to send you
back here to testify against Landon.

You don't understand.

The police back home
do whatever Wyatt says.

If you hand me over, they're
never going to let me go.

Mr. McCalister has had
months to issue his warrant,

but he waited until
Ms. Landon had been

subpoenaed to testify
against her husband.

This crime was just
brought to my attention

by the father of the
abandoned children, Mr. Landon.

Your Honor, if you
grant this extradition,

we believe Ms. Landon will be returned
to Mr. Landon's religious compound.

If she ends up back in the family
home caring for her children,

that would be an
acceptable remedy.

And we would
never see her again.

That's the real
purpose of this warrant,

to make Ms. Landon unavailable
to testify against her husband.

Are you alleging
my office is corrupt?

Mr. Landon has six
wives and 27 children.

He has one legal spouse, and five celestial
marriages with consenting adult women.

Consent? Michelle Landon
fled True Path in the dead of night

and has been in
hiding ever since.

She would be in danger
if she was returned.

Mr. Cutter, I find your allegations
hard to take at face value.

Your Honor, we're
ready to present evidence

about conditions inside
Mr. Landon's compound.

The Court ruled that testimony

regarding my client's
religious practices is prejudicial.

Before a jury.
There's no jury here.

Mr. Landon's practices go to the
heart of our motion to quash this warrant.

I agree. I'll hear your witnesses
before I rule on the motion.

You're doing exactly
what Jack told you not to,

putting polygamy on trial.

You bet. Any objections?

Nope, none that I can think of.

The day I turned 16 my mother
woke me up in the middle of the night.

She said the Prophet had a
revelation that I was to marry him.

And I had to get up and
help make my wedding dress.

In the middle of the night?

The wedding was that day.

They don't give you
much time to run.

Did you want to run?

I wanted to stay with my
family and go to school.

I was 16-years-old.
He was over 50.

I'd never even kissed a boy.

Why didn't you try to leave?

I was scared.

Some girls had escaped.

Wyatt said that they
were all prostitutes now.

And what was your life like
being married to Mr. Landon?

It was hard until I made
my peace that, you know,

there was no way out.

The first time

he tried to have sex with me...

Take your time.

He got on top of me

and I pushed away from
him and ran into the bathroom.

I couldn't breathe.

And what do you mean when
you say you made your peace?

Life stops hurting as much

when you give up
thinking it could be different.

You just sort of
stare at the ceiling

and try to think
of something else.

Do you love your children?

Oh, my God, yes.

When you fled your abuse you left
your boys behind. How did you justify that?

I knew my sister-wives would take good
care of them until I could get them away.

Now Mr. McCalister
here says that

if you go back with
him, you'll be safe,

that he won't send
you back to True Path.

No one says no to Wyatt.

If you send me away,
you'll never see me again.

They're watching
me all the time.

And Wyatt...

God only knows what he'll
make me do in his bedroom.

The danger you face in True
Path is an unhappy marriage.

Is that correct?

It's more than that. I
didn't want to marry him.

It's like rape.

I see.

A community that condones rape.

This would be a
community of people

with extremely
poor judgment, right?

I think so.

You left your children
in the care of rapists.

I never would have left
them if they were girls.

With boys it was okay?

Objection. I'm going
to get them back.

I want to be a good mother.

That's all Greentree County is
asking, that you be a good mother.

Thank you.

I filed this complaint against
Michelle because her children need her.

Little Eric cries for you
every night, Michelle.

CUTTER: Objection.

Don't address anyone
in the gallery, Mr. Landon.

What about her
fears of retribution?

She left in a moment of
weakness. She'll be forgiven.

She says her marriage
was forced upon her,

that you in effect raped her?

That's a lie. A lie to justify
her abandonment of our boys.

On our wedding night,
she hid because she thought

she wasn't good enough
to be the Prophet's wife.

Michelle was 16 when
you married her, correct?

Yes. She was younger
than my other wives,

but, uh, Michelle was
emotionally mature.

You're saying you don't have
a predilection for young girls?

No. My wives just have to be
healthy enough to bear children.

Bearing children is
God's plan, correct?

Yes. So if and when

Michelle returns to True Path,

she'll be expected to
bear you more children?

She will be expected to
live according to God's plan.

And if she refuses,
one way or the other,

you'll find a way to
impregnate her, correct?



You banished Patrick Friendly
from True Path three years ago.

Because he violated our rules.

He was a 17-year-old boy

who smiled at the 16-year-old
girl you had designs on.

I had a revelation.

To have sex with
a 16-year-old girl?

Our prisons are filled with men
who've had such revelations.

Objection. Sustained.

Anything else, Mr. Cutter?

I'm done with this witness.

If Michelle Landon is
extradited to Greentree County,

she'll face an
impossible choice.

Prosecution for
child abandonment,

or a return to a
polygamist compound

and in this court's opinion,
forced sex and forced breeding.

Either choice violates human
rights and the laws of New York State.

I also have serious doubts
that Greentree County

would make Ms. Landon available
to testify at her husband's trial.

The arrest warrant from
Greentree County is quashed.


We won. You can stay.

What's wrong?

I'm happy.

It's just my stomach.

You were sick
the other night, too.

It's not your nerves, is it?

I'm sorry.

I just told Patrick yesterday.

If Landon really has
a gift for prophesy,

he'll have his lawyer
call me for a deal.

You won a motion. The
trial is another matter.

Michelle is pregnant
by Patrick Friendly.

Landon's lawyer will use it to
impugn Michelle's credibility,

that she lied to help
the father of her child.

Mr. Cutter? Yeah?


Bad news travels fast.

Landon's demanding an ultrasound to
determine the age of Michelle's fetus.

From bad news to worse.

My client last had relations with his
wife weeks before she left the compound.

If the ultrasound shows the
fetus is older than two months,

it's his baby, not
Patrick Friendly's.

It's unthinkable to
force a pregnant woman

to undergo a medical
procedure of this kind...

I have a right to
know if that's my child.

GODWIN: Ultrasound is safe.

And the results may
have a material impact

on the credibility of
witnesses in this trial.

It's an invasion of her privacy.

I agree with Mr. Godwin.
There's no downside to the test.

I'm ordering Ms.
Landon to have it.

The doctor just told us.

I'm so sorry.

I really wanted it
to be Patrick's baby.

What are you going to do?

I'm going to go home
to have the baby.


To True Path.

I want to raise all
my kids together.

Michelle, if Wyatt's convicted,

you'll get custody of
your other children.

And raise three
kids, with no home,

no money, no father?

Michelle, what are you saying?

I can't help you put
Wyatt in jail. I need him.

Maybe this is God's plan.

I'm sorry I let you down.

Let us down?

What about the other
young girls in True Path

who'll be married off
like you. You think...

Mike. Don't.

Maybe it won't be so bad.

Maybe it is my place.

I'm sure she's done the math.

Landon is the devil she knows.

He'll annihilate her.

She's doing this for her kids.

We can't let her.

Yes, we can.

This may be the last decision
she makes of her own free will

and we'll honor it.

We have Caleb
Friendly's murderer.

Dismiss the charges against
Wyatt Landon and his co-defendants.

It's over.

Pursuant to the People's
request the charges against

Wyatt Landon, Levi Ingle and
Henry Winters are hereby dismissed.

We're adjourned. (GAVEL BANGS)


Let's go.

We're leaving.