Law & Order (1990–2010): Season 16, Episode 8 - Law & Order - full transcript

The murder of a trucker blows open a case involving illegal trafficking and the citizen border patrol

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In the criminal justice system

the people are represented by two
separate yet equally important groups,

the police who investigate crime

and the district attorneys
who prosecute the offenders.

These are their stories.

Rápido, boys. The dumpster
gets here in two hours.

Get the hell out of here.

DOA is Clayton Stack.

Shot twice.
Cash and wallet on him.

He called it in?
Stuart Bedecker.

Had a cleaning crew
in the adjacent alley.

Where's the crew?

He said they got spooked
and boogied.

I'll take the truck.

Thanks. Mr. Bedecker,
Detective Green.

Listen, your crew,
I need their contact info?

This was more of a day crew.


I tried to keep 'em here, but you
know how it is with these guys.

Not much spine.

Just tell me
what you saw and heard.

Box is empty.

Well, we can get a Canine
Unit in here to sniff it out.

It's the DOA's rig, and
I'm guessing his company.

Guy takes one in the head
and one in the chest.

And he's in trucking.
And he lives in Jersey.

What a surprise.

I wish I could help, but I never heard
anything about the mob coming around.

That's kind of hard to believe, being
in the trucking business and all.

Well, maybe I just
didn't know about it.

Well, look, don't you handle
the operations around here?

Yeah. The drivers' schedules
and bills of lading.

Not payoffs.

You and Stack close?

He was the boss.

That's not what he asked.

Stack was kind of a prickly guy.

That make him some enemies?

None I know of.

He was okay, just not the type to
get in a Santa suit, that's all.

And the business,
all above board?


Nobody came around collecting
money for an orphans' fund.

If they had
I wouldn't have known.

Look, I have to help
his wife plan the funeral.

Are we done?

My husband built that
company from nothing.

He worked his fingers
to the bone.

Twice a month he'd drive
cross-country loads

he didn't have to.

He was hands on.

He led by example.

That takes a strong personality.

And a good heart.

Did his focus ever rub
anyone the wrong way?

He got along with everyone.

Employees, too?

He pushed 'em hard.

But only to get their best.

Is there anybody he pushed
harder than the others?

He was well liked
by all of them.

Is there anyone that you can think
of that he didn't get on with?


Did he owe anybody any money?

We just started renovations
two weeks ago.

Who does that
when they're busted?

All these questions,
it's like...

It's like you're trying to
throw dirt on his memory.

Ma'am, we don't mean to
upset you. We're just...

We're just trying to
find out who killed him.

I don't know anything about
anyone who was after him.

But he was having nightmares.

Nightmares? Yeah, nightmares.

His wife said that he would wake up a
couple of nights a week screaming.

Since how long?

Said it started
a few months ago.

On account of what?

She had absolutely no idea.

Yeah, well, neither do we.

We're at zero.

TARU is checking surveillance
cameras along the route

that Stack was driving,

and Green is checking on the
backgrounds of his employees.

All right. Re-canvass
the crime scene, too.

The Chief of D's wants to
know what we got going here

and "nightmares"
ain't gonna cut it.

Hey, a driver Stack fired
took a gun collar last year.

Lester Wilkes.

Yeah. He drove long-haul.

The Transpo Supervisor said that when
Wilkes got fired it came to blows.

Well, there you go.

DOT found the gun in a random
inspection outside Dallas.

I never once fired the thing.

Is that why Stack canned you,
for carrying the gun?

It was Stack's idea.

To scare off hijackers.

Sounds like no love lost
between the two of you.

When I got busted he wouldn't
post bail or put up for a lawyer.

I spent two months
in a Texas jail.

So that's why you gave him a
beat down when you got fired?

Damn right.

Can you account for yourself,
at about 6:00 this morning?

I was home.


Delivering packages don't pay as
much as long haul trucking, huh?

You saying that's
a reason to kill him?

You tell us.

Look, fellas, scratch an
inch into Stack's life,

you'll find 20 stories
like mine.

Damn, look at his lifestyle.

Hey, wait a second.

Are you telling us that it doesn't
add up with the business?

The man could spend.

Fenced in area
at the end of the pier.

Make that fool Cosgrove
give you a peek.

Good day in the morning.
Would you look at this?

What's this, a '68?


Go ahead, this is gorgeous.

Wow. My uncle had one of these.

It's a '66 Shelby 289.

He let me drive Keisha
Lockwood to the prom in it.

My God, it's beautiful.

Where do you suppose he found
all this original chrome?

Oh, he spent hours online
hunting it down.

Door pulls, window cranks.

We know for a fact
that he bought 'em cherry.

30,000 apiece. His wife
showed us the paperwork.

We wanna see your records,
and we wanna see 'em now.

Do you understand me?

Right now.

Hey, where there's a DH,
that's "Dead Head."

That's an empty truck, right?
That's right.

Okay, so I'm looking
over these records.

When Stack did his long hauls,
he barely carried anything.

Well, all these other drivers
hauled nothing but full loads.

So what do you think, he just
liked to get out on the road?

And tie up one
of just eight rigs?

Spending what, over a
couple of grand in fuel?

Not if he wants to keep buying
them badass cars he has.

Or renovate a house. So what
do you think he was hauling?

Canine Unit didn't find
any trace of drugs.

It could be anything,
booze, untaxed cigarettes.

Whatever it was got him killed.

And hopefully left some
residue in that trailer box.

White urethane auto basecoat and there
are flakes embedded in the bumper

which would've easily blown off.

So he got in an accident
just before pulling over.

Maybe someone ran him
off the road.

Well, if you really
want to impress us,

you'll tell us what kind of
car that paint came from.

The lab tech says Honda, Ford
and GM all use the brand.


Oh. What are we doing here?

Step inside.

The trailer was washed out
pretty good but...

ls all that blood?

Some of it.

The lighter spots over here

are human urine
and fecal matter.

Sixty sets of fingerprints.

Did this guy make
any runs to border towns?

He was going back and
forth from Arizona.

Close to Mexico?


He was hauling people.

My guess, undocumented workers.

And he ran into
some serious trouble.

Tissue residue
stained into the floor.

Numerous blood types, hair.

And here, blood and nail marks,

where someone tried to pry the
panel off with their fingers.

So what do you think
happened here?

I think at some point this trailer
overheated and the people inside,

the cargo,
were literally cooked.

Any idea how many?

Ten so far. Maybe more.

That'll give you nightmares.

So you're telling us that
you knew absolutely nothing

about Stack hauling illegals?

I knew something was
going down on his hauls.

Who maintains the rigs?

I do.

So when you were
cleaning out blood, hair,

loose fingernails from people

who tried to claw their way out
of a boiling hot trailer box,

you classify that as
"something going down"?

Two months ago,
Stack brought that rig in.

He said there'd been a problem.

When he was coming back
from Arizona,

where did he pick
these illegals up?

The staging area,
Sasabe, Mexico.

He'd load up 30, 50 illegals

and drop them in Three Points,
sometimes as far as Tucson.

How much did he charge?

Two grand a head.

All right. What did
he say that this problem was?

A freon leak
in the refrigeration unit.

He said it was terrible.

What did he do with the dead?

Just dropped them in the desert.

Scattered locations.

And you worked
with this scumbag?

All right.

Who else knew
about the dead illegals?

I don't know.

His murder was connected
to it, wasn't it, Ken?

I swear I don't know.

Well, who else was he associated
with in the smuggling business?

I don't know any of the
people down there.

How did he hook up with them?

I don't know that either.

You don't know?
You don't know nothing!

You cooked the books.
He cooked the people.

You're going down, bro.

By the way, you're under arrest.

Hey, Lou, that was
the Tucson Police Chief.

He said border patrol pulls a body
a day out of the Sonora Desert.

Now, they're decomposed,
so they're unidentifiable.

But, he says the most recent John Does
could've been from Stack's truck.

So, he's sending DNA info.

Had the Chief ever heard
of Stack before?

He hadn't heard of most of the truckers
who were moonlighting as "coyotes."

So we got a cold, lowlife DOA who
probably has a million enemies.

Hey, listen to this.

A red-light camera caught a
white car trailing Stack's rig.

Didn't Crime Scene find white
paint scraped on Stack's bumper?

Yes, they did.

Did the camera happen to catch a
plate number? There was no plate,

but there was a Hudson Rent-a-Car
sticker on its bumper.

I rented the car to take
a drive out to the Island.

I've been looking to find
a town to settle in.

Getting out of
the rat race, huh?

Too many people in the city now.

How did you get
into that accident?

Ah, I didn't.

The car was parked.

It got sideswiped when I
went to get some dinner.

Any reason you didn't call
the police, Mr. Prentiss?

I figured I'd let the rental
company deal with it.

Did your travels take you
anywhere around Duane Park?

Uh, no, I don't think so.

Your rental was photographed
running a red light in that area.

Swerving close to a big rig.

Is there a fine to pay
or something?

'Cause this seems like an awful lot
of questions for a dented Aurora.

"Countrymen Borderwatch
of America."

You belong to this organization?

This isn't
a white power thing, is it?

No. Not at all. No.

We're about border defense.
A citizen auxiliary.

Are you one of those guys who sits on
the border looking through binoculars,

pointing out illegal crossers?

Lam personally responsible
for 68 detainees.

Well, there you go.

Hey, you don't happen to know a
guy named Clayton Stack, do you?

Owns a trucking company?


Anything else?

No. Not now.

Yes, please.

Iran Nathaniel Prentiss through E-Justice.
He's clean.

Any calls from him to our DOA?

No. No connection so far.

Look, the DOA smuggled illegals,

and this guy's
in a border patrol group?

I mean, I don't believe
in coincidence,

there's gotta be a connection.

We feel the same way,
but there's no link here.

911 received an anonymous
call from someone

reporting a gun dropped in a storm
drain near the crime scene.

Good. Check it out.

Here, you go. 38.

Two spent shells.

I'll bet they match
the slugs in the DOA

and that this was the gun
they used to kill Stack.

To see that gun get planted you'd have
to be at a fairly specific angle.

Or looking out
one of these windows.

Let's start knocking
on some doors.

Thank you. Thank you.

All these windows
look onto the street.

But I didn't make
any anonymous call,

and my husband was out
like a light.

We had a salon last night.

Excuse me?

A dinner party with some artists
from a gallery we support.

The 911 operator said
the anonymous caller

was a female with
a Spanish accent.

Any of the artists at your...


Yeah. Any of them Spanish?


Any Spanish speaking people
in the household?

I don't know
anything about a gun.

Weren't you cleaning the apartment
this morning at 6 a.m.?


Did you do the dishes?


Don't you do the dishes in
front of the window there?

I didn't see anyone
hide a gun. I'm sorry.

Do you have children,
Ms. Alvarez?

We were wondering because the
person who did call the police

was concerned that a child from the
park nearby might find that gun.

Blanca, did you call the police?

Did a man see you maybe?

No. But I can't get involved.

L think she's afraid
because she's undocumented.

Ms. Alvarez, we have
no interest in your status.

We just need you to point
us in the right direction.

Four. He put the gun
in the drain.

You're certain? Yes.

We appreciate your help,
Ms. Alvarez.

Everybody but four.

I just need you
to sign this form.

I want to do what's right,
you know?

Okay, then just sign right here.

That's what I teach my boys.
Do what's right.

I understand you have concerns, Ms.

I'm scared of being
taken away from them.

Our interest is this homicide,

not in sending you away.

Well, the ballistics report
came back,

and the gun you hid
killed Clayton Stack.

I didn't hide any gun.

That's not what
our witness says.

Hey, did you kill Stack
to make a statement?

I didn't kill anybody...
A statement about what?

Hauling illegals
into the country.

I mean, it says in here
that they're traitors.

Traitors get sentenced
to death, don't they?

Well, they should be.

Especially traitors
who contribute to

"one million illegals a year
streaming into America,"

"sapping our food
assistance programs,"

"public schools
and hospitals..."

They do the country
a great disservice.


That's an understatement.

Hey, how many aliens do you think
are in the United States right now?

10.3 million.

You're kidding me. I mean, that's crazy.
It's insanity.

And that's up from eight and a
half million four years ago.

560,000 just in New York City.

It makes you wonder whatever happened
to the concept of national security?


If that's what
motivated this shooting

we're going to quietly shake your
hand and say a job well done.

It's true.

I mean, we considered Stack
the lowest form of life,

so, as far as we're
concerned, he deserved it.

So why don't you help us help you
put this thing in the right light.

Maybe they got into an argument.

Things spun out of control,
he took a swing at him.

If you did this to make a
point, let's let it be heard.

I don't know this guy, Stack.

And I want a lawyer.

Nathaniel Prentiss
been arraigned?

He posted his
quarter million bail.

His attorney's
talking self-defense.


He ran Clayton Stack's truck
off the road and executed him.

Do you have a witness?
A clear motive?

No, no witness,
but Prentiss is a fanatic.

The defense isn't
gonna be selling him,

they're gonna be
selling the Countrymen.

And the Countrymen have a broader
appeal than you might imagine, Jack.

The Governor of California came
out in support of border patrols.

You may be looking
at a run at nullification.

Camping out in the Arizona
desert with a pair of binoculars

is not gonna get anyone a
pass for committing murder.

The man gives up his time,

money and energy to sit
in a hostile environment

to protect the laws
of his country.

In New York, he'll be
seen as a vigilante.

I don't know, Jack.

I mean, it could get
kind of complicated.

Here you have this guy who
despises illegal immigration.

But at the same time,
by killing Stack,

he's really standing up
for the immigrant underdog.

He can't say that if the truck
and the people who died in it

don't get into evidence.

Well, you got Everett Todd
on the bench for this one.

So good luck.

Why don't you just tape
my client's mouth shut?

Mr. Stack's past has nothing to
do with whether Mr. Prentiss

felt his life was threatened in the
moment when he pulled the trigger.

The death of those 12 illegals

goes directly to my client's motive for
meeting with Stack in the first place.

What's pertinent is the
fight and the shooting.

What about the fact that my client
only brought a gun because he knew

that Stack was a murdering
human trafficker.

What matters is Mr. Prentiss'
state of mind in the moment.

What matters is the jury
seeing the whole picture.

Nothing happens in a vacuum,
especially not this case.

I'm going to allow it.

That look says bad news.

You nailed it.

Some good news. Latent
lifted a thumb print

from a bullet in the murder weapon
that doesn't match Nathaniel Prentiss.

An accomplice?


The print in the system?
Not on file.

That's decent news, not good.

We'll need more,
especially with Judge Todd.

I looked into him.

He's known to report witnesses
he knows are illegals.

Even cooperating witnesses.
Like Blanca Alvarez.

Not before she testifies.

Jack, she's been in the country for
10 years, she has a family here.

So keep her off the stand?

She puts the gun
in Prentiss' hand.

The defense will use
her status to discredit her.

She's not the best witness.

She's better than nothing.

Prentiss' ex-wife
agreed to meet with me.

Maybe she knows
who he runs with.

Nat and I divorced
two years ago.

I'm not so sure how talking
to you can help him.

We think there was another person
involved, maybe someone more culpable.

Nat's a nice guy.

I don't want to hurt him.
He's a good man.

Can you tell me whether he was involved
with the Countrymen during your marriage?

He wasn't.

So his zealotry didn't
contribute to your divorce?

What contributed was infidelity.

After he found out he got all
gung ho about homeland invasion.

The Countrymen gave him a
society, friends, activities.

Friends like who?

I'll tell you up front, Nathaniel
Prentiss murdered no one.

Alone or with others.

Well, could you
convince me, Mr. Dorn?

Look, he went to meet Stack to encourage
him to turn himself into the authorities.

He told you this?

Yeah. We talked about it
for the last two months,

since Stack showed up
on our radar in Sonora.

During a border watch.

One of our members,
former law enforcement,

he got a tip that Stack was the man
responsible for the 12 dead crossers.

So we all got talking
around the campfire.

That he should be confronted?

And brought to the authorities.

Why didn't you just
call the authorities?

Well, it's our experience that you folks need
your criminals handed to you on a plate.

Do you know why Nathaniel
brought a gun to the meeting?

Um, he was confronting a killer.

I mean, can you blame him?

I'd like the names
of the other people

who were at the campfire
when the plan was hatched.

I can't recall.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

Crime Scene says that the
prints on the soda can

do not match the bullet
in the murder weapon.

Dorn's prints in the system?

Nothing popped.
He doesn't have a record.

Well, did you re-canvass
the crime scene?

Three times.

Look, so far we've got nothing to
make this guy your accomplice.

Your witness, Blanca Alvarez,
just got assaulted on the street.

She was taking
the kids for a walk,

a black van pulled up, white
guy jumped out with a knife.

Anybody get hurt? Kids are fine.

Nanny got minor scrapes.

Witnesses say she was screaming and
clawing at the guy and scared him off.

She fought like hell.

Can you point me
towards the witnesses?

Ms. Alvarez, are you okay?

I'm okay. I'm okay.

He just came out of nowhere.

Did you recognize him? No. No.

Well, can you tell me what happened
after he got out of the van?

He ran at me. He tried
to pull me away.

I think he was trying
to get the babies.

You sure he wasn't trying
to pull you into the van?

No, no, no, no.

He was pulling me away
to try to get to them.

But is it possible
he was after you?

Is it because of the man
I saw who hid the gun?

Until we know for sure we'll need
to put you in a protected location.

A hotel.

Oh, no. No, no, no. No!

I just want to go back
to my apartment.

Ms. Alvarez, I'm sorry,
but you might not be safe.

Guys, they just pulled over
a black van in mid-town.

They think it might be our guy.

Everything will be okay.

You're going to cal!
This an attempted mugging?

That's about all you can prove.

Ms. Alvarez is
a witness in a homicide case.

Your client's fingerprint
was found on a bullet

in the murder weapon
in that case.

Or are you going to call that a
coincidence and make us laugh out loud?

He was intimidating our witness.

That's first degree kidnapping.

An A-1 felony. 25 years.

Could it stay a mugging if he had
information about the homicide?

Very good information.

And we're assured he wasn't
the shooter himself.

I was upstate when it went down.

How did your print
get on the bullet?

I sold a guy the gun.

Terry Dorn.


Did he have something to do with
the attack on Blanca Alvarez?

He paid me to get her to back off
her ID of Nathaniel Prentiss.

How'd he find out
who made the ID?

Maybe Nathaniel's attorney.
He'd know, right?

Why is Nathaniel
so important to Dorn?

'Cause Terry Dorn believes...

We believe that Nathaniel
Prentiss shouldn't go to jail

for protecting this country!

You're a Countryman, too,
Mr. Moncrief?

You damn right, I am!

Nathaniel Prentiss is a hero.

Terry, he was just
trying to protect him.

If that's all you got,
it's still a kidnapping.

Dorn knew Stack was
going to get murdered.

Buying the gun for Prentiss
was a little insurance.

When did you know this?

He told me yesterday. When he
called me about the housekeeper.

That's not worth something?

Terry Dorn?
Yeah, just a minute, huh?

Just put your hands where we can see them.
Don't move.

What is this crap?
You're under arrest.

Accomplice to murder,
witness intimidation.

The list is long
and distinguished.

And a 'yoke.

You should be ashamed
of yourselves. Huh?

What kind of a country
locks up its patriots?

The kind that gives you the right
to remain silent. Exercise it.

He bought the intimidation of a
witness and a gun for a murder.

How does that earn a walk?

The essence of what you're asking for is
a testimony of brother against brother.

Except Nathaniel Prentiss
is not his brother.

These men confronted foreign invaders
in the Arizona desert together.

They've dodged live rounds...

They're also not in a war.

You're deluded, Mr. McCoy.

There are terrorists
crossing, drug dealers...

Sell that to your elected
officials, Mr. Dorn.

Or get someone elected who
agrees with you, but spare me.

You know what percentage of Federal prisoners
are illegal immigrants, Mr. McCoy?

Twenty percent.

That's 20% of all federal crime
from 3% of the population,

and you think we should
just sit on our hands?

I think you're free to take
your chances at trial.

The idea was never
to harm Ms. Alvarez.

What was the idea?

To inform her

of what Clayton Stack had done to
other migrant workers, her people,

and hopefully she would, uh,
reconsider her testimony.

By having Dan Moncrief
kidnap her at knifepoint?

He's had survival training.

He's, uh... He's overzealous.

Tell me about the gun you
bought for Nathaniel Prentiss.

Did you know of his intention
to kill Clayton Stack?

I can't believe
it's come to this.

How did you know Mr. Prentiss
meant to kill Clayton Stack?

Well, he would come to me
with these scenarios,

concepts for hunting Stack down.

Assassination plans? Yes.

Uh, one idea was to phony up
a hijacking of Stack's rig.

And what was the desired result?

Stack's death.

Uh, you testified that you purchased
the gun used to kill Clayton Stack.

That's correct.

And you just testified that you knew the
gun was going to be used in a murder.

That's right.

But you're not sitting at the
defense table with Mr. Prentiss

because you made a deal with the
prosecution, is that right?


Mr. Dorn, you own property in
Douglas, Arizona, don't you?

Camp T-Bird?

Isn't that what you call it?

My mother owns it, actually.

What kind of activities
go on at Camp T-Bird?

It's a hunting camp.

It's right there on the
Mexican border, isn't it?

That's right.

You ever get any illegals

crossing onto your property?

We have, yes.

You ever detain 'em?


Isn't it true that two illegal crossers
you detained and pistol-whipped

later sued for the deed
to Camp T-Bird?

That was a joke of a lawsuit.

They didn't win one dime.

Because the lawsuit was
properly defended, wasn't it?

Yes, it was.

Who paid for that defense?

Nathaniel Prentiss
loaned me the money.

How much was it?

Fifty thousand dollars.

You paid it back?

I plan to. I will.

Even if he's in jail?

Of course.

And this testimony of yours,
bought by the prosecution,

is an attempt to skirt
a massive debt.

Objection, your honor.


That's not true.

Who's to know?

Nothing further.

Didn't think that was
worth sharing, Mr. Dorn?

It had nothing to do
with the case.

It has everything to do with
this trial and your testimony,

which is all but useless now.

I truly plan to pay him
back, and he knows that.

Or did you intentionally allow
yourself to be discredited?

Of course not.

Out of sympathy for your

who you're in the hole to
for 50 grand?

That is an absurd notion.

Is that why you flipped
on him so easily?

Okay, we're done being insulted.

You'll take the insults
and like them.

Your cooperation agreement is
in serious jeopardy right now.

My word is my bond, Mr. McCoy.

On the American flag,
on the Bible,

I swear I had no idea
the loan was important.

No idea.

Dorn walks and his
testimony's useless.

(Sharp PW)!-

Pull his cooperation agreement.

If I do that without proof of a
conspiracy between Dorn and Prentiss,

we'll lose all credibility
in making deals.

Alex is digging,
but no luck so far.

Well, then Dorn skates
and maybe Prentiss, too.

Oh, ye of little faith.

A car loan application of Terry
Dorn's lists "H and K Heat and AC"

as a work reference.

They repair industrial
air conditioners.


The owner said, in principal,

Dorn may know his way
around an AC unit

like the one that malfunctioned
in Clayton Stack's big rig.

Dorn's responsible for the
malfunction in the truck?

If he was, wouldn't he want
Clayton Stack dead, too?

If Stack knew who had
done the sabotage.

Any proof of that?

I'm working on it.

In the meantime, can I suggest
calling some filler witnesses

to delay Blanca Alvarez's
testimony for a day or two?

And Judge Todd will be
all over us over any delay,

and we'll have cost ourselves
the jury's interest.

This trial isn't about making
life easier for Blanca Alvarez,

it's about
convicting a murderer.

She's prepped.

Ms. Alvarez, can you point to the
man you saw hide the gun that morning?

That's him.

For the record,
Ms. Alvarez has pointed

to the defendant, Nathaniel Prentiss.
That's all.

Ma'am, um, how long have you
been in the United States?

Ten years.

Are you an American citizen?

Objection, relevance.

Her status is relevant to
establish a motive to fabricate.

I'll allow it.

Are you an American citizen?


Have you ever applied
for legal status?


When was the last time
you applied?

Two weeks ago, but...
Two weeks ago?

Right in the middle of this trial?
Isn't that a coincidence?

That was the deadline.

Do you apply every year
right on the deadline?


Isn't it true that you haven't
applied for the last eight years?


Why'd you think you had a better
shot this year than the last eight?

I don't know.

Because you're helping
out the government,

and maybe they'd help you out?


Looking through a steamed up
window at 6:00 in the morning,

are you absolutely certain
that you saw my client? Yes.

Or did you just see your
best shot at citizenship?

No. I saw him, that man.

Ten years in our country, Ms.
Alvarez, you ever pay taxes?

Objection, your honor.


Did you ever pay taxes?


Redirect, Your Honor?

Ms. Alvarez, did you ever
receive any favor or inducement

from the DA's office
regarding your status

in exchange for your testimony?


But I knew this would
be bad for me.

Ms. Alvarez,
remain in the gallery,

and you're not to
leave the courtroom.

What's the rush?

The records of illegals applying
for citizenship aren't public.

Somebody fed the defense Blanca
Alvarez's immigration case file.

I've got a friend at Immigration
and Customs who owes me.

Somebody's getting their ass
nailed to the wall for this.

How long have you been
with ICE, Agent McNary?

Four years.

Long enough to know the difference
between public and confidential?

What are we doing here, ma'am?

Who approached you for
Blanca Alvarez's file?

Who's saying that happened?

A source.

And your participation
in the Countryman Project.

A lot of people
are in the Project.

It's not illegal.

Agent, do you want
to lose your job?

You know,

there's only so much ICE can do
to stem this flood of illegals.

I'm not interested
in a sales pitch.

And the project shouldn't flame-out
because one guy overreached.

Nathaniel Prentiss shot
someone in cold blood!

I'm talking about Terry Dorn.

Dorn wasn't behind the project's
passive stance like he says?


Did he sabotage trucks?


Did Clayton Stack know this?

He knew it was Dorn
who sabotaged his truck.


'Cause Dorn had tried
once before and failed

because Stack
caught him in the act.

Since every request to Mr. Stack

for a face to face meeting
went unanswered I realized

I'd have to track him down.

Did you?

I waited outside his truck lot

and made myself known.

He drove right past me.

And what'd you do then?

I followed him.

I tried to get him to pull over.

And when he finally did stop,

I, uh, I informed him
of my purpose.

Which was?

To get him to admit the truth
about the illegals he'd murdered

and turn himself in.

Going to meet Mr. Stack,

was it ever your intention
to do him harm?

No. Never.

The Countrymen motto is
"detect and advise."

Tell me, the Countrymen,
is that a racist organization?

No. We don't single out
any race or nationality.

Our sole purpose is to prevent
the invasion by illegals.

You know,
mixed in with your busboys

and your housekeepers and your
gardeners are drug dealers,

fugitives, possible
Al-Qaeda members.

And there's not enough resources

or concern in our American
government to stop it.

So, we just do a job
that they won't do.

Thank you.

When did "detect and advise"
become "confront and shoot"?

That's what happened
with Mr. Stack, correct?


A passive operation to which you
happened to bring a gun, correct?

Smugglers are desperate men.

So are men covering up murders.

Isn't it true that Terry Dorn convinced
you to commit this homicide?

No, it is not true.

You didn't hatch this plan
around a campfire in Arizona?

No. We discussed
approaching Stack

and giving him an opportunity

to surrender
under his own terms.

But didn't Dorn have
a secondary motive?


Isn't it true that Terry Dorn

used his contacts
in the Countrymen

to initiate a campaign of terrorism
against human smugglers?

I don't...

I don't know what
you're talking about.

And didn't he sabotage the refrigeration
unit of Clayton Stack's semi-trailer

the day before its malfunction
killed those 12 illegals?

That is a lie.

Dorn didn't want
Clayton Stack killed

to prevent illegal immigration

but to keep himself out of jail.

Didn't you know that?

You weren't aware
that he used you

to cover up for the murder
of 12 innocent people?

Mr. Prentiss?

What's on the table?

Testimony regarding
Dorn's involvement.

Man One. 15 years.

Did Dorn encourage
the death of Stack

for the good of the country
or for the good of Terry Dorn?

You didn't know about the
dirty tricks, did you?

You were used, weren't you, Mr.

It's not good for anyone
if Terry Dorn is in jail.

He's key to the project.

Immigration reform is at an "any means
necessary" level, Mr. Prentiss?

You're not terrified to see more
buildings fall, more planes crash?

Lam. Terry is.

And he's going to see it stops.

By murdering innocent illegals?

You know they were innocent?
I don't.

And for my money, they shouldn't have
been on that truck in the first place.

In the matter of the
"People v. Nathaniel Prentiss,

"on the count of murder in the
Second Degree," how do you find?

We find the defendant,
Nathaniel Prentiss, guilty.

These allegations
are absurd, McCoy.

I don't know who the hell
you've been talking to.

For a plea to conspiracy
to murder Clayton Stack

we're offering 25 years.

I had nothing to do with it.

And you should be very proud
of yourself, Mr. McCoy.

False allegations convicted
Nathaniel Prentiss, and for what?

Being a patriot?

Or embarrassing
the US Government

for doing a better job
protecting the border.

For being a murderer.

Any more nonsense charges?

That's it. Come on.

Mr. Dorn, US Marshals.

There's a warrant for
your arrest in Arizona.

What, is this a joke?

You'll need to come with us.

Agent McNary of ICE

will testify that you sabotaged
Clayton Stack's truck.

Arizona's 25% Latino

and a death penalty state.
No joke.

Good luck at your trial.

Dorn's on a plane for Tucson.
Left at 10:00 this morning.


And Blanca Alvarez is scheduled to be
deported back to Oaxaca in two months.

She hasn't been there in years.

Her mother's here, her
husband, her two kids.

Tell her to file an appeal.

She'll be gone
before it's considered.

Unless there was a way
to influence the process.

Personally, you mean.

The US Attorney for
the Southern District

used to be the head of INS.

With Congress calling for
crackdowns on illegal immigration,

calling the US Attorney would
draw attention to the case

and she'd be deported
in two weeks, not months.

She was attacked on the street.

She stood up for us
at every turn.

Immigration cases are
clogging the federal courts.

It's no time to be
making personal appeals.

And even if you could,

Judge Todd would think
we bought her testimony.

It can't be helped.