Law & Order (1990–2010): Season 16, Episode 4 - Law & Order - full transcript

The bombing death of a husband set to remove the feeding tube of his wife, who's in a persistent vegetative state, focuses the investigation on the protesters.

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In the criminal justice system

the people are represented by two
separate yet equally important groups,

the police who investigate crime

and the district attorneys
who prosecute the offenders.

These are their stories.

You Okay?

Doctor's ready.

The procedure's
scheduled for 2:00.

They'll remove the feeding tube.

If you have any questions...



This is what I promised you.


I love you.

He's here, he's out here!


Who made you God?

Robert, call me later.

We got one DOA, four injured.

Of the four injured,
none of them are likely.

Lucky they were on the
doorstep of the E.R.

The DOA, the driver,
was a Robert Barrows.

Detective, where's the
mobile command center?

On its way, Lieutenant.

Well, until it's here or we're
sure there's not another bomb

around here somewhere, everyone is
to stay off cell phones and radios.

Well, we don't have to look too far
for a motive. Seems pretty obvious.

To anyone watching the news.

Karen Barrows has been on a
feeding tube for 11 years.

Her husband tried
to get it removed.

The tube was supposed
to be taken out today.

We got at least a dozen
organized protest groups.

Citizens for Life, Disabled
Rights, Christians Unified.

Not counting the people
who came here on their own,

which is probably most of them.

No shortage of suspects.

Just a couple of hundred,
give or take.

Fragments taken from the
chassis of the car.

Looks like a pipe bomb,
home workshop model.

It didn't go off when
Barrows started the car?

Remote detonator.

You can download plans
off the internet

and buy the electronics
from 100 different places.

Which means the killer
was watching this

whole thing happen
from some place nearby.

Nature of the detonator, they'd
have had to be within 200 yards.

Well, we'll get a couple of guys from
the 11th Squad to help with the canvas

and pull the hospital
surveillance tapes.

And these news crews, we need
to check out what they shot.

Now, when was this bomb planted?

It didn't happen around
all these people.

We'll find out where
Barrows kept his car.

Robert parked it on the street.

Lot of access.

You'd think the police
would have checked it.

They gave him a police
escort to the hospital.

They put up
bullet-proof curtains,

they even gave him
a police radio.

Has the car been out of
your possession recently?

Three days ago it was serviced
at my cousin's shop in Queens.

But he wouldn't plant a bomb.

Well, has anyone shown up
to threaten him personally?

Besides her parents?

Karen's parents?
You haven't seen them?

They went on the news.

They called him a monster.

They called me a whore for
having kids with him.

When I met him, she had been
like that for six years.

Robert dedicated
his life to her.

He fought to get
money for her care.

Fought how? A malpractice suit.

It took him four years
to get a settlement.

How much money
are we talking about?

Three point two million.

And who will control
this money now?


Of course we'll
control the trust.

That's how it should've
been since the settlement.

But this isn't about money,
at least not for us.

You weren't too pleased with
the way Robert handled things.

Robert was spending Karen's
money on his girlfriend,

buying her clothes,
redoing their apartment.

Why do you think
he wanted Karen dead?

It's been a hard couple of days.

Good to meet you.
Reverend Harlan Dwyre.

How do you do?

Yeah, I've seen you on the news.

Harlan's been a crucial
advocate in our fight,

and a good friend.

Were any of you at the hospital
when Robert was killed?

We don't go when Robert's there.

It's too painful.

Well, when you are there,

do you ever hear anybody say
anything about hurting him?

No, and we would
never encourage that.

You've been pretty harsh
towards him on the news.

He's been trying
to kill our child.

I'm sure that they understand.

And she's still in danger.

The police should be helping us

instead of making us feel like
we've done something wrong.

Excuse me.

It's Steven.

Hey, any news?

Yes, I'll tell them.

The court has agreed
to hear Karen's petition.

Until then, the feeding
tube stays in.

Oh, that's good news.
Such good news.

If you don't mind me
asking, who's Steven?

Karen's brother.

Where does he live?

I was getting gas downtown
on my way to the hospital.

And I caught something on
the radio about a car bomb.

Oh, yeah? What time was that?

Uh, it was just before 11:00.

They said it just happened.

Did you happen to get a
receipt for that gas?

Come on, guys.

You want me to look for it?

That'd be great.

All right.

You guys questioned my parents.

Couple of 60-year-old retirees,

they seem like the
car-bombing type to you?

We're just gathering
information, sir.

Don't confuse us with the
protesters down at the hospital.

They've never met Karen.

Hey, did any of them
ever contact you?

No, and I don't go near them.

The reason some idiot
planted a bomb...

To them, Karen
stands for something.

To me, she's my little sister.

I just want her alive.

Here you go.

And talk to the guy
driving that fuel tanker.

He almost hit my car on the
way out of the station.

The brother's gas station
receipt checks out.

And there was a fuel tanker
there when he said there was.

What about the cousin who serviced
Barrows' car three days ago?

There's no record. And no pro-life
involvement that we could find.

Does the bomb squad know
exactly where it was planted?

It was on the chassis
underneath the driver's seat.

So the cousin would
have noticed it

when he changed
the transmission fluid.

Meaning our bomb was planted
in the last three days.

That's our window.

Lieutenant, this is
Detective Garcia with Intel.

He's assigned
to threat assessment.

He's helping us sort
out this hate mail.

Nice to meet you. Anything?

You remember when the Women's
Center on 30th Street

was bombed last year?

Yeah, in the middle
of the night.

This is a copy of the letter the center
got two days before it happened.

"I am the instrument
of God's vengeance."

Guy couldn't spell vengeance.

Robert Barrows got this four days ago.
Never opened it.

"L am the instrument of..."

It's the same phrase.

Same font, same layout.

Who caught this case?

What a heartbreaker.

It was a ground ball
then it all fell apart.

Who was the suspect?

Walter Byrd, some pro-life nut-job.
Too perfect, right?

Witness saw him hanging around
the clinic at 4:00 a.m.

A minute later, the whole
storefront blows off.

How come it didn't stick?

Well, he had no trace
explosives on him,

we got no prints, no one
saw him plant the bomb.

So we cut him loose.
A week later, he's gone.

No forwarding address. Nothing.

What type device was it?

First page.

"Pipe bomb,
bleach-based explosive,"

"potassium nitrate,
remote detonator."

Sounds like it could be our boy.

Well, we've got his photo,

so if he was hanging out with the
protesters at the hospital, then...

We'll check it out.

Karen feels the presence of those who
love her, she feels joy and pain.

She is not in a vegetative state.
She is cognizant.

Excuse me. Pardon me.

Karen can make hand
signals to communicate.

Yo! Yo! Come here.

Seems like you've been
around here for a few days.

Have you seen this man?

This about the car bomb?

Yes, it is. What do
you know about it?

Someone had to stop
Robert Barrows,

but that wasn't
the way to do it.

I'm not asking how it
should've been done.

All I'm asking you is this,
have you seen this man or not?

Don't think so.



He was handing out flyers.

When was this? About a week ago.

I saw him a couple of times.

Did you take a flyer?

He's pro-life, which sort of
bothers me 'cause I'm pro-choice.

Wait, do you know
where I could find one?

Maybe on the ground? They were
orange with black lettering.


I got two witnesses
who saw him with these.

This it?

I think so.

Check this out.

P.O. box to send donations.

Whatever he's done,
I can't help you.

He gave your apartment
as a billing address.

Billing address?

Yeah. For a P.O. box.

Do you recognize this?

No, I don't.

He stayed over a couple
of times last winter.

And sometimes he gets mail here.

Does he ever come and get it?

Not for awhile.

Anyway, I threw it all out.
I don't want him here.

Why, wasn't he
an ideal house guest?

He damned near caught
my curtains on fire

soldering something
in the back room.

Soldering what?

Who knows? I threw it all out.

And when he called, I told him
he was not staying here again.

Do you know where
he called from?

Didn't ask. I heard
kids in the background.

Does Walter have kids?

None I know of.

His ex has kids. Maybe
they're back together.

You know? I don't think
anyone's at home.

Well, I hear something.

Well, hello there.
What's your name?

Is Walter home?

Back door. Got it.
I'll go around.

Come out here, honey. That's it.

Police! I heard you go in there.

Step out slowly.
I want to see your hands!

I'm coming out.

Put it out! Put it out!

Help! Help!

You okay? Yeah.

Easy, easy. Easy!

I lit a cigarette,
which was stupid

'cause I had paint
thinner on the table,

and a second later,
there's flames everywhere.

I was glad to see this guy.

Don't give us that bull, man.

You were trying
to torch the place.

Why would I want to do that?

Because you had more than
paint thinner in that shed.

You had potassium nitrate,
aluminum fillings, blasting caps.

And a bag of rusty nails like the
ones you used in the car bomb,

like the ones they pulled
out of Robert Barrows.

Look, I'm not saying I don't make bombs.
I do. But, uh...

I use them to go fishing.


Yeah. You throw one in the water
and all the fish float to the top.

You heard of that.

Anyway, you said you were at
the hospital four days ago.

What were you doing there?

It's wrong what's happening to that girl.
I was speaking out.

Speaking to who?
Who'd you talk to?

Lots of people.

We're going to dump
your ex-wife's phones.

We're going to run
down every call.

Go ahead.

And the lab's going to know if the
explosive used in the car bomb

matches the batch
we found in your shed.

You know, somebody broke
into the shed last week,

took a whole bunch of stuff.

Are you trying to amuse us,

or do you really think
we're that stupid?

Byrd's ex-wife backs his alibi.

He spent the last
four days with her.

Ex or no, still
doesn't mean much.

It goes beyond her.

At the time of the explosion,
she and Byrd were firing guns

at a range in Arden Heights,
and the range confirms it.

Interesting couple.

Where's the lab on the
chemicals in Byrd's shed?

It matches the explosives
used at the hospital.

Any prints on the bomb fragment?

No, and Crime Scene
Unit is not hopeful.

What about the ex-wife's
phone records?

So far, just friends and family.

We don't think Byrd used
the phone at the house.

Well, someone had to
detonate that bomb.

Who was he working with?

It could be somebody from the
Calvary Hill Foundation.

Religious group.

Last year, Byrd took
an inciting to riot collar

at an anti-evolution rally in
Tulsa sponsored by Calvary Hill.

I'm sure they'll be very talkative.
Good luck.

Of course we'd
like to be of help

but we don't discuss
our membership.

Even if they're
a homicidal bomber?

Having our literature
doesn't make him a member.

And that kind of
violent activity

has no place in our ideology.

Well, except for
that riot in Tulsa

where there were 16 arrests made
outside a school board meeting.

We didn't bring the batons
and tear gas, Detective.

If Walter Byrd is a member
of our organization

and he did this bombing,
it's purely coincidental.


Is the Reverend Dwyre a
member of your foundation?

A supporter.

Was he also in Tulsa with you?

He spoke at the rally.

Oh, now you think he's involved?

Heated emotional situations,
like Karen's, like in Tulsa,

they bring out passionate
people, also the extreme.

Like Walter Byrd?


How well do you know him?

Well, we've just been
at the same rallies.

You just happen to cross paths
with a bomb maker at a rally?

Our center supports religious
and ethical causes.

Now, he may believe in the same
causes, but I deplore his tactics.

His explosions put
your face on the news.

I mean, you're getting a lot
of air time out of this.

Well, I have a feeling
that will end soon.

Do you know the name
Mitch Randolph?

Mitch Randolph...

ls he the guy who blew up those
four abortion clinics in Oregon?

Half the country's been looking
for him for two years.

He's always one step ahead.

Randolph's anonymous blog says
that he was in New York recently.

That goes for a lot
of other people.

He wrote he was supporting violent
action to save Karen's life

and he was here to offer
support and knowledge.

And you think he's going
to take responsibility?

Yes, I do.

And this Mitch Randolph idea
just came to you now, did it?

In my work, it's not a
name you drop lightly.

Mitch Randolph is a hero.

Willing to put his ass
on the line, you know?

And that you think we'd help you
find him is incomprehensible.

Look, you guys
are pro-life, right?


Our murder victim has two kids.

So why aren't you
so pro-life about him?

A man with a gun
to his wife's head

waiting for a godless court
system to pull the trigger?


We don't know where
Mitch Randolph is

and we wouldn't
tell you if we did.

You're gonna want
to watch the attitude.

We can subpoena
your computers' files,

track where he blogged from.

Do you really want
all those hassles?

You mean, again?

What are you talking about?

Before you harass people
doing God's work,

try talking to your
pals at the FBI.

When the government is run
by fools who condone murder

and the bloodshed of innocents,

it is the responsibility of the
people to respond in kind.

It was posted on the Save Our Homeland
website as a kind of morale video.

Did you figure out
where it was shot?

We matched the wallpaper
and window curtains

to the Bandicott Hotel in
mid-town three weeks ago.

What was on the Bandicott's
surveillance cameras?

Randolph strolling
through the lobby.

We need to see that.

There's nothing there.

And neither us or ATF have anything
connecting him to this car bombing.

Just him promoting
violence on a website.

Generic wacko rambling.

What about the fact
he's in the city?

Two weeks ago we had him
allegedly spotted in Montana,

and then a tip came in he might
be hiding out in South Carolina

with the survivalist
dirt farmers.

We don't know where he is.

We still want to see the
Bandicott surveillance videos.

There. That's him.

He waits for the elevator.

Elevator doors open.

He gets in.

Door's close.

Can we see it again?

All right.

No, let it keep playing.

Who's the guy
in the back doorway?

That looks like Walter Byrd.

We're starting to see a
bigger picture here, Mr. Byrd.

Maybe you weren't the only one
involved in this bombing.

I wasn't involved at all.

We want to move forward.

Trade up. You familiar
with the concept?

Lam. What's the offer?

Twenty years.

Eight, max.

Eighteen concurrent
with the clinic bombing

after a full allocution on both.



I mean, you people got no concept
of believing in a cause.

Conviction on one and you
do at least 25 years.

Fifty if you get
consecutive sentences.

There are people in the world who
truly care about human life.

Ten seconds and
the deal is gone.

People who think that
killing is abhorrent.

Anathema. Against
the will of God.

Do you even believe
in God, Miss Borgia?

I do. Goodbye.


What do you want to know
about the Reverend?



He says Dwyre contracted
him to build a bomb.

Byrd delivered it to the
Reverend's hotel room.

Three days later
Robert Barrows blew up.

And where does
Mitch Randolph fit in?

Byrd says he doesn't know
him, he never met him.

How does he explain the
Bandicott surveillance tape?

He says it was a setup
orchestrated by Dwyre.


Dwyer told Byrd to meet him at
the hotel, then he never showed.

Knowing Byrd and Randolph
would cross paths

and we'd look at Byrd
for the bombing.

That's what he says.

And Byrd wasn't
just blowing smoke?

All the specifics
point to Byrd and Dwyre.

Did you find any calls between
Byrd and the Reverend?


Well, they could've had
contact outside the hospital.

Is there anything that
Byrd knew about Dwyre

that he couldn't
have just made up?

Something we can confirm.

Is that ayes?

Okay, thanks.

Byrd told you that he
delivered the bomb to Dwyre

at the Leister Inn, room 1602?

Yeah. Dwyre's in 1602.

Pick him up.

Everyone? I have
some wonderful news.

The Lamar family
was just informed

that the court has
granted our motion

to vacate prior rulings
to terminate Karen's life.

Now, her feeding tube
will remain in place

and we will keep it in place until
she is well enough to feed herself.

Detectives, did you hear?

Yes. Great news. Can we
talk to you for a minute?

Not now, they need me.

Listen, you're under arrest.

You want to come calmly, 'cause we
don't want to stir up the crowd.

Or are you just about
making the news, Reverend?

No, no, no, it's all right.
It's all right, everyone.

Whatever happens
to me is nothing.

This is about Karen.
About her right to life.

Make yourself
comfortable, Reverend.

You are making a huge
mistake, gentlemen.

Oh, I don't think so.

An ordained minister who orders a
pipe bomb through room service?

I'd think it's your
mistake, not ours.

Well, let me go on record that
I did nothing of the sort.

Then Why'd you throw
out Mitch Randolph's name,

unless it was to put
this on Walter Byrd?

You're taking the
word of that madman?

Where were you when Robert
Barrows got blown to pieces?

In good time, gentlemen.
In good time.

You're gonna have all the time
you need on Rikers Island.

I know you're not from here, but
I'm sure you've heard of it.

Thought you'd want to see this.

Thank you.

So, that's how it's done
in the blue states.

Threats and intimidation.

You've arrested me for what I stand
for, not what you think I did.

Actually, we arrested you because
you're a bomb throwing phony.

This is a report
from the bomb squad.

They found traces
of potassium nitrate

on the desk in your hotel room,

the same compound they used in the
explosives that killed Robert Barrows.

Is there anything you'd
like to say, Reverend?

I want a lawyer.

"Docket number 53832,
People v. Harlan James Dwyre."

"Murder in the second degree,"

"criminal possession of a dangerous
weapon in the first degree,"

"four counts of assault
in the first degree."

I never thought
I'd be saying this,

but how do you plead, Reverend?

Lam not guilty, Your Honor.

We all know that the only reason.

Reverend Dwyre stands
accused here today

is because he opposed the murder
of a helpless young woman.

Because he stood up for life.

He's here for his role in
the death of one individual

and the injury of four others.

He saved Karen!

Remove those people
from the courtroom.

In fact, escort them
out of the building.

Anyone else hollering out will be
locked up and charged with contempt.

And if you continue to grandstand, Mr.
Kirby, the same goes for you.

You can lock us all up, Judge,
but you will never silence us.

Your Honor.

You were warned. I find you
in contempt of court, sir.

Judge Torledsky gave Dwyre
100 grand bail

and 10 days
on a contempt finding.

He manipulated his arraignment

into a pro-life media event.

You better get used to it. This whole case
is going to be the Harlan Dwyre Show.

And we're going to look like patsies
if it doesn't have the right ending.

We flipped the bomb maker.
He'll testify against Dwyre.

Walter Byrd, a zealot himself.

Not the most credible witness.

Agreed. But the
explosive residue

in Dwyre's hotel room
corroborates Byrd's story.

I don't see the Reverend
Dwyre crawling under a car.

Or pushing the button,
for that matter.

He has thousands of supporters.

I don't think we'll ever know
who all the players were.

Don't be so sure.

When push comes to shove, I doubt
Dwyre's going to take one for team.

Harlan Dwyre will do whatever's
best for Harlan Dwyre.

Dwyre's notice of alibi.

He was on a radio talk show
at the time of the bombing.

Green and Fontana asked for his
whereabouts. He gave them the run-around.

Timing is everything.

Arthur Branch, closet liberal.

I always suspected.

Trust me, you're wrong.

Something put Dwyre
in his cross hairs, Alex.

Can I call you Alex?

We don't prosecute people unless
there's evidence, Miss Sanders.

Or if it's election time with a
bleeding heart constituency.

Why else bare fangs
at a reverend

trying to save a woman from torture
and murder by an adulterous husband?

Was Reverend Dwyre here at the
time of the bombing or not?

He was in that chair from
10:00 to 11:00 that morning.

Rodney's cued the tape for the
exact time the bomb went off.

Oh, you're absolutely right.
It is madness.

And if you think
it's going to stop

with Karen and the unborn
children, open your eyes.

We're on a ship called
the culture of death, folks,

with a legion of godless
liberals at the helm.

It's 10:45 here on WPLF Radio.

And if that's not good enough,

I'd be happy
to testify in court.

It says on your program
notes that Phil Lamar

was a guest that day, but I
didn't hear him say anything.

That's because Mr. Lamar
had to cancel that morning.

The reason I didn't
appear on the program

is I had a call
from Karen's lawyers.

They were trying to get
a last-minute appeal.

A stay.

I had to go over there
and sign an affidavit.

I'll need the firm's
name and address.

Pauley and Wyatt. They're In
Tribeca, Canal and Greenwich.

You don't believe me?

I'm just doing
my job, Mr. Lamar.

Did Reverend Dwyre
say something?

The Reverend said
a lot of things.

It just seems curious
that you're here now,

after the police investigated.

Well, we're discovering something new
about the case almost every day.

My father obviously wasn't
involved in any of this.

And if you want to speak
to him in the future,

you should contact our lawyers.

Bomb residue and a motive won't
be enough to nail Dwyre.

Any indication who
did the dirty work?

There was a three-day window

when the bomb could've
been planted in the car

but we can't put Dwyre in it.

Fontana and Green showed his picture
up and down Barrows' neighborhood.

Do me a favor.

Have them retrace their steps

with a photo of Lamar Senior.


You're absolutely
sure about that?

Yeah, this receipt is from here.

I can tell by
the station number.

They're father and son.

Can you remember which one was
here buying gas that day?

How can I remember?
It's very busy here.

Well, there was a tanker
unloading fuel here at the time.

It must be Tuesday morning.

It was a blue Volvo
station wagon.

It had a bunch of bumper
stickers on the back.

"It's a child, not a choice"?

That would be the one.

Yeah, but these men
were not in the car.

It was a woman.

What'd she look like?

Gray hair. Maybe 60?

The gas station manager picked Mrs.
Lamar's photo out of the array.

Well, if she faked
an alibi for her son,

it probably means
he detonated the bomb.

After his father
located Barrows' car

so they could plant the thing.

Dwyre had a lot of help.

Very nice. A family project.

I thought we told you to contact
us through our lawyers.

You did. Mr. Lamar, is the
rest of your family here?

Everyone but Karen. Why?

What's going on, Phil?

I hope you have a warrant.

We do. As a matter of fact,
we have one for each of you.

You're all under arrest for
conspiracy to murder Robert Barrows.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can be used
against you in a court of law.

You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot...

I only got involved to save
Karen's life, Miss Borgia.

Which amounts to a textbook
justification defense.

If she'll come forward and be
honest about what happened,

we might consider it
in mitigation.

I won't testify against
anyone in my family.

Who devised the plan
to kill your son-in-law?

What do we get in return?

I can't commit to anything
until I hear details.

Reverend Dwyre said
we had to be prepared

if we lost Karen's
case in court.

She couldn't protect herself against
Robert so we had to do it for her.

It sounded right in
principle, but then“.

Then what, Mrs. Lamar?

He started saying how everybody
would be fine once Robert was gone.

He was advocating murder.

My husband thought
it was just talk,

but Steven wouldn't let it go.


After we lost the last appeal,

and we all knew Karen
was going to die,

Dwyre started
taking Steven aside.

They'd have these private
talks, pray together.

He got it in my son's head

that something
needed to be done.

That something being a car bomb.

Dwyre told him saving Karen
was the most important thing

he would ever do
in his whole life.

He also said we needed
to make a statement

for all the other
Karens out there.

Who planted the bomb, Mr. Lamar?

Steven said he was going forward
with or without our consent.

He's our son.

We had to protect him, too.

"JACK". Was it Steven?

I won't say that in court.

That'll limit what
lam able do for you.

Then can you do
something for my son?

He planted a bomb
and killed a man.

It was Robert's life or Karen's.

His sister.

What would you do?

Karen will recover.

She will walk and talk again.

So the threat of a court
order to starve her to death

keeps us awake at night
with our stomachs twisted.

It consumes our...

It consumes our lives.

They made some very bad choices

in an impossible situation.

What do you propose?

Pleas down to conspiracy.

Five to 15 years for the father,
probation for the mother.

If you're sure
they're less culpable.

I buy their story.

Where are you on
the other defendants?

Neither lawyer is
returning my calls.

Well, the son has no leverage,

but you'd think the
good Reverend Dwyre

would be looking for a way
to wiggle off the hook.

Maybe he thinks the evidence
against him is too tenuous.

He supplied the weapon
for the murder.

But he stayed just far enough
away from its execution

to have plausible deniability.

Or he believes he'll ride

the Steven Lamar justification
defense to an acquittal.

And greater fame. Either way,
I don't want him or need him.

Okay, then. Set atrial date.

Steven Lamar was legally justified in
his actions against Robert Barrows

and I sit next to him proudly

to defend this shameless
attack on the Lamar family.

Aren't you afraid of
going to jail, Reverend?

For what? An innocent
woman's life was saved.

Why would anybody
go to jail for anything?

Next question.

Should we bring the judge out
here and try it on the steps?

Why bother with a judge?

We met in Central Park
by the big fountain.

The Reverend wanted to know
if I could make a device

that could be
planted under a car.

What did you do?

Filled his order.

Bought some potassium nitrate,

some PCB tubing, some nails.

Put it together. Took
it to his hotel room.

Which was where?

The Leister Inn in
Manhattan, room 1602.

What happened
when you arrived there?

I knocked on the door,
he opened it.

Which defendant are you
pointing to, Mr. Byrd?

Steve Lamar.

He said Harlan asked him to
accept the package personally.

Harlan meaning?

The Reverend Dwyre.

Any question
what the package was?

The Reverend ordered a bomb,
that's what I delivered.

Nothing further.

My partner and I arrived on the
scene to find a late model sedan

that had been blown up by some
kind of explosive device.

What did your examination of the
car reveal, Detective Green?

There was a body
in the driver's seat,

and because the explosion
was so powerful,

we couldn't determine
the race or the gender.

But the car was registered
to Robert Barrows.

So what did you do?

We went to
Mr. Barrows' apartment.

Was anybody home?

Yes, his long-time girlfriend,
Susan Alfani, and their two sons.

We broke the news to her,

and she confirmed that he did take the
car to the hospital that morning.

What else did your
conversation with her reveal?

That there was bad blood between
Robert and the Lamar family.


That Robert had watched Karen
waste away for six years

and wanted to end her suffering,

and the Lamar family
didn't approve.

As part of your investigation,
Detective Green,

did you scrutinize
over 500 death threats?

We knew of them.

And how many of those did you
trace back to the source of the threat?


No further questions.

Why didn't you trace
the threats, Detective?

Every one of those
letters were anonymous.

Plus, we already had a
positive ID on the bomb maker,

which led us directly to the
arrest of Reverend Dwyre.

Nothing further.

Mr. McCoy, I think
you've made your point

charging me in this case and I'm willing
to take my rap on the knuckles.

But you know this was a matter
of personal conscience.

What was happening to Karen was
murder in the eyes of God.

That's why you
suggested a bombing

and procured a bomb for the Lamar
family, specifically Steven Lamar?

He was the most
devoted to the cause.

He was the weakest, wasn't he?

And now you're throwing
him under a bus.

Shadows your motivation,
don't you think?

There was no personal
interest in this for me.

Your press conferences
say different.

For testimony against
Steven, 15 years.

Fifteen years? For
preaching his beliefs?

He preyed on the Lamar
family like a vulture.

My only concern was
saving Karen's life.

That may work for the Lamar
family, but not for you.

Mr. McCoy,

it's my understanding that
Steven did this for money.

To use the settlement
to open a business.

To finally make
something of himself.

He told me directly.

Fifteen years.

I will not go to prison.

That is in the hands of a
higher power, Reverend.

The criminal justice system.

My family and I were grateful

that a man of Reverend Dwyre's
stature had taken on Karen's case.

After that, we thought
maybe there was a chance.

A chance for what, Steven?

To save Karen's life.

And was Reverend Dwyre
able to accomplish anything?

He was tremendous.

He brought out a lot
of support for Karen.

He made the whole country
sit up and take notice.

But it wasn't enough, was it?

Well, the courts
ruled against us.

We hoped the Governor
or maybe even the President

would step in and stop
Robert from killing Karen,

but nobody did.

There was only one thing we
could do to save Karen's life.

Which was what?

My parents had to
get guardianship back.

And Robert wouldn't give it up.

So what happened?

We drew up a plan.

I got the bomb.

I put it under Robert's
car with duct tape,

and I set it off when he was
getting in at the hospital.

I know it sounds terrible,

but isn't it like shooting
a burglar in your home

who's trying to
harm your family?

So why didn't you get a gun
and shoot him, Mr. Lamar?

I don't know.

And then turn yourself in, as you would
if you'd shot a burglar in your home?

You killed Robert Barrows
with a pipe bomb

because you and Reverend Dwyre

wanted the splashiest murder you
could cook up for the news media?

I never thought of it that way.

Or maybe all you were concerned
about was not getting caught?

No. I mean,

I just wanted my
sister to stay alive.

If this was such a noble cause,

why did you lie to the police?

Why did you evade capture?

Because the justice system is
controlled by godless politicians

who don't care about human life.

Is that something you believe,

or something you heard
from Reverend Dwyre?

He doesn't put
words in my mouth.

No. He just sends you out

to plant a pipe bomb under
your brother-in-law's car?

It was my idea, not his.

You decided,
little old Steven Lamar,

all by yourself, to play God?

No, it wasn't like that.

Karen was a lamb
that needed to be saved.

I was doing His work.

God's or Reverend Dwyre's?

Why are you trying
to blame this on him?

He would never kill anyone.
He's a great man.

Who in your eyes was
qualified to decide

who should live
and who should die?

No. Well, who contacted
Walter Byrd?

Who ordered the
pipe bomb from him?

Who had it delivered
to his hotel room?

I killed Robert.

So at the end of
the day, Mr. Lamar,

only you get credit
for saving Karen's life?

Reverend Dwyre inspired me
to do the Lord's work.

But I was His soldier. I was the
one who carried out the mission.

There's another name
for that, Mr. Lamar.

It's called "taking the rap."


Sustained. You've made
your point, Mr. McCoy.

Has the jury reached a verdict?

We have, Your Honor.

As to the
defendant Steven Lamar,

on the count of murder in the
second degree, how do you find?

We find Steven Lamar guilty.

As to the defendant
Harlan James Dwyre,

on the count of murder in the
second degree, how do you find?

We've been unable to reach
a unanimous verdict.

Are you hopelessly deadlocked?

I'm afraid so, Your Honor.

In that case I have no choice

but to declare a mistrial
as to Reverend Dwyre.

Mr. Lamar will be remanded
until the sentence date.

This court is adjourned.

I checked with the
Department of Corrections.

The Reverend visited
with Steve Lamar at Rikers

over the weekend
before he testified.

Convinced him
of his higher calling.

Nailed him to the cross.

Next time, the jury
will see through it.

Assuming there is a next time.

If we try Dwyre again,
what's going to be different?

We will be able to concentrate
on one defendant.

With the same evidence you
had on the first go-round.

And there's always gonna
be folks on the jury

who are sympathetic to Dwyre's
position on the bigger issue.

Who decides who lives and dies?

You have to check this out.
The press conference.

When I explained to
Karen that she's not

going to see her father and
her brother for a long time,

she got very sad.

Her lovely eyes,
there were tears in them.

But she understands.

And she's grateful to
Steven and her father

for the sacrifice
that they've made.

It's all right. It's all right.

Thank you, everyone,
that's all for today.