Law & Order (1990–2010): Season 16, Episode 21 - Law & Order - full transcript

Fontana and Green investigate Green's former replacement, Nick Falco, who becomes a suspect in an investigation after a woman he had spent the night with is found slashed to death in his bathroom.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
In the criminal justice system

the people are represented by two
separate yet equally important groups,

the police who investigate crime

and the district attorneys
who prosecute the offenders.

These are their stories.


It's the crack of dawn. I'm where
I'm supposed to be, in bed.

Oh, who are you kidding? It's
not 10:30 in the morning.


All right, I'm on my way.

Excuse me?

Forgive me for forgetting
your name, but...

Detective Nick Falco?
You're sure?

It's hard to forget. He's said it about
50 times since we arrived on the scene.

Then again, I'd probably
be screaming, too.

Like I said before,
I don't remember!

Hey, take it easy. Come on. Calm down.
Joe. Joe, I'm glad it's you.

I'm going out of my mind here.

Okay. Nick Falco,
this is Ed Green.

Last night, I went
out for a drink.

I meet this girl.
Bring her back here.

Next thing I know,
it's 10:30 in the morning,

she's cut up
on my bathroom floor.

She got a name?

Sonia something... Hasn't
anybody checked her wallet yet?

I keep telling these guys it's
right in there. Nobody wants...

All right, all right. Just slow
down for a minute. Slow down.

Leave us alone for a
minute, will you?

Now, come on over here.


These people are trying to do their job.
That's all.

Okay? So, just let them do it.

What happened to you?
Where's your family?


My wife, uh, she took the kids and
moved back in with her parents.

I had a run of bad luck, man.

You been drinking that much?
That you black out?

I'm drinking a little.
But, Joe...

Joe, I didn't do that!

I'm counting three stab wounds.

None of them enough to kill her, but the
three of them together did the trick.

She bled to death,
and it took a while.

Not a pretty way for
a pretty girl to go.

You have a time of death?

She's been here awhile.

Rigor, body temp, puts it nine,
10 hours ago on the outside.

Hey, Joe. No wallet, no ID.

And Nick says this was in
that sink when he found her.

It matches a set in the kitchen.

It's his apartment, his knife.
It don't look good.

Lieutenant, the girl was
killed in my apartment.

Please, let me hit the street

so I can do my job.

It's not going to happen
and you know it.

Then charge me or spring me.

Sit down, Detective.

Start at the bar.

We left at midnight.

She came back to my place.

I opened a bottle of wine.

She flipped through
my CD collection.

All that's as clear as a bell.

After the wine
is a different story.

You're saying she
slipped you something?

I lost eight hours.

She must have
put it in my drink.

Right before she went into your
bathroom and stabbed herself to death?

I know how it looks. Yeah.

It looks bad.

For both of us.

A dead woman in
a detective's apartment?

I can already
read the headlines.

So take my blood, let me piss
in a cup, whatever you need.

I'm not a killer.

Well, as of this morning,
what you are is a suspect,

on modified assignment,
with no gun or shield.

And the sooner you
accept that, the better.

Yeah. I remember her.
Wouldn't you?

You seen her in here before?

No. Not before last night.

Neither had most
of the regulars,

so she got a lot of free drinks.

Was she here alone?

Yeah. But I got the feeling
that she was waiting

for someone because
she didn't bite.

She, uh, wasn't rude about it,

but she just didn't seem interested
in the, uh, aggressive type.

I guess she's into
strong and silent.

But she did hook
up with someone?

Yeah. Nick. Falco. One of yours.

Quiet, good tipper. If I'd known more,
I would have told him when he called.

He called? When?

Uh, about an hour ago.

I told him to
stay the hell away!

I'll reach out to him.

I'm sure he was
just trying to help.

By ruining our case?

Lieutenant, you know this kid.

He's a square.

If anyone knows
procedure, he does.

Look, I'm hoping for the best, too,
Fontana, but people do change.

I'll get in touch
with his lieutenant,

we'll straighten him out.
In the meantime,

your DOA has a name.

Sonia Vasquez.

Her prints were in the system.

Petty larceny.

Last known address
is out in Sunset Park.

Apartment's in the name
of Hector Vasquez.

Could be her father,
brother, husband.

Well, whatever the connection,

the longer you avoid mentioning
where she was found, the better.

For Falco or for us?

Well, until you
tell me different,

they're one and the same.

Excuse me, sir.

I'm looking for Mr. Vasquez.

Which one? You've got
a room full of them.


Why? What do you want with him?

I'm Hector.

How you doing, sir?
I'm Detective Green.

This is my partner,
Detective Fontana.

Hi. How do you do?

Listen, we're here
about Sonia Vasquez.

Oh. She's probably
at the library.

The library?

Over at Briar Community College.

What's this about?

Is there somewhere that
we can talk privately?

You say you found her
in an apartment?

I don't understand. Whose apartment?

Well, the investigation
is still ongoing, sir.

Then you could be wrong.
Maybe it's not her.

Well, we're sorry, sir, but the
prints on the body match Sonia's.

She's been going to community
college, you said?


Sonia loved science.

I think it's because she read somewhere
that guys were supposed to be better at it.

Who is this in
the picture with her?

Jared Perry. Her lab partner.

I need to tell my family.

First place, Organic Chemistry.
She was smart.

Look at these.

Driver's licenses.


It was one night
and a stupid mistake.

So, you do know Ms. Vasquez?

I do. You do. My wife doesn't, and
I'd like it to stay that way.

How did you find me?

Well, the fact that she
kept your driver's license

as a souvenir helped
us out an awful lot.

That's not all she kept.

My Patek Phillipe, my wife's Birkin, the
plasma, speakers, some computer equipment.

Truth is, I'm not even
sure I sealed the deal.

You're not sure?

Wasn't that the point?

Look, I took Sonia back to
my place, I made mimosas.

The next thing I know, it's Monday
morning and my things are gone.

You didn't file
a police report, did you?

Why would I do that?

I file a report, my wife finds out
about my extracurricular activities.

Besides, it's hardly worth admitting
to an affair I don't remember having.

Well, what did she take?

Anything worthwhile.
Girl had good taste.

Everything was replaceable
but the Basquiat.

Must be rough.

Let me make one
thing perfectly clear,

try involving me in this
girl's murder investigation,

and I'll deny everything
I just told you.

One thing's for certain. Sonia didn't
carry all that merchandise by herself.

She drugged her marks, waited
until they passed out,

and then let the rest
of the crew in.

That's what I'm thinking.

But why Falco?

Sonia only targeted
the cream of the crop.

White, married, and rich.

Falco was not rich.

Not to mention the fact that there was
nothing taken from his apartment.

Look. That bartender said that Sonia
looked like she was waiting for

somebody the night
she got murdered.

What, you think she and
Falco had a thing going on?

Well, could be.

I mean, he took her back to his place,
they got into a fight, he lost it.

I can't buy that.
Not with this kid.

Look, we both know he's got
that assault in his jacket.

I mean, two years into the job,

IAB is looking at him for
assaulting that dope dealer.

That happens with a lot of us. And
besides, that beef was unsubstantiated.

And don't forget that Falco had
a knockout drug in his system.

I've seen guys that go into spins
that they can't get out of,

but you know it the minute you meet them.

Not Falco.




Okay. Thanks.

That was the M.E. Sonia
was three weeks pregnant.

Oh, you're kidding me.

Look, we've got Falco's
blood from the tox screen.

All we got to do is get the
lab to do a paternity test.

Meanwhile, we should be talking
to Sonia's science buddy.

Jared Perry. Yeah.

Maybe he can shed some light
on Sonia's private life.

Let's try the school.

What's going on?

Well, we just got here ourselves.
Male, 20s, DOA, Caucasian.

Took two bullets to the chest.

We know this kid.
This is Jared Perry.

Who found him?

I did. I was walking to my car.

A guy got held up last
week by some kids.

There's flyers up all over campus.
They took his wallet.


He talked to Falco.

You think it's the same kids?

Well, we don't know for sure, but
we know who to ask. Thank you.

Anybody see it go down?

Come over here for a second.

You want to explain this to us?
We found it in the kid's pocket.

Yeah. I met up with Sonia's
dad at the morgue.

He told me that Jared and
Sonia hung out together.

I went to his
apartment. We talked.

Now he's dead.

I thought he might know something
about what happened to Sonia.

Where were you an hour ago?

You can't be serious.

Don't try to turn this around.

You may have gotten
this kid killed.

Look, somebody murdered
Sonia, and it wasn't me.

I can't just sit around
and do nothing.

That's exactly what you're
going to do from now on,

or I'm going to kick
your ass myself.

What did Jared tell you?

That he was on
the robbery crew with Sonia.

Before every job, they'd get a text message
telling them who, when, and where.

The night Sonia was murdered,
Jared didn't get any text.

How many were on the crew?

Two, in addition to Jared and Sonia.
He gave me the street names.

When were you going to
give us this information?

I already faxed them
to Van Buren.

Iran their names through CARS.

And all three members of
Sonia's crew have rap sheets

and gang affiliations.

You sound surprised.

Yeah, I was when I saw this.

Turns out Jared Perry is a known
member of the Aryan Brotherhood.

Then, there's Sim Var.
Cambodian, runs with TRG.

And this kid, Atomic,
is part of New Black Mafia.

Wait. Hold on a minute.

These kids should be killing each
other, not working together.

Took the words
right out of my mouth.

Yeah, Sim lived here.

What do you mean, lived here?

Haven't seen him in awhile.

You're TRG. Sim was, too. You
don't just walk out of that life.

The bitch punked out.

He was preaching a lot of crap about
putting an end to the violence.

He was reading these books,
going to meetings.

What kind of meetings?

Hell if I know.

Wouldn't shut up about white,
yellow, and tan togetherness.

Togetherness don't pay the
rent, so I kicked his ass out.

Last I heard, he was crashing
on some guy's floor.

Goes by Nuclear or...
Atomic, maybe?



His name is Henry James Young.

Any idea where we can find him?

I'm sorry. I can't help you.

He lives at home because he
has trouble paying the rent,

not because
he needs a chaperone.

Are there any other family members
that would know where he is?

You're looking at his family.

My younger son is a junior at Choate.
Full scholarship.

How about his father?

Tyrell and I are separated.

Tyrell Young?

The founder of
the New Black Mafia?

Henry is nothing
like his father.

Isn't Tyrell doing
time for murder?

He just got out. Six months ago.

Drug trafficking,
conspiracy, fraud.

Tyrell really kept himself busy.

Hey, man.

Guess who the lead detective
on his murder case was?

Nick Falco.

Well, that can't
be a coincidence.

Must have been one of his first
collars as a lead detective.

This guy turned 11 years in Sing
Sing into a cottage industry.

Well, can't argue with the message.
Anti-gang. Pro-tolerance.

Sound familiar?

Both Sim Var and Sonia were
reading books just like that one.

That would explain
the mixed crew.

Looks like Tyrell found
himself a new way to recruit,

The New York Times
bestseller list.

Keep the peace, brother, okay?

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Listen, we're
investigating a homicide.

And how does that
concern me, Detectives?

Well, that remains to be seen.

But we'd like you to come with
us to answer a few questions.

I'd be happy to answer
any questions you have.

But first, I want
to talk to Nick Falco.

This is not an invitation for
you to join the investigation.

Five minutes.

You get him talking,
and you get out.

Do I make myself clear?

All right.

Detective Falco.

It's been a long time.

You got something
to say to me, Tyrell?

I want you to know that
I've forgiven you.

For what?

Well. We know if you hadn't
put me away, I'd be dead now.

I did my job. That's all.

You finding that murder weapon where
you did, in a place I'd never been...

It was your drug den.

Never been there before.

Then matching ammunition
miraculously winds up in my home?

Because you did the murder.

What do you want?

When Moses was told
to part the waters,

he didn't ask questions.

There are those who doubt,
and those who do.

So, what is it, exactly, you do?

For poor kids of color,
it's a simple fact of life.

Employment opportunities
aren't in the high rises.

They're on the street corners.

I'm reaching out to their
minds, to save their souls.

Felons teaching felons.

That would look great
on a throw pillow.

You're a criminal.

You're dirt!

Hey. Detective.

It's a rainbow crew. His book's an
effing how-to. Go on and ask him!


He makes a good point.

What do you know
about a robbery crew

targets rich white guys
while their wives are away.

That wasn't my rap, even when
I was still in the game.

It's a four-member crew, all different
colors, four different gangs.

Can't save everybody.

No, but you
sure as hell can coach.

Your son Henry's
part of that crew.

When I got out of jail, things between
Angela and I went downhill real fast.

Let's just say,
we didn't see eye to eye.

I asked for a divorce. She
turned the boys against me.

I haven't spoken to Henry since.

One of the crew members
is a girl. Sonia Vasquez.

She was stabbed to death.

Three weeks pregnant.

Like I said,

I don't know anything about it.

We're going to go
looking for your son.

Surprise him.

If he pulls a gun
and starts shooting,

you can bet your ass
we're going to shoot back.

Can you live with that?

This is not the life.

I wanted for Henry.

Then, you know what, man?
Help him out.

Otherwise, he's going
to end up in jail or dead.

You remember the pickles?

We'll pick some up
on the way to the station.

Can I at least get my coat?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Come here. Come here.

I'll get it.

What's it about this time?

The murder of Sonia Vasquez.

I got no connection to that.

You won't be upset if we don't
take your word for it, will you?

Hey, y'all! Get your
hands off him!

Hey, hey, hey! Ma'am!
I can promise you nothing

but grief if you
don't step aside.

Keisha, calm down!

Shut up! This is my house. They can't
come busting up in here like this!

Baby, relax!

They're just going to ask me a
few questions, and I'll be back.

Yeah. He'd better be right.

Very charming. Thank you.

You're welcome.

How'd y'all find me, anyway?

We had a little
sit down with your dad.

Now, look. This ain't
none of my business,

but you probably should
have called him back.

You don't know nothing about it.

Why don't you enlighten us?

The whole time he was in jail,
my mother stood by him.

Never missed a visiting day.

Six months ago, he gets out
and says he wants a divorce.

The man preaches unity. What
about the unity of his family?

So, you're not buying your
father's whole transformation?

He just found another way to
separate people from their money.

Like father, like son.

I ain't nothing like him.

Your father went away
for murder, so will you.

We know that you're part of
that robbery crew with Sonia.

You're wasting your time,
man. I didn't kill Sonia.

I loved her.

Oh, well.

That changes everything.

I can prove it.

She was having my baby.

How did your girlfriend
feel about that?

Keisha? She don't know.

I mean, you saw
what she can be like.

And that was her in a good mood.

Where were you on the night
that Sonia was murdered?

At the Brass Monkey with my boys.
Check it out.

Henry's blood work came back.
The baby was his.

I guess he just wasn't
interested in being a father.

Either way, his alibi was solid.

The guy that owns the bar said that Henry
and five of his friends were there

from 11:30 until after 3:00 a.m.
the night that Sonia was killed.

So, we're right back
where we started.


I just got a call from the uniform
posted outside of Falco's apartment.

Nick is there
and he's asking for us.

That apartment's
still a crime scene.

Okay. I've had enough of this.

I'm coming with you.

I tried... I'll take
care of you in a minute.

- Nick!
- In here.

Thanks for coming so quick.

What the hell is wrong with you?
What are you doing in here?

This is still a crime scene.

Just hear me out.
I didn't touch anything.

I grabbed a bag from the closet,
some shirts from the dresser.

I came over here
to get my watch.

That's when I saw.

Saw what?

It's from a woman's
high heel shoe.

Must have broken off.

Get out into the hallway,
Detective. Now!

There was another woman
in this apartment that night.

Or some other night!

You know, for all we know, you've
got a revolving door here!

Now, get out before
you're a collar!

Come on.

Are you hearing this, Joe?

They're going to want me to put
the cuffs on you in a minute.

What the hell is wrong with you?

There have been no women here,
but the one, since Karen left.

That shoe piece has to be
from whoever killed Sonia.

I want to believe you, but you
have to let us handle this.

Everything I've found
has been legit.

Yeah, and because you found
it, it makes you look guilty.

Don't you understand that?

Wake up!

The lab confirms that the blood found
on the heel tip is a match for Sonia.

Yeah, but how do we know that the heel
tip didn't come from Sonia's shoes?

'Cause I watched them bag her personal
effects. She was wearing flats.

There you go. There had
to be another woman

in Falco's apartment that night.

But we can't ignore the fact
that he was alone at the scene.

I'm sorry. This thing
stinks to high heaven.

But it does open another door.

Yeah, well, I don't like how
we got here, but we're here.

Well, whoever that
heel tip belonged to,

we know it wasn't
a member of the crew

because Jared Perry
said that they were all male.

What if Henry was wrong, and Keisha did
know that he was sleeping with Sonia?

Look, that could be motive.

Keisha could have knowledge of
the crew and how it worked.

So, hold up. You're thinking that
Keisha sent the text message to Sonia,

saying that there
was a job that night?

It would explain why
no one else got a message.

But Keisha could have
done this anywhere.

Why would she pick
a detective's apartment?

Well, because she was
dating Tyrell's son,

and Tyrell has a grudge against
Falco that goes way back.

But Tyrell and his son haven't
spoken to each other for years.

Why would she care
about a grudge?

Let's start with
Keisha's apartment.

Get a search warrant.

You touch me like that again, and I might
lose control of my bodily functions!

Hey, I've had enough
of you, shut it.

Kiss my... Shut it!


Those ain't even mine!

It's missing the heel tip
Nick found in his apartment.

And doesn't that
look like dried blood?

Where'd you find these?
In a dumpster out back.

Truck's due to pick up in a few hours.
We got lucky.

The blood on the shoes
is a match for Sonia Vasquez.

And the shoes were found outside
of Keisha Sipes' apartment.

There's no question
Keisha had motive.

Her boyfriend Henry Young
was sleeping with the victim.

Sonia was three weeks
pregnant with his baby.

Can we prove Keisha
knew about the affair?

By all accounts, she was
extremely possessive.

If Henry so much as hiccupped,
Keisha knew about it.

Add to that Ms. Sipes'
propensity for violence.

She had three assaults
in her jacket.

And we've got our case.
So, what's the problem?

Detective Nick Falco.

I thought he was placed on suspension
the minute this investigation began.

It didn't stop him from talking to
witnesses, visiting the crime scene,

and uncovering the key piece of
evidence that led us to Keisha.

You think he's dirty?

Tyrell Young certainly does.

He claims Detective Falco
planted the evidence

that led to his murder
conviction 11 years ago.

All of which leaves me to wonder

whether we're not moving
forward under false pretenses.

Was Falco assisting
the investigation,

or was he covering his tracks?

Only one person can answer that.

For someone on suspension,
you've been awfully busy.

What did you want me to do,
sit on my hands?

How about behave
like a police officer?

What do you think I've been
doing the past 14 years?

This job is my life.
If it wasn't,

my wife would have never left me, none
of this would have ever happened.

You want to question
my integrity?

My record should
speak for itself.

I've seen your record. My
guess is, so has the defense.

They're going to bring up the fact that the
IAB once investigated you for assault.

I was on the job, what,
like 13 months?

I've more than made up for that.

I want to believe this
is a good case, Detective.

Well, what's stopping you?

When you conducted your own
investigation, you muddied the waters.

Some would say it wasn't
for the first time.

I don't plant evidence.
Not then, not now.

My theory, if you're interested.

Keisha murdered Sonia Vasquez, then she
killed Jared Perry to cover it up.

Tyrell's behind it. This is payback
for something I never did.

Good theory. What do you
have to back it up?

Unless Tyrell was
communicating telepathically,

there is no evidence of contact
between him and Keisha

or any other member
of the robbery crew.

So much for Falco's theory.

I also talked to the attorneys
from Tyrell's murder trial.

The defense maintains
Falco manipulated evidence.

The D.A. says
the case was clean.

Got this back from the lab.

Low copy DNA ties
sweat in the shoes

found in the dumpster
to Keisha Sipes.

So, we know the shoes were hers.

We're ready to proceed to trial.

You feel confident about Falco?


Which is why I'm going to
put him on the stand first.

Shine a light on his behavior
before the defense does.

This isn't the first time you've
been suspended, is it, Detective?


Can you please tell the jury

what happened eight years ago
between you and a Mr. Dylan Lundy?

He was a suspect in a
drug case I was working.

He'd been distributing rock cocaine to
schoolchildren in his neighborhood.

We had a physical altercation.

Was he later found guilty?


How well did you know
the victim, Sonia Vasquez?

We met the night she was killed.

At a bar, isn't that right?

Yes. We were
two consenting adults.

A broken piece of a woman's high heel
shoe was found in your apartment.

Are you aware of it?

Lam. I'm the one who found it.

Your apartment was still
a crime scene at that time?

Yes. I went back to my place
to get a change of clothes.

Was that proper procedure?

No, it was not.

So, you admit you shouldn't
have been in the apartment?

I do. That was my mistake.

But from the minute I realized that
evidence had been overlooked at the scene,

every move I made
was by the book.

I immediately contacted
the detectives on the case.

No further questions.

Tell me, Detective.

If a woman had been found stabbed
to death in my apartment,

would I be allowed back inside
for a few personal items?

That would depend
on the circumstances.

And in these circumstances,

you were granted preferential
treatment because you're a detective?


Ms. Vasquez's body was found
on your bathroom floor,

so I can only assume you were a
suspect in her murder investigation?

Naturally, I was
a person of interest.

As was Henry Young?

L wouldn't know.
I wasn't on the case.

Can you tell us why Henry's father, Tyrell
Young, was brought in for questioning?

We needed to locate Henry.

We? I thought you just told us you
weren't involved with this case?

I meant Detectives
Fontana and Green.

Did Tyrell Young tell them
where to find Henry?

Yes. At the
defendant's apartment.

So, you were aware of the location
of my client's apartment?


An apartment where detectives
stumbled upon a pair of women's shoes

conveniently missing
a piece of heel.

They also had traces
of the victim's blood on them.

You had access to the shoes.

You had access
to the crime scene.

You had access to the dumpster
where the shoes were found.

You planted evidence
to implicate my client

and cover up the fact that
you killed Sonia Vasquez.

Isn't that right, Detective?

That is not what happened.

I'm finished with this witness.

You have
a history of drug abuse?

The first step is admitting
you have a problem.

I went out, found myself
a program, and stuck with it.

But before you actively sought help for your
addiction, you were arrested for assault?

The best thing that could
have happened to me.

I was letting people down.

My family, my friends.

But most importantly, myself.

And my record's been clean
for almost a year now.

It takes a strong person
to recognize their weaknesses

and move toward
a better way of life.

Your Honor? Mr. Rowen,

could you cut the proselytizing
and ask a direct question?

Ms. Sipes, did you
kill Sonia Vasquez?

Absolutely not.

Thank you.

That is all.

Who introduced you
to Sonia Vasquez?

Can't say.

Wasn't it your boyfriend,
Henry Young?

We could have met
lots of places.

But Henry and Sonia worked
together, isn't that right?

Henry has worked
all kinds of odd jobs.

I stopped keeping track.

Then you weren't aware that
your boyfriend and the victim

were part of
a high-end robbery ring

that stole hundreds
of thousands of dollars

from affluent
Manhattan businessmen?

Objection. May we approach?

What seems to be the problem?

Mr. Young and Ms. Vasquez's
alleged criminal history

has no bearing on my client
or the case at hand.

Sonia Vasquez thought she working a
job on the night she was murdered.

We intend to show that your client
used her knowledge of the robbery ring

to lure Ms. Vasquez
to her death.

That's grossly prejudicial
and highly argumentative.

But if you're able to provide

a victim's testimony
or a police report,

I'll be forced to step aside.

As the defense well knows, due
to the nature of these crimes,

the victims are reluctant to file a report.
Let alone testify.

In that case, I'm inclined
to agree with Mr. Rowen.

The prejudicial effect
outweighs the probative value.

There will be no more references
to the alleged robbery ring.

Forensics verified that Ms. Vasquez's
blood was found on your shoes.

You have a history of violence

and no alibi for the night
she was murdered.

I had no reason to kill her.

How about the fact that she
was three weeks pregnant

with your boyfriend's child?

Henry didn't love her.

He loves me.

We would have worked it out.

This is Fontana.

All right. We're on our way.

There was a hit on one of
Jared Perry's credit cards.

They say who?

Guy's name is Jeffrey Karr and
they're holding him for us.

Good things do come
to those who wait.

I told my wife using
that card was a bad idea.

It's my daughter's birthday.

All she wants out of life is an
American Girl doll with the works.

Do you have any idea
how much that costs?

Where did you get the card?
The Staten Island Ferry.

I work for the Department of
Transportation, in Maintenance.

When was that?

A few weeks ago.
I tried calling information.

I couldn't find the guy.
I feel like such an idiot.

Will you
tell him I meant no harm?

The guy's name was Jared Perry,
and he was murdered. Go on.

Aw, man. I swear, all I did
was find a credit card!

They have video on both
docks on the ferry.

Three hours after
Jared Perry got murdered,

look who decided
to take a little ferry ride.

Angela Young.

She took the 5:15 ferry
over and the next one right back.

Shooting Jared was clean-up.

That ties her to Sonia's murder.

Looks like June Cleaver
might have a dark side.

Angela Young, 47, mother of two.

Runs the yearly bake sale
at Zion Methodist.

Sits on the neighborhood
watch committee.

So, what makes her pick up a
gun and kill Jared Perry?

Jared was on the robbery crew and knew
something about Sonia Vasquez's murder.

We believe he was shot
to keep him from talking.

It's possible she was worried we'd
connect Sonia to the robbery crew

and find out about her
son Henry's involvement.

Could be Angela
went to extreme measures

to keep from losing another
member of her family to prison.

So, maybe we got lucky
and she held on to the gun.

I'll get a search warrant
for her home.

Do you remember taking a ride on the
Staten Island Ferry January 15th?

That was a long time ago.
I don't remember.

But then, you people don't ask questions
that you don't already have the answers to.

We've got you on tape.
Coming and going.

I ride the ferry a lot.

It helps clear my head.

And seeing as that
was about the time

that Henry and Sonia told me I was
about to become a grandmother,

I had a lot on my mind.

Well, with a baby on the way, most
people would consider that good news.

I've already raised
two kids. Alone.

I wasn't sure I was ready
to do that again.


We're done here, man.

I may have been married to a
criminal, but I'm not one.

So, you said that
the robbery crew set up

their hits via text
messages, right?

Well, that's what Jared Perry told
Detective Falco before he was killed.

Okay. Okay. Um, I was
able to do a global search

of all the SMS text messages
in the tri-state area

for the addresses that
were hit by the crew.

Tell me it's good news.
It could be.

Now, every day the crew worked,
four text messages went out

with the address to be hit, all
originating from the same cell phone.

That makes sense. There were
four people on the robbery crew.

Right. But on the day that
Sonia Vasquez was murdered,

only one text message went out.

Falco's address?

Yeah. His name, his address,
and the location of the bar.

Can you tell if
it was sent to Sonia?

Well, unfortunately, they were
sent on prepaid cell phones.

Meaning it's untraceable.
No, not necessarily.

We can estimate
the sender's location

by looking at which cell tower
the texts were sent through.

We traced the text messages back
to their originating cell towers.

The first one came from the tower
closest to Angela Young's office.

Then there's one
from Zion Methodist.

Her church.
Another came from the tower

closest to Choate
boarding school.

Isn't that where Angela's
younger son goes?

And it was parents weekend. Angela
Young was running the robbery crew.

Unfortunately for us, the
victims refuse to step forward.

We're chasing ghosts.

Not necessarily.

On the day that Sonia was murdered,
only one text message went out.

With Falco's information.

Sonia thought it was
just another job.

But it wasn't.

A few minutes after Angela
sent the text message,

she made a phone call.
To Keisha Sipes.

We've come across information
that leads us to believe

Angela Young set up your
client to kill Sonia Vasquez.

Go on.

We know Angela was running
the robbery crew,

meaning she knew where Sonia would
be on the night she was murdered

because she sent her there.

I don't need to sit around
and listen to this.

You said we were looking
good in there, right?

Phone records show Angela called you
the day that Sonia was murdered.

Angela knew that Sonia was
pregnant with Henry's baby.

She was aware of your
violent tendencies.

She told you about the baby. She
told you where to find Sonia.

What's your offer?

Depends on what
your client has to say.

If I talk,

she'll kill me.

She's desperate.


I don't want to die.

You have your answer. No deal.

Has the jury come to a verdict?

We have, Your Honor.

On the charge murder in the
second degree, how do you find?

We find the defendant,
Keisha Sipes, not guilty.

Hey, Joe. Wait up, will you?

Rowen got his client off by putting the
blame on you. It worked like a charm.

Well, how do you think I feel? This
is my life we're talking about.

We can still go
after Angela Young.

We? Wait a minute. Let me
clarify something for you.

You don't call the shots here.

We are going after Angela Young,

and we're going to do it our way. You
made a lot of mistakes on this case.

I'm fighting for my life.

You know you can trust me.

I don't know about that anymore.

But if you want to earn our
trust, you do as we say,

or you can get lost.
See you around.

So, I'm not under arrest?

Nope. We just need a little
minute of your time.

For what, man?
You got nothing on me!

We can always find something.

What the hell's going on, here?

Hello, Son. Take a seat.

It's time we had
ourselves a conversation.

I ain't got nothing
to say to you.


Man, you sit your ass down.

Detective Falco didn't kill Sonia.
Keisha did.

That's not true!

I want to make
this right, Henry.

Your mother's manipulated you into
believing something that'll get you killed

or put behind bars for
a good piece of your life.

Don't you dare
bring her into this.

Falco killed Sonia!

You believe everything
your mother tells you?

Why are you defending him?

He's the reason you went away.
He set you up, man!

Did he?

I was so strung out, Son,
I didn't know my own name.

When I came down that night, I was
covered in another man's blood.

I couldn't justify my actions,
so I made up someone to blame.

I did the murder.

I've come to accept that fact.

Why are you doing this?

What have they got on you?

Your father's here
of his own free will.

I'll be the first to admit, I
demonized Falco. So did your mother.

And now...

Now she's blaming him for what
happened to our marriage.

Sonia's murder was payback.

You're lying!

She would never hurt Sonia.

She's innocent!

Help us prove it.

I ain't got no interest
in helping you.

Well, look. We're going to bust
her whether you help us or not.

She's going to sit in jail for
two years waiting for atrial.

If she's innocent,
you can prevent it.

What is it now?

Listen. 20 minutes ago, your son broke
into Detective Falco's apartment.

He's got a gun, and he's saying
that Falco killed Sonia.

Oh, my God! We need you
to help us talk him down.



Let him know you're here.
Keep your voice calm, okay?

Henry? Baby?

You shouldn't be here!

I can't talk to you like this.

Can I come in,
please, and see you?

Who said they could come in?

Forget about them.
Just talk to me.

Why are you doing this?

He killed Sonia!
He took her away from me!

That's not true.

Listen. If you put that gun
down, we can talk this out.

Shut up! All right,
everybody just stop talking!

Henry, baby. Henry. Henry!

This isn't going
to fix anything.

What am I supposed to do, huh?

Forget it ever happened?

She lay on that floor over
there bleeding to death,

and he didn't do
anything but watch!

Look, Henry. If that's true,
he will go down for it.

But there's a better
way to handle this.

Yeah? Well, I think I found it!

Don't do it, please!
It wasn't him! It was me!

You're just saying that to try
to stop me from doing what...

Who do you think got Sonia
to pick him up at the bar?

No! You're lying!

I told Keisha about the baby. I
told Keisha where to find Sonia.

That's crazy!

You're not making any sense.

What about what
happened to Jared?

He was going to talk. I
didn't know what else to do.

What? What is going on?

Look at that. No bullets.

Why Sonia? Why'd
she have to die?

I can explain.
His father already did.

He said that you blamed
everything on Detective Falco.

That you couldn't
just let it go.

He set Tyrell up.
He took him away from us!

Tyrell was dirty as they come.

I only agreed to do this
to show them all wrong.

L told them you'd
never hurt Sonia.

I defended you!

I'm sorry.

Go to hell!