Law & Order (1990–2010): Season 1, Episode 9 - Law & Order - full transcript

Sgt. Greevey and Det. Logan investigate a possible case of child abuse when a young girl, Didi Lowenstein, is found at school badly beaten and near unconscious. The attending physician says there's no way her injuries could have happened accidentally. When they speak to Didi's mother Carla however, she seems to be in a strangely passive and indifferent state of mind. The police are surprised that little has been done to investigate her situation and even more so when they learn Didi's father Jacob is a psychiatrist. As the evidence mounts, it's clear that Carla is the one who struck Didi but ADA Stone wants Jacob for murder as it was he who actually created the reign of terror that existed in the Lowenstein household.

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Narrator: In the criminal justice
system, the people are represented

by two separate yet
equally important groups...

The police who investigate crime

and the district attorneys
who prosecute the offenders.

These are their stories.

Wake up, sleepyheads.

Vamos, niños.

Line up for your
cookies and O.J.

(speaking Spanish)

Here you go. Oh, boy.

Dierdre? Wake up, sweetie.


Come on, Didi. Naptime's over.

Dierdre, is something wrong?

I'm sorry, Ms. Perez.

Oh, my God!

I'm sorry.

I told them this would
happen. I told them.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

How is she? Vitals are
there but they're flattening out.

Excuse me, let's go. Easy.

I knew this was going to happen.

You her teacher?

Well, what did happen, Ms...?


An accident. That's
what happened.

An accident? Then why
did you call the police?

What's going on?

Ms. Perez...

kindly take control
of your classroom.

Are you the principal?

Dr. Babcock. May I
see some identification?

Was the girl injured in the school,
Dr. Babcock? Absolutely not.

She was assaulted
by her... Miss Perez.

She can be rather trigger-happy.

Max: Have the
parents been notified?

I called them, but
there was no one home.

They both work I believe.

I'll need the names and address.

Of course. In my office.

What the hell's going on here?

I told Babcock about Didi.

And he shined you on?

She's dying, isn't she?

(theme music playing)

Ah, an upscale crib.

They both work.

I hope the elevator works.

Ripperton, Casals,

Miyamoto, Schwartz.

Just your "huddled masses
yearning to breathe free."

Yeah, at three grand a
month. Lowenstein, 1-B.

Thank God it's on
the ground floor.

Mrs. Lowenstein?

We need to speak to Carla
Lowenstein. It's an emergency.

What kind?

What kind? Medical.

Dr. Babcock tried to phone you.

Yeah, well, I need my rest.

Are you... are
you Didi's mother?

Yeah, what's the matter?

We want to know if
there was anything wrong

with Dierdre this morning.

This morning?

Yes. Before school?

I'm sorry, I don't
know what you mean.

Perhaps we could
come in and talk?

No, I really would
rather you didn't.

Logan: All right,
hold it. Time out.

Lady, listen to us.

Your daughter may be
losing consciousness.

What are you,
brain dead yourself?

Oh, well I fell. We're
not talking about you.

We're talking about your
daughter... Dierdre. Didi.

Maybe I was holding it
when I fell. I don't remember.

Where's your husband,
Mrs. Lowenstein? Out of town.

Why don't you come with us?

I'm sure Dierdre would want her
mother to be with her right now.

I can't.

Ezra's not well. I
have to watch it.

Mrs. Lowenstein.

At this stage, it looks like an
acute insult to the brain stem.

The CAT scan will tell us more.

Doctor, when you say
acute... I mean traumatic.

Let me ask you...

Could it have been
caused by a fall?

Yeah, a fall from a third
story window, maybe.

P.A.: We need a volunteer
with a wheelchair to Admitting.

Man: Hey, I'm just
their neighbor, I...

You never noticed?

How about an occasional glance
from your box seat at the rear window?

Give me a break.

Do I look like a
peeper to you, huh?


Okay, Dick Tracy. How do I see
through the drawn shades, huh?

You look enough to know that
they're drawn. You must see something.

Now, let me
reiterate, gentlemen.

Ms. Perez is...
prone to excitability.

It's a cultural thing.

Instead of running off
half-cocked to call the police

she should have followed
the school district guidelines.

Which are?

Which are to report her
suspicions to the school nurse.

If the nurse finds evidence
of abuse, she comes to me.

If I find the
situation warrants it,

I'll notify the Department
of Juvenile Services.

By which time,
the kid's in a coma.

So some guidelines.

Why don't you stick to
police work, Detective?

Why don't you stop trying to
cover your ass, Mr. Babcock?

Mike, Mike, take it easy.

He's never recovered
from the nuns...

A cultural thing.

Now, Doc, let me tell
you about our guidelines,


When someone, anyone...

Even a high-strung Puerto
Rican lady, comprende?

Thinks a child is being beaten,

that person is supposed
to report it to the authorities.

And if the
authorities don't act,

they leave themselves open
to all sorts of repercussions.

Am I making sense to you?


Did Ms. Perez ever tell you

that Didi Lowenstein
might be an abused child?

Yes. She did. When?

Several times.
Beginning in September.

Did you do anything about it?

Of course. I notified
the juvenile services.

Oh, then why this
hush-hush routine?

Because these days, there's
always danger of a witch-hunt.

You could destroy the
reputation of the parents.

We have to be very circumspect
about these accusations.

Sure. I understand.

Luckily, we don't.
Let's go, Mike.

There it is.

Dr. Babcock
initiated the report.

And we received it
on September 22nd.

Not much of a report.
What did you do with it?

We filed it. As required by law.

You didn't follow it up?

Not yet.

We fully intend to. It's an
active file, as required...

Logan: I know!
As required by law!

Sounds like, "I was
just following orders."

How many other kids on
this active file, Ms. Dobrinski?

This is just the city,
Detective Logan.

Last I heard, there
was something like

100,000 cases a year
in the state of New York.

We kind of have our hands full.


I gotta go.

Where the hell have you been?

Don't take it out on me, Max.

Domestic Violence Unit?

They dropped by last month. No
one around but her and the kids.

She had a good
head start on a shiner.

Swinging door? Mugger.

Said she got it in
front of her building.

And her husband
was out of town again.

What is this guy,
a beer salesman?

He's a shrink.

A shrink?

Let's go see if
the doctor's in yet.

Logan: Just hold your
psycho-babble to a minimum, lady.

I got a question I want to ask.

Are you in charge of this ape?

My cross to bear.

We're trying to get a business
address for Dr. Lowenstein.

You know, Jacob Lowenstein.
He's one of your people.


Used to be. What happened?

There was... There
were some problems.

Of what nature, Ms. Rawlings?

I'm not at liberty
to discuss this.

Fine. For now we
just have to find him.

His child is sick. Didi?


I understand that he sometimes
does some consulting work

out of the Graybar Building.

(phone ringing)

Dr. Lowenstein?

End of the hall.

(man moaning)

(woman moaning)

Good, very good.

Doctor Lowenstein?

We're in the middle
of a session here!


I can see that.

Who are you? What
do you want here?

It's about Didi.

She's sick.

We thought you'd like to know.

You can't hold this guy forever.

You're gonna have to
charge him with something.

That bottle of cocaine we found,

he's going spastic trying to
tap dance around that one.

What are you talking
about? What's going on?

You know the law.
It's an invalid search.

You've got no warrant.
You've got no probable cause.

You've got nothing here!

Lowenstein: I don't know
what you're talking about.

That's it. No! No! No!

And you don't have a right
to... You have no right...

Max: Is something
the matter, Doc?

He's trying to sandbag me!

He's trying to railroad
me into something

that I don't know
anything about.

You're trying to tell me you were totally
unaware of your daughter's condition?

That's right.
Completely. Why is that?

Why is that?

I was... a little out of it.

We thought it was out of town.

What, did Carla tell you that?

Look, I have to
tell her something.

She's unbelievably jealous.

If I'm working
late at the office

she assumes that I'm getting
carpet-burned with the cleaning lady,

my secretary, anybody.

Doesn't matter.

Aren't you? Aren't I what?

Please, that was therapy.

For her or for you?

For her!

In Reichian therapy,

the patient has to... Really...

get to know the therapist, hmm?

How about those
legs of hers, huh?

Who was it?

James M. Cain...

"She looked so good, I wanted
to hit her with a hammer."


Hey, it was only
a figure of speech.

Is that what happened to Didi?

What are you talking about?

What? You think I hit Didi?

I'm dealing with
an irrational person.

I'm trying to keep
everything together.

How? By giving her
a slap once in a while

to keep her in line? Max.

Oh, no, my son is with her!

My son is with her.
We'll take care of it.

I was there at lunchtime. She never
even mentioned that Didi was hurt.

I have to get out
of here. Hey, hey!

Wait a minute!

She's gonna do a number on him!

I'm afraid of what
she's gonna do!

Now can we hold the guy?

Maybe you... better bring
in Mrs. Lowenstein too, huh?

Mrs. Lowenstein: Stop
doing that with your eyes.

Keep doing that
with your eyes...

They'll stay stuck like
that for the rest of your life!

Didn't I warn you?! (knocking)

You hear me?! You're
gonna learn, mister.

You are going to learn
if it's the last thing I do!

Come here! Come on!

Logan: Open this door! Open now!

I'm gonna teach you a
lesson you'll never forget!

(door crashes) Come
on, you have to learn!

You have to learn!

Mommy! What are you
doing? That's not yours!

That's not his!

(screaming, crying)

God Almighty!

He's gotta learn! I
know. I know. I know.

Max: She seems to be improving.


It's an involuntary reaction.

It's a sign of deep
cerebral damage.

Dierdre didn't just
hit her head, Carla.

Somebody must have
done something to her.

Where did you say Jacob was?

In custody. Don't
worry, he can't hurt you.

Is he all right?

I mean, nobody
can... you know...

get to him, can they?

Why would anyone
want to get to him?

He's a very attractive man.

Did he ask for me?

I really need to see him.

Max: That's up to him.

Now, Carla, try to remember,

did you ever see Jacob
strike either of your children?

He's a very loving father.

He's beaten you.

He loves me.

We're very much in love.

Do you know that Ezra is with juvenile
authorities under protective custody?

How could I be expected
to know anything?

How are you doing?

I could use some
more stuff, you know?

In a little while.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to
ask you to come back another time.

No problem.

You think she beat the kid up?

I don't know.

I know she's nuts.

The way she lay there...

primping herself... It just
made me want to puke.

She has been slapped
around pretty good.

I'm not so sure she's to blame.

There are some
women who provoke it.

Come on, it's true.

You think she cares diddly
about those kids or anything?

Huh? Everything's
a mirror to her.

She holds a
dying kid up to it...

And all she can see is
herself and how it affects her.

Now, you give her sympathy,
she's gonna want to fight.

You give her a fight,
she's gonna want a kiss.

Give her a kiss, and I swear to
God she'll bite your tongue out!

You, uh...

you saw this on "Oprah" or what?

My mother.


She always said she was
cut out for something greater

than being the wife of a
cop from the Lower East Side.

God, she was...

she was a bottomless pit.

It was always, "Give me
your undivided attention!"

But when the old man couldn't take
it anymore and gave her a whack,

then she'd turn
around and whack me.

(laughs) She always got
this look in her eye, you know?

And then I saw it coming.

Now this witch in here...

She's got that same look.

We have blood on the floor, yes.

It matches the blood
on Dierdre's head, yes.

And, yes, we haven't
proven anything here!

How about we try to
obtain a confession?

We've got an ME who says
there's no way it was an accident.

You want me to go
beat it out of her, Mike?

I'm sure he means why
don't we go work Lowenstein?

And that's a good idea.

I released him. What? What?

He was screaming false
imprisonment on the coke bust.

No probable cause...
Thanks for telling us.

(phone rings)
Cragen. Yes... Max!

What? It's for you.


Yes, Rudy.

What, did you get a
new pair of binoculars?

Look, sometimes...

the shades are up.

Every once in a while

I just happen to look out.

And do you ever
happen to see anything?

Two nights ago,

Mommy Dearest was dancing
around like a whirling dervish.

Where was the little girl?

She was shaking her
like she was a rag doll.

And then the husband came home.

What time was that?

I don't know. Late.

11:00, maybe later.

I wanted to tell you,
but I was afraid...

What happened when
Dr. Lowenstein came in?

He belted her. The girl?

No, the wife.

And then she slapped the kid.

I told you. Didn't I tell you?

Rudy: I can't believe
she's not locked up.

Max: She's under
observation in Bellevue.

The hell she is.

I just saw her getting out of
a cab less than an hour ago.

Ain't bureaucracy great?

And she had the
little boy with her.

Where's the boy?

Logan: Hey, pal. Carla...

Come on out, pal.
I'm taking you in.

Do you understand?

We're gonna go for a walk. I'm
charging you with assault on Didi.


Did he do this to you?


You stupid cow!

Carla: No! You're under arrest!


Carla: Daddy, Pookie's scared.

Pookie doesn't
want to go to jail.

You see! You see
what I gotta put up with?!

Come on. We're
gonna go for a walk.

You have the right
to remain silent.

You have the
right to an attorney.

And anything you do say may be
used against you in a court of law.

$500,000 is unreal, Your Honor.

Judge: I can make it higher.

Dr. Lowenstein has made his bail

because he controls
all the family funds.

This woman is indigent.

In this instance, half
a million dollars bail

is not only excessive,
it's discriminatory.

Oh? Why's that?

Look at this woman.

She can hardly
follow the proceedings,

she's been so badly beaten.

My heart bleeds.
What's your point?

She needs medical attention,

not jail time.

There's an infirmary at the
women's prison, Your Honor.

Mrs. Lowenstein's
bond remains as set.

Officer, handle her
with kid gloves...


(steady tone)

As soon as you can, I'll...

need the details.

It's just that I find
it hard to believe.

Robinette: Trust me. I don't go
around delivering news like this as a gag.

What about my
baby? Is he all right?

He's okay.

He's in a foster home
until this thing gets resolved.

Oh, Ezra.

Yes, of course. What
baby were you referring to?

Your husband?

Is that who you're thinking
about at a time like this?

So it's resolved.

What do you mean?
Didi's gone. It's over.


I'd like to get some rest.

Carla, this is very serious.

I know that!

I'm accused of murdering
my own daughter,

isn't that it?

Yes. Yes, you are.

We have a witness who saw
you roughing Dierdre up that night.

Only you and your husband
know which of you hit her.

Maybe you didn't hit her.

Maybe your husband...
Nobody hit Didi.

Okay. Pushed her down.

Maybe she wouldn't stop crying
so he picker her up and he...

He picked her up...

And then he threw her?

Then he laid hands on it.

What do you mean? To fix it.

To make it better.

Jacob says

that healing is a matter

of adjusting your
mind to God's will.

What a pleasant surprise.

On Didi Lowenstein, did you
find evidence of sexual abuse?


Did you look?


Why not? 'Cause
nobody told me to.

Somebody just did!

Judge: Your point, Ms. Green?

Your Honor, Carla Lowenstein
was battered almost to death

by Mr. Redding's client.

To try them together
would be a terrible injustice.

Since we're not in open
court, could we dispense

with the feminist rhetoric
and talk bottom line?

I mean, since I do agree
with you on one point.

Dr. Lowenstein is
innocent of murder

since he did not strike Dierdre.

Therefore I would
like a severance.

Mr. Stone?

There has been a total disregard
for the life of an innocent child...

Of two innocent children.

Now I'd like to ensure that
history doesn't repeat itself

in the Lowenstein household.

One of those two people
struck a six-year-old child

with enough force to stop
her brain from functioning.

Neither one has
been forthcoming.

And both of them
know which one did it.

I think the truth
will only come out

is if one turns on the other.

In the case of People
versus Jacob Lowenstein,

indictment number 6695,
the charges brought are

murder in the second degree;
assault in the first degree;

endangering the
welfare of a minor.

In the case of People
versus Carla Lowenstein;

indictment number 6695-A,

the charges brought are
murder in the second degree;

assault in the first degree;
endangering the welfare of a minor.

Is the defense ready?

Ready, Your Honor.

Ready, Your Honor.

Are the people ready?
Ready, Your Honor.

Mrs. Lowenstein: Honey?


(gavel raps continuing)
Judge: Mrs. Lowenstein.


Judge: Counsel is
asked to advise your client

to exhibit some restraint.

She was always
yanking her. Slapping her.

She was always mad at Didi.

Yanking and slapping
and pulling her hair?

This convinced you that Didi
was being abused, Ms. Perez?

No, no. That's only what I
saw her mother do to her.

Didi was always coming in
with much more serious injuries.

Objection. Ms. Perez
is not a physician.

I'll rephrase.

Ms. Perez, did you
ever see any signs

of physical abuse
on Didi Lowenstein?

Yes. Would you describe them?

Large purple bruises on her legs

and they continued
under her underpants.

A black eye.

Scalded hands.

Stone: Did Didi say how she
had received these injuries?

She said, "Mommy said...

I was naughty for not
finishing my dinner."

Stone: No further
questions, Your Honor.

No questions, Your Honor.

You may step down, Ms. Perez.


She did it, Adam.
That's not my problem.

One way or another, that
woman hit her daughter.

Then what is your problem? The
Perez testimony destroyed her.

If Green is asking for a meeting,
she's willing to make a deal.

The whole thing is unfathomable.

I feel like I'm
floating face-down

with a mile of black
water between me

and any reasonable
explanation for this.

Why does it have
to be reasonable?

There's something
else going on here.

It's not her. It's him.

There's something depraved...

All right, now what bothers
you most about this?


my own rage.

What do your guts tell you?

Put 'em both in a dungeon,

put 'em on a wheel,

and annihilate 'em.

Can you get to him through her?

I think so.

All right, then do it.

If you think that he
is the greater-evil,

you go for him where
he's most vulnerable,

and you make the deal.

It's your meeting.

Ms. Perez was a
powerful, if biased witness.

I think the jury thought so.

Let's plea her down.

On what basis? The
basis of her being willing

to accept limited
culpability, with mitigating...

Mrs. Lowenstein: I did it.

I killed Didi.

I hit her.


I can't remember.

She was out of her mind on
cocaine, which he gave to her.

He abused her. He
abused the children.

He encouraged her
to beat the little girl.

Mrs. Lowenstein, why would
he want you to do such a thing?

He wanted me to train her.

I'm sorry?

To train her.

For later.

So we could both serve him.

Will you testify to
that on the stand?


Mrs. Lowenstein,
intoxication is no defense

for depraved
indifference homicide.

However, since we feel
that she was coerced...

And that she was
physically threatened

we'll accept a plea on man one.

And Dr. Lowenstein?


I'll get him for murder.


Judge: Ladies and gentlemen,

I inform you now
that Carla Lowenstein

is no longer
party to this trial.

The People versus
Jacob Lowenstein

will therefore proceed
on its own merits.

Medical examiner:
Yes, I recognize them.

These were taken during the
autopsy of Dierdre Lowenstein.

Which you performed? Yes.

Did you find evidence
of sexual molestation?

Yes, I did.

Have you formed an opinion

as to the time the
fatal blow was struck?

Between 10:00 and 11:00 p.m.

From the rate at
which the blood clotted

and also the amount of
coagulation in the wound,

that would be the time.

Thank you, Doctor.
That will be all.

The people call
Carla Lowenstein.

Place your left hand on the
Bible and raise your right hand.

Mrs. Lowenstein, do you swear
to tell the truth, the whole truth,

and nothing but the truth,
so help you God? I do.

Mrs. Lowenstein, tell the court

why you struck your daughter
hard enough to kill her.

Well, I was loaded, and...

I really didn't think I
had any strength left.

Why would you do such a thing?

My husband. He convinced me to.

She's out of her
mind! Dr. Lowenstein.

One more outburst and
I'll have you shackled

for the remainder of this trial.

Did your husband tell you why

he wanted you to strike Didi?

Well, he said that we
all needed discipline.

That he wanted...

Didi to grow up to be
just like her mother.

He wanted her to...

to be the perfect
wife, just like me.

I beg your pardon?

He said he wanted her

to be the perfect wife

just like me.

He wanted her to
be a perfect wife.

Did your husband ever
abuse Didi sexually?

Objection, Your Honor. That has
nothing to do with the night in question.

Overruled. Answer the question.

Well... it wasn't abuse.

I mean...

He loved her. He just...

He just had to find
a way to show it.

No further questions,
Your Honor.


How often did you get loaded?

Not very often.

Well, say ballpark.

Once a week?

Three times?

Five? I don't know.

You know, when I needed it.

When things just
got to be too much.

Aren't you, in fact, a
cocaine addict, Carla?

Objection, Your
Honor. Characterization.


When you were loaded, Carla...

Weren't your
children afraid of you?

Stone: Objection, Your
Honor. He's leading the witness.


Carla, the neighbors
all say that...

when you were out
together as a family,

Didi was always walking
hand-in-hand with her father,

never with you. And they
thought that very odd...

That a mother should be
so distant from her daughter.

Well, I wanted to
hold her hand, but...

she wouldn't let me.

Redding hurt us.

I didn't hear you knock.

That's 'cause I didn't. If I'd have
knocked, you'd have heard it.

I don't doubt that.


How come you didn't ask
the right question, Stone?

Which is?

Which is, how does
Dr. Lowenstein support

his cosmopolitan lifestyle?

Analysts make a
comfortable living, don't they?

He's a witch doctor. He
couldn't give it away for free.

Rich parents?

He sells cocaine. He deals!

Upper West Side intellectual

artsy-tartsy, but big time.

Why are you telling me this?
Isn't this a conflict of interest?

'Cause ethically I'm Snow White.

I'm an officer of the court.

My client's already
had her day in it.

You and I both know
he made her what she is.

That's too simple.

Simple or complicated,
the tip's straight up.

Besides, I felt it was my duty.

Rawlings is listed
as a defense witness.

We call her, have her
declared a hostile witness

and pump her on the coke.

Stone: Ms. Rawlings,
this session...

Was this a therapy session?

Of course. Of what sort?

Well... it was Reichian.


Dr. Lowenstein is a
well-known Reichian.

Does that mean Dr. Lowenstein
supplied you with cocaine?

I don't believe this! Quiet!

Answer the question, please.

Yes. Did you inhale it?

We were smoking it, all right?

He said it would help
me get in touch with...

With what, Ms. Rawlings?
With "the child within"?

Did Dr. Lowenstein
also sell you cocaine?

Objection, Your Honor! Absolutely
irrelevant to the night in question.

Ah, but it does have relevance.

Dr. Lowenstein's drug
use, his drug dealing

was one of, if not the
major contributing factor

to the nightmare of the
Lowenstein household.

And this depraved indifference led
directly to Didi Lowenstein's death.


Answer the question.


To your personal knowledge,

did Dr. Lowenstein also
sell cocaine to other patients?

Objection, leading the witness!


Ms. Rawlings, yes or no, please.


Redding: And finally,
Dr. Lowenstein,

did you ever abuse Dierdre?

Didi was the one ray
of sunshine in my life.

I never abused her.

I used to hold her
and try to protect her

from Carla and...

Who I now realize is insane.

And even she says
that I never abused her.

It's just a lot of
legal semantics

that's being used
to twist the truth.

I loved her...

with all my heart.

Thank you, Doctor.

Dr. Lowenstein, do
you consider yourself

a good husband and father?

Yes I do. A good provider?

Yes, yes, absolutely.

Shelter, food, clothing?

Of course. And cocaine?

Objection, Your Honor.
Where is this going?

Mr. Stone? To the heart
of the matter, Your Honor.

The people contend that
Dr. Lowenstein is guilty of murder

because he instigated
the beating and did nothing

to help his fatally
injured daughter.

We've heard Mrs. Lowenstein
testify that she was loaded on cocaine.

Where did she get it?

Answer the question.

What is the question?

Did you provide Carla
Lowenstein with cocaine?

I've treated many of my patients
with psychomimetic drugs.

But you're not a medical
doctor, are you, Doctor?

You're a psychotherapist.

You have no license
to prescribe medicines,

and have been
doing it for years,

and have been illegally
selling drugs to your patients.

Now this is just
legal semantics,

but some people
think it's important!

Do you consider
your wife a patient?

I think of my wife as
a very sick person.

I try to help her. By beating
some sense into her?



Mr. Stone?

Haven't you denied
help to your family?

No. Didi was malnourished,
Dr. Lowenstein.

She was seen walking
barefoot in February.

I buy her shoes and
Carla throws them away.

Would Carla also
throw the food away?

Didi won't eat without
me. She adores me...

We hold hands.


When we go out walking together.

I mean, Didi gives
me her hand...

and says,

"Tighter, Daddy.

Daddy, hold me tighter."

Yes, it was testified earlier that
you and Didi would walk together,

and Mrs. Lowenstein would
walk behind, is that correct?


Which many experts on child
abuse believe is a clear sign

that the child is trying to curry
favor with the abusing parent!


Judge: Is that a
question, Mr. Stone?

No, Your Honor, it's not.

Do you have any more questions
for the defendant, Mr. Stone?

Yes, Your Honor. Yes, I do.

I most certainly do.

Now, Dr. Lowenstein, you
have previously testified

that when you came
home just before midnight

Carla told you that she had
hit Didi earlier that evening.

Is that correct?

Well, I certainly didn't
think it was anything serious.

And you also testified
that when you came home

Didi was laying in the
middle of your living room floor

in her school clothes?

I thought she was sleeping.

Does she usually spend the night
on a parquet floor, without a blanket?

Of course not.

Did you go to Didi and check
to see if she was all right?

I didn't feel it was necessary.

Even with a bloodstain
under her head?

I didn't see that.

Please, sir,

I direct you to examine
People's Exhibit number 37.

It is a photograph of a bloodstain
on your living room floor!

A bloodstain measuring
27 inches by 38 inches.

A bloodstain the
size of a small rug.

It was dark.

There wasn't... many
lights about, and...

So when you saw your
unconscious daughter on the floor

and that stain on the same floor

did you pick up a
phone and call 911?

I already... Did you pick up a
phone and call her pediatrician?

You're twisting
everything I say!

Did you even bother
to pick up Didi...

Or did you leave her in
a pool of her own blood?

As eloquent as your
counsel was in your behalf,

you are not the victim
here, Mrs. Lowenstein.

The victim was an
innocent six-year-old girl,

who couldn't defend herself.

On the count of manslaughter
in the first degree,

the court sentences
you to seven-to-ten years

in a women's
correctional facility.

As for you, sir...

From this seat I thought I had
witnessed every degradation,

every monstrosity
possible, but you, Doctor,

are beyond contempt.

You have helped a
woman destroy herself.

You engineered the
tragedy of a little girl's death.

But you took pretty good
care of yourself, didn't you?

Your Honor...

I've lost my family.

Yes, you have.

Jacob Lowenstein,

having been found guilty of
murder in the second degree

by depraved
indifference to human life

this court sentences you

to 25 years to life

in a state penitentiary.

Baby, what's gonna
happen to us now?

Pookie can't live
without her Daddy.

Pookie needs you.

Pookie needs you.

(theme music playing)