Law & Order (1990–2010): Season 1, Episode 7 - Law & Order - full transcript

Sergeant Greevy and Detective Logan investigate the death of a man found in Central Park. He was alive when found with a cracked skull but has had a heart attack as well. Oddly, his underwear was on backwards. They determine that he had booked himself into a nearby hotel and then arranged for a call girl to visit him. They locate the girl and it leads them the owner of a self-styled catering agency, well-known society hostess Laura Winthrop. ADA Stone wants to pursue her and the case certainly gets a lot of media attention. Her defense is that she was a responsible madam who took good care of her girls. Stone's intent is to show the damage she's caused.

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Narrator:. In the criminal justice
system, the people are represented

by two separate yet
equally important groups-

the police,
who investigate crime,

and the district attorneys
who prosecute the offenders.

These are their stories.

Man: So we go into this place-

this SRO
up on 113th Street,

and we hear this guy,
muffled like,

going, "Help, help, "
but inside someplace.

we search. we can't find this guy.

This room is maybe
12' by 12'

There's not a lot
of space to hide.

Can't find him,
until Handler looks up,

and sees this guy-
jaybird naked

to the ceiling.

I'm telling you-

Hey, hey! My dog!

He just found
something down there!

I think it's a guy
or something.

I don't know
if he's dead or hurt!

Oh, my God!

Back here.

It's right over here. At first I
thought it was a glove or something.

Look at it.

Ready? Lift.

He's hurt pretty bad,
but he's not dead.

I. D.? Nope, nothing on him.

Hey, Bobby, make sure
you bag it all!

He gonna wake up?

The nurses' pool
says no.

How much is in the pot? 30 bucks.

If they were sure,
there'd be at least 100.

He's got a shot.
Come here, let me show you.

There's a hairline fracture
and subdural hematoma.

Bad enough, but it
looks worse than it is.

Just a love tap. whoever did
it wasn't trying to kill him.

I'm sure his family will
find that comforting.

The blow to the head doesn't worry
me as much as the heart attack.

Heart attack? Caused by the blow.

Impossible to tell. He could
have had the heart attack first.


there is one odd thing. Yeah?

His underpants
were on backwards.

Logan: Ugh
- what the hell is that?

Glass eye- garbage.

Hey, listen
to this.

when I worked the 9th, we'd
get a scratch, Tompkins Square,

so we nose around the parks,
the streets, blah, blah, blah.

What do we find
under the bench?

A hand-
a human hand

with the watch
still on the wrist, ticking.


Brontosaurus rex-

Rolling papers...



All right!

7:00 or 8:00,
I don't know.

Dinner was on the table
when he called.

Did you know
where he was going?

Just that he had
to work late,

and... I'm sorry.

I was up
most of the night.

These pictures just came back
from being processed.

May I?

I don't understand.

Irv doesn't work anywhere
near Central Park.

where does he work?

Max: So, you left with Mr. Diamond?

About 5: 30.

He said he wanted
to discuss receivables-

over a drink
at Jangle's.

Did you do a lot of your work
with him over drinks?

I like my job-
but not that much.

Thank you.

Sure, I remember him.

Comes in here once
or twice a month,

"window shopping,"

then he goes home
to the wifey.

what about
last night?

Last night he's with
some knockout

who's trying to pretend
she's got nothing to look at.

Now me, I wouldn't
go near one like that.

First it's "Don't
touch, don't touch, "

and then it's
"why not? why not?"

Did you think they were
gonna go take a swim,

or just sit
on the beach?

She wasn't

The guy was in heat.
He's pawing her,

she's got zero interest
and she walks.


in come
the "BBQs"-


the bridge-
and-tunnel set.


He goes after three in
a row, bim, bam, bom.

The Mike Tyson
of romance.

I mean,
dead meat.

So... I buy him
a drink,

he buys himself
a couple or three more,

and by the time
he left,

he couldn't walk.


Another strikeout.
what have we got left?

Five block radius,
we got the Pequot,

the Standish,
the Stanley.

Then you get past that
- Then?!

In his condition, you think he'd
make it more than five blocks?

Let's work the phones. I
don't want this to get cold.

I don't get it, Max. It's
just a little "humma-humma. "

Did you see the pictures?
So? Lots of vics got kids.

Until you have some,
you won't understand.

Mr. Diamond-
ah, yes.

He checked in
last night,

about 8:00- alone,

no luggage, gold card.

Maid just cleared up
his room.

The maid quarters
are downstairs?

Thanks a lot.

Did you clean his room
this morning?

Did you see anything
out of the ordinary?

Signs of a fight,

Did he use
his bed?

Did you find
anything in the room?

Please get it-

for Pleasure. "

A sports fan.

Gracias. Don't read
that, you'll go blind.

wait a minute...

50 cents!

I've been working hotels
for 40 years,

and I ain't seen a two-bit tip
since those Kennedys been in office.

You see what
I'm getting at?

Then this duke
asks me about

getting a girl.

And I tell him-

"A big tipper like you
don't need no girl. "

And that's when he
ordered the champagne?

No, later.
He ordered two glasses,

so I figure he solved
that problem by himself.

Now, when I get
to his room,

he's in his drawers
and socks,

and on the bed
is this blonde.

A cute little thing
with a farmgirl face.

The "farmgirl"
got a name?

Everyone got a name, but he don't
call her nothing that I hear.

They talk about

She's talking,
and talking to him,

and I figure she's
talking a little lovey.

But she wasn't
talking that.

what were they
talking about?


20th precinct shoots
tomorrow night, fellows.

Sergeant Greevey,
Detective Logan.

which one of us
got a problem?

Logan: A blonde.
That's helpful.

we're looking for a young girl
with a fresh face,

happens to be a blonde.

Very wholesome,
likes to play pool.

Ring a bell?
Could be Jolene.

She in some kind
of trouble?

I don't know
her last name.

Green League, Tuesdays.

She started playing in July. I
remember she came in after the 4th.

what team she play on? They call
themselves the "Femme Fatales. "

Can you believe that?
Pool's "in. "

We got all kinds of teams,
girl teams, gay teams.

we even got a team of transvestites
- as long as they pay their fee.

How does she pay?
Cash or check?

some business-

funny name.




Correspondence Unit
report on Messilina.

No liens, no credit
codes, no judgments,

no records of any
Messilina Corporation.

Hold on.

I got a DBA.

County clerk?

"Messilina Enterprises
doing business-

as 'Poppy Catering"'



East 79th Street. "

That puts it right in the
middle of the East River!



what now.

Our Mr. Diamond, maybe he'll
wake up and tell us what happened.

Oh, yeah, right.

This Diamond guy,
he's got a nice wife,

he's got three kids. what's
he doing going to a hooker?

Your objection
moral or economic?

I'll tell you this,
I'm never gonna pay for it.

Let's talk about it

after you've been married
for 20 or 30 years,

and have nothing more
to look forward to

than "more of the same
home cooking. "

what are you saying?
You'd do it?!

Me? I'm lucky.
I like my wife's cooking.

But I don't judge.

You can never know
someone else's story.

wait a minute!
"Poppy Catering"?


"Poppy Escorts"!


what can I tell you?
That's the way I like them-

young, fresh, blonde-

wholesome, like they
just came off a farm.

Thank you.

Just a minute.

Be right there.

Coming, coming.

Here I am.

Hi, guy.

I'm Jolene.

You can
call me Mike.

I'll call you "Daisy"
if you want-

but what's
your real name?


where are you from...


I sure hope
you have a plane ticket.


Now, Mike...
you're not

the kind of guy
who would take offense

if I asked you
a personal question?

No, not at all.

Are you a cop?

No, why?
Your shoes.

And knit socks.

Cop shoes,
cop socks.


I'm not a cop.

It's $220
for a half-hour,

$250 for an hour,

and for that
you get "straight,"

or "half and half. "

what do you say
to that- "Mike"?

I say,
"You're under arrest. "

You said you
weren't a cop.

I lied.

Isn't there some kind of
illegal thing about that?

what? Lying?

I'm allowed to lie.
They pay me to lie.

It doesn't seem right.

Maybe we can
work something out.

Like what?

we know you were
with a guy named Diamond

the night before last.
what happened?

The night before last?

I was...

"upstate. "

Hospital just called.

Diamond had
another coronary.

He's dead.

I sure hope you have
a plane ticket.

You don't

I didn't realize
he was still alive.

I thought
he was dead.

I've never seen
anyone die before.

Honey, just tell us
what happened.

I called my driver.

He was waiting for me
in the garage.

He told me to split.

So I went home.

You didn't try
to give him CPR?

Oh, God! I didn't know
he was still alive.

He wasn't breathing.

I got scared,

I would never just
leave somebody to die.

Do you think
he would have been-

all right?

How did he get
to Central Park?

I don't know.

You'd have to ask Cookie.
Cookie Molina.

The driver.

where can we
find him?

In his car, I guess.

He works out at
the west End Garage.

Max: You guys know
a guy named Cookie?

Yeah, he's right
over there. Thanks.

Yo! Cookie Molina?

who wants to know.

I thought "Cookie"
was a girl's name.

Come on, get out
of the car, get out.


So, tell us
about Mr. Diamond.

Never heard
of him.

Oh! I hope you belong
to a softball league, Cookie.

He must be
an all-star.

He's hitting the ball so hard,
he's making it bleed.

Logan: Mr. Diamond
- they found

tiny, wooden slivers
in his head.

Somebody hit him
with something.

Yeah, something-
like this.

Like a bat. Could've
even been this bat.

And since you
don't know Mr. Diamond,

we'll take it down to the
lab and see what they turn up.

Look, the guy, Diamond,
was dead before I hit him.

Heart attack.

Wrong order, Cookie.

Heart attack,
you hit him...

then he died.

No way, he was history
in the room.

I'm afraid the hospital
where he croaked,

would disagree.

why don't you just
talk it through, hmm?


Jolene beeps me.

I go up-

the john's lying there.

He ain't moving.
He ain't breathing.

I call Jasmine-


She runs the day-to-day.
I tell her, "we got trouble. "

She puts me
on hold,

comes back a minute later and says,

"Dress the guy. "

Diamond. "Pretend he's
drunk, take him to the car,

dump him someplace,
make it look like a mugging. "

So I drive the car
to the park,

dump him,
turn out his pockets,

toss his key and wallet
into the bushes.

Then you hit him. when I
told Jasmine, she freaked.

"what did ya do that for?"
she's screaming.

It's not
my fault.

She said, "Make it
look like a mugging. "

You did
a good job.

I can see
the future.

Oh yeah? You guys are
gonna read me my rights.

Sultry woman:

I'm Jasmine.


I believe you
asked for me?


First time?


First time here?


well, relax, hmm?

we're gonna have
a good time.

Did they explain
the rates downstairs?


It's $250
an hour,

I... don't
do halves,

and I only do
straight sex.


you just said
the magic word.

Look at me,
I'm overweight.

Suppose I had a bad
heart like Diamond,

doesn't that
bother you?

Give me a break.

Does Jack LaLanne
ask for a cardiogram?

Johns are big boys.

If they choose to go
to an escort i service-

You mean "whorehouse", don't you?

You know, you should
have sent your partner.

I don't usually
do discipline,

but I would love
to teach him some manners.

whoa! In and out
- just like work, huh?

I'm only as quick
as the guy I'm with.

You- look like
under a minute.

Joe, her lawyer-
this guy AuClair,

just set a new record,
bail in under an hour.

You know anything about
him? He dresses sharp.

Aside from that. I've never seen
him around these parts before.

Not a regular

what do you

Of a hooker who's got
a lawyer who looks like

he spends more on clothes
than I make in a year?

I think whoever's paying
his bill ought to adopt me.

Logan: what's it been, eight hours?

I hate this.

what do we got?


Jasmine's lawyer-

Roger AuClair, Esquire,

has never handled
a pross bust before.

In the last three years,
AuClair handled

only 34
criminal cases.

Nothing complicated, all
the rest corporate stuff.

for corporate clients.

He's the firm's fixer.

19 drug-related

seven larceny
or shoplifting,

six assault,

wife-beating, husband-beating,
pet poodle-beating.

More dropped charges.

what do you say
we pack it in,

catch a couple
or three hours sleep?

Roach coach j is open.

Let's get some
fresh coffee.

Five possibilities
left, Max.

There you go,
have a good day.


we should have started
at the other end of the pile.

Four months ago, AuClair
starts a Theft of Services case

against a guy named
Stringfellow, on behalf of-

Poppy Catering!

Stringfellow's wife-
she won't pay the bill.

This is the part
of the job that I like.

Beautiful, Max.

Mrs. Stringfellow: Yes, we are
being sued by Poppy Catering.

But, gentlemen,
they are not caterers.

They are whores.

my husband used.

And charged
on his gold card.

Yes, but I'm sure
I don't need to remind you

that a contract entered into
for an illegal act-

is void.

In any case,
I certainly

do not intend
to pay this bill.

It's the principle
of the thing.

And what about
the publicity?

I had a little
research done.

The woman who is running
"Poppy Catering,"

this whorehouse,

is a winthrop.

Laura winthrop.

Her mother
is a Matthews.

I went to Spence
with her.


is a very capable

She holds an MBA
from Harvard.

Imagine, my husband
paid $1, 000

for four hours' i service.

That's almost as much as
I'm paying my divorce lawyer.

Got everything?
we all set?

we got our warrant,
what else do we need?

You're cranky when you
don't sleep at night.

I love this.

Let's go bust
a prostitute.

whoo! Look at the
size of this place.

Max: Police here to
see Laura winthrop.

Search warrant!

Max: Laura Winthrop, you have
the right to remain silent

and refuse to answer
questions. Do you understand?

How does
the defendant plead?

Not guilty,
Your Honor.

I assume you are
requesting bail?

We are, Your Honor.

Prosecution does not consider Ms.
winthrop a flight risk, Your Honor.

However, the 35-woman
prostitution ring,

which the defendant ran,
is one of the largest

and most lucrative
uncovered in recent years.

Listen up, Andrew,
and get some pointers!

I gather this is alleged to be
an efficiently run business?

Stone: Thoroughly
computerized, with a client list

that includes
doctors, diplomats,

CEO's of some of the city's
largest corporations-

Judge: Get to the point, Mr. Stone.

Despite the impressive
list of assets,

promoting prostitution

is still merely
a Class D felony.

This office requests
bail commensurate

with the serious impact
of the crime

on the moral fibre
of this community.

Ya hear that, Andrew?.

I told you
we all need fiber!

and gentlemen!

I realize it's late,

and all of us, including me,
would rather be somewhere else,

but since we are compelled
to spend some time together,

perhaps we could
have a little order?!

Bail, $5, 000.

watch your step.

excessive? No, not at all.

Will this affect your catering
- Yes, and they weren't even invited.

And here I am at night
court in my pearls-


You're treading water.

My client invested
in the catering business.

She knew nothing about, and had
nothing to do with prostitution.

The records we got in the bust give
us a good start proving otherwise.

at best.

See you in court.

winthrop:.. This city?
I can't imagine.

It stinks.

The DA ain't gonna give you
a total walk, Cookie.

You want to nail

I can sing you
a top-10 hit,

but I gotta slide to a
misdemeanor and time served.

Give him
the walk.

If people
only knew.

Do you know how many
john's heads this jerk

has probably
hit fungos with?

I don't care if he's
the damned "Sultan of Swat. "

I'm hunting
for bigger fish, Max.

Her operation could kill
hundreds. The deal is approved.

"Million Dollar Madam.

Blueblood busted
in prostitution ring.

Cops called her Madame. "

what do the telephone records say?

No calls to or from her
apartment to the whorehouse.

She's smart.

But sloppy.

Last February- the heat
went off in the whorehouse.

winthrop called the people who
managed the building to complain.

She was so snobby
on the phone.

when she called, she clearly
identified herself?

Not just on the phone,
she came in.

Oh- would you like
a danish or some coffee?

No, thanks. Manager:. what a scene.

You know, plumbers are not the
easiest thing to get in New York City.

Not in the middle of winter, in
the middle of the dinner hour.

I mean, it takes time,
it takes a lot of doing.

But not
for "Miss Impatience," no.

well, maybe it's easier
in hoity-toity Connecticut.

She said she was
from Connecticut? No!

She reminds me of my
sister-in-law from Connecticut.

Ma'am, is this the
woman who complained?


Yeah, she even looks
like my sister-in-law.

Did you copy
the whole trick book?

Just the A-list. 15 names,
each worth over a hundred mil.

Phipps MacKenzie,
Colin Metcalf, David Hamilton-

it reads like
the Social Register.

Child: One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10.

Anyone around
my base is it!

I understand
your position.

But you understand,
I'm sure, there's...

no way I could

I understand your
position, Mr. Hamilton,

but you're gonna
be under subpoena.

I don't have to remind you what
the penalties are for perjury.

You put me
on the stand,

and I'll make
damn sure you spend

the rest of your insignificant
career prosecuting jaywalkers.

Thanks for your time,
Mr. Hamilton.

And I hope your grandson
has a happy birthday.


Looking for
our lunch date?

I didn't know
we were on for lunch.

we're not.

Hello, Paul.

Still flacking
for the mayor?

You know, Paul, I really love your
partner, here, so does the mayor, Ben.

He especially loves the work
you've been doing on prostitution.

He really thinks you should have
a bigger staff, a bigger budget.

Maybe... there should be
a task force,

which as you know, since crack
has become much more visible,

much more aggressive,
a major task force-

major effort.
what do you think, Ben?

Are you

I think we ought to put stocks
- two to a block,

guarded and heated
- all the way up and down Broadway.

Anyone convicted
of possession of crack

has to sit in those stocks
from sunup till sundown,

with a dunce cap and clown nose
- we'd clear up the problem in six months.

what do you think?

If that's the way you
want to play it, Ben.


Ms. winthrop's friends
are getting nervous.

They're going to be
looking for a scapegoat-

like maybe Jolene and Cookie
conspired to roll Diamond.

we've got to make sure Jolene
is not connected to Cookie.

Check the bat,

make sure her prints
aren't on it.

Get a sample of her blood,

make sure there's no match with
the blood found on Cookie's bat.

All cliches are true.

Such as?

"Politics makes
strange bedfellows. "

Murder two?!
That's absurd.

Diamond died. You can't prove that
was a result of a blow to the head.

I think I can prove your client had
reckless disregard for human life.

Bull! Yeah? Let's see
what the jury has to say.


All right,
all right.

She'll plead to
promoting prostitution.

I want her
to do time.

what are you,
a religious fanatic?

And more than one year.
I want prison, not jail.

AuClair wants
to make a deal.

And? I'm tempted. Is
that the lab report?

The wood fiber found
in Diamond's head matches-

Cookie's bat. The
blood type on the bat-

Matched Diamond's?
Some of it does.

There are other types.
So, what's the problem?

All the lab reports j came in-

including Jolene's.

Her blood
was on the bat?

No... it wasn't that,

there's a new blind screening
program for HIV.

She's got AIDS?

Makes her a hell
of a compelling witness.

The public health angle
is explosive.

Actually, I'm glad
you called, Mr. Stone.

I've decided
not to testify.

I'll plead to
the prostitution charge.

I'm sorry.
I really am.

I know you were
counting on my testimony,

but Laura winthrop's
been good to me.

That's not
why we're here.

It's not?!


The blood sample
that was taken...

it became part
of a blind test.

what kind of test?

An AIDS test?

They did an HIV test?



No, I was tested.

Two months ago.

All positives
are double-checked.

Health food.

Robinette: we've got her nailed
on the prostitution charge.

It's the other charges that
are gonna put her behind bars.

As my Dad used to say, "Unless
you're holding a full house-

jacks high or better-
call, don't raise. "

Your dad was
a philosopher.

with Jolene and Cookie,
I'm still in the game.

Sounds like
a low pair to me.

Your wife has been an invalid
for 14 years, is that correct?

Yes. Stone: During that time,

have you had any occasion to
use the services of prostitutes?


Stone: How many? Maybe... 2,000.

Have you ever used
the same woman twice?

Not often.

Most of the girls weren't worth
using once, let alone twice.

what about
Jolene Curtis?


I used her whenever
she was available.

She's very, very good
at what she does.

what does she do?

Oh, she gets you
very, very excited.

whatever she does,

is it hard
on the heart?

She's hard
on everything.

Stone: Mr. Hamilton, can you tell
me about the whipping incident?

what I did at Ms. winthrop's

didn't exactly involve
any whipping.

wasn't a whip
in the room?

was anyone
holding the whip?

The young lady.

I'm sorry, I can't hear you.
would you please speak up?

The young woman...

was holding the whip.

I don't recall her name.

Your witness.

I know
how awkward-

how embarrassing

this situation
must be for you.

I wonder
if you would mind

on your visit

to Ms. winthrop's

with the young woman,
about the whip...

she only used it
to dress up.



Helping to alleviate

the perfectly

ennui that comes after
so many years of marriage?

They're buying it. Yep.

Cookie: Jasmine had to
check with Winthrop whenever

there were problems
with the clients.

Stone: These clients, were
they generally healthy or not?

Sure, the service
had clients

who weren't in
the best of health.

Men with bad hearts,
like Mr. Diamond?

I don't know about
Mr. Diamond's heart.

Did any other of her clients
have bad hearts?

Look, their hearts-

that's not the part
of their anatomy

the girls were most
involved with.

Answer the question,
Mr. Molina.

A lot of the guys
I drive,

I heard them complaining
to the girls

about their wives,

their work.

They're a tense breed-

what was Ms. winthrop's
attitude toward them?

I never met
Ms. winthrop.

I know, but you must have overheard
conversations she'd had about them.

Yeah, with Jasmine.

They were in the coffee
shop near the service.

They didn't see me. They were joking
about the "hard-driving johns. "

what was her


Supposition on the part
of the witness.

He has no idea what Ms.
winthrop had in mind.

I'll rephrase
the question.

Can you tell me exactly
what Ms. winthrop said?

Oh, yeah,
it stuck in my mind.

She said,
"A deuce-"

that's a two-hour
j session-

"will either kill 'em
or cure 'em,

and I don't care

as long as their gold
cards are still good. "

AuClair:. Your Honor,
this man is despicable.

He's made
a deal to walk.

Yeah, but it didn't
affect my memory.

I hear you're in trouble.
Check your sources.

Molina gave us an early
Christmas present.

what was AuClair's

Still wants
to make a deal.

Yeah, well...
you want my advice?

Make the deal.

You can't prove
Winthrop gave the order.

Why not?

what makes this case
so important?

you got me wrong.

Are you going to make
a deal with AuClair?

No, I mean they're
all important.

It's going to be
very bad if she walks.

She won't walk!

Stone: As a member of the
Health and Human Resources Board,

you worked on the mayor's
AIDS white paper?

I did.
In that report,

how many prostitutes were
presumed to be HIV-positive?

From 70 to 85%.

It's difficult to be more precise
because of the virus' incubation time.

It ranges from months
up to 10 years.

Thank you
very much.

I only just found out
I've got the AIDS virus.

Stone: How many men did you
have sexual intercourse with

in the 18 months you worked
for Ms. Laura Winthrop?


Maybe 1, 000.

Am I missing something
here? she's our witness.

watch. And during those 18 months,

you worked solely
for Ms. winthrop?

Yes. Stone: Your witness.

Ms. Curtis...

I'm sure that
you're aware,

the incubation period
for HIV

can be up
to 10 years?

Ms. Curtis,

j j
were you a virgin

before you began
your association

with Poppy Escorts?


A simple "yes" or
"no" will suffice.


No further questions.

Redirect, Your Honor.
Go ahead, Mr. Stone.


before you
went to work-

for Ms. Winthrop, how many
men had you slept with?


And to your knowledge,
are they all healthy?

They're very healthy.

The prosecution rests,
Your Honor.

AuClair:. Ms. winthrop, are you concerned
about the health of your employees?

Yes, I'm quite concerned
about the health of my girls.

Along with
regular check-ups,

I insist they carry
medical insurance.

You urge them
to seek psychotherapy?

Yes, that's one
of the reasons

I insist they carry
medical insurance.

It pays for the therapy.
We do encourage it.

Thank you.

Your witness, j sir.

Ms. winthrop, this insistence
on health insurance,

and medical

do you do this
out of altruism?

Let's say- enlightened

If my male guests were
to pick up a bug-

Ms. winthrop, do you
consider AIDS a "bug"?

AIDS is a very
serious disease, Mr. Stone.

That's why I don't want anyone
in my little family infected.

So you screen
prospective employees

and if any of them
tested positive-

I wouldn't
hire her.

And they wouldn't be part
of your "little family"?

My "little family"
was the best

finishing school
on the East Coast.

Girls came to me
without education,

without wit,
without class.

I taught them how to speak,
how to dress.

After a year, these
i naive young women


And for that, Ms. winthrop,
shame on you.

You act as though
I don't care about them.

Let's talk about that.

Have you ever tried
to help any of these girls,

like the ones
that you didn't hire?


If they had ever
tested positive for AIDS-

They would have to stop
working for me.

In the past
three years,

how many of your
long-term employees

have stopped
working for you

because they tested
positive for AIDS?

I'd say
about a dozen.

Have you tried
to help any of them?


Have you visited
any of them?

Have you?


Do you even know
what's happened to them?

Tried to find out?


I've never tried
to find out.

Ms. winthrop, how much money do you
make from your business in one year?

In this past year?

I really
don't know.


One million? I don't think so.


I do think
you do think so.

I think that you made

At least,
that's what you stated,

on your New York State
income tax return.

And with all
that money,

you didn't help
these girls once.

And as for your customers-
Ms. winthrop,

have you ever tried

to contact customers

and warn them
that they had slept

with women who are


Ms. winthrop,
I can't hear you.

would you please
speak up?


So isn't it true, Ms. winthrop,
that you are creating

an atmosphere of reckless
disregard for human life

which must inevitably
lead to someone's death,

one way
or another?

All right, Stone,
what do you want?

Make me an offer.

winthrop: why don't we hear Mr.
Stone's thoughts on the matter first?

I think it might be more appropriate
if you let your lawyer handle this.

If you don't mind, I find
this quite fascinating.

How about involuntary

I can be out
in five years, right?

Two and a half
with good behavior.

I'm always on my best
behavior, Mr. Stone.

It's a deal.

Reporter:. Excuse, me,
Miss, can we get a comment

from you on
the winthrop case?

You were the foreman
of the jury,

could you tell what the
verdict would have been?

I can't speak
for the others-

she seemed like
such a nice girl-

uh, a real lady.

I probably would have
voted to convict.

Thank you.

Robinette: Maybe you
shouldn't have done a deal.


but it ain't bad
for a pair of treys.