Law & Order (1990–2010): Season 1, Episode 21 - Law & Order - full transcript

Det. Sgt. Max Greevy and Det. Mike Logan investigate an attack on a man, Drew MacDaniel, found in a park after having had one of his kidneys surgically removed without his knowledge. They check with the national organ transplant registry and find that it cannot account for a kidney that was delivered to a local hospital and transplanted into Joanna Woodleigh, daughter of the very rich and politically connected Philip Woodleigh. The transplant surgeon and his nurse assistant deny having any knowledge of where the the kidney came from. ADA Stone however gets them to testify against Philip Woodleigh who, it seems, was prepared to do anything to save his daughter.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Narrator:. In the criminal justice
system, the people are represented

by two separate yet
equally important groups-

the police
who investigate crime

and the district attorneys
who prosecute the offenders.

These are their stories.

Okay, pal, let's go.

Rise and shine.
Coffee at the mission.

Let's go!

You heard me,
let's go.

Come on.
Up we go.

Look at this.
Oh, Jesus.

what is this?
Shoeshine outcall?

They look like
my shoes.

Terrific. Sure.
Just drop 'em.

Drop 'em. Drop 'em.
Take off.

what have we
got here?

Oh- you okay,

Must've got mugged.

Cop #2: Good morning, New York.

Mounted Post One,
request immediate EMS.

Cop #1:
On a bench off 86th.

He's cut about eight inches,
centimeters, whichever's smaller.

Right about here.
But he's all sewn up,

and the doc says
real nice work.

So he had an operation.
So what? what's the beef?

He says his name
is Drew MacDaniel.

Swears he's never been under the
knife. Never been in a hospital.

The doctor says he has
massive internal bleeding.

They did an ultrasound before
they took him into surgery.


And somebody
cut out his kidney.

Talk about getting
your pocket picked, huh?

Logan: Dr. Lieber, can you
give us some answers here?

Fresh incision,
an IV mark,

the blood tests indicate

I'm no genius, but to me
that spells "operation. "

If it weren't for the tie
on the renal vein,

I'd say he did a pretty
good job. Renal vein?

The renal artery
was tied up like a pro.

But the vein must've popped 10
minutes after they closed him up.

Rookie mistake.

Half hour later he was
swimming in his own blood.

A guy just doesn't forget
he had major surgery.

All I'm saying
is within 24 hours

someone did a "chop-chop"
and took out a kidney.

He could've skipped out of post-op
before Accounting got to him.

Covering up.

You ever been
a patient?

It's easier
to bust out of Attica

then to leave a hospital
without paying.

You're saying some "Dr.
Frankenstein's" selling body parts?

Hey, is it possible?

I saw "Sweeney Todd"
three times- why not?

If you were going
to steal a kidney-

whoa, whoa, whoa.

I'm a resident looking
at Park Avenue dermatology.

You want to talk kidneys,
Martha Kershan, 14th floor.

Resident maven.

Reality? Kidney brokers
are pure fiction.

There is no such animal
as a black market for kidneys.

So even if I wanted to,
I couldn't buy a kidney?

It's against the law.
So's jaywalking.

More to the point,
it's not necessary.

we can keep kidney patients
alive on dialysis

until a kidney
becomes available.

Available how.

Through OTN-
the Organ Transplant Network.

They monitor all available
organs nationwide.

So I want to give up
my kidney,

I go to OTN-

Not exactly.

Hopefully you'd be
recently deceased

since it's also
illegal to sell a kidney.

Hospital notifies OTN
they've got a donor-

How long does it take
to get one?

Sometimes never.

what's the problem,
getting them to match?

Rejection hasn't been
a major concern for 10 years.

Drugs combat it. For the most
part, everything's interchangeable.

So there's no reason
for this to have happened.

Unless the recipient
was highly cytotoxic.

English please, Doc.

If you're cytotoxic you
reject tissue unlike your own.

The drugs don't work.

You'd need a virtually
perfect match.

Drew MacDaniel.

You don't look
like family.

Under the skin we're all
brothers, Miss Johnson.

Good luck.

He's just up
from recovery.

Double dose of every
painkiller we got.

High as a kite.

No, Detective,
I never had an operation.

And you were born
with two kidneys, right?

Drafted in '68.

Healthy enough
for a tour in 'Nam.

You always walk through the
park at night, Mr. MacDaniel?


I take my six-year-old
to the playground

off 76th and Fifth.

Lives with her mother.



I live on Columbus.
I walk home through the park.

Did you get a look
at these...



I don't remember

whoa, whoa, whoa.
wait a minute.

Are you telling me

MacDaniel was not
a random victim?

we got a specialist who says
the only way this makes sense

is that the recipient had a
condition that required a match.

And MacDaniel's kidney
fits the bill?

He'd have to be tested
to make sure.

the problem is, MacDaniel
swears from now till Sunday

that he's never
been tested.

"Grand theft kidney. "

what about you?
You got any theories?

Devil worship?
Alien beings?

A cult wouldn't
stitch the guy back up,

and I imagine there would be
other organs

of more interest
than a kidney.

Had to be
for a transplant.

Had to happen
sooner or later.

what did?

You don't think with
these medical miracles

they don't set up
a new set of problems?

what are we going to do,
bury our heads in the sand?

I'm saying we come in
with all our own parts,

maybe we should
go out the same way.

Come on, give me
a break, Max.

You know how many lives have been
saved because of organ donations?

I don't see you standing in
line giving anything away.

I got the sticker
on my license.

Personally, I think
it should be automatic.

Otherwise they'd
give you a sticker

that says you can't
use your organs.

My old man wouldn't be alive today
if he didn't have a new ticker.

Okay, enough
with the Philosophy 101.

Say the motive is transplant-
I got a $64 question.

who did it get
transplanted into?


I just need to know
if any kidney transplants

took place at your hospital
in the last 72 hours.

whoa, whoa, I have
been waiting, all right?

No, no, hold on, hold on.
Don't go, don't go.

Yeah, who does
your scheduling?

OR scheduling, okay?

Yes, ma'am, that's right.
That's right.

I'm a detective. No, this
is not a crank call, okay?

Could you just maybe
find it for me?

Huh? Could you-?
Okay, fine. Thank you.

what is it with people
these days?

I don't know.
we've got five at least.

we got four. The one at St.
John's took place at 3:30-

MacDaniel wasn't
in the park at that time.

Hadn't been to see
his daughter either.


You can track where
every kidney came from?

And where it goes.

For example,
this morning in Miami,

a 14-year-old boy
died in a diving accident,

and tomorrow, a 63-year-old
potato farmer in Boise

will get his kidney.

Not really.

It gets packed in ice.
Federal Express does the rest.

So our four?

Let's see.

The transplant
at Manhattan Memorial

came from St. Jude's
in Boston,

The one in Newark came
from Concord, New Hampshire,

and the one at Gramercy
came from...

Are you sure
you got this right?


There's no record of a kidney to
Gramercy in the last three days.

Thank you
very much.

Yeah, blood, kidneys, corneas-
it all comes through here.

You were on Tuesday
night? Till 10:00.

You got a record
of a kidney coming in?

Kidney... don't
leave home without it.


Yup, there it is.

Kidney came in
at 9:32 p. m.

From where?

what, am I supposed
to ask it where it's from?

Delivery guy
drops off a cooler,

document says
it's a kidney,

I mark down the time
and I send it upstairs.

To whom?

"Patient Merritt, Mary. "

"Doctor Reberty, James. "

You don't mind
if I tape this?

I find it avoids

we certainly wouldn't
want any of those.

To get back
to your question...

as long as the blood
and tissue samples

are compatible
with my patient,

it doesn't much concern me
where the kidney comes from.

So you have no idea
who the donor was?

The paperwork that
accompanies the organ

only has
the donor's vitals.

If you need more, I guess
you got to talk to OTN.

OTN has no record
of ever delivering a kidney

to Gramercy Hospital,

when were you alerted that a
kidney had become available?

when I was dining at
windows. It was 9:30.

My beeper went off.

I notified my team

and I notified
the patient.

Nothing unusual?

Like a thousand times

The operation was a success.
we're monitoring her responses.

You know, my guess
is that some clerk

got caught napping
down at OTN.

To err is human.

Mary Merritt.

Logan: She looks awful.
She going to make it?

She was lucky.

I'd say she got that kidney
in just about the nick of time.

You think you can
get us an address,

names of relatives,


Actually, "Mary Merritt's"
not her real name.

It's a code we give to the
big shots when they come in

for a detox or a tuck.

Or a transplant? what
are you going to do?

Celebs like
their privacy.

Once one of
the New Kids came in.

I don't-
tonsils or something.

This whole place
turned into a zoo.

So who do we have here?

You got me.

I've never
seen her before.

But she must be big.

Usually the charts have their
real IDs. This time, nada.

How about insurance?

The whole thing
was paid up front.

A private suite.

Mind if we take a look?

I shouldn't.

Come on. Just want to see
how the idle rich recuperate.

what did you get?

Her lipstick.

It's robbery, Mike. You don't
take other people's property,

even if you do
have a badge.

She's in ICU. I don't think she's
going to need lipstick for a while.

You got the prints,
just put it back.


You're not going to believe
this. Our "Miss Merritt"

had a drug possession charge
three years ago.

You get a name?

Joanna woodleigh
- only daughter of Phillip woodleigh.

The woodleigh Building?

The woodleigh Library, the woodleigh
Foundation, the woodleigh Trust-

Phillip woodleigh j gives
away more money j in one year

than the three of us
will earn in a lifetime.

which means his daughter
can afford some new lipstick.

which means she can afford
a new kidney.

Mary Merritt.

She said she didn't need
that kind of privacy.

She also hated having
her picture in "The Post"

after her last operation.

You mean she's had
other transplant attempts?

Two failed.
Last time she almost died

during treatment
for the rejection.

That must be difficult.
I'm sorry.

Unfortunately, your daughter's
kidney can't be accounted for,

and this incident
in the park-

Gentlemen, gentlemen,
believe me,

I feel for the man.
But what do you want me to do?

I don't knowwho he is,

or what bearing this has
on my daughter.

The kidney came
through the system,

which I thank God for.

A mugging
for a human organ?

when was the last time Drew
MacDaniel had a blood test?

I did one about
four months ago.

what for?

Mr. MacDaniel was the
object of a paternity suit.

I drew blood for
the court-ordered test.

That's a big help.

No, no, it's
the same test- HLA.

Same as the one
to test kidney tissue?


This is from the kidney that
showed up at Gramercy Hospital.

It's the same blood type
as MacDaniel.

Same as millions
of others, too.

whether the tissue matches,
I couldn't tell you

without comparing
the HLA results.

who did the lab work?

Lindquist Labs,
Second Avenue,

across from
University Hospital.

They have an excellent

we're impressed
in advance.

No one knows client results.

The data is identified
by order number only.

But you've got to match patient
with test result at some point!

Only in billing.

The account's accessed once
when the order comes in,

once when the result
goes out. Twice.

And how many times was the
MacDaniel's file accessed?

Not more than twice,
I'm sure.

what's that?

That's a third time.

And the other accounts?

They've all been accessed
three times.

By who?

One of my clerks.

A woman named
Rosaria Mendez.

But she's gone home.

To an address
you'll be happy to access.

I'll even go back to it four times
to make sure everything is right.

why, 'cause you make
so many mistakes?

I'm a good worker.

I don't know nothing
about people getting hurt.

I'm sure you're
a good worker, Rosaria,

but you might've helped some
people to hurt an innocent man.

This nurse came
from the hospital.

She asked for printouts
of test data.

what hospital?
who's the nurse?

Gramercy Hospital.
Her name is Elaine Hale.

They're doing this big
research project

on kidney transplants.

I thought I was
doing good.

You never wondered
why she came to you

instead of the head
of the lab?

They were in a hurry.

And your heart was so pure
you never took money?

Max: You work for Dr.
Reberty, don't you?

Everybody here works for him.
He's chief of transplant surgery.

Does everyone go around town
bribing clerks

for confidential
medical data?

That sounds like an
accusation. It is.

It's a crock.

Not according
to Rosaria Mendez.

That's just circumventing
the bureaucracy.

Oh really?
And why would you do that?

To save time.
Everybody does it.

They do? why all the
interest in Drew MacDaniel?


He's a guy...
with a missing kidney-

a guy whose blood test
results you had.

I got 4,000 sets
of results.

If his name was on it,
sounds like coincidence.

Sorry, guys.

Look, in 10 years,
we have never made a mistake.

I assure you,
no legitimate kidney

was delivered to Gramercy
in the last week.


I'm not going to lie to you.

In India, you can get
a kidney for $20,000.

If one were
desperate enough,

I suppose one
could go overseas.

Or across town.

How desperate
was Joanna woodleigh?

Oh, let's see.

Huh. On a scale
of one to 10,

I'd give her an 11.

Because of the two
failed transplants?

Very good, Detective.

You see,
with each rejection

the body becomes
more cytotoxic.

This girl would need
almost a perfect match.

would Mr. MacDaniel's kidney
do the trick?

Four point match.
That's as good as it gets.

Do you have any evidence
tying this doctor

to the attack
on the man in the park?

Not directly.

Joanna woodleigh is
so hard to match

she's been on
a waiting list for three years.

Two compatible kidneys floating
around Manhattan the same night?

we know this kidney didn't come
from the Organ Network.

I doubt he's going to get it from
the meat section at D'Agostino's.

So we're assuming-

that the transplant surgeon
at a major hospital

went out and bushwacked
this guy himself?

Couldn't have been an amateur,
there's too much to cut.

where the hell did he do this,
in the bushes?

All we know
is that he did it.

Proving he did it...

that's a long shot.

Two competent people
could remove a kidney.

what about equipment?

To do it right,
a complete operating theater.

How about just
to get it done?

It's the carpenter,
not his tools.

Minimum- scalpels, sutures,
anesthesia machine.

Are anesthesia machines

For Schwarzenegger-
it's about 500 pounds.

You don't just tiptoe out of a
hospital with one late at night.

They expensive?

Expensive enough.
we lease ours.

Suppose I wanted
to lease one?

Talk to my secretary.
She'll give you our supplier.

Two months ago, j a guy comes in

ratty hair, beard,
the works.

Says he wants
a defibrillator.

I figure this guy's no MD.

Turns out he's some
hotshot lecturer

over at Downstate.

To think my nephew Petey
ended up in Guadalajara.

Here you go.
One anesthesia machine.

Rented to who?
Reberty, James.

Yeah, I remember. Some woman
called, charged it to his AMEX.

was her name
Elaine Hale?

488 west 94,
apartment one.

we delivered, 50 bucks extra.
Pick up, another 50.

She return it?

Picked it up the next day.
Hardly used.

You didn't think it was
strange that Miss Hale

had an anesthesia machine
delivered to her apartment?

Guy comes in last week,
wants 100 bedpans.

Jello molds.

what do I know.

Max: Tell me about Elaine Hale.

She's the good one.
Never a sound,

rent on time, invites me
to holiday dinner.

They should all be so sweet.

what did she do,

what makes you think
she did anything?

Oh, cops, warrant.

You don't need
to be a Kreskin.

Anything strange about
the last couple of days?

You want strange?
Those bums in 2E.

Purple hair,
gold earring...


what did you expect?

She keeps her place
as clean as an operating room.

She's a nurse, you know.
The bums upstairs,

they don't even
tie their trash,

but Elaine
double bags hers.


They should all die.

Max: A lot of garbage
for one day, eh?

That's been there
since Monday.

They pay these guys
more than teachers

and they come around,
what, twice a week?

Thank you,
Mrs. Birnbaum.

No, you're kidding, right?

I just dry cleaned
this suit.

Logan: Blood type's
a perfect match.

we got six more
like it,

and enough cotton
to make a bowl game.

where'd you find it?

what difference does it
make? we had a warrant.

A warrant
for her apartment.

Her garbage has
constitutional rights?

It's out in the street.
It's either the city's or hers.

It's called curtilage.
It might be protected.

I'm not saying
it's inadmissible,

but there's
always a chance.

God bless America.

It's enough for me.

Both of 'em?

Man: When Phillip
Woodleigh found out

I was on the board
of Organ Transplant Network,

he came to my office
and promised to make

contributions to OTN

if I would prioritize
his daughter's case.

And you said?

In 1990,

there were over 100,000
patients on dialysis.

Only 80,800
received kidneys.

Money does not always
buy happiness, Mr. Stone.

Some people
might disagree.

It certainly shouldn't
buy life.

It is imperative
that these people be punished.

Reberty and Hale
are being charged.

I don't think you quite
understand, Mr. Stone.

we'd like you
to set your sights

higher up
the food chain.


The public must understand
the Organ Transplant Network

is the one true democracy.

One of the few instances where money doesn't talk
- at all.

I understand.

Defendants are
charged with:

attempt to commit murder
in the second degree;

in the first degree;

i conspiracy in the first degree;

and grand larceny.

How do you plead?

Not guilty, Your Honor.

Not guilty.

Judge: Applications, Mr. Robinette?

The People are outraged
at the violent nature

of the crimes charged,
Your Honor,

and feel that heinous behavior
of such magnitude

in and of itself demands bail
of $750,000.

May I remind Mr. Robinette
that it's not the DA's province

to determine punishment
prior to trial.

It would strain all
credibility to imagine a man

of Dr. Reberty's
stature on-

Yes, Mr. Patton.
I'm sure we would all prefer

to keep our strain to a minimum.
what do you want?

ROR, Your Honor.

Defendants are charged
with violent felonies.

Accused, Mr. Robinette.

May I, Your Honor?

It's your right.

I'm sure that we all
have our jobs to do, Your Honor,

but there is a 62-year-old
grandmother of six

lying in Gramercy Hospital

who full well expects
to undergo

critical renal surgery
this afternoon.


And the prosecution's
unconscionable demands

would cause her grievous
if not irreparable damage.

we're impressed
with your love of life, Doctor.

Bail is set
at $150,000 each.

The top nurse in the city
earns $43.5 a year.

Dr. Reberty could
earn that in a week.

Motive is not part of the
prima facie case for assault.

The credit card receipts-

Do not establish
a material fact.

That's circumstantial evidence
where I come from.

That'll get me to a jury
and then I'll take my chances.

This is absurd.

Miss Hale is my assistant.

She has access to my cards
and authority to use them.

The entire transaction
took place over the phone.

without my client's

Are you suggesting
that Miss Hale

performed the surgery

Any second-year resident

can remove a kidney,
Mr. Stone.

The talent lies
with those

that can put one in.

Miss Hale is
a competent nurse.

we've been
together for years.

I had intended

to let the credit card
business go...

but if it's
a help to your case,

I'll testify against her.

what's it going to take
to make you happy, Stone?

The Mets in the series,

peace on Earth,

and Dr. Reberty
in Danamorra.

Let's go, James.

Man: Attempted
murder's absurd.

whoever did this
stitched MacDaniel up.

It looks like they wanted him
to live. where's the intent?

Correct me if I'm wrong,
Miss Hale,

but any first-year
surgical resident knows

if you don't tie the renal
vein, the patient dies.

whoever operated
on MacDaniel

didn't know what he was
doing or wanted him to die.

I saw him tie-

30 minutes longer on that bench, we'd be
discussing a murder charge, not attempt.

You should also know he's
offered to testify against you.

Assault one, j j minimum.

She serves two.

Love isn't blind,
it's stupid.

To think I actually
believed in him.


what about woodleigh?

I had no contact
with him.

James swore he would
keep MacDaniel alive.

He said he could close while
I packed the kidney in ice.

we rolled him into the park
in a wheelchair.

I saw the bleeding.
He said it was just oozing.

He wanted him
to die all along-

no loose ends.

I said I wouldn't help
unless he kept him alive.

And we would have lived
happily every after.

She's an accomplice, Ben.

Even with her testimony
we need corroboration.

we have the credit receipts.

Unsigned. She confessed.
She cut a deal.

She obviously needed the
money more than Reberty.

That's a lot of baggage,
especially when he walks into court

with his awards and
testimonials under his arms.

So you believe him?

I'm not the jury. who do
you think is more credible?

why, him. That's why we
have to discredit him.

Run down the seven
deadly sins,

and start with
credit reports.

Question the family,
the friends, wives-

ex-wives are always good.

what's the difference between
a doctor and God, Mr. Robinette?

God doesn't think
he's a doctor.

Is that why you left him?

I was lonely,
not stupid.

Greenwich, Connecticut's
easy to get used to.

But you learn
to live without.

He left you?


Anyway, it was
all for the best.

I hear he sold the place
in Greenwich for a song.

what the hell does a rich
doctor from Connecticut

know about Arizona,


He put three million into a
string of private hospitals.

And he's losing his money?

That, or a kidney
doesn't go

as far as it used to.

Alimony payments
dried up six months ago.

He'd have put his money in
S & Ls had he thought of it.

They're being dunned by every
bank from Queens to Albuquerque,

D & B, TRw.

He hasn't paid his phone
bill in three months.

Title report on his real
property will be in next week.

But it's moot-
bank already told me

they're about to foreclose
on his East Hampton house.

Reberty had a problem.
woodleigh had the solution.

And vice versa.

Motive bolsters
the circumstantial evidence.

Physical evidence
will go a long way.

Call Greevey.

waste of time.

The owner says
they clean everything

on the way in
and on the way out.

I read about this guy went into
the hospital with a broken leg,

came out with meningitis.

You got to stop reading
the obits, Max.

You guys must live
exemplary lives.

"Seek and ye
shall find. "

The good doctor left the
proverbial sponge in the patient.

The wheelchair they used
to transport the vic-

covered with prints.

MacDaniel, Hale, and-


Thanks, Max.


Res ipsa loquitor-
"The thing speaks for itself. "

He's a doctor. His prints are
probably on a thousand wheelchairs.

Along with MacDaniel's
and Hale's? I doubt it.

You still need
the temporal connection.

For $350 an hour, you can do
better than that, Mr. Patton.

All right,
I want a deal.

A deal requires mutual
consideration, Doctor.

You've got nothing
that interests me.

Sure I have.

I've got woodleigh.

Over and over and over again,
the same material.

I'm telling you, my friend,
it's a flyer.

woodleigh gave Reberty
a million dollars

and told him to do
whatever it takes.

Doesn't mean that he had
the intent to commit assault.

A border cop

stops a car
and finds 100 pounds

of marijuana in the trunk.

At trial, the driver testifies that
the owner of the car gave him a $100

to drive across the border but warned
him not to look inside that trunk.

Guilty or not?

He had no actual knowledge
of what was inside-

He would've had he asked
the questions.

"willful blindness"
never cut it in New York.

So we make new law.

So we get dismissed.

Am I missing
something here?

woodleigh instigated
a vicious attack.

Phillip woodleigh
happens to be

a major political cash cow
in this city.

Good God, Adam.

You're not going to let that
affect your judgment, are you?

If I thought you had a
chance in hell of winning,

I'd hold a press
conference right now,

but you can't
rewrite the law.

Maybe not,

but a personal agenda should
not stop me from trying.

My agenda has nothing
to do with it.

12 times this year alone

judges have refused
to instruct juries

on willful blindness.

13th time
could be different.

Yeah, you win at trial,
lose on appeal.

Maybe, maybe not.

"The law should be stable,
but should never stand still. "

It's nice you can
still quote Holmes.

what does Reberty want?

Drop the murder charge
and he pleads to assault one.

You call Cragen

and I'll call woodleigh's
attorney, Dan Rubell.

He was my editor
on the Law Review.

There goes my reunion.

It's not every day we get to bust
someone on Park and 68th Street.

we're not busting him.
He's surrendering.

Mr. woodleigh.

I hope this won't
take long.

Judge: The charges
are: attempted murder...

assault in the first degree;

i conspiracy in the first
degree; and grand larceny.

How does
the defendant plead?

Not guilty on all charges,
Your Honor.

You have
a bail recommendation?

350, 000, Judge.

So ordered.

Rubell: Judge, I'd like to
request that Mr. Woodleigh

be allowed to remain
in the courtroom

while I arrange a transfer
of money from his bank.

Robinette: For the
record, Your Honor,

the People take exception to any
preferential treatment shown Mr. woodleigh.

Do the People believe Mr.
woodleigh is a flight risk?

It's almost 4:30.
By the time you're back here,

the defendant will have missed
the prisoners' bus

for Riker's Island.


Request denied.

It's not like you, Daniel,
to take personal offense.

we're all lawyers here.

I'm glad you didn't
say friends.

Even acquaintances would have
had some sort of dialogue

about something like this.

You make it sound like Phillip
got the rubber hose treatment.

what's your problem?

My problem is I had to drive
up to Riker's during rush hour

and the damn FDR is still
under construction.

Then I had to go
through security-

those bastards, they love
to bust your chops.

The better your suit,
the worse you're treated.

You know that, Adam.

This is supposed
to be a dialogue.

Sounds more like
a diatribe.

The man's a distinguished
lecturer at Columbia.

He's endowed scholarships

at three different
universities in this city.

He singlehandedly

the burn wing
at City Hospital-

And he's able to leap tall
buildings at a single bound. So what?

Mr. Robinette merely made an
observation as an officer of the court-

the judge concurred.
So let's move on, all right?

The idea that Phillip
woodleigh knew anything

about an attack
on an innocent victim

is ludicrous
in the extreme.

what he says he knew

and what his actual
knowledge was

is something
for the court to decide.

You're serious?

You know him, Adam.
The man's 73, for God's sake.

He's taking hydromorphone
for his heart.

One of his own kidneys
is half on the fritz,

and you're threatening
to send him to prison?

It's monstrous.

we'll see that he get a cell
adjoining Dr. Reberty's.

You sure as hell
better be right about this.

Mr. MacDaniel, would you
describe for the court

how you felt when you regained
consciousness that morning in Central Park?

How I felt?

I felt lousy.

were you in pain?

They ripped off
one of my kidneys.

when you first learned that's what
had happened, how did you feel?

People talk about
feeling violated

when some punk breaks
into their apartment

and steals a TV set.

I felt raped.

would you mind taking off
your shirt, Mr. MacDaniel?

Objection, Your Honor.

I feel the jury should be able
to see why he felt violated.


Mr. MacDaniel.

One more question.

what do you think would be a
satisfactory conclusion to this case?

Getting my kidney back.

No further questions.

And did you,
in exchange

for sentencing down
on a lesser charge,

agree to testify
against Mr. woodleigh, Doctor?

Yes, I did.

And did you do so
without coercion

and the full intent
of telling the truth?

That is correct.

Very well.

Nowwhen you informed
Mr. woodleigh

that the odds
of his obtaining

a perfectly matched kidney
for his daughter

were extremely long,

what did he say?

He said that he didn't care,
he wanted a kidney

whatever the cost.

Yet Dr. Backus
just testified

that he informed
the woodleigh family

of the impossibility
of buying a kidney-

legally, that is.

Do you think Mr. woodleigh
fully understood

what he was asking you
to do for him?

Objection, Your Honor.


Did Mr. woodleigh
ever ask you

what the potential problems
might be?

No, he didn't.

His only words were,
"whatever the cost. "

And how much did the kidney
cost Mr. woodleigh?

A little over a million.

No further questions.

Dr. Reberty,

did Mr. woodleigh
ever ask you

to go out and cut open
an innocent man?

If you would answer
yes or no, please.

well... no.

Did you ever tell him

you planned to cut open
an innocent man?

As I just stated,

he told me
to do whatever was-

Did you ever tell him,

Yes or no, please.


Excuse me, Mr. Stone?

I'm Joanna woodleigh.

Come in, Miss woodleigh.

Are you aware
that my father

has established
a trust fund

for Mr. MacDaniel
and his children?


I didn't think so.

That's the way he works-

quietly, unselfishly.

If you prosecute him,
he'll die.

I know he will.

And for what?

Mr. MacDaniel is going
to be a very wealthy man.

with only one kidney.

Just like I have,
Mr. Stone.

The hope is we'll both
live long and happy lives.

Please believe me,

I'm glad you're
healthy again.

I know how close
to death you were.

But, Miss woodleigh,

do you really think
your father

would have acted
any differently

if you had needed a heart

instead of a kidney?

whatever part
I may have played-

unwittingly played-
in Mr. MacDaniel's pain,

will haunt me
for the rest of my life.


where did you think the organ
your daughter so desperately needed

came from,
Mr. woodleigh?

I had no idea.

I assumed it was
an innocent transaction.

But frankly, given the
urgency of the situation,

I really didn't ask.

Gramercy is
one of the most

reputable hospitals
in the world, so why would I?

No further questions,
Your Honor.

You're a businessman,
Mr. woodleigh.

A highly successful

I've been fortunate, yes.

You probably make it your
business to ask pertinent questions

before you enter a deal.
Is that true?

Objection, Your Honor.
Mr. woodleigh's

business transactions
are not on trial here.

This goes to intent,
Your Honor.


why didn't you inquire
into a transaction

that was costing you a
million dollars, Mr. woodleigh?

Because my daughter's
life was at stake.

But still,
a million dollars-

does that really jibe
with your characterization

of this deal as
an "innocent transaction"?

I don't want
to sound immodest,

but there's a term
my accountant uses.

It's called
"creeping decimalism. "

He means by that that once
you start adding on zeros,

the sum starts
to become unreal.

In other words, you would
do anything for your daughter?


Even something illegal?

wouldn't any father?
wouldn't you, Mr. Stone?

I'm not on trial, sir,
and I ask the questions here.

Does that anything
include murder, sir?

No, sir.

woodleigh knew, Adam. I know he
knew exactly what Reberty was up to

and I can't move him
an inch.

If you do, the jury'll
feel sorry for him.

Remember his words,
"Any father

would've done
the same thing. "

If he had a million bucks.

Robinette: Two million. what?

Title report
to Dr. Reberty's beachhouse,

the one First Federal
was about to foreclose on?

He managed to sell it for twice
the fair market value-

one million bucks.

I thought we were j j in
a recession. who bought it?

Montauk Investments,

One of woodleigh's
shell corporations.


Papers were filed right after
we arrested Reberty.

I'll be damned.

There's only one reason
why he paid him another million.

To buy his silence.

But he testified.

He testified,
but did he fully testify?

Kind of a stretch, Ben.

I didn't call you in
to watch you tap dance.

Patton: Dr. Reberty and
I need time to go over it.

Consider this an official
notification, Doctor.

Our deal is off. we intend to
charge you with attempted murder.

Any leniency you may have
hoped for is out the window-

that was very cute-
"A little over a million"-

a million
over a million, sir.

what did woodleigh say to you to buy
the sins of omission on the stand?

May I say something?

I'd like to propose
a new deal.

Oh, really?

You need requisite
culpable intent on woodleigh.

Now you've got it.

Reberty's voice:
We've found a perfect match.

Well, he's a healthy guy.

I don't think he's going
to want to give up

one of his kidneys
without a struggle.

woodleigh's voice:
You do whatever it takes.

That's what you're
getting paid for.

Reberty: I don't think
that you understand.

This isn't a question
of going up-

woodleigh: No, I
understand perfectly well.

You kill the son of a bitch
if you have to, just do it.

Man: Excuse me.

Dr. Reberty, did you record
what the court just heard?

Yes, I did.

Is this
the cassette you used?

Yes, it is.

woodleigh's already filed
his notice of appeal.

Thought you'd be
interested to know.

we made our point.
which was?

Money can't
buy everything.

Keeps a lot
of lawyers busy.

$2 million
for a kidney.

Last I heard,
the whole human body

in raw material isn't
worth more than 98C.

Good night, gentlemen.

Good night.

You never answered woodleigh's question
- the one we had stricken.

would I have done what woodleigh
did if it were my daughter?

God, I hope not.