Law & Order (1990–2010): Season 1, Episode 17 - Law & Order - full transcript

Det. Sgt. Greevy and Det. Logan investigate the death of 11 month old Andrew Winters and the wounding of his 12 year-old brother Gregory who were shot when a gunman burst into their home and opened fire. The killing makes no sense, all the more so after the investigation of 12 year-old Gregory confirms him to be a good kid with no drug or gang connections. They eventually trace the shooter, a young teenager by the name of 'T-Ball' Howard. When it turns out that Howard was hired by major drug dealer Michael Ingrams to eliminate a property developer who swindled him out of $300,000 - Howard got the address wrong - Executive ADA Stone charges Ingrams with murder, even if the victims were unintended.

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Narrator:. In the criminal justice
system, the people are represented

by two separate yet
equally important groups-

the police
who investigate crime,

and the district attorneys
who prosecute the offenders.

These are their stories.

woman: No!



Max: So he missed a lay
up at the buzzer. So what?

It just ticks me off.

Some pituitary freak
makes more in 40 minutes

than I make all year.

who told you
life was fair?

Excuse us, sir.

Aw, another kid.

Mother of God.

woman: How am I
going to tell Denise?

How am I going
to face her?

we'll tell her, ma'am.

How old is Andrew?


How old was he?

11 months.

He never even made it
to his birthday.

The boy's father?

who knows?

where's Denise work?

One of the offices.

Columbus Circle.

They was rough-housing
over by the window.

I told Gregory
to get away from there.

I said,
"Put him in his jumper. "

Stay with her.
Make sure she's okay.

Excuse me,
Mrs. winters?



Are you Denise winters?

Sit down, please.

Mrs. winters,

there's been a shooting.


He's in the hospital.

Last we heard,
serious, but stable.

Oh my God! wait, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Let me go!
we'll take you to him.

we'll take you to him.
But that's not all.

what you talking about?


He's dead.

You're lying.
You're lying.

That's my baby.

My baby.

No, no, not my baby.

No. No!


Oh God!

No... my baby.

Six in one week.

At this clip,
we're going to have

a worse infant mortality rate
than Ethiopia.

Anybody see anything?

what do you think?

Slugs are from an automatic,
that's all we know.

They go through the door,
hit the wall,

they're too deformed
for a positive make.

You don't have one slug
to get a match from?

Max: Might get one from the baby.

One went right through him,

and one is lodged
in the base of his neck.

They think.

How's the older brother doing?

Not good. He still hasn't
regained consciousness.



That's what
they call them.

It's a video game.

You shoot
at the centipedes.

The mushrooms get in the way
of the bullets.

Video game...

that's hysterical.

Hey, give me a break, Max,
I didn't make it up.

He's a little tired.

we're all tired.

This thing about drugs?

A place gets sprayed
with automatic fire,

you assume it's not because
the stereo's too loud.

Nobody ever has a verbal
altercation anymore, you notice that?

A good fist-fight.

Somebody looks
at you cockeyed,

you whip out a Mac-10.


I got 10 bucks says
the older brother's a dealer

and this is just a payback.

Judge Haberman, please.

Tell him it's Cragen.
Captain Donald Cragen.

I need a warrant.

why you always
come too late?

Excuse me?

I said how come
the police never there

before somebody
gets shot?

with all due respect, ma'am,
how are we supposed to know

before somebody
starts shooting?

Logan: Max!


Hasn't been cleaned lately,
that's for sure.

That ain't Gregory's.

It belonged to Gregory's daddy.

We kept it for protection.

Ain't got bullets no more.

Yes, ma'am, I understand.

But you still need
a permit for a handgun.

what happened
to the bike?


Had an accident.

You guys hang
with Gregory winters?

we know Gregory.

Logan: See somebody in
the building last night?

Someone who doesn't
live here?

I look like a doorman?

what about you?

People come and go.

Maybe they dealing,
I don't know.

Mike, did you say
something about dealers?

why else are
you asking then?

'Cause a boy was hurt
and his brother was killed.

Come on.

what did you see?

He didn't see nothing.

Hey, who's asking you, pal?

when I was coming in,

this dude was sitting here.


I never saw him before.

what did he look like?

He had some tracks on the side,

and his mouth were
all sparked out.

It's a checkerboard cut,
gold caps on his teeth.

Gold caps.

Your mom and dad around?

You see him, Tonel?

what, am I supposed to know
everybody in the neighborhood?

Nope, just a possible
accomplice to a murder.

That's enough.
He's only a boy.

So were the victims, ma'am.

what about the one
who ran out?

whoever it was ran him over.
He told you that already.

Ain't that enough?
Do you knowwhat happens to him

if those boys on the block
think he's a snitch?

Let's go.

wait, wait a minute.

Just a sec, all right?

If you were looking for a
bad guy in your neighborhood,

where would you start?

You don't have to snitch.
we're just talking here.

The crack house
above the bodega.

which one?

99th and Manhattan.

Raise up! Yo! Yo!

Raise up!
Raise up, man! Raise up!


Get out of there!
Max: Don't even breathe!

Logan: Get out of there!
Don't even breathe!

Get your butt in here!

Logan: Come here, come here!
Up against the wall!

Max: Move it! I said
now! Move it, now!

Hands behind your head!

Behind your head!
Spread your legs.

Spread your legs.

Come on, move it.

Let's go.

Look towards the window.
Spread your legs.

Face the window!


Gimme your hand.

Check out over there.

Gimme your hand.

Logan: Max!


What've you got?

You believe this firepower?

You guys are so trigger-happy,
why don't you join the army?


Nice and clean.

Hardly a scratch.

That was
in the boy's neck?


bullets take
a very strange route.

This one corkscrewed

down into the right lung.

we're lucky
we found it.

So which one was it?


Superior spraying power,

for penetrating steel doors.

That's terrific.
How good's the match?

The slug you got
from the winters kid?

Fired from this gun,
no question.


One set,
loud and clear.

I wasn't there.

Your prints were.

I got an alibi.
who cares?

That's the gun
that killed the baby.

It's got your fingerprints
all over it.

Maybe the gun killed him,
but not me!

Roneld, stupid and tough
is a bad combination.

Yeah, well, it works
for you, man, right?

That's funny.

Yeah, he'll be
the class clown at Spofford.

Yo, forget Spofford.
I ain't going to no Spofford.

I'm calling the DA.

You find who did it?



Did Gregory know a guy
named Roneld Griggs?

I don't know. why?

He had the gun that...

We need a motive.

was Gregory involved with...

with what?


and Thursday nights,

Saturday mornings,

Gregory plays basketball.

Monday and Tuesday nights,

he got choir practice.

Gregory ain't perfect,
but he ain't into no dope.

I can guarantee you that.

No offense, but sometimes
you can't tell these kinds of things.

Maybe you can't,
but I sure as hell can.

Look, I know it's not easy-



I got a dead baby,

a boy who may be crippled...

and a supervisor
who tells me

that going to the morgue
and to the hospital

is considered personal time.

And now you saying
maybe Greg-

Gregory was on drugs?

Maybe he brought
this on himself?

I'm sorry.

Get out of here.

All right?

I got work to do.

Man: Gregory Winters was
a classic point guard.

He ran the floor,
you know what I'm saying?

Kid was the brains
of this team.

Then he isn't
in a gang?

He didn't have time for that.
He thought those guys were lame.

You ever see him hang out
with a kid

with a checkerboard haircut
and sparked out teeth?

That kinda crap's
out there.

But like I say,

my boys don't have
time for stuff like that.


Gregory winters
is a good kid.

He plays ball, that's it.

No link
to Roneld whatsoever.

A lot of partial prints.
Only Roneld's for sure.

Does that make a case
against him? No, it does not.

But if he didn't fire the gun,
at least he knows who did.

Hey look, I would like
to have another crack at him.

Fine, great. Only this time make
sure a parent is in the room.

Otherwise, legally, the kid's
flapping his lips for nothing.

Be gentle, Mike.

Don't break the little creep's
trigger finger.

Ronnie never killed nobody.

Right. He's a good boy.

Just two prior j gun possessions,

and a dope misdemeanor.

what about yesterday?

Let's make that
three guns, two drugs.

Sounds to me
like a year, minimum.

Ain't nothing to it.

Oh, why is that?

You like it in prison, punk?

Maybe if we knew exactly
what you was looking for-

we want to know
who pulled the damn trigger.

Because it sure as hell
looks like your boy did it.

Tell them, Ronnie.


You think you can play
this fool game with me?!

Tell them.

I lent the gun to Dizz.

who's Dizz?

His cousin.

What's he look like?

He's got some

design cut in his head-

like a checkerboard.

I don't suppose he's sporting
a lot of gold teeth?

Fort Knox.

Logan: Yo! Yo!

which one of you guys
is Dizz williams?

Hey, Dizz! Go, man!

C'mon, man!

Look at them gold teeth.

Hello, Dizz.

The Tec-9 you got
from your cousin Ronnie-

who used it
when you were on the stoop?

I want a lawyer!
Give him a lawyer.

who used the gun?
I want to know the name, Dizz!

I ain't got no name!

wrong. You got a name,

and pretty soon you're going
to have a number.

You're under arrest for
the murder of Andrew winters.

You have the right
to remain silent,

and refuse
to answer questions.

Anything you do say may be used
against you in a court of law.

You're saying you've never been
in that building before, huh?

I said I was in South Carolina
until last night.

That's right, with family.

How could you shoot the hell
out of the winters family

if you were down south
with yourfamily?

I don't know nothing
about no shooting.


The gun that was used
in the shooting,

the one that you know
nothing about-

your cousin Roneld
said he gave it to you.

Roneld a punk.

You're dissing me.
Roneld'd never say that.

I'm dissing you? Huh?

Oh, I forgot,
you're such a big man.

It takes a real big man
to ice a baby.

I didn't ice nobody!

Then you're going down
for someone else's bummer,

'cause right nowwe got
a witness that puts you there.

And you had the gun.

My boy's 13. You can't do nothing
like this. You got to go to juvie-

we can do plenty when it comes
to felony homicide, Mr. williams.

If you don't want
to blow parole,

just shut up!

Dizz on tape:
You're dissing me.

I don't know
nothing about no shooting.

It's not enough
that he had the gun.

His prints could've
been from anytime.

You got a witness
who saw him at the shooting.

Tonel Otten, a 12 year old.

As we all know,
not terrific on the stand.

Roneld gave Dizz
the gun.

Says Roneld.

Let's be realistic here.

Juvenile court judges may not
like kids with guns,

but they like a clean case,
and they want a motive.

who says the little son
of a bitch needs a motive?

Max. Max: What the hell
is a motive, anyway?

"He took my seat. " Bam!

"He's looking
at my girlfriend. " Bam!

"I need them shoes. " Bam!

Max has been busting
his chops on this case.

I understand.

whoa, I can apologize
for myself!

Only I don't feel apologetic!
I'm fed up!

You put together
a strong case

we'll put him away,

I know, I know.
why am I picking a fight with you?

You knowwhat it is, Paul?

Dizz is 13.

The boy in the hospital, he's 12.

The baby's in the ground.

Our emergency rooms
are up to their ears

with kids on the wrong end
of stray bullets,

and this little scuz
is laughing at us

'cause he knows he's a juvenile
and we can't get him!

That's not necessarily true.

People versus Williams,

counsel will waive reading
of the rights and charges.

Your Honor, this is a joke.

You can't try this boy
as an adult.

we should be standing
in family court.

Robinette: Mr. williams may be
only 13, but the statute is clear.

He's here on a felony complaint
charging intentional murder two.

Mr. Robinette,
can I get in a word here?

This boy have any priors?

Two, Your Honor,
both involving guns.

we believe these show
a real propensity to violence.

If the court remands
to Supreme Criminal,

you'll indict
on intentional murder two?


Your Honor,
with all due respect,

isn't this kind of overkill?

"Kill"? I wouldn't use
that word in here

if the accused were my client.

Mr. williams knew
exactly what he was doing.

It is just and appropriate
that he be tried as an adult.

Bailiff: Keep it down.

Your Honor, I intend
to submit written motions-

Be my guest.
Anything further, Mr. Robinette?

The people ask that Mr. williams
be remanded without bail

to an appropriate juvenile facility,
pending trial.

So ordered. Case transferred
to Supreme Court.

This is jive!

I didn't murder nobody!
It's a set-up!

Judge: Restrain your client
or the court officers will.

You going to stand there?!
It's a set-up.

Get off me!

Listen, Stone,
this kid didn't do it.

I understand you're getting
a lot of heat-

Knock of the sermon, Alex.
Your client had the gun.

The judge's decision
is unwarranted.

Mr. williams was out in front
at the time of the murder.

An eyewitness who can see
in the dark? Very compelling.

The stoop was well lit.
Tonel saw somebody else.

He won't be testifying
against me.

For your sake, young man,
I hope you didn't threaten him.

What are we talking about?

He pleads as an accessory
to manslaughter two.

He gives us the shooter.

I was at my Aunt Cecile's
in Carolina.

wasn't nowhere near
New York City.

Cut the crap, Dizz.

The police in Charleston
talked to a guy named Summers.

who? The guy who put you on
the train to New York City-

four days before the murder.

who shot the baby?

Dude named T-Ball.

T- Ball Howard.

Real name?


Come to me and said he
needed a burner. For what?

A job, man.

Says this job
was worth 500.

So I borrowed the burner
from Roneld.

Roneld let you borrow
a gun worth $1500?

who hired your friend
to do the job?

He didn't tell me.
Just said he needed the gun.

And then what?

I rented it from Roneld for 100,

charged T-ball 200.

I didn't shoot
that baby, man.

T- Ball did.

That T-Ball?

Five minutes, Counselor.

Then I want him alone.

I told you, I never been
on Jacobs Place.

And I'll bet you never
rented a Tec-9.

what's that, mouthwash?

who ordered the hit, T-Ball?

That's right, genius.

Your buddy Dizz
told us the whole story.

And he's going
to repeat it in court.

why don't you let me
talk with my client?

The Howard kid'll roll.
He's got no choice.

Logan: You better hope you're
right, 'cause we still ain't got

idea one why he shot
the winters boys.

Anything else on T-Ball?

He's 14 years old, lives with his
mother and two-year-old brother,

no gang affiliation.

He even know
Gregory winters?

There's no indications.

The winters kid
been upgraded yet?

Yeah, he regained
consciousness last night.

Franklin Howard?

Tall guy, thin.

Sure you don't know him?

I don't know him.


These things
have to be asked.

How do you feel?


Thanks, Gregory.

Excuse me.

why do you people insist
on blaming my boy?

I'm sorry.

He doesn't
know these boys.

He didn't do anything
to cause them

to shoot up
the apartment.

I know.

Lawyer:. Ben.

Mr. Howard understands
you can convict him.

He's ready to deal.
I thought he might be.

He names the buyer of the hit,
but he gets tried as a juvenile.

Not a prayer.
I know he's-

we're in an epidemic, Brian.
He killed a baby,

the older brother's
a paraplegic.

It was a mistake.
You want to explain that?

Look, just make me an offer.


Trust me, Ben, you make a deal,
you'll want the result.

As in?

As in you get a major dealer
off the streets.

T- Ball's just a soldier.

He can give you the general.

Manslaughter one, he gets
sentenced in Supreme Court,

and he does the youthful
offender maximum.

Deal. I do this plea and
you're throwing curves-

Believe me, you won't regret it.

Stone: I know they're screaming
for this kid's head, Adam,

but they're better off
if we put away the dealer.

I want 'em both. I want everyone.

I want the kid
who gave him the gun,

I want the kid who
pulled the trigger and this pusher.

So do I, but if we don't
get the guy who gave the order,

we have more crack,
more contract killings,

more dead kids.

what are they asking for?

Man one. T-Ball gets three
and a third to 10,

he does the whole 10.

He's not going
to boarding school.

You and I wouldn't last
10 minutes in there.

You sure this pays off?

I think I can trust Doxsee.

You think?

I can't afford not to.

He said he needed to get rid
of a business problem.

Somebody burn him on a drug deal?

It was real estate.

Said it was 300 large.

Had you ever met
Ingrams before?

I've done some
little jobs for him.

No hits.

when I heard about this one,
I thought,

"If I had a gun... "

But you didn't know
a baby was behind the door?

That's why
I'm talking to you, man.

I didn't know.

Ingrams gives me the address
of this guy he wants me to do-

Mr. Kay.

I'm supposed to go
air out his crib.

So I go over there,

hear some voices inside,

but I...

just must've gone
to the wrong place.

You thought
a real estate tycoon

lived in the winters' building?

Like I told you
- a mistake. Robinette: What'd you do with the address?

I threw it away after the-

thing went down.

"This guy
he wants me to do. "

It's not enough.

It would be, if we could connect
Ingrams with the mythical Mr. Kay.

You want me to have
Ingrams brought in?

why? Have him go through
the motions of denying it?

You think it's K like Murray
the K, or K-A-Y, or...?

Or Kaye with an E.

There couldn't be more than
a thousand variations in New York City.

That's K-A-Y-E.
Five boroughs.

This must be
500 more names.

what do you want me to do?

Start with Manhattan.

Someone was hired
to kill a "Mr. Kay. "

The hit man went
to 315 Jacobs Place.

You live at
315 Jameson Place.


My husband and I
are active

in the Reform Democrats,
Mr. Robinette.

we helped found the Carnegie Hill
Alternative School.

we were once mentioned j
j j in passing on page six,

but I doubt any of that
qualifies us for assassination.

what kind of work
does your husband do, Mrs. Kay?

Real estate.

what, he's guilty of gentrification?

I'm afraid it's going to be
much worse than that.

A month ago...

Edward M. Kay
deposited 300,000

into his corporate
checking account.

But he hasn't made
a sale since August.

And the kid who did the hit
said he mentioned 300,000.

Kay fronted as a buyer
of an apartment for Ingrams.

300,000 cash.

It comes to closing, Kay
doesn't show up with the money.

He stiffed him, Adam.
Stiffed a drug dealer.

There's your motive.

And the kid shot up
the wrong apartment.


The winters baby is dead

'cause a 14-year-old hit man
went to the wrong place.

Do you understand
these people?

They live better
than 99% of humanity,

and they have to steal
from drug dealers.

Ingrams will go up for murder,
one way or the other.

If Mr. Kay decides
to testify.

Real estate fraud-
not much to work with.

Maybe Kay
has a conscience.

Yeah, maybe he houses the homeless in
his basement, but I wouldn't count on it.

I sold a nice two-bedroom
on west End Avenue

to a young black man.
That's a crime?

when you steal his money it is.

what stealing? we had a little
problem with the closing papers.

You know, this Chamber
of Commerce routine

is getting on my nerves.
In 1986 you were arrested

for cocaine possession.
Ingrams your dealer?

An arrest with no conviction
is not relevant here.

It isn't?

You do a little coke,
you figure, what the hell?

It's a victimless crime.

And you use drug money
to buy real estate.

You think
that makes it clean?

Look, I-

An 11-month-old baby died
because of your sins, Mr. Kay.

Lawyer:. If you want to
talk about his testimony-

what did you do
with the $300,000?

You didn't cheat
some yuppie banker.

Mr. Ingrams- he doesn't sue,
he hires a hit man.

You haven't mentioned
any incentives

for cooperation.


How is this?

If your client doesn't
start talking now,

I'll tear his life apart.

Real estate boards,

skeletons in the closet-

light of day, guaranteed.

Ingrams came to me
with 300,000 he wanted cleaned.

I was in the middle
of a redevelopment project

that was dying
for an infusion of cash.

So you used Ingrams' money.

I thought I could
turn it around,

get his money
in and out quickly.

The market went soft.

The lenders foreclosed
on the project.

And the $300,000
went to them.

Did Ingrams threaten you?

Oh, no.

No, no.

I point my finger at him,
I'm dead.

If you help us out,
we'll put him away.

And if you don't?

And if you don't testify,

he'll get you- sooner or later.

I'd rather it was later.

You made your pitch,
Mr. Stone.

And it didn't get through?

I'd rather go to a loan shark
for the 300 grand

than take on
Michael Ingrams.

Robinette: Pick Ingrams up.
We have enough to charge him.

without Kay's testimony?
Come on, Paul.

Ingrams is a maggot.
we can crush him.

He doesn't know
Kay won't testify.

we get him to plead
manslaughter, he's off the street.

At least Kay lives long enough
to change his mind.


Bailiff: The people
versus Michael Ingrams.

The charges are:
murder in the second degree;

in the first degree;

attempted murder
in the second degree;

and assault
in the first degree.

How does
the defendant plead?

Not guilty.

On all counts,
Your Honor.

I'm serving
grand jury notice

upon defense counsel,
Your Honor.

Do the People wish to be
heard on bail, Mr. Robinette?

Your Honor, as a multiple
prior felony offender,

and a convicted
narcotics trafficker,

Mr. Ingrams faces
mandatory life.

The People request he be
held without bail.

well, Counselor,
I believe a high bail

is appropriate in this case.
Name a figure.

The people ask
$1 million, Your Honor.

So ordered.

You wanted the whole
package, Adam. we delivered.

So far.

But if this Ingrams hood
walks on a technicality,

all your good work
is bupkis.

Offer him man two.

He engineered the death of an infant, for
heaven's sake. People will be outraged.

The people will forget
this outrage

as soon as the next outrage
hits the front page.

The winters boy isn't the only
innocent victim in New York City.

Man two, then go for
the maximum at sentencing.

Forget it, Stone.

You don't come running
with your hat in your hand

from a position
of strength.

You call this a position
of strength, Counselor?

we're offering a deal
so we can wrap this up,

but if you want to play games...

what games? You got
the unsubstantiated testimony

of a little psycho
who can't shoot straight.

Let's get something
straight here, Mr. Stone.

I'm not in short pants.

T- Ball's testimony
isn't enough to convict me.

Probably not.
But Ned Kay's will.

Ned Kay?

He won't mess with my thing.

I'm going back to my cell.

Okay, so it's not an even bet.

Even? I wouldn't
give you 20 to one.

So Kay stole his money,

but does a jury
believe he'd kill him?

Ingrams is a drug dealer.

He doesn't look
like a drug dealer.

You want me
not to go to trial?

Mr. Kay is still
a question mark.

what have you got
on his finances?

Is there
a federal tax charge?

The IRS.

Uh-uh, we do not let
tax evaders walk.

If it's major fraud,
he goes to jail.

Come on, Sam, you can still
make an example of him.

No, never. Forget
about it. Go away.

Take his money,
put him in the poorhouse,

treble penalties,
but don't send him to jail.

what do you get?

A dealer and a killer
off the street.


but I want it in writing
in letters eight feet high.

when they go for my neck,
I want yours in the noose with me.

Tax fraud, Mr. Morton, and your
client goes away for 10 years.

10 years in a federal
country club?

I can work on my tennis game.
It's better than being dead.

Suppose I convince the IRS
not to prosecute?

I'll bite.
Suppose you do?

They take every dime,

you don't even keep
the dishwasher.

But if you testify,
you can move to Nebraska

the day the trial is over.

You son of a bitch.

You set this up.

The deal is good
for 15 seconds.

I keep the house
in Sag Harbor.

No, you don't.

10 seconds.

The Mercedes.

They take the Mercedes.

Five seconds.

when you told Mr. Ingrams that you
were unable to return his money,

how did he respond?

He indicated he would kill me.

Objection. Indicated?

when Mr. Kay continues, I think
you'll find it admissible, Your Honor.

I'll allow it.
Go ahead, Mr. Stone.

How did he indicate it, Mr. Kay?

He said he would
have my place aired out.

No further questions.

Mr. Kay, you testified
Mr. Ingrams said

he'd air your place out.

Could he have meant
he'd break all your windows?

Don't be ridiculous. Please
just stick to yes or no.

This cash you allege
came from the defendant-

you said you used it
to bail out

one of your own projects,
is that right?


well? Did you?

Yes. At least, I tried, but...

But what?

Did your habit interfere
with business, Mr. Kay?

Objection, Your Honor.

Sidebar, Your Honor.

what's this about?

I'm going to impeach
his credibility, Judge.

He's a cocaine user.

Your Honor, the People are
aware of Mr. Kay's '86 arrest,

but he was not convicted.
It's not relevant.

It's not admissible.

Do you have an offer
of proof, Counselor?

why don't we just
go to the record?

Mr. Stone.

Go ahead, Mr. Anson.

Mr. Kay,

under the name
Edward M. Kayman-

you were convicted

of possession
of a controlled substance

in the state of Connecticut
in 1984?

In fact, it was cocaine,
was it not?

Answer the question,
Mr. Kay.


And then later you
legally changed your name

to Ned Kay, didn't you?


Do you still use cocaine, Mr. Kay?

I respectfully

refuse to answer on the...

Are you invoking
the Fifth Amendment

against self-incrimination?

Yes, sir.

Did you pay for cocaine

out of any of the $300,000

that you stole
from Mr. Ingrams?

I respectfully refuse
to answer for the same reason.

You refuse to answer.

But you expect us to believe

that Mr. Ingrams
threatened to kill you.

Objection, Your Honor.

The jury will disregard
that remark.

No further questions.

So after Mr. Ingrams told you to air
out the dude's crib, what did you do?

I went up on the roof
and smoked some weed.

Then I got the gun
from my stash.

which was where?

In my locker in school.

In school.

And you rented this gun
from Dizz Williams, right?

Then what did you do?

T- Ball:
I smoked a little more weed,

then I went over to do the dude.

which was supposed to be

315 Jameson Place.

Now you knew that

because Michael Ingrams

wrote it out for you,
is that true?


And why did you go
to 315 Jacobs Place?

Answer the question,
Mr. Howard.

It was a mistake.

This is the correct address.

would you read that out
to the court, please?


Jameson Place. "


Nowwould you read this?

Relevance, Your Honor.

It goes
to the factual elements

of the crime charged,
Your Honor.

I'll allow it.

Just read the police report.

You don't have to read
the big legal words,

just give us the easy ones.

Mr. Howard?

You can't read, can you?

You can't read anything.


No further questions.

Gregory winters is a victim.

His mother Denise winters
is a victim as well.

And to a lesser extent,

Franklin "T-Ball" Howard

is a victim, too.

A victim of circumstance,

in which he learned
how to fire a deadly weapon

before he learned to read.

Then, of course,
there is Andrew winters,

who would have celebrated
his first birthday

not long ago.


maybe we've all become
so accustomed

to slaughter in our streets,

in the subways,
and our homes...

that it takes the killing
of a baby

to snap us out of it.

I don't know.

what I do know is that
when Michael Ingrams

ordered the contract killing
of Ned Kay,

he was ordering
the killing of Andrew winters.

And it doesn't matter
that the wrong person was hit-

Michael Ingrams' intent
was to kill.

And legally,
intent follows the bullet.

In the eyes of the law,

Michael Ingrams is
guilty of murder.

In the eyes of society,

he is guilty

of the slaughter of an innocent.

Mr. Stone, do you think
the murder conviction

will stand on appeal?

Absolutely. There's no
reversible error here.

Michael Ingrams is as guilty
of killing that little boy

as if he'd pulled
the trigger himself.

Mrs. winters,

were you satisfied
with today's verdict?

I'm thinking,

what about the boy
who did pull the trigger?

He'll be back out j in seven years.

My baby would have been
eight years old then.

would you be satisfied?