Knots Landing (1979–1993): Season 2, Episode 9 - A Family Matter - full transcript

J.R. returns to Knots Landing and Abby asks him to lend Gary $50,000 to pay off a debt.

- I can't even look at him.
- Val's not crazy about him.

Well, I've got good cause not to be.

What's he in town for?

Some oil convention.

Actually, I found him rather exciting.

- You met him?
- Last year.

He was trying to get the
offshore drilling rights to this area...

- but we stopped him.
- You stopped him?

Yeah. I read the autobiography
of Mata Hari...

went to his hotel room to see him
one afternoon.

My brother's wife went
to a hotel room to see a man?

I found him enormously attractive
and enormously charming.

As soon as he got close to me
and looked in my eyes...

I got out of there enormously fast.

Actually, I've been kind of
curious about him.

You know, ever since
I've been here, uh...

I've never heard either you or Gary
mention Gary's family.

That's a subject they enjoy avoiding.

Just like you enjoy avoiding subjects.

I don't avoid subjects.

Who are you going to see at that hotel?

- Do you really wanna know?
- Yes, we really wanna know.

All right, I'm, uh...

I'm having a rendezvous.

With J.R. Ewing.

- That's not even funny.
- Val.

- What?
- She's not gonna tell us.

I know.

- Look, a deal's a deal.
- Yeah, there's no way around that.

Look, I can't.

We already gave you a week.
A bright boy like you...

Look, I told you guys,
I can't come up with $50,000.

Today's Tuesday, right?

We'll give you to, uh... Thursday?

I won't have it.

Salesman, line two.

Thanks for the lift.


From just a voice on the phone,
I never expected anything like this.

Come on in.



Hey, kiddo, what do you
think of that, huh?

Think it's a change of pace, but it
looks... - How long have you known?

Where'd you find that?

I needed some money.
I went through your jacket pockets.

Well, I don't want you
going through my things.

Of course not. Makes it harder
for you to lie to me if I do.

I didn't lie to you.

Your wife's divorcing you.
You didn't tell me.

That's lying, sweetheart.

Sylvie, I don't have to tell you
everything that goes on in my life.

It's my life too, you know.

Why? Were you thinking about
marrying me or something?


Listen, Sylvie.

We have no strings, no ties between us.
You know that.

I know.

But if you're divorced, Kenny...

we could look for a place
and really live together...

instead of you just staying here
all the time.


let's start over again.

Just you and me...

without the shadow of your wife
hanging over us.

It isn't gonna work.

Why not?

We're good together.

But it's never enough, Sylvie.
You always want too much more.

How could I love you too much?

- I thought that's what you wanted.
- What I want...

is to produce good records.

And I want my wife back.

But, Kenny...

If you wanna go on working with me,
that's fine. If not...

that's a chance I've gotta take.

But if I don't end it with you right now...

I'll never get Ginger back.

And that's a chance I won't take.

Are you telling me that my brother
sent you here to ask me for $50,000?

No. No, Gary didn't send me.

He doesn't even know I'm here.

Neither does my brother.

It's kind of hard
to keep these brothers straight.

Well, try. It's real important.

You see, my brother, Sid,
is having some business problems.

- And Gary has devised a very clever way...
- Gary's a very clever boy.

Yes, he is.

You see, he has a chance to buy
a whole warehouse full...

I gotcha. I gotcha.

Gary wants to borrow money.

Well, at the risk of seeming naive...

uh, if Gary's such a clever boy,
why doesn't he just go to a bank?

Well, actually, he did,
but they turned him down.

Oh, I see.

Yeah, I suppose his credit's just about
as good as it's always been. Humph.

You know...

you are an unusually attractive lady.

- Thank you.
- And an altruistic one too.

You coming here to ask me
to help my brother help your brother.

Well, I believe in families
helping one another, don't you?

Oh, I do. I surely do.

Unfortunately, a family's gotta be talking
to one another...

to be able to help one another.

And Gary is not talking to me these days.

Suppose he came to you himself.
Would you help him then?

Yes, I'd be disposed to do that.

No sense in capping a well
until you bring it in.

I can get Gary to talk to you.

- Can you?
- I think so.

Well, I think so too.

All right, if my brother wants to
talk to me, I'd be more than happy to.

He'll be here.

Ha, ha.
You're sure of yourself, aren't you?

Well, if you work on Gary
the way you work on me...

you'll bring it off.

No way.

Gary, $50,000 means
absolutely nothing to him.

He'll help. I'm sure.

- Oh, you're sure. Terrific.
- Absolutely.

Okay, Abby, what'd you do?

Do? I didn't do anything.

I was a little curious
about him, that's all.

So I went to the hotel
and I bumped into him in the coffee shop.

J.R. doesn't do coffee shops.

Well, all right...

- I figured as long as I was there...
- I don't believe this.

Showroom, line three.

Showroom, line three, please.

Gary, be reasonable.

There's no way
I'm gonna ask my brother for money.

- Salesman, line two.
- Look, this isn't personal, it's business.

With my family, it's personal.

There's a lot at stake here, Gary.

- You contracted for those parts.
- There's no contract.

- Those guys think there's a contract.
- Well, I don't.

Well, they do, Gary, and they'll enforce it.
You know that they're not fooling around.

Come on. What do you think
they're gonna do, break my fingers?


A lot worse.


you only have a few days.

Terrific choice.

Those two gorillas
or my brother, the goon.


you really ought to think about Sid
and the business too.

- Sid?
- Mm-hm.

Sid didn't want to have anything to do
with stolen parts.

No, of course not.

But he still needs them, doesn't he?

All my life...

every time I've tangled with J.R.,
I've lost.

What are you talking about?
What about last year when he was here...

looking for oil rights off your beach?

I hear you stopped him cold.

Heh. Yeah, I stopped him.

Two minutes after we won,
J.R. had everything turned around.

- Made the cover of TIME magazine.
- So what?

That's the way business should be.
It's exciting. Everybody wins.

- And that's exactly the way it can be now.
- Wrong.

Abby, when my brother wins,
everybody else loses.

Let me tell you something.

You fool around with him long enough,
you're gonna find that out.

Gary, just... Just meet with him.



What is it?

Oh, it's a collage for school.
I'm working on it.


Michael, that's my school yearbook!


You ruined it.

I needed basketball pictures.

Michael, this is very precious to me,
and you have cut it to pieces!

You know, you have no right
to go into my room and steal my things.

We can't hear you at the Wards' house.

Mom, Michael stole my yearbook.

I didn't steal it.

I just borrowed it.

And ruined it too.

Michael, I don't think that was
the best idea you ever had.

I'm sorry.

Look, honey,
he, uh, didn't use the pictures yet.

Why don't you just, you know,
paste them in over again?

Oh, come on, Mom. This is ruined.

Well, yeah, it is, but after all
Michael's been through...

we don't wanna make things
tougher on him than they have to.

Look how quiet and nice he's working.

I can't believe this.

If I did something
like this, you'd kill me.

We all promised to make
an extra effort with Mich...

This is too much!

He goes into my room, steals my things,
and I'm the one who gets yelled at.


Oh, hello there. Sit down, darling.

- Thank you.
- Thank you very much. Ahem.

- Uh, listen...
- Gary couldn't make it.

- I'm really...
- No, no.

I don't want you to apologize
for my family's bad manners.

Would you like a drink?

Uh, yes, a club soda and lime, please.

Thank you.

You're working awful hard to help a man
who doesn't seem to want any help.

- I know, but he does need to be helped.
- Gary needs nursing.

Now, you gonna do that for him, hmm?

Now, suppose Gary does extend himself
and asks me for the money.

What benefits, other than
the joys of brotherly affection...

do I stand to gain
from that transaction?

Well, there's the interest on the money.

Ha, ha. Oh, honey. I do like you.

Interest on $50,000 wouldn't pay
for a year's worth of my boot shines.

Thank you.

Well, there is one other thing. Um...

You know that Valene's been talking
about going back to Dallas?

Is that right?

Yeah. Um...

And if Gary fails
at Knots Landing Motors...

it's gonna be hard to persuade her that
there's anything here for him to stay for.

So I suppose they'll go back.

Back to Dallas, huh?

Well, Valene misses Lucy so much.

So if Gary fails here...

I guess they'll go back
and he'll work for your company again.

Well, that'd be fun.

Is that woman really trying to talk Gary
into going back to Dallas?

It's all she ever talks about.

But with $50,000...

Gary could make a success
right here in Knots Landing.

You are wickedly clever, you are.

All right, I'll make it easy for him,
but he's gotta ask me himself...

you understand that?
Now, how you gonna get him to do that?

Well, if Mohammed
won't go to the mountain, maybe...

You want the mountain to...?

Go to Mohammed?

Okay. Why not?

Service, line one.

Service, line one.

Yeah, and the, uh, EPA estimates...

- What?
- It gets an mpg...

- It's, uh, got an estimated mpg...
- What? What's that? I...

It gets good mileage.

Damned thing ain't worth 2 cents.

Fleet Sales, customer on line two.

Fleet Sales, customer on line two.

- I tell my wife it don't do me no good.
- Uh-huh.

- You got it?
- There it is. Say something.

Uh, it's a great car.


Hi, Gary. How you doing?

- What are you doing here?
- Fifteen years ago...

Well, I was in L.A. for a couple of days,
taking care of unfinished business.

I couldn't leave town without dropping in
to say hello to my brother.

Nice of you.

- Thank you, thank you.
- I tell you, I don't know about this car.

I'll be back. I say, I'll be back.
I'll bring the wife with me.

You do that. I'll be here.

I'd look around a little bit if I was you.

I'll do that, old-timer.

Well, Mr. Ewing.

- Well, hi.
- Hi.

- What a nice surprise.
- Oh, for me too.

Gary, why don't we, uh,
show your brother around?

Would you like that?

Oh, I'd like that fine.

Oh, this is real nice. Real nice.

Hey, Gar...

I hear you're building yourself
a real nice life out here.

- He certainly is.
- Putting down roots.

You're on the wagon.

I understand that you practically
rebuilt this place all by yourself.

- That's not true. J.R.: Well,
that's not nothing to sneeze at.

- I didn't rebuild this place.
- Ha, ha.

Well, you haven't lost your modesty,
that's for sure. Hell, you're a Ewing.

Let's let all these people out here
know about it, huh? Ha, ha.

Service, line three.

Service, line three.



- Look who's in town.
- You remember J.R.?

- My brother, Sid.
- I know. I know.

- How you doing?
- Fine.

Oh, it's quite a place you've got here.

- What the hell did you bring him here for?
- You need him, Gary.

Abby, you don't know
what you're getting yourself into.

He can do you a lot of good.

Trust me.

Yeah, almost big enough to qualify for
a Texas-sized franchise, ain't it?

- Doing your own repair work, are you?
- No, not this time.

This is actually an engine
I designed myself.

- Is that right?
- He's been working on it for years.

It's going to get over
a hundred miles a gallon.

Hold on, now. You don't wanna put me
out of the oil business.

Well, you're in no danger yet.
I gotta work the kinks out still.


Well, you know, I always admired somebody
who could design something like this.

I'm in awe of that kind of talent.

I suppose you got a dozen patents
on this thing, don't you?

Oh, no. We're not that far along yet.

Actually, it looks a lot more complete
than it really is.

- He's being modest.
- I'd sure like to talk to you about it.

I have an idea.

J.R.'s only in town
for another day or two.

Why don't you all come over
to my house for dinner tonight?

We can sit around, relax and talk.

I don't think that's a good idea.

Val and I are busy.

Oh, Gary, I'm only gonna be
in town for a day.

- You can change your plans, can't you?
- I'll talk to Valene.

- Sid?
- It's fine with me. I'll check with Karen.

Oh, this is terrific. It'll be Sid and
Karen, Gary and Val, and J.R. and I.

- I don't think so.
- Come on, Gary.

- We haven't broken bread in a long time.
- I know Valene's dying to see you.

Oh, I bet she is.

Sid, line three.

- Excuse me, I gotta take that page.
- Sid?


This is gonna be
my first real dinner party.

Well, let's hope it's gonna be one
you'll never forget.

Oh. Oh, thanks, Ginger.
I sure needed that extra pair of arms.

- Anytime, Karen.
- Oh!

Besides, I wanted to talk to you.

I cleaned out that health-food store.
Michael's on a special diet, you know?

- Yeah? How's Michael doing?
- Oh, he's doing great.

That institute that Karl sent him to?

Oh, I'm glad.

God, this is heavy.

- What's in here?
- Enough health food to choke a horse.

What do you wanna talk to me about?


I'm pregnant.

"I'm pregnant"? "I'm pregnant."


That's wonderful, isn't it?

I don't know, uh...

It would've been last year...

but this year, I don't know.

I'm so confused.

- Have you talked to Kenny about it?
- Not yet.

- Why not?
- Because I'm afraid.

I'm afraid of what he'll say...

or what he won't say.

- You have to talk to him about it.
- I know, I...

If Kenny and I couldn't
make things work by ourselves...

I just don't see how bringing a baby
into it is gonna make any difference.

Where'd you get that?

I made it.

With what?

Some ice cream I brought home.
It's in the freezer.

Diana, I told you,
I don't want foods like that in the house.

- Suppose Michael came in.
- So?

He's on a special diet
and it would be hard for him...

to see us eating foods
he's not allowed to have.

You know, I'm sick and tired
of hearing about Michael.

All I'm asking for is a little cooperation.

And I am tired of you walking out on me
while I'm in the middle of a sentence.

Why? It'll give you more time
to think about Michael.

I'm sorry, Karen.

I know you have problems of your own.

That's all right.

I have great answers
for other people's problems.

It's only my own
I have a little problem with.

- Gary, I said no.
- Okay, okay.

It wasn't my idea.
I don't wanna go either.

Then it's simple.
You don't wanna go, I don't wanna go.

- So we don't go, right?
- Fine.

- Anybody home?
- Yeah, we're right in here.

Hi. Abby just called. Dinner, of course,
will be a half-hour late.

- You're not going.
- No, we're not going.

Oh, come on. Nobody can stand J.R.
That's why he's so much fun.

Not like it was last year.
He doesn't want anything from us now.

Oh, don't bet on it.

It's Abby's first dinner party.

I gotta go, you gotta go.

Just look on the bright side of things.

Think of what we get to eat tonight.
Hot dogs, French fries, root beer?


Looks good.

Kidder. Silly.

I'm here to say
you have a way with duck.

Well, thank you very much.

I didn't know you could cook like this.

She can't. She called a caterer.

Well, ahem, I'd like to take this
opportunity to propose a little toast...

- Ow! Brian!
- What?

- You kicked me.
- I did not.

I'd like to take this opportunity
to make a little toast...

Mommy, Brian's got that lizard again.

Well, calm down, darling.
It hasn't bitten anyone yet, has it?

He put it in my spinach.

Brian, enough.

I didn't do nothing.

"Anything." You didn't do "anything."


Down in Dallas, we have a way
of dealing with obstreperous children.


We barbecue them.

Well, now, as I was saying...

I'd like to make a little toast
to my family and old friends.

Yeah, it was a good way to get bitten.

Oh, golly. Well, Sid, I'm really
impressed with this engine of yours.

Thanks a lot.

- A hundred miles to the gallon, right?
- No, it doesn't get a hundred now.

- It gets about 58 so far.
- Well, 58. You know, that's something.

What we're doing, you see, is we're
experimenting with different kinds of alloys.

Oh, testing one metal against the other.
We're doing stress tests right now.

And that's when you're gonna
get your patents, is it?

Well, that would be sort of putting
the cart before the horse a little bit.

See, the main principle of my engine
is the fuel-injection system.

And the way it works is that, see,
most fuel-injection systems work...


I don't think, uh, J.R. would be interested
in all the fine details of your invention.

No, no, I'm always interested
to see a creative mind at work.

I'm sorry. Ha, ha.

I do tend to go on and on
about these things.

Valene, well, you hardly touched your meal.
Don't you like the fruit salad either?

Well, I guess I'm just not very hungry.

Valene, you ought to eat
while you're sitting at a full table.

You never can tell how long
your luck's gonna hold.

I'm not hungry.

Well, I'm sorry about that.

You know, this deal that Gary's working on
is gonna make you a pretty penny.

- What's that?
- The deal Gary's working on.

What deal?

Oh, golly, you know what I've just done?

I've got my two brothers confused.
I confused Bobby with Gary.

- You ever do anything like that?
- No.

Ha, ha! Well, Bobby's working on a project
right now, and you were talking about Gary.

And for the life of me, I don't know why,
I just locked into Bobby.

Must be a sign of old age, J.R.

Yeah. That's probably what it is.

- What's going on over at Abby's?
- I don't know.

Lot of people.

Abby say anything to you about a party?

You know Abby
doesn't talk to me, Richard.

You know, uh...

since you started working,
we don't go out anymore.

- Come on, that is not true.
- When was the last time we went anyplace?

- We went out last Saturday.
- Yeah, you get home from work.

You're exhausted, you throw dinner
on the table and then you collapse.


I mean, you're so involved with your work,
and then you come home...

I can't get a word out of you.

Richard, I have talked to you
about my work, you're never interested.

That's because all you wanna talk about
is work. There is more to life than work.

All work and no play
makes Jill a dull girl.

You're no fun anymore.

Oh, really? You're not exactly
a barrel of laughs yourself, Richard.

What's that supposed to mean?

Okay, what would you like to do
for fun, hmm?

I don't know, I just...
I think we ought to just try to get out.

I mean, see some people.
We're so isolated.

What's the matter, Richard?

Abby having a party
and she didn't invite you, huh?

- That's not what I'm talking about.
- That is what you're talking about.

Oh, I tell you.

Lucy doesn't have the foggiest notion
of how to pick a man for herself.

I'm not kidding. You ought to see the bunch
of weirdoes she's connected herself to.

- Thank you.
- Really.

They're just the strangest bunch of
human beings this side of New York City.

I suppose, all in all...

the boy she's got her claws into
right now is the best of a bad lot.

- What kind of work does he do?
- He's into medicine.

But the dummy doesn't know
how to milk it for all it's worth.

I mean, he's into research.

Now, you tell me how
he is going to support Lucy...

in the style she's accustomed to
doing research.

Maybe money isn't important to them.

Well, if these nuptials do take place,
I'm gonna help them make a few myself.

You're gonna what?

I'm gonna help them make a few choices.
I'm gonna straighten him out.

Now, don't you worry
about a thing, Valene.

Your daughter is a Ewing.

And I'm gonna bring that boy
up to our standards.

I don't believe this.

- Valene.
- Here we go.

You are gonna do it again, aren't you?

How dare you meddle
in my daughter's life?

Well, now, Lucy needs a strong hand
to guide her.

She hasn't gotten
a lot of mothering from you.

How could she have?

You wouldn't allow it.

Well, Miss Lucy seems to be
very happy where she is.

How would you even know
if she weren't happy?

- Valene, calm down.
- Gary, I will not calm down.

You look at him.

He just sits there announcing
how he's gonna do the same thing...

to our daughter's marriage
that he did to ours.

we've been through this all before.

Oh, no we have not
been through this before.

You're the reason that we're not together
all like we ought to be.

I would not wanna be held responsible
for keeping you from your loved ones.

Oh, no, of course not.

That's all you've ever done.

That's all you have ever done to me.

Well, you might've
gotten away with it then...

but I swear to God,
I'll never let you do it to Lucy.

Don't you expect me to apologize.

I won't.

What is he doing here, Gary?

I mean, why is he here?

I don't know, Valene,
some oil convention or something.

No, no, no, darling, I don't mean that.

I mean...

what does he want from us?

- Oh, Valene, for God's sake, he's just here...
- No. Ah, ah, ah.

Nothing is just anything with your family.

If he's here,
it's because he wants something.

You're not getting involved
in any business deal with him?

Of course not.

Valene, will you stop being so suspicious?
I said I'm not involved with him, that's it.

Promise me that you won't
get involved with him.

- Valene.
- Gary, darling, listen, he will hurt you.

Look, I'm not involved with J.R., okay?

- You won't get involved with him either?
- No.

Do you promise me that?

I promise.

I promise.

All right, darling.

I'm sorry, I just...

I love you so much.

Isn't that guy ever gonna leave?

They're probably having a nightcap, Sid.

Abby's a big girl,
as you're so fond of pointing out.

- How's Michael?
- He's sleeping.

Oh, good. He seems to be sleeping
through the night now.

- Yeah, Sid?
- Mm-hm?

- He seem better to you?
- Oh, yeah. A lot better.

We must be doing something right.

I don't know. I'm still worried.


it doesn't do any good to worry,
that's part of the problem.

We're putting too much pressure
on the kid.

What are you talking about?

You know the doctors told us we have
to do everything to give him attention.

- To let him know that we love him.
- But more than that.

I'm not talking about putting pressure,
I'm talking about giving him what he needs.

Honey, the problem is that you have
a tendency to coddle him too much.

- Coddle him?
- Yeah.

You treat him like a freak. He isn't.

I am not treating him like a freak, Sid...

I'm treating him like a boy, my son,
who needs my help...

because he's in trouble.

It's not gonna help him
to feel there's something wrong.

There is something wrong with him.
I thought you finally understood that.

He has a problem and it's getting treated.

Now, let's not make a big deal
out of this thing, okay?

You know...

you are the most delicious conniver
it's been my pleasure to encounter.

I beg your pardon?

My sister-in-law doesn't have the slightest
notion of ever moving back to Dallas.

I guess I must have been wrong.

Yeah, I guess you were.

That blows the hell out of
any reason I ever had...

to give my brother $50,000.

Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

You're quite a fighter. I like that.

I just wish my brother
had married somebody like you...

rather than that wimp
he's calling a wife nowadays.

Yeah, I'd like to have you in my family.

You're somebody I can talk to.

Even if you do deal
in stolen spare parts.

Who said they were stolen?

Well, the way I got it figured is,
somebody wants that $50,000...

or my brother's kneecaps real bad.

And that puts Gary
in a hell of a bind, doesn't it?

He's gotta choose between me and
walking real good for the rest of his life.

You're a very astute man.

Yeah, and you're pretty sharp yourself.

Wish we had more people like you
down in Texas, that's for sure.

Well, I wish you'd reconsider that loan.

It's important to Sid's business.
He's my brother. I wanna help him.

Oh, honey, your brother doesn't know
the first thing...

about that deal going through.

- Don't call me honey.
- Don't get all heated up, now.

I'm gonna give him that money.

I'll give him the loan.

If and when he comes and asks me for it.

But then I'm gonna want
a little something for myself.

I thought so.

But, uh...

Let's take care of business first...



Ha, ha. I'll tell you.

Ah, it took me a little time,
but I finally figured it out.

What you're really interested in.

What you want from me.

I don't want anything for myself.

Yes, you do.

You want my little brother, Gary...


Whoo whee.

Good morning.


You really put me on the spot last night,
Abby. What are you up to?

Gary, you need $50,000...

you need it by tomorrow,
and I can get it from your brother.

- That's what I'm up to.
- I can get it my own way.

How? Is Chicken Little gonna
drop it out of the sky on you?

You can't go to a bank,
you won't go to anyone else in your family.

I can't take money from J.R.

Why, because Valene hates him?


You're gonna get hurt
if you don't get that money...

and I don't wanna see you get hurt.

There's been too much trouble
between me and J.R.

What does that have to do with him
giving you a simple loan?

You don't know my brother.

It's not a simple loan, it's business.
And doing business with J.R...

Is gonna keep you
out of a wheelchair, Gary.

Quigley, it's not that complicated.

No, even you can comprehend this.

We own those leases
and they wanna buy them from us.

You see, that puts us
on the high ground.

Listen, please, please,
don't do anything asinine...

at those negotiations,
like maybe cave in, huh? All right.

Oh, uh, come on in.

Listen, I'm gonna have to
call you back around...

No, better yet, you call me at 4
and let me know what happened.

All right, you be darn sure you do, boy.

Well, it's quite an honor.

- I need to talk to you, J.R.
- All right.

Uh, shall I order up some drinks
or some yogurt or something like that?

I wanna talk to you about Gary.

What's the matter with Gary?

He promised me last night that
he wouldn't make any deals with you.

Oh, I see, and you came up here
to see that he keeps his promise.

- What are you getting my husband into?
- I'm not getting your husband into anything.

The closest I've gotten to a Ewing
since I left Dallas is right here with you.

Don't do anything to him now, J.R.

Now that things are finally
going so right for him.

You are a lovely lady, Valene,
but you're a royal pain.

Gary's never amounted to much in his life
and I think that's because of you.


You think small, Valene. Real small.
Gary's got a noose around his neck.

And you're hanging onto the end,
dragging him down.

You are a vile, evil man.

All right, all right,
the conversation's over.

I don't wanna talk anymore.
I'm kind of busy now.

I don't blame whoever it was
that shot you.

I just wish I'd done it myself.

I don't need this.

Hey, babe.


I did it.

I broke up with Sylvie.

Moved out of her house,
just like you wanted me to.

Come on. It's just you and me now,
like we both wanted it to be.

Wait a minute.

Are you thinking about moving in here?

Well, you always said that
whenever I left Sylvie, that we'd...

We'd talk.

I didn't say you'd move
from her house back into mine.

Come on, babe.

Let's face it.

You don't belong with anyone but me.

So that's what this is about.


Yeah, for months,
I've been asking you to leave Sylvie.

And all you could talk about
was you and your big career with her.

Now that I've started seeing
somebody else...

suddenly, you're ready
to move back in.

All right, I admit it.
I can't stand to see you with another guy.

I can't stand it.
Now, what's wrong with that?

It's more complicated than that.

Why does it have to be complicated?

I love you.

You love me. You know you do.

All I want is for you and me
to be together.

It can't be like that anymore.

- Why not?
- Because it just can't.

I thought you'd be happy.

I thought this is what you wanted.

Oh, Kenny.

Oh, Kenny.

I wish things could be
as simple as you want them to be.

Hey, no ball-playing in the house.
You know that.

Aren't you ready?

We got a date to go jogging
this afternoon.

I don't feel like it.

You don't feel like it?
I've got you down for eight laps.

Mom, I don't like to run.

You love to run.

Mom, you don't have to
go running with me.

It's not fair to you.

Don't be silly, I love it.
Besides, I put on all these dumb clothes.

Mom, I heard you and Dad
talking last night.

I don't wanna be a freak.

Oh, honey, you're not.

That's not what we meant.

It is.

We shouldn't have used that word.

We love you, Michael.

I know. But there's so much fighting
about me these days.

- Oh, honey, that's not true.
- It is.

Diana's always getting mad at me...

and you and Dad and Eric are always
trying to keep me busy all the time.


you got an illness, right?

We're all just pitching in.

What's wrong with that?

Plenty. All I am is trouble.

Hey, listen, mister.

You're some terrific kid.

You just got your own
personal energy crisis.

In reverse.

You've got too much of it. So big deal.

So we play a little ball with you.

- Oh, ha, ha!
- Ha, ha.

We run around the track a little bit,
we swim.

We try to do everything we can
to help you work it off.

Doesn't make you a freak.

Yeah, but I'm a lot more trouble
than I'm worth.


Are you kidding?

You're my son, aren't you? That makes you
one of the most valuable people around.

I don't give birth to second-rate people.

End of subject.

And I don't want any arguments about it.


Okay, you ready for eight laps?

How about 10?

I had to go and open my big mouth.

All right, wait in front in case
he comes out the showroom door.


Stay there.

Hey, hey, Gary. Unh!

Take it easy!


Come on, take it easy.





No. Let go of me.

Let him go, Gary.


Hey, kid, you're all right.

You're a good scrapper.

But you got it all wrong, Gary.

We just wanted to talk to you.

Remind you about tomorrow.


Just wanna talk, that's all.

Gee, you ruined my suit.

Here you go, Gary.

- No problem.
- Thanks.

Oh, I'm always happy to help.

Or help out your friend, anyway.

Yes, sir, $50,000 is gonna buy you
a mess of spare parts.

Say, what if it was 100,000?

Yeah, what if you had $100,000?

Make a bigger deal.

Yeah. I'll bet you could lock up every nut
and bolt needed for those cars you sell.

Give you a hell of an edge
on your competition.

You could undercut prices. You could
have people eating out of your hand.

Now, I don't have $100,000.

And all for Sid Fairgate, golly.

Yeah, for Sid.

No, it's not.

For you, Gary.

You haven't mentioned Sid Fairgate's name
one time since you came into this room.

- Well, you been doing all the talking.
- Admit it, Gary. All of it's for you.

And there's not a damn thing
wrong with that.

It's what makes us Ewings strong.

Rich, anyway.

Same thing.

Look, uh, we through here or what?

- You got your check, don't you?
- Yeah, I got it.

You didn't sign it.


- You gonna loan me the money or not?
- Yeah, I'm gonna loan you the money.

But I think that entitles me
to make a little speech first.

You're no more interested
in Sid Fairgate than I am.

Sid happens to be
a very good friend of mine...

Uh-uh. You're not talking Sid...

you're talking power.

You're talking adrenalin.

And how it surges through your veins...

when you got something
that everybody else wants.

And for a change...

Gary, you're talking about winning.

Winning like a Ewing wins.

Just open that.

Gary, that's $100,000 in there.

That's real money.

See, doing business with the family's
not all that bad, is it?

All right, Gary.

You let me know
how everything works out.


Uh, Gary, just one other thing.

I was thinking about
Sid Fairgate's engine.

You know, something like that
would have to be handled very carefully.

Uh, I think a combination of brains
and guts and money.

Or else someone would have a chance
of a lifetime slip through their fingers.

And we wouldn't want that, would we?

Let's make a point
of talking about it real soon.

When I get back,
I'll give everybody a kiss for you.