Knots Landing (1979–1993): Season 2, Episode 7 - Breach of Faith - full transcript

Bring number 93 around.

I can't stand it. I thought when Earl stopped
drinking, things were gonna get better.

- They've gotten worse.
- You've gotta give him time.

How much time, Gary?
I'm at my wits' end now.

Aren't things any better?

Oh, he doesn't get drunk.
He's just spoiled and selfish.

When he doesn't get his own way,
he vicious.

I know, it's hard in the beginning.

I can't stand it.

I need a man in my life, not a little boy.

If you're talking about leaving him, do it.
Don't use the threat just to get your way.

That's acting just as spoiled
and selfish as Earl is.

I thought you'd understand.

I thought you'd support me.

I'll support you being honest with Earl,
he needs that. So do you.

Nobody understands what it's like.

Granted, I want the man to stop drinking
but, Gary, I hate him now that he's sober.

Judy, it's gonna get better.

- Hi, Gary.
- Hi, Abby.

- How are you?
- Fine.

I don't believe we've met.
I'm Abby Cunningham.

Oh, I'm sorry.
Judy Trent, uh, my neighbor, Abby.

His nosy neighbor.

Judy's a friend of ours.

- My, uh, my big brother around?
- Yeah, he's, uh, in the garage.

Probably under a car.

Where else? Ha, ha.

Okay, nice to meet you.

- I'm sorry, I'm making this difficult for you.
- No, it's okay. You can talk to me anytime.


- Hi.
- Hi, Ginger.

What are you doing here, a checkup?

Yeah, sort of.

Gee, there's nothing wrong, is there?

Uh, no, uh, I...

I just wanna talk to Dr. Bender
about a few things.

How about you? Everything okay?

Oh, I just missed a period. So I thought
I'd come in for a couple of tests.

- You're not pregnant, are you?
- I certainly hope not.

Why not? I mean, I always thought
you wanted to have a baby.

Well, that was before Kenny and I
were separated.

- It'd make things too complicated now.
- Yeah.

But maybe having a baby is just exactly
what you and Kenny need.

Do I note a bit of wishful thinking?

Yeah, I would.
I'd love to have another baby.

In fact...

we've been trying. It's just that...

I don't know,
something's just not working.

Mrs. Ewing?


- I'll see you tonight, right?
- Oh, I didn't tell you?

Karl got tickets for the theater,
so we won't come.

Oh, that's a shame, darling.
We're gonna miss you.

- Well, I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay.


Keep trying.




- Do you have to park...?
- Just the man I wanted to see.

I've got a job that demands skill,
strength, balance...

coordination, stamina and brains.

- What is this? Did Laura...?
- For the party.

- What party?
- What party?

The California Real Estate
Licensing Exam party.

For Laura. Your wife?

- Laura Avery? Remember?
- Is that tonight?

No, tonight's just a dry run.

We'll stand around in your, uh,
backyard and pretend we're eating.

- Very funny.
- It's not that funny.

I was getting desperate,
I haven't seen you smile in over a month.

I didn't know my smile
meant so much to you.

It doesn't,
but it would mean a lot to Laura.

You think you could manage
maybe a little smirk, just for tonight?

How's this?

Nice try.


I have just come from
my ninth job interview in three weeks.

This one with a Mr. Tiger Andrews...

age 19, president of Ecstasy Spas, Inc.,
with offices in Maui, Malibu and Sausalito.

Tiger, as he insisted I call him...

conducted the interview
from a hot tub in his office...

which necessitated my squatting poolside
for the duration of the meeting...

in order to be heard
above the noise of the pumps.

After perusing my résumé
at some length...

Tiger looked up at me,
his face beaded with happy perspiration...

and remarked in a tone
of utmost solemnity:

"Hey, man,
you didn't put down your sign."

- Hi, honey.
- Hi, darling.

- Did you have a good day?
- Mm-hm.

Kind of busy.

Well, that's real good, isn't it?


Give us a kiss.

Mm. Orange juice. Heh.

What's that?

Oh, it's just something that Dr. Bender
suggested to help us to have another baby.

Heh. How's it work?

Well, this is gonna sound silly.

But see, I'm gonna be
taking my temperature...

- several times a day.
- Mm-hm.

- Especially on these days right here.
- Ah.

And when the temperature goes up,
then that means it's a real good time to...

- Oh, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.

And then what happens?

Well, if you're at home,
there's no problem.

And if you're at work, then I'll just
call you and you can come home.

Mm. Hey, I ought to get
one of those beepers to wear on my belt.

- Oh, come on.
- I always wanted one of those beepers.

- Now, cut it out.
- Ha-ha-ha.

Dr. Bender says there's no reason
why we can't be parents again.

We gotta be a little bit
more organized about it.

Yeah, well...

you let me know
when you wanna be organized.

Oh, wait a minute, darling,
where are you going?


I'm gonna go upstairs, take a shower,
lie down a while.

Not for too long. I'm gonna need you
to help me set up the barbecue.

- Honey, is that tonight?
- Yep.

I'm beat.

Darling, I told you about this party
a week ago.


Oh, hi. Um.

Yeah, he's right here. Hold on.

It's Judy.

Hi, what's up?


We... Uh, are you going with him?


No, Judy, there's nothing I can do for him
right now. Just call me if you need me.

It's all right. Anytime.

Oh, uh, wait a minute,
we're not gonna be here. Um...

You can call me at, uh, 555-2425.

Uh-huh. No, that's all right. Anytime.

Okay. Bye.


- Here we go again.
- What do you mean, "Here we go again?"

Earl is gonna call and...

- Honey, you don't know that.
- Yes, I do.

It's like every time
we have something special planned...

Valene, I'm gonna be at the party.

And you're gonna have to leave.

Honey, Earl's an alcoholic.
If he calls, I've gotta go. He needs help.

Yeah, I know that.
But sometimes I need help too.

I mean, I need you here with me.

All right, what do you want me to do?

Nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing.

I'm going upstairs and change.

- Beautiful, isn't it?
- Looks great.

- Little bit sticky.
- Here's champagne.

Here's the bubbly, everyone.

Gosh, this is so nice. You know,
you really didn't have to do this.

It's your day.
We wanna celebrate your success.

Yeah, it's a great excuse to drink anyway.

- To me.
- Cheers.

- God.
- To you, ha, ha.

- Hi, Karl.
- Hi.


My plan is to be so cute and charming
that you can't do anything but forgive me.

- Forgive you for what?
- The theater tickets are for next week.

If you wanna see that play,
you're gonna have to see me again.

Well, um, I'd hate to miss the play.

Well, uh, that leaves the question
of what to do tonight.

- I was thinking...
- Can you hold this?

Yeah. A movie,
romantic dinner, moonlight cruise?

How about a party?

What kind of party?

One of our neighbors, Laura,
she just got her real estate license.

- Everyone's having a party for her.
- Laura Avery?

Oh, that's right, I forget.
You're Jason's pediatrician.

She'd love to see you.
Everybody would love to meet you.

You realize this escalates our relationship
to a new phase:

Meeting the neighbors.

Can you handle it?

If you can.

- Ah, the ice woman cometh.
- I need something to cool you off, don't I?

You can just put it right over here.
Warm you up.

Look, ma, no hands.

It's hotter over there than it is here.

- Gary, will you help me with these?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, let me do it.
- Okay.

- Be careful, this is hot.
- Yeah, well...

Oh, hi, Ginger.

- Hi, nice to see you again.
- Hello.

- How's the running going?
- Great. Up to four miles a day.

- Four?
- Can you believe that?

Excuse me. What are you doing here?

- Hi, Laura.
- I know you don't make house calls.

Strictly pleasure tonight.

Ginger, do you want an hors d'oeuvres
or something?

- Sure.
- Ha, ha.

Um, Ginger,
Kenny is coming here tonight.

You told me you and Karl weren't gonna be
here, so Karen went ahead and invited him.

Oh, uh. Oh, well...

we're separated.

- Um, is he coming alone?
- I don't know.

Look, I'm really sorry.

Avery Realty.

Oh, uh, hold on.

Ewing, telephone for you.

It's a woman.
A very sexy-sounding woman.

Or a very strange man.

- I'll, uh, get started on the meat.
- Yeah, hello?

- You two go ahead and talk. Excuse me.
- All right, so long.

No, no, no. You sit tight.
I'll be right there.

Okay. Goodbye.

That was Judy. I've gotta go.


- I knew it.
- It's Earl. He got drunk.

Honey, I'm sorry.
I'll be back as soon as I can.

Kenny's coming to the party.

Ah-ha. I wondered about that.

Val and Karen thought
we'd be at the theater...

so she invited him.

- Is that gonna be a problem for you?
- Not if it doesn't bother you.

Not in the slightest.

- Ha. I tried not to call.
- No, glad you did.

So am I.

This is our car. He must still be here.

Yeah, unless he, uh, got a ride
or took off on foot.

The only thing Earl hates more than walking
is letting someone else drive.

So, what happened?

Earl insisted on attending
a writer's conference being held here.

I thought it was a bad idea
but he wouldn't listen.

We got here around 8:00.

- By 8:15, he was completely insane.
- Why?

Earl has a very hard time
dealing with one other writer.

A conference room full of them
made him nuts.

Before I could stop him, he'd hit the
lounge and that was when I called you.


he could be anywhere...

but chances are,
he'll come back for the car.

We can wait here.
I'll, uh, go get us some coffee.

Here you go, Richard.


Your steaks are in good hands
with Avery.

I should be selling insurance.

Stick around, baby,
keep the chef company.

- Richard, watch it.
- Abby.

Oh, I love your lips.

Richard, watch it.

Richard, watch it.

Give me one short, wet kiss,
I'll leave you alone.


- Richard!
- What?

Could you leave the steaks,
give me a hand in the kitchen?

- Karen, I'm busy.
- I need a hand in the kitchen.

Richard, go ahead. I'll take care of this.

- Hi, sis.
- Hi.

- How you doing?
- Okay.

Hey, could you sort of, uh, cool it
with Richard a little bit?


Oh, come on, Sid.

He's an octopus. He's got his hands
all over me before I can do anything.

I know, it's not your fault at all,
but do what you can, okay?

So, Karen...

what can I do for you?

Richard, you're making a complete ass
of yourself.

My forte.

Well, why don't you try something else
for tonight, okay?

Just can't stand to see anyone having fun,
can you, Karen?

Unless, of course,
you're the, uh, social director.

This night is for Laura, Richard.
I'm not gonna let you spoil it.

Why don't you try
keeping your hands to yourself?


when I decide to put my hands
on you...

which believe me, is something
I'm not even remotely planning to do...

then complain.

Until then...

get off my back.

Great party, huh, darling?

- Hey.
- Mm.

Kenny. It's so good to see you.

- Hi.
- Congratulations.

Oh, thanks.

- Um, help yourself to some champagne.
- All right.


Ahem, I thought it was about time
we were introduced.

I'm Karl Russelman.

Kenny Ward.

You're not saying very much.

- Are you sorry you came?
- No, of course not.

I just, uh, hope I'm doing
the right thing for Earl.

I don't know how much I can do.
He's drunk.

I know.

It's just that I didn't wanna go
through this alone again.

No, it's all right. Forget it.

I've told you my whole life's story
and I don't know a thing about you.

What do you wanna know?

What's inside you?

Not much.

Aw-shucks, ma'am,
I'm just a simple country boy.

I don't believe it.

You and I on the outside
appear to be very different.

But I have a very strong feeling
that on the inside, we're very much alike.

Well, well, well.

Isn't this a little bit above and beyond
the call of duty? Excuse me.

Judy called me.
I, uh, hear you had a little trouble.

- No trouble at all, until you two arrived.
- Come on, Earl. Let me drive you home.

- The hell you will.
- Earl...

you're stinking drunk.

Upset, aren't we?
I must have interrupted something.

Earl, come on.
Now you're acting like an idiot.

It's much easier when I'm an incoherent,
falling-down drunk, isn't it?

Feed him a little soup, untie his shoes,
put him to bed.

Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Right, dear. Anything you say, dear.

Most of which you don't understand,

Which is probably
why you two get along so well, Tex.

She's into urban cowboys these days.

Fad of the month.

Besides, Judy... Always gone
on rugged men, aren't you, darling?

Shut up, Earl.

Real men. Hairy chests,
"mother" tattooed on their bulging arms.

Let's not forget the rings
in their noses, Earl.

Of course, she was temporarily
sidetracked with me.

"Loved my mind," said she.

The body...

or should I say, bodies...

she found elsewhere.

Where was that last good old boy
from, Judy, huh?


- Albuquerque?
- You are lying, Earl.

- You know that that's a lie.
- Come on, Earl. Let me take you home.


You all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I ought to go after him.


Kenny, what is the name
of that new group you have?

You know,
those guys from New Zealand?

Yeah, "Kiwi Machine."

Yeah, yeah, that's the one.

Michael has that album. He plays it
all the time. It kind of grows on you.

So do warts.

- Sorry.
- Yeah, promise.

- Oh, shoot.
- All right.

Okay. Here we go.

Sylvie's record's really taken off, huh?
I hear it on the radio all the time.

Uh, listen, I've gotta go.

Oh, so soon?

I remembered something I've got to do.
Will you excuse me?

- Yeah, yeah, sure.
- So long.

- So long.
- Bye, Kenny.


- This is not the social event of the season.
- Ha, ha, no.

So it won't be a total loss, let's eat.

Hey, Richard,
how are the steaks coming?

I'm, uh... I'm gonna
smoke them for a while.

I need another drink.

- Richard, don't be stupid.
- Your button's undone.

No, cut it out.

That hurt.

Oh, Richard,
can't you see these are burning?

- No, they're not burned. They're just...
- Oh, Richard!

They're just well-done.

Nice going, Richard.

What you call bien cuit in French.

We, uh, ought to do something
for that eye. You got any ice?

The kitchen.

Uh, you got a dish towel?

It's right here.

Here, I'll do it.

I really ought to drive around
and see if I can find him.

Please don't leave me.

And I ought to call Val.

It's next to the typewriter.

- Put this back.
- Have a little of this...

- Telephone.
- I hear it.


Yeah, hold on.

- Val?
- Yeah?

It's, uh, Gary.

Have a little of this.


I've been so worried since you left.
How's Earl?

Drunk. We found him
at a motel downtown.

Did you bring him home?

No, he got away from us.

We're still trying to find him, but it's
like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Well, where are you now?

Downtown, a phone booth.

Well, will you be home soon?

Um, I'm not sure.
It depends on what happens.

Okay. Well, um, just phone
if you're gonna be real late.

Yeah, sure. Listen, uh, maybe you
shouldn't wait up. It could be a while.

Okay. I miss you.

I'll see you soon.

Okay, honey. Bye.


I love you.

Right. Me too.

Now I've got my license, it's real.

I mean, I'm actually...

It's exactly
what you've been doing all along.

It's different somehow.

Oh, sure it is.

Now when you sell a house,
it's gonna be your sale, your commission.

I know.

- What if I can't...?
- Oh, honey.

Hey, everybody,
I wanna propose a toast.

Now, come on. Bring a glass.
Let me have some champagne.

Come on.
All right, you get right up there.

Come on, this is your night.
Now, get up there, right now.

Stand up. Here you go.

Ginger, come here.

- Me too.
- Everybody get over here.

- Here you go, Sid.
- Thank you.

Oh, that... Now, a bit more? Okay.

Alrighty now, I got some for me too.

Okay, to... Oh, Laura,
ha, ha, some for you.

Okay, to Laura.

A wonderful friend...

and soon to be the most successful
real-estate agent in Knots Landing.

To Laura Avery...

whose lust for money and power
thrust her up the ladder of success...

not caring whom she stepped on
to reach the top.

Soon to be a "motior majon" picture
starring Joan Crawford.

That's not funny, Richard.

What? You don't think
my wife's career is funny?

Yesterday, she was licking stamps.

Tomorrow, every realtor in California
will be licking her boots.

Congratulations, Laura.

Oh, thank you.

To your continued success.

Right, yeah. Congratulations.

- To Laura.
- Right.

- Cheers.
- Thanks.

- So glad you could come.
- It was pleasure to meet you.

- It was good meeting you too.
- Good to see you again.

- Good night.
- Good night.


- Good night.
- Good night.

It was a wonderful party. Thanks a lot.

- You made it wonderful.
- Yeah, you sure did.

- Aw, thanks.
- Good night.

- See you tomorrow.
- Bye-bye.

Where's Abby?

- I can't believe those two.
- I don't know how Laura put up with it.

Richard has more arms than an octopus.
But that's Richard.

He used to grab Ginger all the time.

Yeah, but she didn't like it.

Ginger's not Abby.

- Karen.
- Well, it's true.

Richard may be grabbing
but Abby's a receptive grabee.

She's probably already grabbing back.

So, what if she is?
What am I supposed to do about it?

- Talk to her. She's your sister.
- She is also a grown woman.

Who's seducing one of our neighbors...

who happens to be the husband
of one of our best friends.


Well, maybe it's just
an innocent flirtation.

It's a lot less than innocent, Sid.

A lot more than a flirtation.

Come on, not here.

- Why not?
- Because Laura could come in any minute.

- Who cares?
- I care, Richard.

- I don't care if you don't care. I care.
- What if I, uh, come over later?

I'm crazy about you.

- Uh, can I help you with anything?
- Well, yeah.

- You could help us clear.
- Oh, good.

I'm, uh, sorry, I don't do dishes.

- There must be more stuff out there.
- Yeah, there's a lot more. Let's get some...


So, uh, I'm not very good at this.

Ha, ha. Neither am I.

Come on in.

Care for some coffee?

Oh, that's perfect.

You okay?

I guess I'm not so
hot at play-acting, am I?

Oh, no darling, you were fine.

I don't know how you did it, really.

You know, it's almost like
he wanted me to... Wanted me to see.


why don't you go upstairs
and get ready for bed?

- And I'll finish up down here.
- Just... Val, just leave them.

No, no, I don't want you coming down
to a messy kitchen in the morning.

- You're so sweet.
- Oh, stop.

What about Gary?
Did he ever get back yet?

No, not yet.

Why don't you just stay here
until he gets home, okay?

No, come on. I'm gonna be fine.

You go on upstairs.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Go on.

- Hey.
- Huh?

- Congratulations.
- Ha.

Yeah. Heh.


It doesn't look so hot.

Most unladylike.

I don't think anything's broken,
just bruised.

You have a nice touch.


Earl sure doesn't.

Earl doesn't do anything
with much subtlety.

Here. You've, uh, got to leave it on there
for a while for it to do any good.

I'm not going anywhere.

What's the matter?

I was just thinking.

Lot of ghosts in this room.


I guess so.

Well, I'm not much of an exorcist.

But I have a suggestion
for what I think we need.

- What?
- A cabin in the mountains away from here.

Big fireplace...

beautiful lake...

lots of snow.

That sounds wonderful.

Sounds like my partner's place
in Big Bear.

It's only three hours from here.

If we leave at 8 in the morning,
we can spend the weekend up there.

What do you say?

What time do we leave?

Let's go to bed.

In a while. I'm not sleepy.

Neither am I.

Come on.

No, I'd just toss and turn.

That's the idea, silly.

I'm going out.

- Where?
- I don't know, just out.

Who's there?


What are you doing here?
It's the middle of the night.

What's going on between you and Karl?

- That's none of your business.
- Yes, it is, you're my wife.

Was. Remember, I'm filing for divorce.

- Are you sleeping with him?
- I don't have to talk about that.

It's none of your concern.

- You are, aren't you?
- Kenny!

Doesn't what we had
mean anything to you anymore?

What we had?

How can you talk to me about what
we had after what you've done?

You're still angry about Kristin.
And I don't blame you.

It was a terrible mistake but...


You brought another woman
into our house.

I only did it because I saw you
going away with some guy...

And you thought
that I'd do exactly what you do.

Now you know how I feel
when you're out with Sylvie.

- Oh, that's different.
- Oh, what's so different about it?

Because this is me and that's you,
is that it?

No, it's because...

Because damn it,
you and I are married to each other...

and nothing that ever happens
is gonna change that.

- Let go.
- I will not let you leave me.

- Just go!
- You are still my wife!

Um, ahem.

Baby, I'm sorry.

I... Just go.

I don't wanna leave things like this.

Leave your keys on the table...

and don't ever come back.

You're up.


I tried sleeping but every time
I'd hear a car, I'd think it was you.

Should've gotten some sleep.
You look exhausted.

I know. So do you.

What happened? Did you ever find Earl?

Yeah, we found him.

He's, uh, at home, sleeping it off.

Is he okay?

What about Judy, is she real upset?

She's been through it before.


I'm sorry that I got upset last night.

I'm really...

very proud
of what you're doing for them.


- I did a lot of thinking last night about us.
- What do you mean?

I haven't been spending
a much time with you as I'd like to.

Oh, darling, you...

You've been busy with work
and your A.A. meetings.

Yeah, I know, I know, but without you,
what would all that stuff mean, anyway?

Do you know how much I love you?

Oh, I love you too, sweetheart.

From now on, we'll spend
as much time together as possible.

I want that too, darling.

Forgive me?

For what?

- Running off and leaving you at the party?
- Oh, come on, stop.

I love you.


You, uh, been keeping that calendar
up to date?


Then what are we doing
down here talking?

I don't know.

- Coffee?
- It's on the stove.

Where's Jason?

I asked Val to drop him at school
on their way to class.

Some party. Heh.

Yeah, it was, wasn't it?

Not that I remember too much.

I must've consumed about half a case
of champagne, bottles and all.


It amazes me how people describe
what they do when they're drunk...

as if they're talking
about somebody else.

So, what did he do?

The same thing you've been doing
since you quit your job.

With enough champagne to give you the
courage to do it in front of our friends.

Oh, I'm in no mood for a lecture.

- Unless you're the one doing the lecturing.
- Oh-ho-ho.

Step right up to the podium, darling.
I'm all ears.

Richard, I'm real tired
of being your whipping boy.

I know you're going through
a rough time.

I mean, you've got every right
to be depressed. It's...

It's a terrible thing, losing your job.

You've got to stop blaming me
for the way you feel.

As much as I love you,
I cannot get you a job.

You take out your anger
and frustration on me as if it's my fault.

As if I'm responsible. And I'm not.

You know, it's gotten to the point
where I dread coming home.

And if this keeps up,
one of these days, I'm not.

Is that a threat?

Well, let's hope not.


This is Mrs. Ward.

Oh, hello, Dr. Bender.


You're kidding.

Uh, no...

No, I'm still here. I'm fine.

Thank you.

- Hi.
- Hi. Mm.

- You all packed and ready to go?
- Um.

Yeah, I'm all packed.

I'm not exactly ready.

Second thoughts.

Yeah, you're right.

Ginger, divorces are hard...

but there comes a time
when you've got to go on living.

- I know that. It's not that. It's...
- Is it something I've said?

- No.
- You...

Am I pushing you too hard?

No, it's not you. It's...

- Kenny?
- It's... No.

I'm pregnant.


- How long have you known about this?
- About five minutes. Um...

The doctor just called me.
I had a checkup, but I didn't think...

Have you told Kenny yet?

No. No.

But you are gonna tell him?

I don't know.

You know,
things aren't so good between us and I...

And I just...

I just kind of feel numb. I...

Uh, now, listen.

I hope you don't take this
the wrong way...

but the offer still stands.

Maybe a weekend in the country
is just what you need.

- I don't think so.
- It's a big cabin.

There's lots of room to be alone.

It might help to get away.

I just wouldn't feel right, I...

Our timing is really something.

Yeah, really.

I want you to know...

I can be a very good friend
if I want to be.


you're so sweet.

I just think that I should be alone.


You know best.

I just want you to know,
I'll be here if you need me.

Thank you.


- Morning, darling. Oh, how nice.
- Look...

- You're not getting up already, are you?
- Yeah, it's past 9.

But darling, it's Saturday
and you were out until 6.

I just kind of thought
that we might spend a little time together.

Honey, I'm in the car business,

- I know, but last night you said...
- I know.

But I can't take today off.
Saturday's our biggest day.

How would it look if
the vice-president didn't show up for work?


- Gary.
- What?

There is something
that you're not telling me.

Is it something at work?

Honey, I got three hours' sleep.


I know what I said last night
and I meant it.

As soon as I get this problem licked
and start moving some cars...

you and I'll have a lot of time
to spend together.

Darling, I'm doing it for Sid too.

After everything he's done,
I wouldn't feel right...

unless I did everything I could
to help him, you understand?



I'm doing this for you and me.


And our baby.

- Trust me?
- Heh.

I always have.

Salesman, showroom floor.

Salesman, showroom floor.

- Listen, I thought you thought...
- I was gonna...

I was gonna call you.

I had a whole speech prepared
about how sorry I was and...

about how it wouldn't happen again
and it shouldn't happen.

And I think we'd feel a lot better
if we did the right thing.

Is that what you really wanna say?


Not really.

I thought about doing the right thing too.

I wanna see you again.

I'm glad.

Will you call me?

Yeah, I'll call you.