Knots Landing (1979–1993): Season 2, Episode 18 - Squeezeplay - full transcript

Gary, you should have had the veal.

Look, I know how you Texas boys
like your steak...

but this place serves the best veal
on the entire West Coast.

- Isn't that right, Frank?
- Yeah, it's nice.

Maybe if you send
the steak back and you...

It's fine.

Gary, you're not eating.

- I bet if you had the veal you'd...
- I'm not hungry.

I'm not the first one.
They've been questioning dealers all over.

- Sooner or later someone's gonna crack.
- It won't happen.

Worse comes to worst, they'll repossess
the parts inventory and that'll be that.

- What if they threaten to prosecute?
- They're not after the dealers.

They're after us.

- Come on.
- The only reason I brought you here...

is because it's expensive.

Frankly, the food stinks.

Well, I think that the wine was delicious.

My fish was great.
You shouldn't have had the veal.

- I told you.
- You were right.

Wait. Are you sure
this is the way we came in?

Your own expense account. That's
the true meaning of women's liberation.

- What kind of wine was that?
- White.

- White, get it?
- I got it.

- I know.
- Hey, there's Gary.

- Oh, God. Wait, help me.
- We should check on him.

They're on a fishing expedition,
if you ask me, Gary.

Otherwise they'd be handing out subpoenas
instead of making phone calls.

Who's buying your lunch?

- Hi.
- Hi, Gar.

- Laura.
- Hi, darling.


Oh, Laura took us all to lunch
to celebrate her expense account.

If one of these women is your wife,
you're a lucky man, Gary.

- I'm not.
- Right.

- Roy Lance.
- And Frank Kolbert.

Karen Fairgate, Laura Avery.
Our neighbors.

- Hi.
- Laura.

Val's... And my wife, Valene.

- Oh, hi. How are you?
- Glad to meet you.

Well... Uh... Ha-ha-ha.

It looks like we've interrupted
your business lives...

so why don't we ladies go
so they can get back to their dirty jokes.

- Okay.
- Actually, we were just exchanging recipes.

That's very... Frank.

- No, Roy.
- Oh, Roy. Bye-bye.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- See you later.
- Bye-bye.

- Yeah.
- Bye.

If you ask me,
I'd say he's got the best of the bunch.

Yeah. That's a lovely-looking woman,
your wife.

- She doesn't know about this, does she?
- No.

Gary, look, I want you to relax.

Play it cool. Play dumb.

It'll all blow over, believe me.

How can you be so sure?

Any dealer who winds up
eating 3 grand worth of stolen parts...

isn't just gonna let all this blow over.

But we've never had any trouble
with anyone talking...

- have we, Frank?
- No.

No, not that I can recall.

No luck?


Called the Big Bear Inn,
the Big Bear Lodge...

Big Bear Mountain Chalet Swisse,
and the Bare Facts Motel.

And you're not even sure
he's in Big Bear?

That's where Jeff went last time.


You ever think
that this is just a false alarm?

Think he's just doing this
to scare you and harass you?

- Or maybe get her back.
- I saw him, Sid.

When he left this cul-de-sac,
that van was loaded down with stuff.

Which is exactly
what he did last time, right?

- Right.
- Right.

But this time
he's been gone for four days...

and he's a day late
bringing the kids back.

Oh, well, I'm going to sleep.

- Karen?
- Huh?

Don't you want a banana split?

Oh, uh, Sid.

Did I tell you I ran into Gary
at the restaurant?

If you ask me, you should switch jobs.

Isn't it the president
that's supposed to go to fancy lunches?

- Who was he having lunch with?
- Two guys. Um...

Roy and...

And Floyd.

Roy and Floyd Emory.
The billboard guys, you know.

I made the appointment for him.
I should've told you. Sorry.

You see me complaining?
Gary's brought us right into the black.

Well, I guess it's hard for a Ewing
not to make money.

- Abby?
- Yeah.

I hope I'm wrong about Jeff.

I'm sure you are.

- Bye.
- Night, hon.

Say, why don't you take a day off

What for?

Well, you could go to Jeff's house or his
office and just try to get a line on him.

It's better than just sitting around
waiting for the telephone to ring.

- Here I thought I was indispensable.
- You are.

Karen can sit in for you
for one day, though.


Showroom, Line 2.

Yes, uh, Mr. Murphy, you don't understand.
I don't usually work here, so I don't...

October? Well, I ca...

Could I just check the other file?
Yeah, hold on, please.

Calm down.

Ugh. The phone. Oh-ho-ho.

Oh, could you get the other...? Hello?

Yes, someone will be with you
in a minute.

I don't know who that will be.
Hello, Mr. Murphy, it's me again.

Yes. Um, October, right?

Well... Ha-ha-ha.

Um, no.

Uh, Sid isn't here right now.

This is Mrs. Sid. I mean, Karen Fairgate.

Mrs. Fairgate.

- Uh, listen, Mr. Murphy.
- Showroom, Line 2.

Let me find it,
and I'll call you right back, okay?

All right.

For certain things
that are dead giveaways.


Just stumbling over a pile, get it?

- Anything else you can tell me about?
- Ah...

Excuse me. I hate to interrupt, but I
can't find Mr. Murphy's repair order...

and I know they're in the books,
but can't find the books.

Um, that's Abby's department.
She takes care of the books.

Yeah, I know.

- Where does she keep them?
- Safe, I think.

Why don't you wait until she gets back
and let her take care of it?

Oh, I'd like to do that, but I promised
Mr. Murphy I'd call him right back.

Why don't you just give me
the combination?

- Karen.
- Salesman, Line 2.

Sorry. Guess it can wait.

- You buying a car?
- That's right.

Well, I hope you find what you want.

Salesman, showroom floor.

I'd like to help you out...

but nothing like that's
ever come my way.

Well, here's my card. If something occurs,
something comes up, give me a call.

Yeah, sure.

Showroom, Line 3.

You're standing in the office
and you saw his ID card?

- Well, I saw it was something official.
- Why FBI?

Service Desk, Line 2.

Okay, Pete.

What difference does it make
if it's the FBI, L.A.P.D., CIA or IRS?

How come Gary didn't say anything about it
to you, to me, why? Tell me why.

Maybe it's because
it's none of our business.

- You mean it's none of my business.
- Yeah.

So the way he acted in the restaurant...

his attitude about the books, that's
all perfectly normal behavior, right?

I'm sure if there's anything
we should know, Gary would tell us.

Taken them?
But whatever for, Abby, darling?

Well, Jeffrey doesn't think
I'm a very good mother.

Really? Ha, ha.

I'd say mothering is your forte.

You haven't been leaving marks
or anything, have you, dear?

That's it for today, ladies.

The kids are just fine.

But Jeffrey's been a little irrational
of late.

As a matter of fact,
Jeffrey's been crazy of late.

Crazy? My Jeffrey?

Arrogant, perhaps.

Oh, pompous, petulant...

even hysterical, but never, never crazy.

I'm sure there's a logical reason
or explanation for all of this.

Have you...? Have you called his office?

I just found out that he's taken
an indefinite leave of absence.

Sure you don't have any idea
where he could've taken them?

Abby, darling, he never calls me.

When he married you,
I thought I was losing a son...

and that's when he called all the time.

You know, ever since the divorce,
I'm lucky if he remembers my birthday.

If he does call, would you let me know?

Of course I will, dear.

I'm sorry the marriage didn't work.
I'm sorry I hurt Jeff...

but I'm not gonna let him
take my kids away from me.

If he takes them to Outer Mongolia,
I'll find them.

You tell him that if he calls, all right?

I'm sure that won't be necessary.

Now, he's probably waiting for you
at home right now with the children.

I hope so.


Oh, and, Abby, keep me posted,
will you, dear?

And please let me know
if there's anything I can do.


You never look at your books?
You never look at your books?

- It's your business, Sid.
- Since Abby and Gary have been with me...

my business has been growing.

- Why?
- Why?

Yes, why? Have you been selling more cars?
Cutting your overhead?

Doing more repair work?
Has the dollar improved against the yen?

I don't know. It's a lot of things.

- Yes, but you don't know.
- I trust the people that work for me.

There's a difference between trust
and blind faith.

I especially trust my best friend
and my own sister.

No comment.

- What's so funny?
- You're jealous.

- Jealous? Of Gary or Abby?
- Both.

You got a taste of working,
now you want their jobs.

That is a rotten thing to say.

- I'm just kidding.
- The hell you are.

Sid, the FBI men.
They're outside the cul-de-sac.


- What are you doing?
- If the FBI is watching us...

I wanna know why.

Left or right?

Well, if you hear anything at all,
please call me right away.

All right.

What am I gonna do, Sid?

You know the kids are okay, don't you?

Jeff's not gonna hurt them,
if that's what you mean.

If he's doing this to get to you...

then he has to get
in touch with you, right?

I guess so.

Okay. What you gotta do
is talk to a lawyer.

So you know what to say
when he does call.

- Sid, what if he doesn't?
- Don't worry. He's gonna call.

Excuse me.

Tom wants you to look at that transmission
he just took apart.

Mr. Meticulous. Ha, ha.

I'll be right back.

Did he say anything about the books?

- What books?
- The ledger books.

Karen wanted to look at them yesterday.

I told her that was your job.

- She was insistent about it.
- Did you give them to her?

Are you kidding? We got enough problems
without her going through the books.

Gary, how could you be so stupid?

She probably just wanted
to make an entry.

I don't know what she wanted.

She wouldn't have found anything
because she wasn't looking for anything.

- You've given her a reason to look.
- How do you know she's gonna?

Oh, I know Karen.

If you've done your job right,
she's not gonna find anything.

Gary, look.
Between Karen and the investigators...

you're gonna be answering
real tricky questions in the near future...

so why don't you take some advice
from an old pro?

The best lie is the one
that's closest to the truth.

Can I quote you on that?

Kung fu?

Richard is teaching me
how to protect myself...

in case I'm attacked by my husband.

- Elbow to the ribs, that's it.
- Are you limping?

- Uh-huh.
- Yes, right. Twist and... Oh!

Incredible. How long did it take you
to learn how to fall like that?

Not long.

Honey, honey, come on.
Karen and your dad would like to talk.

We would?

Unh. I'm okay. I'm fine.

- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm fine. I'm great.

You want a beer?

Oh, no, thank you.

What's up?

Well, uh...

I need some advice.

What kind of advice?


Did I fall wrong?
You want legal advice from me?



Don't flirt, Karen. It's unbecoming
in a woman of your height.


I need some illegal advice.

- I can't see a damn thing.
- Hold my hand. I know the way.


- Did you hurt yourself?
- No, no, I'm fine. Great.

You're sure?

- Where are we going?
- Up. That's where he keeps the books.

- How'd you get him to give you keys?
- I didn't.

Perjury, grand theft,
breaking and entering.

After you.

Do me a favor, huh?

Don't tell me
how you got the combination.

- Hello?
- Hi, Sid, it's Laura.

- Did I wake you up?
- No, no, it's okay.

- Is Karen there?
- Nope. She's gone to an art lecture.

Did she say anything
about meeting Richard?

I don't think so.
Is Richard interested in art?

Not particularly.
What's the lecture about?

Erotic Indian sculpture.


- With slides?
- Yeah, probably.

You know what he told me?

He said he and Karen were going
to Knots Landing Motors...

and break into your safe. Ha.

Peterson, front-end alignment, 32246.

Plesky, brake pads, tire rotation,
new tire, 20990.

Nealy, transmission overhaul, 165...
Am I going too fast? seven two.

- Seven two. Sackheim...
- This is amazing.

- What?
- Listen. Peterson, 38246.

Plesky, 22990. Nealy, 19272.

- That's a difference in our favor...
- Of $110 on these three jobs alone.

When did Abby start doing the books?

- Christmastime, I think.
- January 3rd?

Her handwriting's neater than Gary's.
Even used a different pen.

Not as smart as I thought.

How smart can she be,
entering more money...

than there's actually here?

The money's here. It's just not Sid's.

- Whose is it?
- I don't know.

I thought they were stealing.
This is embezzlement in reverse.

Well, it's either profits
from something illegal or...

- Did you tell Sid you were coming here?
- Are you kidding?

Think it could be Gary or Abby?

I hope not.


- We thought you were Gary.
- Were you expecting Gary?

Well, no.
Actually, we weren't expecting anybody.

Then what the hell are you doing here?


- Gary?
- Hmm?

What's the matter?

Um, nothing.

It's business. It's not important.

What are you reading?

Crime and Punishment.

Gary, what is bothering you?

I told you, it's nothing.
And I don't want a third degree, okay?


I only wanna help you.


- Yeah, hello?
- Gary, meet me at my house in 20 minutes.

- What's wrong?
- Just be there.

What was all that about?

It was Sid.
He wants to see me right away.

Now? At this time of night? What for?

Honey, if there's one thing
I don't need right now, it's questions.

Sid, you want me to call Abby?


We were about to go under
when Roy and Frank came along.

The cab company seemed legit,
even if they didn't.

So I...

- I lied and made a deal with them.
- This is ancient history.

- Would you please get to the hard part?
- Look, uh, Sid...

can we discuss this in private?

This isn't a private matter.
Everybody here is involved.

- Including Richard?
- If it wasn't for Richard...

we never would've figured out
what you and Abby were doing. Sit down.

Now, what did Abby have to do with this?
What's she getting out of it?

I don't know, ask her.

- Where'd you get the money for the parts?
- What do you mean?

Roy and Frank,
they didn't give you the parts for nothing.

So who lent you the money?

Oh, I'm sorry. I fell back to sleep.
What's up?

He knows. Everybody knows.

- Knows what?
- Oh, come on.

What are you talking about?

Gary's been selling stolen parts
and hiding profits in the dealership.

He says you helped him.

This is your handwriting, isn't it?

Gary asked me to pad the books...

but he never told me
where the money was coming from.

Never told you? Never told...?
She's the one who went to J.R.

- What does J.R. have to do with this?
- He gave me money for the parts.

They were gonna kill me
if I didn't come up with it.

Is that true?

Well, Gary told me
that he was in trouble...

because of some bad deal he'd made
on some parts.

And they were threatening him.

So I knew J.R. was in town,
and I went to him...

because I knew Gary was too proud.

And J.R. said sure,
he'd give him the money on one condition.

- And what was that?
- That I help Gary.

That I do whatever he wanted
with no questions asked.

- And that's all I did.
- Doesn't sound like J.R.

- Doesn't sound like Abby.
- Karen.

She's lying. Can't you see that?

Why would he drag her into this
if she wasn't involved?

She said she wasn't involved.
What did she have to gain?

- She's lying, Sid.
- How can you be so blind?

- Sid, she hates me, she'd say anything...
- Abby. I don't believe...

All right, all right, everybody, be quiet.

Everybody, be quiet
and sit down a second and listen to me.

I don't believe it.

I don't believe it.

Now, look. It doesn't make any difference
who's lying and who's telling the truth.

If the FBI is nosing around...

Gary, and by implication Sid and Abby,
are incriminated in a very big operation.

Now, the FBI is not particularly benevolent
when it comes to organized crime.

I therefore suggest
that you make decisions...

about what you wanna do right now.

There's only one thing to do.
We have to go to the FBI.

If you do that,
you may be sending me to jail.

I said we have to go to the FBI.

I'm not gonna turn you in.
You're gonna turn yourself in.

They'll probably make a deal. They're not
interested in you. They want Roy and Frank.

That's what Roy and Frank said.

- Hey, Richard?
- Yeah.

Hang with us for a while.

We might need some help, you know,
legal matters.

Well, they'll probably just take
a deposition.

Anyway, I'm not really a criminal lawyer.


Now, look, just don't say anything,
okay, Gary?

Oh, God, I feel so sorry for Val.

I feel sorry for Gary.

Lying to his wife, lying to his friends.

What an agonizing burden to bear.


Richard, um,
would you mind walking me home?

I'm nervous
about going to my house alone.

- Abby.
- Yeah?

Gary was lying, wasn't he?

I mean, you didn't know
what was going on, did you?

Oh, Sid.

If I did, I would have told you.

I'm sorry about all this.

I know how much you trusted Gary,
and I know you and I know...

how painful this is for you.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Um, why don't we go in one car? You can
drop me or I'll drop you, whatever you like.

Val, you've gotta talk to me.

I know how you feel,
but silence isn't gonna help.

Scream at me or cry,
but for God's sake, do something.

I'm not angry, Gary.

I'm just numb.
I don't feel anything, you know?

When the feeling comes back...

then I'll know what to say.

That's them.

Note: Subject identified suspects
from photographs...

as Frank Kolbert and Roy Lance.

Yeah. Those are the guys
that bought the cabs.

Did they tell you where the stuff
was coming in from?

- Um, they said Detroit, but who knows?
- They've always been pretty careful.

They're operating in 16 states,
western Canada and Mexico.

- Nobody's been able to touch them.
- How come?

The cars are stolen out of state.

Usually by
kids for a couple hundred dollars.

Hoods, seats, bumpers, fenders.

No serial numbers.
Virtually all untraceable.

That's the kind of thing they sell.
Right, Gary?

Yeah. Well, I unloaded a bunch of engines
in March, but the cases were new.

Gary, we'd like to know who you sold to.

Sure, I'll cooperate any way I can.

You don't think
Gary's gonna have a problem?

I don't think so. If Mr. Ewing can help us
close down this operation...

I'm sure the Department of Justice
will be appreciative.

Mr. Fairgate.

The way we'd like to work this,
you might be able to help us out.

Before you volunteer for anything,
better find out what's involved.

Believe me, we don't go around
putting innocent people in jeopardy.

Well, you see, the thing is that dealing
in piece goods is a lot less risky.

For you, maybe,
but let's get on my case. Look.

If word gets around
that honest Sid Fairgate...

is the guy to see for cheap parts,
it's gonna blow my whole scene.

What I wanna do is just deal
with a few class items a month.

Like right now, Laura Avery...

she wants to surprise her husband
for his birthday.

She wants a 911 SC.

Something in sort of maybe beige
or gray, silver, with a black interior.

What is this?
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

You know, if memory serves...

you were ready to kill the whole fleet
deal because Frank, here, wears shiny ties.

Now, Gary said you were slightly
more conservative than the Boy Scouts...

and now you're asking about hot cars?

Gary, these guys are bush leaguers.

Here. Get me a skateboard.

- You shouldn't have done that.
- What? What did I say?

He's known about it all along.

He figured we could get a better deal if
it looked like I was caught in the middle.

He was right. He usually is.

- Is that comfortable?
- Yeah, it's fine.

I'll be here...

Bonners here,
and the backup mobile units standing by.

- You want more coffee, Sid?
- No, thanks, Val.

The tough part is getting them
to show up.

This part is simple.

- It's 10:30, Sal.
- Yeah.

- Okay. All set?
- Yeah.

- Go ahead. I'll be out in a minute.
- Right.

You still numb?


You said when you stopped feeling numb
you'd know what to say.

It's been two days,
and you haven't said a word.

- You still don't know how you feel?
- I'm so angry I can barely look at you.

- Oh, gee, you could have fooled me. Why?
- Why?

Yeah, why are you so angry?
I know what I've done.

- But what have I done to you?
- What have you done?

Sid and Karen are our best friends.
We came here with nothing...

and they helped. Sid gave you a job...

Forget Sid. If it were Sid,
you wouldn't be so angry.

- It's J.R., isn't it?
- This doesn't have a thing to do with J.R.

You didn't come to me, Gary.
Now, how could you do that?

To save my neck, or my knees,
or your neck.

Look, these guys don't fool around.

They gave me one day to raise the money
or they were coming after me.

Could you have come up with $50,000
in 24 hours?

- J.R. did.
- No, you're not listening to me.

We're talking about two different things.

Why didn't you tell me
that you were in trouble?

Because I knew I was wrong, and I didn't
want your conscience on my conscience.

Is that how you think of me, then?

As your conscience?

I got myself into this mess, I just wanted
to get myself out without involving you.

But, Gary, if we don't share the bad
as well as the good...

then what kind of a marriage
have we got?

A normal one.


I've shared enough troubles with you
to wreck a dozen marriages.

I just wanted to handle this one
on my own.

- Is that so terrible?
- No, it's not.

What's terrible
is where we are right now.

So far apart,
and you're gonna walk out that door...

and go do who knows what,
and I think that's terrible.

Valene, I have to. I have no choice.

I know.

I think the answer is Grant's Tomb.

That's right, Mrs. Phips,
Grant's Tomb is the answer.

You've won the dream house,
a $ 10,000 trip to Europe...

Oh, are you kidding? Honey.

That's all the time we have tonight.

Tune in next week where we'll have
more winners on You Can Win.

Can you guys hear us?

You okay?


This is the worst part, isn't it?
Gives you a chance to think.

This is Unit 3.

Suspect vehicle is proceeding south
along 1st towards 29th.

91 1 Turbo, Colorado license

Unit 1 to Central,
run a computer check on these numbers...

just in case they're setting us up.

Hope they don't smell a rat.

Unit 1, suspects approaching.

Suspects are entering the lot.
All units on full standby.

Suspects may be armed, so nobody moves
until we are clear. Understood?

That's just what we ordered,
and they did it in one day.

This must be some operation.

Well, those are nice wheels.

You got the papers?

Oh, yeah. Here you go.

Somebody does good work.

Best in the business.

Used to work
for the Treasury Department.

How long before this is reported?

- Give us a little history on it, will you?
- Why?

Come on. First time out,
give the man a break.

The owner of the 380's on vacation
in Bermuda for two weeks.

The 911 is a weekend car
from a condo near Aspen.

License plates are from a different state.

VINs are off of wrecks
from the same state.


Hey, take it easy, will you?

- Nobody moves.
- Don't you want your money?


Why not wait
and pick them up at the hotel?

If we go in now,
somebody's gonna get shot.

- Let's take a look at the cars, okay, Gary?
- Yeah.

- Nice, huh, Sid?
- Oh, very, very nice.

Hey, Gary.

- Why don't we take it for a spin, okay?
- Sure.

Thirty seconds, starting...


That guy Sid's a hoot.

Yeah, but I like doing business with him.
You know where you're at.

- I like that.
- Yeah.

I'd like to get back to the hotel.

You know, the late movie is
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Whoa, wait a minute. What is this?

Relax, kid.

Federal agents. Don't move.
Raise your hands slowly.

Place them behind your head
and interlock your fingers.

We've got a Code 4
at Knots Landing Motors.

- It's the precautions that frighten me.
- They're just playing it safe.

I feel like a prisoner in my own home.

Drapes drawn, mail examined...

packages opened,
cars checked for bombs.

Oh, Sid, how long can we go on like this?

Well, next week
is the grand jury testimony.

The grand jury will determine whether
there's sufficient evidence to go to trial.

Your testimony won't count...

except at the trial,
and that won't be for months.

- Months?
- I warned you, Sid.

You let the FBI sell you a bill of goods.
They could have used Gary.

- What?
- You told me yourself...

Gary's testimony was weak
because he made a deal with those guys.

I'm their key witness.

You made yourself their key witness by
volunteering to help set up Roy and Frank...

in the first place.

- You mean he had a choice?
- He still has a choice.

- Sid.
- The state has a very good case...

even without Sid's testimony.

If he refuses to testify...

they could cite him for contempt,
but I don't think they're gonna do that.

- You want me to call the prosecutor?
- No.

Sid, these guys aren't murderers or pushers
or rapists. They're car thieves.

Karen has a point.

I mean, they'll get five to 10,
they'll be out in 18 months.

They'll close down their operation.
Isn't that enough?

No, it's not.

Hey, Dad, guess what.

Sal's gonna take me down to the Bureau
next week after school.

He's gonna show me the firing range
and the fingerprint room and everything.

- If that's okay with you.
- Yeah, it sounds great.

- Here's your mail.
- Thank you.

- Hey, Mom, aren't I still on that diet?
- Sure.

Then how come you gave me
the candy bar in the lunch today?

- Candy?
- Yeah, this.

I didn't put this candy in your lunch.

Well, then who did?

Has anyone seen my torque wrench?

Then all this protection of yours
doesn't mean a damn thing.

- I'm trying to tell you that they're bluffing.
- How can you be so sure about that?

Because if they really wanted to stop you,
you'd already be dead.

- Hi.
- You got a package.

Oh, thanks.

Come on in.

- What time is it? This can't be right.
- It's a little past 1. You really slept, huh?

- Ugh. You want some coffee? I do.
- No, I don't wanna put you to any trouble.

So, what was in the package?

A cassette tape.

- It didn't blow up when you opened it?
- I beg your pardon?

- Did you play it?
- No, ma'am.

Why don't you put it on?

You think maybe it's obscene?

I wouldn't know, ma'am.

I belong to one of those tape clubs
like the Book-of-the-Month Club.

I think this month
it's Carmen McRae or somebody.

- Thank you.
- You married?

Hello, Abby.
By the time you listen to this...

the children and I
will be settled in our new home.

I've taken this rather drastic step...

after what I consider a sober evaluation
of you as a mother...

- and not out of any desire to hurt you.
- Oh.

- Please believe me.
- Oh.

From observing you with them
firsthand and after questioning them...

Mrs. Cunningham?

Mrs. Cunningham.

Mrs. Cunningham, stop it.

- Mrs. Cunningham.
- Oh, no!

Stop it!

No. Not my babies.

Not my babies.

No, no.

Lovell, get in here, quick.

I need some help.

I've taken that engine apart three times
and flushed everything...

and still can't find that noise.


- I'll drive it home tonight.
- I'd sure appreciate that, Mr. Fairgate.

- Sid, phone call in the office.
- Yeah, be right with you.

Tom, this muffler's shot.
I'm gonna call Mrs. Walters.

- But meantime, take it off, okay?
- Right.

- Please, Sid. It's important.
- Yeah, okay, I'm coming. Right.

I'll be right home.

Nothing you can do.

Dr. Winters gave her a sedative.
She'll be asleep for six hours.

He says she'll be all right.

Has anybody notified the police about
Jeff? - Bonners delivered the tape.

She's okay, honey. She really is.
Are you all right?

Yeah. What can I do?

Call the lawyer that helped out
when Jeff wanted custody.

Michael Maddox.
Yeah, I'll call him right away.

Hey, honey, would you give me a ring
if she wakes up or anything, please?

I will.

- Thanks a lot.
- Bye.


Sid, go on home. I'll be here till 6. If
the guy calls, I'll tell him you're at home.

Go on, get out of here.



Tell me the truth.

Abby didn't know what was going on here,
did she?



- Is it all set, Tom?
- Yes, sir.

Thank you.

You and your sister are close.


Have you ever run into anything
like this before?

Kidnapping, yeah, sure.
But this isn't the same thing.

That's what makes it so messy.

It's changed too, you know.
Ten years ago, your brother-in-law...

- What's his name?
- Jeff.


He wouldn't had a snowman's chance
in hell of winning a custody fight.

- Hey, what's the hurry? Slow down.
- The brakes are gone.

The road flattens out down here.
I'll try to spin her around.

Oh, my God!