Knots Landing (1979–1993): Season 2, Episode 12 - Players - full transcript

Linda finally has Sid right where she wants him: lip to lip and miles from home after their car conveniently breaks down.

Service Department, pick up Line 3.

Someone from the Service Department,
used car lot, please.

Okay, idle it down. Just a little bit.



Got it.


it might not look like much,
but this old engine's gonna make history.

- So will its inventor.
- Ha, ha.

- Hey, you think it's ready for a test run?
- Yeah, just about.

Six months ahead of schedule,
thanks to you.

- Oh, I don't know about that.
- Yeah, well, I do.

- Well, how's it coming?
- Oh, great.

- Right, doc?
- Right.

- Get ready to perform surgery on my car.
- Why? What happened?

Remember that noise
I've been bugging you about?

- Yeah?
- Well, it got so funny the car died laughing.

- Ha, ha!
- Hey, look at this. Take a look. See this?

This is magnesium.
Can you believe that? Magnesium.

- Magnesium?
- Yeah.

It gives you mass without much weight.

- It's as simple as that.
- Simple.

But I never thought of it.

- Linda thought of it?
- Yeah, this little kid here.

It was a lucky guess.

Oh, ha. Listen.

- I'm lucky to have her with me.
- Ha, ha.

Heh. Magnesium. Wow.

Hey, there's your car.

- Sid, uh, could you bring me your keys?
- Oh, yeah, sure.

- Can you sign that?
- Okay.

So, uh, how's the wonderful world
of internal combustion?

Oh, it's fabulous.

I can't tell you how much I'm learning
from your husband.

Oh, really? Oh, Karen.

Karen. I mean, he's so wonderful.
He knows so much.

- And he loves cars the way I do.
- Yeah.

- With a passion.
- Exactly.

Sometimes we get here real early
in the morning.

We'll start working on something.
Before I know it, it's closing time.

It's amazing.

You must have something else
beside work.

What do you do when you're not here?

Oh, well, I'm always here.

- What does that do to your sex life?
- Abby.

Well, I don't go out much, you know.
The cars take up most of my time.

With the price of gas today,
you'd better develop some alternatives.

Well, um, how about tonight?

- For what?
- For one alternative.

Sid's invited his nephew for dinner.
Why don't you come?

- Come where?
- To our house for dinner. Linda needs a rest.

You bet.

- Sounds good.
- Good.

Why don't you come too?

He's Abby's nephew too.

Oh, that would be very nice. I'd love to.

Good. Uh...

- I'll see you tonight.
- Thank you, Mrs. Fairgate.

- Karen.
- Karen.

Hey, Sid?

- Bye-bye.
- Bye.

- Uh, Sid, would you double-check that?
- Sure.

Um, Karen.

Listen, Karen, I know you don't want
any advice from me.

But I have to tell you, I think you're out
of your mind asking that girl to your house.

- Linda? She's lovely. What's the problem?
- She's crazy about Sid.

I don't blame her. So am I.

But she's, uh, head-over-heels crazy.

Listen, Sid is almost old enough
to be her father.

And she's old enough not to care.

If everyone in the world were like you,
I'd worry about it. But since...

they're not, I won't.




I'm coming.

Hi, honey.
I, uh, I thought you'd be home hours ago.

Yeah. Well, they, uh,
they took me out to dinner.

Wait for a while, honey.

You got the job? Oh, I cannot stand it.

- You're wonderful.
- Ha, ha.

You are looking at the general counsel...

for Kipler, Janson and Stearns,
a brokerage firm.

I am so happy. I am so proud of you.

Well, the drought is over.

Well, it was rough.

I've been impossible, haven't I?

- No, no, no, no, no.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

I've been perfectly awful.

Well, it's tough being out of work
for a man, you know?

And, uh, my job didn't help much either.

I don't know what we would have done
without your job.

Well, I wasn't talking about the finances.

Look, um, as much as I've tried
to denigrate your job...

to minimize
what you've accomplished, uh...

Oh, this is gonna sound stupid.

Say it. Say it.


I'm proud of you.

I admire what you've accomplished.

And although...

it's gonna be nice being the breadwinner,
it's gonna be nice being back at work...

I hope we both make it big.

I wonder where Linda is?
You gave her the right directions?

- She said she'll be here, she'll be here.
- She's very diligent.

Wait till you meet her. You two
will hit it off. You love auto racing.

She knows everything there is about cars.
She's absolutely incredible.

Oh, yes, she's always right there
at Sid's side...

up to her elbows in grease,
dressed in dirty old overalls...

just like one of the guys.

- Oh, Linda. You look lovely. Come in.
- Thank you.

Listen, I'm sorry I'm late. But I had some
last-minute things to do at the shop.

Come on in. This is Paul Fairgate.
Sid and Abby's nephew.

- Linda Striker, Sid's, uh, assistant.
- Hi.

My right-hand person.

She certainly doesn't look like
she's been working on cars.

Come on. Let me get you a drink.

Very nice to meet you.

- I've heard a lot about you.
- Oh?

- What would you like?
- Uh, some wine.

- How are things going, partner?
- Okay.

Karen's told me a lot about you.

- Oh, nothing bad, I hope.
- No, no, no.

But she seemed to think
we'd have a lot in common.

- Uh, I love cars.
- Oh.

- You're a mechanic?
- Yes.

I knew they'd have a lot in common.

It was so nice of you
to ask me here tonight, Mrs. Fairgate.

- Karen.
- Uh, Karen.

You don't look like you.

I know. I don't feel like me either.

Don't be too modest, dear.
You look beautiful.

Well, um...

I guess I'll get some hors d'oeuvres.

- Come on in.
- Okay.

Hey, listen, I got a terrific idea.

It just came to me the other day
when we were working on the fuel.

If you take those additives...

Now are you convinced?

- What are you talking about?
- Oh, yeah.

- It was a mistake to invite her here.
- Abby.

Karen, look at the way she's dressed.

Do you think she dressed up like that
for you or me?

Why shouldn't she dress that way?
She's a very pretty girl.

She's making a big play for your husband
right under your nose.

Listen, this is my house, okay?
I can invite anyone I want here.

Besides, she and Paul
are getting along just fine.

- Sure they are.
- Oh, yeah.

- That comes from...
- That's a good idea.

I think we could maybe try to use that
computer again for that. Worked first time.

Try the different kind of additives?

Like the ones that they have
in the diesel engines.

- You know the problem, you know?
- Oh, yeah.

- You remember Mom's apple pie, Abby?
- Oh, Sid.

- Burnt. Ha-ha-ha.
- Exactly.

- Do you like jazz?
- Karen, yours is much better.

Did you ever hear of a guy named
Stan Webner? He plays tenor sax.

I don't know. I think so.

- He's playing here in town tonight.
- I didn't know that.


Would you like to go?

- When?
- Uh, tonight.

- Uh... Oh. With you?
- Heh.

Of course with me.

- Oh, now?
- Well, yes. Soon.

Mm. Well, you see, I have my car here.

- What?
- We both have our cars here.

Oh, I can drive us down there
and then I'll just drive you back.

You can pick your car up then.

Oh, or else, I could follow you
in my own car and, uh, follow you there.

Listen, if you two wanna go, just go.
Don't worry about us.

Well, listen, I've gotta get up
early tomorrow for work...

so I think I just might as well go home.

That's crazy. Go ahead.

See? Majority rules.

Come on, let's go.

You know, I really don't feel like going.

Uh, I... I do feel like going home instead.

Mrs. Fairgate, thank you
for such a lovely evening.

- Karen.
- Mr. Fairgate, it was very nice meeting you.

- Yeah.
- Thank you.

Don't worry.
I'll find my own way out, okay?

- Good night.
- Good night, Linda.



You think I came on too strong?

Oh, no, of course not.

- Come on. I'll fix you an after-dinner drink.
- Yeah. I could use it. Thanks.

Now do you see?

I see a shy, self-conscious, rather adorable
girl who was put under a lot of pressure.

Who's also in love with your husband.

Listen, why don't you whisper
in someone else's ear?

Whatever you say.
But take my word for it, Karen.

You've got a problem.

I wouldn't take your word
for anything, okay?


Tax shelters, municipal bonds,
anything relating to corporate investments.

You know, if I do well,
I could be in line for resident counsel.

Those guys make over a quarter
of a million a year.

Honey, that is great.
But what will you be making now?

Uh, 35 to start.

But it's not just the salary,
it's the opportunity.

I'll get a first look
at all the hot new investments.

But it's 35 to start, right?

Yeah, 35 is nothing to sneeze at.

Well, I'm not sneezing.

I think it's just terrific.


Service desk, Line 2.

- Good morning.
- Oh, hi.

Say, I'm sorry if we all embarrassed you
last night.

Oh, no, you didn't embarrass me.
I embarrassed me.

- No.
- No.

God made me great with a wrench
but rotten at proms and parties.

We're all so crazy about Paul...

we just automatically expect
everybody else to be crazy about him too.

Oh, Paul's great, you know.
He's handsome, he's bright and he's funny.

Any girl in her right mind
would be thrilled to go with him.

Sid, Line 3.

It's just that he made me feel
awkward and clumsy and silly.

It always happens.

It doesn't always happen.
When you find the right guy, it won't.

Service desk, Line 2.

Sid Fairgate. Oh, yeah. Hi, hon.

I'll be downtown this afternoon.
You wanna meet for lunch?

Oh, sweetheart, I'm sorry.
But we're kind of snowed under here today.

- Oh.
- Can I make it up to you at dinner?

Wanna take me out?

Yeah, sure. You make the reservation, okay?
How about Andre's?

Andre's? Oh, that's terrific.

I'll see you later, honey.

Oh, Sid?

Tell Linda how nice it was
to see her last night.


Gary Ewing, Line 3.

Karen says it was nice
to see you last night.


Oh, hey, why did we reduce
the alcohol mixture in the fuel?

We had to or it would go back
to a rubber line.

Oh, God, I wish we weren't
such illiterates about materials.

Yeah, I know.

I'll bet if we went down
to McWilliams Plastics...

they could help us.

- You think so?
- Yeah.

Here. I got it.


You coming?

No. I got to do that valve job
on the Roberts' car.

I did the valve job.
You don't have to check it.

Well, there's still the rings
on the Eisner pickup.

I did it, okay? It's all done.

Don't worry. It'll take 15 minutes.
You coming?

You talked me into it.


- Hi, darling.
- Hi.

- How's the little mother?
- A little nauseous.

- Oh?
- Look what I got.


Oh, Ginger, that is adorable.

- Isn't it?
- Yes.

- How do you know it's gonna be a little girl?
- Oh, I don't.

- You are really something. Oh.
- Isn't it cute?

Is Kenny this excited about the baby?

I haven't told Kenny yet.

You haven't? Oh, darling.

Every time I've tried,
something always happens.

I'm afraid of what he'll say
or what he won't say.

You gotta tell him about it.
I mean, it's his baby too you know.

I know.
I'm just waiting for the right moment.

You'd better do it soon
or you're gonna start to show...

and then he just might jump
to the wrong conclusions.

I know.

But all I feel like doing these days
is eating.


Is that a hint?

Because I think I got some biscuits
in the kitchen.

- Well, it wasn't a hint.
- Mm-hm.

- But if you got the biscuits...
- Come on.

I've got the stomach.

- Oh, now.
- Yeah.


Step right up. Twenty-five cents a game.

Fastest cars in the west.

They speed, they race.
Step right up, folks.

You drive them. Try it. Try it.
Twenty-five. Twenty-five.

Ever since Michael's been on his diet,
I've been eating nothing but health food.

- This is health food, you know.
- Oh, thanks. That saves my conscience.

You paid for lunch.
Want a chance to win your money?

- How?
- Come on. I'll show you.

- You gotta trust me on this, I'm really good.
- Don't trust you in anything.

The way you've been knocking me out
on every game.

- You know how to play this?
- No, what do you do?

We both race and whoever gets
to the finish is the winner.

- Mm, okay.
- Okay, a buck a game.

- How's that?
- You're covered.

All right,
and whoever wins gets the shop.

Hey, we'll start with a buck,
if you don't mind.

- Take it out of there.
- All right.

Okay, watch the tachometer.

Don't let it go in the red,
keep it in the yellow. We've got a winner.

- Why would anybody wanna go slow?
- Okay, watch the flashing lights.

When it hits green, go.

All right, ready.

Here we go. Here goes. Go, go, grey.

- Come on.
- It's bucking. What is this?

A horse or a car?

- Come on. Come on. Come on. Aah!
- What...?

- I'm catching up, I'm catching up.
- Come on.

- Come on, grey.
- Come on.

- Aah! Oh, yeah.
- No.

I don't believe it. Come on.
We'll try again. One more.

Service Department, Line 2.

Salesman, used car lot.

Well, hi.

Got anything
in an old-fashioned gas-guzzler?

Ah, ha, ha.

- Only me.
- Ha-ha-ha.

- Where's Sid?
- Uh...

- He'll be back any minute.
- He should. He's been gone since 11.

I thought he was loaded down
with work.

Well, they had to, uh, get some parts.

- They?
- Yeah, Sid and Linda.

- Where'd they go? Mexico?
- Ha, ha.

You know how Sid is. He probably got
started with one of the parts salesmen.

Well, um...

I'll see you later.

- Okay, bye.
- Bye, Karen.

Service Department, used car lot.

- I'm down to my last dollar.
- You're gonna lose that one too.

Oh, no, I'm not.
Gentlemen, start your engines.

- Okay. Aah!
- Here we go.

Come on, grey.

- Come on.
- Come on, red, one more time.

- I don't believe it.
- Go. Go. Go.

- Come on. Come on.
- Okay, watch.

- Watch.
- Go. Go.

You're beating me
again. I don't believe it.

I did it. Step back. I'm the winner again.

- Oh, that's terrible.
- Again. Aah!

You wiped me out.

- Hello?
- Oh, Laura, this is Jan.

Thank goodness I found you.

Scooter has been trying
to reach you all day.

I was on caravan
and I just stopped to do some shopping.

Listen. Never mind.

He wanted me to tell you,
the escrow closed.

You're kidding. On the Bleckner house?

- You got it.
- I can't believe it. That's unbelievable.

One-point-two million dollars
and it's your sale.

Do you realize what your commission is
on a $ 1.2 million sale?

Thirty-six thousand dollars.

Oh, God, how am I gonna tell Richard?

- What?
- Uh...

Nothing. Nothing.
Jan, thank you for calling.

- Oh, thank you. Bye-bye.
- Bye.

Hi, babe.

How's it going?

Heh, what's the matter?

Hey, what's up?

Dinner's up.

Oh, my gosh. I'm sorry, honey.

I am too.

You know, we got backed up at the shop
at the end of the day.

And it just slipped my mind.

I'm sure it did.

- It's still early. Let's go now.
- Oh, no, honey. Don't be silly.

Not after the day you had.
You're probably exhausted.

What's the matter with you?
I told you we were swamped.

What's the big deal?

The big deal is that
you're making it worse by lying.

I'm not lying. Making what worse?

I went to the shop this afternoon.

Didn't Gary tell you?

I didn't see Gary.

I dropped in to say hi,
share a coffee break with my husband...

who was too busy
to share a lunch with me.

- You weren't there.
- I know I wasn't.

You and your assistant were out,
for hours, the rumors had it.

We were at McWilliams Plastics,
we were getting a part.

And then we had a bite to eat.

And one thing led to another, right?


You are gonna make a big deal of this,
aren't you?

Why should I? I'm used to playing
second fiddle to an engine.

- I'll just work on third fiddle.
- Karen, cut it out.

I don't like being lied to.

I didn't lie to you.

- You said you were busy to leave the shop.
- I was.

It just so happens that Linda
did a lot of things I was supposed to do.

What are you doing?

Don't you know that girl
is in love with you?

You're so flattered
that you keep leading her on.

Basking in her adoration.

The thing that makes it more dangerous is
that you don't even see what's happening.

- If you don't mind, I'll end this...
- I do mind.

Because as long as you insist on not seeing
you're falling right into a trap...

a trap you want to fall into.

I'm not even going to dignify all this
with any answer at all.


Go play with your car.

If you're trying to impress the boss,
it worked.

Hi. I didn't expect to see you here.

I just felt like getting out of the house.

- You know what I think?
- What?

We've been fooling around
with this jalopy long enough.

- Let's take it out for a drive.
- Now?

- Unless you've got something better to do.
- Not me.

Let's go.

I'm home.



Something smells good.
What's cooking?

Everything wonderful.

I thought we should celebrate so,
uh, I sent Jason to Scotty's overnight.

Mm, so you're talking about
extensive celebrating.

- Yes.
- Mm.

I, uh, I have something for you.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yes. Excuse me.

Oh, yes...

What's this?

- Open it.
- Ah.

- That's a pretty bow.
- Thank you.

- This is incredible.
- Yeah.

This is beautiful.

I had to beg them to monogram it
while I waited.

But, you know, a new job deserves
a luxurious start, so...

This leather.

It's the best, honey.

Well, I certainly don't deserve
such extravagance, but I'll take it.

- Yeah?
- Mm.

You, uh...

- You sold the Bleckner house?
- Mm-hm.


We, uh, closed escrow. It's all set.

- Big house.
- Yeah.

Big commission?

- Yeah.
- Big sale?

How much did the house sell for?

A million two.

So that makes your commission...




I'd, uh... I'd like to propose a toast.

That anything we do,
we do for both of us.

And any money we make
is for both of us...

and whatever success we have
is our success.

To our success.

To our success.

So you don't feel bad
about the house then?

Feel bad? No.

I told you, I'm proud of you.


- Something's burning.
- Oh, my gosh. Oh, gosh, the sauce.

Oh, just in the nick of time.
It didn't scorch.

Richard, I'm really outdoing
myself tonight.

Well, I and the butcher.

This beef, it's like butter.

- I'll come straight home.
- Come on now, Gary.

You sound like a little kid.

Everything's just the same.

Your AA meetings are important.

- You sure you don't wanna come?
- No, darling, I gotta work on my report.

Now, go on.

- You're gonna be late.
- Okay.

Okey-dokey, let's see.

Okay, this...

I was...

What'd you forget...?


- She drives like a dream.
- Mm.

She really zips along, doesn't she?

She handle from there
as well as she feels?

- Better. Ha-ha-ha.
- We did it.

Oh, it was so stupid of me.

I practically pushed him out the door.

Husbands and wives fight,
you know that.

With you two, it doesn't mean a thing.

When girls hover over your husband, it's
not the time to drive him from the house.

Now, what are you saying?

Oh, come on. Now, Sid is not gonna do
anything and you know it.

Eh. Well, I guess so.

If you can't trust Sid, who can you trust?

Unless, of course, it's Gary, right?

You want cream and sugar
in your coffee?



Gary had an affair.

- You're kidding.
- No.

With who?

Judy Trent.

You know, he was
helping her husband in AA.

How did you find out?

I saw them together.

Oh, my God.

And then the next morning,
she came over here.

She told me about it.

No, Val.

You know, I...

I haven't told another soul
till this moment.

I just really couldn't believe
that anything like this could ever...

happen to the two of us...

but it just did.

What'd you do?

I died.

I mean, it really killed me.

I still wake up in the middle of the night
some nights and I just can't believe it.

But the awful truth of it is...

he just wanted somebody else.

And I have got to accept that...

and live with it.


I don't know
if I could be so understanding.

I'm not being understanding.

It's the only way I can be.

Because if I want him...

if I still wanna keep him...

and I do...

I got no choice.

Let's go get a pizza.

So how'd we make out?

It comes to just over 80 miles per gallon.

Hey, that's fantastic.

I think with a couple of refinements,
we can get 88. Maybe even 90.

We're gonna make a hundred miles
on a gallon.

After all those years...

It must feel great.

Yeah, it sure does feel great.

Hey, you're a part of this too.
I couldn't have done it without you.

Oh, of course you could have.

I mean, this is your baby as well as mine.
You feel great too, don't you?



Well, shall we head back?

I guess so.

You drive.

- Push a little bit harder.
- Can she can manage it?

Let's find out.

- How's that?
- That's terrific. Ha, ha!

Oh, no.

- Oh, shoot. What's that?
- Pull over.

No, I hope I'm not blowing
this all out of proportion.

I'm sure that you are, Karen.

I know Sid.

Well, it's... Well, it's not Sid
I'm worried about.

It's Linda.

Well, I know how it feels to be young...

and crazy and in love
with an older man.



Sid was the older man.

Seven years was a long time
when I was that age.

All right, so I'm...

a little worried about Sid.

Girls today will do anything.

Well, here's your problem.
The speaker wire came loose.


I couldn't figure out what it was.

What were you trying to do?
Take the stereo apart?

No, I just wanted to move
the extra speakers out of your workroom.

I was trying to unhook them.

Oh, so now you're emptying out
my workroom, huh?

I need the space.

What for?

I'm pregnant.

I haven't been with anybody
since we've been separated, Kenny.

Just you.

I've wanted to tell you
for a long time now...

but I've been waiting
for the right moment.



I don't know what
we're looking in here for.

We both know we blew a rod.

- There's nothing we can do about that.
- Nope.

Think a car's gonna come along?

I don't know.

We didn't pick this road
for its heavy traffic.

I didn't know the desert
could get so cold, did you?


It's still early yet.

Wait a minute. What are you doing?

I'm doing.

Now what?

Is that her car?

It sure is.

Side by side.

- Were they in there?
- No.

But that damned car was gone.

It's a beautiful night, isn't it?


I think I'd appreciate it a little bit more
if we weren't stranded out here.

I don't know. This is kind of nice.

- Ha, ha.
- What?

I was just thinking.

Here we are, the two ace mechanics.

We're stranded out in the desert...

because nobody remembered
to check the oil pump.

Ha-ha-ha, yeah.

Oh, absent-mindedness
is a sign of genius.

Yeah, that sounds like something
that Karen would say.

Does, uh...

your wife ever mind you
working on the engine late at night?

She minds, sometimes. A little bit.

Does, uh...

she ever mind
you working with me?

As a matter of fact,
we were having a little discussion...

not exactly an argument,
more like a discussion, about that tonight.

About what?

Well, she doesn't really understand
about the engine.

She doesn't understand
how we're both so passionate about it.

- She thinks that we're...
- She thinks...

- that I'm in love with you?
- Ha, ha.

Yeah, something silly like that.

I am.

I feel like I, uh...

should keep on talking here
because I'm afraid to look at you...

and see what you thought
about what I just said.

I don't wanna cause trouble for you, Sid.
Really, I don't.

In fact, uh...

I probably would have...

never said that
if we hadn't been stuck here tonight.

But since we are stuck here...

nobody would ever know...

and I...

wondered if we could...

just have this night together.

- I'm sorry.
- No, you don't have to apologize to me.

I'm the one who owes you an apology.

I shouldn't have, uh...

I shouldn't have...


Where are you going?


Linda. Linda.

There's no place to go.

No way to get there if there were.

I'll be okay.

Neither one of us is gonna be okay
unless we find somewhere to stay warm.


this isn't really what I had in mind.

Well, of course I'm glad.

Oh, I'm ecstatic.

Listen, we'll empty out that room,
we'll fix it up for the baby, just perfect.

And I'll move my stuff
and my desk in here.


I said I was pregnant.

I didn't say anything
about you moving back.

Well, hey, we're gonna have a baby.

But that doesn't mean
we have to live together.

Well, of course it does.
Parents live together.

We haven't solved our problems.

Well, we'll solve our problems
and the baby will help.

Look, kiddo, I wanna have that baby.

Well, I'm gonna have the baby.

And what about you and me?

I don't know.

- Mm!
- What?

- Cold.
- Oh.

- You want me to make you another pot?
- No, I don't want any. Do you?

No, I don't.

Okay. Um...

Isn't easy being married to a saint.

- What?
- Sid.

He's a saint.

Goodhearted to a fault.

He's moral. I mean, really moral.

How many people do you know...

that actually make moral decisions
in their everyday lives?

Sid's the only one I know.

It's tough sometimes.

You know, living with that.

He could be off somewhere
making love with another woman.

And I'm here not only worried about that
but also feeling guilty...

for letting the thought
even cross my mind.

"What? Don't you trust your husband?

Who are you to presume that
that saintly man...

is capable of human weakness?"

I walked into that shop...

you know, and I saw the two of them...

bent over the engine...

and I was jealous.

Oh, they tried to include me
in their enthusiasm...

but it only...

It only made it worse.

He loved that engine.

She loved that engine and I...

I was definitely an outsider.

So, what did I do?

Did I say, "Karen, watch out.
You're in trouble. Get in there and fight."

No. No, not Karen the wise,
Karen the sophisticate.

Karen, the above-jealousy wife.

No, Karen didn't fight
and Karen didn't defend.

She invited the damn girl home
for dinner.

I don't know. Maybe by some kind...

of automotive morality,
he'll be able to justify...

making love with her.

She reached him someplace...

I never go.

She shares stuff with him
I don't understand.

I don't know.

I'm not a saint.

So I don't understand how it works.



Oh. Uh...

Sid get here yet?

- No. No, he's not home yet.
- Oh.

But you fell asleep.


I'm sorry.

Come on. Why don't you go home?

It's after 2.

Well, are you sure
that you're gonna be okay if I do?

Yeah, I'll be fine.

I'm gonna go to bed too.

You're gonna turn me down, aren't you?

It's not a case of turning you down.

I mean, you're gonna say no.

I have to.

You don't have to.
No one would ever know.

And don't say you would know.

That's what I was gonna say.

- You started all this.
- What do you mean?

You told me that your wife
told you I was in love with you.

Well, why did you come
out here tonight with me?

Well, I didn't expect to break down.

When you and your wife had your
argument, where'd you come?

Well, that's my shop.

- I didn't think I was gonna find you there.
- But you thought I might be there.

You know, I think Karen's right.

I think you wanted this to happen
because it makes you feel good.

Well, where does that leave me?

You feel good and I feel awful.

Here comes a truck.

Let's stay here, please?

Promise you won't feel bad about this.

I'll go back to school next week
and you'll never see me again.

I want this to happen
because I love you.


Please let the truck go by.




You asleep?


What time is it?

I don't know.

It's a quarter to 4.

I'm sorry.

We took the test car out into the desert
for a little spin...

and we threw a rod, and, heh...

truck came along about three hours
later and we hitched a ride back.


Yeah, Linda and me.

Your car broke down...

and there were no telephones
and no one else around?



That's what happened.

So that's it? We just leave it at that?

Unless you want me
to take a lie detector test.

What are you taking a shower for?

I just spent three hours
in the desert, I need a shower.

I'll bet you do.

All right.

What do you wanna know?

It's not so easy, you know.
Put yourself in my place.

Not a word for half the night.
What would you do?

I'd ask you what happened.

- What happened?
- Nothing.

- Why not?
- Heh.

I don't think
I should have to answer that.

Nothing happened?


- Can I take my shower now?
- Sid?

If anything had happened...

would you tell me?


You know how I hate to brag.