Knots Landing (1979–1993): Season 2, Episode 1 - Hitchhike: Part 1 - full transcript

- Is Daddy out there?
- Not yet, honey.

- But he had a long drive.
- Isn't Kevin cute?


Give a lady a lift?

- No, I'm sorry.
- Come on. Car pooling saves energy.

- You shouldn't be hitchhiking.
- I won't be if you give me a lift.

- Sorry.
- Oh, plea...


- How you doing?
- Okay.

How about a ride in a van, huh?
Come on, honey.

My buddy and me,
and we got this nice van here.

I don't think so.

- I'm waiting for a ride.
- We're gonna have a good time.

- No, I don't want to.
- Take a little cruise.

- Why don't you guys just get lost?
- It'll be all right. We're real nice.

- It's gonna be nice.
- Stop.

We're gonna have a real good time here.

I'm gonna hurt you real bad if you
don't get back here. Come back here!

- All right. Come on.
- Lock the door.

- My name's Pam. What's yours?
- Sid.

El Cid. I saw that movie on TV.

- Where are you going?
- Across town.

How about you?

Knots Landing High.

That's okay for me.

- What's happening at the high school?
- Knots Landing Follies. Ha, ha.

My daughter's in the show.

- How does it feel?
- It's too tight, Mom.

Diana, it's not too tight.

Girls, come here. I wanna see you three.

Oh, terrific. Oh.

Can I ask you something?

Sure. Go ahead.

Why do you hitchhike?

To get to the other side.

Those guys in the van back there,
they didn't even scare you at all?

No. The world is full of heroes.

El Cids.

- Listen to them.
- Come on, everybody.

Come on. Come on. Everybody off.
Come on. Let's go.


Zarris, Zarris, Zarris

Everybody off now.
Come on. We only got 30 seconds.

- Come on. Move it.
- They want an encore.

What? Come on. Come on, everybody.

- Let's go. Come on, guys.
- They want an encore.

- No. No encores. Not for this junk.
- Is the show for them or for you?

- Look...
- This night is for them to show their stuff.

And then you come in here with earmuffs.
What a putdown. One second. Kevin.

- Yeah?
- Kevin, come on, get your group.

The audience wants an encore.

The audience wants an encore.

How much money you got on you, Sid?

I don't know. Why?

- A hundred, do you think?
- Maybe.

- Can I have it?
- Ha-ha-ha.

- No.
- But I need it to get home to see my mom.

- Where does she live?
- In Oxnard.

Tell you what. I'll take you to the
bus depot and I'll buy you a ticket.

I want the 100, Sid.

- Mom, I'm gonna go get a drink.
- Not now. I think Diana's next.

- But Dad's not here.
- Well, he said he'd get back on time.

San Luis Obispo is not
exactly around the corner, you know.

What was he doing up there, Karen?

He wanted to help his sister,
uh, Abby, close up her house.

Yeah, she's gonna get a divorce.

It's an epidemic.

I want the 100, Sid.

- I'm sorry, I can't help you.
- Or else I'm gonna scream "rape."

- You gotta be kidding.
- No, I'm not.

Come on. Seventy-five, okay?

- Now's your chance.
- What?

You wanna scream "rape"...

now's the time to do it.

Help! Help!

Help! Help!

Let go of me!

Let go of me!


Get off of me!

Come on. Hey.

Get out. Get out. Hands on your head.
Turn around. Turn around.

Put your hands on your head.
On your head. Touch them. Touch them.

- Touch them.
- He grabbed me.

Carney. How'd you press guys know
we were gonna bust these creeps tonight?

Hey, lieutenant, sources. You know.


- Hi, Walter.
- What are you doing in there?

Feeling pretty idiotic.


What have we got here, Smith?

This what happened, miss?


Don't you believe me?

Do you?

- He made his call yet?
- No, sir.

Let's talk in my office, Sid.

- What'd you do today?
- Worked.

Scooter let you run the Xerox?

- Oh, I really like it.
- You like what? Licking stamps?

- Stuffing envelopes?
- I love being busy, being around people.

- Real estate is exciting.
- You're not in real estate.

- You're a secretary.
- I'm having such a good time and learning.

That's enough for me, for starters.

You could never be accused
of having lofty aspirations.

Yeah? Hi, Sid.

What? What?

What for?


Yeah, okay.

Yeah. No. I can pick up Karen.

No, I'll bring her with me.

Now... Now... Yeah, listen, buddy.

Just keep cool and don't say
anything to anybody. Got it?

All right. I'll be there as soon as I can.

- What is it?
- Sid's in jail.

- What?
- Yeah.

He picked up a hitchhiker.
She accused him of trying to rape her.


Since you're a resident with established
ties to the community, I can release you...

on your own recognizance.

Then what?


she'll enjoy her attention tonight,
but the DA will see right through her.

She probably won't even show up
at the preliminary hearing.

Here's the summons. The prelim's
on Tuesday, if she goes through with it.

You think there's a chance she won't?

I've been through this before.

She has nothing to gain
and the odds are all in your favor.

With your reputation in the community,
she hasn't got a prayer.

Sid, chances are,
you'll wake up tomorrow morning...

and it'll all be gone.

Well, let's hope so.

Come on, honey.

Hey. Hey, where's he going?

He probably got released
to the custody of his lawyer.

Well, that's not fair. He tried to rape me.

Hey, lady, let me tell you something
about your husband.

- Let's get out of here. PAM: He
scares me into getting in the car...

telling me all the terrible things
that guys were gonna do.

- Why are you saying those things?
- He offers me money, 100 bucks.

- That's a lie.
- He pulls into a side alley...

and tries to rough me up. I...

- Get her out of here. That's enough.
- She's lying!

- Because he and the cops are pals...
- That's enough. That is enough.

He and the cops are pals
and now he's free. He's free.

Maybe to go try it on some other girl.
Oh, your old man is sick, lady!




Well, like it? I'd love it.

Uh, yeah. I can rehearse 26 hours a day
if you want.

- Neat trick.
- Uh...

Yeah. Sure, Kevin, I'm ready now.

I'll meet you in 15 minutes, okay?


Okay. Goodbye.

- Zarris is adding a girl singer.
- Oh, really?

- Me.
- Ha, ha!

- Do you believe it?
- Why not?

- Is it your voice Kevin likes, Diana?
- He likes everything about me.

- I'm gonna go upstairs and get changed.
- Okay.

- Dad.
- Yeah, I heard.

- That's terrific. You want a lift?
- Um, no. Kevin's gonna pick me up outside.

Honey, you never hitchhike, do you?

I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid.



- Goodbye.
- Bye.

- Hello there.
- Hello there.

So how's Abby? With all the excitement
last night, I forgot to ask.

Well, she's right on top of everything.
Didn't really need me.

- She isn't upset?
- More relieved, I'd say.


I always liked Jeff.
I always liked Jeff and Abby together.

Well, they're coming down
from San Luis Obispo today...

on their way to San Diego.

I suggested they break up the trip
and stop here today.

Is she going to?

Well, you know baby sister,
she plays everything by ear.

- There we go.
- Thanks.

Talked to Richard...

- and he's planning on seeing the girl.
- Good.

Oh, boy, I don't know.

Maybe we should let Irv handle this.

Richard isn't a criminal lawyer.

Neither is Irv.
Business and taxes, that's his field.

Well, at least Irv is competent.

Richard's fine.
I think seeing that girl is a good idea.

I was gonna do that myself.

- Do what yourself?
- See the girl.

Sid, are you out of your mind? Don't go near
that girl. Don't call her. Don't see her.

Don't send her a card. I don't believe it.
What if she cried "rape" again?

- Then where would you be?
- I never thought of that.

Sweet Sid.

Let Richard handle the girl.

Hey, hey.

Hurry up, Mom.

Blow the horn
and let them know we're here.

I'm hungry. Can we eat?

- Now, take it easy, will you?
- All right.

- We finally got here.
- I hope Michael's home.

- Wait until...
- Now can we get out?

Wait until I stop the car, please.

- Now?
- One more minute. One more minute.

- We made it.
- Take it easy. I know we...

Blow the horn
and let them know we're here.

- Hi.
- Abby, hi.

- How are you?
- Hello.

- You look great. Doesn't she look great?
- Thank you.

- Sure.
- How's it going, Olivia?

- How's it going, Olivia?
- What?

- A new game.
- A new game.

- She invented it on the freeway.
- She invented it on the freeway.

- Nice.
- Nice.

- Would you like a snack?
- Would you like a snack?

So, Brian, did you like the ride?

Can I get this stuff down for you?

- What does that mean?
- Oh, that means:

"Not yet."

- "After we eat."
- Got it. Let's go eat.

- I see you made it home all right last night.
- Funny you should mention that.

- It's a bit of a story.
- Oh, well...

Excuse me, Richard,
are you interviewing her?

- This isn't too much for you tonight, is it?
- No.

I'm not gonna become a monk
over all this.

I could be your Knots Landing leader.

Well, Jeff is moving down to L.A...

so, uh, I don't wanna take the kids
too far away from him.

Of course, I don't wanna
stay too close to him either.

But, um, why San Diego?

Oh, I don't know.
I've always kind of liked San Diego.

Anyway, there are all those sailors
if I get lonely.


Poor Sid. He cannot get used to the idea
that I'm growing up.

You haven't grown up.
When she was born, I was 14 years old.

After all these years,
she's still 14 years younger than me.

- She hasn't caught up a bit.
- Well, I'm working on it.

- He's such a moralist.
- Yeah, don't listen to him.

I never have.

Oh, there he is.

I got him. Ha, ha.
This, everybody, is my son, Brian.

Say hello to everybody, Brian.

- Terrific vocabulary.
- Hey. Hey, Brian.

Where's your sister? I'd love to meet her.


Well, of course.
I mean, I can understand English.

- Come on, baby. Let's go. One cookie.
- He's so musical.

Working makes me feel so good
about myself.

- Oh, that's great.
- You know? I love it. I really love it.

You know?
At first, it was just a job, any job.

- The real-estate business is exciting.
- You're not in the real-estate business.

You're in the
postage-stamp-and-saliva business.

Me and my big mouth.
I had to tell him that.

That today I, uh, typed names
on 110 form letters...

and addressed 110 envelopes.

Oh, the annals of real estate.

Young Laura Avery,
once a housewife, now...


- Kenny. What are you doing here?
- I'm looking for Ginger.

- I thought she might be here.
- She's here with a gorgeous surfer.

- Shoulders out to here and a black belt in...
- Richard.

- Hi, baby.
- Hi.

Well, well. Who is this?

This is my...


Kenny Ward, Abby Cunningham,
Sid's sister.

- How do you do?
- Very, very cute.

Well, it looks like you two
have things to talk about. Excuse me.

- So how are you doing?
- Good.

"Good" meaning good or not so good?

"Good" meaning good.
Now, what are you doing here?

Just came by to talk, chat.

There was nobody home
so I figured you might be over here.

Can't make up your mind?

Oh, Sid. I didn't know you were here.

Well, if this is a
private call, I'll leave.

I was gonna call Irv.

- Why?
- To get the name of a good criminal lawyer.

- I wanna talk to a criminal lawyer.
- We already have a lawyer.

- What's wrong with a second opinion?
- We don't need it.

- If Richard is right, this whole thing's...
- And if he isn't right?

I watched her, Sid. I heard her.
I don't think she's gonna drop it.

Karen, you're flinching
before you get hit.

Now, Richard hasn't made
one single mistake.

- Worrying that he will is gonna upset you.
- I'm already upset.

- I noticed that.
- And so are you.

- Me?
- Why else did you come in here?

To get a drink of water.

You always drink water
when you're upset.

Or when I'm thirsty.

Come on, honey.

Let's not panic, huh?

- I guess I'm in the habit of flinching.
- Yeah.

- There's nothing to worry about yet, right?
- I'll let you know when it's time to worry.

- Promise?
- Promise.

Why don't we get back
to our own party?

I need a drink of water.

What about joint custody?


It's a lot of work.

I used to wanna...

Kenny, you had no business coming here.

We're separated, remember?
And "separated" means separated.

Couldn't we just talk? I mean, just talk?


Go home to Sylvie.

Hey, Ken. Come on in, man.
I'll rustle you up some grub, huh?

- That'd be great.
- Gary.

- Sid's told me a lot about you already.
- Ha, ha.

- Nothing but good things, I hope.
- Of course.

I wouldn't expect anything less
from a Ewing.

I hear you Texas boys
always do it up real big.


She's charming.

- Ha-ha-ha.
- Mom?


- Yeah, honey?
- Where are my books?

Oh, I guess they're still packed away.
Why don't you read one of Diana's?


Well, Abby...

now that you've fallen in love with,
uh, all of us, are you gonna stay or not?

- Should I?
- Well, sure.

- I mean, it's life in the fast lane down here.
- Oh, really?

- Mm-hm.
- What do you drive?


- Hi, Olivia.
- Hi, Olivia.

- My name's Val.
- My name's Val.

- Isn't that a coincidence?
- Isn't that a coincidence?

- Both of us having the same name?
- Both of us having the same name?

- Whoo, there's an echo in here.
- There's an echo in here.

- Hmm.
- Hmm.

I wish you wouldn't keep doing that.
I'd really like to talk to you.

I have a little girl. You remind me of her
when she was your age.

Little girls and I get along real well,
and I was hoping that we could be friends.

Hmm, guess I won, didn't I?

- No.
- No? Well, what happened?

- Did you just get tired of playing?
- Yes.

Well, I can understand that.
It's not an easy game.


Won't you please
talk to me, Olivia? Hmm?

I sure could use a friend.

- We're getting a divorce.
- You are?

That isn't easy either, is it?


- Everything's gonna be okay. Trust me.
- I trust you, Richard.

I know you trust me, but you'd trust
Jesse James with your wallet.

She's the challenge.

I'm entitled to a little nervousness.
Don't take it personally.

You're entitled to nervousness.
I'm entitled to take it personally.

If you're really worried,
call another lawyer.

- Sure.
- Ha, ha.

- No.
- I'll talk to you in the morning.

- Okay.
- Thanks, Richard.

- Night.
- Night.

- Night.
- Good night.

- Bye.
- So long. Thanks a lot.

Abby, we haven't even
had a chance to talk.

Uh, Karen, I hate agreeing
with Richard, but he's right.

- You ought to call another lawyer.
- Uh-huh.

Look, uh...

I wanna thank you
for your consideration...

but, uh, you really
don't have to do this.

I think I understand
Brian's trumpet better.

What are you talking about?

The coffee and the cake. You don't
have to hide the booze from me.

It never occurred to me.

It occurred to me...

- a little.
- Ha-ha-ha.

"We were taken into a clean, snug stable.

There was a kind coachman
who made us very comfortable...

and who seemed to think
a good deal of James...

when he heard about the fire.

'There's one thing quite
clear, young man, ' he said.

'Your horses know who they can trust.

It's one of the hardest things in the world
to get horses out of a stable...

when there's either fire or flood.

I don't know why they won't come out,
but they won't. Not one...'"

Hey, Brian. Why don't you go wake up
Mom and Dad and give them the paper?

That way, you get first crack
at the funnies.


Go downstairs, honey.

Ooh, Brian.


- Sid.
- What?

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

I know. I know, Irv, but this is scary.

Yeah. Yes, I think we have to.

I'm not. I'm not panicking.

I just think we have to talk to
a criminal lawyer, that's all. Uh...

I wanna make sure
we're doing all we can.



Stan Lesser?

This is his home number?

Good. And he's the best, right?

All right. Thanks, Irv.

Yeah. I will, I promise.

Okay. Bye.

- A fight!
- Come on.

Yeah. Get him down there.

Get him, get him.

- Punch him!
- Come on.

- Come on.
- Boys, boys. Cool it.

Cool it. Cool it. Cool it.

What's going on here?

- His father. I saw it in the paper.
- Shut up.

Shut up. Shut up.


Michael, what about the game?

As you can see,
it's a quiet neighborhood.

We can work something out
with your taxes and payments.

That's something I'll work out.
Why don't y'all take a look around?




This house...

This house...


- Terrific house, hon. Thanks for the tip.
- Well, are they gonna buy it?

Not anymore.

You should've told me
Sid Fairgate was your neighbor.

- Why?
- These people have a teenage daughter.

They're not gonna buy that house.

Nobody is.

I'm scared. I'm really scared.

Richard's defense was gonna be character,
and now this.

"'I'm no saint, ' Ms. Messinger declared.
'I've had plenty of boyfriends.

Lots of times, I'm not even choosy
about who I spend the night with.'"

- Right up-front, isn't she?
- Mm.

"'But that's my right, ' she says.

'I can do anything I want with
anyone I want as much as I want...

but that's not the same as being raped.

Fairgate tried to get me to do something
with him I didn't want to do...

and that's a crime.

He and his lawyer
can march in every lover I've ever had...

and it still won't make it right.'"

- She knocked the wind out of your sails.
- Because she's right...

if she wasn't lying. Shouldn't matter
if she was the tramp of the universe...

she has a right not to be raped.
And by admitting her promiscuity...

she'll come across as honest.

And you're afraid that even though the
jury won't like her, they'll believe her.

The jury?
You really think it's gonna go that far?

Well, not necessarily.


Karen, as far as I can tell,
Avery's on the right track.

- He is?
- Mm-hm.

I don't have the girl's statement
with me...

but let's assume that there's no way
to poke a hole in her story, okay?

That this is a clear-cut case of her word
against your husband's word.

You can contrast the character
of the complainant with the defendant.

Well, that's how Richard's handling it.

Didn't you say that Avery is working
for the firm of Pincus, Simpson and Lyle?

- Yeah.
- They'll back him up if he gets into trouble.

- Even though this is a criminal case?
- Certainly.

Larry Hanover is with them.
He's been a top criminal man for years.

As a matter of fact,
Simpson himself was a prosecutor.

Then I shouldn't worry?

- Well, certainly not about representation.
- About the case in general?


criminal cases go off
in very strange directions.

And this one certainly has, hasn't it?


Hey, what happened to you?

What does it look like?

- Nothing.
- Nothing.

Would you shut up with that?

- Hey, hey, guy, what's going on?
- Nothing.

- What happened to you?
- I just fell, that's all.

- It's okay, Dad.
- I don't think it's okay.

Well, I mean, it...

We all know it's a lousy lie.

- Does Michael know?
- Well, sure.

- It's just that...
- What?

- Nothing.
- No, no. Tell me, Eric. What?

I don't know. It's just that...

Why'd you have to pick up the tramp?

Why'd you have to pick up the tramp?

I can't believe it. I know.

Okay. So he's driving us home, right?
And Diana says she has a headache.

And so he drops her off
and then takes me home.

You mean you were alone with him?

He started asking me
all these real personal questions...

like did I like sports or camping?

- What did you do?
- I answered him.

I mean, I was pretty young. I thought he
was really interested in if I liked sports.

- Oh, God, if you only knew.
- I know. That's not all.

We get to my house, right?

And it was really dark and I go,
"I guess my parents aren't home."

And he says,
"I better come in with you."

- Did he?
- He came inside.

He started snooping around
and he turned on all the lights.

- Oh, God. Did he do anything?
- I know.

No. I guess he thought my parents
were gonna be home any minute.

- I can't stand it. Oh!
- I know. I know.

I'll tell you
how absolutely naive I was then.

I actually thought he was nice.

I thought he was the nicest father
of all my friends.

I know.


Gary Ewing, Line 3.


Hal. Give me a hand over here, okay?

Just a second.

Gary Ewing, show room.

Bring number 877 around.

Service desk, Line 2.

Lock the rear wheels.

Mr. Fairgate?

Would you sign this, please?


Gary Ewing, Line 3.


Who is it?

Richard Avery. I called, remember?

May I come in?


Nice pad.


Is this legal?
You coming to talk to me, I mean.

It's legal.

May I sit down?

- You like coffee?
- Sure.

You can get some at the corner.

I don't think this is legal.
I mean, you coming here.

It's legal. Let's talk.

Oh, yeah?

So go ahead.


You've, uh...

You've done quite a number
with the press.

- So?
- So you got us a little embarrassed.

I don't think there's a snowman's chance in
hell that Sid Fairgate will be convicted.

Then why'd you come here?
Why'd you call?

I thought we might work something out.

Like what?

Mr. Fairgate's a businessman.

His reputation in the community
is important to him.

The publicity has hurt him.
It's hurt his business.

That's what you managed to do,
soil a good reputation.

- Yeah, well, what about my reputation?
- Your reputation?

If you drop the charges, it won't
wipe the slate clean, but it'll help.

You'd wanna help if helping were
to your advantage, wouldn't you?

- How would helping be to my advantage?
- Ah.

- I see you like to surf.
- Yeah.

You know, I got a friend, a client...

he sells surfing gear.

You could pick yourself up
a new board, wet suit...


Scuba gear?


He sells that too.

You should see his store.
I'll write down the address.

I have another friend who's got
a vacation house right on the Rincon.

Best waves on the coast, right?

He's not there very much.

I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you
used the house for a couple of weeks.

Maybe a month.

- Two?
- Three?

Three would be fine.

You know, I have been thinking about
dropping the charges against your pal.

That would be nice.

After I get all the stuff,
I might be so excited...

I wouldn't wanna be hung up
in some stuffy courtroom.

All you have to do is go to
the courthouse and sign a paper.


I'd even drive you.



if you're indicted on Wednesday,
we have to get a real criminal lawyer.

- Stan Lesser said Richard was doing okay.
- Oh, yeah, he did, but I don't know.

Richard lawyers like he does everything.
He looks for the shortcut.

He hasn't done anything
to discredit the girl's story.

- How could he? There were no witnesses.
- Somewhere in her story...

there's gotta be holes. There's gotta
be holes. He hasn't been looking for them.

- Richard has his heart and soul in this.
- Just not his head.

- Okay, okay, I'll talk to him.
- Not from behind bars, I hope.

- It'll work out.
- In whose favor?

Is it absolutely essential for you to have
the last word in every conversation?


I thought so.

And you were right.


Mr. Simpson?


Nasty case, isn't it?

- This Fairgate-rape affair.
- Nastier in print than in fact, I think, sir.

I see.

Mr. Fairgate's a neighbor of mine.
He called me when it happened.

- I'm handling the case as a favor, of course.
- No fee?

I suppose not.
I mean, he's my neighbor, friend.

Always charge a fee.

Without it, how can a client fire you
if he wants to?

- Ha, ha.
- Ha.

I just wanted to remind you that, uh,
Mr. Hanover is here and available.

Only too glad to help.

- Mr. Hanover?
- Yes, of course.

He had a good deal of experience
at criminal law before he joined us.

Yes, uh...

- I don't think I'll need his help.
- Oh?

Well, I doubt that Mr. Fairgate will,
uh, even be indicted.

I mean, the girl is patently unreliable...

and Mr. Fairgate's reputation
is above reproach.

Will that be the basis of your defense?
The contrast in reputations?

Essentially, yes. Uh...

Although I do have an ace or two
up my sleeve.

What ace?

Uh, I think I can handle it, sir.

All right, Avery,
but remember, fee or no fee...

you are a representative of this firm.

Yes, sir.

- All right.
- Thank you, sir.

Pam, you ready?

Pam, come on. I'm double-parked.

Ah, there you are.
That what you're wearing?

Hey, look at all this stuff.
You didn't waste any time, did you?

You got good taste.

Board, snorkel. Hey, look.
Look, you got a wet suit there.

Oh, boy, look at the scuba gear.
Let's get going, huh?

She's not going anywhere with you.

My mother.

Richard Avery. How do you do?

- What do you think you're doing?
- Just helping Pam get some gear together.

- We can't be bought.
- Ha.

- Just a friendly gesture.
- Just a bribe, you mean.

Now, hold on a minute.
Now, Pamela, you didn't get the idea...

that you wouldn't have to pay
for these things, did you?

- Uh-huh.
- Huh.

This is embarrassing.

I'll bet it is.

I mean, I can get you a discount,
but, uh, you'll still have to pay.

But what about the beach house?

I've, uh, got this friend who's,
uh, got a house down on the Rincon.

He's been looking for a housesitter.

- You better go.
- I was only trying...

- Trying to make a liar out of my daughter.
- She is a liar.

Your Mr. What's-His-Gate tries to rape her,
then you try to buy her.

- This was to be strictly business.
- Pimping's a business too.

- Mom.
- The man tried to rape you, right?


- Okay, then.
- Now, listen, Mrs. Messinger...

No, you listen.
We're not nice people, Pam and me.

Not like you and that pervert you're
trying to set free. We're not selling out.

Nobody's talking about selling out.

We're talking about finding an equitable
solution to this misunderstanding.

Something that would be
mutually advantageous to my client...

and your daughter.

We're gonna make history with this trial.

We're going in wearing
all our dirty underwear on the outside.

Right up-front. What we are
doesn't give anybody the right to rape us.

History, mister.
We're looking forward to it.

This isn't Perry Mason, Mrs. Messinger.
Trials can be pretty unpleasant.

Who for?

Look at this place.

This is unpleasant.

Trial's gonna be a vacation.

It is the opinion of this court...

that probable cause for proceeding
in this case does exist.

The bench recommends that the defendant,
William Sidney Fairgate...

be bound over to superior court
for trial...

on charges of contributing
to the delinquency of a minor...


and assault with intent to rape.

Counsel will be notified
of date and court.



- Take it easy. Don't worry.
- You gotta be kidding.

- Listen to me.
- I don't wanna listen to you.

This wasn't supposed to happen,

- You swore up and down.
- All right. I underestimated her.

I didn't think she would take it this far.
But she still has no case.

Then Sid Fairgate is gonna be
the first man ever convicted on no case.

The stakes are too high, Richard,
for you to underestimate anybody.

Now, just calm down.
This was only a formality.

So was a hanging.