Kidding (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Episode 3101 - full transcript

Jeff tries to teach children about change in the first episode of the 31st season of Mr. Pickles' Puppet Time.

[Maestro Fermata]
Previously on Kidding...

The state considers

these creatures
a communal asset.

You can't have them!

[lawyer] Scott Perera will now

take sole custody

of the following puppets:

Ennui Le Triste,



The Oops.


[♪ tranquil fanfare ♪]

[♪ gentle music ♪]


♪ There's a teeny-tiny thought
at the bottom of your mind ♪

♪ If you follow it,
you're brought ♪

♪ To a place you're meant
to find ♪

♪ Where the greatest dreamers
go ♪

♪ When the greatest dreamers
grow ♪

♪ Pickle Barrel Falls,
quiet, sweet, safe and sound ♪

♪ Pickle Barrel Falls ♪

♪ Magic's there, all around ♪

♪ Pickle Barrel Falls ♪

♪ You'll dive and plunge,
and then, sure ♪

♪ You'll find yourself
adventure ♪

♪ In Pickle Barrel Falls ♪

♪ When you dream,
what you see ♪

♪ Your dreams matter
so much to me ♪

♪ And if our friends
should query us ♪

♪ We'll tell them
this is serious ♪

♪ whimsical musical flourish ♪

♪ The way we plumb
our playtime plumbing ♪

♪ Shapes the people
we're becoming ♪

♪ So dream
beyond your walls ♪

♪ All the way
to Pickle Barrel Falls ♪


You know what these are,
don't you?


I love balloons!

They float up
so high in the sky,

and when you see
one of these colorful beauties,

you just know
it's time for a celebration.

But the wonderful
and terrible thing

about balloons is...

they don't last.

They deflate.

They run out of air,
and sometimes...


Balloons are
a rainbow reminder

that nothing is permanent.

Parties end.

Things that rise also fall.

These balloons today
are a special gift

for a special friend,

because I have invited
my wife, Nurse Jill,

to celebrate a change.
[breathing heavily]

A terrible
and wonderful change.

I'm a little worried, though.

It's about ten minutes late,

and she's not here yet.

if she's gonna show up.

[loud crash]


What was that?

[loud crashing]


Seems like it's coming

from down
in Pickle Barrel Falls.

We'd better check it out.

See you at the bottom.

[♪ whimsical piano music ♪]


Oh, my.

[♪ frantic music ♪]

What happened here?


And here?

- [crying]
- And here?




What happened?

I reckon I don't know.

Hang on!

[groans and strains]

Well, first the Snagglewalls
caved in,

then the Snaggleceiling

and the whole Snagglebarn
came unsnaggled.

- [loud crash]
- [quavers]

- Oh, my. This is serious!
- [groaning]

Oh, no!

[Astronotter gibbering]

I'm sorry, Astronotter.

I don't know what's causing
your houses to fall apart.

I know who the culprit is.

We all do!

It wasn't me!
My home is gone too!

The whole Oopsie Daisy Patch
is just a pile of petals.


Well, "doomed" may be taking it
a little too far, Astronotter.

We just need to find
Do-It-Yourself Deirdre.

She can fix this right up.

Chef, release
the Emergency Chicken!

Chicken away!

[squawks] Ah!

[squeaking noise]

[siren wailing]

Never fear.

D.I.Y. Deirdre's here.

Do-It-Yourself Deirdre,

Pickle Barrel Falls
is falling apart.

I see.

I think I know
what's happening here.

Looks like there's been

an Ungluing.

[all gasp]

Can you fix

my Snagglebarn?

Of course I can.

I can fix every home
in Pickle Barrel Falls.

[all cheer]


But I'm gonna need some help.

[puppets cheerfully chattering]

[Maestro Fermata]
Pick-a me! Pick-a me!

Maybe we should wait
for Jill.

She's a great help.

I really don't think
Jill is coming.

You don't know that.

Our friends need homes,
Mr. Pickles.

[all murmur]


Do you ever feel your life

was topsy-turvying?


And swoopy-swervying?

Mm, yeah.

From stem to stern?

Boy, howdy, do I.

Did you ever wonder

"How am I gonna fix it all?"

♪ 'Cause nothing sticks
at all ♪

♪ Well, watch and learn ♪

♪ When your mane
is mainly queasy ♪

♪ And your hooves
have lost their click ♪

♪ What seems difficult
comes easy ♪

♪ When you stick ♪


Stick together?

[all] Stick together?

You mean unite
in a common a-goal

using a-teamwork?

[Deirdre and Jeff]
That's right!

♪ Stick together ♪

♪ Stick together ♪

♪ Stick together ♪

♪ Here we go ♪

One minute.
Wait, wait, wait.

No, no, no.
I am sorry,

but this is preposterous!

We cannot put together
the whole town

with good vibes
and excitable intentions!

It's not preposterous.

if you can see Piccola Grande,

the Pickle Fairy of Hope.

What the heck?

Piccola Grande,
the Pickle Fairy of Hope.

[all murmuring]

The more hope you have,

the bigger she is.

You can't see her?

No, I cannot see
the Pickle Fairy,

of hope or otherwise.

Ennui, just try to believe,
and then,

look again.

[♪ whimsical music ♪]


Ennui, mon ami,

I know the problem
looks colossal,

but if you can see me,

how bad can things be?

[♪ energetic music ♪]

♪ What do you do ♪

♪ When the barrel
that carries you ♪

♪ Suddenly harries you? ♪

- [both] ♪ Stick together ♪
- ♪ What do you do ♪

♪ When the bolts
and the wood parts ♪

♪ Turn into no-good parts? ♪

- You...
- ♪ Stick together ♪

♪ Staves may sag
and droop and drag ♪

♪ And rivets
wear and tear some ♪

♪ But we can
still repair some ♪

♪ With a me-and-a-you-in' ♪

♪ And a little bit
of gluin' ♪


[puppets cheer]


Now you try.

My, oh, my!

♪ What should you do ♪

♪ When you're circling
the drain? ♪

♪ You should sing
this refrain ♪

[clears throat]
♪ Stick together ♪

♪ Easy-peasy
bottle squeezy ♪

♪ Thingy dingy
brushy flingy ♪


Our poor square.

There, there.

- Where?
- There.


♪ What should you do ♪

♪ When your fav'rite
town square's ♪

♪ Needing repairs ♪

♪ Sing together ♪

♪ Easy-peasy
bottle squeezy ♪

♪ Thingy dingy
brushy flingy ♪

♪ Spiffy riffy
fix in a jiffy ♪


♪ Ooh ♪

[Piccola vocalizing]

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

[all cheering]

♪ Make mistakes
for heaven sakes ♪

♪ We all commit
faux pas, friends ♪


♪ Let's fix that
severed schnoz, friends ♪

♪ With a me-and-a-you-in' ♪

♪ And a little bit of gluin' ♪

♪ And a whole lot
of doin' ♪

♪ We can right this ruin ♪


♪ Easy-peasy
bottle squeezy ♪

♪ Easy-peasy
bottle squeezy... ♪

♪ Thingy-dingy
brushy flingy ♪

♪ Thingy-dingy
brushy flingy... ♪

[♪ all singing ♪]

♪ Ooh ♪

[all] Yeah!

♪ What do you do ♪

♪ When alone is a lot ♪

- ♪ Of no fun ♪
- ♪ It isn't fun ♪

♪ You wanna hide,
you wanna run ♪

♪ Just stick to gluin' ♪

♪ Two by two instead ♪

♪ Of one ♪

♪ Stick together,
done, all done ♪

[all cheering]

[rumbling sound]

Watch out!


[neighs plaintively]

Oh, no!
What happened?

Where's Piccola Grande?

[both] The Fairy of Hope
has disappeared!

I can fix this, I promise.

Check your glue!


[♪ dark piano chord ♪]

It d-it-it doesn't seem
to be sticky anymore.

Don't fret!

We can just rebuild

with some new glue!

There is no other glue.

There's only the glue
I started with.

[both] What do we do now?

I'm afraid
the safest solution is...

to find a new home
someplace else.

Someplace else?

What do you mean?

[Deirdre] I'm afraid

if you lost your home,

you'll have to leave
Pickle Barrel Falls.

[puppets murmuring anxiously]

But that's half
of everybody here!

I just thank
the good lord bread

I did not suffer
these problems.

My home stands proud

thanks to French ingenuity.



[crashing noise]

Mon Dieu!

The Trifle Tower!

She has fallen!


Oh, I'm so sorry.

What will become of moi?

I'm afraid you'll have
to find a new home too.

But why?
What did I do?

What did I do?

No, no, no!

Ennui, wait!

It's not your fault!

[Ennui crying]

He's right.

It's my fault!

Always chunking things up

when I should be
smoothing them over.

I'm too nutty!

I'm too dang nutty!

I probably could've done more
to preserve things.

Jelly, no!

[Oops] I've made mistakes.

All I do is make mistakes!

It's nobody's fault.

Sometimes things happen in life
that are beyond our control,

and... the harder we try
to hold things together,

the more they fall apart.

[both] What do you mean?

Come with me.

[♪ piano music ♪]


Come in, come in.

Come on.

Sit down, please.

Let me try and explain.


♪ Brick cracks ♪

♪ Paint chips ♪

♪ Rope slacks ♪

♪ Tile slips ♪

♪ The horse that you drove
the cart with ♪

♪ May break down ♪


♪ Knots slide ♪

♪ Beams split ♪

♪ Seams divide ♪

♪ What once fit ♪

♪ The person you felt
so smart with ♪

♪ May leave town ♪


♪ The force gets too great ♪

♪ The wind blows too cold ♪

♪ The day grows too late ♪

♪ The glue doesn't hold ♪

♪ The fault is with fate ♪

♪ Adhered to the hold ♪

♪ Of some other plan ♪


♪ We made when we began ♪


♪ Hearts doubt ♪

♪ Eyes drift ♪

♪ Truths out ♪

♪ Lives shift ♪

♪ And someone
you once made art with ♪

♪ May seem small ♪


♪ There's only the glue
you start with ♪

♪ After all ♪


D.I.Y. Deirdre's right.

The Ungluing isn't our fault.

I'm glad you understand.

It's her fault!

- What?
- Yeah!

Her and her impotent adhesive!

- [puppets jeer]
- That's not the point.

Oops blames you!

[crowd assents angrily]

Do not a-worry.

We shall calm this angry mob

with a soothing melody.

Get her!
Get her! Get her!

Oh, dear!

[puppets shouting angrily]


My beautiful home!

The greatest thing
since sliced bread

has been reduced to a pile
of stale crumbs!


[water rushing]


Zut alors!

He's come to take me
from my home!

No, no!



Where are you?

I am not Ennui.

I am a tree.

Ennui Le Tree.


I've never seen a crying tree.

I'm not crying.

I'm watering myself.

Ennui, why are you pretending
to be a tree?

Because trees don't have
to leave.

They can stay
in Pickle Barrel Falls forever.

They are rooted in the ground,
and they never change.

Actually, trees change
all the time.

[Bickering Beaver]
Let's use this tree!

No, this tree!

No, this one!


[gnawing rapidly]

[both] Timber!



Let's follow that tree,

- see how it changes.
- Oui.

[Bickering Beaver]
Hold it this way!

No, no, no.
Hold it this way!

No, no, no.
This way!

[Bickering Beaver]
No, this way!


[Beavers humming]


You see, Ennui?

Trees can become
many different things.


Like furniture...


Giant chopsticks.

Giant chopsticks.


Small pianos.

You see?

Nothing is permanent,

not even trees.

Everything changes.

But I am afraid
of this buzz saw of change.

Me too.

Do trees make paper too?

[Jeff] Oh, yes.

All kinds of paper
comes from trees,

and these papers

are a special kind of papers.

What do you mean, special?

How do I explain?


♪ Change is a lot of things ♪

♪ Strange ♪

♪ Oh, the fear it brings ♪

♪ Chan... ♪

This is Nurse Jill.

I wasn't sure
I was going to come,

but I think it's important

to show everyone there...

[whispering] Camera two.



that Mr. Pickles
struggles with things too.

I don't want you
to hide things,

even when they're painful.

What could be so painful,
Mr. Pickles,

that you require a nurse?

You see, Ennui,

Nurse Jill is a nurse,

that's true,

but she's also my wife,

and we're getting a divorce.

What is divorce?

It's, um...

Divorce is when a husband
and a wife

decide not to live together

and that they don't want
to be married to each other.

[exhales heavily]

Well, don't you love
each other?

I still love him very much.

[voice breaking]
I brought your favorite sweater

in case you were cold.

Thank you.


That's so thoughtful.

And do you still love Jill,
Monsieur Pickles?

Of course.

Then this makes no sense!

I-if you love each other,

why are you getting
a divorce?

Sometimes in life,

there are problems
that just can't be solved,

and no matter how much
we love each other,

love, even a lot of love,

isn't enough to keep us

Then you are having
an Ungluing?

We tried to keep
it all together,

but the glue didn't hold.

Sometimes, when bad things
happen, you react in a way

that hurts the other person,

and you didn't even realize it.

[Jeff] And sometimes,

you run away
from bad things at home

and hide

and pretend
we're something we're not.

Like a tree?

Like a tree.


[Ennui] What will happen next,
Monsieur Pickles?

I don't know.

What will you do, Nurse Jill?

I don't know.

I do not know
what will happen to me

when I leave
Pickle Barrel Falls.

Maybe it's for the best.

What do you mean?

Who can know what happens

when you step
into the "I don't know"?

Things might be amazing there.

But what if they're not?

Would you rather live
in a dangerous place

that could come crashing down
on you at any moment?


Then welcome
to the "I don't know."

Oh, and those papers
you asked me about earlier?


Those are my divorce papers,

and when I sign those,

my marriage is over.

[Ennui] Oh.

They're my ticket
to the "I don't know."

But then I shall get rid
of the papers,

and you won't get divorced.

Doesn't work that way, Ennui.

I'm sorry.

I'm scared of
the "I don't know,"

Monsieur Pickles.

I'm scared too.

[crashing sound]

Oh, another Ungluing.


Look, it's Hopscotch.

That means it's time.


To leave.

Come on.
We'll take you.


There she is!
Don't let her get away!

[puppets jeering]

[exhausted grunt]

Ennui's home
was a pastry perfection,

but because of you,

it's now a pile
of loose Danish.

Now, you eat that Danish.

Croissants away!

[puppets cheer]


No, no, no, no!

Don't blame Deirdre.

It's not her fault.

Then whose fault is it?

Hit her again
while she's thinking

of an answer!

Let's get her!

No, tiny pickle.

The truth is...

Maybe it's for the best.

What are you talking about,

♪ I thought when bread
gets stale and crusty ♪

♪ You throw it
in the trash, finis ♪

♪ Or so it always seemed
to me ♪


♪ Ah, but loaves
a few days old ♪

♪ Can be French toasted ♪

♪ Till they're gold ♪

♪ And though our homes
may be ungluing ♪

♪ Change is hard ♪

♪ But worth the chewing ♪

It took me a long time
to figure it out,

but thanks to Monsieur Pickles
and Nurse Jill,

I think I understand.

♪ We fuss and we fret ♪

♪ We shake till we're shook ♪

♪ But when we're upset ♪

♪ We then overlook ♪

♪ It's better to leave
a broken home ♪

♪ Than to be
crushed by it ♪

♪ Leaving's for the best ♪


[pickles gibbering]


♪ We're people who care ♪

♪ We tried and we tried ♪

♪ But maybe this pair ♪

♪ Had better divide ♪

♪ And when they're apart ♪

♪ They won't fight as much ♪

♪ Or be as angry ♪

♪ Divorce is for the best ♪


I'm sorry.
I c... I can't do this.


My heart can't take it.




♪ Change can lead to growing ♪

♪ But not knowing ♪

♪ Feels so grave ♪

♪ Be brave ♪

♪ The start's
the hardest part ♪

Sometimes, you just need
a little heart.

♪ So quicken your pace ♪

♪ And forward your mail ♪

♪ There's sun on your face ♪

♪ And wind in your sail ♪

♪ Head high ♪

♪ You make towards the shore ♪


♪ It's for the best ♪


[Hopscotch] Well, Pickle Pals,
It's time to go.


I wish I was as brave
as you, Monsieur Pickles.


♪ Worries may confound you ♪

♪ All around you ♪

♪ From the start ♪

♪ Take heart ♪

♪ And when in need,
you'll know ♪

♪ You're taking me
and Pickle Barrel Falls ♪

♪ Wherever you go ♪


[Piccola Grande]
♪ Where do you turn ♪

♪ When there's no one
to turn to ♪

♪ Where, when it's so hard
to cope? ♪


♪ How can you start ♪

♪ Make a change ♪

♪ Maybe learn too? ♪

♪ What do you need? ♪


♪ Hope is the song ♪

♪ When the world
is a menace ♪

♪ Hope is the open ♪

♪ Door ♪

♪ Maybe getting
back up again ♪

♪ Is ♪


♪ What falls ♪

♪ Are for ♪


Thanks, Monsieur Pickles.

Now I am ready.

[Thump-Thump] Me too!


Au revoir, mon ami.

♪ This is for the best ♪

Au revoir, mes amis.

Au revoir,
Pickle Barrel Falls.



Into the "I don't know"!

If Ennui can do it,
so can I.


This is for the best.


♪ This is for the best ♪


♪ This is for the best ♪




Oh, what if this is a mistake?

If we don't make mistakes,
we never learn.


♪ And as we ascend ♪

♪ And as we ascend ♪

♪ Way up to the sky ♪

♪ We're facing the end ♪

♪ And saying ♪

♪ Good-bye ♪


♪ But not as scared ♪

♪ As before ♪


♪ It's for ♪

♪ The best ♪


I'm sorry
the glue didn't hold.


Me too.


This is for the best.


[♪ gentle music ♪]


[announcer] Eight minutes
left in the match.

[narrator] ...Home has
the kitchen

that Carol likes, but...

[woman] It's your life.
Live it.

Would you like to try

one of the greatest
five star delicacies

in all of the culinary world?
[record scratches]

Then come on down
to Sandwich Hut

for the new
French Dip sandwich.

It's da best.

[♪ rock music ♪]


[♪ gentle piano music ♪]

♪ This is for the best ♪


♪ This is for the best ♪


♪ And as we ascend ♪

♪ Way up to the sky ♪

♪ We're facing the end ♪

♪ And saying good-bye ♪