Jejoongwon (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 17 - Jejoongwon - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Episode 17



Hold it.


Hold it.





A moment longer,
and he would have been in danger.

If it had burst,
he would have developed peritonitis.

What happens if he had developed peritonitis?

You would have to operate, but
there is no guarantee he would survive.

You have to suture up the cut portion.

I can handle it from here.

All right.
Come over to this side.

How did you know it was appendicitis?

Colitis that occurs on the right abdomen
has the same symptoms as appendicitis.

If it were colitis, he would have
had these symptoms before.

But he told us he didn't.

A doctor must never make assumptions.

He must always accept the possibility
that it can be another disease and be thorough.

- That will reduce misdiagnosis.
- I understand.

I... need some rest.

Good job today.



Take this.

- What is it?
- Open it.

Father ordered some medical supplies
and this came with it.

- That's why you came here at this hour?
- That isn't the only reason.

- I had other business here.
- I see.

This... this is a stethoscope.

You will soon graduate
and become an intern.

I thought you might need this.

This... this is so...

- Please take it.
- I... I don't deserve this...

Please take it.
You deserve it.

You definitely deserve it.

When you become an intern...

Use it as you see fit.

Thank you.

I'll be on my way now.

Wait... wait a moment!

I'll escort you back.

- Do you remember?
- What?

You once took me home
from Lord Moellendorf's house.

You mean during the coup?

When Lord Min was wounded...

This was the path we took.

Do you remember what you said
to me that day?


In the West, there is a man who
cuts your hair and trims your beard.

They are called barbers,

... but they were the first doctors and
used their shaving knives for surgery.

That means that lowborn people
could become doctors too?

Yes, they could because
they were good with the knife.

In Korea, that would be
the equivalent of... butchers?

- Bu... butchers?
- Butchers are good with knives too.

And because they sew leather shoes,
they should be good with suturing.

Cut with a knife and sew with a needle...?

It's perfect!

That's true.
Come to think of it, that's true!

- It's perfect!
- Interesting, right?

Yes, it's interesting and amazing.

It all started with lowborn peasants...

Your story that evening...

... changed my life.

It did?

It's late.
You should go in.


Have you ever shaken hands
with someone?

I have with Dr. Allen.

I did too with Dr. Allen.

My arm is going to fall off.

My hands are warm now, aren't they?

Because of you...

... my hands are warm again.

Your hands are cold.

Because of you, the butcher Little Dog
was reborn as a medical student.

I see you're cleaning up, Nang Nang.

Oh, Mr. Hwang!
I think Miss Seok Ran was here.

What's this?

Did Miss Seok Ran give you a present?

- Wh... what? Yes.
- Can I see it?

Show it to me!

This is a stethoscope!

You must be so pleased!

If you wear this,
you'll be more dashing than Dr. Allen!

That Heron is quite a character.

He really put Dr. Allen flat on his back!

- Does it suit me?
- Yes, like it always belonged to you.

I promise I will pass the exam
and become a great doctor.

My hands are warm now, aren't they?

Your hands are cold.

Because of you,
my hands are warm again.

Is something the matter?

You tossed and turned all night.

- It's nothing.
- Then let's get up!

Let's go get breakfast before
the others finish off everything!



At this rate, none of our teeth
will be left in our mouths!

Seok Ran, does Jejoongwon
handle toothaches?

I don't know if they treat them, but
they do extract teeth with metal pliers.

Metal pliers?
My teeth don't hurt at all!

Have a cup of wine and let's hope
we only hear good news this year.

Thank you, dear.
Have a cup of wine too.

I really shouldn't.

You know what I want to hear, right?


Seok Ran, do you want some wine too?

No, I don't need wine to hear good news.

- Mr. Hwang, come join us.
- All right.

I'm starving.
Eat a lot, everyone!

I heard Dr. Allen almost killed Mongchong.

That's not true.

I heard Mongchong would be dead
if Heron wasn't there.

He really must be good.

You should really plan on sucking up
that Heron's brain!

So when you become Director one day,
you'll teach everything to us.

Please don't say that.

Everyone thinks you
as a prospective Director.

- Don't deny it.
- No, please don't say such things!

Don't be so humble!
Jejoongwon is successful because of you!

By the way, I want to apologize
for being mean to you.

I'm sorry for looking down on you
because you were a substitute.

Why are you both saying these things?

Everyone listen!
Did you hear?

As of today, Dr. Allen is...!

And Heron is Director!

I knew it.

It has already been five years...

... since Korea and America entered
into an agreement.

That is correct, Your Majesty.

Allen, are you aware that...

... I sent a delegation to America
headed by Min Young Ik?

Yes, Your Majesty.
Lord Min Young Ik told me about it.

It is my desire to take
the amicable alliance...

... between our two countries
one step further.

I plan on establishing
a Korean embassy in America.

As such, the Vice Interior Justice Minister
will be sent to America as Ambassador.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

Since you are well-versed in
our culture and policies,

... it is my wish that you accompany
the new Ambassador as his advisor.

I hope you will not reject my request.

Yes, Your Majesty.
I will do as you command.

- And you are Heron?
- Yes, Your Majesty.

It is my wish that you take Allen's
position as Director of Jejoongwon.

Yes, Your Majesty. I will obey.

{\a6}J.H. Heron, 2nd Director of Jejoongwon

In any case, if Heron's arrival
makes things better for Do Yang,

... there would be nothing better!

Then I could see my brother when I die
and not be ashamed!

Now that you mention it...

I have already informed Director Heron
about what Hwang did to Lord Baek.

Did you?
How excellent!

Allen protected Hwang from that incident.

But Heron wouldn't stand for
something like that!

Looks like good times are
over for that Hwang.

Am I wrong, Do Yang?

You reap what you sow.

Yes, you're right.

I've realized these past few days that...

... you made a good choice
to become a doctor.

The world is a different place.

The civil exams can
only do so much for you.

Yes, you're right.

Yes, I think the same way too.

Since you're on the road
to becoming a doctor,

... why don't you plan on
becoming the King's doctor,

... and let alone the Director of Jejoongwon?

The King's doctor would be at least
a level three office!

That would be the equivalent of...

... at least a Royal Secretary or
a Head Professor at Sunggyungwan!

You didn't make it that far.
Did you, Administrator Oh?

Mongchong, I'm sorry.

My misdiagnosis caused you
more suffering.

Please don't say that.
It's my fault for getting sick.

It was my mistake.

I might have diagnosed it as colitis,

... because I don't know how
to do an appendectomy.

A doctor must never see a patient using
his own narrow scope of knowledge.

But that is what I did.

Has he eaten?

He's been eating porridge since last night.

I hope you have a fast recovery.


Thank you so much for taking care
of me and the children.

That must be the musicians
to bring good luck to the hospital!


Seok Ran,
I know what you're going to say.

But right now,
I want to watch them.

It's like they're sending me off.

- But I know it's not.
- It's one of Korea's traditions.

It is done on the first day of the full moon,
and goes from house to house.

It is to bring good fortune
and health to the families.

I feel like they're giving me
good fortune too.

I wish all of the staff and patients of
Jejoongwon the best of fortune.

Let's go dance too!

I'm all right.

Seok Ran is a good woman.


Mr. Hwang,
you must continue to help her.

Yes, Doctor.

Jejoongwon's accounts are in a mess!

This is a hospital,
not a party.

Tell the musicians
to not come here again.

Yes... They won't come back this year,

... but I will make sure
they never come back.

I also don't understand why we are using
dancing girls are nurses.

Those girls are the life of our Jejoongwon!

The patients love them,
and they're the life of the party!

I understand your point, Director.

But they were sent to us by His Majesty.

Even Dr. Allen had no choice.

It appears the medical students
have almost completed their studies.

We will need to determine
the ranking of the students.

But before that, I will need to pick
a medical assistant.

A medical assistant?

You must choose an intelligent
and dedicated assistant.

Yes, of course!

How Jejoongwon has suffered
under the current assistant!

You must choose a proper
and suitable assistant this time!

~ My love, my love, Oh my love...~

Where did they get more wine?
I'll going to...!

But she sounds so good!
I don't know why he wants them gone.

That Dr. Heron is a surly fellow!

You love everything that is
connected with wine.

That is the great joy of life,
don't you think?

Mr. Hwang!
Where are you going?

I'm going to help Dr. Allen
pack his belongings.

Why don't you follow him
back to America?

You've been under Allen's protection all this time.

Now that Heron is the new Director,

... he will return things
to the way they should be!

I'm just going to keep doing
what I'm doing.

Dr. Heron is a great doctor.

How dare you presume
to judge your superior?

- How dare you be so rude?
- Here now... Let us go stop that singing.

Prepare yourself!

~ He is my love... my love...
He is my love! ~

Be quiet!
How dare you be so loud?

They finished the whole bottle!

Come have a drink with us!

Oh dear, it's all gone!

Chunshim, we're out of wine!

I know!

You have no respect for your elders!

How can you drink by yourselves?

Administrator Baek, what are you doing?
Please get up.

You'll be punished severely
tomorrow morning. Let us go.

You should have a drink
before you punish us.

Do you want a taste of this
when we mix it with some ginger tea?

Is... is that wine?

It has a fine bouquet
once mixed with the tea.

If that's mixed with ginger tea,

... one might...
might find the cinnamon flavor...

Slowly slowly...

What is this?

It's my medical journal
while I was at Jejoongwon.

I wrote down my experiences
with the hospital...

... as well as interesting articles
from the Lancet.

I wrote it to help
with the treatment of patients.

I want to give it to you.


Oh, Mr. Hwang.

Please pass this to Seok Ran.

I took it a while ago,
but forgot to give it to her.

Ah.. Miss Yu.

Father told me to see you off.

Thank you.

Miss Yu, I will miss you.

I will miss you, too.

Well now...

I... I can't afford to pay you.

He is not a man that cares about that.

A doctor that turns away patients
for lack of money is not a doctor.

I just want one thing from you.

A doctor must never turn anyone away.

That is a doctor's creed.

I understand.

From this moment onwards,
you are my medical assistant.

From now on,
you are Jejoongwon's medical assistant.

You will learn how to make medicine
and treat sick patients.

This must become your new home.

Now we will accept our first patient!

Congratulations, Mr. Hwang.


Have a safe trip!

His departure is so sudden.



I should have told you
from the very beginning.

- I am...
- You...

You don't have to say anything.

Are you free after work?

- Director.
- Is everyone here?

I'm sorry.
Not everyone is here.

Oh no!

The administrators are passed out!

Jae Wook!
What's wrong? Are you all right?

I don't know.
You need to go in.

Oh my head...!

I'm going to die!

What happened here?

We mixed ethanol in the ginger tea...


This isn't ethanol.
This is methanol.

If you ingest this,
it turns into formaldehyde...

... and that causes the body to stiffen up.

More serious side effects
include blindness and death.

Isn't that used for preserving organs?

That's right.


We have to make them vomit.
Nang Nang, go and get a basin!

- Yes sir!
- No. Find me some ethanol.



- Feed this to him.
- Why are you giving them more alcohol?

It will neutralize the formaldehyde.


The ladies had been drinking
before the methanol.

- Is that why they're less sick?
- What?

The Administrators came late
and only drank the methanol.

Yes, that's probably why.

Then we have to shake them
so it mixes well!

How ironic.

Defeat a foreigner with a foreigner.

Well, alcohol was defeated by alcohol!

Let's leave this to the nurses
and gather in the courtyard.

- I'm not a nurse.
- Me neither.

The three of you are nurses from now on.


If you don't want to,
that's fine.

- No!
- I'll do it.

What about Shilhwa and Chunshim?

They used medical supplies
without approval.

They will have to leave once they recover.

There goes the irony.

That foreigner Heron
got rid of the foreigner Allen.

In one blow!

I will say only one thing.

And that is devotion.

Everyone here must devote themselves
to the patients.

If there is anyone here that is not
prepared to dedicate himself fully...

You may leave this very moment.
Or I will tell you to leave.

This is the first meeting with me
as the new Director.

- Where have you been?
- Please forgive us.

We went to send off Dr. Allen.

Was that so important?
Enough to miss the first meeting?

I am very sorry.

All students will have
night duties in rotation.

The patient may fall sick at any time
with any sickness or disease.

Furthermore, the patient may see
treatment here at any time.

That is why we must always be prepared
and on the standby.

- Over there?
- No.

- What about these people?
- No!

Don't you have any
really crude-looking people?


Oh, over there.

One two three!

Do you have anyone that looks
more crude and lowborn?

I do!

One two three!

That's enough.

My soul... won't be sucked out, right?

Don't worry about that.

One two three!

You certainly chose the most pathetic of
all the people in Korea!

That is how we will show Korea
as a backwards and crude country!

You are right.

In addition, you should show the
Korean King as ineffective and weak.

True, true!

We really need to take his picture too.

- Oh, here you are.
- I'm sorry for being late.

It's all right.

Sorry for the delay.
Go back and get some rest.

Yes. I did the rotations just now and
there was nothing out of the ordinary.

All right.

And... Mr. Goh...

I need to go somewhere...


Dr. Heron told us
to report our whereabouts.


You're so naive!
Just say you're going to a friend's house.

How are you going to get
with Seok Ran?

I'm not...!

- It's not like that!
- Fine. You should get going.

Thank you...
I mean I'll see you later.

Don't thank me.
Just invite me to your wedding.

- I said it's not like that!
- My love, oh my love!

What is all this?

When Dr. Allen first came to Hansung,
he gave me these fireworks as a present.


If you set these on fire,
the skies will light up with stars.

Don't tease me.

It's true!

You're not aware of this,

... but these fireworks were the reason
I found you at the riverbed.

That means these fireworks
saved my life!


I left them here that night in my haste,

... but Mak Saeng brought them
the next day.

But why are we...?

I thought of them
while we were sending Dr. Allen off.

I felt like we should set them off together.

I feel like they didn't work that night...

... so that we could
set them off together tonight.

Make a wish.

Maybe they're too old.

No, maybe I didn't make
the wick properly.

How pretty!

I'm sorry...

The ground is cold.

Yes, it is.

Do you want to shake hands?

Did you make a wish?

I didn't make a wish the first time
because the fireworks startled me.

But for the next one,
I made a wish.

What was your wish?

Please tell me.
I'll tell you mine.

You know how I wanted
to tell you something just now?


I wished that it would forever
remain a secret.

Perhaps I am being too greedy
when I don't deserve to be.

No, you're not.

My wish was the same as your wish.

It was not in our destiny to be nurses.

That's right.
We should do what we were born to do.

If I knew methanol was that dangerous,
I should have given it to that cow.

- Do you have a deathwish, pig?
- What? Pig?

Yeah, pig!

You bald weasel!

Get him!

Why are those foreign thugs
fighting in our country?

Let's go!

You ladies better take note that...

... the old ways of working
won't be accepted here!

It'll be the boot for you!
Got it?

Yes, ma'am.

Why aren't you answering me?
Am I talking gibberish?

Yes, you're talking gibberish.

Do you know anything
about being a nurse?

Do you still think
you're in control here?

- Why are you being so mean to her?
- Get out of my way!

- You better not grab my hair!
- I was just reaching for it!

- Come here right now!
- We have patients!

Move all the regular patients
into the women's rooms.

Move them quickly!

Why are those stupid foreigners
fighting in our country and troubling us?

Come quickly!

My stomach is hurting again
because I'm upset!

Why are they making so much noise!
Administrator Oh.

We really should move to the VIP room.

How can we be in the same room
as commoners?

We can't do that,
Administrator Baek!

If we do that,
Heron will really have it in for us.

We must keep our heads down and
we shouldn't drink for the time being.

Oh, my head...

- How do you feel today?
- I feel like dying!


I transferred the patients in order
to better treat the wounded soldiers.

We have yet to recover,

... but we will move to other rooms
for the sake of the new patients.

Mr. Goh, let me down.

Even though I may die,
I must dedicate myself.

Oh my head!

I really shouldn't be so weak...

I will order the students and nurses
to treat the wounded soldiers.

All the students who know how to do
sutures will come to the operating room.

- None of his blood vessels are torn.
- Sew him up.

Why are you only treating
the Qing soldiers?

We are going by severity of the wounds.

Who cares if they live or die?

- Treat me first!
- If you treat the pigs, you will pay!

- What? Pig?
- What is the meaning of this!


Cause any more trouble,
and you're be kicked out!

- He didn't see us, right?
- Yes.

Why aren't you inside
the operating room?

I hate the Qing and the Japanese.

They should have killed each other!
Why did they have to crawl here?

I know!
We are thinking along the same lines!

Don't you think Dr. Heron is far
more handsome than Dr. Allen?

Oh, it is my...

Miryung, it has been a long time.

Where are my patients?

This is all I have...

I'll bring the money!
I swear I'll bring it!


I brought the money!

I've sterilized the wound but...

- They've run out of ointment.
- Is that so?

Then let us move the patients
to our hospital.

- Director!
- What is it?

- I think I know someone here.
- Is that so?

You seem to have
a wide base of acquaintances.

Let us leave!

Father said that it would be
at least two weeks...

... before the medical supplies arrive.

Does someone not have an inventory that
pre-orders supplies before they run out?

Isn't that your job, Administrators?

This is not the time
to point fingers, Director.

Qing is closely allied with
the Queen's nephew, Lord Min.

If we turn them away without treatment,

... who knows what the repercussions will be.

- We won't turn them away.
- I... I think I may have a solution.

- Dr. Allen...
- Allen?

He wrote in his journal about
how to handle situations such as this.

He read it in the Lancet.

An English doctor saw the African natives
put dirt on the wounds and did the same thing.

What are you talking about?

Are you suggesting we put dirt
on the Qing soldiers?

Do you want to see Jejoongwon ruined?

It may have been written in the Lancet,
but that's not a good solution.

No, I wrote my thesis about
mixing medicine with dirt.

There is some potential
in treating them with dirt.

But how can any dirt be usable?

We don't know
if the dirt here can be used.

We can use yellow soil!

I once saw someone put dirt on
an animal's wound to treat it.

There are many types of yellow soil,

... but I heard Donghwang soil
is the best for wounds.

So why don't we go to
the animal caretakers...

...and find out where to get
the Donghwang soil?

Are you suggesting we use this soil
used for animals to treat people?

Director, I apologize for the low
standards of our students at Jejoongwon.

I will go get more ointment.

I am sure the Japanese hospital
will give me some.

That's right! They will surely
give Mr. Baek the ointment!

Since Dr. Watanabe
saw our situation here,

... I am certain he will help us.

- Mr. Baek, go and get the medicine.
- Yes, Director.

Mr. Baek, we are sorry to trouble you.
Mr. Hwang, you should remain silent!

That's my point exactly!

No, we should try and
get the dirt too just in case.

Yes, Director!

Are you sure?

When I saw the gatekeeper,
I was uncertain.

But the student in the operating room...

That man...

- He is a butcher?
- Yes!

He came to our hospital
with his mother on his back.

- Oh... the woman with pleuritis!
- Yes!

No wonder that Hwang Jung
looked familiar to me!

What an interesting situation!

I, the Hippocrates of Imperial Japan,
was duped by a lowly butcher!

There is a strong energy
pulling me in this area!


You are so multi-talented, Yi Gwak!

It's just that I don't excel in anything,

... but I'm proficient in
just about everything.

All right, let's put our faith in you!

If we don't find
the Donghwang soil right here,

I will tear out my organs
with my own hands!


Was I right?

I'm telling the truth!

We're really out of medicine!

Then what was it that I saw just now?


That was the last of it!
We no longer have any medicine left!

In any case,
Qing soldiers don't usually use medicine,

... so I'm sure they'll be fine without it.

You know that fellow Hwang Jung...

Why are you asking about him
all of a sudden?

No reason.
I just noticed that his skill has improved.

This is no good. If Qing finds out
we didn't treat their men...

... the effect will most certainly reach His Majesty.

I'll ride to Jaemulpo.

I think the hospital there may have supplies.


Our Do Yang is working so hard
for Jejoongwon.

But I don't know where
that fool Hwang is up to!

- Director!
- You may enter.

I brought the Dongan soil.

I brought it here just in case.

The quality is good enough for us to use.

I really doubt that's the solution.

But Administrator Baek,

... we need to at least create the illusion
that we are treating them.

I think it's ready.

- Miss, I think I can handle this.
- You want to have fun all by yourself?

Don't be so selfish!

I'm sorry!

- Oh dear, I didn't mean to...
- What did you do?

I'm sorry.

You know the saying
"Pay for a pig and receive a horse"?

Young Master.

- Are you sure that's not muddy water?
- Of course not.

This is special medicine used for soldiers.

Then what is the name of this medicine?

- Well...
- It's called Tera Firma.

That's what Dr. Allen called it.

- Yes, that's right. It's Tera...
- It's called Tera Firma.

This medicine absorbs pus
and removes toxins.

Mr. Hwang.

Good work obtaining the Tera Firma.

I knew you were going
to get commended.

Do Yang...!
Does this suit me?

It has already been over a week
since I came here to Jejoongwon.

I'm now familiar with how it is run.

That is why I am going
to choose an assistant...

... to represent all of you
and treat patients.

- This is Dr. Allen's student assessment.
- Allen?

It includes the reason
why you entered Jejoongwon...

... as well as his assessment of your skills.

I have decided to choose my assistant
based on his assessment...

... as well as my observations
these past few days.

- No doubt it'll be Mr. Hwang!
- It's a sure thing.

You're lucky, man.
Your assessment will be the best.

Please don't say that.

That Allen is certainly too much.

Why did he have to leave
that thing behind?


Director Heron!

I want to be your assistant.

I told you I will choose
the most suitable candidate.

And I'm saying I want to do it.
I can do a good job.

I have no intention
of making you my assistant.


I know Dr. Allen's assessment on me
will not be favorable.

- It will make you biased against...
- No.

Dr. Allen's assessment of you was good.

But I feel differently.

What do you mean...?

Mr. Baek, you are a nobleman.
It is in your blood.

Someone like you can never dedicate
himself to his colleagues and his patients.

I have observed you for the past week.
You are exceptional in many ways.

But you are always above
your colleagues and your patients.

If such a man becomes the assistant,
everyone will suffer.

I will change.

You were born into
a family of noble blood.

You will not be able
to change so easily.

I will change.

Please give me some time.
I'll change little by little.

Why should I wait until you change?

I will begin treating patients tomorrow,

... and I need an assistant beside me
at that time.

You are a nobleman.
It is in your blood.

Someone like you can never dedicate
himself to his colleagues and his patients.

You are exceptional in many ways.

But you are always above
your colleagues and your patients.

Director Heron!

- Who is it?
- It is Baek Do Yang.

Mr. Baek...

There is only one trick to riding a bicycle.

It's turning the handle towards
the direction you are falling.

Someone asked me to give this to you.

What has my husband done
to be taken away like this?

- He's been framed.
- There is no way to prove that.


Don't worry.
I'm innocent and will be released!

Can't you say that you ordered it?

Once he's transferred to the Bureau,
there is no turning back.

All we have to do is get his testimony!