Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 18 - Jane the Virgin - full transcript

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Take one.
Rolling, rolling.

Good day. Yay!

Is this okay?

I know to look this way.

Doc style.
Oh, wow.

Okay, I'm gonna

start crying already.

Okay, go.
Start at the beginning.

I just felt like
I was holding on to gold.

It was so smart.
DR. SPINOZA: You're pregnant.

But I've never had sex.

I'm a writer.

Our show has had

so many huge moments
over the five years.

She's here!

Cue the music!
No, wait. Stop.


The journey has been amazing.

(Jane gasps)


Okay. Yes.

I couldn't even put it
into words.

I know. OMG, right?



It just has a little
extra magic to it.

I love it so much.

Dad, kiss Mom.

There are so many
take-me-back moments.

He's beautiful.

Tonight is

everything I've ever dreamed.

I love you. I do.

It's full of love.

We love what we do.

It is a lovefest.

COLL: That's one of my

favorite moments.

I can't imagine it ending.

It's changed my life.

The fans can expect a very

Jane the Virgin ending.

It's a good show.

Chin up, Jane!

♪ ♪
Mm, mm. (whoops)


♪ ♪

RODRIGUEZ: When I was getting
asked to audition

for a pilot
where I was being

the lead in a show that was
called Jane the Virgin...

Come on,
let's get up.

But you're not
feeling good.

...I was just, like,
a little, like thrown off.

I was like, "What? They want me?
They know who I am?"

♪ ♪


When I read the logline,

20-something-year-old virgin

gets artificially
inseminated by mistake,

I'm like, "Oh, my God.
Please. Really?"

Nausea and fainting spell

You're pregnant.


But when I saw

the finished pilot...

Jane, did you
and Michael...?

No. We didn't.

And it may be rare,
but it happened,

'cause I'm a virgin.
A virgin.

It's based on
an Venezuelan telenovela.

So the whole story just kind
of came to me

of this girl
who loved telenovelas

so much that all of a sudden
her life became like one.

I accidentally inseminated you
two weeks ago.

You what?
You what?

I read the script and I thought

it was so brilliantly written.

I thought something in Spanish
and English, what the hell?

Oh, I don't even know how
to say this in Spanish.

No. No, I didn't.

And then, when I started
to look at it,

and then when I started
to read it, then I got it.

She accidentally put

a sample of a man into me.

I was excited.
I thought it was a great idea.

what are you doing?

And it was very original.
I'd never seen,

really, anything like it.


Gloriana Villanueva,

w... will you...?

Michael, I'm pregnant.

I knew it was special

from the moment
I read the script.

Uh, I knew it was something
different from the moment

I saw our pilot.

I love you
because you're my best friend.

And I want to grow old
with you.

And five years in, I still feel
like I'm living something

that's still very different
and new.

I love you.


The love story
at the center of the show

is Jane and her mom
and her grandmother.

At least you could
turn it down.

Mom, she doesn't have to watch
if she doesn't want to.

Of course I'm gonna watch.

You guys got me hooked
on these things.

TV, you rarely see

three female Latinas

being in charge
of their lives.

Michael, welcome to
your first family meeting.

Proud to be representing
the male point of view.

Oh, see, I wouldn't
lead with that,

'cause that's not gonna do well
in our meetings.

All the joy and all the pain
of life contained within

this one family.
What if I don't like it?

The baby?
All of it.

We all can relate
to this family,

and we all can desire
to have a family

as strong as the Villanuevas.

That's what everybody says,
but what if it isn't?

The family
is what drives the show,

what, you know,
what sets the tone...

We're in this together.

All of us.

...what people connect with.

It is so wonderful
to be a part of a character

who came into this journey
with very strong convictions

of saving herself for marriage,

of what that looks like,

of what family structure
looks like.

My whole life,
I didn't want to end up

an unmarried pregnant woman
like my mom.

But guess what? I'm an unmarried
pregnant woman like my mom.

If you want to make God laugh,
tell him your plans,

7and that's like, number one,
Jane's thing.

I'm sorry that I called you
a jerk the other night.

I was just in this...
I'm the father.


She believed that
there was always order

to that madness.
(ultrasound whooshing)

Little early to hear
the heart beat.

Jane is this combination

of her grandmother's
strict upbringing,

and her mother's more

free-spirited attitude.

She is romantic,
and she is full of love.

I broke up with Michael.

Jane knew in her heart

that this was absolutely

the last thing
she should be doing.

I've heard people say

that the love triangle
in Jane the Virgin

is one of the best ever
on television,

and, biasedly,
I would have to agree.

With Raf and Jane,
that's family.

I'm not gonna leave.

I'm here.

With Michael and Jane,
that was like a,

like a Notebook love story.

(Michael laughs)

That's amazing.

I personally like

Jane and Michael.

Today we would have
been married one year,

so I thought we might
as well celebrate anyway.

I just think he's just
a genuine, great guy.

I had the same thought.

Happy Would-Have-Been


And Rafael, he's also
a great candidate for Jane.

Oh, hey, if you ever want
to use the Marbella gym...

Oh, maybe I'll take you up
on that.

Plus, he's just shredded.
I mean,

Justin is in great shape.
(Rafael grunting)

Wow. A lot of reps.

(exhales) You just got
to push yourself.
Oh, yeah.

I have empathy
for the Michael shippers.

I love you.

I would absolutely want a man

to treat my daughter
the way that Jane

was treated by Michael.

Don't think, just tell me,
do you still love me?


They feel different to me.
They feel like

different sets of her heart.

BALDONI: This magical world
where you don't know

who you want her
to end up with.

Team Michael.

Print the T-shirts,
make the mugs.

There are no teams
in this family.

Rogelio has always been
Team Jane, to be honest.

So whatever makes Jane happy,
Rogelio will support.

You turned out perfect
without me.

Trust me, I wish I had you.

I absolutely love the fact
that they'd have...

that they have portrayed
a Latino, strong,

extremely handsome man
in a...

in a normal way, you know,
full of feelings.

You were incredible, Dad.

Did you just call me "Dad"?

I think I did.

Five years ago,

inclusivity wasn't as prevalent
as it is now.

Is there a baby yet?



I think the show came
at a time

when the world
really needed it.

Five more minutes of pain

for a lifetime of happiness.

A show that,
from top to bottom,

is about representation.

His name is Mateo.

I could completely relate
to these characters,

and it was a breath
of fresh air for me.

That's my Dad's name.

The Villanueva women
in particular represent

a segment of

the society in the United States

that has not been reflected
very often.

Abuela wrote this
to read at my baptism.

I read it at yours,

and I want you to read it
at Mateo's.


Growing up, I really didn't see
myself on TV,

my family on TV.

And I really felt invisible.

May you be brave...

"May you always let your faith
be greater than your fear."

And it was really a blow
to my self-esteem

because I felt like
I wasn't important.

"And may you one day
love your own child

as deeply as I love you."

That's why a lot of fans
resonate with the show,

because they feel like
they're being seen,

like they're included.

I love you, Mateo.

Ho, ho, ho.
No fighting at the North Pole.

Stay out of this, Santa, okay?

BALDONI: Our show has
a really whimsical,

magical, unique style

that was refreshing
for television.

A night like this

is just the best feeling
in the world.

So much creativity went into it
on so many levels,

from set design to costumes
to just everything.

Didn't you get my text?

(slot machine sounds)

I mean, everything

that Jennie decided to do...

NAVEDO: Modern-day technology
with texting and social media

and all that stuff,
how that played into it;

what a great world.

What the hell is going on
over there?

You've been posting pictures
for five hours straight.

So awesome.

Well, we're just having fun.

Everything just kind of
added up.

The editing, the music,
the colorful vibe.

It all just kind of
makes your eyes go, like, whoa.

When you watch the show,
you kind of

just get transported in
to this world

that you want to be a part of.

Isn't this better than
some boring dinner party?

And it's funny.

Rafael stole Petra
from Lachlan.

Then Lachlan tried
to screw over Rafael.

But instead, Petra and Rafael
screwed over Lachlan.

Then Lachlan and Petra
just plain screwed.

Jane the Virgin would not be
Jane the Virgin

without the narrator,
and without Anthony Mendez.

They say with children,

the days feel like years.

You can do it, Janie.

There is a storyteller,

and things aren't random,

that everything is going
to be leading up

to a certain moment.

And the years...

Hurry, Mom! I can't be late

for my first day of junior high.

...well, they feel like days.

So I see myself as a friend
to the audience,

like your coach-potato buddy,
sitting there

and excited to get started.

So at the beginning of every
episode, he gets super hyped up,

and he's,
"Welcome back, my friends."

Hey, you guys, welcome back.

When Jane was young,

her grandmother taught her
to protect her flower.

You need this, you know,

like, "Okay,
and this is what's happening."

Our Jane was accidentally

inseminated by this hottie,
but she was engaged

to this hottie, so now,

she's in a big old
love triangle.

He's a character on the show.
He's amazing.

Hurry up, Petra! Wait.

Why am I rooting for her?

I've really wanted to, like,
break the fourth wall,

and when he's talking, I would
just look at camera like...

(doorbell rings)
As you all well know,

our Jane had
an active imagination.

Magical realism on our show

is bringing inanimate objects
to life

and making the world
around you alive

in non-traditional ways.

And it's really a rich tradition
in Latin American storytelling.

It should be noted that when

Jane arrived home, well,
she was walking on air.

For us, it's when Jane is

feeling a certain way

and falls in love,
her heart glows.

I love him so much.

Her stuffed animals might
talk back to her.

You're doing great.

Every moment has been magical.

Every episode has
something special.

♪ Virginity for you and me ♪

♪ If you keep your legs closed ♪

♪ Keep 'em closed ♪

♪ Keep them closed. ♪

That's what we were--
a dramedy

with some magical realism

Come on, baby.

You know you want me.

I love those.
Those were my favorite to do.

Because the fantasy scenes,
you can kind of be

-larger than life.
-♪ ♪

Synchronized swimming

to playing, like,
Jane the rapper.

♪ First things first,
I'm Sweet Lady Jane ♪

♪ And I'm-a drop lyrics
so sick, they insane... ♪

This has just been
such a fun journey.

Who are you?
I'm Bachelorette Jane.

It's like an actor's playground.

Ladies and gentlemen,
she pulls out

the belly bump!
RODRIGUEZ: So much to do,
so much to play,

so many characters to be.
There's nothing wrong

with casual sex.
I just had sex in the bathroom.


It's been so incredible.
What an incredible journey

Xiomara has had.

What do you think?

In the beginning, the dynamics

between Jane and

Xiomara are more like

Jane's the mom and Xiomara's
the daughter. (laughs)

I have to draw the line

and telling my mom
the ins and outs

of my sex fantasy
is definitely crossing it.

Did you say
"ins and outs"?


To being a conscientious mom.

You get to be selfish now.

You don't have to take
care of anyone else.

Just yourself, okay?

When I think about Xo and Jane,
I just think

about how much I hope
that I could be a mother

like Xo has been to Jane.

When he opens his mouth,

will you stuff my boob in it
like it's a hamburger?

Honey, I am all over it.

I don't think

of these characters necessarily
as strong characters.

I just think of them as...
as women.

I do feel better knowing

you've suffered a little. What?

I like honesty.

So do I.

They're unbelievably

all in their own ways-- women.

Oh, please. Own your hotness.

Mm. Amen. That's what
I've been telling her.

You know, this is what
my mother taught me.

You don't need to be married
in order to be accomplished and

to be happy.

It shows women breaking down,

being emotional, being strong,
being bosses, being mothers.


(both laughing)

And none of this means that

they're more or less strong.

It's just... real.

You just push people
too far, Petra.

I'll say.

And at a certain point,

they can't come back anymore.

There are so many things

with Petra that I might not
do the same things.

I might not make
the same choices she makes.

You can't cancel brunch.
Have a seat, girls.

Um... what's going on?

But I always respected her.

I'm here to cook

everyone a traditional
Czech breakfast.

Alba, any food

Petra's experience
in becoming a mother,

from the...
how she got pregnant.


A sandwich and the
extra turkey baster?

Perfect. Thank you.

I still get turkey basters
as gifts.

Petra decided... to go for it.

She has, in her own way,

fought for herself
and her family

and the people
she cares about

from the beginning.

You protect everyone
around you like a dragon.

That's really who she's been.

But it comes from love.


That's how I see you.

Well, this year is easy.

I'm thankful for Mateo,
all day, every day.

What's interesting
about our show

and also the way
that I viewed family is

that family doesn't always
mean blood.

Family is...

the people you choose to keep.


This. I'm grateful
for all of it.

(doorbell rings)
That must be Petra.

That's one of the themes
of our show is you get to see

that family looks like a lot
of different things.

You know what? Come in,

since you're here
and there's so much food.

Yeah, okay.

Thank you.

I'm done protecting
Britney Spears!

Ideally, Ricky Martin.

I mean it, Teri Hatcher!

Antonio Banderas.

Just the other day, I was
telling Gloria Estefan

what a shameless name-dropper
Catalina is.

Did you tell Oprah, too?
No, just Gayle.

CAMIL: That's a Rogelio thing,
because Rogelio's

a natural name-dropper.

I left word with
the U.N. ambassador

and Gloria Estefan.

One of them will
stop the deportation.

So Gloria-- she turned out to be
a huge fan of the show.

She said
when that episode aired,

and he dropped her name...

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!

NAVEDO: ...her and Emilio
were watching.

He was like, "Gloria!

Gloria, they said your name!"

So, pretty cool. (laughs)

Wow. Just look at her.

The name-dropping was so good.

And then to back it up
with the real star, like...

The one and only... Bruno Mars!

(applause and cheering)
Wait. What?!

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God!

Not just any "Bruno,"

but Bruno Mars.

Please welcome back
River Fields.

(applause and cheering)

Yes. Yes.
Stop bowing, Sharon Osbourne.

Brooke Shields!
Oh, my God!

She's a legend.

Bananas Foster, madam.
Allow me.

(people gasping)

Oh! My eyebrows.

All the fights
with Brooke Shields

are super funny.

How dare you.
How dare you!
How dare... you!

Our minds were all blown
when Britney showed up.

(magical chiming)
Oh, ho, ho, ho.

GROBGLAS (laughing):
That was, like,

oh! I don't think
I was even working that day.

I just came to see Britney.

Britney Spears, stop!

Who can forget

the Britney Spears feud?

Ro, Ro...
Stop it! Stop it!
Stop it right this minute!

These are like major,

We've had Juanes
and David Bisbal.

You look just like
Paulina Rubio.

I get that a lot.

Rosario Dawson.

You're relentless.

Without a doubt.

Justina Machado.

Puerto Rican, also.
Hello. Thank you.

I can't believe you broadcast
my cervix to the entire world.

Only three million people
watch my feed.

Working with Justina Machado
was amazing.

I agreed to sign the contract
with a clear understanding...

(both shouting indistinctly)

You are clinically insane!

And having directors
like Eva Longoria...



Man, have we been lucky.

But you're going to love the CW.

I don't even know
what channel that is.

And I don't want

to do business with you again.

Rita Moreno?

Oh, my beautiful granddaughter.

I was like, "Oh, my God.

This is the real Anita,

♪ It's another beautiful day
to be Rogelio. ♪

Rita Moreno, who is like God!
Oh, yes.

Wow, she is good.

The fact that these great big,
humongous celebrities,

they like the show,
and they're willing to come

and play with us
for a little bit,

it means the world.

We're really embracing
the telenovela roots,

and exploiting all of the giant

twists and turns
that you can take.

You need to take a few
deep breaths, okay?

I'm just so happy that
the wedding is finally here.

So you jump from funerals
to weddings

to happiness to tears.

I left the car running
with the air-conditioner on

so your makeup wouldn't
run from the heat.

Aw, thanks, Dad.

(loud hissing)
JANE: Aah! Turn it off!

It's smoking.
Oh, my God!

Dad, do not panic.

We always make a joke
out of it,

because Jane can go
from, like, extreme laughter

to, like, bawling
the next second.

Yo, Michael,
te tomo a ti, Jane.

When you have great writing,

it's not as difficult
of a challenge

to play those beats.

You fall right into it.

Great job! You waited.

Now go have sex, Jane.

♪ Go have sex, Jane ♪

♪ Go have sex. ♪

People enjoy that.

We like our emotions to be
toyed with a little bit.

I'm gonna go get
some ice for the champagne.

Don't go anywhere.
There's always a twist.

And you want to see
what the twist is.

You don't want to know.

You know,
it's like magic, right?

It's you.


It takes you on a whole ride,

And you can never really guess
what's gonna happen.

You're okay.
You're really okay.

Ah, if this were only
a romance novel,

we could end here,
and they'd get their H.E.A.

There are times when
I'm in the vocal booth,

and I literally put my hand
on my heart

before delivering certain


I am so proud of you.

And, friends,
it should be noted

that Jane would play
this moment

over and over,
until it became a memory.

I got very emotional
my last day,

when I was gonna die;
I cried.

Because I felt like
I was losing a friend.

When Michael died,

it was a moment where

I shed real tears.


And, friends,

I did say
Michael would love Jane

until his dying breath.

Our love story...

I think of Brett Dier

and how much fun I had
working with him.


It's a good show.

Um, so, uh, when I think
about Michael and Jane,

what a love story, man.

What a beautiful love story.

How long are you gonna keep
tucking me in? Hmm?

So, Alba,

she has done extremely well

that she was widowed

and that she had to be
the only support

of her household.

One of my favorite moments
for my character

is after we have sex.


You look...

(music distorts)

But I love the fact
that, you know,

you're so prude
and so righteous,

and finally she gets married,

and then we have that scene

where they both pop out of bed.

(pants, laughs)

(both sigh)

That's one
of my favorite moments for Alba.

At least she got some, you know.


When she got here
to the country,

I don't think
that she ever even imagined

that it would get to be
to this point.

You'll recall Alba

had recently decided
to pursue her green card.

I did love,

uh, the immigration story line.

It really puts a human face

on this idea of immigration.

(laughing, crying)


I realize the political
importance that it had

in terms of the situation that,

uh, we're facing
in the United States right now.

I spent so many years

worrying about being separated
from all of you.

I never understood

what it meant, but now
I understand what it means,

you know, for all the immigrants
that work so hard.

ALBA: And I am
so grateful

that I will never

have to worry about that again.


Am I being practical or brave?

I'm a teacher.

I think the show deals with
a lot of interesting aspects

of what it means to be a hero.


I'm a writer?

(laughs): I have never
said that out loud before.

It takes the everyday person
and it turns her into a hero.

But I can't stand there

and read a book about Michael

in front of a bunch

of strangers.

I wouldn't be sitting here today
if I let fear stop me,

and Jane wouldn't be where she
is if she let fear stop her.

Chapter one.

I just believe that everybody
who's been on our screen

has had a chance
to play the hero.

You are on a roll, Jane.

Let's bet on your dream now.

Mine will come.

Jennie wrote Rafael

as an underdog, almost.

You can trust me with whatever
you're feeling or thinking

because I love you.

I do.
Because he had everything

going against him,

in terms of becoming
the, the hero,

the guy that the audience would

really want Jane to be with.

I love you. I love you.

And through this process
of him falling in love,

he made
a pretty large transformation.

Becoming a father, learning
what selflessness was like,

meeting the Villanuevas and
seeing this tight-knit family.

I was hoping

to get your blessing first.

Of course you have my blessing.

All of the different things
that Rafael was exposed to,

he started to change.

GROBGLAS: I think the male
characters are more interesting

because of the women
around them as well.

And I think that is true
in life. (chuckles)

I love that Xo and Ro

always manage
to find each other.

Oh, my God, oh, my God,
I'm going to faint.

For Rogelio,
Xiomara is the love of his life.

Who knew, when we first said
"I love you" on Beach Day...

I love you, Xiomara.

I love you, too, Rogelio.

...that we'd end up here?

They go through ups and downs,

rocky moments
in their relationship.

Life is beautiful
and hard,

and the only thing
I know for sure

is that I want to go
through it all with you.

There really truly is
a love that can't be broken.

I had Botox this morning,

so the tears
are struggling to fall,

but I feel them.

They're meant to be together.

Rogelio de la Vega,

will you marry me?

Of course I will.

Our romance is a really big

and powerful and deep romance.

It should be noted
that on the day

of Xiomara Gloriana
Villanueva's wedding,

the power was out,
her dress was ruined,

but it was still
completely magical.

Weddings are awesome.

I loved my wedding.

In the middle of a hurricane.


I got to wear
a little princess crown,

like, makeshift dress

inspired by the sea.

RODRIGUEZ (laughs):
Lots of weddings.

We do weddings well here.

My parents are here today not
because they are meant to be,

but because they chose
each other.

You don't need a big wedding
to profess your love.

You just need
the feelings there,

connected with the heart.

I now pronounce you

husband and wife.

Dad, kiss Mom.


Jane the Virgin is about love.

Love for oneself,

and love for others.

I think the heart
of Jane the Virgin

is joy.

We just wanted to bring joy
into people's life.

Thanks for that, Dad.
I love you.

Thank God. I love you, too.

It's about love,

challenges that human beings

have to face.

I think it's real,
and it's right,

and we should tell our family
that we're together.

(laughs softly)

It puts forward the idea that

positive choice
and, um, good people can win.

Share your feelings.

And it's about
how we treat each other,

at the end of the day.

I'm... just... a little hurt.

The heart of the show

is relationships between women.

Here's how I feel:

I didn't grow up with a sister,

but I feel like I have one now.

I really feel like
that's where the heart


Me, too.



Oh, please.
Don't be so dramatic.

If you knew anything
about telenovelas,

you'd know that everything
is supposed to be dramatic.

(door slams shut)

We pay homage to telenovelas,

which are
so incredibly important

in the Latin-American community.

My grandmother,
being from Puerto Rico,

she always
had telenovelas on

and, and she was like,
"Come on, ven aquí,

ven aquí, vamos a mirar
la telenovela. Vamos, vamos."

I just don't know
if I can stomach

all the ups and downs.
Then don't watch.

Of course I'm watching.

They love the novelas,
and they love the twists

and turns.


Don't look so surprised.

You know ours is the greatest
love story ever told.

What happens is this:
in Spanish, the telenovela style

of acting is different
from what we're doing.

I've always loved you.

Why are you talking
in that creepy voice?

(stammers) It wasn't
supposed to be creepy,

it was supposed to be sexy.

But in terms of all the things
that happen,

it is a telenovela.

My long-lost sister. It's you.

It's really you. Hi.

Oh, okay.

I have a twin sister
showing up. Dope.

Leaping lizards.
She's a voracious eater,

Do you think I-I
can bother you

for a little bit more food?

She yelps and scratches, she's
got issues with human contact.



I'm like, "Great. I know
this person. This is my cat."


I can't help it.
In the orphanage,

you always had to look out for
your bread and your boyfriend.

I was very sad
when she died, twice.

I know. Straight out
of a telenovela, right?

What I love so much is that it
is a love letter to telenovelas.

It's bringing out the best
parts of them, which are, like,

the amazing,
larger-than-life story lines.


Anything can happen.

I go by Jason now.

I come back from the dead,
I've got amnesia.

You don't remember me?
No, ma'am.

You can just pretty much
throw anything

at this show and it will work

because the world accepts it.

Hi, there.


It is me.
DIER: He has no idea
who anyone was,

so that would be
really difficult,

having everyone go,
"Hi, how are you?"

and "Oh, oh, my God,"
and then him being like,

"I don't know any of you."
How do we know each other?

Well, we are best friends.

And of course,
I am Rogelio de la Vega.

That was funny.

I think he was also
trying to crack me up

while we were doing it
in the scene.

Rogelio de la Vega.

I love the bromance,
and I love the fact

that Jennie went there.

I had no idea
they were best friends.

(both imitate explosion)

Because it's, it's so funny.

All righty, then.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

What I love the most about

Rogelio de la Vega is that
he's a well-balanced,

well-rounded character.

So he can make you laugh,

but you can also connect
via the heart with him.

Xiomara, what is it?

I have something to tell you.

The biopsy
came back positive.

I have breast cancer.

It was really important to me
to portray it

in the most honest way
that I could,

without being melodramatic.

Chemo hasn't
slowed you down at all.

I know, right?

I really do feel good.

The heart and the dedication
she put behind it

was not easy.

She's dealing with cancer,

and being
stripped down of...

that Latina beauty sexiness.

I wish there was more
that I could do for you.

Distract me.
Keep talking.

Then getting down to bare bones
of being human;

oh, God, I so loved playing that

whole cancer storyline.

I thought once
chemo was over,

I'd put it in
the rearview mirror

and leave it behind.

But it doesn't work like that.

I was very proud to do it, and

very happy about the response
that I received, so...



What I love about
Alba and Xiomara is their

relationship grew.

Thanks for coming.

We have grown closer
as a mother and daughter

in understanding
each other better.

I just got a little scared,
you know?

For example, me understanding
what my mom's reasons were

for being the way she was,
when we find out

how she lost her virginity.

With a guy who wasn't Dad?!

And how she, you know,
kept that a secret...

You're such a hypocrite!

How I felt judged by her
all those years.

I am just a normal woman
who enjoys having sex,

and you have made me
feel like crap about it

my entire life!

And I think that helped

create a bond between us.

NAVEDO: We were finally able
to be honest

about everything.


Thanks, Ma.

We're taught as

females to be competitive
with each other,

to not trust...

...move on to the next phase,
you know? Publishing.

In this family, we trust.

That front porch has become

like a symbol
for many people...

doing that kind of ritual.

I'm really so happy.


The porch itself

helps with
the, the crying scenes.

We call it the "porch of tears."

I'm supposed to be
in Honolulu right now,

sucking down Mai Tais
and having honeymoon sex!

It's, uh, coming to terms
with things in life.

That totally sucks.


"We'll have a porch scene..."

Oh, okay.
We'll be crying in this one.

If you try to set the same scene
in the living room, let's say,

those tears are gonna be
a little harder to achieve

than when we sit on
the porch of tears.

I'm heartbroken about Rafael
and confused about Michael.

Ma, what's wrong?

Because that's just what
it's for.

(tearful): I don't want to have
sex, and I love having sex.


They're my family.

You know, Jane is
in love with her family.

And she respects them.
Uh, and so do I.

I love them.

I thought I had a crazy life,
but yours...

You don't know
the half of it.

I can't tell you enough how

powerful it is
being on a show that

means so much to so many people.

Not just us, the people behind,

but our fans.
What makes you think

I haven't been
with a woman?
Have you?

I'm also your lawyer.

That wouldn't be the
first line you've crossed.

The immense amount of love

and wonderful messages
that I'm getting personally,

with mostly women who are

looking at the Petra
and JR relationship.

I want to be
serious with you.

I knew you'd
say it first.

To be part of something
that has that kind of

a powerful impact
on people's lives is--

I have no words
to even describe it.

I've never felt
about anyone

the way I feel
when I'm with you.

And I think I just quoted
Dirty Dancing,

but that's the kind of
cheesy thing you make me do.

I'm unbelievably grateful.

I happen to love
Dirty Dancing.

So it's-it's made the biggest
impact on my life.

You cornered JR
in an elevator and said

she's really
important to me?

I didn't say
that, exactly.

Actually, verbatim.

Jane definitely

worked her way
against all the odds

into Petra's heart.
Everyone's not going
to love you!

That is not what
this is about.
Then what is it about?

You, okay?
It's about you,

because I love you.

That evolution

has been remarkable.

And I don't want anything
to come in the way

of our family because
we've worked too hard.

And, like I said...
I love you.

I think their relationship
was handled beautifully.

W-Well, thank you.

I ap-appreciate
your explanation.

It's not black and white.
It's just, there's moments.

And Petra's still guarded.

You have to
say it back.

I don't want to.


I love you, too.

What I loved about that
moment is,

Jane comes around,
and then hugs Petra...


And, I don't know why,
I had to give her a little

kiss on the head
before running away.

That love story has been,

to me, such a strong

relationship of friendship

to project.
PETRA: Jane!

To get to a space of just

such transparency and love.

What's wrong? S-Sit.


That scene was beautiful.

And I felt like it feels natural
at this point

for Petra to go crawling to Jane

when she's--
when she feels broken.

(sobbing): Can I
use this rag?

W-- That-- My sweatshirt-- Mm...

Like, who else?

She broke up with me.

And I feel like someone
cut out a piece of my heart.

Oh, Petra...

That scene, like, women,
sisterhood, friendship,

and the way it could

evolve into
something beautiful.

Thank you for
letting me stay here.

That's what sisters
are for.

And now they technically
are actually a family,

because, um, they have
the same baby daddy.


Hey! You ready for
karate, bud?



Rafael and Jane
are complicated.

They're, you know,
the parents of Mateo...

Sorry, I-I don't know
what that was.

They've gone through
this insane journey

of back and forth

and push and pull...

It's love.
It's a testament to

the love that these two have

that they were willing
to overcome

all of these obstacles.

I love you.

I've tried to stop,

but I can't...

and I don't
want to anymore.

So it resembles

what life is.

What a real-life love story
should be.

♪ ♪

I really hope

that fans feel full.

I can't believe this!

My heart feels like...

It's glowing?

And they feel the closure

that we all do
as we are creating this finale.

I can't imagine it ending.

We're in this
together, right?

GROBGLAS: I can't imagine

all these characters
just ceasing to exist.

I think the finale is

a great culmination
of wrapping up

the entire five seasons.

I just want everyone
to be happy.

'Cause it's been a stressful
five years for the characters.

Poor things.

Hi, Jane.

And I think that the finale

will have happy endings.

Of course, a happy ending
on Jane the Virgin

might not be
a normal happy ending...

Out of many... one.

You are all part
of my journey.

I think what the fans
can expect is

a very Jane the Virgin ending.

Tonight, it's...

everything I'd ever dreamed.

The journey has been amazing.

The journey has been
beyond belief.

I love you, Jane.
Oh, I love you, Dad.

Five years went by real quick.
It's a good-bye party.

It's been an amazing

Jane has just been
really life-changing for me.

These relationships that

I'll hold in my heart forever.

I'm so proud of you.

It was groundbreaking
in my personal life.

(tearful): I love you.
(tearful): I love you, too.

And really impacted

my life in a positive way.

Aw, look.

I get to see it as a fan.

They're having all the feels.

And I'm just so proud

of everybody.
You did it!

(crying, panting)
It was just something

I never thought would happen

for me.
Wow, they're beautiful.

Right? It's not just me.

And it's completely changed
my life.

It's been an emotional journey.

To be somebody's mom

and grandmother...


Five years,
a hundred episodes...

Can I put into words
what this journey means to me?

I can tell you this:

It is the greatest thing
that ever

happened to me.

You're it for me. Forever.

Little did I know
what was coming.

And it will forever
be one of the most

beautiful experiences
I've ever had.

It really was like
winning the lottery.

It was the... biggest gift
anyone could have given me.


(tearful): Jennie making me
her Jane changed my life.

CAMIL: I think it's gonna be
one of those shows

that it will never go away.

Will you marry
us, Jane?

I'd love to.
(crying, laughing)

It's always gonna
be there for you

to make you feel good,

and to warm your heart...
(crying): Mom...

...and to make you laugh...

and to help you remember

the important things in life.