Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 13 - Jane the Virgin - full transcript

With Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) finally in a good place, they are concerned to discover Mateo's treatment might be a problem. Alba (Ivonne Coll) and Rogelio (Jaime ...

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- Welcome back, friends.
- Let me catch you up.

Jane was trying
to move on from Rafael.

And Petra was trying
to move on from J.R.

Luckily, they had
each other to lean on.

But then this happened.

What is it?
I love you.

Yes, friends. Jane and Rafael

finally got back together.

So it looks like Petra has to do

the single lady thing
on her own.

But at least she got one
of her exes back.

That's right,
her old assistant Krishna.

And I want a lunch hour
every day.

Every day? Oh, it's a deal.

And she could use
all the help she could get

because her ex-husband Milos

was threatening to sell
the Marbella out from under her

unless Petra lied about him
under oath.

So she was forced
to make a decision.

My lawyers can't stop Milos
from selling the hotel.

Well, you've found ways around

that kind of thing
before, right?

Yes, but that would
involve lying,

and I can't do that anymore.

That's right, she told Milos no.

Petra won't perjure herself.

Only problem...
But I will.

I know!
Straight out of a telenovela.

Which brings me to Rogelio.

See, his telenovela, This Is
Mars, was finally blasting off.

Because I'm half-human,

I've started to evolve.
Didn't you read the script?

I know, pretty wild, right?

Then again, it is a telenovela.

So let's get back to ours.

When Jane Gloriana Villanueva

was 30 years old...

she and Rafael
got back together. Again.

And, friends, it was romantic.

It was magical.

It was...


Uh, why don't we skip ahead
a little?

Oh, wow, they...

they're still going at it.

Okay, now we're good.

I am so happy.
Me, too.

I love you so much.
I love you.

Okay, so what now?

We start dating?
Take it slow?

Screw taking it slow.

Let's pick up
right where we left off.

Thank God. That's
what I want to do.

So... where were we?

Well... you were living here.

I'll move back in tomorrow.

And I was going to propose.


You were.

You jerk.

Seriously? Again?

Yes, seriously.

And we are back
forever and ever this time.

I'm so happy for you, hon.

Yeah, but he was actually
kind of low-key about it.

I know.

I'm hoping it's not
his meds, you know?

Dulling his personality?

Tell me what you think
at dinner tomorrow.

We're not just having dinner.

Ooh, okay, fun.

What are we playing?


look what I found in the closet.


We don't play lotería
in this family.

Why not?

- Hmm.
- I'll say.

You cheated.

You called all the cards
except the one I need.

You took el barril,
didn't you, you cheater?

Yes, you did. You
cheated and I hate you.

I wish it was just me and Dad.

Well, that was a long time ago.

Surely you've both
moved on, right?

If the cheater's moved on,

- then I have, too.
- Perfect.

Lotería it is.

Okay, well, I should get going.

I've got to move my stuff
into my new home

that I share
with my soon-to-be fiancé.


You really think he's
gonna propose so soon?

I'm hoping.

To be clear, not just hoping.

Straight-up snooping.

Looking for this?

No. I was just, uh...

making room for my stuff.

Oh, making room for your stuff
in my sock drawer?

Yeah. I think it's...

nice when couples...
share socks.

Go ahead.

Open it.

OMG, it's finally happening.

I had a feeling you might
come snooping around,

so I hid the ring.

You won't catch a glimpse of it

until I want you to.

Petra, hey, I, uh,
I wasn't expecting you.

The girls forgot their music
books for their violin lessons.

U-Um... I will, um...

get them for you.

Oh, God.

You're clearly...
busy with someone.

Or getting busy with someone.

I'm sorry. I'll get out
of your hair.

Wait, you're here with
a waitress from the Marbella?



you don't work there anymore,
so I guess it's fine.

Have fun.

You're getting busy with Jane?

I, I...
Jane, get out here!

Hi, Petra. Oh, well,
so much for our single ladies' pact.

I'm sorry.

I was gonna tell you
when I saw you in person.

I-I... I don't want you to
think I'm abandoning you.

Oh, so this is just
a one-night stand?

Well, I mean...

It's fine.

I'm kidding.
Congrats, I'm thrilled for you.

She doesn't look thrilled.

Uh, it's fine, okay?

I'm just stressed
because of this Milos stuff.

The trial's next week.

Which brings us to...

Krishna, I need some help.


Two more minutes.

I just need you
to scan something.

I have 90 seconds left
of my lunch break.

There'll be plenty of time
for nail art

after Milos's trial, okay?
Once he's a convicted felon,

I can sue for his shares
and get my hotel back.

Agreed... he'll never see it coming.
Which is why

I need you to scan this
and send to the lawyers ASAP.

So can you please
get back to work?

It's been at least 90 seconds.

I reset the clock
when you started talking.


I have a dentist's appointment.

I e-mailed you about it
last week,

but when I get back
I'll be all yours.

That's not her dentist!

It's on.

Petra has no idea.


No, I'm not in the
mood for scary.

Let's watch a comedy.

Okay, but first...

I have a question
I want to ask you.

Or how about a romance?

Have you seen my phone anywhere?

You're killing us, Rafael.

Oh, I... oh, I hate you.

So mean!

I just want to surprise
you, and I will.

No. No way.

My senses are heightened now.

There's no way I won't see it coming.


Hey, bud.

Aren't you happy
we're all together?

You want to come snuggle

with us and watch a movie?

No, I just came out
to get more paper.

Okay, I definitely think
the meds

are affecting his emotions.
Yeah, me, too.

We should talk to his doctor.

So, how was
your doctor's appointment?

That was fast.

Oh, her appointment.

Easy, fine.
Sorry I'm late.

What took you so long?

Oh. It was
just one of those days.

Everyone was running behind.

Okay. I'm here.

Let's get this game going.


Try not to cheat again.




So this is just bingo?

It's much more fun than bingo.

Each card has a riddle on it,

and if you can solve
the riddle first,

you have a better chance
of winning.

Well, you can't solve a saying.

Some cards have sayings
and some have riddles.

It doesn't matter.
Well, I'm a little confused still.

So, can I be the caller
for this round

and then I can get a handle
on all the riddles?

Or the sayings.


Let's... lotería.

Oh, mermaid.


Ooh, I got the tree.
Y'all are going down.

A ring.

I don't have it.

Me neither.


Will you marry me?






Now that's...

a winning hand.

- As you may recall,
- Jane and Rafael were...

Engaged, finally.

Finally? We've been
back together two days.


What do you think, Mateo?

Hey, Mr. Sweetface.
What's wrong?


Is your new medication
making you feel tired?

I'm not tired.

Then why aren't you excited
that Mommy and Daddy

are getting married?

'Cause I don't think
it's really gonna happen.

Yeah, can't blame that
on ADHD medication.

Of course it's gonna happen.

Look, I've got a ring
and everything.

Doesn't mean you're gonna do it.
You guys always break up.

I mean, he's not wrong.

This time is different,
I promise.

We are gonna get married. When?

Before my karate belt test?

Your karate belt test
is in three weeks, Mateo.

So could we do it before?


We could just go
to the courthouse.

We've both already had
big, fancy weddings...

Please, please, please?
All right.

Let's do it.
I'm in.

Yay, I'm so happy!

I'm just so sad...

to say that this is
our last day of shooting.

Over the past few weeks,

I feel I've gotten to know
you all so well.

Maybe not in name...

or individually...

but definitely in spirit.

So the fact that
this experience is over,

makes my heart break.

Actually, we're not done yet.

What's going on?

We had some performance issues.

We're going to need
some reshoots.

River chewed the scenery again?

Actually, the problem is you.

See how here it looks like
you really need to poop

but you're holding it in?

You can tell the senator
from Phobos that her

budget deal is a steaming pile
of antimatter!


Well, in my defense,
uh, performing

with an alien appendage
strapped to your behind

is harder than it looks.
Yeah. I get it.

We didn't give you
any rehearsal time,

and animatronics take work.

But the network
watched the dailies,

and now they're freaking out

and calling the tail
a "pilot-killer."

We have to reshoot some scenes,

and you have to find a way to
make that tail more natural.

And that's why
I'll be wearing it

for the next week or so.

Day and night.

Won't it be uncomfortable?

There's already some chafing.

But art is suffering.

It's your oncologist.
Shouldn't you pick up?

I'm sure it's a billing thing.

But you just had tests done.

It's fine. I'll call
them back later.

What's going on?

I was thinking we could do
a girls' night tonight.

We can order Thai food

and get those sweet pickles
you like for dessert.

Oh, n... actually, I...

Also, I wanted to tell you
Raf and I are engaged.

Oh, wow.


And your first stop was...

here, to ask me
to be your maid of honor?

Oh, uh... ugh,
actually, no.

We're just gonna do
a small courthouse thing

in a few weeks, but

I want to make sure you know

that even though we're not
both single ladies anymore,

I'm still here for you
no matter what.

Starting tonight.

catch me up.
What's happening with Milos?


Oh, come on.
The trial's coming up.

You must have some kind of plan.

Okay. You know what? Let's not
do this. You need to leave.


Because I'm upset
with you, Jane.

Clearly, but... why?

Why do you think?

Okay, first you abandon me,

and now this whole
maid of honor thing.

I've never been one, okay?

And even though
I don't want to wear

some poofy mint green dress,

I was willing to do it
because it's something people do

when they have good friends,
and you were my only chance.

Oh, Petra...

Okay, please, fine.
I'll get over it, all right?

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have work to do.

Petra wants to wear that?

She said she wanted a poofy
mint green maid of honor dress.

So, this is what I could find
on short notice.

It's halfway between
a gesture and a joke.

I'd say it's closer to a joke.

Well, I think you are
very thoughtful,

my soon-to-be wife...

Oh, I love you so much,
soon-to-be husband...


Ooh! Hey. Sorry.

We're here
for our marriage license.

- As you can probably tell.
- Paperwork?

Oh... here you go.

Signed, sealed, delivered.
Oh, yeah.


Wow. That is not as momentous
as I thought it would be,

but okay.

Is that where it happens?

Can we take a peek inside?
Knock yourself out.


Oh, wow.

It's not...

that bad.

No, it-it's charming,
in its own way.

What way is that?

For instance, that hole is in

the exact shape of a fist.

Which is not something
you see every day.


And neither are
stains on the wall...

How do you think they got there?



It's okay.
I have three weeks.

I'll fix the dress
and maybe wallpaper the room

while I'm at it.

You know what?

The ceremony's just a formality.

Why don't we go
somewhere special

after the wedding to celebrate?

That sounds great. Where?

Well, there's always...
Don't say the Marbella.

I was going to say

Le Coeur.

Le Coeur.

I've always wanted to go there.

But it's so expensive.

It's our wedding.
It's worth it.

Let's book a private room
for 12.

You can't get much
more special than that.

Ooh-la-la, Le Coeur.
They're going fancy.

You should get it, right?
Yeah. I'll be right back.


Me neither. I'll write it.

What's going on?

And that we're here for you,
no matter what.

Why are you guys
acting so weird?

We are worried that
your cancer is back,

and we think you haven't
said anything to us because

you don't want to ruin
Jane's wedding.

Don't worry.
It's not back.

Oh... thank God.

So? Then why have you been
acting weird?

You said you'd respect
my privacy.

No. Alba said
she would.

I have no respect
for your privacy.

I need to know.

Okay, fine.

That wasn't my doctor.
It was my nurse.

I've been picking
her brain because

I'm thinking about going
to nursing school.


Oh, my God!
You will be the best

nurse in the world!

Hey... hey, guys.

Hello, Mr. Sweetface,
we're home!

So... what's
going on?

Your mom is going
to nursing school!

That's amazing!

I'm thinking about it.


Have you started
the application process yet?

I can help you with the essays
or proofreading or...

Slow down. I want to figure
it out on my own first.

Make sure it's
really what I want

before a million people
get into my head about it.

We weren't gonna do that.

Of course not.
I'm just so happy!

Sorry. At your leisure.

So, wedding at that
fancy-pants restaurant?

As long as they have
availability in the next month.

I'm not wearing that.

It's for Petra.
Long story.

Abuela, can I borrow
your sewing machine?

So things are moving
pretty fast,

and we could really
use your help.

Jane's probably gonna have
a to-do list by tomorrow.

Of course.
Anything you need.

I'd love to help, too.
But what's the rush?

So Michael doesn't come back
and take Mommy away again.

Geez, kid, way to kill the mood.

I'm thinking twinkly lights.

Easy to plug in,
easy to take out.

Maybe they'll distract from
the fist-hole in the wall.

And I know there'll be no time
for vows, but I'm thinking

we can say them at Le Coeur,
assuming they'll take us,

They still haven't
called me back.

What happened in Montana?


With Michael.

I never asked you because
I didn't think I wanted to know.

I still don't.

But now I think I have to.

Okay, yeah.

We just worked on the ranch
most of the weekend.

But there was one night
we had to camp outside,

and it got pretty late,
and, uh...

we were laying there,
joking around, and then...

we kissed.

And then we fell asleep,

and that's, that's all.

Because I realized
I was in love with you.

And I'm sorry

it happened.
I wish it hadn't,

because then
we'd already be married,

which is all I want.

Me, too.

And we will be.

- And from one anxious
- Villanueva woman...

to another.

♪ It's another beautiful day ♪

♪ To be a student nurse ♪

♪ My wife's going to be
a student nurse. ♪


Do your research.

I'll zip it.

Oh, no.

That won't work.

Well, thanks anyway.

Le Coeur is booked solid
for the next two months.

They had a cancellation
for tomorrow,

but obviously that's too soon.


Seriously, what are we
waiting for?

I mean, you said it yourself

that you wish we were
already married,

so let's just do it.

Start our life together.

You're right.
Let's do it.

I'll call the restaurant back

and tell them to plan
for a wedding.

Yes, which is why I need
to fix Petra's dress right away.

Okay, I think this is
working. Yes.

Why not? He wants to.

It doesn't matter.

No, it doesn't,
because it's my fault

that we're in this situation
in the first place.

If it wasn't for me and Montana

and everything that happened,

Raf and I would be
married by now.

And he knows it and I know it,

and I just want to move forward.


I think everyone should be
able to do whatever they want.

Thank you, Ma.

I'm not going to nursing school.

As you
recall, we last left Jane...

with her head stuck
in a sewing machine.


I'm sorry,
she's obviously in pain.

That was totally inappropriate.

No, no, no, I-I don't want
lopsided hair for the wedding.

What do you mean you're not
applying to nursing school?

I tried to sign up,
but there were words

on the chemistry syllabus
I couldn't even pronounce.

I don't know what
I was thinking.

It was like a foreign language.

Yeah. I'll help you study

and make flash cards,
and we could...

Ma, I can't see you.


Move the machine.


Look, I know it's gonna be hard,

and it... but... Abuela.

Huh? Ay, dios mío.

I don't want

to talk about this anymore.

You can't make my choices
for me. I'm an adult.

She's not going to base
a lifelong decision

on the result of a game, Abuela.


Wait, what?

You don't understand.

Only, like, one
in a hundred dancers make it

to the second round of auditions
for Disney Cruises.

And I'd get to be
Mrs. Potts' third teacup.

I'm not dropping out.
I can take the GED next month.

Dad, please.

You've always believed in me.

I win, I can go

to the next round of auditions?


Are you gonna cheat again?

I'll get the game.

What...? Hey. Um...


I still need help.

Are you sure you don't
want to get that checked?

I have a great on-set doctor.

She healed my chafing
with this amazing cream

I rub right between...

I-I-I'm fine.

Just a little bit
stiff in the neck.

I need you to shuffle
and call the cards.

You're too honest to cheat.

And watch your
grandma like a hawk.

And so began

the most epic Villanueva
lotería battle

since their last epic
lotería battle.

- Okay, next card.
- I'll go.

"Who's always wearing
fancy shorts and is currently

on the verge
of losing everything?"

What do you want, Milos?

Revenge, conjugal visits,

and a lockpick,
in no particular order.

Just to say I outsmarted you.

What are you talking about?

Uh, you thought you could get

my hotel shares back
if I'm convicted of a felony.

But it's too late. I transfer
my shares to a close friend

who will run the hotel
on my behalf.

Game over, Petra.

Yes. I am so close.

I just need the pear
and the campana.

Going through a dry spell, Mom?

And I have that one, too.

I didn't need you
to run my life then,

and I don't need you to now.

Hurry up and flip another card.

Done, and it's my last one.


No friendly hello
for the two-thirds owner

of the Marbella?

I can't believe he bought it!

I know. The idiot
actually thought

I would lie to get
him out of jail.

He really thinks I hate
you... which I used to,

but now you pay me so damn much,
I think I might be in love.

That's right, they were
in cahoots the whole time.

I've already gotten the lawyers

to draft up
the transfer paperwork.

You will be the full owner
of the Marbella by tomorrow.

Oh, and you will get
an annual bonus bigger

than your previous
annual salary!


Played that cards down,
so to speak.

Oh, yeah. That reminds me.

We're down to the wire here.

This is it.

Abuela, you need
el camarón to win.

Mom, it's all about the pear.


No way!

Where is my pear?

You must have cheated.

Admit it.
Okay, okay, okay.

Both of you, relax.

I'm sorry,

it has a mind of its own!


I knew it!

You were supposed
to be watching her.

I-I'm sorry, I don't have
a lot of mobility here,

and I didn't think
she'd really cheat.

Well, she did again.

Because she always thinks
she knows what's best for me.

This is exactly like last time!


Why can't you just admit it?

You cheated then,
and you cheated now.

Alas, Alba's final card.


You cheated.

You've called all the cards
except the one I need.

You took el barril,
didn't you, you cheater?

Yes, you did!

You cheated and I hate you.
I wish it was just me and Dad!

I don't understand.

Why would Dad do that?

He was the one
who always believed in me.


Well, you were wrong.

It does hurt. A lot.

♪ Here comes the bride,
all black and blue. ♪

If the cleaners can't get the
stain out, it's fine, Abuela.

I'll just wear the dress
I wore to Easter.

Well, I don't think it's basic,

and-and it's the closest thing
I have to a wedding dress.

Hiya, Jane!

And, good Lord,
what happened to you?

Oh, I got into a fight
with a sewing machine.

Aren't you supposed
to be getting married

in a couple hours?

That's why I'm here.

Here's your dress
for the wedding.

Wow. Why would you
bring me this...


You said you wanted to
be my maid of honor.

Y-You said that
your feelings were hurt,

that you'd never been
in a wedding before,

that it would mean
the world to you...

Oh, that! Oh, sorry.

I-I wasn't really
upset about that.

I just needed to get you
out of my office.

'Cause we thought Milos might
have bugged it, and you kept

going on about whether I had
a plan to thwart him.

Which of course I did, but
I couldn't let him know that.

Anyway, plan worked,
I got the hotel back

and I couldn't be happier!


Yes, I know, exciting, right?

Petra, I put my blood,
sweat and tears

into this dress, literally,
to make you feel better

a-and now you're telling me that
you didn't actually give a crap?

O-Okay, well, I-I didn't...
Yeah, you didn't.

And now because of you,
I have to get married

looking like Quasimodo.


It's just a small,
quickie wedding.

I shouldn't even have a
freaking maid of honor anyway.

Just show up at the
courthouse at 5:00 p.m.

Can you believe her?

She is still
cheating and lying to try

and control my life.
I'm a grown woman.

Becoming a nurse
or not is my choice

and my mom
has no right to interfere.


This is the part
where you say, "I know,

she's the worst.
I'm on your side."

Oh, my God.

You're on her side?

No. Yours, always.

Because we are a team.

I just think if this
is something you want,

it's a little strange
you're not even trying.

I did try.

For five minutes.

Then it felt hard, so you quit.

Which is...

well, it's...
insulting, frankly.


You know how hard
I've been working

to make my dream come true.

I've been wearing a
tail, for God's sake.

In public.

I've scared children,
knocked over tables

and made many gentlemen
uncomfortable at the urinal.

Okay, I think
we're getting off-topic.

No, we're not. I'm doing
whatever needs to be done.

No matter how hard it is.

And you just quit before
you even got started.

Dreams don't come easy.
You have to work for them.

So, if nursing is what
you really want to do,

then it's time you put
your big girl pants on,

strap on that tail
and work for it.

You know what?

You're right.

You're right.

I can't believe it worked.

You can hardly tell
I have a black eye.

Oh, I'll take it off
for the ceremony.

And put it on for the honeymoon.

Am I right?
Sorry I'm late, sweetie.

You look beautiful.


Thank you.

you don't look very happy.
Of course I'm happy.

I'm about to get married.

Janie, is this true?

I just...

don't want a rushed,
small courthouse wedding.

Then why on earth
don't you tell him?

Because I've already
put him through the wringer...

going to Montana,
breaking up our family.

If he wants this wedding
right now,

then he should have it.

Sweetie, come on. You can't
go into marriage this way.

It's like your abuela said.

Husbands and wives
have to be a team.

Which brings us to...

Oh, wow.

You actually wore it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Where is she?

She's getting ready at her
grandma's house. Gotcha.

So you're really
getting married tonight?

What does that mean?

It means...

well, have you seen Jane's face?

She said she's fine.

She's not.
She's miserable.

Why are you in such a
rush to get married?

Well, you know.

Got to lock it down.

I'm kidding.
Are you?

I guess a part of me feels like
something might happen...

and she'll
change her mind again.

Look... I know what happened

with Michael was... devastating.

But you have to be
able to get over that,

and trust her again,

because if you don't...

Look at me and J.R.

She thought she could
get over the past.

In the end, she just couldn't.

Can you?

I don't know.

Just talk to her, okay?

Hey, there.

Y-You know what? I've,
I've been meaning

to spend some quality
time with Mateo.

So, um, I'll just
be right inside.

So, I...
I don't...

Oh. You, go ahead.

I don't want
to get married today.

Oh, thank God. Me neither.

I want to wait

and plan something
really wonderful and...

What's wrong?

I don't know if I trust you.

Because of Michael?

What if you change your mind again?
I won't.

You just did.
I didn't change my mind.

My husband came back
from the dead.

It's an impossible,
crazy situation.

What else could I have done?

Chosen me.

Right then. Told him to leave.
I couldn't have.

I mean, maybe somebody else
in that situation could have,

but you know me, Rafael.
You said it yourself.

I had to explore
things with him,

he was my...

And I can't feel guilty
about that forever.

I'm not trying
to make you feel guilty.

I'm just...


Yeah... okay.

A-And maybe it'll take time
for you to trust this.

But I want you to
know that I want

to marry you and spend
my life with you.

Because I chose you,
Rafael, and I will

keep choosing you,

every single day
for the rest of our lives.

I'm serious.

If you ever try to leave me,
I'm going with you.



Aw. Turns out,
sometimes you need the vows

before the wedding.

My neck's still
pretty stiff, um...

Maybe you should go in
the other way.

Ah! Ow, ow. Mm.

Maybe bend your head

a little more to the right

and no face grab.

Got it.

Jane and Rafael
pushed the wedding.

They want to plan a real
celebration in a few months.

And speaking of right...

I do... want to go
to nursing school.

I'm just...


There's so much science stuff

I don't know or understand...

Not every minute, right?

'Cause I-I'm gonna need
study breaks.

It's crazy,
I spent my whole life

trying to be the opposite of you

and now...

I'm stepping into
your nursing shoes.

I did it.

Spoiler alert:
he really did nail that tail.

That's crazy.

- I know, I'm sorry.
- I just had to show you.

150 people?

We definitely wouldn't
be able to do it at the court.

That's okay.

It's more important to have
everyone we know and love there.

Mm? Mm.

You guys about done?
'Cause I need to talk to Jane.

And quite frankly,
Mateo and I have reached

our conversational limit.


That dress just hurts the eyes.

Okay, I'm only wearing it
so that Jane knows I'm sorry.

I... didn't mean to make
you feel like a fool.

I should have told you what
was going on with Milos.

But look,

I'm a more selfish
person than you,

so sometimes I forget to
think about other people,

but I'm working on it, okay?

But hey,

it is who I am, so don't expect,
like, a huge change.

Well, I appreciate your honesty.

And I love you, Petra.

Which is why, now that
we're postponing the wedding

and going bigger,

I really do want you
by my side at the wedding.

Not so fast.

See, I've also been
thinking about

who I want by my side
at our wedding.

And I was also
going to ask Petra.

I just asked her.

Well, I knew her first.

Oh, I know her better.
I was married to her.

A long time ago.
Did you know

that she has a fear of
drive-through car washes?

Did you know that
she and I are on the same cycle?

I did not.

Did you know that
she refuses to see a movie

if she knows an animal dies?

Uh, but I don't mind
if people die.

Did you know that
she knows every single word

to Justin Bieber's
"Love Yourself"?

Okay. Oh, that's...

enough spilling of secrets.

Look, I don't have
anyone else on my side.

You have your mom and your
grandma and your dad.

I used to have Luisa,
but not anymore.

I know what it's like
to feel abandoned.

And through it all,
Petra has been

a constant in my life,
for better or worse.

I really want her
by my side for this.

Ugh, okay. Fine.

So it's settled.

I'll be Rafael's best man.

And Mateo could be the ring bearer.

Oh, my God.

We forgot about Mateo.

How are we gonna tell him
that we're postponing again?

W-We can't.

Daddy, do you promise
to never ever

break up with Mommy again?

Yes... I do.

And Mommy, do you promise
to never move back

to Bisa's house again, even when

Daddy's really mad at you?

I promise.
Yeah! You're married.

Aw. If only the real wedding
could go this smoothly.

But alas, that's...
not in the cards.