Jane the Virgin (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Jane the Virgin - full transcript

Jane and Rafael both reveal shocking secrets to each other. Xo is excited when a music producer, Elliot, contacts her to record a demo, but little does she know that Rogelio had a hand in ...

Latin lover narrator: Glad you're back. Here we go.
As you know, jane was accidentally inseminated
With rafael's sperm.
I accidentally inseminated you two weeks ago.
Latin lover narrator: Oh, and the doctor? She was rafael's sister.
And rafael underwrote her medical malpractice insurance.
No one would insure luisa with her history of addiction.
But jane didn't know that,
And rafael wasn't about to tell her.
And from there, things got complicated.
See, jane was with michael, but now she's not.
And rafael was with petra. We're done, petra.
And despite jane's reservations...
What's better for a baby than its parents actually together?
...Jane and rafael were falling for each other.
Unfortunately, jane's mother, xo, did not approve.
Rafael is already a bad influence on you. He's a good guy.
For the record, xiomara's love life was complicated as well.
See, she was falling for jane's father,
Telenovela star rogelio de la vega.
But she broke it off.
You have to focus on your relationship with jane,
And I'll only get in the way.
And she was currently distracting herself
With a new man. Good to see you.
And speaking of complicated,
Dr. Luisa had been hooking up
With her stepmother, rose.
That is, until she fell off the wagon and disappeared.
I don't know where you are.
Oh, and michael was currently on the hunt
For the notorious drug dealer known as sin rostro.
And honestly, there are
A gazillion other things going on.
But we should just get started, right?
As a young girl,
Jane gloriana villanueva loved to hear stories.
Okay, so tell me what happened.
From the very beginning.
Well, first the producer said
He loved my voice. Then he said
I had great energy up there.
Xiomara: Oh, sorry, ma.
I didn't mean to wake you.
Oh, shoot.
I thought I paid this.
Mom, it's a parking ticket. I'll pay the fine.
So... What is it about?
I like long stories.
So what does that have to do with mom's parking ticket?
How can I be patient?
I haven't seen you in two weeks.
I know, I know.
I-I miss you, too. I'm hurrying.
Latin lover narrator: Do you know what? I'm gonna stop right here.
I should really set the stage. Fill in some gaps.
(phone chimes) ah, yes.
This is where we left off.
Rafael, you'll remember, was about to meet jane, when...
We've got to talk.
Dad, not right now.
You're fired. What?
Narrator: And here's what you didn't see.
I'm sorry.
I felt obligated to tell your father.
You're jeopardizing the hotel.
What the hell are you talking about?
The fact that you put up your shares of the hotel
For luisa's medical malpractice insurance.
I did that, dad, but come on.
You're the one who always says
Family comes first, right?
The problem is,
Luisa needs to answer to this lawsuit in two weeks.
If she doesn't, this waitress...
Right. Jane.
Jane could get a default judgment
And then lay claim to your 20% of the marbella.
Latin lover narrator: And that led to this.
(phone rings)
Hey. Where are you?
I'm on my way to the airport.
I have to go to mexico city.
What? Why?
It has to do with your lawsuit
And my sister.
But, jane, I don't want to make you uncomfortable.
Oh. Uh... Church and state,
We separate everything.
Don't tell me why you're going to mexico city
As someone who's suing your sister.
Tell me as...
Someone who cares about you
And wants to know why the hell you're going to mexico city.
If luisa doesn't come back in two weeks,
Then you get a default judgment against her.
Latin lover narrator: I should pause to point out
That jane had no idea that rafael's hotel was on the line.
And he wasn't about to tell her.
We have a hacienda in mexico city.
I've been tracking her credit cards.
Just to make sure she's alive.
I really hope you find her.
Latin lover narrator: And that brings us...
I'm sorry you didn't find her.
It was like chasing a ghost.
A drunk ghost.
San miguel, mexico city, tulum...
Jane: She probably figures
Her insurance will take care of my lawsuit.
So how was teaching?
Oh, you know... Uneventful.
A lot of grading papers.
Latin lover narrator: There was one other thing.
She also spent a great deal of time
Hugging churchgoers who thought she could grant miracles
Because she was a pregnant virgin.
But jane wasn't about to tell him that.
I just want to see you.
I've really missed you.
I'm here.
You're showing. (laughs)
Yeah, I am, a little, right?
Are you still feeling good?
Yeah. Yeah.
This is my place.
Yeah, I've been here, actually.
With petra.
Latin lover narrator: Ah, yes. Petra.
I'm not gonna lie.
The last two weeks have been tough for petra.
You can't keep ordering room service.
When I settle my divorce, I'm going to have to pay it off.
Oh, petra, stop.
We are cooped up in this tiny room.
Ivan: Yeah.
Oh, stop. You're no better.
Latin lover narrator: Having a hostage
Was turning into a major headache.
Who needs lobster every night?
(phone ringing)
Rafael's back. Here we go.
No more leaving, okay?
I missed you so much, jane.
Should we move to the bedroom?
Latin lover narrator: Ah. Now it's time for jane
To tell him she's a virgin.
I should probably go home.
I have court tomorrow, so...
Oh. Uh... Okay.
Um... Well, can I take you to dinner?
To celebrate your victory?
Winning a default judgment against your sister?
Church and state.
Maybe afterwards, you could even...
Sleep over.
Latin lover narrator: Okay, tell him right now.
And speaking of sleeping over,
Remember marco, xo's soccer-playing hottie?
The past few weeks had been pretty good for them.
Less good, however, for rogelio.
Oh. Rogelio. Again.
Ugh, it's so annoying.
He's trying to get close to jane, so...
I should probably head in.
Oh. But first, eva would like you to come over
For an official family dinner.
Like with place mats and everything.
Sounds good.
Bye. Bye.
Rogelio: Oh, hello, xiomara.
Finished with your date so soon?
What are you even doing here again?
I was actually helping jane prepare for court.
I have played many lawyers,
So I was giving her lots of tips.
Ah. Got it.
Avoiding rogelio and his legal tips?
Yeah, something about...
Putting hand sanitizer under my eyes,
So that I can cry.
So... How was the big reunion with rafael?
It was good.
What happened? We...
Had a moment in his penthouse
Where I could have told him
That I'm not having sex, but I didn't.
Makes sense.
I don't know how a guy like that responds.
Seriously? What?
"a guy like that"?
I'm sorry.
I-I just don't really see you two together.
I mean, you're so different. You just are.
Great. Thanks for the talk.
I feel so much better now.
Jane, I'm just being honest,
Just like you're honest with me
When you don't like someone.
Rafael's not "someone."
I'm having his baby.
You're right.
Petra: I heard you were back.
I live here.
The question is, why are you still here?
Well, I don't really have any money, do I?
Till we settle our divorce, anyway.
Of course, for the right price,
I would move on now.
Were you always a monster?
Or did you become one along the way?
Should we... Review our courtship?
I was engaged to a man I loved.
Who loved me.
You were passed over for a promotion
And so, to get back at lachlan,
You set your sights on me.
So tell me, rafael,
Who's the monster?
But you see,
I had the advantage,
Because I always knew you were an entitled playboy
With a tendency to self-sabotage.
And jane will find out soon enough.
Don't you dare mention jane.
How chivalrous.
Let's be real.
You two won't last.
She's a good girl.
And... Well...
We've already established what you are.
Mom, hurry up!
We can't be late to court!
Are you not coming, abuela?
Okay, okay, I'm ready.
One more button, ma.
Got it.
Okay, so, what's the procedure?
The lawyer said it should be easy.
Since luisa's not here,
We'll request a default judgment.
A default judgment is ridiculous, your honor.
With all due respect,
A week is all we're asking.
Another week?
Your honor, no.
That's another week into my client's unwanted pregnancy.
This event has derailed
Her life.
And dr. Alver is exhibiting that same recklessness now
By not answering this claim.
Luisa: Actually, no, I'm here.
I am so sorry that I'm late.
Judge: Dr. Alver,
I presume?
Latin lover narrator: You're probably wondering where luisa has been.
Until a week ago, luisa was
Drinking tequila,
Kissing strange women,
And dancing naked.
I was lost,
But, your honor,
I stand before you here today,
Ready to accept any punishment that you deem necessary.
Judge: This isn't a sentencing.
You just have to answer the petition.
Well, then I answer it.
I'm here.
I do need to consult with my client.
Absolutely not. This is ridiculous.
(gavel bangs) she's here to answer the petition.
There's no default judgment.
Dr. Alver,
This is your last chance.
Don't worry, your honor.
I'm back.
Rafael: Where the hell were you?
I chased you all over mexico.
Yes, I know.
I was in peru
On an ayahuasca retreat.
What the hell is ayahuasca?
Is that the psychedelic drink that makes you constantly vomit?
Exactly, but...
But it's like you're vomiting out everything
That's wrong with your life.
It's, it's really difficult to describe,
But I had a shaman, and I was guided through this journey,
And in my journey,
I saw everything so clearly.
Latin lover narrator: Full disclosure, I tried it.
Did nothing for me.
What's clear
Is that you are an addict.
But why? Why?
What was I trying to escape?
And then it dawned on me.
Money is the root of all my problems.
Latin lover narrator: Well, money and the fact that
She inseminated the wrong woman with rafael's sperm.
We're gonna talk about this later.
I'm glad you're home.
Thanks, daddy.
We should talk.
I would really like that.
Latin lover narrator: I should stop here,
Catch you up on jane and michael.
Yep, it's been that awkward.
You okay? Don't even have time to think about her.
We're hours away from the biggest moment of our career.
You sure the shipment's coming in today?
You confident in your contact at the coast guard?
Michael, I...
I get that seeing jane around every day is hard.
Nadine, stop.
We agreed we're just having fun, right?
Latin lover narrator: And by fun, he means this.
Let's just hope
The drugs come in and lead us
To sin rostro.
Rogelio: Lemonade?
In high school, you only drank lemonade
When you were feeling sad.
Well, things aren't going very well at the moment.
Latin lover narrator: With marco, please say with marco.
I came by here to see if they needed me
To fill any spots in the lounge,
But they said they were all full.
Once again, I'm back to square one.
Don't worry.
I believe in you almost as much
As I believe in myself.
Thanks, rogelio.
(zaps) ow! Ow!
Must be my shoes.
Finest italian leather.
I'm worried. Dad,
Luisa actually doesn't seem crazy.
A psychedelic drink,
And she has a spiritual awakening?
Idiotic, yes,
But not clinically crazy.
I agree with rafael.
For what it's worth.
In any case, she's back.
So I would really like my job back as well.
I'll toe the line.
But you'll answer to lachlan.
Okay, got it.
Hey, lachlan.
So, I just got an interesting call from your father.
I answer to you now.
Petra: Well, to me,
Actually. What the hell
Are you doing here?
Petra has some connections
In miami society.
She agreed to help us
Bounce back from your mishaps.
I'm not working for petra.
I thought your father was pretty clear about it.
You answer to me, and...
Well... This is
What I want.
Screw you both.
Okay, but why would lachlan want to hire petra?
'cause he wants to get under my skin.
Why? He was actually engaged to petra at one point.
I kind of...
Stole her from him.
Look, I was a different guy back then.
I'm reacting.
At least let me react.
Your scotch.
Thank you. And some chips
And our spinach-artichoke dip.
Oh, we didn't actually order anything.
They're from that couple over there.
They said it was for jane the virgin.
Latin lover narrator: Uh-oh.
I'm s... Uh, j...
Jane the virgin?
Thank you.
Jane the virgin? What does that mean?
It's, um...
It's a web site.
Do you remember rogelio's stepdaughters?
They started it to be making fun of me.
Just say it.
And the fact that I'm a virgin.
Which I am.
(chuckles): And now a pregnant virgin.
Huh. So, the web site-- it went viral, and...
Now, you know, some people believe,
Because I'm a pregnant virgin, that I can grant miracles.
Wait, what?
I can't, just to be clear.
Uh, wow.
A virgin? Yeah.
Wait, so you and michael never...
No. Not even after you got engaged?
No. (chuckles)
Not even...
I made a promise to my grandma when I was young
That I would wait till marriage.
That's what I've done.
And that's still your plan?
That's... That's...
That's great.
(exhales): Oh, yeah.
Excuse me.
You need another drink?
I'm reacting. I can react, right?
Yeah, you're allowed to react.
Waitress: Another scotch? Uh, yes, please.
It should be noted that michael did not react like this
When she told him she was a virgin.
But that's neither here nor there.
Check that number.
Nadine: 8-3-2.
Yeah, that's it.
You realize this could be huge for us, right?
We follow this shipment, learn where sin rostro has been hiding.
Okay, we got to stay focused.
We got to stay focused. Yeah.
Yeah, you're right. Michael: Here we go.
Look, I'm sorry I freaked out, okay?
I'm over it. It's fine.
Uh, you just surprised me, that's all.
Yeah, I definitely got that.
It's just, it's not something that you normally hear.
Not... No, not that you're not normal.
It's fine. I get it.
Yeah, fine.
Look, it's been a long day-- I just think
We should call it a night. Jane...
Rafael, I'm tired.
(loud banging) what?
Get down, get down.
Nadine: Is that sin rostro?
Michael: No way.
Sin rostro's already in miami, and we've got intel to back that up.
Okay, so maybe it's his new contact,
Whoever's taking over for roman zazo.
We got to go.
Hi, babe. Hey.
You'll never guess who called here tonight.
Elliot lantana.
He's an actual legitimate record producer.
He heard me sing at the club,
And he wants to record a demo with me!
That's amazing, ma. I know, right?
Watch out, paulina rubio!
Hon? Hmm?
How'd it go with rafael?
Did you tell him you're waiting?
Come on.
I got your message loud and clear.
I'm on board. Did you tell him?
How did he take it? Well. He took it well.
I was just so worried.
About you.
I know. I'm sorry.
(sighs) but how I felt about you--
That's part of what I was running from.
No, I get that.
Look, here's the thing.
When I was in the sweat lodge,
Drinking my tea,
Throwing up, being guided by my shaman,
I kept... Seeing your face.
It was a little distorted,
But... It was you.
I came here to be truthful and honest.
And if I'm being truthful and honest...
I still want to be with you.
I want us to tell
Everyone what happened and just...
Run away together.
We can't do that.
It's over.
For real, this time.
(long sigh)
I had a feeling you might say that.
We still have to tell my father what happened between us.
What? My shaman thinks it's really important
For me to just come clean about all my lies.
Your shaman doesn't understand the situation.
No, he really does. Luisa,
It will destroy my marriage.
Or make it stronger.
(quietly): What are you talking about? Rose...
I know this is gonna be hard,
But trust me, once you do it,
You're gonna feel so much better.
Don't worry.
I'll give you time to...
To figure out how to break it to him.
Tell my father.
Or I will.
Woman: Long day?
Oh, yeah.
Me, too.
The longest.
Oh, here, have mine.
I haven't touched it, I swear.
No, that's... It's fine, thank you.
Come on, I paid 17 bucks for this thing.
I swear, this place is such a rip-off.
Thank you.
(both chuckle)
What's he doing?
Well, considering he's at the front desk getting a key...
...I'm gonna go with checking in. Thanks, wiseass.
Makes sense that he's here;
This is the hub of the sin rostro operation.
Did you get the picture?
Yep. Great.
I'll get it to my friend at the fbi to run face recognition.
You trust this friend? Yeah, absolutely.
(xiomara singing in spanish)
♪ this is my life and this is my turn ♪
♪ chasing the dreams that I long for ♪
♪ I know that love, it will conquer... ♪
Man: Stop, stop, stop.
Stop, stop.
Here is the problem.
While you were singing, I kept wishing I was singing.
So I need you to get me out of my head.
How do I do that?
Dig deeper, xiomara.
Dig deeper.
Oh, just one second, one second.
♪ dig deeper, deeper, deeper. ♪
Sorry, song idea.
Get me out of my head.
Okay, let's go from the top again.
Jane, can you take some mimosas up to room 467?
I don't do room service.
Well, you served one of our vip guests the other day,
And apparently he's taken a liking to you.
To be clear, that's creepy,
Uh, and I'm not going into the room.
Just deliver the mimosas.
Woman: Come on in.
Uh, where can I put this?
Oh, my...
Rafael: Jane! Jane!
Listen, stop.
Let me explain.
I told you I was a virgin, and you had sex
With the first girl you could find.
That is not true.
Okay, so then what happened?
(stammers) I'm not sure.
I don't remember anything from last night.
Yeah, that's not a good explanation.
What happened last night?
Oh, you know, the usual.
Had a couple drinks, came back here.
D-did we, uh, did we have sex?
Come on, yeah.
Of course we did.
They're fake, if that's what you're wondering.
No, actually wondering
What my girlfriend is doing between them.
Well, thank you so much.
This has been such a thrill.
I don't know how I can ever pay you back.
You don't need to pay me back.
When a friend asks me for a favor, I cannot refuse.
What friend?
Why else do you think
We did not make love in the sound booth?
It was embarrassing.
Had he even heard me sing?
Did he even see my youtube videos?
No, he hadn't.
But I knew once he heard you, he'd be a fan. Ugh.
(electric zap) oh, come on.
Latin lover narrator: A spark.
Don't be angry.
It was a nice thing I did.
Wasn't it?
Yeah, it was.
So, what's our problem?
Latin lover narrator: The fact that she desperately did not want
To have feelings for him.
There's no problem.
Hey, aren't you teaching this afternoon?
Yeah, I have a few more minutes before I have to leave.
Oh, no.
What happened?
You were right about rafael, okay?
Oh, no, honey, I'm sorry.
I didn't want to be right.
I don't even know what I was thinking.
I mean, we're so different.
Trust me, hon, I get it.
Especially because it would have been so perfect,
If it had worked out.
Yeah, it really would have.
I need to talk to you.
Is everything okay?
I don't know.
I don't know if I should say something
Or not say something. About what?
Your sister.
Well, then you should definitely say something.
She is having a sort of breakdown.
And I hate saying this.
But, given her history and her mother...
What happened?
I went to go see her.
To check in.
Rafael, it was awful.
The things that she was saying to me,
All these... Sexual things.
And I didn't know how to respond.
I didn't know what to do.
It's okay.
You did the right thing
By coming to me.
Latin lover narrator: Ooh, not nice, rose.
All right, you know the reading assignment--
The taming of the shrew. Enjoy, and I know...
Student: Who are you?
It's really you.
Jane the virgin.
All right, that's enough.
Get moving!
We met this morning.
Yes, I recall.
Right. Look, uh...
What you think happened,
It didn't.
Yeah, I was there.
Something obviously happened.
No, I was paid to drug him and make it seem like we had sex.
Latin lover narrator: Oh, is that all?
I'm an escort.
Uh, my manager got me the gig.
It was all online, I don't even know who set it up.
Oh, my god.
Look, I only did it because it was easy money.
But then your boyfriend told me
That you're jane the virgin,
And I'm a really religious woman.
Which I know is hard to believe given, you know,
What I do.
I'm really sorry.
Thank you for telling me that.
Can I have a hug?
Excuse me?
I could really use a miracle.
I have a son.
And I haven't seen him in a while
Due to a-a couple of circumstances.
I've been in some bad situations, but...
I really want to see him.
And maybe if I hug you...
I don't want to give you false hope.
I am not a religious messiah.
What happened to me was a medical mistake.
But can I give you a hug anyway?
I really hope you get to see your son.
(speaking spanish)
They don't actually give awards out to shows like this, do they?
Well, y-you can't tell anything from just one scene, okay?
There's a... There's a larger story.
They do give out awards,
And I've actually booked the afterparty here.
In the hotel.
How did you do that?
One of the divas recovered from extensive plastic surgery
In one of our medical recovery suites.
I promised that secret would never get out.
And I thought you took this job just to make rafael squirm.
Well, the better the hotel does,
The more money I make in my divorce.
It's always about money with you, isn't it?
Though setting rafael up with that escort, that...
That seems personal.
I also despise him.
And leaving you for him was the biggest mistake of my life.
Is that what you want to hear?
Well, it's true.
I should get back to my mother.
Rafael: It had to have been petra.
She's the only person crazy enough to set me up.
So crazy. You know,
I'm just gonna expedite her settlement.
I don't want to deal with it anymore.
I want it to end and I don't want it
To get in the way of... Us.
What "us"?
Come on.
Last night, our dinner...
It was awful!
(laughs) I know and I'm sorry.
I freaked out when you told me you'd never had sex.
And... I don't know.
It was unexpected.
And I acted like an idiot.
And honestly, once I thought about it,
It doesn't even matter.
You know, I'll wait as long as I have to...
I just... It's not only that.
Now, look what happened
When you lost your job and found out I was a virgin.
You got to cut me some slack, jane.
That was a tough moment. Yeah.
Life is full of tough moments.
You have to fight for what you want.
Look, I just think
That maybe we read too much into things
Between us.
We're having a baby.
Let's focus on that.
Latin lover narrator: And speaking
Of not working out...
So, we should nail down a date for dinner with my daughter.
Let it be known
That at that moment, xiomara prayed for a spark.
I don't think I should.
Look, you're a great guy.
And because you're a great guy,
I wanted it to work out.
So I've been ignoring the fact
That there's something missing here.
What's going on?
Please... Sit down, luisa.
Who are you?
My name is dr. Perez.
Emilio: Try to stay calm, luisa.
What's going on?
I'm so sorry, luisa.
I had to tell them what you were saying.
Tell them what?
About... Us?
Ah... You mean our affair?
You're having some sort of episode.
Fantasizing about me.
Luisa, you got to stay calm. We were, we were lovers!
I don't know what happened. Rafael: The doctor has
Medications to give you. She's lying!
She's lying! Stop lying!
I don't know what I did to trigger this...
The same thing happened with her mother--
A psychotic break.
Stop lying! Stop lying!
(all clamoring)
Why are you lying?!
Why are you doing this?!
Stop! Stop lying!
Why are you doing this?!
Oh! Stop lying!
Emilio: I have no choice.
I have to commit her.
Abuela, you ready for the world premiere of mom's song?
Oh, sorry.
Whenever you're ready, we'll head to the hotel.
(whispers): Mom.
Is everything okay with abuela?
She's in there with the rosary again.
Oh. What is it?
It's your lawsuit.
Remember that time I forgot to pay my parking ticket?
I wasn't even thinking about how she feels about court.
If grandpa's family was so rich,
Why aren't we rich?
Stupid immigration laws.
And I get that, ma.
And I'll be more careful.
Latin lover narrator: It should be noted
That was the last ticket
Xiomara ever got.
Oh, I didn't even think.
It's just a civil procedure.
Yeah, and she knows that.
And she's fine with it.
But then petra started acting all crazy,
And the family's so powerful...
She's just nervous, that's all.
Wanted to see me?
Yeah, go ahead and shut that.
So, I've been thinking...
About how you said you made a mistake.
And I agree.
You did.
(passionate moaning)
Lachlan, I-I don't...
I'm deleting it.
I never stopped missing you.
(cell phone dings)
I got an I.D. On the picture I sent.
The guy's a possible serbian war criminal.
What the hell does a serbian have to do with sin rostro?
I don't know.
The guy's been awfully quiet in there.
I don't like this.
(phone rings) (sighs)
Uh, no. Yeah, this is rafael.
All right, I'm gonna go have luca put this on
And you guys grab a seat.
Okay. Oh, rogelio's here.
I invited him to hear it.
Since he's the one who set up the recording session.
Come on, ma. Okay.
(speaks spanish)
So, where's mark?
You mean marco?
Is that not what I said?
We broke up.
But in case you were thinking it had anything
To do with you... Latin lover narrator: It did. And he was.
...It didn't.
Just because he wasn't right doesn't mean you are.
Of course. I agree 100%.
(music playing)
Is that your song?
Just beautiful.
(petra moaning)
Latin lover narrator: Hmm.
I guess he didn't delete it after all.
He's gone.
What the hell?
Where'd he go?
Did petra talk to you?
Is that why you withdrew the lawsuit? What?
No, I just got a... I got a call from my lawyer
Saying that you withdrew.
I did, but that wasn't because of petra.
It was... It was...
It was for my grandma.
She's not a legal resident in this country,
And the whole thing was making her nervous.
And it's not only that.
I was thinking about
What my lawyer said in court,
About how this baby was not wanted.
And I don't feel like that anymore.
So what am I doing this for, really-- for the money?
'cause that just feels ugly.
Especially because you are absolutely
Going to take care of your child, financially.
Of course I am.
I'm gonna need that in writing.
Wait, wh... What was it that you thought petra told me?
Latin lover narrator: And so rafael
Finally told jane the truth.
I... Underwrote my sister's
Medical malpractice insurance.
So your lawsuit...
You were actually suing me.
I-I just didn't want to
Affect your decision to sue.
I had no idea.
I know.
I've also been thinking about what you told me.
About how I need to fight for things.
And you're right. I do.
So I'm gonna work for lachlan.
And petra, as long as she's here.
And I'm gonna fight for you, too.
Jane, this-this is... This is hard.
Look, we're doing everything backwards.
I mean, we're having a baby and-and then
We're going on our first date?
But I want to be with you.
And I'm not giving up.
Latin lover narrator: Oh, if only it were that easy.
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