Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 7, Episode 6 - Jade Fever - full transcript

The crew's only excavator catches fire. A missing part delays drilling. Justin flies in with two large wire saws and soon loses his cool trying to set it up. Scrappy Larry becomes the Santa Claus of corn.

(soft music)

- [Robin] I think I got everything.

- Okay, radio me I'll be a
couple of hours behind you.

- [Martin] In Jade City, British Columbia.

- The day we decided to go in

it's pouring rain all night.

- [Martin] Claudia Bunce and her crew,

are heading back to their
Two-Mile jade claim.

- Love you all. Be safe.

- [Martin] They've been
out of camp for a week

repairing the drive train

on their only mine truck, Six Pack.

- [Gary] All right, let's do it.

- [Garon] Sounds good.

- Hopefully, there's not
gonna be any problems

with the Six Pack today and
they'll get into camp good.

That's all we can prayer
when they're leaving.

(calm music)

Let's get to work.

(Claudia sighing)

This is crazy.

Clean up from breakfast.

- [Martin] Claudia's
flying into camp shortly.

- A million things on my mind,
trying to get ready for camp

and now I think I'm gonna
have a heart attack.

- [Martin] But before she heads out,

Scrappy Larry stops by.

- Oh, howdy stranger?

- [Claudia] How are you?

- Every year I have a special delivery.

We just run around and
give people some corn.

Good thing I hear you're going into camp.

- Your timing couldn't be more perfect.

- Yeah.

- That's really nice. Thank you.

Man, the crew is going to be thrilled.

- [Martin] Fresh produce is
difficult to find in the north

where the growing season is short.

- I have a friend in Chilliwack

and every year when the corn gets ripe

he goes and gets me a deal.

So I bring up a bunch of corn and

spread it around the community.

Oh, yeah, nice.

Stuff in the stores it's
good but it's older,

so it's a real treat to
get some real fresh stuff.

- How about right here?
- Okay.

- [Martin] Claudia is just the
first on a long list of stops

Scrappy plans to make today.

There are lots of colorful characters

in the Cassiar Valley,

and Larry knows almost every one of them.

- We gotta get moving.

I like doing something
nice for the community

and everybody likes corn.

(Scrappy laughing)


I got lots of deliveries to do yet.

(upbeat music)

- Yeah, tranny temp seems to
be holding steady at about

240 or so.

- [Gary] Yeah, that's about normal.

- [Martin] On the road to Two Mile.

- She's gonna get slippery.

- [Martin] Six Packs once again
powered by all six wheels.

- I'm hoping it's going to be okay

and that we don't have any issues.

- [Martin] But the wet road
conditions won't make it easy.

(truck engine revving)

- I almost wonder if it
would be better for me

to put my left tire on the high side

of the right straddle and wash up.

- If you can get up there.

- Yeah, I got it.

- [Martin] The pressure's on
to get Six Pack up to camp

with its load of fuel so
they can get back to mining.

- Six Pack is the only one left standing.

So it's a big worry for me.

I'm nervous.

Fingers crossed.

(truck engine revving)

It's rough. That's for sure.

(truck engine revving)

(dramatic music)

- Yep!

(truck engine revving)

There we go.

- [[Garon] I made it.

I wasn't so sure I was going to.

- Nicely done.

- Let's do it.

(upbeat music)

- You're ready to go?

- Yep.
- Let's go to camp.

- [Martin] Claudia and Josh
are flying in ahead of the crew

to prepare for a new recruit
arriving later today.

- I got a big surprise for everybody.

Ooh! It's slightly warm in here.

Let's do this.

So excited.

Whoop! Whoop!

(helicopter engine revving)

Oh, my god.

(upbeat music)

- [Man] This is going to
be the million dollar rock.

- Yahoo!

- [Claudia] Jade makes
people do crazy things.

There they are.

- [Martin] At Two Mile camp.

- My dog better be safe.

- [Martin] Claudia is waiting

for her new recruits to touchdown.

- [Claudia] I have Justin coming in.

- [Martin] Justin, the Bunce's middle son,

just sold them two large wire saws.

- He's gonna put together all the saws

and get the drill going,
so we're really excited.

- Ready, Gary?

- Yep. Let's see what happens.

- [Martin] Four years ago,
Justin used these saws

to cut out huge slabs of jade

at his family's Dynasty claim.

- Whoo!

- Good job.

- [Martin] Now they plan to use them

to pull out the 60 foot lens at Pit One.

- They're doing loopy loppies.

I'm going to kill him.

(Claudia laughing)

It's like he's taking a
spin around the mountains.

He's scoping things out.

- [Martin] Justin's a driller by trade,

but hunting for jade is in his blood.

- Justin is still my jade finder.

He will look on the satellite

and say, "Dig here,
dig here and dig here."

- I'm just here on a
really tight timeline.

Had a few down days so
helping out my family.

- Come on.


(Claudia laughing)

- [Justin] It's been awhile, yeah.

- [Martin] Justin only has a few days

to get the saws up and running

before he has to return to work.

- Don't slow down or
else I'll run you over.

(Shane laughing)

- Your brother's here safe and alive.

- [Josh] Right.

- There you go.

- Hello.

- I love having my sons at the mine site

and hopefully it goes well.

- No coffee made?

- No, 'cause I figured
that you would start

straight into the beer like your dad

and the other rest of the boys.

- So my brother coming
in is really invaluable.

He's gonna help us out a lot,

but me and him do not get along very good.

- I guess that Joshua is more like me

and Justin is more like his daddy.

He's quieter, he gets the job done,

doesn't say too much.

- Let's go to work.

- Okay, let's go to work.
- Okay.

I think we both are aware
that there'll be conflict

if we're around each other
for extended periods of time.

So I am just giving them their space

and if they need my help, great,

but if I don't need to be around

I'll just get out of the way.

(upbeat music)

- Just going up Two Mile hill right now.

Transmission's getting a little
warm in the Six Pack here.

- [Martin] After a nerve
racking morning on the trail.

- Crawl it's way up.

- [Martin] Garon and the rest
of the crew make it to camp.

- Six Pack made it all
the way in, zero issues.

Some really nice tactical
driving from Garon

to get it in here.

- It's back.

- You got a hammer and I'll...

- I'll grab one.

- [Martin] They get straight to work.

- Well, I know I'm good
but um, are you ready?

(upbeat music)

- [Martin] The crew heads to Pit One

where they have to scrape off host rock,

the surface rock that surrounds the jade

on the 60-foot lens.

- I'll rip all this out
here to level it off,

make it all nice and clean.

- 'Cause that host rock that's
right there it is tough.

- This one might be kind
of a pain in the ass

unless I can get swiveled
sideways which I doubt.

- It'd be nice to go as deep as we can.

- The deeper the better.

- Alrighty, I'll hop in
and I'll get to ripping.

(upbeat music)

(engine revving)

- [Martin] While Garon
gets to work in Pit One.

- [Robin] We're gonna go to the J Lens.

- [Martin] Robin shows Justin their other

promising mine site, the J Lens.

- Definitely, they've done a lot of work.

- Justin is experienced in the jade.

He studied lots.

He does know his stuff with it.

I respect his knowledge.

Stuff on the surface,
I knew it'd be flaky.

- [Justin] Yeah, I mean,
you gotta drill that.

I wouldn't do too much
more without drilling.

- He'll drill through them and check.

- Working with old man it
definitely doesn't happen enough.

When it does, it's good.

- We can go back down.

- [Martin] But work on
the J Lens is on hold.

Their second excavator is
broken down and awaiting a part.

- It comes out of Chicago

and everything to seems to
get delayed and delayed.

- [Martin] Right now, the priority

is getting the 60-foot
jade lens back at Pit One

ready for cutting.

- See what kind of mess you made.

- I got a lot moved.

There's a couple of spots
that I simply couldn't move.

I tried every which angle to
try and hook that with a ripper

and couldn't get it to do anything.

- [Martin] The dozer couldn't
dig out all the host rock.

- [Garon] Not good.

- [Martin] So they'll have to try

with their only working excavator.

- [Man] We're running behind.

We need (beep) done.

(calm music)

- [Claudia] Did you order
a whole bunch of corn?

- [Martin] Down in the Cassiar Valley.

- Okay, pull right up.

- [Martin] Ricky and
his girlfriend, Crystal,

have joined Larry on
his community corn run.

- How y'all doing today, yo?

- Well, golly. I'm glad
I'm home 'cause normally

you come here steal diesel flour for me.

(Scrappy laughing)

- [Martin] Chico is a gold
miner and longtime friend.

- Oh Oh, great to see you old man.

- Yeah.

Half the time I never get to see him

other than when I give him some corn.

(Scrappy laughing)

I think you'll like a
fresh corn on the cops.

- Really?

Well, that's pretty nice of you Larry.

You're fly is open.
- Oh.

No it's not.

- You want me to let me tell you

how many people in my family?

See they are 14 and then two kids.

- I'm gonna make sure
they're all get fed here.

- That's nine. That's 11.

That's lots, Larry.

That's more than enough.

- We've been doing it
for a very long time.

He loves that Chilliwack corn

and he had some Ottino and everybody happy

they got fresh corn on the call.

- Let me help you in the car old fella.

(Scrappy laughing)

Well that diapers
hanging up in a seatbelt.

(all laughing)

Good to see you guys.

(calm music)

- [Martin] Up next is
Larry's neighbor, Shirley

who moved north to teach in
the 1970s and never left.

- Anybody home?

- [Shirley] Hey Larry, hey common in.

- Fresh Chilliwak corn on the cop.

- Chilliwack?

Wow, this is where my parents live

or used to live.

Oh, it looks wonderful.

Thank you.

- You're welcome. All of that.

- You've been good and joyous so much.

- It was all good.

They enjoy them and that makes me happy.

- Thank you.

- That one's done.

- She was on fire. Smelt.

- [Martin] Back at Two Mile.

- She barbecued and that
alternator is actually fairly new.

- [Martin] Gary was about to
clear host rock out of Pit One

with their only working excavator

when he discovered a major problem.

- I go up, fire up the hole,

alternator lights on fire.

Hey Rubin, you got a major mess up here.

Fire this hole up, noise sparks,

fire alternator crapped
up on this section.

- Okay.

Now we have no excavator.

Everything is (beep) up.

Now we've got to order an alternator.

We can do nothing

without that excavator system made.

Just that night man.

(calm music)

- [Claudia] Excavator down. Oh God.

- [Martin] Mining at Two
Mile has come to a halt.

- This is crazy.

- [Martin] After the alternator

on they're only working
excavator caught fire.

- Puts a little bit of a hold on Justin

because we can't get into the pit

until we get an alternator

so now I got to get an alternator here

as fast as I can or parts.

- [Martin] But finding one.

- You guys stock any of
the industrial alternators?

- [Martin] Is proving difficult.

- Surrey, Edmonton.

The only two in Western Canada.

- Oh geez.

- So she's checking to see if
Surrey can put it on a plane.

- If that cannot be done today
then I need to fly Joshua out

and he can go get it.

- To drive to Surrey?

- Wherever it needs to go to be picked up.

I'm not just gonna sit around
and wait for a day or two

with Justin here for only a few days.

- My timeline here is super tight because

I'm currently working on another job.

- They could even get it on
a plane today to Smithers.

- Then Josh can go and get it.

It costs us a fortune but at this point

it's costing us a fortune

look at everybody is doing nothing.

Can you drive straight
there and straight back

and then back on the chopper

first thing in the morning and come here?

- Yep.


- I can't believe this season.

I don't think anybody wants us to mine.

- [Martin] Claudia calls for a helicopter.

- So Joshua has to be there
in Smithers by the morning

so we're gonna need a chopper.

- Everything just seems to
get delayed and delayed.

Just doesn't seem to
want to come together.

- Chopper!

Coming in hot.

I love you.

Go and get right back.

- Yap. Good?

Gotta get out, get back
here as quick as I can.

So tomorrow morning

we'll have only been delayed for one day.

There was a ton of pressure.

(calm music)

- And he's gone.

Oh, that's gonna be the expensive part.

Oh man.

(calm music)

- That slope over there looks
like a Switzerland farm.

- Oh my God, it does.

- [Martin] While they
wait for Josh to return.

- Is this where we are digging?

- Yip yap.

- [Martin] Claudia, Robin
and Justin explore an area

at the edge of their claim
they call the hand pit.

- That was just laying
literally right on the surface.

- [Martin] They first
discovered this jade deposit.

- Oh look at that.

- [Martin] Late last season.

(Claudia laughing)

- Don't fall in the water.

- I'm gonna try not to.

A tampered area because

we can't really take equipment in there.

It's an old swamp.

- It's warmy.

(Claudia chuckling)

- It's cold.

- [Robin] It's water
right out of the glacier.

- [Justin] Well that was about good.

- So you look some of it's
really, really smooth.

Isn't it cool?

The Hampton jade is unusual
because you don't usually find

jade that is all water washed.

And that's what takes off
all the surface stuff and

rounds it and cleans it off.

So the jade is a lot harder,
it's a lot less fractured,

it's a lot better quality.

- So, which one do you want
me to strap to your back?

- No.
- No?

- You guys never brought
a drill in here, did you?

- Nope.

For me, I liked the hunt for the jade.

Same as Justin, he likes to go out

and look for where the next deposit is.

There's nothing over there and
there's nothing over there,

it's right here in this line.

- [Claudia] Let's drill it. Prove it.

- [Martin] Before they head back to camp.

- Lakes investigating.

- He's a hunter.

- [Martin] Justin does another
walk through the hand pit

to see what he can find.

- Justin can walk around
and just find jade.

He just trips over it.

It's a pretty good gift.

How was it?

- 20 Feet from where you guys digging

the lens sticks out in the hand pit.

- Jeez.

Holy skaiky.

- I managed to collect two samples.

Both seem to have a pretty high potential.

There's a little water hole there

with the lens poke out just about.

- You have the light, Gary?

- I think my parents are
definitely getting in there

some better material.

I think the potential is
only gonna get better.

- That's nice.

- Look at that green too.

- I want this one.

- Like purchase?

- You're bright, Gary.

(all laughing)

(calm music)

- [Martin] Down in the Cassiar Valley.

- Oh my God.

- Oh Larry.

- [Martin] Scrappy Larry
continues to play Santa Claus,

delivering his gifts of corn.

- I got something for you.

- [Martin] Roland is a father of eight

who works in highway maintenance.

- You'll like that is you'll believe.

- We have barbecue tonight
and that is just the bomb.

(all laughing)

Everybody is always thinking

of what we can do for other people.

That is the wonderful
part of living up here.

Everybody depends on each other often

because everything is far away.

- Rick.
- [Ricky] What?

- Come on and see your
brothers and sisters.

- Yeah
(Crystal laughing)

(calm music)

- Oh, look at them. They are nice.

- [Scrappy] Very cute.

- What do you raise them for?

Gray eggs or meat or both?

- Both.
- Both.

Okay, so you need duck here?

Look at the turkeys.

- [Crystal] Oh, wow.

- Speak.

(Robin gabbling)

- [Ricky] They wanna
talk to me today, Roland.

- When the time comes

to have a little bit of festivities here,

get together and so on,

everybody knows where stuff comes from.

(Roland laughing)

- Oh, you have a good
barbecue and enjoy your corn.

- Thank you so much, hey.

See you.

(calm music)

- [Martin] The next morning at Two Miles,

Josh returns with a new
alternator for the excavator.

- Morning.

- That is for you.

- [Robin] We're getting ready to head up

the mountain right away her

when it ends so we can
get back to digging.

- Moving dirt.

- We've lost so much time now.

The pressure is really on to move forward

rather than backward.

- Hey, one more.

Another tighten.

I'm about the fire this
off we'll see if it works.

- [Claudia] Oh dear Lord, Jesus,

could we pray now together?

(calm music)

(engine revving)

- We have lift off.

- [Claudia] Oh! Hallelujah.

(calm music)

- Time to pole dance.

- Getting ready.

- Was this saw on?

- There we go.

- [Martin] While Shane gets
to work removing host rock

off the 60 foot lens.

- These are forward motor.
- Yeah.

- [Martin] Justin and Gary
start assembling the air drill.

- There's some couple of
brand new bits in here.

- [Martin] The air drill will be used

to make three holes in the lens.

Then diamond wire is threaded
through the drill holes

to make one horizontal
and one vertical cut

to pull up the jade

- Justin's the boss on this one.

- No.
- This used to be your (beep)?

- Yes sir.

- Yes sir?
- Foreman.

And we need the drill steel up here.

- [Martin] Drill steel,
the long metal tubes

that hold the hammer drill in bit.

- Look around not a piece
of drill steel anywhere.

- That's about it.

Can't drill a hole.

- It's not down there and
they better get on the phone

like right now right now.

- Hey, quick question for ya?
- [Justin] Yep.

- Do you remember seeing the
drill steel for that air drill?

- We didn't bring any steel in.

- [Gary] That's what I thought.

So it didn't come.

We're concentrated too much on finding

all the pieces for it,

nobody caught that there
was no drill steels.

Is it sitting in Jade City

when went from trailer to trailer?

- Got the saw?

Everything's ready to go
to drill and no steel.

It's like, okay,

another setback.


- Oh, Jesus.

- Have the drill that
drills down for the wires

to put on the back.
- Yeah.

- The drill steel is not there.

(calm music)

- I'm sure that I said 10 times.

I don't know what it is.

- Check and make sure everything is okay.

Every day something else goes wrong.

Every day there's a new
problem to deal with.

Every single day.

- [Martin] At Two Mile.

- Okay, I just got a message.

- [Martin] Claudia is scrambling to locate

the missing drill steel that's
needed to operate the saw.

- Now I actually have photos.

They're in the warehouse.

They forgot them.

- Are you kidding me?

The drill steel never did
make it to Josh's truck.

All the drill steel is
sitting in Vancouver.

- They will have a tomorrow
at noon in Smithers.

- [Justin] In Smithers?

- Yeah.

Just where you just came from. Yeah.

You got to laugh about
it otherwise mentally

you'd have a nervous
breakdown at this point.

And so,

(Claudia and Gary laughing)

so my boy that would mean
that you have to leave today

then be there by noon
tomorrow to pick it up.

Get you a chopper and get you going.

Okay, get the bag.

- [Martin] Claudia has no
choice but to send Josh

on another 1,300 kilometer
journey to get parts.

- Nothing is normal
unless there's problems.

(Robin chuckling)

- Okay, I'm going to get ready.

- I had across the top dropdown.

Okay, let's go.

- [Martin] While they wait,

Justin wants to take some
drill samples at the hand pit

and brings Garon alone.

- There's a few rocks that
have sparked some interest

and we're just gonna make
sure that it's correct.

And I half times on me as well.

That was right here.

- Okay, there.
- There.

- Now I guess is the same
piece right here, isn't it?

- You can see where the strike runs now.

- Yeah.

- Justin is what Robin
calls the jade magnet.

Anywhere he goes he seems to find jade

and usually good jade.

It's a skill that I don't possess.

Jade can slap me in the face
and I wouldn't know it's jade

until I cut it open.

(calm music)

- Remove some of this first and see.

It's always good drilling.

Less costly than cleaning a machine out.

You can know right now
we'll set up in a week.

(engine revving)

(calm music)

(chopper engine roaring)

- Joshua, chopper's here.

- [Martin] Down in camp.
- [Josh] I'm deal.

- [Martin] It's Josh's second
helicopter trip of the day.

- Every time Joshua goes out
this is another $5,000 bill.

So do you have any deals by flights

you get the six one for free?

- You you mean like a punch card?

- Yeah, like a punch of card.

It's part, after part, after part.

Joshua needs frequent flyer points.

Drive safe.

- Yep.
- Don't hurry.

- Right.

- Don't hurry.
- Right.

- But don't hurry.

Justin was on his time off
here to come and help me

and we're running out of time

so Joshua has to be
back in tomorrow night.

Times are ticking.

Everything that could
go wrong has gone wrong.

This is my week from hell.

(chopper engine roaring)

(calm music)

- [Martin] Back at the hand pit,

Justin and Garon examined a core sample.

(calm music)

- Yeah, to me that
looks like a nice color.

Now you can carve with it.

It was a pretty clean breaks, right?

Like they're not.

- If you look down the hole,

it doesn't look fractured up in there.

- Wow, that's nice.

- I'll let the old man know
that I'd try to dig it up

to see if it gets better.

This would be the next place to go.

- Dear God, Lord Jesus
make it be half decent.

- [Martin] Back at camp.

- Oh there is good news.

- We drove to holes in it.

- This is out of that hand pit?

- Just on this side of it.

- Oh, wow. Holly (beep) here.

- Yeah, this is nice definitely.

But this one.

- Wow. Oh my God that green.

- This is the best jade
I've seen in this site.

- Between the Pit One, the
J lambs on the Hand Pit,

Two Mile the potential is amazing.

We could retire if we
can buy a few islands.

(Claudia laughing)

(calm music)

- [Scrappy] Anybody home?


- [Martin] In Cassiar.

- I just come to check if you
had any veggies ready yet.

I got some potatoes that into the buckets.

- We'll I'll take some of them.

- [Martin] Larry visits
his neighbor Robert

who doesn't need any of his fresh corn.

- I know the place looks like a junk yard.

- No worse than mine.

(all laughing)

- We met at the dump
about two decades ago.

Because he recycled down to large-scale

well, D I'm only a little fella.

(Robert laughing)

Come in into the world of organics.

- Oh my God.

You have a varied if a
lotta greenhouses now.

- [Martin] Robert grows
produce from around the world

using makeshift greenhouses
and grow lights.

- I got apple trees grown.

I got Siberian perry

- Yeah. Whoa.

- I got a Manchurian apricot.

It's a plant that grows on
the mountain slopes of Tibet.

- Oh my God, you got the
United Nations and plants here.

(Robert laughing)

It's amazing up in this
country what this guy can grow.

You know, it's such a short season.

Blows everybody away.

I'm interested in potatoes.

Oh,(beep) look at them
coming out of there.

The red ones. I love them.

- They got a name for them, Pontiacs.

- Put them in the basket
potatoes in there.

Little ones they taste so good.

What do you want for that?

- How much?

I usually give it free.

- Well, I can't hear it. All that work.

- Oh, give me toonie.

I only accept loonies and toonies.

This way people will know me

as the loonie toonie veggie man.

- And will a paper toonie do?

(Robert laughing)

Well, that's okay. I appreciate ya.

A lot of the time I don't
think he makes any money

cause he gives them away.

Thank you.

That's gonna be a awesome super man.


That's always fun to go see him

and he just loves what he's doing.

He's a good guy.

(Scrappy laughing)

- By the end of September,
I'll have tomatoes.

- Oh wow!

Yeah, I know I'll be back for sure.

(all laughing)

(upbeat music)

- [Martin] Evening at Two Mile.

- [Claudia] Chopper coming in.

- [Martin] Josh returns with
the missing drill steel.

- [Josh] It's in the basket.

My brain hurts today.

2,600 kilometers in two
days was enough for me.

- Okay, let's go have some dinner.

Hungarian goulash with egg noodles

and tomato salad and dessert.

- Sounds good.

- [Martin] Claudia has
seen so much of pilot Pete

over the last two days that
she invites him to supper.

- Sit here Pete.
- [Pete] Sounds good.

- Have your dinner.

Since you already had
breakfast and lunch with us

in the last two days.

- Oh, that is awesome.

- More like a beef burger,
onion than a goulash.

It's pretty decadent.

Tomorrow it's all about Pit One

and getting ready to drill
and getting ready to cut.

- So we spent two months
getting the saw here,

generators here, getting
us here, getting fuel here.

We've literally spent 60
days getting everything going

and tomorrow we're gonna
start jade mining as well.

- [Claudia] Yeah.

- My season depends on
being able to saw this jade.

We just can't afford another problem.

(dramatic music)

- Take good. Team go.

- We're going now.

- [Martin] Early morning at Two Mile.

- Everybody has a radio?

- Yeah.
- Gary running.

- [Martin] After numerous setbacks,

Justin can finally oversee
the setup of the saw

before leaving tomorrow.

- We're going to put a valve on it

just so we can kill the
water if we need to.

- Okay.

- [Martin] But the crew's
first task of the day.

- Holy (beep)

- [Martin] Is installing
a valve on the tank

used to haul water up to the mine site.

- This plug has proven
to be very, very tight.

- [Martin] And it's already
putting them behind.

- Use it when you'll just
put the head right off it.

- Listen, we've been banging on that

for the last 20 minutes,

I promise you it didn't
break the head off.

- Josh, I'm not arguing,
I'm just explaining.

- My God.

In the last three days there has been

almost anything you can imagine happen and

it's definitely concerning.

- I'm gonna hand this
off to you in a second.

- [Robin] Josh, use the steel one.

- Too many chiefs.


- [Justin] Tank is good to go now.


- [Martin] Justin takes
the lead to load the tank

and quickly loses his cool.

- Stupid set up for us.

That's this (beep) stupid.

- Justin would like for everybody to know

what he needs them to do
without him having to tell them.

That's pretty challenging sometimes.

- Get the (beep) out of there.

Get it out of there.

Why are you loading it
from the (beep) front?

Drive the (beep) truck ahead,

spin around and lot it properly.

- Cause this is getting (beep) ridiculous.

- Justin is an extremely
smart guy and he knows exactly

how to do what he wants to do.

- What are you doing?

- Moving the truck ahead.

- Standing under the (beep) sun.

- And they are (beep) loading
them like a bunch of idiots.

- But he's a dick. Like...

- Have you told them what
to do or what did he do?

- Oh, yeah.

(beep) stupid.

- Joshua is more like me and
Justin is more like his dad,

but both are very opinionated.

- That's the take on the edges, right?

- Are you happy with that?

- That's good.

- All right, we'll head up the hill.

- [Martin] They can finally
get to work in Pit One.

- Everything works.

We should be done drilling by dinner.

- Not a chance.
- No?

- It takes longer to set
up than it is to drill.

- I didn't say what time dinner was at.

(all laughing)

- [Martin] First the crew
has to install two anchors

that will hold the air drill in place.

- We've got to drill two inch hole,

six inches to a foot deep.

♪ Josh has got a gun. ♪

- You want my gloves?

- Nope, thank you though.

- [Martin] Josh uses an electric
drill to make the holes.

- You're gonna burn that drill out.

- Good luck with that, he says.

- Why the (beep) would you do that?

- Send them down to the jack
like you're gonna break it.

- [Martin] Justin wants to use

a more powerful drill called the jackleg.

- Jack, can you go down
and get the jackleg.

- Yeah.

- [Martin] He's the only one

with the strength and
experience to operate it.

- My day-to-day job is underground
miner either extracting

ore or doing an
underground hydro projects.

- Let go. Let go.

- The old man and Gary
are getting older and

don't wanna run the jackleg
and you can't blame them.

- I'm living proof they're
hard on the body because

it wrapped up my arm four
years ago and broke my thumb

and wrap me up good.

(drill vibrating)

- No wonder yourself are
(beep) grumpy, Jesus.

(all laughing)

- Running these (beep) like two...

- You're gonna make him mad.

- [Martin] With the anchors in place,

- Okay, right there.

- [Martin] the crew can start drilling

into the 60 foot lens.

- We'll drill that one, drill out one

and then drill this one.

But your first cut is this
bottom on the big one.

- [Martin] They will drill three holes

to thread the diamond wire through

and make one horizontal
and one vertical cut

to pull out the jade.

- Might be a little slow starting.

- Yup.

Yeah, it's all good.
- [Gary] Good.

(drill vibrating)

- [Martin] After two days of delays,

the first drill hole is finally underway.

- [Justin] Let's see what happens.

(upbeat music)

- Hi guys, I heard you
might be coming for a visit.

- [Martin] Down in the Cassiar Valley.

- Hey, how are you doing?

- Good, good.

- I like your new truck.

- Thanks.

- [Martin] Larry and Jean visit Randy

to deliver some fresh corn.

- Oh, wow.

- [Jean] That is brilliant.

Look at that.
- Isn't that beautiful.

- [Martin] But the pair get distracted

by Randy's antique 1921 tractor.

- Got the old caterpillar ride eh?

- [Jean] Damn that's nice.

This is absolutely brilliant.

Is that the throttle?

- Yup, that's the throttle.

- He asked me a while back if
it was for sale and I said,

"You never know anything's for
sale for a price I suppose."

You think about an offer on this, Larry.

We've got to do some negotiating.

I want him to see it run, you know,

that's the first thing.

- Oh.

- She wants to go. Come
on baby you can do it.

Come on.

- There's a spark.
- You can do it.

- Oh oh oh. Look at that. Look at that.

I'm in owe. This thing
is a hundred years old.

(Jean blubbering)

- Try that steering
using the brake a little.

- [Martin] Larry takes the test drive.

- The look on Larry's
face when he got on it

it was like a kid in a toy store.

(Jean laughing)

- I could see the
excitement in Larry's eyes

'cause something that's that
old and running that well,

it's kind of special to
old boys like us, right?

- Oh wow. That was a thrill.

Awesome little machine.

- [Martin] But buying it won't come cheap.

- Apparently they're worth
quite a bit of money,

but we'll see what happen.

You can always hope.

(calm music)

- Oh, oh.

- What the hell.

- [Martin] Back at Pit One


the crew runs into a problem.

- We drove down about nine, 10 feet

and then the hammer wouldn't work anymore.

What is going on?

- Want a flashlight?

- Yeah, there's a piece
of them bit right there.

The bit fell off at the end of the hole.

Don't know why.

- [Martin] The bit broke off the air drill

and is stuck in the rock
blocking their hole.

- This is just our luck.(beep)

- We would have to drill a
new hole then, wouldn't we?

- That's a big job.

- I don't want to re-drill a hole.

Today is not the (beep) day.

- We're under the crunch here

we don't have time to fool around.

- This really screwed (beep) up.

- Big time.

- I got an idea.

We're nine feet in while
we got that big bit

on that electric drill.

- And drill down to find it?

- [Martin] At Two Mile.

- We just measure nine feet in

and see where nine feet is here.

Pull that bit out.
- Yeah.

- [Martin] Justin comes up
with a plan to try and retrieve

the broken bit that's
stuck in the drill hole.

- Otherwise we've got
to move to all drill.

- Yeah, we can't do that.

- [Martin] If it works, it could save them

from having to start over
and re-drill the hole.

- I don't know. Give this a try.

- We gotta get it out.

We had a drill down and get it out.

Maybe we'll get lucky
and we'll hit something.

(dramatic music)

(drill vibrating)

- Hit it. That's steel on steel.

- I think you just hit it.

That sounded like steel on steel.

- Nice.

Now is see if you can twist and pull

without pushing anything.

- Yeah. See. See.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Come on just like that.

- I got it.

- Whoa!

- [Martin] They pulled
out the broken drill bit.

- Something went right for us for once.

- [Martin] But they still have
to replace it with a new one.

- And get the bit changes on there,

we'll be back out here tomorrow.

One thing after another.

Always six and something.

(calm music)

- [Martin] Early the next day.

♪ We are on a beautiful sound. ♪

- [Martin] With the new
fit installed on the drill,

the crew is making progress on
their first horizontal hole.

- This hole definitely has taken longer

than the ones we've done the past.

The jade's quite a bit harder
than all we've drilled before.

Pretty good sign.

- Yeah, that will be the jade.

- [Martin] They still
have two more holes to go

before they can start
cutting the 60 foot lens

and they're running out of time.

- This is my last day here,
I go back to my day job.

(drill vibrating)

- That's good.

- Bam.
- Right on

- Now the first holes' drilled out.

- [Martin] Now for the next challenge.

- I'll set up the tripod (beep)

- [Martin] Determining where to make

the vertical drill hole.

- You have to line up a
bottom hole with a top hole.

and they gotta meet.

If they don't meet, you
can't feed the wires.

- [Martin] Gary sets up a transit level

in front of the first hole.

- You got in there?

- [Martin] And tilts it up towards Justin.

- Right now, Gary is lining
the hole we just drilled

up with the vertical
hole we gotta drill now.

- [Martin] He'll know
it's in the right spot

when he lines up Justin's
leveling rod in his transit.

- Oh you son of a bitch.

- We're almost too low now.

- [Josh] How about now?

- We're right there.
- Right there?

- [Gary] Yeah.

All right, he's bang on, right there.

- And that's our drill hole.

- [Gary] We are ready for the excavator.

Do you copy?

- [Martin] While Shane lifts
the air drill into position,

Claudia comes to check on their progress.

- Holy (beep)

I thought they were drilling down here.

That looks really scary Robin.

But I thought for some reason
we would do it closer to here

not right under the mountain.

- And gonna do the whole thing.

(drill vibrating)

- This does not look safe.

Jade mining is dangerous.

The responsibility of
having people work for you

should weigh on you
every day as an employer.

You guys have a safe word
in case something happens?

- Yeah, move.

- [Claudia] Move?
- Move.

- Yeah, let's get the
(beep) out of the way.

- Coz they have all the
answers just watch out.

(drill vibrating)

- Okay, lets go for a ride.

- [Martin] Down in the Valley.

Larry and Jean are trying to seal the deal

on Randy's 100 year old tractor.

- Oh, it makes a person happy to be alive.

- This is awesome.

- If Larry could come up to a price

that Randy's gonna be happy,
they'll have that baby.

He will have it.

- I thought maybe some American collector,

but then maybe some Cassiar collector.

- [Martin] This piece of history

could be worth up to $10,000.

- I'll throw in some
crushed corn on the cob.

- They just brought it up the other day.

- The corn's a nice idea but
we got to have a little more

than that to make a deal on this if...

- Okay, I'll give you a whole truckload.

(all laughing)

- [Martin] Money is tight this summer

so Larry decides to take a pass.

- I guess we're gonna
have to double shift now.

We're gonna have to work twice as hard.

- I know.

- And maybe in 10 years we can buy it.

(Scrappy laughing)

What a beauty.

- Oh, here we go again.


- [Martin] Another setback at Two Mile.

- Unbelievable.

- [Martin] The vertical
and horizontal drill holes

aren't connecting.

- It actually hit it.

- At least the part of it.

- [Martin] Gary lined
up the holes correctly

but the problem is the depth.

- The first one wasn't in far enough,

so we missed it by literally three inches.

- This is just not our day.

- [Martin] Now they
have to bring the drill

back down to the first hole
and go deeper into the lens.

- Didn't need this hold up right now.

We got to realign everything
up, set it back up.

This is a real pain in the ass.

- Have you can loosen that Josh?

- Yap.

- They thought they were close.

Not close enough.

Stuffer in the hole.

- [Martin] At Two Mile.

- The chains.

- [Martin] The crew is scrambling

to reposition the air drill

after failing to connect
their first two drill holes.

- Put that shackle over here.

You should be using that one over here

and this one over there.

- Okay.

- We figured we didn't drill
this hole quite deep enough.

So we're just going to come
in and deep in the hole a bit.

Hopefully we hit the vertical hole.


- [Martin] If this doesn't work,

they'll have to drill
another horizontal hole

the delay they can't afford

on Justin's last day at the mine.

- Either we're ready or not.

Brother gonna (beep) or it's not.

- Ready?

(dramatic music)

- When you line up them two holes

it will blow up the other way.

When you see that big cloud of white dust

come out the other hole, you nailed it.

You hit the hole.

- Yeah!



Right on.


Good job.

Good job.

That was awesome.

Every time me and Justin work together

we develop a little bit
more respect for each other

and that's really beneficial
for our relationship.

- We matched up these two holes.

Are you happy now?

- I love it when the
boys are mining with us

and enjoying it.

I love the part.

It makes me happy.

- Now it's the long drill.

- [Martin] Now for the third and final

horizontal drill hole.

- Should be close.

- Goes this way?
- Yep.

That is the bottom of the hole.

- [Martin] If lined up correctly,

the two horizontal holes should connect.

- And let's do her.

- So we gonna make it?

For what?

The last time we estimated the
length then we were way off.

We don't wanna do those
mistakes twice in a row.

We can hope that everything
is gonna be pinching.

(drill vibrating)

- Yeah buddy.

- I think miracles do exist.

- [Josh] Done.
- [Robin] Perfect.

- Now we have to go back
for supper and beer.

We've had a long day.

- A big step forward. Good job.

- It was good.
- Yep.

- Having Justin and Joshua there was good.

No major fights which is another miracle.

It's good to be working with them.

(dramatic music)

- Ready to go back to work?

- [Martin] With his job done,

Justin's heading home to Vancouver.

- So you'll pick up the parts?

- Yep.
- Okay.

- [Martin] Josh is also flying out

to pick up parts for
their second excavator.

- We really need to get the parts because

we can't just have Pit One going.

We need to have Pit One

and the J Lens going
both at the same time.

Fancy meeting you here again,
- Again.

- for Jen for the seventh time this week.

- Well, it feels like we're
starting a schedule bussers.

(all laughing)

- I like that little guy.

- I love you.

- I love you.

- I love you. Be safe in camp.

Having brothers just working together

in my family is an accomplishment.

So having the boys work together is great.

- Thank you for everything, hey.

- I'll see you later.

- I'll send you pictures
of the great a jade

as soon as we break it open.

(all laughing)

Love you guys.

My personal hopes always are as that

my family grows, moves
forward, supporting each other.

God, I hate it when they're
in the same chopper.

I just want us to achieve
greatness together.

(upbeat music)

I'm proud of my sons and what they become.

- [Martin] Next time on Jade Fever.

- We've got to unload it.

$800 load assault in many ways.

The (beep) we have no fuel.

We ran out of fuel cause
my dad's too cheap.

- Wonderful act, there's
actually nothing good about this.

The shore sitting in a lake,
this is absolutely crazy.

It's not feeling good.

Now I can't even get my sock on.

- And when Gary says he
can't work, he can't work.

It's gotta be bad.

Every day I wonder what
could go wrong next.

We're not getting a break.

- Roger just broke up.

- Okay you guys just get out of that area.

If it's breaking you don't
know how it's going to fall.

(calm music)