Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 7, Episode 5 - Jade Fever - full transcript

Miserable weather wears down the crew. Garon and Josh lose control of Six Pack as the muddy road up to the mine turns into a sled run. Robin and Claudia get their first look inside a big new jade lens. Ricky tries to match his dad's haggling skills selling a huge load of auto batteries.

- One whole hour
of sun would be nice.

- Yeah.

- At Two Mile Mine
in Northern British Columbia.

- It's clearing up over there.
- Over there.

- Well, we'll get everything ready

at the bottom of the hill,

and then go from there.

- All the equipment
for cutting the 60 foot lens

is finally in camp.

- Get that off.

- We're extremely excited

'cause the jade's there, it's dug out.

It's just sitting on the
ground, waiting for us.

- The less weight
we have on that the better.

We don't wanna wreck the road.

- Now for
the crew's next mission.

- Wiggle, jiggle.

- Hauling all the gear

up the steep slope to Pit One.

- Just fricking soup.

Our road from camp up to
the pit is a nightmare.

There's no grade left on the road.

It's muddy, slippery.

He said they're in here,
there's nothing in there.

- To load the
equipment onto Six Pack

they'll use an excavator borrowed
from a nearby gold miner.

- Not in there, simple as that.

- But it's
missing crucial parts

to fix a broken track.

- It runs, it functions,
we just can't move it.

- So the crew
will have to make do.

- I don't think this
is gonna lift the generator,

but I hope I'm wrong.

- Reserving their
only fully operating excavator

for mining at the jade lens.

- You gotta be extra careful

because we only got one track.

- Feels pretty stable?

- It could be a very long day
doing stuff one at a time.

- Holy .

- That's what I'm worried about.

- Making matters worse.

- Sucks, nasty.
- Yup.

- If the heavy rain continues,

the road up to the pit
could become too dangerous

for Six Pack to climb
resulting in yet another delay.

- I mean you're dealing
with heavy equipment,

you're dealing with the weather,
the conditions of the road,

and you are on top of the mountain,

so you screw up, you've
got a thousand foot drop.

- I'm spinning everywhere.

- The road is a mess.
- Yup.

- You know what,
we'll go back to camp,

and see if Robin wants
to pull the hill or not.

- This is not fun.

It's a good thing I wore my rubber boots.

- You weren't
a good enough driver?

- It's really raining up there,

water running down both sides of the road.

Going up you're pushing about
that much mud all the way.

- rain.

- It's never been this bad.

- You don't wanna put
somebody's life in danger.

So when it's not safe,
we sit in camp and wait.

- Robin's forced to shut down

until the bad weather passes.

- We have to work and make
some money, but can't.

Everything that can go
wrong has been going wrong.

Pray for some sun.

- Oh my God.

- This is gonna be
the million dollar rock.

- Jade makes
people do crazy things.

- Now it's looking perfect.

One hour, it's all I ask.

- A break in
the rain at Two Mile,

and the crew can't wait any longer.

- You'll leave it neutral
until you get to the hill.

- Okay.

- They risk trying
to get up the muddy road.

- We'll start pulling.

- Garon will try to haul

the first load of equipment up to Pit One.

- I'll leave it in neutral, Josh,

until we hit the hill where
I'll throw it in first.

- 10-4.

- But Six Pack is only powered

by rear wheel drive

and will need the dozer's
help to climb the slick hill.

- Ideally Six Pack would be able

to climb its way up the
mountain no problem.

But right now,

Six Pack cannot make it up the
mountain without the dozer.

Tell you something funny,

I don't really know how to run
a CAT all that well.

- At least you
can pull me up the hill,

that's what counts.

- Teamwork.

- Dad and Robin seem to have given us

a little bit more responsibility and trust

when it comes to moving equipment around

and driving the trucks and stuff.

We haven't made it to the top yet.

And Josh and I get along really well,

so it's working out really good.

- This corner is
gonna be interesting too.

- Super happy when I
get to work with Garon

cause he's a hard working guy,

and we know what works and doesn't work.

- Try and boot myself a
little bit to turn this thing.

- I'm gonna get you up on
flat a little more, standby.

- The boys run into
trouble on a tight corner.

- The CAT was being pulled
into the soft shoulder.

And as the CAT made its way
more into the soft shoulder,

becomes more and more challenging

to try to pull the Six Pack up.

Let it roll back a bit if you have to.

- Josh backs up to
release tension on the chain

and tries a new approach.

- Yeah, buddy!
- Okay!

Get this thing out of here.

- But just as
they solve one problem.

- I think this thing's
out of fuel, it just quit.

- The boys
are faced with another.

- Yeah, battery gauge isn't working

and fuel gauge is below E.

- In their rush

to make the most of the
break in the weather,

they forgot to fill up the truck.

- Not only is the Six Pack out of fuel,

the air system on the Six
Pack bleeds air pressure

faster than you can imagine.

So immediately the brakes were engaging.

- I'm really hoping that Josh

can keep the chain tight to the truck.

If the chain happens to come unhooked,

I can slide back down the hill.

That's probably the worst thing
that could happen right now.

- Should we stop?

We're in a bit of a bad spot here, guys.

- I just tried to refire this
thing and it won't even fire.

- You hear that Gary and Dad?

Six Pack's out of fuel, it's dead.

- Let's just leave the chain
hooked up, just in case.

- The truck's
pretty much ready to go.

I just gotta check the oil.

- Down in the Cassiar Valley.

- We gotta get some money in.

- Larry and son, Ricky,

are ready to ship their first
load of scrapped auto parts.

- Oh, that looks good.

We've got a lot of batteries.

- Today, I'm going to
do the big battery sale.

Nice and tight, huh?
- Yeah.

It should be a big chunk of money here.

- Oh, it's about the only thing

there's any money in right now.

- Larry's counting
on Ricky to get top dollar

from a recycling depot in Prince George.

- Well, the prices of
batteries are up right now.

So yeah, this is a good time to move them

and we need the money to keep operating.

- This is gonna be the
first load I gotta haggle.

This time I'm actually
doing the money end of it.

- Sending Ricky alone

is part of Larry's succession plan.

- Rick's just gotta start
taking over a little more,

kinda make it a second generation business

and maybe grow it.

Try and get my 30 cents a pound, right?

- Okay.

I feel a little bit of pressure.

You know my dad's got it down to an art.

I've never had to do this before.

- We can go down a few cents,
but don't go down anymore.

- Okay.

I hope I do him justice.

I gotta still go
over there and clean.

- Before he leaves,

Ricky has to get ready
for some house guests.

- She's gonna kill me.

- He's picking
up his girlfriend, Crystal

and her kids in Prince George.

- My humble home.

This is VIP accommodations
with Scrappy Larry.

I'm nervous.

I don't even know where to start.

Been a while since I got to see her,

I don't wanna have a pissed off girlfriend

when she gets here.

All this stuff I guess I
gotta put it in the back.

Oh man.

It's just everywhere.

No, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

- Rick calls
it quits on the cleanup.

- I tried.

- hoping for more success

with his dad's battery sale.

- Okay.

- So the main thing is dicker with Tony.

Say well, I'd like 40 and
he'll offer 25 or whatever,

but at least if you come home
with 30, we're happy, right?

- Well, maybe I'll be so good,

I'll come back with 50.

- Yeah, you never know.

There goes your ride, Coco.

And away she goes.

- That thing is fricking hard to turn

with no power behind it.

- Back at Two Mile

Robin and Gary come to the rescue.

- Me and Garon were out playing around,

thinking we were hot shots.

And then the truck runs out of fuel

and dad and dad have to come rescue us.

Never use that much fuel driving in here.

- By spinning more

and using more power
on the hills and stuff.

- Somebody forgot to look at the gauge.

I'm just glad I had nothing to do with it.

- So you just gotta be more
diligent, more careful.

Dads are always coming to the rescue.

I've been doing it my whole life.

So it should fire on its own now.

- To start the truck, you
wanna put fuel in a truck,

produce air pressure,

release the brakes so
we can actually move it.

- There we go,
now it's getting some.

- And use the power of the truck

to help the CAT pull up
the rest of the hill here.

- Amazing how much easier
that is with the brakes off.

- No kidding, eh?

I can actually turn the damn thing now.

- Everything fired back
up, back to work we go.

- Where do you
wanna put this thing, Josh?

- Right here.

Woo, that was just good.

- Finally they
unload the air compressor.

- All things seem good.

I'm gonna try and come back
down the hill by myself.

- Okay, I'll be right behind you.

- Okay.

Oh, what the hell?


- The rear axle is locked up.

- Holy ,
it's like a giant toboggan.

There's nothing stopping the truck.

- Hold on.

- At Two Mile.

- Straighten out.

- Garon's
lost control of Six Pack.

- There's nothing
stopping the truck.

- On the
slippery road down to camp.

- Ah, I don't know if the rear axles

are gonna release again.

- Sliding down a very muddy road

in a very large semi is not fun.

- I'll see if I can get it
busted loose at the bottom here

'cause the front one's not dragging.

Don't have all that much
control over the truck.

The best thing I can do is
steer and hope for the best.

Oh, there it goes.

If the road's dry, first
gear holds the truck back.

This time first gear
wasn't working worth a damn

that just slid on me all the way down.

It was like driving a great big bobsled

down the side of the mountain.

Definitely, I freaked out a little bit,

I think, in a few spots.

- Are you kidding me?

- Back at camp.

- What, what happened?

- Claudia, Robin, and Gary

learn about the boy's
second mishap of the day.

- Oh Jesus.

My top priority is safety.

Every day that I pay them
to go to work for me,

I put their lives at risk.

If they die or get hurt,

I have to live with that
for the rest of my life.

- What next?

Makes me nervous 'cause it is my son.

It just not safe or even practical

to try and climb the hill with Six Pack.

- I'm looking for parts for this.

- Robin's been hunting for used parts

to repair Six Pack's broken drive train

since the start of the season.

- What size are the brake shoes?

- How the hell am I supposed to know?

I can't even find

the freaking diff size.
- Because if one is an 11

and the other one is a
10, the drum's smaller.

- It's difficult
to find components

for a truck built in 1981,

and the pandemic has made it even worse.

- Everything is 10 times harder right now

because of the COVID virus.

We're not getting the
food that we're ordering,

the way that we buy our
supplies has changed,

everything has changed, and
it's causing a lot of anxiety.

- This is the serial number.

- But Robin
has found an auto wrecker

that may have what he
needs to fix Six Pack.

- Trying to find a used adjuster.

- And repair
the broken excavator track.

- The only thing

that we're gonna have a
real tough time getting

is that tensioner.

- And that's
the most crucial part.

- That's the most crucial part.

We need Six Pack to go
up and down that hill.

It's the only option we got.

- Today is Tuesday.

We could by Friday have
them in Watson Lake.

- Made it here.

- Ricky
arrives in Prince George

to sell Scrappy Larry's load of batteries.

- Catch up with the wife.

- But first.

- Oh my God.

- He reunites
with his girlfriend, Crystal

and her daughters, Kayla and Bria.

- Oh, oh, baby.

- I haven't seen Rick in almost a month,

and it's very emotional.

- Oh, I missed you.
- I missed you too.

- Okay, well come look

at the load of batteries here.

- Holy crap, babe.

- I've been with Crystal for two years.

She understands how important it is

to help my dad out every season.

- So what do
you think this'll get you?

- Well, there's a lot of pressure on this,

because normally he does
the money and the haggling,

and gives me the dirty job
of building the pallet.

Hopefully I'll get a good sale

and get a good buck for these batteries.

And then my dad will be happy.

- No matter what the deal is,

you've done a great job.

- And I got the perfect
set of coveralls for you.

- Okay, boys, come on up.

- Morning at Two Mile.

- Thank you, sir.
- Don't call me sir.

- While they wait
for parts to repair Six Pack,

the weather clears up.

- Overnight it rained,
dried the road a bit.

- So the crew hauls up

the remaining gear for the wire saw.

- If it gets unsafe, we
just don't drive on it.

- All right,
let's see what happens.

- But as an
added safety precaution,

Gary oversees the first run.

- We're still pulling with the CAT

'cause the road's still muddy.

- Yes.
- That never skidded at all.

- No?

- Right up the
hill, it's a good thing.

- And just set her down, okay.

- Okay, let's get
this show on the road.

- The final task,

bring up a tank of water
required to operate the saw.

- Okay.

- I'll throw her in neutral

until we're on the hill like before.

- I think we got it figured out.

- I think so.

- I mean me and Garon

aren't exactly 16, 17 years old anymore.

So now it's important
that we show competence

in the way that we operate equipment.

- I don't need to babysit them,

they got this covered.

Takes actually a load off my shoulders

because now I'll have Garon and Josh here

to run equipment for me.

- while the boys
take care of the water,

Gary checks in with Robin and Shane

at their second pit, the J lens.

- The J lens is our new
lens along the back.

Hopefully there's some high quality jade

right near the surface.

- Like it's green, but not
a lot of color changes, eh?

- No.

- Robin
shows Gary a core sample

he took earlier in the day.

- I think this is gonna be flipping solid.

- Yep.

- A solid, solid boulder is no fractures,

it's not falling apart on us.

What'd I say, four?

- Gary labels this boulder J-4.

So far, this season
they've chased the J lens

from its base at the J-1 rock

along the mountain Ridge to J-5.

- If all goes well, this one's
gonna pay for the season.

Hopefully jade lens comes out
with better jade than Pit One.

- This has gotta be

at least twice the
weight of the generator.

- With the
drier road conditions.

- Oh yeah.

- Josh pull Six
Pack up the hill to Pit One

loaded with a five ton water tank.

- Right there's probably good

if the brakes will hold, yep.

- The tow up
goes without a hitch.

- By far the heaviest thing

that we dragged up all day today.

- I'll get it running,
then I'll open the valve.

- It's a big win for the boys

after yesterday's close calls.

- We're so close to being done.

Open her up.

We're good.

Oh yeah, I guess we
should take the bong off.

- Before it collapses that tank.

- And quick.

It's gonna blast on ya.


- I feel like I'm learning a lot,

but I am definitely still the rookie.

There's no doubt about it.

- Okay, note to self, that
comes off first.

- We're good, everything's fine.

- What have you got?

- Down in camp.

- This one here
is J-4 and it's crazy.

- Oh.

- Robin and Gary
show Claudia the core sample

from the J-4 boulder.

- Really nice in between.

- It looks light to me,

but you put the light
on it and it's gorgeous.

- Yep, so it has
some transparency to it.

We've got good potential in this one.

- So I'll pack
that one down the hill,

and we'll get Garon and
Josh to put the saw to it.

- Yeah, bring it down, let's cut it.

- Rock four it is.

First rock of the season

we're gonna split with the wire saw.

- We have to cut it.

Then we have to see what it's like

so that we know where to stay
away from and where to dig.

- They wanna see the quality

that we can bring out to this mine site,

and if its as good as we think it is

the potential's right up there

for them to actually make
some money again this year.

- Hey Duke, are you ready?

You ready to start scrooging some people.

- At TX2
recycling in Prince George.

- We have a beware of dog sign
on our window for a reason.

And that's to take care
of people like Ricky,

when they come in and
try and muscle me around.

- Tony Muratori and his dog, Duke,

are waiting to process
Rick's load of batteries.

- How's it going, Tony?

- Hey Ricky, nice to finally meet ya.

- Yes.

- Hey, well your dad told me
that you got about 30 ton.

The bigger the weight,
the bigger the payment.

- Okay, I gotta do good here

because the old man,

he usually handles this part of the deal.

If I can nail this, my dad,
maybe he'll be able to relax,

and let me do the money part of it.

- Good thing my
dog's bigger than yours.

Let's get it all weighed up.

- Anxious to see what the
grand total weight is here.

This will definitely be helpful, this one,

need to get us going.

- I can tell just by the top of the load

that they're not packed properly.

- Before Tony even
starts weighing the pallets

he spots a problem.

- Larry said it was a wrapped
up like a Christmas present,

but I'm gonna have to probably disagree.

These pallets look like crap.

What do you think?

- This is gonna take us a lot of time

to rewrap all this stuff.
- Yeah.

So when these things come off,

the stretch wrap also
has to include the skid.

- Okay.

- We're not giving money away, right?

We gotta re-palletize these things.

It's gonna cost him money.

It's not gonna cost me money,
it's gonna cost him money.

First load 2,196 minus 80 for the skid.

- My dad was a little
cheap on the shrink wrap,

could be an issue.

- Every time I have to
get off my forklift,

the price goes down.

- At a recycling
depot in Prince George.

- 21.

- Ricky anxiously
waits as the owner, Tony,

inspects and weights,
his load of batteries.

- The wrapping of the batteries

with them falling off the skids

could be an issue with the pricing

because that's just one extra
thing he's gotta have to do.

- 53.

- The last thing I need to
do is end up with a bad deal.

My dad needs this to get the season going.

- Last skid is the best
one wrapped, 2,225.

- I hope we got a good price.

- We originally spoke at 30 cents a pound,

but you know, it's gonna
have to come down from there.

- Oh, okay.

it's going cost us at least 5
cents a pound to rewrap them.

You know, the most we can offer Larry

is gonna be 25 cents a
pound for these guys.

- Huh.

- I think we were hoping

a little bit higher range
than that, you know?

Might have to do a
little bit of sweet talk

and try and keep that price up.

We're dredging up whatever we can,

but we're gonna get into
a lot more processing.

We've got lots of cars that
we haven't even touched.

There's batteries in
every one of those cars.

- There is.

He opened up a yard in Watson Lake.

And we started talking about some business

that we could do together
up in that region.

- He's hoping that he'll
get another big load

for the end of the season.

- For sure.

Well, I wanna be part of
those projects for sure.

Like I can help you guys out.

- Oh nice.

- That's where I'm at.

- With the
prospect of future business,

Tony talks to his wife
about sweetening the deal.

- God, that's a crazy dog.

Bud, wanna get some big
numbers, yes, buddy, huh?

- The wife and I talked it over

and what I'm really hoping is that

we can extend our relationship

and you get me up to the Watson Lake site

and we do some processing
up there together.

So what I've done is we've
bumped it up to 30 cents a pound.

- Nice.
- All right.

There's your check.
- Thank you, sir.

Appreciate that.

- There's your receipt.

And the commitment is I wanna come up

and do more work with you guys.

- For sure.

I'm pleased, I got the number.

I was a little bit nervous
there for a minute.

All right, you have a good day,

but my dad will be very happy with that.

I got you your 30 cents,
15 grand was the check.

- Okay, that's better

than a kick in the butt
with a wet boot I guess.

Nice to have a little bit of cash.

Just a little tighter this year

because we're not getting
to sell much stuff.

Oh, right on, sounds good.

- I'd like to think I did
just as good of a job,

but there's no comparing
to what my dad's can do.

Well, it's a nice little
start to the season anyways.

- You betcha.

- And I have a few things to
learn from the old man yet.

- You want it this way, right?

- Yeah, we wanna cut it
like parallel with the boom.

- Morning at Two Mile.

- Yep, close as we can get it.

- The crew
is getting ready to cut

the first boulder from the J lens.

- Yep, right in half.

- You putting
the board under, Josh?

- Yes.
- Okay.

- We are still looking for
that million dollar piece.

So it's very exciting.

- Okay, so that panel's good to go.

- Panel's hooked up,
genny's hooked up to the panel.

- You wanna grab that compressor
and put a little tab in it?

- Garon and
Josh prep the diamond wire

that's used to slice through the rock.

- Right in the thing.

- Usually go until
it pops twice, right?

- Yeah, twice probably won't hurt.

Josh has helped me a lot
with running the saws.

He seems to be the guru when
it comes to cutting the rocks

with the wire sauce.

- Slipped and it
caught my finger, right there.

- I managed to pinch my hand,

just whatever damn
time I did it last year.

And so far, I haven't pinched my hand yet.

- But we just started
about 15 minutes ago.

- We just started 15 minutes
ago, so that might change.

- Having the boys work together

and have a great day
together makes me happy.

Everybody's finding their place

in this jade mining craziness that we do.

Garon loves to be in the equipment,

Joshua is helping with
the family business,

but he's creating his
own business trucking.

And so yeah, Joshua is much
more content and happy.

- There it goes.
- Okay.

- Got a little
bit of tension on it.

- Just starting to cut rocks

out of the J lens is a big deal.

Very exciting to set up
even a little wire saw

to get it cutting.

Okay, saw is good to go.

We can let this thing
do its thing for a while

and hope that when we come
back in a couple hours,

it'll be in two pieces.

- Hopefully.
- Hopefully.

- And hopefully it's
really nice jade in the center.

- Yea-ah.

- So where are you thinking, Gary?

- While the small saw

works on the J-4 boulder at camp.

- Quit wasting time.

- Robin gets
Shane to clear the way

so they can cut out the 60 foot lens.

They'll use the new larger wire saw

they've hauled up to Pit One.

- Shane has to dig it down,
get the host rock away,

so that we can come in and cut
this out with the wire saw.

- This gonna be a nice rock.

- We need this lens taken out

because it is definitely
good quality jade.

- We don't need this.
- No, we don't.

- But just as
they start making progress.

- rain.

- There is no break
in that clouds anywhere.

- Nope.

- Keep an eye out for
lightning, that's never good.

That's just a great, big yellow
lightning rod right there.

It's here.

It's all around us.

It's super frustrating, raining, muddy,

and nothing you can do about it.

- The bad weather forces Gary

to make a tough call.

- It's time to put her down.

- This really
screws up big time.

Freaking rain.

- Weather is a huge challenge
this year at Two Mile,

it's just unbelievably cold and wet.

We've had some horrible summers,

but this one takes the cake.

- Come lunch time we'll be dry.

- A couple hours later.

J-4, the first boulder from
the J lens, is sliced open.

- That's definitely weird looking.

- It's like a pale green almost.

- Yeah that is crazy light.

- Really, really light inside.

- Almost too light, eh?

- It's got all the right colors,

but they're gonna fracture
between every color.

This particular piece now
is just a lawn ornament.

As soon as you get an echo-y
sound, it's no good.

This is a good rock to crush.

Rock four off the jade
lens, core looked promising,

but the rock itself, it's not sellable.

Another million years would be just great.

- I was hoping be really
great quality jade,

close to the surface in the J lens,

but unfortunately it was kind of garbage.

- There's a lot of disappointment
you have to go through

to find that grade A jade.

I don't know how Robin, Gary, Josh,

all of us keep going, but we do.

- The search carries on.

- It's ugly out there.
- Ya think?

- At Two Mile.

- Ready for some lunch?

You guys are soaking wet.

- Miserable
weather and low quality jade

has got the crew down.

So Claudia attempts to boost morale.

- Pesto spaghetti and calzone,

I'm thinking that that's
pretty freaking amazing.

- For lunch, no kidding.

- When everything is going wrong,

the weather is freezing cold,

cuts aren't what they're supposed to be,

the only thing that I
can do is feed my crew.

- End of July and
we can see our breath.

- That's why I put in one week

that it's gonna be the first snowfall

that stays on the ground in one week.

I just try to let them know that

I appreciate what they're doing

because I know that they're
struggling with everything,

I'm struggling as well.

I have an idea to put by you guys all,

you've just finished ordering the parts

for the Six Pack and
for the second excavator

so that we can work on
the J lens and Pit One.

You are saying that it's gonna take you

a few days to work on.

- The Six Pack, I'm gonna
say an honest three days.

- Yeah, we have a bunch of stuff

that needs to be done in Jade City.

Rather than us stay here.

Maybe we should all go out

and try to get all of this stuff done

so we can get back in the
camp and all work together.

- Because we have like five operators here

and one piece of equipment
working and no jade to cut.

- We need to get out

and we need to fix the
equipment that needs fixing.

We're really running
out of time this season.

So that's what we'll do is
we'll leave Monday morning.

- Yep.

- All right,

let's see what Pete's
got to show us today.

- Down in Prince George.

- How are you doing Ricky?
- Not too bad, good to see ya.

- Scrappy Larry
sends his son, Ricky,

on one final mission before
he returns to Cassiar.

- I'm here to check out some gem you got

that my dad's interested in.

- I told them about a nice
old Kenworth that I got.

- Oh, okay.

Once my dad gets some money,

deals all of a sudden start popping out.

That money should really
be used in other ways.

Oh, this little girl here.

We've got a lot of stuff
that needs little love.

That also costs money.

- She runs good.

that engine was rebuilt about
a year before they parked it,

and they parked it in 1983.

- I'm a little leery
on the condition of it.

And I see a rusted out body panels.

- You want some
pictures of it, babe?

- Yes.

- Crystal takes
some photos to send to Scrappy.

- My dad, he looks at the
potential it could be,

not what it's really gonna be.

- Babe, your head is like
right in the way.

- What about that old Mercury there?

She's a nice looking truck.

- Yeah, this is all done
up really nice shape.

- Wow, that is unbelievable.

Damn, I knew I should gone
and put that check in my name.

I'm bad when I come to this place,

it kind of contradicts telling
my dad not to spend money.

- Nothing wrong with owning them both.

- Yeah.

- I guess it's like father, like son,

can't send him truck shopping.

He'll come home with maybe
more than I would have.

- I'll give you a shout tomorrow
and we'll go from there.

- Hey, buddy,
over here, right there.

- The next morning,

Claudia and Shane are leaving Two Mile.

- Love you.

Right now my priority is
to get back to Jade City,

fix the Six Pack, and then
bring the parts back into camp

to work on the excavator and
then just back to mining,

we've gotta cut jade.

- I'll take the heavy one.

- Smartass.

- While Claudia flies ahead.

- See how far we can make
it without having to tow.

- The rest of the crew
will convoy out of camp

with the crippled Six
Pack, and then get to work

repairing the truck's front wheel drive.

- Let's get on the road.

- They set out

on the grueling 65 kilometer journey.

- My alarm's going off.

- And it doesn't take long

for Six Pack to run into trouble.

- Jesus .

It spun as soon as I gave it power.

I can just about crawl with it.

- Josh is going to need help

climbing the steep hills.

- Keep going,
yeah, we're pulling now.

- And stop.

This is exactly why

we're taking this truck out to get fixed.

Okay, let's go down the hill.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- But going downhill

is just as challenging in the old truck.

- With such a sheer steep
road, it becomes very scary

when you have to depend
on the braking system

for a truck to hold it in place.

I like to have my door open

if I have any doubt about
my truck holding itself

to the mountain on the way down.


That's sketchy.

Standing on the
brakes with both feet.

That's sketchy.

- On the road out of camp.

- Standing on the
brake with both feet.

- Josh is fighting

to keep Six Pack under control.

- Coming down from Two
Mile is like scary steep.

When your truck is totally empty,

it tends to lock the brakes up.

Damn, those brakes work about
as good as the throttle.

- Were you bobsledding?

- Yeah, I was bobsledding all right.

I kinda had control.

We all know how the
truck runs at this point,

and it just does what it
does and gotta roll with it.


All right, we're on the
less steep stuff now.

- Further down the trail.

- The Bedford's
higher than Six Pack.

- Well, I'll pull
ahead a couple of feet,

and we'll back up right
tight with the tires.

- The convoy makes a stop

at the broken down Bedford.

- Uh-oh.

- A couple of weeks ago.

- It just quit?

- Yep, hell of a knock, and then it quit.

- The old truck blew its motor

while hauling out a four ton fuel tank.

- Old Betty is done.

- Betty's officially retired,
no bringing her back to life.

We're gonna slide the big
fuel tank onto Six Pack.

At this point, Six Pack
is our main vehicle.

We need fuel and that's
the only truck we have

to haul it in and out.

- This thing's
heavier than we thought.

Last four inches or so.

- There it is, right
there, yeah, like that.

- With the fuel
tank transferred onto Six Pack.

- I'm running the
truck and pulling out the load.

- They continue the journey

towards the Dease Lake landing.

- On the road.

- Okay, hello, Pete.

- At Pete's used truck lot.

- Hey, how you doing?
- Good.

- Ricky's returned

with Larry's verdict on the old Kenworth.

- How did we make out?

- Well, I talked with the old man there,

and he's a little nervous about
spending just a second here

considering this as the
only money we got coming in

to start off right now.

I don't know whether he's
listening to me or it's just luck,

but he's not just buying stuff

to add to his museum out there.

- Well, we got some
irons in the fire anyway.

- Yeah, oh for sure.

And trust me, he loves spending money.

He needs a few more loads of batteries

before he can buy everything.

- Oh yeah.

- All right, I appreciate your time.

Thank you, Pete.
- Yep, thank you.

- And we'll see you next
time again for sure.

- Sound good.
- All right, thanks Pete.

- Back at the landing.

- Six pack pulls through

arriving safely at the Dease Lake landing.

- We'll get this done quick, go home.

I will take a measurement real quick,

and find out exactly what
we're contending with.

- The crew will haul
the truck back to Jade City

if they can figure out how to
load it onto Josh's trailer.

- 15, I'll just jam it,

we'll drive down onto the deck.

- Down onto the
trailer off the bank?

- Yeah.

I just want the truck
exactly where I want it,

how I want it because it's my load now,

it's got my name on the side of the truck.

- Josh's plan

is to have Garon drive from a
high bank onto the flatdeck.

- Is that good?
- You're good, you're good.

These are big tires.

- But Six
Pack's extra wide tires

won't make this easy.

- Yeah, Dad, outside the
outside is only nine feet.

- Yes, eight feet here, nine feet here.

- That's where the tire's gonna be.

- Tire's gonna be outside the rail.

- It's gonna be tight.

- You know, it's a little nerve wracking

when you're trying to load onto a trailer,

the truck is actually
wider than the trailer is.

- There's planks
up on the roof there.

- Robin uses
wooden boards to create a ramp

to help ease the truck onto the trailer.

- We'll find out real
quick if they're gonna break.

- These should not break.

- My dad is pretty confident

that these planks will work really good

for the Six Pack to drive right across.

And I am not confident at all
in any way, shape, or form.

- Want me to drive it on?
- I can.

- Just go slow.

- Sometimes it's easier for me

to separate myself from the situation,

and I can kind of focus on making sure

the truck doesn't fall
off the side of the deck,

as opposed to arguing with somebody

about how it should be loaded.

- Okay.

- Oh.

- Well, what now with the
boards that weren't gonna break?

As soon as the Six Pack
drives onto these planks

breaks right through them.

- I'll drive back up a little bit.

- No, you're spinning already.

- We can lock it by driving it up.

- We'll just use the winch.

- Man, this is gonna
get haywire with that.

- Moving on to plan B,

the crew decides to try and pull Six Pack

onto the deck using Robin's winch.

- It's gonna have to
pull pretty hard.

- Just enough to
get my front end to wiggle

for my back tire to grab.

- It's not a lot of margin for error

because it's a pretty high deck,

and so if the six pack were
to slip off the edge of it,

it's gonna land on its roof.

- Gary, you wanna come
guide your kid off the deck?

- I'm coming.

- Definitely,
there's some fear involved.

- Okay, winch it in.

- One mislead and
the truck will be destroyed.

- He shouldn't spin so much.

- Robin pulls
harder on the winch.

- Dad, oh my God.

- Oh.

- Okay, whoa, hold on, Dad.

Drive her, drive her, drive her, yep.

He's gotta go passenger a bit.

That truck off the deck on my
truck, it's out of commission.

- You made it back.
- Yeah.

- At Larry's scrapyard.

- Well, how'd it go?

- Ricky is back

from negotiating his first scrap sale.

- Quite pleased with the batteries?

- He loved the
batteries. They're all good.

And a little bit more wrapped,

he would have been a little bit happier.

- I'm pretty
happy he paid the price.

I'm quite proud of Rick.

He gets the job done.

Okay, and the truck run
good for you and everything.

- Yeah.

- Not too often he screws up.

- But there's one
job Ricky hasn't done so well.

- Definitely
have to clean up outside.

- Yeah.

Crystal showed up, and I'm nervous.

I don't know what's she's gonna
think of the accommodations.

- Holy crap, there's definitely a hole.

This is our storage right here.

See that catches all the rainwater,

and then when you need a
little bit for your coffee,

you just, there you go.

- Off a dirty tarp, yeah,
you're so disgusting.

- No, thank you.

- She didn't find the water
feature as awesome as I did,

but I you know in time
there it'll grow on her,

or maybe I'll just fix the leak,

probably ended up doing that.

- This is the living room.

- Oh, that's cool.

It really has to be clean though.

I washed almost all these dishes,

the rest of them I haven't touched yet.

- Did you clean the bathroom,

that's the big question.

- Yeah.
- No.

- I called the electrical
guy, but he said, you know.

- What, no cable?

We'll make it work, it's good for now.

- She took it a lot
better than I expected,

so I'm gonna chalk that one up to a win.

Okay, well, I gotta get to work.

One of the major things I love about her

is no matter how crazy the adventure is,

she's always got my back.

- Okay, go to work, Scampers,
you're staying with Mommy.

- Okay, whoa, hold on, Dad.

- Back at
the Dease Lake landing.

- Drive her, drive her, drive her, yep.

- Garon inches
Six Pack onto Josh's trailer.

- Okay, slow and steady.

- With no room to spare.

- Holy .


- Okay, just tell me
where you want him to stop.

- Bring them up,
bring them up, bring them up.

Keep going, keep going, keep
going, keep going, keep going.

Little more, little more,
little more, that's good.

- Right there?

- Garon's really stepping up.

I don't have to give
him a lot of guidance.

From last year to this year,

you would think you'd been
doing this type of job

for four or five years really,

so that feels good.

- Man, I did not think
we were gonna make that.

- Try to stay calm, works best.

If you panic and freak out,
then you might mess up.

- Okay, let's get everybody home.

- Now that we have it loaded,
finish chaining it down,

and we're off to Jade City.

- Woo!

- Now the race is on

to fix Six Pack's broken drivetrain,

and get back to camp.

- We're good to go.

- Those repairs need to be finished

and we need to get mining immediately.

We need to make money.

Thank God, I have a great crew around me.

This is all of us working together

to find jade, to mine Jade, to sell jade.

- Okay, let's go home.

- Next time on Jade Fever.

- She's barbecued.

You remember seeing the drill steel?

Not a piece of drill steel anywhere.

- I don't know what it is.

- Every time Joshua goes out

there's another $5,000 bill.

- Another setback.

- I have Justin coming in.

- He's gonna help us out,

but me and him do not get along very good.

- This is stupid,
get it out of there.

Why are you loading it
from the front?

Gonna burn that drill out.

- Everything that
could go wrong has gone wrong.

This is my week from Hell.