Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 7, Episode 3 - Jade Fever - full transcript

The Bunce's main mining truck blows its engine on the muddy road to the mine. Cores from J lens look good and Claudia scrambles to bring in a bigger saw to deal with the potential windfall. Larry's friend Jean finds a woman's work is never done when it comes to helping Larry get his power back on.

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- It's drying up nice.

- Yeah.

- Morning at
the Two Mile Jade mine.

- But, you know, just as well as I do,

it's only going to take one shot of rain

and this will all go to again.

- Robin and his crew,

head up to the promising new J lens.

- Oh I guess you
need your chair, huh?

- Maybe.

- Perfect.

- Digging for the green gold.

- He's got all terrain tires.

Don't get a run away.

I don't know if he'll stop at the bottom.

- When you've got a hunch that,

"Yeah, there's something there.

You gotta follow that hunch.

- This one right here's
showing really nice green.

- 'Cause it could be the grade A Jade

that we've been looking for forever.

- Been a couple more
pieces come down last night, eh?

- Yep.

- But their excitement...

- That's a big mother rock.

- ...turns quickly to concern.

- Yeah, these pieces came from up here.

- Yeah.

- When they
discover the wall of the pit

is dangerously unstable.

- When we're dealing with a cliff,

there's loose rocks, a
few of them are very big.

We must consider what could happen.

You can't stand on that edge

'cause you'll knock a rock loose

and by the time that rock gets to here,

it's 40 rocks.

It'll cause a major problem.

Nobody up on that top edge.

Everybody has a radio.

They're responsible to keep them charged

and they must be on.

- Now you can start
packing them big rocks back.

- Okay.

- We don't want any rocks to fall

because we are on a full rock ledge.

It's not worth a life

to get a chunk of rock out of the ground.

- Good thing you had your hard hat on.

- Oh my god.

- This is going to
be the million dollar rock.

- Ya hoo!

- Jade makes
people do crazy things.

- First we'll get nice and
topped up, right to the brim.

- ] At Two Mile Camp.

- All right, let's see if
this little thing will run.

- Josh preps the drill show.

- My choke, my throttle.

- So the crew up at the J lens

can take core samples

to prove the quality of the jade.

- We spent a lot of time this season

trying to deal with setting up our camp.

And I haven't had as
much time to get hands-on

with the heavy equipment
and up in the mine site.

It's moving.

- Josh recently
made some career changes.

- What? I got a semi!

- He's launching
a trucking company.

- I'm excited!

- And will
haul Jade and equipment

for the family business.

- We do a lot of trucking
in the Jade mining

and so it's something that I
feel like I can contribute.

If I save us all that money that we spend

every season with the trucking,

then I can start to feel
more like a partner,

more like a contributor
to the family business.

- This is Claudia Bunce, from Jade City.

I'm good. How are you?

- Over in the camp kitchen.

- I need my wire saw.

- Claudia is on
the hunt for a large wire saw

to tackle the 60 foot lens in pit one.

So she calls her son, Justin.

He's a minor on the coast, who
may have just what she needs.

- The saws that we need are the same saws

that Justin used a couple
of years ago on Dynasty.

- Everyone's good?

- Clear!

- Justin bought these saws

to cut huge Jade boulders on
his family's dynasty claim.

- So I think it's a really good deal

if we can get them from Justin.

- Coming through.

- Claudia's been
trying to negotiate the purchase

all morning.

- My dad raised me in a secondhand store

and in a secondhand store,
everything is about the barter.

So I loved that, watching
that wheeling and dealing.

So this is the camp number
and it's satellite phone.

So if I don't get it then, email me

and I'll know to expect
something today, anything.

Of course I'm going to
negotiate with my son.

I'm not giving him full price.

Thank you.

- Now you can
set that one right there

and then that other one that's on the bank

is a little lighter.

You can reach out a little
further with that one.

- At the J lens.

- Let 'em roll down the hill.

- Shane's on a hot streak,

pulling boulders out of the new pit.

- Round thing.

- The new lens, the J lens,

we have excavated along side of it

and taken pieces out.

- All the jade we've pulled
out, we've got lots here.

We're going to take
samples of it and prove it.

- Before drilling core samples

to test the quality of the jade.

- That'll do, sister!

- Each boulder is numbered

to keep track of what section
of the lens it came from.

- So we'll just start here, J1 first.

This is the first part of the lens, yeah.

This one's got a nice color on it.

- Yeah.

- Push it. Push it.

- I wonder if we should
drill the big boulder

around the corner first.

- Number five? Five?

- Yeah, that way we know whether
he has to go there after,

to go dig it out, or we
don't worry about it.

- The J lens
is long and narrow,

following the curve of the mountain ridge.

Gary wants to test J1 boulder,

that was extracted where the lens begins.

But Robin wants a core sample from J5

a promising rock at
the edge of the deposit

that hasn't been dug out yet.

- We better make sure
there's good jade there

before we waste money doing something,

when there's nothing there to go for.

- Okay, no. We'll move
down to the bottom one.

Help me get my spray can,
so I can mark it five.

- Yeah, get it and then it's done.

- There's a yellow mark.

- Yep, right there.

- It is super hard.

- You got to go slow
and let it do its thing.

I'm hoping we find that grade A.

- Okay, we'll find some nails and stuff.

- Down in the Cassiar Valley.

- I'll show you how to strip copper.

- Right on right. Let's get at her.

- Scrappy
Larry's hired some new help.

- Where's the hammer?

- His friend, Jean McRae.

- Are you get older, it's hard
to keep up with everything.

If I work on my yard, I can't haul scrap.

If I haul scrap, I can't work
on my yard. You need help.

A hammer is around here
someplace. There it is.

- You found it already. Oh my God.

That's a first. It's
usually an all day event.

- Jean, I worked with her at Highways.

We kind of got along

and she's mechanically
inclined, really good.

- As long as I keep my
fingers out of there,

it should all be good.

Drive truck and run heavy equipment

and I've been a substitute
teacher, a bus driver,

EMS, ski patrol, hardware
store, grocery store.

- Okay.

- Today, Larry's training Jean

to operate the copper wire stripper.

- Let's just see what happens!

- Yep.

- Watch your fingers.

- Hopefully it's going to work

the way it's supposed to work, right?

- Oh, now what do I do?

- We've been friends for a long time now

and we all really miss Susan.

Wish she was here.

- Come on, come on,
come on. A little more.

Come on tough guy.

- She's not scared to get her hands dirty

when we do something.

Okay, we won't put it in that one again.

- We've got her!

- We feed off of each other.

He's got an idea. I got an idea.

Everything comes together really good.

That's how it's supposed to work!

- And we get along good.

It's not work! It's fun!

Better than painting a fence.

- Try to pull the whole thing, okay.

It's all loose.

- Back at Two Mile.

- There's a bigger chunk.

- While Shane continues
to dig up jade rocks

at the base of the J lens.

- I'll run down of Garon here.

- Garon is
drilling a core sample

from the J5 boulder at the
far edge of the deposit.

- My role this year can be
a little bit of everything.

I'm trying to learn as much as I can.

I'm trying to be involved
in as much as I can.

That's personal goal number one.

I've never ran a drill before.

- Can you give it a little twist?

There you go.

Yeah, you can see it
going in on the end here.

I'm feeling really good about this site.

This J5, I'm thinking Robin will see this

and we'll start chasing it from here,

back towards where
Shane's working right now,

which is good for us.

- Needs more jade.

- Needs more jade.

We're just chasing up the road

And we proved the lens goes
underneath the mountain, to J5.

- Like that, eh?

- This is the very bottom.

He's hitting some good stuff in there.

- The core
sample proves Robin's hunch,

that it's worth spending
the time and money

to dig another 50 meters
along the J lens to J5.

- And we're going to get wet during that.

- But mother nature.

- That is coming towards us.

- Has other plans.

- We got some stuff coming.

And if there's thunder and
lightening in them clouds,

I'm shutting it down.

- This is getting heavy now.

I'm nervous about weather.

When you're in an excavator up here

and there's going to be lightning.

You want to get off the mountain,

because that's a lightning rod.

The risk is pretty high.

Shane, we're going to shut her down now.

It's not good for our short mining season,

but we have no choice.

You don't want to put
somebody's life in danger.

So we can't mine.

- The road already
looks like it's washed out.

- Morning at Two Mile.

- It's just too wet. We can't
take any equipment up here.

- Not good.

- It's way too soft.

It will just sink out of sight.

- Yep.

- Yesterday's heavy rain

has made a mess of the
road up to the J lens.

- It's raining.

That cloud is black.

- Forcing Claudia
and Robin to remain shut down.

- It's wet, it's cold.

The equipment can't easily go
on a road that's saturated.

It's not dry enough to drive on.

It's horrible.

- While they wait
for the road to dry out.

- My ramp that I made
isn't very agreeable.

- Don't fall in the hole.

- Oh, I'm trying.

- The crew helps Shane

build a new accessible outhouse.

- Skidding around in the mud sucks.

Getting in and out of the
outhouse that's here, sucks.

- You trying to dig that dirt out?

- No, I want to get the
six by sixes level there.

Well, this one's going to be a lot lower,

and a lot more access to the door.

I also built it big enough

that I can get the wheelchair
right inside the door,

instead of having to prop the wheelchair

so that it doesn't roll over the cliff.

- That looks great. Good job.

Everybody, they just look
at Shane and is like,

"Nope, not going to complain."

I'm going to do it.

Shane can and do it, I can do it.

Shane's not giving up. Shane's determined.

And Shane brings that out in people.

They want to be the best that they can be.

- Give her a try.

- Ha ha.
- There you go.

- It opens it enough for you, eh?

- That's good enough for me.

- It's all about the
little comforts out here

and this will make the summer for me,

a lot more comfortable.

- And voila.

- It's gas powered.

Just wait. Listen, listen, listen.

- I'm not sure I want to.

- If you want a hot coffee.

- I'll go turn the kettle on.

Yeah, I'll have a coffee
and then get to work.

- Down at the scrap yard.

- You know, you might opt to
do though, with that low bed?

- Larry and his son Ricky

are making plans for their work day.

- He did mention
some of the airbags

not wanting a little weather.

- Yeah, a little.

- Ah .

- You didn't pay your power bill.

- Something happened to the generator.

We were just making a cup of coffee

and all hell broke loose.

Okay, let's go check this generator out.

See what we got.

If a truck ain't broke down,

something else breaks down

and now it's the generator.

I can smell the burning wires.

- Well, now you got a project.

- The generator part that
produces the electricity,

bearings went in it, so
you got to find parts.

I hope you like your coffee iced.

That's the way we're going to
have it for a little while.

- At Two Mile,

wet, muddy roads have shut down the mine.

- Hey.

- But Claudia finally gets

some much needed good news.

- Okay, bye bye.

- It's got figured out, or what?

- Yeah, the saws will be ready.

So they need to be picked up.

- She's clinched a deal

to buy two large wire
saws from her son, Justin.

- Justin's drilling.

That's what he did before he jade mined.

This is going to be a great
way to support my son.

He's not doing the cutting anymore.

And it helps me out,

because the saws are right here in Canada.

I'm much happier if a good deal

is a win-win for both parties.

I think that we'll fly out
and get this all organized

so that the saws can be brought home.

- Now it falls on Josh

to get his new semi-truck
ready to pick up the saws.

- Hopefully you can have your insurance.

- And the plates on the truck.

- Yeah.

So I'm going to contact that rental place.

Hi Patrick, this is Claudia
Bunce from Jade City.

I need some equipment.

- The saws
require a large generator

to power them.

- Joshua's going to go get the saws.

And Thursday would be the
latest that he would be there.

The pressure is really on.

I can't do anything at the pit
one lens without proper saws.

- I will go do some organizing.

- Thank you.

- Later that day.

- Okay, let's go.

- Claudia and
Josh, head back to Jade City

to organize the saw pick up.

With mining still on hold.

- It's raining on the ground.

- It's raining everywhere.

- Robin and Gary
plan to fix an excavator

owned by a neighboring
gold miner, Punch McLean.

It broke down at the
edge of Two Mile Camp.

- Oh.

- The last this ran was
sometime last summer

when it broke down on Punch right here.

- A few weeks ago.

- Man, this is your lucky day!

The crew rescued Punch,

along with his wife and their
army truck from a mud hole.

- If we need that, is it safe to use it

to take a load of fuel or something?

- As long as you don't get stuck.

- In exchange,

Claudia secured the use of his army truck.

- Saved their lives, got an army truck.

Win-win deal.

I'm never going to let him forget.

- Let's check the oil and stuff on it.

- Punch has sweetened the deal

with his old excavator,

if they can repair its broken tracks.

- If we can get her
fixed, it'll do the trick.

- Once it's fixed,

they will have two working
excavators at the mine.

- We got to work both pits,

because we know we've got
sellable jade in pit one

and we're looking for
sellable jade in the J lens.

- Punch said those extra missing parts

should be on that excavator.

- The piece I'm looking for
is a nut about that big around

and a rod about that long,
with a grease nipple.

I've checked everywhere.

But one more cabinet.


- The parts, Punch insisted
they're at the excavator.

- I've checked everywhere.

- And they weren't.

- The parts are not here. Simple as that.

- They're not in there.
I opened every cabinet.

I took everything out. Not in there.

- Missing parts have stalled

Gary and Robbin's plan

to get a second excavator
running at the mine.

- This excavator is perfect for pit one.

It's a smaller excavator. It
doesn't take up as much space.

- Punch said all the parts
you need are in the excavator.

Right, I've got a 5H wrench.

I've looked for 'em,

in, out, under, beside.

I was starting to pull
my hair out a little bit.

I'm surprised I got hair left.

- It's very crucial that it is running,

so that we can run both pits.

- Them parts are not in that hoe.

He knows he has them,

he just doesn't know where.

- All we can think of, is
that they're at Dee's Lake

in his trailer there at the landing.

- Gary, let's see if it starts.

- The excavator's
tracks are broken,

so it can't be moved.

- Oil's good??

- Yeah, it's right on the max line.

- Okay.

- But in the meantime,

they can use its lifting
power right here in camp.

- There's power!

- Fire in the hole??
- Clear.

- We're going to use Punch's excavator

to lift the tank off of the six pack

and put it on the Bedford.

- Park right here.

- 'Cause we're taking the
Bedford out to get fuel.

- Good.

- With it's
damaged drive train,

six pack only has rear wheel drive.

And with the rough road
made worse by rain.

Robin won't risk taking
it on a run to get fuel.

- Just snug up a bit. Okay.

- Yep, good.

Set her down.

- I'm working on it!

- They get the job done,

with the crippled excavator.

- It did what we needed it to do.

- But until they
find the missing parts,

it will stay stranded on the edge of camp.

- Never a dull moment.

- Here it is.

- In Watson Lake.

- A friend of mine's place.

- Larry's also
on the hunt for parts

at a buddy's yard, where he and Ricky

hope to find what they need

to fix their broken down generator.

- He's being nice to me today.

So we'll see what happens.

I get it out today, 'cause
he'll change his mind tomorrow.

- Until it's repaired,

there's no electricity at his scrap yard.

- He needs his Facebook.

So he needs power.

- These are big rear ends.

- But Larry's easily distracted

from the job at hand.

- Hey dad?

- Are these all empty?

- I like junk just as much as he does.

Probably not as much as he does.

- Lots of heavy scrap here, Rick.

Look behind there.

- Yeah?

- It's a lot.

- Ricky finds what
Larry should be looking for.

- There's a part on this, my
dad needs for his generator

to get power going up at Cassiar.

- My friend said I could have that,

but in case he changes his mind,

put it on the trailer now, okay?

- With my dad, it's never a dull moment.

There's always something going on.

- Nice and easy!

- Whoa, whoa.

- The motor's blown on this one,

but the generator part is good

and my motor is good at home,

but my generator part is blown.

We can get out of here.

Got to have some power.

- Perfect.

- Up at Two Mile.

- You got her?

- You betcha. Ready to roll.

- The crew is
leaving on a fuel run.

- Let's get out of here.

Hopefully we can make it?

- But after days of rain,

they fear the worst for the
road conditions out of camp.

- Okay, let's go.

- It's muddy, slippery.

Parts of the road are
pretty much washed right out

and it's just torture on everything.

- Radio check.

- Good. Check.

- Garon takes
the lead in the Bedford,

their old decommissioned
British military vehicle.

- It's been really reliable
for Robin and Claudia.

It's been an amazing truck for them.

I enjoy driving the truck.

Whoa, geez!

Aside from the fact

that it tends to make the body pretty sore

after a couple of trips.

- It's their only truck capable

of hauling heavy loads on the rough road.

- Now we're going through the mud.

- But, it'll
have to make it out first.

- Now, this is getting ugly again, eh?

- Yeah. These holes are a little fuller

than they were when we came in.

- Yeah, it's getting softer now.

- They make it through the mud,

but on the next steep climb...

- Oh oh.

- What the hell was that?

It just quit?

- Yep, hell of a knock and then it quit.

- Just started to bang, and
it slacked off right here

and it quit.

- Just the way he said
it, doesn't sound good.

- I know you just filled it
with oil. I watched you do it.

- I know. Try and start it
and see what happens here.

- I got to smoke
rolling up into the cab.

- Would not surprise me for a
second the motor blew.

- There's no time
to confirm his suspicion.

- So we gotta do this quick,
before we run out of air here.

- Their first priority

is getting the Bedford off the road,

so it doesn't block other trucks.

- If lose the air on the truck

and then all the brakes lock
up and you can't pull it,

it won't move.

Garon's got to be able
to release the brakes,

'cause there's still air in the truck

and we gotta get it up the hill.

- If they can get
the Bedford up the steep hill,

it can be safely parked.

- Go forward.

Okay, neutral.

Okay, go! Go!

Get him to restart it.

It started and it was making
some god awful racket.

- I'm in neutral.

- Go!

Might start as you're going.

- It won't even turn over now.

- Fairly obvious. Motor dropped out of it.

It locked up on him right there.

- It's not going to work.

The motor is done.

- Why don't we take this
thing to the bottom.

- You bet. We can
hook the cable up by the chain

and we'll just go down.

- Robin's truck
isn't powerful enough

to tow the Bedford up the hill.

So they'll work with gravity.

And try to lower it down instead.

- After so many trips

and so many years of being old-reliable

for Robin and Claudia,

it's a pretty crappy feeling
to be behind the wheel,

when the Bedford quits.

- I'll get right
tight against the bush

on the driver's side, right
at the corner here Garon

and there'll be enough room
to get it off the road.

- It's done.

Won't even turn over now,

so we either popped the
sleeve in it, through a rod,

broke the crank.

So she goes to a retirement
home. She's done.

- This is a bummer.

And we have to go get fuel,
get the saws, go into camp,

and now we can't.

That's a big amount of problems.

Okay, let's go.

Now what do we do?

- Softeners, jumper cables, belts.

- Joshua?

- In Jade City.

- I've got a phone call from Dad.

- Claudia
delivers the bad news.

- The motor blew up on
the Bedford coming down

the turn again hill.

- Oh, that sucks so bad.

- I just want to cry.

The Bedford's been the
most reliable vehicle

that we've had for the last few years

and to lose her is devastating.

It's another piece of equipment
that's causing me anxiety

for this season,

when we literally have 60,
not even 60 days left to mine.

- I understand.

- We'll have 50 days left to mine.

Now I'm down a truck because
the motor on the Bedford blew.

It's extremely problematic.

Just to get the saws into
camp, we need a truck.

- Okay. I love you, I'm sorry.

- Love you.

- Without the Bedford,

Claudia urgently needs a plan B.

- The Bedford is the one piece
of equipment that we have

that's good, and with
the Bedford going down,

it's going to change our whole plan

for the rest of the season.

- But Josh
can't stay to help his mom.

He has to go pick up their new wire saws

and his girlfriend, Kylie and their dogs

are coming along for the long drive.

- Everyone's got their spot.

- They're going through
some stuff on the trail

and we need some good news
and to have a good trip.

Get these wire saws,
compressor, generator,

everything to Jade City, with no hiccups.

And so that's what we're working towards.

- Two bolts?

- Yeah, that's
where she broke off.

- Let me see what
the bracket looks like.

- At the scrapyard.

- Is that what this was?

- Nope.

- Scrappy Larry and Ricky

are trying to fix their generator

with parts from an old one.

- Oh, maybe it is the same style bracket.

That would be your two big bolt holes.

- Nope.

- Or no, these two. Oh no.

- Well this is a
different motor, right?

- Okay.

- That's a way smaller bracket.

- Might have
to do some improvising.

- Hopefully we will have some power here.

- Until the
generator is repaired.

- Is it coffee break yet?

- They have
no power at the yard.

- Larry, where are you?

- Ah, over here.

- Larry's new
helper, Jean arrives.

- What are you doing over there?

I was going to be
stripping some copper here,

but you know, these guys were
just going a little too slow,

getting that generator going.

- When I get stepping up there,
can you pass this up to me?

I'm going to hook it on the chains.

- I can do that.

Of course Larry, he likes the old stuff.

So it's a constant fix.
It's a constant battle.

- Watch your fingers.

- Okay. Why, what are they going to do?

- Hey?

- What are they going to do?

- I'm going to hang it up
on this chain here, I think.

With Jean, it's fun working with her.

- Want me to do it?

- Sometimes she has her way
of doing it. I have my way.

Okay, go up a little bit more.

Hold it.

So we'll try my way and it don't work.

- Lift.
- Lift?

- Lift. Please.

Okay, down.

- There we go, got her.

So we do it her way and it works, right?

Don't do break 'em.

- I have a bad habit of doing that.

- Jean popped up and jumped right in

and put all us guys to shame there.

- Oh, for crying out loud.

- Standing there watching
her wrenching away.

- How are you making out?

Getting there.

I got in there, got greasy, got dirty,

which isn't a bad thing. I
kinda enjoy that sometimes.

- Got her?
- Got her.

We just got to get the wiring done now

and hopefully she's gonna run.

- Let me know when you're done.

- Yes, dear.

- Looking good. Awesome.

- In Quesnel, British Columbia,

Josh is loading up the new wire saws.

- Good.

It's his first hauling job

since opening up a new trucking business.

- My truck, my first load, super excited.

This is the final key for the puzzle.

- Josh has one more stop,

to pick up generators that power the saws.

- Getting those saw
into camp is a huge deal

'cause the real prize this year,

is getting that rock out
of pit one and get it sold,

because we know the Jade
in pit one, will sell.

Yeah! The first run in my own truck.

- It's all going okay back there?

- Back on the road.

- Yeah, we're all good.

- The crew is
continuing the journey

out of Two Mile, but without the Bedford,

the mine truck they were depending on

to haul the new wire saws back to camp.

- The Bedford, motor's done. It just quit.

This is a big blow for us.
This is our main vehicle.

I don't know what it's
going to be our plan next.

- But Robin's got
one last ace up his sleeve.

- There we go.

- Gold miner
Punch McClean's army truck

has been sitting on the side of the road

since they rescued it out of
a mud hole over a week ago.

- We have to count on that
military truck of Punch's.

Okay, we're counting on it starting

and not having any problems.

We'll see.

- The one right below it.

- It's in reverse.

- Okay.

- The engine won't turn over.

Is the key on?

You got to just prime it.

- I'm not getting
any pressure here.

No, I need the...

- Well, it's
saying quarter tank there.

- We're just checking to see here,

what could be the issue.

- There ain't much in there.

- There's no diesel in
the tanks. Bone dry.

Try pumping that thing.

What else is going to go wrong?

Because you know some kind
of is going to happen.

- Turn it over a little bit, Garon?

- One thing after another.

- Bone dry.

- If we crack injectors,

you might be able to suck
some fuel out of that tank.

I don't think
there's going to be enough.

- On the road out of Two Mile.

- We got to just prime it.

- The crew has
already lost the Bedford

to a blown motor.

Now they've discovered
the army truck's fuel tank

is almost empty.

- Turn it over.

- And they desperately
need to get this truck

out to the landing, to
load up their new saws.

- It just feels like
there's issue after issue,

problem after problem.

- Gary hand pumps the lines

to try and get any traces
of fuel into the injectors.

- Did something come out?

- On the first one, yep. Again.

- Give it a little throttle.

Right there. Okay.

- Gary's an excellent
mechanic. He knows his stuff.

- We'll go as far as we
can with the fuel we got.

- Yep.

He can fix anything.

- If it's going to quit, get off the road.

- Garon will be
driving the army truck on fumes.

- I really really hope

this is the last major problem we have

and from here on out, it
can be smooth sailing.

- He's got to head out right away,

get going before he runs out.

Hopefully we can get out of here.

- They still have
20 kilometers of rough road

between them and the landing.

- It's going to be close,
but hopefully we make it.

- Keep it up,
Jean, you're doing great.

- Back at the scrapyard.

- Someday I'll pay ya.

- You mean, don't hold my breath.

- Okay.

- Jean is making progress

on Larry's broken down generator.

- What do we got going on here?

- I'm changing out your battery.

- If we get that battery
hooked on, man, we gonna...

Hopefully she gonna make smoke.

- Well, let's hope it
doesn't burn the house down.

So, you were making coffee
and your genny crapped out

and it wasn't just out of fuel.

Everything was gone.

- Everything was gone.
- She blew up.

- That's when I decided no more Jennys

I'm going to get a Gina.

- Oh, Jean's been a really good friend.

You know, she's very handy, very handy.

- How you guys making
out? Can I help here?

- You've got smaller hands.

- Uh, I don't know.

- Where's your kids?

- And Jean? She's an awesome person

and it's nice to see
that she comes up here

and checks on the old
man and helps him out

and not afraid to get her her hands dirty.

Listen, one of the best
things about the north

and these little communities,

everybody just kind of jumps
in and helps each other.

- Okay, let's
give this thing a try.

- Okay and I'm going to try and start it.

Oh, look at that! Look at that!

She had it running like a clock.

And now I turn the breaker
on, once she's running

and we could have power.

- Yay!

- They got power?

- I don't know. I'll go find out.

I'll go see if the house is burning down.

- She's fun to be with.
I like being with her.

Plus she can get out and get the job done.

- And we have light.

Yay, Larry! Right on,
and everything works.

- It's unreal
how much he's helped.

Oh, thanks, Jean!

- Now we got juice.

You can have your coffee.

- Yeah.

- And Larry can watch the news.

He can have morning coffee
without getting grouchy.

I'm looking forward to working
with him more this summer.

- Yeah.

Who wants coffee?

- Okay, get this thing on there.

- Josh is making
his final pick up of the day.

- There you go.

- Two generators
to power the new saws.

- A little more. Good.

This trucking deal is the beginning

of my parents starting to
acknowledge my potential

and my ability to do my own thing.


- Before Josh leaves,
he checks in with the boss.

- Hey.

- Hello.

- How you doing?

- I'm good. I got my
whole truck loaded up.

I'm super stoked!

- You should be!

- Yeah, it's pretty cool.

- It's great to see Joshua
on his own new adventure

and I could just say, Joshua,
"Go get this, go get that."

It's gonna save me a
ton of money and time.

Let me know as soon as you can

and get here as soon as you
can, but safely, of course.

- Yeah, no, I'm leaving right away.

I'm going to just keep
driving. I'm not going to stop.

- Okay, let's cut some jade, honey.

- Okay, bye!

Pick up the wire saws
with my new semi-truck.

We've got the generator to run it.

We've got the compressor
to run the drills.

Like, we are winning.

- We made it.

- At the Dee's Lake landing.

- This thing's
good on fuel, apparently.

- After a
tough day on the road,

the crew's luck is finally changing.

- Just nose up
over there by that ladder.

Right in front of the tarp.

The army truck made the
trip out, running on empty.

- We made.

- The truck is here.

- I take it as a win.

- Oh, there's the tools.

Yep, the tools here.

- Grease.

- They search
Punch Mclean's bunkhouse

in hopes of finding the missing parts

to fix his broken down excavator.

- There. We fix it, put it
together, we can use it.

Having two excavators,
we can do more mining,

because you're working two
sites at the same time.

No parts, no good. Nothing here.

We check it over and over.

It's gotta be outside,
'cause it ain't in here.

There is no parts.

They're not on the ground.

- No parts that we need.

Well, he's gonna either have
to find it or get a new one.

- They're nowhere.

I have to order parts for this now.

Nope, it's not here, man.

It's more money than we
expected to spend on it,

because it's not our machine,

but it's the only way we
can use this excavator.

- We are here.

- We made it with everything.

- Josh returns to Jade City,

after making his first
long haul for the family.

- You waiting for a truck load of ?

- I am.

- He's brought the wire
saws and generators

needed to get their mine
running at full capacity.

- I made it and I didn't
even get arrested.

Pretty dope. Pretty yeah,
pretty awesome. I did it.

- Your name is on a truck!

- It's actually my name's not on a truck.

I own a truck.

- Hey.
- Hey Dad.

- Good morning!
- Hi.

- How was your trip?
- Oh, awesome.

- You're a trucker.

- Made it. First ever
successful load with my company

and my first truck, yeah.

It's a huge deal when your
parents start to respect you

and respect your work ethic
and respect your capabilities.

- Thanks for all the help, buddy.

- You bet.

- It was good or fun?

- Yeah, it was really fun.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Go home. Go home.
I'll see you in the morning.

- Love you, guys. Thank
you for the opportunity.

- Love you, too.

- I'll see you in the morning.

- Can't believe it!

- I can't
really believe it either.

- Josh is going to take his truck

to the landing in the morning

and then we're going to
hook up the military truck

to the trailer and hopefully get to camp

without any problems.

- He's here. He's safe.

- Great day. We really need those saws.

The pressure's on us.

We need to get in camp right away.

We just need to have some
good luck on our side.

- The next morning,

before the big journey to the landing.

- Okay, pretty excited.

- Josh adds
one last finishing touch

to his new truck.

- I've never ever had my
name on a piece of equipment,

let alone something that I own.

Never even had my name
on the door of a truck

for a company that I worked for.

I've worked for Scrappy Larry
and worked for Highways.

Worked for the auto wrecker up here

and did some heavy recovery,

but nobody's ever put
my name on the truck.

So I got my name for the driver's door

and I got my logo for the passenger.

I'm pretty excited.

- Hey Josh.
- Hello.

- You putting it on?

- Yeah, I am super stoked.

- God, that turned out good.

Josh was going to be a long haul trucker.

- Oh, that looks so
cool! Okay, let's put it on.

- Let's do it.

I am proud of him.

I want him to succeed

with something that makes him happy

that he loves doing.

- You ready for this?

- Oh, I'm so excited.

- Oh, I'm so
excited. You're excited.

I'm so excited about this! Yeah.


- Oh, that's so pretty!

- That is Jaded Contracting.

- In Jade City, BC.

- Jade City, BC. Whoop!

- Yeah! High five.

- High five!

- Look at that.

- I love having him here, but
of course I'll encourage him

to go and find his own happiness.

- Yes!
- It looks perfect.

- That is so cool.

Thank you so much for all the help.

- No problem. You earned it.

But he knows mamma wants him to stay home.

- Thank you.
- Love ya.

It's a mom's prerogative.

- Yeah, so we're ready to go out to camp.

- Next time on Jade Fever.

- I made a deal on a truck.

It's going to be a life saver.

- Your tire's going to fall off.

- That didn't sound good.

- Ah .

- Oh god, this road looks awful, Robin.

- This one hill is
just slippery and snotty.

- Yee freakin' haw.

- Told you she's nasty.

- I can't even deal with the fact

that he didn't try to straddle that.

- We can't govern the road.

- I've never seen
this, this bad ever.

- This is gonna be tough for Gary.

- Oh, I'm still not ready, Josh.

- How many things
can go wrong, in one trip in?