Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 7, Episode 10 - Jade Fever - full transcript

The crew pulls promising boulders off J lens but runs out of fuel at the mine. A sudden surprise about the road has them plotting a quick exit. Scrappy Larry and Ricky try for a windfall by harvesting catalytic converters from old...

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- Beautiful
weather, blue skies, warm.

- Late fall at
the Two Mile jade mine.

- It's the nicest day we've had.

- Absolutely.

- After months
of cold rainy weather,

- We'll set this
on and see what it does.

- Josh and Garon
are setting up the wire saw

under a sunny sky.

- Right there.

- For now.

- Beautiful.

Up here, the weather can change in a snap.

Go to bed, it's nice and sunny out.

Wake up the next morning to
a foot of snow on the ground.

There we go.

Well, it's a big time crunch

to be able to get the
jade that we have cut,

to keep finding more stuff
that we can haul out.

We don't have that long to do it anymore.

- That one.

- This one here.

- Their season rests

on finding a large jade
boulder for a Malaysian buyer

who wants to carve two statues from it.

- They're just looking for this piece here

and then this piece here.

Okay, you guys will take care of this.

- Yeah.

- I don't wanna give up.

The buyer's looking for two
five-ton pieces of jade.

This deal could be worth a
couple hundred thousand dollars.

- That's fractured.

- Yeah, I don't like it.

- And this one here is fractured too.

- Nope.

- A few days ago,

Claudia rejected two
blocks of jade in pit one

that weren't high enough
quality for the buyer.

- The other
one in the jade lens,

that has way better potential then to me.

- Fair enough

- So they pin their hopes

on a 50-ton boulder in their
other pit, the jade lens.

- There we go.

- But after cutting it open,

- Fractures.

- That sucks.

- Claudia
has returned to pit one,

- That's pretty damn close.

- where there's one last rock

that could save the deal.

♪ Garon ♪

- But only
if they trim the end off

and prove the fracture line
runs straight down the middle,

all the way through.

- Once the wires are in, we're
basically ready to cut it.

- So the
buyer can carve the jade

into two five-ton sculptures.

- I should work until
this is running anyway.

- Yep.

- The end of the
season is really close.

We don't have time to fool around.

We need two five-ton boulders.

The right size, so it's a guaranteed sale.

- That is way too straight
up and down, I think.

If the angle is too sharp on a corner,

it'll just stop it like a brake.

- A little bit
closer to the alignment.

- I don't think it should be
on that bottom roller, but...

- This is gonna
have to be, I guess.

- I don't know!

- Josh and Garon
disagree on the best way

to get the diamond wire cutting

without catching on the rock.

- You ready?

- Sure.

- Thing.

- I already said once,

I wouldn't have it on that bottom roller,

but I'm not in the habit
of repeating myself.

- No, I need it this way.

- I don't know why I'm
not getting listened to,

but that's okay.

- A long, tough season

is starting to take its toll.

- Workers get burnt out,

people get grumpy, they
get tired of each other.

- Off.

This is gonna start pissing me off.

- People don't want
to be out there anymore

because they'd been out there
for three months in a row.

- Can you pull the
wire underneath the top please?

- Sure can.

Not a mind reader though.

- Hell.

- Everybody gets annoyed,

but when I get annoyed,
I'm a piece of

- Wonder if that would do better.

- I've literally said twice,

it shouldn't be on that bottom idler.

- Okay. Let's try.

All right, feel good? I'll fire up.

- Yup.

- Now it's rolling.

- Oh my god.

- Well, that sucker's heavy.

- Over at the jade lens.

- Cut the big rock.

- Yeah.

- Gary's hard at work

pulling out huge boulders

of promising jade.

- Oh my god.

It looks like quarry.

That's what

a drill program does.

It allows you to pinpoint where to go.


You just go for it.

- It's another big one.

- Jesus, you guys.

This is all jade?

- All of it.
- Yup.

- This too?
- And up there too.

- What the hell?

I've never mined this
much jade in one year,

let alone in two days, crazy.

Bring the jade to mama,
Gary, bring the jade to mama.

- Well, it's all behind
you, right over there.

- The jade's there. It's sitting there.

The potential is amazing.

It's everywhere.

- And in front of ya and beside ya.

- But now, the race is on

to get these boulders cut
and hauled back to Jade City

before winter shuts them down.

- You gotta be
able to sell the jade.

All you're doing is spending
money, not making money.

- Tripping on this ,

just tripping on this

- Literally, 'cause you
just stepped on that meteor.

- Oh my god.

- This is gonna be
the million dollar rock.

- Jade makes
people do crazy things.

- At Two Mile camp,

- Hello.

- What are you doing?

- Oh, sitting on the
beach, watching the Pacific.

- Claudia makes
a call to her dad, Steve,

on Vancouver Island.

- Can I see it?

Can you see behind?

- Yeah, no, I really don't
wanna know how nice it is

because it's not nice here.

How's your leg?

- Oh my god.

- Dad had a really hard year.

He lost his leg to diabetes.

I'm pretty sure that the loss of your leg

didn't stop you from chasing women.

- No, no, but I can't catch
them now. I'm too slow.

- It does make me sad

that he can't come this year,

that he's struggling with his health.

Nobody wants to see somebody grow old

and become less capable of
doing what they most love to do.

- So tomorrow, I go for
therapy for walking on my own.

- My dad is like me.

One of dad's greatest passions is jade.

- How's it going?

- I don't know. It's been a rough year.

- That's what makes things interesting

because if it was easy,
everybody would be mining jade.

- My dad mined
at Two Mile 50 years ago

and I want him to feel a part of this.

Hey, guys, I'm just talking to my dad.

I was just gonna show
him some of these cores.

- Hey.

- Hey, grandson. How is it going?

- Oh, nice and warm.


- Oh, I can't see that.

- But we're finding awesome jade.

- Isn't that gorgeous?

- That's nice, nice, nice.

That jade is called the cash.

- Cash?

- Damn right, it is.

- She follow my footprints.

I didn't think she's gonna survive, but

she did.

She's working ten times
harder than I ever did.

I'd like to see how many
other women would do that.

Not too many. She's tough.

- Hey, I love you grandpa.
I miss you, buddy.

- Adios.

- Bye.

- Now, that whole rock is moving.

- Later that day,

at the jade lens,

- You got her!

- the crew continues the hunt

- There you go.

- for high
quality jade boulders.

- There we go.

- Now, see of
we can move the big one.

I'm definitely excited to see

what we can actually get out
of the ground at jade lens.

- Hail.

- Damn rock is just a pain in the ass.

It's not even budging.

Don't try like that.

- I'm getting pressure
on it, so I can shake.

- Put one tooth on there
and you're gonna break it.

- He's getting frustrated.

And as soon as you start
getting frustrated,

you're gonna break something.

- Go smack this corner,

and maybe we can start break it up.

Give her a couple of good smacks.

There we go.

- Oh, yeah. Good breaking on-

- That's starting to break up.

Keep going.

There, now get a hold
of that son of a bitch

and get it out of there.

What the hell?

What's wrong?

- Overheating.

- Gary checks
the coolant levels.

- Oh, it's not filling the tank.

- What?
- It's not filling

the overflow tank.

I think it's empty.

This late in the season,
the last thing we want

is a broke down excavator up at Two Mile.

That antifreeze is going somewhere,

but where is the antifreeze going?

Son of a...

Now she's overheating.

- At Two Mile,

- Oh, yeah, right off the top end here.

- Yeah, go get that water.

- the mine's
main excavator is down.

- They're gonna wait in the pit,

try to pull some rocks

and temperature on the excavator

just skyrocketed and overheated.

We don't know where the
coolant's going,

but it's definitely not good.

- Yeah, she's hot.

- There's lots of it.

- Last week,

- What now? What now?

- Josh
encountered the same problem.

- Oh.

I blew a bunch of coolant down.

- They topped up the antifreeze

- Go ahead and fire it up.

- and got the
excavator running again,

- It's circulating good now.

- but never figured
out what caused the leak.

- Where's the antifreeze going

unless that's antifreeze and not oil.

If that's antifreeze, it's a head gasket.

- Yup.

See, there's little leaking in here, no,

and that's not good.

My experience when there's no leaks,

and then the antifreeze is going
somewhere, it's burning it.

That's either you got a cracked sleeve,

cracked head, head gasket.

It's not good.

This time of year, that
is definitely not good.

- Replacing the
head gasket is a big job.

- I'm not fixing it this year.

'Cause you have to pull the
whole top of the engine apart.

That son of a bitch.

Let's hope the best or they
start yelling at me again.

There we go.

- Once again,
topping up the coolant

does the trick.

- Really watch the
temperature, all right?

- And they'll push their luck

that it keeps running
until winter shutdown.

- Oh, he's gotten

in there.

There we go.

- Got
lots of nice tires, Henry.

- Down in the Cassiar Valley,

- There'll
be lots more coming too.

- Scrappy Larry's
got problems of his own.

- We're
racking our brains out

to make more money,

but with the pandemic, all
the industry is slowed down.

Scrap prices are in the gutter.

- But I think we
should go to work on these cats

It's running out of season.

and then it's gonna be
the end of the season,

you're gonna say it's too late.

- Yeah.

- His son, Ricky,
has come up with a plan

that could bring in much needed cash

by salvaging catalytic
converters out of scrap cars.

- Catalytic converters
can be anywhere between



$500, it just depends on the cat.

Do you know, they're the only thing

really worth anything right now.

- That's a lot of work. We
gotta move a lot of cars.

- Cats, as
they're better known,

filter pollution out of exhaust.

Recycling depots buy them

to extract the precious
metals they contain.

- It's something
that he's never done before.

And he can't wrap his
head around those things

being worth anything, to justify doing it.

Better than scrap.

- Yeah, well, scrapping
worth nothing right now.

Okay, well, go give it a whirl.

- Okay.

I think it's gonna be a good thing

and it's gonna save us.

By at the end of the season,
we got something to ship.

- Is that
catalytic converter on there?

See if it's on there.

- It will be, yeah.

- Rick convinced
me to go ahead and do that

because he wants to get paid.


- But just
as Larry gets to work,

- Son of a...

- an old buddy drops by.

- Larry Sketchley,

he's actually the guy

that got everybody calling me scrappy.

Both our names are Larry.
They get us confused.

They said, "Okay, well, we'll
go Larry and my middle name

and Larry and his middle name."

Well, our middle names are the same.

- I said, why not just call him scrappy?

Suddenly, the name just kind
of stuck from there on in.

That's the catalytic converters,

but you know anything about them?

- Cats are popular
not only with scrappers,

- You see me?

- No catalytic converter on that one.

- but also with thieves.

- Sounds I got a pretty big one.

There we go.

Son of a bitch. It's empty.

- Well,

- I'm no expert

on this stuff.

This is the first time we're doing this.

There's a muffler there
or is that the catalytic?

- I don't know.

- But
what about that thing?

- I'm gonna have
to look on the internet.

- We didn't
know which one was a muffler

and which was a catalytic converter.

- I know it's gotta have one.

Probably get five bucks

for that pipe.

- Man.

- Oh my god.

Okay, this has gotta be it, right?

I don't know if that's
a catalytic, it must be.

- I think so.

- I don't know.

Okay, well, we'll go on to
changing tires, I guess.

- Okay, so it's on manual.

- At Two Miles, pit one,

- It's on manual. I leave it
on manual as it's rolling.


- Josh is
taking over the cutting

of the boulder for the Malaysian buyer,

- I'm gonna head up to jade lens.

- Yeah.

- So Garon can
help out at the jade lens.

- What the

As the days get colder and colder,

it's really showing us
that winter's on its way.

Just prepare for the
worst, hope for the best.

- There you go.

That one's really big.

- At the
other side of the mine,

- What's your fuel at?

- Just about empty.

- Robin's keeping a close eye

on the troubled excavator.

- I haven't done half temperature,

so it's warming up already.

- They needed to
push through 'til end of season.

- Yeah, we'll get
some motor oil in at Two.

- Okay.

- Where we at?

- But when they
go down to camp to refuel,

- Oh my god.

- It's already on half.

- This one here
is under a quarter.

- It's under a quarter now? Jesus.

- They discovered
their diesel reserves

are almost empty.

- We're running right to the bare minimum.

- And a fuel run

will take two days away from mining.

- We're running
out of time in the season.

We don't have time to fill out.

But when you're out of
fuel, you're out of fuel.

- Oh, we fill
the generator once more

and this'll be empty.

- Yeah, this will be bone dry.

We're getting low.

- Let's
see what we can do here.

- Just across
the British Columbia border

in Watson Lake, Yukon,

- What a mess.

- Larry and Ricky
arrive at their second yard

where there's a stockpile
of scrapped cars.

- Let's do this. Burning daylight.

- And the potential

to make money off salvaged cats.

- Once you add up all
those catalytic converters,

the numbers, they start going off.

- Okay. Let's get at it.

- Just like that.

You're gonna be rich,
dad. You're gonna be rich.

- Ricky thinks they're sitting

on a gold mine here.

- There's
nothing on that one, dad.

- It's all gone. Thieves.

- But Larry's not convinced.

- Checking
the catalytic converters out,

and restocking 'em,

it all starts taking
time and costing money.

- Ah.

- Do you wanna try the bigger blade, Rick?

- Oh, that one's

For sakes.

What the hell.

Come on.

- The thieves don't
have this much trouble.

- The thieves get 'em out in seconds.

- Put it out in the Vancouver paper,

need a catalytic converter
thief to show us how to do this.

- This is already taking way too long.

Jesus. Mother

- The beginning of the season,

they told me to cheer up,
things could be worse,

so I cheered up and sure enough,
things got worse.

- I think that's gonna work way better.

- Henry shows
up with another saw.

- There you go.

What the

- But just when
they start making progress...

- Battery's dead!

Is it too late to quit?

- Ricky.

- That battery's done.

- This is hilarious.

This is more fun than
watching cartoons at home.

Just watch it, Henry,

I'm gonna try and get my fork in there.

- Larry tries
a different technique.

- That got her!

He does it his way.

- I think I
scratched that one.

- Scrappy's style
is a bit rougher on the cars,

- Oh, man,
we got this figured out.

- but it's working.

- Oh, we're getting a few.

- Yup.

He's just...

Oh well.

As much as I don't wanna admit it,

it's the Scrappy Larry way

getting the job done.

- Oh, boy,
that's working way better.

Gonna be a good day.

- So I'm hoping
there's enough in there.

- Back at Two Mile,

- It'd be probably be
fine for today, but, okay.

- Gary fills up the excavator

with the last of the mine's diesel supply.

- The end of the season is really close,

but we have to go get fuel.

That snow is close.

Even on that hill over
there, there's something.

- That's never a
good sign right there.

- While Robin prepares
to head out on a fuel run,

Gary gets to work stockpiling rocks

at the jade lens.

- There's 200 plus tons

of jade sitting on top of the ground.

It sitting there. We just gotta
load it up and haul it out.

Here's hoping.

♪ Ta, da, da, da ♪

- There
isn't a moment to waste.

- I'm gonna go
bring guns on jade lens

because we've seen it September,

where one day was plus 10, plus 12,

next morning, you wake up,

there's four inches of snow on the ground.

There you go.

- That's better right there, Josh.

- Over at pit one,

- That looks mucho better.

- Josh and Garon

oversee the cutting of the jade block

for their Malaysian buyer.

- It's cutting.

We're within our last
few weeks of the season.

We have to start making
our loads in and outs

and we have a significant
number of loads to make.

It's gonna be a very busy
few weeks to hit the road.

It's a big time crunch.

Oh, there's your mom.

- Tell us we're all fired.

Bad news, guys, we're broke.

Everything's done.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- I just have something to tell you, guys,

so let's go over here for a second.

We have a little bit of news.

We're having major problems

with the government, with the road use,

and we're not allowed to
use the boulder trail.

- What? No pickups?

No quads?
- Nothing.

- No nothing, nobody,
- Absolutely nothing.

- Nothing like-

- We can't use
the road, not for a quad,

not a truck, not a nothing.

- The trail into the mine

is being shut down for the season.

- The government
is assessing the trail

to Two Mile camp.

They're saying that it's not
a forestry approved trail.

So they don't want any
commercial vehicles,

industrial trucks to be on the road.

- What a gong show,
50 years using the road,

no problem at all,

and then all of a sudden,

a bunch of new laws or new
regulations like, unbelievable.

- They're saying, don't use it

or we're gonna give you a
hundred thousand dollar fine.

- Yeah. That sucks.

- It sucks big time.

It's absolutely frustrating

that almost every year we've
been shut down by weather,

but it's not the weather this year.

How do you fight for this
much jade for so long

and then not able to take it out?

- We got 300 tons of jade
sitting on the ground,

ready to cut into smaller
pieces and haul out.

End game is not looking so good for us.

- You guys just got...

Oh, come on.

We've worked so hard to get to this point.

To have a government

shut down, that's tough.

Oh my god.

- We got her!

- We got her!

- In Watson Lake,

- Would you like to buy
a car, sir?

- Larry's
found his own unique way

of salvaging high value cats

from scrap cars.

- There it is, Henry.

Pretty rough, but
that's my business.

Do you wanna do a few?

- Yeah.

- Just be careful.

- Ricky gives it a try.

- Nice and easy.

Then I can have a well-earned rest.

- Okay, watch out.

- Oh, yeah, you got it.

- What the

No, no, no, no.


We got a big problem, Henry. Hey.

Something's seriously wrong.

That's oil.

- Holy

- Yeah.

It's hydraulic oil.

- You got a problem right here.

- A main hose has
a hole that's leaking oil.

- That's a big hose.

- Yeah.

- Of course, can't be a small one.

- No, it's gotta
to be a big problem.

- Oh, man,

he's gonna love that.


Why did it do it

once I started running it?

He's not gonna like that.

Just had to wait 'til I hopped on it

and then, it let go.

And so, the old man's gonna love that.

This is gonna be a dirty job.

- Until the hose is replaced,

the late season push

to salvage catalytic
converters is on hold.

- It's the last
thing we need right now

is for stuff to break down.

Days are numbered now.


- Go up to pit one.

- One, yeah.

- Okay.

- At Two Mile,

- We're here to mine jade.

It's crazy that we have the right to mine,

but we can't haul it out.

- Yep.

- the government has shut down

the only road to the mine.

- We'd have to cut
our season short this year

because we are totally out of fuel.

We can't bring fuel in on the road.

We could literally be here
another couple of weeks,

but can't be on the road.

- But Claudia has pushed back

and secured a compromise.

- The government's
given us the right

to make one trip out.

So it's really important

that we take out the one
piece of jade for the buyer.

- You need a hand, Claudia?

- I need a hand in, that's for damn sure.

- The $300,000
sale depends on the fracture

running straight down the
middle of the boulder,

so it can be carved into
two five-ton sculptures.

- This is my only hope
to sell jade this season.

They're starting to get a little scared.

- Stressful on all of us

'cause we all like being
there, we all like doing it,

but if they don't sell this,

we might not mine next year.

- Hmm.

This track should not interfere with it.

- Yeah, should be the side.

- Yep. Thank god, that looks great.

- The fracture runs right down the middle.

So it would work perfect
for what they would like.

- Man, it's got some beautiful
jade in here.

Let's get this down the hill.

- Okay.

- Okay.
- There's four of us,

each grab a corner.

- Uh-huh.

- I'm not grabbing one.

- Keep going,

keep going.

That right there.

- Everything depends on us

getting out this one jade boulder.

Our whole season depends on it now.

- I hope that
you lifted high enough.

- But first,

they have to get this
11-ton boulder on Six Pack.

- I can't lift it!

So we're gonna have to put
this thing in the whole army.

- The excavator can't lift it off

high enough to get it on the truck,

so we'll have to put it on the pit.


- One wrong
move could damage the rock

and the sale is off.

- How much further ahead?

- 45 feet.

- As far as I can
go to set it on there.

Setting it down is easy, it
does it by itself.

- With the
boulder safely loaded,

- This is
definitely a mountain of jade.

- Claudia and her
crew surveyed the jade lens

for the last time this season.

- I think that we need to start
loading everything up, Gary.

- You don't want good jades?

- I do, but we can't take it out!

We are shutting down mining.

I don't wanna do it either,

this is absolutely ridiculous.

We have jade but...

- Got no diesel to get it.

- For years,
we've fought to find jade.

We don't just have some jade,

we have over 300 tons of jade.

That's crazy.

And then, not to be able to haul it out,

walk away from it while it sits there,

it doesn't get worse than that.

- Oh, this is slippery.

- In Watson Lake,

- I need a 5/8.

- a blown hose on the excavator

has shut down Ricky's big plan

to salvage catalytic converters

from scrap cars.

- How did you make out, dad?

- Yeah, we got her.

- Larry's paid
over $400 for a new hose.

And he's questioning

whether this project is
worth the time and money.

- I think
we've cut our losses

and rethink this

because you're working for
nothing as usual.

- You got a pail of oil?

- I got two pails oil.

- Here we go.

- A
hundred and some dollars

a piece here.


This is not


- Well, she sounds thirsty.

- But Ricky's convinced

this is the only way to
make some much needed cash

before winter sets in.

- He's a little nervous
to venture into new ideas.

He's a lot more guarded than I am.

I guess I haven't lost enough money yet.

I'm still young.

Okay, I think we're good to go.

- Now let's see

if she's gonna run.

- Now he's here, working it.

He's good.

- We're good to go.

- They can
finally get back to work.

- There be some money here

or my dad's gonna

kick me in the ass.

I'm hoping that we get good enough amount

to make this trip and
all its expenses worth it

or else, I'm gonna never live it down.

I think that's all the
money on the ground.

Time to herd some cats.

- Despite all the setbacks,

they've collected over
70 catalytic converters

worth up to $20,000.

- Well,
I'm quite proud of Rick,

father and son team.

That may be Scrappy style,
but we get her done.

Hopefully, we'll have a few bucks

for a Christmas present.

There we go.

- Beautiful sky at night.

- Sundown at Two Mile.

- Yeah, finally, a nice evening.

- Mm-hmm.

- Yeah.

At the end of the season.
You figure that out, ey?

- It's the
crew's unexpected last night

at the mine.

- What a year.

- With all the breakdowns
and Bedford being down.

- Yeah.

- It was so cold and so rainy
and so windy all season.

- Well, you can't can't
fight mother nature.

- No.
- You push through it.

- For all the
difficulties that are out there,

we did pretty good this year.

- I figured that you guys

have probably pulled out 300 tons of jade.

- How many pieces did
I just pulled out yesterday

- Yeah.
- that are

20 to 50 tons a piece,

and I've got six of them out of there.

- Yeah.

It was a million dollars in
that 300 tons worth of jade,

ready to be sold.

It's just sitting on the
ground, waiting for us.

It's not even in the
ground, it's on the ground.

Well, you guys, thank you all for coming

and being with us this season.

And it was great.
- Thanks for calling us back.

- What I'm most proud of

is the people that stayed with us

and fought with us and dreamed with us.

This is not just my journey.

We've accomplished this all together.

- Just don't cash your last paycheck.

- You guys are getting paychecks?

- I haven't seen one in 30 years.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- That's 'cause you're married.

- Hey, last call. I can close it?

- Yeah, Garon, you can close it all up.

- Early the next morning,

- That's it.

- It's time to leave Two Mile.

Thank you.

Love you.
- Thank you.

- It's not
the way that we wanted,

but the good thing is

at least we can take out that one load.

- Good to go.

- Robin leads the convoy

on the rugged trail out of camp.

- We be gone.

- Gary takes up the rear

with a watchful eye on
Six Pack's precious cargo,

an 11-ton boulder worth $300,000.

- It's up to me to make sure

that rock gets to Jade City in one piece.

Try to be as safe as I can.

- If the rock gets jostled,

it could break on the fracture line,

that could reveal more
fractures, killing the sale.

- We'll get
there eventually today.

I hate this trench road

and I hate the next trench even more.

- A rainy summer

has made the road more
treacherous than ever.

- Just gotta go stupid slow
through the rocks, that's all.


Better stop for a second,
Garon. Something leakin' there.

- All right.

- You hit that hole fricking hard.

- Yeah, I felt that one.

I was hoping I could
clear that one, but...

- Ah, you motherf...

- What's wrong?

He blew a hole right through the platinum.

- Major oil.

- Six Pack's
differential is punctured

and it's leaking oil.

- It doesn't matter what you do.

There's always something gonna go wrong.

- Sakes!

It's still leakin'.

It's leakin' around the thread.

- On the
trail back to Jade City,

- Sakes.

- a hole in
Six Pack's differential

has caused a serious oil leak.

- How wrong can it come
up and punch it through?

- I don't know what
else we can put in there.

- If they can't plug the hole,

the truck and $300,000 worth
of jade will be stranded

on a road that's being
shut down for the season.

- How can I make this work?

We don't have parts out there.

We need a piece of wood or something.

- So they use
what they have at hand.

- Okay.

- Put a trunk of wood in there

to try and hold what's left in the def in.

- Yeah, I'm gonna got some tape on,

and tape that piece of wood in there.

- Nice.
- Yes!

It's not leaking.

- Right now.
- Right now.

- Bush fix?

- Literally a bush fix.

Piece of wood in there.

- It's pretty
cool to have dad around

who's the master of the bush fix.

- Can't be much a
lot of oil left in there.

- But a stick and duct tape

haven't solved all their problems.

- It's good thing we're
in the last stretch here.

- Yeah.

- Six Pack's running low on oil

and still has another 30 kilometers to go.

- She'll be out of oil

by the time she gets to the landing.

- Not much we can do about it.

- Let's get the hell outta here.

- Okay.

On the road again!

- An hour later,

Six Pack makes it safely
to the Dease Lake landing.

- Keep coming.

You're doing good. Yup, straighten out.

Keep coming.

Awesome. Shut her down.

- It's here, so that's a win for me.

The rock is still in one piece.

On the road.

- It's a good looking load.

- Oh my god.

That's quite the load.

Whoo, hoo!

- Made it.

- Well, well,
well, huh?

Oh my god.

- There was only a
hillbilly with load like that.

- Yeah.

Oh, man, I'm happy. We are so close.

Group hug. You guys did so good.

- Give me a hug. Good day.

- Tomorrow, the
boulder will be polished

and sent off to their Malaysian buyer.

- The whole season
depends on this rock

making its way to the buyers,
so this is a big deal.

- Good job, guys.

We're here. We're home.

- Oh, boy.

- Over at the scrapyard,

- Let's try one of these.

- Larry's throwing
an end of season party.

- Well,
this season was a tough one.

I didn't make a lot of money or nothing.

And you stay out of it.
You stay out of it.

But I don't really
stress me out that much.

I'm always been able to
put food on the table

or a roof over our head.

Oh, there's somebody here.

Oh, look at that.

How are you doing, Hugh?

- How's it going, Larry?

Good to see you.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Oh, ohp.

I learned a lot from watching
how my dad gets things done.

As crazy, as wonky

or as out of control

situation can be,

he manages to somehow
figure a way through it.

Who's ready for burgers?


One day, I've thought about
taking over the scrapyard.

I would love the opportunity
to give it a shot.

I'm learning and I'm slowly getting there.

- Put too much wood in the fire?

- No, no, no.
- Whoa.

- No, no.

You haven't even hit three
quarters of my budget yet.

- But I don't
think he'll ever retire.

He just loves his junk.

He'll be collecting 'til the day

he can't go up and down that road anymore.

- If you
enjoy what you're doing,

who cares if it make
a lot of money, right?

I'm always ready to go the next year.

And keep on trucking.

- Okay, haul it right there.

- Morning in Jade City.

- Nice and slow.

- Today's job,

- There you go.

- prepare
the 11-ton jade boulder

for shipping to Malaysia.

- Perfect. Set it down.

We'll just polish the top part.

- Okay. We'll just
set it right on the ground.

- Right there. Yup.
- Chain's on it. Yep.

- Okay.

- First, they have

to lift it off Six Pack's deck.

- I don't know how we're gonna
get that chain under there

because everything went

- The heavy rock
has sunk into the boards,

making it impossible to
get a chain underneath.

- It's gonna be interesting.

We have wood and

underneath the rock when we loaded it.

Push the wood right
through the deck and spots.

- Slam the forks together.

- They'll try
lifting it with a forklift,

but have to be extra cautious.

- That'll be twice as good.

- The fracture line

has weakened the block of jade,

too much force could cause it to crack.

- They're still gonna flex a little bit,

but we' bend 'em both together.

Get further over a little bit.

Okay, we'll see what happen here.

- Keep coming.

Hold on, tilt.

It's pushing the rock.
- Yeah.

- If they damage the jade,

- Garon, tip it up.

- the $300,000 sale is off.

- It's the only rock

that we're gonna get pulled out this year.

It's the only rock we've
got an opportunity to sell,

so we don't wanna drop it,
we don't wanna scratch it.

Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.

Hold on!

Hold on, Garon.

Hold on.

- In Jade City,

- Keep coming.

- the crew is struggling

to unload their 11-ton boulder.

- What a pain in the derriere.

- Hey, Gary, the two 22
will fit under there.

- On that side?

- I think.

You get the other side
and you pick it way up.

You can get chain

all the way over to this
side from the other side.

I think there's a better chance

you can wedge it under anyways.

- Yeah, maybe.

Okay, we'll have to go to that side

like you said, and pick it up.

- Garon will use
the loader's bucket teeth

to try and lift the heavy rock,

- Let's see what happens.

- without damaging the jade.

- Rally slow.

- Careful.

- Good. Hold on.


- Okay.

I think we can get our
chains underneath now.

Oh, there we go.

- Three.


- Okay.

Use your tilt, yeah?

- I'm off the deck.

- You good?

- Yeah. You good, Josh?

That's a heavy chunk of rock.

- It's nice to get that off and unloaded.

It's perfect.

- And three,

two, one.

- Next,

- That's it?
- Right there.

- The crew cut small test rocks

they've brought out of the mine

to check the quality of the jade.

- We're able to take out

a couple of samples from jade lens.

So then we actually can see
exactly what we have in there.

- Two Mile for us was
a huge risk, a huge expense.

There we go.

A lot of work,

lots of stress.

- Let me see.


That's beautiful.

- Yeah.

And this year proved us right.

- This is really nice.

- Whoo!

- There's so much proven potential

with that site now.

- Got beautiful pockets
in there. Wow, wo, wow.

- We just gonna go and get it.

- The last job of the day,

polishing the boulders sold
to their Malaysian buyer.

- Cleaned it up?

- Yeah.

- Perfect.

Now, they can see the quality of the jade

without the jade saw cuts.


Boy, that's nice.

Oh my god! The green is beautiful in this.

- Yeah, this is nice.

- This is gonna be stunning.

That is so beautiful, that green.

This is definitely the best
stuff we've ever mined.

This is so pretty.

Good job.

Don't give me a kiss,
Gary, give me high five.

- A high five.

I thought Robin gonna
try and give me a kiss.

I'm gonna have

to smack him with...

This is money in the bank.

- Money in the bank.

This 11-ton boulder just
brought us in $300,000.

So it paid for the season.

It allows us to move forward next year.

Think about all the money
that's on that hill.

This is just the beginning of it.

Good job, boys.

The future looks really
promising at Two Mile.

- Hello!

- Hello!

- Okay.

- It's finally time for Josh

to bring the boulder to Vancouver

for shipping overseas.

- Today is a very big deal for me

because the very first piece of jade,

that Jaded Contracting has
ever hauled is gonna be home.

Come in just a bit.

Nice, nice, nice.

If I can succeed with this trucking

while also incorporating the
trucking into the jade mining,

and they're gonna see

that I'm capable of being
a boss in the future.

I'd love to operate the jade mine.

I wanna buy in.

I want to earn a seat at the table.

We can enjoy it together.

- Pretty cool,
Josh. First ever load of jade.

- Yeah.

- Wow.

- And what a good
looking load on the truck.

- What a great looking load.

It really was an extremely
stressful season.

Was it worth it?

I think it was worth
every tear, every penny,

every bit of blood that we gave.

- I'll get the truck warmed up

- Okay.

- hit the road.

- Perfect. I'm proud of you.

- Thank you.
- I love you.

The fact that we, as a group,

have pulled this off

from almost nothing in a eight-year span

to where we are now, is a
pretty incredible achievement.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Bye.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- It was $300,000

- And a rock.

♪ Put all your money on the ♪

♪ Know what I mean if
you've been what I've been ♪

♪ Show me the green ♪

♪ Show me the green ♪