Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 7, Episode 1 - Jade Fever - full transcript

The Bunces try to open up the mining camp but surprises keep thwarting their efforts. Josh buys a semi-truck. The rescue of an elderly couple becomes a win-win situation. A new recruit is keen to show what he can do. Scrappy Larry's son Ricky tries to keep his dad from buying more old trucks.

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(gentle brooding music)
(wind whistling)

(machine whirring)
(rock cracking)

(brooding music continues)
(wind whistling)

(machine whirring)
(machine drilling)

- [Claudia] It's not just a rock

we're digging out of the ground.

(machine whirring)
(water splashing)

Jade, is bigger than
any of us who mine it.

(rock crashing)
(brooding music continues)

As long as the earth has
been here, has been here.

And it will be here a
long, fast, any of us.

(wind whistling)
(thunder rumbles)

- Go, go, go!
(car engine revving)

- It's spinning!
(truck crashing)

(water splashing)

(machine clanking)
- Hold on!

- What now?! What now?!
(rocks crashing)

(rock crashes)

- Why didn't we just stay home this year?!

Should we give up?

- Can anybody on here one hear me?

- [Claudia] Should we go home?
(gentle brooding music)

Are we supposed to be here?

- [Robin] Let's get this show on the road!

(rock crashing)
Pull that sand bed!

(machine whirring)

Keeping pulling!
(rock cracking)

- Woo!

(laughs) That looks sweet!
(rocks crashing)

- [Claudia] When everything is
(machine crashing)

telling you to go home
(chain clashing)


(trucks crashing)
and you fight through

(Claudia gasps)
the most crazy situation.

- [Robin] There it goes!
(rocks crashing)

And then you find jade,
after jade, after jade.

That's sexy.
(brooding music)

(machine whirring)

And then you go, this is why
we were supposed to stay.

(brooding music ends)
(hammers thudding)

(rocks cracking)

(lively upbeat music)
(truck engine revving)

- This is gonna be the
million dollar rock.

(lively upbeat music continues)

(hammer thuds)

- Yahoo!

(logo crashes)
(lively upbeat music ends)

- [Claudia] Jade makes
people do crazy things.

(gentle music)

- [Narrator] It's the
start of tourist season

in Northern British Columbia.

But the normally bustling
Jade City is a ghost town.

- [Claudia] It's a really
gut wrenching reality

that we're living in right now.

We're closed. Jade City is shut down.

- [Narrator] Claudia Bunce's
Jade store has been closed

since the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

- The whole world has been
impacted by this COVID virus.

And it's reached us in Jade City.

Something we've never would have expected.

It's agony dealing with us.

We're used to tourists.

And there's no one.

- [Narrator] With no cash coming in,

Claudia needs to start mining
her jade claim, Two Mile,

as soon as possible.

- [Claudia] Our retail
business has already shut down.

And if we don't make money mining,

then everything that we
financially depend upon is gone.

That's a massive fear for us.
(gentle brooding music)

So I know you're working all of this stuff

to get ready for camp,

but one of my biggest concerns right now

is that we need to stop people from coming

into Jade City into the store.

It says closed in on enter,

but we still have people entering in here.

- [Narrator] Claudia wants
to make sure the Jade store

is safe while they're away at the mine.

- Yeah, I can do a double gate here.

- [Narrator] So she's enlisted the help

of Lead Operator, Gary Wentworth.

- So we'll do two at both entrance ways.

- Yeah.
- And then when we go to camp,

it'll be a safety issue that

we don't have to worry about anymore.

- I'll build the four 20 footers

and then we've got a 40
foot gate on each end.

Gary gonna fix.

- Gary's gonna fix it.

(trucks engine revving)
(gate scratching)

- If they don't make money,

eventually they're gonna run out of money

and we don't mine anymore.

- Straight.
(truck engine revving)

- I'm no different than Robin and Claudia.

I wanna find that great
A million dollar boulder.

It's just, it's in the bones now.

It's in the blood.


- That molder right there is
the first one that can go on.

(truck engine revving)

- [Narrator] Claudia's husband, Robin

is also setting his site high
(lifters scratching)

this season.

- My personal goal is to
find high quality jade,

a big chunk of great A jade.

Get filthy rich and retire. (chuckles)

(truck engine revving)

Hey, miracles do exist. (chuckles)

(gentle music playing)
(drill grinding)

- Okay, Robin. Hold on.
(drill grinding)

And that's perfect.

- That should say,
"Closed for retirement."

- You have a long way to
go before you're retired.

We are too broke to think about that yet.

This year because of the COVID virus,

if we're not successful in mining,

my whole business is shut down.

(gentle brooding music)

- [Narrator] In the Cassiar Valley,

(dog barks)

- Ricky!

- [Narrator] Scrappy Larry,
is counting on his son, Ricky.

- Wow. Fancy seeing you in town.

- [Narrator] To help get
through these tough times.

- Yup.

- The price described
from what I understand is,

it's not very good.

- So, was it a good trip up?

- Yeah, it was all right.

- Oh, right on.

- Highways were quiet.

- Yeah?

- Not too many tourists flying around.

With COVID going on, it's
pretty quiet up here.

So, I'm looking forward to
seeing what his crazy ideas are

for this season.

- [Larry] Right on.

- See you got a pretty fancy firetruck.

- Yup.

I got a new hobby, pyromaniac.

I joined a new club.

(Ricky chuckles)

(Larry laughs)

- [Ricky] Wow. Everything works on it?

- Yeah, everything will work,

but it needed a transmission.


- I don't know why in hell

he figured we needed a fire truck,

but he's the dreamer.

- If I find the transmission,

it'll be the Cassiar
volunteer fire department.


- Wow.

What else is new in the yard?

- Well, I got this,

that big truck there.

It needs a transmission, too.

Ain't too much around here runs.

You gotta know that by now. (laughs)

Other people's scrap is my treasure.

- [Narrator] Last year,

Ricky helped his dad sell
some stuff in the scrap yard

and climb out of debt.

- All that space we made last season,

they filled up pretty quick.

- [Larry] The books are looking okay,

but I'm just squeaking by.

My filing and all that is just horrible.

Which costs me more
money at the bookkeeper

'cause they got to go
through all this mess, eh.

- We gotta figure out how we
can keep bringing money in.

He's not exactly a spring chicken anymore.

And he's getting up there and age.

So there's a lot of
pressure to help out my dad

and to help him better the business.

That weighs on me a lot.

So you figured mines are
definitely out this year?

- Uh, yeah, because they're all shut down.

- Last year, at least we had
the mines we were haul of.

From what my dad's telling me,

we're not, we don't got
the mines this year.

Well, it'd be nice to get
some extra trucking too.

You got all these trucks

you keep bringing into the yard,

and none of them are hauling anything.

- Don't break down that way. (laughs)

- We're gonna be putting the money out

for all this other stuff.

And there's no money coming in.

Either that or my dad's got to figure out

how to get a money tree.

- We got, we got lots.

It's just we gotta sell stuff.

Just a little tighter this year,

'cause they're not getting
to move much stuff, right?

But, it'll change. It'll change.

And I still got the
old trusty credit card.


- [Ricky] Winter's are getting tougher.

You ain't getting any younger.

Wouldn't it be nice to have
like a, or like a copper load,

aluminum load at the end of the season.

So then you got all this money

and then you can dream all winter

of all these cool projects you buy.

There's a lot of things I
want to try this season.

Let's go, let's get into this avenue.

Let's try this saluta.

Where he holds back and
I wanna go. (chuckles)

- I know, I know.
(gentle upbeat music)

- [Robin] Hey, it's time to go!

- [Narrator] In Jade City.

- You're always in a rush.

- I'm always waiting for you.

- [Robin] Nah, great!

- [Narrator] Claudia and Robin,

want to start mining their Two Mile claim

as soon as possible.
(car engine revving)

(gentle upbeat music)
(Claudia laughing)

- This one's a deal? 100%?


- [Narrator] Last year,

they made the biggest
(truck honking)

jade sale of their careers there.

Landing a deal worth
half a million dollars.

- Finally! Money in the bank.

Now we know we can do it.

And we know that it is achievable.

(chains clashing)

Great job,

great job, great job.

- [Narrator] But that money
only paid down their debt.

With the Jade store shut down,

they're starting this
season back in the red.

- My store usually subsidize the mining.

I don't have that this year.

So Robin, the road.

- Yep.

- I'm assuming it's gonna
be really bad this year.

We've had much rain and snow.

- Yep.

- [Narrator] Two Mile mine situated

high up on a mountain top,

that the end of a rugged
60 kilometer trail.

They have to check the
condition of that road

before trying to haul in
their heavy equipment.

(gentle suspenseful music)

- We'll go out and gear over the landing,

and then we'll follow
the road the whole way.

- Okay. Well, we're definitely
not gonna follow the road.

We're gonna stay in the
valleys of the the road is on.

Like, we're gonna stay where
we can see the road. Yep.

- Yeah.

- [Narrator] Robin and Claudia's son, Josh

is joining them on the scouting mission.

- This year in the jade mining,

I would definitely like to
have a little more opportunity

to prove what I've learned
over the last eight years.

To show my folks and Gary,
(helicopter whirring)

that I can have an idea,

follow through with it,

and have success in the end.

(helicopter whirring)

(helicopter whirring)

(gentle music)

- Yeah?

- I'm on the helicopter

and I just start feeling really nauseous.

I don't know why,

but I feel like I'm gonna
throw up and pass out.

- Okay.
(gentle suspenseful music)

- [Narrator] The Turnagain River

is the deepest and most
dangerous water crossing

on the trek to their mine.

- [Narrator] The river
looks high but passible.

- I don't know if it was the jet fuel

that made me feel nauseous,

but I just need to get onto the ground.

(helicopter whirring)

I'm gonna go and lay down for a minute.

I don't feel well.

The door's not broken in this year.

It's a good day.

- [Narrator] At first glance,

camp is just as they
left it eight months ago.

- Josh, can you grab the key?

- Yep.

- Oh, God.

(keys jingling)

- Oh, oh, oh.

(door squeaks)


- There was a leak and some wind.

- No!

- And it collapsed.

- Oh, that's really bad.
(suspenseful music)

(gentle suspenseful music)
(moose bellows)

- Oh, that's really bad.

- [Narrator] At the Two Mile mining camp.

- Okay. Well, there's that.

- [Narrator] Over the winter,

a leak in the roof brought
the kitchen ceiling down.

- I'm gonna stay right here.

I'm feeling like crap,

and I just can't deal with
the situation in camp.

- [Josh] You remember mom,

last year when all the water

would come in the roof and the rainstorms?

- [Claudia] Yeah, but that
was a tiny little dribble.

- Yeah, and then that
translated over two years,

turned into enough water
to collapse your roof.

That's why you don't ignore
tiny little dribbles.

My parents don't really
listen to me very well.


(plastic crinkling)
(Josh groans)

That's why I have a hard time
communicating and being heard.

- Robin.

Welcome to the home.

- Boy, guess the wind?

- No, it's not the wind.

It was the water.

Not much has changed from

when I was five years old
to now, I'm 25 years old.

That's the big thing

that I'm really having a hard time with.

- Is it dry in there still?

- No, these are.

Anything that I'm leaving up here is dry.

I'm taking any wet.

- Okay.

- I am a young man, but
I'm a man nonetheless.

I think I deserve a little bit of respect.

It's not a today thing either.

Well, yeah, that's a bit
much fixed right now.


I need to find my success in my life.

(Josh sighs)
(gentle suspenseful music)

- Okay, Henry.

We can go to work.

- [Narrator] Down at the scrap yard.

(truck revving)
(tool clanks)

- I'll weld some of this on there.

- Is it gonna be long enough though?

- [Narrator] Larry, has
asked his son, Ricky,

and right-hand man, Henry to
help with a special project.

- Oh, we're trying to make a stand

for the time Susan made for me.

She went to a lot of effort to do that.

I wanna make sure it's
hung out there, right?

- [Narrator] Two years ago,
(gentle somber music)

Larry's girlfriend, Susan
(Susan laughing)

moved up to Northern BC
(both laughing)

and into the scrap yard.

She helped Larry
(Susan laughing)

get his business on track.

- Well done guys.
(glass clinks)

- [Narrator] And they
were set to get married.

(gentle somber music)

Until she suddenly fell ill,

and passed away last December.

- She had pancreatic cancer and...

and was inoperable.

There was... nothing they could do.

God, she was a tough little English woman.

She never complained.

She was special.

After Susan passed away, I just kept busy.

And drank a little whiskey.


Anyway, she won't be forgotten.

That's for sure. (laughs)

(fire crackling)
(gentle brooding music)

- [Ricky] He was pretty devastated.

He finally found somebody

that he planned on spending
the rest of his life with.

That sign's gonna get hung
up in memory as Susan.

- Ready?
(sign scratching)


(sign clashing)

- [Larry] Perfect!

- [Ricky] I think Susan would be happy.

- [Larry] Yeah?

- It'll be an eye-catcher that's for sure.

(Larry sighs)

- Look at the rainbows.

She's happy where the sign is.

My dad picked a good spot.

(gentle music)

(gentle music continues)

- Are you gonna go check your room?

- No, I'm gonna go check
the first aid room.

- [Narrator] Up at Two Mile.

- What we got?

A third of a tank.

- [Narrator] The crew continues
their inspection of camp.

(door thuds)

- Everything looks good right now.

So far, yeah.

Everything looks great.

(bag zipping)

This year, doesn't look
like anybody broke in

or did any damage.

(door thuds)

- [Narrator] Claudia is still feeling ill

from the helicopter ride.

- Okay, my love.

- It's cold.

- I know that's where we're
gonna go get in the helicopter.

- I feel sick.

- Okay.

- I wanna go home.

- Now we gotta get back to work

so we can get the equipment
out here and get some fuel.

Get some excavators.

Get some jade. (claps)

(Claudia sighs)

(helicopter whirring)

- Okay, okay.

- [Narrator] Before they leave,

the crew flies over pit one.

(helicopter whirring)

Where last season,

they uncovered their
largest jade lens ever.

Running over 60 feet into the mountain.

- I think gonna dive
under here, right here.

(machine scratching)

- Hit my goal, 100, 200 feet.

We don't know.

- [Claudia] Oh, my God!

That is beyond nice.

- [Narrator] But they didn't have

the equipment to cut it out.

- We can't use the other
saws that we have here

'cause they're too small.

- We need to get that rock out.

- I know.

- This year, our main focus

is to get that lands cut up
(helicopter whirring)

and out of there.

(gentle suspenseful music)

- I'm just scrambling
trying to find a jade saw.

- Yep.

- [Narrator] Robin wants to inspect

one last section of the road,

(truck engine roaring)
but a massive mud hole

has given them grief for
the past two seasons.

(truck engine roaring)

- Oh, he's hitting it hard.

- All it is, is a waterhole.

- Oh.
(truck revving)

(water splashing)
With soft soil in the bottom.

- That's some deep water.

- [Robin] But there's
a ridge in the center

that gets people hung up.

- Uh-oh.

- So, it's a problem.

(truck crashing)
- Go, go, go, go!

(truck engine roaring)
- Oh, my (beep) God!

- Okay.

- [Narrator] But they
never expected to see this.

- [Robin] I'm seeing people on the road.

Middle of nowhere.

It's like, are you kidding me?

(suspenseful music)

(gentle suspenseful music)

- [Narrator] On the return
from a scouting mission

into their mine,

Robin and his crew make
a shocking discovery.

- I'm seeing people on this military truck

stuck in a mud hole.

- Okay.

- They couldn't be luckier

that we were out there.

- Man, this is your lucky day!

Because nobody's on this road

and nobody's flying around.

- [Narrator] It's a gold miner

and his wife from a neighboring claim.

- Punch McLean is an old friend.

He's an old miner.

He's got a huge reputation in this area.

- [Narrator] 88 year old,
Ernie "Punch" McLean,

is a Canadian Hockey Hall
of Famer, turned prospector.

And like any gold miner,

he tends to be a risk taker.

- Ernie "Punch" McLean has
survived two plane crashes,

been lost in the bush for five days,

and today he would have
been stuck in the bush again

for days, not just by
himself, but with his wife.

- What did he promise you?

- Oh.
(Robin laughing)

- I got stuck. (laughs)

- His wife is 86.

Why would you bring her
out here? (chuckles)

- How long has he been in the hole?

- Oh. Well, if God was bringing us to you.

- They had no communication,

and they left a message
that if they weren't out

in three days to come look for them.

- You'd be stuck here
for three days at least.

- Yes.

Anything is better than that.

- And there's lots of grizzlies,

like mom and baby grizzly,

like brand new trucks
all along the road here.

- [Narrator] Punch takes them

to his stranded military truck.

- Oh!

- Oh!

- That's not how I like checking holes.

(gentle suspenseful music)

- I think that because we're bringing

in all of our equipment right now,

we could bring the equipment in,

pull it through.

- We can get close
enough from the backside

and pull them backwards
with the rock truck.

- Then if we need that to take out a load

of something, like fuel,

is it safe to use it to take
a load of fuel or something?

- As long as you don't get stuck.

(Claudia laughs)

- [Narrator] Claudia brokers a deal.

If she can get Punch's
truck out of the mud,

he'll let her borrow it
a few times this season.

- Good deal, I guess. (chuckles)

I have to be rescued is a big thing,

be out there in the wilderness.

- Saved their lives.

Got an army truck.

Win-win deal.

Okay, let's go get you on
a chopper and let's go.

(rain pattering)

- Wrong road to be 87 years
old and out joy riding.

- Or you hurt or just wet?

- Just wet.

- Mr. McLean's wife
fell under a waterhole.

She is wet right to the chest.

- Okay, well let's get you
home so you can get dry.

- Now, we're gonna put her in the chopper

with us in the chopper,
come back and get them.

- Yep.

(Robin exhales)

- That mud hole, them getting stuck in it,

means the mud hole is
gonna be a challenge.

(gentle suspenseful music)

(truck honking)

- [Narrator] Down in the Cassiar Valley.

- [Randy] Larry, isn't this an
awesome old Kenworth carcass?

Scrappy Larry is visiting
his buddy, Randy,

(trucks thuds)

who has a classic Kenworth for sale.

- Look at that, aluminum bumper

and an air brake.
- And a straight!

- Oh, it's straight.

- Yeah.

- How often do you find straight?

- Oh, wow.

- And another thing about
this truck, big air bags.

- The old truck's,

they kind of remind me
of the good old days.

- This is the old style door handles.

(truck door creaks)

- Style door handles and they work.

- What a lock, man.
(truck door thuds)

That's a nice old truck.

And the fuel tanks

not even bent.
(tank clanks)

- When I was younger,

I built an old Kenworth 64

and it turned out really,
a really nice truck.

Did you put a new
comforter in the sleeper?

(both laughing)

I can't wait to get her going.

- [Larry] Look at the interior!

That's the latest carpet.

Even the seat.

Look at the armrest.

- Look at that.

- Windows still work and everything.

- Oh, a hornet's nest.

Gotta make sure to get rid of that.

- It just needs a little TLC but.

(hornets buzzing)
- Oh, I love it.

He wants a salad.

So I just gotta have it.

- [Narrator] Larry can't resist a deal

and wants to haul this old fixer-upper

back to his yard right away.

(truck door thuds)

- I mean, you can't beat $500.

- The way it's sitting here,

I can't really come up from the side

because there's trucks on both sides.

Let me get in position with the loader.

- [Narrator] Now they've
got to lift the truck

onto Larry's flat deck without
damaging the old frame.

- Okay, here we go!

Worst case scenario, it breaks in half,

but look at all the
aluminum I'll have for sell.

(truck revving)


(truck creaking)

Gotta go up, you're digging in the ground.



(truck creaking)

You can get back a bit.

(truck revving)

(truck creaking)

- Oh, bum, bum.

Watch out, watch out.

Okay. Hold it!

Right there.

- It looks good there, Larry.

- Yep, perfect.

Happy camper. Happy camper.

I had to paid more.

Don't tell him that.

I had to paid more.


- Okay, Larry.

We'll be in touch, my friend.

- [Larry] You betcha!

- Really, really irritates
me when I walk out in my yard

and I find an empty space.

That's gonna fill it.


(Larry laughing)
(lively music)

- We'll change in radio and white Ford.

- Okay.

- [Narrator] Back in Jade City.

- Would you like to do that?

- Sure.

- We'll change on the Ford?

- For sure.

- And I got.

- I'll take that back.

(Gary laughs)

- [Narrator] The crew
works to get their trucks

in shape to take on the
muddy road to the mine.

(car hood clicks)

- Old Betty here,

we changed a few things.

Because the road is, we
know it's gonna be bad.

Change the intake,

so it's not down here
anymore, it's up top.

And I'm doing the same to the exhaust.

And now the water has to be above the deck

and above the headache
rack to swamp this truck.

So if the water is that deep,

whoever's driving, this thing is wet.

Give her.
(truck sputtering)

(truck revving)

Old Betty, is ready to go.

She's gonna smoke every
mosquito out the country

but she's ready to go.

- Okay.

I just, draining the oil out of this Ford.

So I could do a nice oil change on it,

which is really important

because all of our equipment's
getting really old.

Times are getting pretty desperate.

We don't have the
business in the Jade store

like we usually do.

So, there's no extra money
to pay for equipment.

Even though last year

we experienced a margin of success,

we have no money.

Every penny we've made jade mining,

we've lost being shut down.

(tool clicking)
Get that tight right up.


It's good.

We've got a lot on the line this year.

- Gary, when you got a minute.

- Okay, what do I gotta fix?

- Yeah. Oh, everything, of course.

- Okay.

- The um, for this year,

I would like you to be in charge,

be onsite foreman.

Gary is the right person
to be the one on site

because he's the one that knows
what the equipment can do.

It's better if there's
just one person in charge,

so that it doesn't cause
conflict and argument.

Gary in charge means that
Joshua can't come to me and say,

"Why you doing this?"

Gary and Josh get along.

So it gets rid of the tension.

For me, this way it's easier.

It's one person in charge.

- It feels good to know
he trusts me with that.

So that's a big step.

Definitely a big step.

- Yeah, that shouldn't be a problem.

- Yep.

- It's a small crew.

- Okay.

- I know my dad has given Gary a promotion

and my dad has asked Gary
to oversee the mine site,

and to communicate to me what
my dad would like to achieve.

(grunts) Oh, here we go.

I'm not okay with that at all.

I just don't feel comfortable
being told what to do by Gary,

who's been here for two seasons,

when I've been here for eight.

- People don't like it and I
have to get over it, I guess.

(suspenseful music)

(gentle upbeat music)

- [Narrator] In Jade City.

- Oh, here comes Shane.

- [Narrator] A new recruit arrives.

- Robin's nephew is coming to work for me.

Shane is a heavy equipment operator.

Good morning.

- Good morning.

- And he's gonna help out a lot in camp.

How are you?

- When Claudia give me a call to come up,

figured it was time to come
spend some time with family.

- How was the trip?

- It was excellent.

- [Claudia] It was good?

- It was an excellent opportunity

to get out of Prince George

and get back on a piece
of machinery again,

because it's been a while for me.

I gotta do something.

- Something better than nothing.

- Yep.

- Seven years ago, in 2013,

I fell asleep on my pickup.

And when it rolled, then I broke my spine.

- There's a lot of
equipment that we have that.

He only needs to use his arms.

He doesn't need his legs to operate.

So, when Shane says he can do it

and I believe him.

So you're, you're feeling
up to all this mining?

- Oh, of course.

- With your family?

- Of course.
(Claudia laughing)

- Definitely not gonna let the chair

get in my way of Jade money.

Yep, no, you betcha.

(birds chirping)

(upbeat music)

(truck honking)

- [Larry] What are you doing?

Ya crazy dog.

- [Narrator] Larry arrives
back at the scrap yard.

(truck door thuds)

We made it.

- [Narrator] With his latest purchase,

an old Kenworth semi.

That's seen better days.

- I'm pretty excited about this truck.



- [Narrator] But his son, Ricky.

- Huh.

- [Narrator] Is less than enthusiastic.

- He got another old truck

that he wants to fix up and
put on the road one day.

I just, I shake my head.

What kind of deal did you get on this?

- $500 bucks.

- By the end of the season
it will be all loads?

- Well, we're gonna work on it.

- I can't see that happening anytime soon.

(truck door creaks)

Oh, my God.

- Isn't that beautiful polstry?

- You won't be able to drive.

- [Larry] Why?

- 'Cause you won't fit through that hole.

- Yes, I will.

(Ricky laughs)

- You're gonna have to
go outside of the truck

and open up the big door every time.

Get a step ladder out. (chuckles)

(Larry laughing)

That money could really
be used in other ways.

And he doesn't see that.

It's kinda like an addiction for him.

He can't turn down a good deal.

- Oh, yeah. She's gonna be a beauty.

I got lots of goodies to put on it.

Lots are missing,

but I look at the potential.


- Why.

- No, you get all pumped.

This season's gonna be good.

This season we're gonna make money.

(truck revving)

- Move on, Larry.

- Down, slow.

And he's already starting
to fill the yard up

with, uh...
(truck creaking)

pretty much useless stuff.

(truck thuds)

I could see this is gonna be sitting here

until time to do the yard
clean up again this season.

It is very frustrating, very frustrating.

- Oh, we're getting her done now.

(upbeat music)

- I was sitting on the can thinking,

"Well, I'm going to need an outhouse."

- [Narrator] In Jade City,

Shane has enlisted Josh's
help for a special project.

- We gotta a outhouse set up.

It's got lots of room for them.

Safe, easy access, and it'll
be much higher quality.

Less wind we'll get through.

Be nice.

(wood thuds)
- Oh, yeah.

- You gotta watch your fingers.

(Shane laughs)

- We're gonna throw this together prefab.

And so we can disassemble
and put it in the truck

and pick her up camp.

- I gotta just say,

I'm not used to this log
structure types (beep) here.


Okay, so this one's tight.

I've never really notched logs
or done anything like that.

And me and Shane, you know, combined,

he's got the know-how and
I can kind of jump around

and move quickly.

(chainsaw whirring)

- [Narrator] For Josh, working with Shane

is a welcome change.

After learning his parents
promoted Gary to mine foreman.

- I feel competent and I feel capable.

(chainsaw whirring)

I don't wanna have my own competence,

my own capabilities,

overshadowed by a promotion to Gary.

- Yeah. Looking great.

- When I'm around Shane,

it's just good to have
somebody that, you know,

I can kinda look at as an example.

'Cause I respect him a lot.
(chainsaw engine roaring)

Super capable,

like mind blowingly capable,

for a guy who's in a situation.

(chainsaw engine roaring)

- I used to babysit Josh.

He's like a younger brother for sure.

(chainsaw engine roaring)

It's been five years since I was at last.

So I haven't really seen Joshie at all.

(chainsaw engine puttering)

That looks better.

It's good to see him
growing up into a man.


(chainsaw engine puttering)



- Where's this outhouse that I hear about?

- Ah, we can get privacy
to your ankles right now.

You have to use your imagination.

- I thought you guys were
building an outhouse?

- Yep.
- We are.

- Okay, you do know that
you could have just build

an outhouse in five minutes, right Shane?

Like a.
- [Shane] Yep. I know.

- Shimmy frame.

- Well, I'm kinda using material

that was already in Jade City,

instead of having to
- I know, but.

bring in some new stuff

that costs money and.
- A log outhouse?

You don't think that's
a little fancy for us?

- Did you just come here
- [Claudia] Okay.

harass us or what?
- [Claudia] No.

Lunch is ready. Sorry.

- Oh, nice.

- [Claudia] I forgot.

Lunch is ready.
- [Josh] Sweet.

- [Claudia] Let's go.

- But you like the outhouse?

- [Claudia] I love this.

- [Josh] Expensive outhouse.

(Josh and Claudia laughing)

- So, I'm trying to think
of what we can use it

for after you use it for an outhouse.

- Yeah, a broom shed.

- A broom shed.

(Claudia and Josh laughing)

I sure love for you to sass me.

'Cause you don't know.

(all laughing)

- How much is that then?

- [Narrator] While the crew has lunch.

- Okay.

- [Narrator] Claudia continues her search

for a saw that's large enough
to cut their 60 foot lens

up at Two Mile.

- Okay.

Thank you.

A brand new saw roughly would cost me

about $100,000.

(gentle suspenseful music)

Very expensive.

Very, very, very expensive.

So the Italian saws are
almost impossible to get.

- Yep.

- The factory is basically closed

because of COVID.

- Getting it in at
Italy takes way too long

and we just can't afford one.

There's no way.

Not until we sell some good jade.

- Anything from the US or Canada

is extremely difficult right now.

It's a huge investment,

but I don't think we
can move forward mining

without those saws.

It's extremely problematic.

I don't know what to do.

(suspenseful music)

(gentle suspenseful music)

- Do you wanna check this hole with me?

- You bet.

- [Narrator] In Jade City.

- I figure while we're
sitting around having coffee,

getting ready to go to Two Mile,

to maybe get some advice from you.

- [Narrator] Josh has
decided to take his career

into his own hands.

After his parents passed
him over for a promotion.

- It's kind of a fire lit
under my ass to find this.

I've been kind of demoted.

I want to show people what I can do,

and if they don't want
to see what I can do,

I'll go off and do it my god (beep) self.

I'm thinking of buying a semi-truck.

I'm starting a trucking
business because I love trucks.

- What budget do you have in mind?

- 40 or 50, maybe 60 grand.

Okay. Auction results.

When I approached the
idea of purchasing a truck

with my family, they were pretty hesitant.

So, I haven't had anybody
to sit down with me

and like go over pictures and stats.

- What kind of truck are you looking for?

- I definitely want to be
able to haul an excavator

or a loader once in a while.

The opportunity to sit down
with Shane is super awesome.

Man, these are sweet.

Like I love the idea of a,

of a newer truck.

Let's go older, older.

- I think it's an excellent step for.

He knows what he wants.

That's for sure.

- [Josh] They're spending 50
or 60 grand a year in trucking.

So if they can help me out for 20 grand

and I do it for the labor, you know,

save them another 20 or 30 grand this year

and get me in a truck for the winter time.

Would be really cool.

My parents invest a small
amount into my truck,

I can save them a large amount over time

with semi-truck hauling.

There's a couple of things in
here that I'm interested in

and the prices actually
aren't too exorbitant.

- I don't know.

Everything is costing money

that we don't have right now.

And if Joshua wants to buy a truck,

he's on his own.

- [Narrator] Well, Josh continues
his hunt for a semi-truck.

- [Claudia] You know that we
need to have the saws, right?

- Yeah.

We need to get the saws in there.

- Yep.

- [Narrator] Claudia has
truck challenges of her own.

- We can't buy a saw and a new truck.

And do you think it's
worth taking the Six Pack

out of retirement?

Either a Six Pack comes out of retirement

and I buy saws.

Or Robin gets a new truck and no saws.

It's extremely problematic.

- Yeah.

Last season was a good season.

The bad part, was the
breakdowns on Six Pack.

It was a front end is broke.

- [Claudia] Right.

- Parts are no longer available.

You know, trying to get parts for it.

It's too old.

We can use it,

but it can never be on the road alone

because front tires don't drive.

- [Claudia] Okay. So it
has four wheel drive.

It doesn't have six wheel drive.

- Six wheel drive.
- [Claudia] Okay.

- [Robin] This year, anyway,
what's the road the way it is.

- Right.

- [Robin] We should never
be one vehicle alone.

If anything happens,

we're gonna need to pull
up with the other truck.

It's always two.
- Right.

- [Claudia] So why don't we take a chance?

- Yep.

- Pull this out of retirement then.

- Yep.

- And buy some saws.

One good breakdown and we're done.


We're giving her one chance this year.

(suspenseful music)

(gentle upbeat music)

- [Larry] Oh, Hey!

How's it going, guys?

- [Narrator] At the scrap yard,
Larry's got some customers.

- Good to see ya again.

- Bought some homemade cookies

and baking.
- Love your wife.

Boy, she makes good cookies.
- Yep.

- Oh.

Ah, yeah the Lucky's showed up today.

Father and son mining team

and they always bring cookies.


Wait for their return every year.

What day is it?

- Monday.

- Monday. It's a super sale Monday.

- 10%? 20% off?

(all laughing)

- It's good to see him out there.

Wheeling and dealing and trying
to move some of this stuff.

- You want a nice service truck?

This is a really nice truck.

- [Ricky] He needs to get
some money in the bank.

So it's a step in the right direction.

- I thought that was

the coolest thing.
- Oh, that was kinda cool.

- The fenders open up.

- And I give you this
rate, a hundred bucks.

- Does she run or do we know? (laughs)

- I know this one run like a clock.

It's a crew cab.

- Nope.
- Okay.

- No, crew cabs for me.

- Okay.

- Actually, Larry,

we're interested in that
TD20 that you got out there.

- Oh, okay. Okay.
- Yeah.

- We have a similar piece of equipment

and we're looking for some parts for it

or looking to purchase it.

- Yeah.

I might be able to do something with it.

- Yeah. She's a nice cat.

- So is this delivery included for 7,500?

Is price negotiable?

- Well, a good delivery. Yeah.

(customer laughing)

Why, why do you offer?

- I don't know.

I have to talk to, talk
to the money man first.

- [Larry] Is this gold or money?

- Larry is very open to all currency.

We have to contact our treasurer

back at base, home base.

- Oh, big boss.

- AKA the wife.

(Ricky laughs)

- Mom.

(customer laughs)

- She's got me treasure.

- It'll be free delivery,

but tell her don't
forget cookies next year.

- Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

For sure.

- I got a real nice bus over there.

Need any cable?

Have you got a washer and dryer?

50 bucks, you can have them
both. That's a hell of a deal.

- Well, with Larry, you know,

he wants you to buy everything,

but we don't need everything.

- Your kids are growing up,
they're gonna be growing up.

That's a good deal. Just like brand new.

- Oh, I've been here for too long,

'cause Larry's trying to sell
me the whole yard. (chuckles)

- And here's a.

We've got a welder.

(customer laughing)

- Oh, no. I got a brand
new welding machine.

I'm good.
- Okay.

- I think I have to go now.

Now my wallet is starting
to get lighter and lighter.

(Larry laughing)

I almost feel like my wallet
doesn't exist anymore.

- Quick Ricky, cut the driveway off.

(customer laughing)

We got, we got live ones here.


- I definitely saw a lot of
stuff that we didn't need.

And maybe one or two things
that we could maybe need.


If I can get the banker to
open up the bank account,

I might be back.

- They got the bug in them.

They're kinda interested.

And they asked me if I would
take gold for payments.

(car honking)

I'm kind of thinking they might come back.


Okay, Rick.

Let's get to have a cup of coffee.

- She's pretty much ready to go.

I was waiting for you.

- [Narrator] Back in Jade City.

- Thank you!

- [Narrator] Josh is getting
Six Pack ready for the road.

With help from Gary's son, Garren,

who joined the crew last season.

- This is my second summer.

So I'm definitely still the rookie.

I think I've got this
just about tight enough.

I'm a little bit more confident this year.

So it's not as big of a
learning curve for me now.

Six Pack is coming out of retirement.

So I'm putting a radio back in,

doing last minute touches,
greasing everything.

Taking Six Pack out of retirement,

I think is gonna be a gamble.

I'm betting Six Pack

he's gonna have one or two breakdowns.

- Don't wait for me.

Just fire it up.

(truck sputtering)

Gotta bring old Six
Pack out of retirement.

Stick a walker in front of the old boy.

It's failed us before,
but we've got no choice.

We need him.

Try it again?

(truck sputtering)


- I can't even get it out of the yard.

It just, it does not want to start.

It's like playing a practical joke on us

already at the start of the season.

I think it was this battery
we had on the charter

for like three days, three or four days.

Batteries charged like we thought.

So, Josh is gonna grab
a set of booster cables,

but this is started bad
luck already for the truck.

- Okay. Well.


- Hopefully there will be zero breakdowns

this year for Six Pack.

That's my guess.

That's what I'm gonna manifest.

Let's see.

(truck sputtering)

- Okay. Forget it!

You need a truck that's running, charged,

or you're gonna burn the
starter right out of it.

- You told us to do this.

- No, I don't know. I said-
- [Josh] Whatever you want.

- Okay, stop. Soon as it starts
to go click, click, click-

- It doesn't turn over without clicking.

- No, there's not enough juice then.

- Right.

- The batteries charged.

He never checked the voltage
on it before he put it in.

And when you're not running
the motor, draw juice off it.

You drain the battery before
you get a chance to start it.

I'll bring my truck over with big cables.

When you're running old equipment,

(car hood clicks)

you maintain them.
(electricity statics)

Take care of them, but stuff just happens.

(truck sputtering)
(drill whirring)

(truck engine revving)

- Yeah!


(upbeat lively music)

- Prayed! Woo! (laughs)

- Took a minute, but it's running.

What do you think?
- Yep.


Six Pack is finally out of retirement.

- Awesome.

Sounds great.

- Some things retire.

Many times they keep coming back.

People retire.

They come back.

Six Packs coming back.

(upbeat lively music continues)

- Get to work.

(gentle upbeat music)

- [Narrator] Morning in Jade City.

- Oh, my God!

- Look at those and moose right there.

- Yep.

He wants to kiss the bear.

- Oh, my God.

He's gonna kiss the bear.
(Ricky laughs)

- [Robin] A moose kissing a bear.

- [Claudia] A moose kissing a bear.

(Ricky laughs)

- That moose kissing that bear

has gotta be that we're gonna
find good jade this year.

(truck honking)

(moose bellowing)

- [Narrator] Josh also
has high hopes today.

His online search has turned
up a 2,000 Kenworth for sale.

And the owner is dropping
by to show him the truck.

- My parents are not giving
me a lot of opportunities

to move forward in their company.

So I'm taking my own
initiative to buy a truck.

- Josh has just mind set on trucking.

I'm nervous.

This is all on Josh.

I don't know.

- Pete.

- Hey, how are you?

- Not bad.

- How was the road?

- It's good.

- It's good.

So this is it?

This truck is an opportunity
for me to show them

that I don't need them to hold my hand

or give me permission or help me.

I don't wanna take up a bunch
of your time today here.

I just wanna look the truck over.

Maybe we can make a deal today,

'cause I'm able to get pretty
close to your asking price.

- [Narrator] Pete wants
$45,000 for the truck.

- The deal sounds good,
but it's a big purchase.

It's a big commitment.

'Cause once you buy it, you're committed.

- Man.

You couldn't see how clean the frame was

in all the pictures inside.

- That's a new waterfall.

- Yep, absolutely.

- New alternator last year.

- Mm-hmm.

- That's new, just a week ago.

- It was listed for a
really reasonable deal.

So, it was kind of suspicious.

We were wondering what was wrong with it.

- Lines are just done a month ago.

All the rims were replaced

except for the front rim.

That's the last original.

- I'm gonna crawl around
under there for a second.

- Yeah, you bet ya.

(Josh grunts)

- So my parents definitely had a lot

of reservations with me buying a truck.

I've totally ignored
all their reservations.

Disregarded all their warnings,

went ahead and found an incredible deal.

Who's that out there? Is that you, Gary?

- This is me, Josh.

- Come here, look at this.

Look at this exhaust set up on this thing.

And if you don't mind.

- I don't mind.

- Oh!

- It's sweet and it's quiet.

And the white pipe comes
out of the muffler.

And it's equal.

- Oh, myself, I look for oil leaks.

- There was not a drop of oil,

a speck of grease anywhere.

Everything was just perfect.

I love it.

If you look at it and you
liked the way it looks,

I'll go for the ride.

- It's just the way it
looks right now, Josh,

just looking at how he looks after this

and how clean it is, you
100% got my approval.

- Oh, let's go for a burn.

- I don't think I've ever
been in the passenger seat

of my own truck.

- (beep), man.
(Pete laughs)

Well, hopefully to get the deal done.

(grunting) Everything's all good.

Low kilometers, big horsepower,

beautiful sleeper,
sunroof, leather interior,

like just too many things to list.

Truck was unreal.

(truck revving)

It's got a Kenworth emblem on it,

which I never thought
I'd be able to afford.

(truck hissing)

It's definitely an awesome truck,

but I can make 40,000 happen

as soon as you're ready
to let the truck go.

And it's cash on the spot.

- [Narrator] Josh tries to shave

$5,000 off the asking price.

- I'm still gonna be very interested

if you're not interested in 40,

but 40 is easy for me.
(Pete laughs)

I just, you know.

- That works.

That works for us.

- Does it?

- It does.

- [Narrator] It's a done deal.

Josh can pick up his new truck next week.

- It's a very big purchase.

It's one of the biggest
investments in my life.

So, it's really cool.

I'm super excited.

Mom this is Pete.

Pete, my mom Claudia.
- Hi.

- [Pete] How are ya?
- [Claudia] Nice meeting you.

I loved that,

watching him wheeling and dealing.

This is my girlfriend, Kylie.

Kylie, this is Pete.
- How are ya?

- Hey.
- I just bought Pete's truck.

- Congrats, honey.

- Thank you.

(Claudia laughing)

That's pretty cool.

He needs a week with the truck,

but other than that, we're good to go.

- This year, he'll be
working for us in the mine

and also hauling the jade,

which is good for the family

and having his own
truck, his own business.

He doesn't have anybody
telling him what to do.

- Congratulations, buddy.
- Thank you, buddy.

Appreciate it.

- This day will change your life.

You are an independent trucker now.

- For sure now.
- Independent trucker.

- I feel like independently I can succeed.

And I'm excited to
prove that to my family.

- Happy for you, guys.

- Thank you.
- [Ricky] Yep.

- How can you not be proud of that

for a 26 year old boy to be go.

Well, okay. He's not my boy anymore.

He is a man and he
starting his own company.

- Proud of you.

- Appreciate it.

Thank you.

- He's finding his place, his happy place.

(truck honking)

He's finding who he is.

- [Narrator] Next time on Jade Fever.

- Tell him to come back tomorrow.

(trucks crashes)
- Oh!

- Nothing nicer to get
rid of your frustrations

is crashing a car.
(car crashes)

- The stuff we need, he crunches
the stuff we don't need.

Deeper tests.
(car crashes)

We accomplished nothing today.

(truck thuds)

- We're heading out.

(wheel whirring)


- [Robin] I signaled stop!

- [Josh] You made me stop!

- Working with family can be hard.

And we all know that.

- This is definitely the type
of (beep) we could avoided.

You put me in charge though.

I do not intend on continuing
to work for my dad.

I'm tired of working for people.

(ambient music)

(ambient music)