Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 5, Episode 9 - Jade Fever - full transcript

Bad brakes, frazzled nerves and a rough road have Claudia doubting her crew can haul their huge bunkhouse to camp in one piece.

- Are we getting close to ready?

- [Narrator] At the
Dease Lake trail head in

Northern British Columbia.

- We're ready to go

- [Narrator] Claudia
and her crew are making

their most challenging trip to the mine

so far this season.

- We're heading out to Two Mile.

We got the bunk house.

God willing it'll all go great.


- [Narrator] Their mine
truck, Six Pack, will

haul a 52 foot bunk house over the

narrow winding trail to camp.

(Josh sighs)

And Josh is in the drivers seat.

- [Josh] Not much more we can do for

chains and cinches.

Like, just go up, and see what happens.

I'm super excited and not worried at all

and it's gonna be a good trip.

That's total bull (beep),

it's gonna be super sketchy.

- [Claudia] Robin, can Josh move

this up outta the way,
- [Josh] Yeah, yes I can.

so we can get this trailer.

- [Josh] You don't need to ask

it's okay, yes I can.

- [Claudia] Really?

- [Gary] Everybody's a little bit on edge

because they don't know
what's gonna happen.

Things are going to go good

or it ain't.

- I know, it's like that tension,
that sort of sets for me.

- You sound like your throat is tight.

Like you sound like your nervous.

- Yeah, I am.

Because of all the
problems we've already had

with Six Pack, I'm not guaranteeing

that that thing is going to get Two Mile.

- [Narrator] Robin got the old truck

from Scrappy Larry, to haul

heavy loads to and from the mine.

- Hopefully, it'll do lots of things,

but getting the bunk house in is key.

See Claudia, here's your new investment

right there.

- [Claudia] Oh dear God.


- [Narrator] But Claudia was against

buying it from the beginning,

- Robin (beep) months.

- [Narrator] and for good reason.

- That don't sound good.

- Are you kidding me?


This one's just starting to smoke.

You're gonna have to
put new brakes on here.

- Oh my God.

- Okay.

- [Narrator] Two of the trucks four

back brakes, still need to be replaced.

- Yeah, if you're fully locked up,

I think you can climb this hill.

- Okay.

- [Narrator] But Robin's
confident Six Pack

can handle the uphill journey.

- The back brakes are brand new.

The front brakes, they could be better,

but they're adequate.

It's fully capable of stopping a load.

Just don't go at any high speed,

and there'll be no issues.

- Hey you ready Josh?

- I'm ready.

(upbeat music)

- [Claudia] Everyone clear!

- I think Josh will do good.

I think he's a little nervous about it,

because he's only done stuff on pavement,

and not a lot of trailer pulling.

So he's nervous about that.

(truck engine revving)

- [Claudia] Good God.

I'm just gonna be a nervous

wreck all day, today.

I just wanna throw up.

- The bag is in the door behind the water.

- Yeah, I might need it.

My biggest fear is it flipping over.

It's very unstable, if that flips over

we're doomed.

Oh, does it wobble.

(upbeat country music)

Oh, my God.

- This is gonna be the
million dollar rock.

(Claudia whoops)

- [Claudia] Jade makes
people do crazy things.

- How does that look at the back, Gary?

- [Gary] Oh, it's tilting a little bit

'cause the the trailer's
narrower than the truck,

but you're alright. Just go slow.

- [Narrator] Josh is behind the wheel of

Six Pack as he and the crew make the

white-knuckle trip to Two Mile with their

bunk house.

- It just looks sketchy
from up here, buddy.

- [Gary] You're good.

- [Narrator] Gary spots from behind.

Followed by Guy, who's borrowed a

heavy duty D-8 dozer from a nearby mine.

In case Six Pack needs any help up the

steep hills into their high Alpine claim.

- [Guy] How are you
making out there, Joshy B?

- So far, so good.

- [Narrator] Up ahead Robin and Claudia

lead the convoy.

- Taking it wide.

This is a huge bunk house,

52 feet, 17 feet high,
on a precarious trailer.

So we have to all work together,

to figure it all out.

Stressful day.

Holy (beep), Robin.

- [Narrator] Just an
hour into the journey,

and things are getting tense.

- [Robin] If you drop down
to close when it tips,

it'll hit these trees, Josh.

Stay more to the left.

- Oh, Robin.

- Claudia, you wanted to go right it

will tip that trailer into the trees.

- [Claudia] There's a lot
of things that can go wrong.

I know what this roads like,

and we've had a lot of
problems with Six Pack.

So I'm not sure if it'll work.

- [Narrator] The truck and it's driver

face their first big test,

climbing a steep hill with
a forty thousand pound load.

- [Claudia] You're doing good there.

- [Josh] Ten four.

(trailer shifting)

(truck engine revving)

- [Gary] Did you just spin out?

- [Josh] Yeah, I feathered it right down,

and I just spun out.

- Coming around your
divers side, Josh, walking.

- Okay, yeah, my legs
are falling asleep here.

- [Narrator] Josh has to
keep his foot on the pedal

or he'll lose air pressure in his brakes.

- [Josh] Bracing the truck
barely holding things.

So, you have to hold it down really hard,

and not let them exhaust any pressure.

Because, if I exhaust too much

I'll roll down backwards.

- [Gary] That CAT can't be too far away.

- [Narrator] But Guy, and the
D-8 dozer have fallen behind.

- Now I'm mad.

Okay guys, you gotta hurry up.

- [Robin] Hang on I'll try with the truck.

- There's no way, buddy.

All the weight's on the back tires,

there's no way you're ever going to pull.

- One pound of pressure
might be all you're lacking.

- [Josh] Okay, I'll try 'er out.

(exasperated growl) Jesus.

(mechanical sounds)

(tense music)

Okay, we need to hurry up here,

I'm holding the brakes on.

I can't hold this much longer man,

I'm serious, I'm super serious.

Hurry up!

Get in the (beep) truck! (Beep)

Hurry the (beep) okay.

(gears grinding)

- Yeah, that's a lot of weight to be

trying to hold with a foot.

- I hope it doesn't
break the chain, Robin.

- Nope, it'll be good.

- [Gary] Looking good back here.

A load like that, for
Josh, is stressing him out.

He's scared to haul it,

and I don't blame him for that.


It's just not that easy.

- [Robin] Up here Josh, there's a stop.

- Good there.

Oh, I'm mad.

There is a lot of stress,
there's just so much

that can go wrong with
the size of that building,

and the way it sways on the trail.

It's (beep) sketchy.

- [Gary] Give her, Josh.

- [Narrator] Now, Josh
has to make a sharp turn

on another hill.

- Your front tires quite a
ways from the bank, Josh.

- It's all good, I'll
get you to hook onto me,

I got the trailer off
track and way too high

up on this bank.

- [Narrator] He decides it's too risky to

attempt the tight corner without a tow.

- [Josh] It's in a really weird position.

I don't know if the brakes
are gonna fail immediately,

and if that thing flops
over, it's my fault.

Hey dad, Guy's right behind me and he'll

pull me up then instead of (beep) around

trying to pull me up in reverse.

- Well if you can't make
it, then I'll hook onto you.

- I can't make it.

- He can't be in that truck anymore.

He's getting frustrated, and when he gets


- [Josh] Hey Gary, would
you mind coming up here

and getting ready with that cable?

- Yeah, I'll be right behind you,

because Guy's coming behind me here.

- Okay, well I'm sitting here waiting now.

- Would of made it.

- Josh can you come forward?

- [Josh] I'm just gonna hook up.

- [Robin] He can't get around you.

- I'm just ignoring that.

- [Narrator] Robin wants Josh to round the

corner to make room for Guy,
to pull ahead in the dozer.

- He doesn't like to listen to me,

because I'm the father,
so I'm always wrong.

So it doesn't matter what
I say, it can't be right.

- [Josh] (beep) Ass(beep).

It is very frustrating when my dad

micromanages the situation with me.

Especially when I'm behind
the seat of the Six Pack

with this big bunk house behind me.

- [Narrator] With tensions
reaching a boiling point,

Gary comes up with a solution.

- [Gary] Yeah, you can cut
through right here, Guy.

- [Guy] I can?

- [Gary] You're in a CAT, dude!

Here we go.

Nailed it!

- Oh, this is unreal.

- [Narrator] But Josh is losing patience.

- Gary told my dad a bunch of times

that somebody needs to look at the brakes,

who knows what their
looking at, but nobody did.

So, now we're here.

- [Guy] Go ahead, give her guys.

- [Gary] I can see stress levels high,

and I have a son so I know
what stress is all about.

Been there, done that.

Father and son, they're gonna butt heads.

It's gonna be long trip.

(dramatic music)

(high energy music)

- [Robin] Gonna have to move over, Josh.

- So, when you're giving me directions,

I need a direction.

I don't know which way to move over.

- [Narrator] On the trail into Two Mile

- You need to straddle
the center of the road.

- [Narrator] Josh and
his dad are struggling to

work together, as a team.

- [Robin] That's good, just steer over,

tipping over (mumbles)

- Oh this, okay, this
is gonna be a problem.

Did you notice that I
was on a corner here,

trying to track my trailer?

- It's a gradual corner, you don't need

to have a track. You're out wide.

- [Josh] It is very frustrating for me,

because my dad is basing
his directions off a

completely different
perspective of the vehicle.

- [Robin] Don't turn Josh, go straight.

- (Beep)

(frustrated sigh) Okay.

So, I then have to ignore
my points, in exchange

for listening to my dads directions.

So it's just, it's tough.

- You need to go over to the left, Josh.

- [Josh] I am going to the left.

- Sorry, I didn't, I meant right not left.

- I'm only riding a ridge right now,

because you directed me onto it.

- I mis-said direction.

- No (beep)

- [Robin] But you need to stay
in the middle of the road.

- You're not helping anything.

Like a lot of that (beep), I don't even

understand what your saying.

You're just distracting me.

- I'm just giving you guidance.

If you don't want, I will just go ahead,

and leave you behind.

- (beep) I'm just gonna hit
this at a different spot,

where I would have hit
it, then I'll switch out.

- [Narrator] Josh has had enough.

- (beep) it.

Throttles set for you, it's at a thousand.

- Okay, thanks Josh.

I took over driving for Josh,

he just didn't want to be in the seat.

The conflict, it was stressing him out.

And, fair enough.

It'll be nice to get out of here.

- [Narrator] Gary's in the hot seat,

just as they reach one
of the most dangerous

sections of the road.

- Now you're coming
down the steepest part.

Brakes will not stop this
thing going downhill.

- [Narrator] And he's
got to control the truck

without full braking power.

- My back bumper is too low to stop you.

- That just means get out of
the way if it's a runaway.

The gears don't hold you back
enough on an automatic truck.

So, the brakes get hot.

I think the brakes might be smoking

by the time I get to the bottom.

Brakes heat up, they don't
apply properly, they glaze,

so you have to apply more
force to slow yourself down.

Which gets your brakes hotter,

and it can cause a big runaway,

because then you got no brakes.

(upbeat music)

It's flat for a while so
my brakes are cool-ish.

- Okay

- [Narrator] The brakes held the load,

but they still have half
the journey ahead of them.

- I see it's not even
touching the drum now.

I'm just putting some fluid on the brake,

trying to cool it off, and
you can hear it crackling.

It should be good now.


- [Claudia] Welcome to Boulder
Alley Casino and Resort.

- [Narrator] As evening falls,

the convoy reaches Boulder Alley.

- [Claudia] Holy (beep) a duck.


- Now that was close.

- [Claudia] (laughing) yeah.

So half way, great job.

We're gonna try and spend the night here?

- Yeah, we can.

- [Claudia] Okay, let's move all this,

and start to get ready.

- Now check to see of the glass is in it.

- [Narrator] After
twelve hours on the road,

Claudia's not wasting time
cooking over a camp stove.

(buttons beeping)

- Bam!



Okay good, there you go.

Voila, you're welcome.

- Thank you.

- I've never done this before.

I think this is the way I'm gonna start

camping from now on.

- Yeah, it's a still frozen.

- [Claudia] (sigh) Robin.

Joshua, you want to-

- Yeah, in a minute. Give
everybody else first,

I'm gonna have a smoke and break.

I just want to make sure you're all good.

At that point in time I was just tired

of being stressed out.

Like, I don't mind being micro-managed,

as long as it's in a productive manner.

You know, when we're fighting

and mis-communicating,
and beating our heads

against a wall, it's
frustrating for everybody.

So, I just like to try and
avoid that kind of stuff.

These can go wherever after.

We should all recharge,
relax, then tomorrow

I'm gonna operate at
the top of my threshold.

Show people they can give me
a task and I can complete it.

(dramatic music)

- [Gary] Let's bust a move here.

- [Narrator] Morning on the to Two Mile.

- [Gary] Yeah, go ahead, just
give it a little reverse.

- [Narrator] The convoy sets
out with the bunk house.

While Claudia and Josh
drive ahead to camp.

- [Claudia] Let's go make
them a nice big steak dinner.

- [Narrator] If all goes
well, Robin and his crew

will deliver the bunk house
to the mine by supper time.


- [Claudia] Rain drops!

We don't need this rain.

This ain't gonna help nothing.

- With the rain, it's creating a lot

of mud that we were hoping not to have.

Now the road's getting bad.

Time to go.

(truck engine revving)

(tires spinning)

(tense music)

- [Gary] (beep) sakes.

It's stuck.

- [Robin] So you just kind of spun.

- Yeah, the trailer hung me up.

Weight transferred on
the trailer backwards and

another four or five feet
and I would have had her.

Try again.

(truck engine revving)

(gears shifting)

- [Narrator] It's no good.

- [Robin] Want to wait for the CAT?

- [Narrator] This is a job for the dozer.

- Guy, you have a copy?

- [Guy] Somebody trying to call me?

- [Narrator] Luckily, this
time, Guy's not far behind.

- [Guy] Okay, ready?

- In gear, anytime you're
touching, let's go.

Now the fun starts.

- [Guy] Come on.

Yeah, you got her.

- [Gary] That's how get her done.

And away we go.

- It's still (beep) raining.

- [Narrator] But once they
hit the Turnagain River,

- [Robin] Sun's out.

- [Narrator] Mother
Nature gives them a break.

- If you want the weather to change,

turn around.

It's changed. (laughs)

- [Gary] You got the radio.

- Yeah.

- [Narrator] After giving
up in frustration yesterday,

Josh is back behind the wheel.

- [Josh] Pulling that bunk
house in there, that's the

sketchiest thing I have ever done,

but I wanted to overcome my anxiety,

and my worries about it.

- [Robin] Looking good.

- You looked like a
houseboat for a second.

- Looks great.

- [Josh] Please, please, please.

- [Narrator] As Six Pack
takes on another hill,

- Keep going right.

Okay, hold it.

- [Narrator] the truck
spins out on loose gravel.

So Guy hooks up for extra pulling power.

- [Josh] Slow and easy, buddy.

- [Guy] There she goes.

- [Josh] That's great, buddy.

- [Narrator] As the road twists and turns,

- Yeah, it's gonna be real tough for me to

get around this corner here now.

- [Narrator] it also narrows.

- Okay, look it's coming down straight.

- Just nervous about my cab
being too far at an angle.

- [Narrator] To tow Six
Pack around a sharp corner,

Guy is forced onto a high embankment.

- (beep) rights, buddy.

What do you think? I need you to watch.

- [Guy] It's working great, perfect.

- Awesome.

- Yeah, right there.

(barks happily)

- Good.

- [Narrator] But it's too
early to celebrate just yet.

- [Josh] Made it on to the Two Mile road,

so out of 67 we've made it 57.

- [Narrator] They still have to tackle the

biggest hill, leading into Two Mile.

- Now we got the last challenge.

- [Josh] Right now we need the
Six Pack to work for us, so.

Hope for the best prepare for the worse.

(dramatic music)

- [Gary] Take that next
one, hook in the middle.

The straighter we can pull the better.

- [Narrator] The crew is
preparing to climb the last

and steepest incline into Two Mile.

- Josh is behind me now,
so I can be on a hill,

and he can hold me.

- [Narrator] Josh will
drive the camp's D-7 dozer,

that was left parked at
the bottom of the hill.

- [Josh] It's a very steep
portion of the trail,

and I wasn't feeling as
comfortable as I wanted to feel,

about bringing that truck up the mountain.

So I inquired with Gary if he would be

cool with taking the truck over

and letting me push him on the dozer.

Yeah, I'm in position.
You guys can go for it.

- Okay.

Lets do it.

- [Narrator] Guy tows
Six Pack from the front,

while Josh pushes from behind.

- [Gary] I'll get my nose up around the

corner there a little bit, Guy

so you can pull me straight up the hill

and try to make this corner.

- [Guy] Yeah, you betcha.

(gravel crunching)

(gears grinding)

- [Josh] Contact.

- Perfect timing, Joshy B.

It's gonna be a good one.

- You like that?

- [Gary] How's that feel Guy?

- Feeling good here.

- [Gary] Alright, thanks
for the assist there Josh.

- Oh my pleasure.

- [Gary] And with nerve.

- There you go mom.

Bunk house is on top of the mountain.

- [Claudia] Oh, he made it.

- Oh, that was nothing, let's do it again.

- Oh, there they come.

- [Narrator] Despite
Claudia's worst fears,

the crew delivers the bunk
house all in one piece.

- [Claudia] If you don't
believe in miracles,

there's one right there.

A week of preparation, weeks
of working on the truck,

all for this moment.

Those boys are some determined.

I think they were more
determined to prove me wrong,

then to bring the bunk house in.

Robin's gonna be gloatin'.

He was right on this,
it was the perfect truck

for this bunk house.

(horn sounding)

(Claudia laughing)

- We got a mother (beep) bunk house.

(Claudia laughing)

Not in a million years.

- Not in a million years.

- Not in a million years.

- Not in a million years.


- (beep)

- The guys did great. Good team effort,

and everybody worked together.

Joshua did excellent.

- So what do you think Mr. Bunce?

- Glad it's over.

(Claudia laughing)

- We're here in camp with the bunk house.

Got her all the way from
Jade City to Two Mile,

it's a huge achievement for the summer.

- Was this a bad investment from Scrappy?

- The bunk house arrived. What can I say?

Do you want me to say, like I was wrong

and you guys were all right?

- [Robin] We know what we're doing.


- You know I have bad
hearing, what was that?

- One time only, man.

- Claudia admitted that she was wrong.

We have to let it go at that,

cause she won't admit it again.

- Great job, cheers.

Now lets get to jade mining,
lets haul some jade out boys.


- [Narrator] Next time on Jade Fever,

- [Josh] I figured sixty hours

It's a small drill

- [Claudia] We have to
dig, we have to mine,

we have to spend time there.

That's the problem.

- Today's there's a warning
from Jade City to (mumbles).

- All over BC there's fires everywhere.

- It was pitch black, just like midnight.

- There's so much smoke in the air,

you can't see, you can breathe.

- (Robin) She's not doing good at all.

If the forest fire gets too close,

we can't get out.

- [Josh] It's time to
evacuate the mine site.

(dramatic music)