Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - Jade Fever - full transcript

Plagued with truck troubles, Robin and his crew race to get a fuel run done before the equipment runs dry. Claudia hires Scrappy Larry to clean up the Jade City yard but he makes a bigger mess.

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(upbeat music)

- [Gary] This one's movin',
I can move this one now.

- [Narator] At the two-mile claim

in northern British Columbia,

- Well, he'll move those
two rocks and dig a bit.

- [Narrator] The Jade City
crew continues to pull boulders

from a promising pit they've
been focused on all season.

- It's chunky!

This one's chunky.

Got in with the jade thing
with them three years ago.

So hooked on jade now,
it's not even funny.

Everybody calls it mining,
we call it treasure hunting.

Where you want it?

Right there?
- Right here.

- [Narrator] Robin and
Guy inspect the rocks,

as Gary adds them to a growing pile.

- Yeah a couple big chunks moving.

Yep, running out of room
we got so much jade.

- [Narrator] As boulder
after boulder is stacked up,

the crew starts to wonder
if they're on the trail

of a much larger prize.

- That one there is goin' underneath.

- Right on the end there yeah?

- [Gary] Yeah.

The big question that
we have in our mind is,

is there a big deposit
underneath this mountain?

Our hope is that it's one huge lance.

- Yeah it keeps goin' underneath that one.

We know we've got some nice stuff there.

That's a heavy rock.

Jade it's like volcanic tubes.

Sum bitch!

It starts at the bottom
and works its way up.

So there's gotta be somethin' below.

And in theory, it should get better.

I think I can pull that big one over.

But once I get it over, I
don't know if we can move it.

I'll push it a little bit.
- Yep!

- Give it a couple of these, eh?

It's a heavy son of a bitch's
rock, I'll tell you that.

- [Guy] Be very delicate.

That's it, perfect!

- She's over!
- Bam!


- Surprised the ole girl pulled it!

That's a 90-ton rock.


- Jing a ling!

Jing a ling.

- [Narrator] This could be the tip

of the huge lens Robin is hunting for.

- I think it's solid.


- If the deposit is there,

it would change everything for us.

This is where we focus,

is in here.

- But she's right there. Doing better.

- Yep!

- [Narrator] It might
be their best find ever.

But a boulder this size will take weeks

to cut into smaller chunks

and they need to start selling jade now.

- For me, the pressure is

that we gotta have sellable jade.

Right now, with our budget,

we have to take what we got.

We need to cover our costs of mining.

- [Narrator] That means
leaving the big prize

and hauling the smaller rocks

down to the saws at camp.

- Gonna pack another rock down.

And our lucky candidate is right there!

- [Narrator] But using the excavator

to move rocks one by one

down the mountain is less than ideal.

- Hauling jade with the excavator,

it's the worst way to do it.

Inefficient, hard on rails,

hard on fuel.

- [Narrator] This should be a job

for their mine truck, Six Pack,

but it's down for repairs.

- Walking the excavator up

and down we're burning way
more fuel than we should.

But we have no choice.

We gotta get the rocks down.

- [Narrator] Back at camp

- Two in that cabin.
- Okay.

- [Narrator] Josh helps
Guy and Gary fill up

the heavy equipment.

- How're we lookin for fuel there, Gary?

- Not good!

- Are we gonna make it for fuel?

You think?

- We're below a quarter of a tank.

- [Narrator] Josh checks
in one last place.

- Nope.

Absolutely everything
on the mine site runs

on fuel, so, gotta keep our fuel supply up

or we will not be mining.

- [Narrator] But until Six Pack is fixed,

they don't have a truck
to make the diesel run.

- Right now our biggest priority is fuel.

We gotta get Six Pack goin so
we can run a load of fuel in.

- Six Pack is the most
important piece of equipment

on the mine site right now.

We gotta get on it

or we're dead in the water.


- Oh my god!

(upbeat music)

- Now this is gonna be
the million dollar rock.

(upbeat music)

- Yee hoo!


- Jade makes people do crazy things.

- [Narrator] With the
mine running on fumes,

- This should make it run way better.

- [Narrator] Guy gets to work

replacing Six Pack's old fuel filters.

- Okay. This is not gonna work.

- [Narrator] But he doesn't
have the right tool.

- Well, we broke our filter wrench so

now we gotta make a homemade one.


There she goes!

- You got it Lewis?

- Yep!

It's called the bush wrench.

Crescent wrench and a old ratchet strap.

Okay. Here we go.

- You got her.

- See the slime comin up?

That would be why.

- I'm putting the water in the mug.

It filled with water.

- [Narrator] Now the new fuel
filters can be installed.

- Beginning of season we didn't have time

to tear a whole truck apart

and look at it properly.

Lots of little baby problems.

So I'll fix the problems

and fingers crossed.


Okay well hopefully that'll do the trick.

(engine starts)

- I think she even sounds better.

- Nothin that clean filters won't fix.

Let's go for a drive.

(drum music)

See how this goes now.

She's a beauty, Reuben.

It's like driving a bus.


It shifted.

- [Narrator] But now, more trouble.

- Yeah something's not right.

Somethin wrong there.

Not shifting the way it should.

Shifting a little too much.

Well, fix one problem find another one.

- When (beep) breaks it's
never at the right time.

We're running out of fuel

so we have to fix Six Pack

so we can continue mining.

- [Narrator] Down in Jade City,

- We'll finish cleaning up a bit here.

- [Narrator] Claudia's dealing
with problems of her own.

- I have to clean up the yard

and make the space for
the bulldoze coming in

from the Two Mile.

Get all the old stuff out

and bring the new jade in.

- [Narrator] But the yard
where the rocks will be set up

for sale is a huge mess.

- We're runnin around trying
to get it all organized.

Now our biggest problem
is our bins are full.

- [Narrator] Claudia decides this is a job

for Scrappy Larry.

- I'm gonna give Larry a call

and see if he can haul
this junk away for me.

- That's the only electricity we got.

(phone rings)

- There's not a lot of choice

because there's not a lot
of people that live up here.

It's all the crazies that live up here.

(phone rings)

- Here we go. Here we go. Here we go.

- [Claudia] Hello Mr. Noel?

- Hi.

- [Claudia] I have a bin load of scrap

that needs to be hauled out of Jade City

and I'm wondering if
you can give me a hand.

- Yep. No problem.

- [Claudia] That would be great.

- Finally working.

(suspenseful music)

- I need somethin to get the one bolt.

- [Narrator] Back at Two Mile,

- Oh. I got it.

- [Narrator] Gary's discovered the source

of Six Pack's shifting problems.

A broken u-joint in the drive shaft.

But he thinks he can make
the worn out part work

for one last trip up.

- Let's try it out.

In theory, no you shouldn't
be putting it back together.

But we need it.

Bush fix 101.

The bush fix is you use
whatever you have on hand

to get you back on the road.

You do what you gotta do to keep movin.


That's a good start.

No leaks!

Hopefully she's better than it was.

It's gotta go out!

- [Narrator] Now it's time
to put Gary's bush fix

to the test.

But for that, Six Pack will need diesel.

Something in short supply.

- Like I'm just barely gettin fuel.

Hey dad!

The tank is empty.

- Move it!

Kay, turn it off.

- Okay.

- Is it going to go the whole way, or not?

We're on the gamble again.

That's it!

We are out of fuel.

- We are out of fuel.

(suspenseful music)

- We are outta diesel.

- [Narrator] At Two Mile,

mining has ground to a halt.

- We have nothing for the equipment

and we have nothing to run the generator

for the camp.


We don't have fuel, we don't operate.

- Maybe we put a strap over it.

- [Narrator] Gary and Guy
will head up with Six Pack

on a critical fuel run.

- We're gonna have to
block this one here, Gar.

- [Narrator] A new diesel tank is waiting

for them in Jade City.

So there's room on the truck to pack out

a load of boulders.

- Every time the truck goes out

it should have something on it

so that you're not wasting.


Hold this (beep) down

so it can't slide off.

Right now Guy and Gary

they'll be on their way

on this wonderful slippery friggin road.

Need rain pants?

- I got em.

They've been dryin all night.

- [Narrator] Robin and Josh
will take a chopper back

so they can find a new
u-joint for Six Pack.

- Yeah. Half tank.

- [Narrator] But the old truck

may not even have enough
diesel to get there.

(suspenseful music)

With his eye on the fuel gauge

Gary starts the six hour journey.

(suspenseful music)

- There's definite a risk
of running out of fuel.

Rains, the roads bad,

use more fuel cause you're pushin harder.

- It's a tough road.

I have three sets of Ziplocs.

But you gotta do what you gotta do.

See you downtown!

- [Narrator] Guy follows behind

to keep an eye on the load.

(suspenseful music)

- Yeah, she's raining up top.

- [Narrator] The weather
takes a turn for the worst

when they hit the first downhill slope.

- Steady rain and mud.

That much weight, you ride the breaks.

You have to with a heavy load.

(suspenseful music)

All right that's the worst of her.

I think we'll be good.

- Nice!

Well we got the worst hill outta the way.

- Six Pack?

There's always concern.

But we're fine.

The truck is working just fine.

- Hey Gary.

Stop for a second here.

- Okay. Something coming loose there?

(suspenseful music)

- Brakes got a little hot there

on that last hill.

Yeah your rear right
there she's a little warm.

This one's just startin to smoke.

- She's got a load on her!

She's heavier than it looks.

It's a heavy load.

Brakes are gonna get hot quick.

They get hot, they glaze.

You might as well have a spoon

on a piece of glass.

There ain't a lot of friction there.

- Probably let 'em cool down here now.

I'll keep an eye on 'em.

And you're gonna have to
put new brakes on here.

They're down to nothing.

- [Narrator] With two
worn out rear brakes,

they hope the remaining
four will be enough

to get them down safely.

- There's lotsa downhills.

We have to deal with that as it comes.

(suspenseful music)

- [Narrator] The Turnagin
River cools the hot brakes

before they tackle the
rest of the road out.

- You're always pushing that envelope.

'Cause we don't have the time,

we don't have the money,

but we need to work and carry on

and get the jade out.

- [Narrator] After a
grueling eight hour journey,

they finally reach the
trail head near Jade City.

- Feel like I'm about 105 years old.

- Brutal.

- [Narrator] And Six Pack is once again

in need of repairs.

- Think the only ones
that were slowing me down

are these front ones.

Can't go anywhere until it gets brakes.

It's a nightmare.

- [Narrator] A new day in Jade City.

- Keep goin. Keep goin.

- [Narrator] While Josh
unloads the jade boulders

just trucked in from the trail head,

- Let's go!

- I gotta get these bins emptied.

- [Narrator] Guy and
Claudia tidy up the yard

where the rocks will be put up for sale.

Now, they're just waiting

for one more helper.

- It'll be fun.

- [Narrator] Scrappy Larry.

- We love having Larry around

and working with him.

But with Larry,

you just never quite
know what's gonna happen.

(truck horn)

Is he gonna take that one first?

Couldn't get closer than that.

Never a dull moment with Larry.

- Okay.

Can you just tell me
when I'm wenchin it on

that steel don't hit the hyrdaulic line.

- Is that sitting properly?

It's not goin in straight!

Is that the way it's supposed to sit?

Is that gonna fall?

- No no.


- No it's not gonna fall, eh?

- Well that's that!

(screechy music)

(suspenseful music)

- (beep)

- Okay.

- [Narrator] In Jade City,


- What the hell happened?

- [Narrator] Instead of
cleaning up Claudia's yard,

Scrappy Larry has made a bigger mess.

- Why did it fall off?

- I think that bin does
not belong in that truck

'cause the rails and everything.

- Oh that's why.

These rails have to be on the inside.

- Scrappy Style.

- That's what he did wrong.

One was on the outside, Guy.

It's a bucket of scrap.

Fill it, take it away.


I almost became a frickin' fatality.

Did it flatten your tire?

- I think so.

Son of a gun.

- Something always goes
wrong when I hire Scrappy.

- I don't know if it
was all on the one side

or whatever, but, it's gone now.

- There we go.

Should be good.

- [Narrator] At the trail
head leading into Two Mile,

Gary has replaced Six
Pack's broken u-joint.

- Big players, over here.

- [Narrator] Now he's got to
install four new back brakes

before the truck can deliver
an urgent load of fuel to camp.

- Holy crap!

- [Narrator] But there's a
problem with the parts ordered.

- Half of our parts showed up!


They only sent two brakes instead of four.

And if I can't get the brakes workin',

it ain't goin' in!

Simple as that.

One more!

You can do it!

Hold on!

- Just about.

- One more.


- [Narrator] They install the
two brakes that did arrive.

- Okay bring 'em in.

Yep. You look set.

Workin' on the front axle.

Nu na na na!

Do what we can do.

I prefer havin' new
brakes all the way around

but beggars can't be choosers.

(suspenseful music)

- There we go!

- [Narrator] Over in Jade City

Claudia prepares for a second attempt

at loading the scrap bin.

- We're gonna try this again.

- There we go.

Okay now I'm on the inside of the rails.

- I don't reckon that we
stand anywhere near this.

(suspenseful music)

I don't think it's working.


It's not working!

This side is going off the rail.

- No it's not on the inside.

- Yeah, you're off!

You're off the rail.

I'm going away.

I can't watch it again.

- On the wrong side of the rail.

- This has gone from bad to worse.

- Want me to slide it
over with the excavator?

- Yeah if you can move it over.

He's just gonna push it over.

Gotta be in the center.

- It never quite goes as planned.

(harmonica music)

You know what?

I think that life would
be boring without Scrappy.

- Okay!

Should I start wenchin'?

- Good on my side!

- Oh he helped.

Held it so it wouldn't tip over.

Holy mackerel.

= There it goes. There ya go!

(suspenseful music)

- That's it.

See if I can get it home.


(harmonica music)

- [Narrator] Larry finally
takes out the trash.

Scrappy style.

- And away he goes.


I coulda done without that.


(upbeat music)

(somber music)

- Might wanna go a little tighter.

- [Narrator] Early morning
at the Two Mile trail head

Six Pack is loaded up with
fuel desperately needed

back at camp.

- You can never tie
these down well enough.

That road's so rough.

We kinda got her every direction possible.

Should be okay.

- Now we're about to try it out.

Make sure she'll climb
the hill with the load.

We know the road.

It's not a good road.

There's some pretty tight corners

and some big hills.

- [Narrator] Making matters worse,

only two of the trucks four back brakes

are in working order.

- All right!

Time to highball her!

We'll see ya there!

Midnight or so.


- Food, you can bring
it in with a helicopter

but the fuel has to be trucked in.

Just let me know how it climbs the hill.

I'll listen on the radio.

- Okay.

- [Narrator] Robin will
chopper back to the mine

and wait for the fuel's arrival.

- We will see you at camp

in about eight hours.

- Or more.

- Okie doke.

- Well it's rainin' but I think the clouds

are breaking up.

I don't know how the
quality of the road will be.

- All right.

If I don't get stuck I'll
be there in eight hours.

- Fingers crossed.

- Slippery, but everything's good.

- [Narrator] On the road to Two Mile.

- Alright.

- [Narrator] Gary and
Guy are bringing Six Pack

into the mine with a heavy load of fuel,

but without the trucks full braking power.

- The road itself is pretty wet, slippery.

But the truck's handling
this very very well.

We'll see when we get to Two Mile road.

- [Narrator] Guy races
ahead to get the dozer.

The truck has yet to
make it up the last hill

into camp without a tow.

- Kinda concerned Six Pack
was not gonna make it loaded

with the road conditions.

You just never know.

- [Narrator] After crossing
the Turnagin River,

Gary arrives at Six Pack's
most difficult challenge.

A major climb up the
steepest section of road.

- I'm at the bad hill!

It's loose rock.

It's steep.

But Cat's not here yet so

I'll give her a shot!

- [Narrator] Instead of
waiting for a tow from Guy,

Gary makes a go of it alone.

- Far as I'm concerned we're
home free if I make this one.

(suspenseful music)

Little bit of risk but,

runnin fine.

Let's try it.

(suspenseful music)

I think the ole girl's gonna make it!

- I'm guessing Gary's
not too far from here?

(truck horn)

I'm guessing he's right here!

(forlorn music)

- We're above tree line!

We're above clouds!

The ole girl'll do her!

It gonna reach?

- Oh yeah yeah!

- [Narrator] The dozer gets
a much needed top up of fuel.

- That was close.

- [Narrator] At camp,

Robin and Claudia anxiously
await Guy and Gary's arrival.

- Where are they?

(truck horn)

- Right there.

There he comes.


- Woooo!

- [Narrator] Gary and
Guy deliver the diesel

they desperately need to keep mining.

- We did it!

- [Narrator] But for Six Pack,

the work has only just begun.

- We'll go up the hill,

load her up with some jade.

- I'm at the last switch back here

if you guys wanna head up.

- We have one excavator.

We have one Cat.

We have Six Pack which is
the only truck for hauling.

Everything's very important.

We need every piece to operate every day.

Slide that big boulder on it.

- [Narrator] They load
Six Pack with the backlog

of boulders that needs to be brought down

to the saws at camp.

- Yeah!

That there makes B and A.

- Yep!

That is a good rock.

- [Narrator] It's taken half the season.

(truck horn)

- Nice green right there.

- [Narrator] But the crew finally have

a fully functioning mine.

- Jade mining's always an adventure.

It's the toughest stone to deal with.

It makes you tough

or you crumble.

- [Narrator] Next time on Jade Fever.

- You wanna get the jade out fast.

Soon as it comes out sell it.

All aboard!

That sucks!

- We're gonna give her a whirl?

- Give her.

I bought this skidder
to take the bunkhouse

into Two Mile camp.

Aw (beep). You're kiddin' me.

I like getting excited

just because it's a big rock.

- If the largest non-fracture

of the jade we've ever
- It's fractured!

- That is. That's bull(beep).

- He's wrong. That's it.