Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - Jade Fever - full transcript

Claudia tries to keep the peace when Robin and her Dad butt heads, while the crew struggle to fix one problem after another on their mine truck.

(country music)

- [Claudia] No backseat drivers.

- No, I brought my own steering wheel.


- [Narrator] In the Cassiar Mountains,

Claudia and her crew are
making an emergency assessment

of the road into their mine site.

- [Guy] You know there was fresh snow

on Black Fox this morning.
- Yeah.

- I'm gonna murder you,
I'm just saying Guy.

- [Guy] I'm just saying.

We're in the north.

- [Narrator] News of
a late spring snowfall

in the High Alpine have them
concerned about the conditions

leading into their mine called Two Mile.

- [Claudia] The big thing
to check today, Robin,

is to see what that road is like

and see if we can drive up it.

We're really worried about
the going up to Two Mile.

If there's a lot of snow,
we're in a lot of trouble

because we're delayed again.

Oh my god, there's a lot
of snow up here, you guys.

- [Guy] Oh, that there is

You're not taking quads up there.

Here, we got snow on the road.

- [Claudia] Ew, that's not good.

I can't use that road,
if it's in bad condition.

It becomes unsafe for all of us.

- [Robin] Oh, that's deep.

Son of a bitch.

- [Guy] Glad I got my long johns on.

- [Claudia] It's covered in snow.

If that snow doesn't get removed,

we're not getting in.

- [Man] There's your camp.

- [Guy] This doesn't look too bad here.

- [Man] That's just a dusting,
that'll go in a hurry.

- [Narrator] The road into the mine

will still have to be plowed.

But camp was spared the
brunt of the snowfall.

Claudia's dad, Steve,
is eager to get mining.

- [Steve] It's not cold here.

- [Claudia] Bottoms up.

- [Steve] You can mine.

- [Narrator] He plaster
mined here at Two Mile

in the early '80s.

Was your camp right in this exact spot,

over here.
- [Steve] Exact.

- Jab in the main cook sack.

- Yeah?

- My job would overlook the bedroom.

- [Claudia] This is 30 years later.

- [Steve] Yeah.

- [Narrator] Back in the
day, Steve made his fortune

in these mountains.

- Ten thousand acres was here.

Nobody couldn't even come close.

I was always stubborn and
I never listen to anybody.

- So my dad's history of the mining area

that we're in is crucial.

- [Narrator] He's confident the claim

still holds the promise of big jade.

- [Jade] Out this lotta jade here,

so gonna help the kids out.

- [Narrator] But while Robin
is the mine manager now.

Steve is used to being the boss.

- If I start telling them one thing

and they wants to do another things.

Well that's where it gonna end, you know.

- My dad is gonna try to
run my camp, I know it.

My dad has his ideas.

But who's the boss?

- [Steve] It's definitely
difficult, work was family.

But yeah, we'll see.

- Come on, let's go look.

- [Steve] We'll see.

(hammer clanking)

- [Claudia] Oh my god.

- [Man] This is gonna be
the million dollar rock.

- Yee haw.

- [Claudia] Jade makes
people do crazy things.

(string music)

We're out of here.

- [Narrator] Claudia and
crew head back to Jade City.

(helicopter revving)

- [Guy] Let's get the ball rollin'.

- [Narrator] Leaving
Guy behind to clear snow

off a 15 kilometer stretch of road,

leading downhill from camp.

(bulldozer rumbling)

- [Guy] Let her rock!

Well, here's the problem with Two Mile.

The altitude is so high, and then bam.

Mother Nature.

Oh, oh, oh.

- [Narrator] He reaches a
large section of snow pack

on a steep grade.

- [Guy] It's probably, 14, 16% steep.

The ice is too hard.

There's no ice slugs on the Cat.

So, it might slide sideways.

If that happens, not good.

We just have to be careful.


- [Narrator] He hits a difficult
patch of uneven ground.

- [Guy] I have angle my blades

so I don't disturb the road too much.

Plan is just to move as
much snow as possible,

as little dirt as possible.

- [Narrator] To tilt the
blade for the sideways slope,

Guy's forced to improvise and use a rock.

- [Guy] So I'd to pretty much

just put a shim under the blade,

so I could put the one arm in.

A bush trick.

Now we got an angled blade.

We're off.

(bulldozer plowing)

- [Guy] Shake what your momma gave ya.

- [Narrator] After several hours of work,

and with some help from
warm afternoon sun.

The road the Two Mile
is passible once again.

- [Guy] It's always a good feeling

when you get down to the bottom.

That sure went better than I thought.

Snow wasn't that hard.

Be home early today.

Hopefully, your last big challenge

and then we can start mining.

Can't wait.

Not bad for a day's work.

- [Narrator] The next
morning in Jade City.

- [Guy] Oh, can't wait to see
this beast go down the road.

She's gonna be a looker.

- [Guy] Guy's back from cleaning snow,

so he helps Robin and the
rest of crew fix up Six-Pack,

and old mine truck they
brought from Scrappy Larry.

- I'm changing the brake pods.

Well, 'cause these are old and crappy.

- [Narrator] They need it to haul fuel

and their new crew bunkhouse to camp.

- This in (beep) ceased.

- [Narrator] But every
time they fix one problem,

another one pops up.

- It's an older truck,

and it's sat so long,
every time you move it

there's something else needs to be fixed.

- [Claudia] Be fired up and moved?

- [Gary] Yup, I'm just gonna
plug it in and hope it works.

- [Narrator] The delays
are stressing out Claudia.

- Here we are at three weeks into it,

and still not mining.

- [Gary] We gotta put
the gash back together

before we move it (chuckles).

- Okay, so a time line?

Every minute right now costs us money

and money we don't have.

Let's get this done.

- [Narrator] Truck
repairs aren't Claudia's

only headache today,

she's also got her hands
full at the Jade Store.

- The caravan comin', Americans.

Usually, we get a dozen of
them, but this a big one.

You watch when they park,
they'll be everywhere.

- [Narrator] The first tourists
of the season have arrived.

- You guys are so nice, single file.


I mine jade.

My family has mined it,

my dad is out there.

Don't let him tell you
he comes from Siberia.

He thinks it makes him
sound more interesting.


We're eastern European
from a long time ago.

- Tourists, you know, that's
where you make the money.

(blade whirring)

- [Narrator] Steve opened
the store 30 years ago

to sell carvings from the jade he mined.

- Okay, I tell you what we're gonna do.

- My dad was amazing at creating products.

He also cut all the raw jade
outside and polished it.

- We gonna make two pair of bookends.

How to cut the jade is not
just a butchering, you know.

You have to look a the piece over,

what can I do with that thing?

- [Claudia] Yeah, dad's the original.


- [Steve] Yeah?

- I need to do something
with this outside, out here.

- [Narrator] Today, Claudia
has a job for her dad.

Relocate the jade saws,

so tourists can watch
the boulders getting cut.

- And you wanna bring the people
to watch the big machines?

- Yeah for sure.

Do it the way that you
think that we need to do it,

so that we can make money on it.

- Don't bother sending anybody
to give us any more orders.


It's all done.

- My dad's personality
is very strong like mine.

And my dad has never worked for me.

So, this is gonna be an
interesting situation.

- [Steve] Keep your husband in there too.

We're gonna move this one
maybe where the steamer is

and put one of the saws.

- [Narrator] Steve makes
a plan to move the saws

in front of the cutting shed.

With this set up of four,
five saws here all aligned and

- [Claudia] Okay.

- [Robin] This one here?

- [Narrator] But Robin
wants the saws farther back

behind the building.

- If you lift them up,

that one there drags down,

that one there comes to a dead stop.

It's a simple thing of
where the water's gotta run.

- Got some.
- I gotta go.

- But hey, give me a kiss.

- Robin comes and tell 'em to change it.

Oh yeah.

- My husband and my dad
differ in their opinions.

I'm always stuck in the middle.

- Don't we worry Wonda.

Oh he'll give me job,
now let me do my job.

Done deal, okay?

Never taking over this
dramatic, but in my life.

And I'm not gonna start it now.

- [Gary] Gary gonna fix.

- [Narrator] In Jade City,
Gary's uncovered another issue

with their mining truck Six-Pack.

Old welds on the hitch
need to be reinforced.

- [Gary] Today, we're
tyrin' to get this thing

road worthy, moving.

You gotta expect problems with older stuff

and we got older stuff.

Set back after set back is
getting really annoying.

Startin' to wonder what
we got ourselves into.

(bulldozer rumbling)

- [Guy] Comin' in hot.

- [Claudia] Dad, Mr. Holy guy is arrived.

- [Steve] Can he get in there?

- [Narrator] Meanwhile,
Steve had pulled Guy away

from helping with the Six-Pack repairs

to dig drainage ditches for the rock saws.

Steve wants to setup a cutting display

in front of the shed for tourists.

- [Claudia] How deep is it going?

Do we know?

- [Steve] Two, four feet.

There is not that much water here.

- [Narrator] Earlier today,
Robin insisted the saws

go behind the building.

- We're gonna put the machines here.

- [Narrator] But Steve isn't backing down

from his original plan.

- [Guy] What's going here, the big saw or?

- Yeah, we're gonna put the saws here.

- My first instinct is to listen to Robin.

- Then I gotta go do a hole
on the other side, also.

And I'm goin', I don't think
Robin is gonna like that.

I know he wants one or two
saws on the other side.

So boom, Steve don't like that.

- So, we wanna put the saws in the front,

not behind the building.

Now he hold the Guy,

he wanna a saw over there.
- [Claudia] No.

That's what he said.

- [Narrator] Claudia is
caught in the middle.

- [Claudia] I feel like job right now

is just to keep circling

and making sure that everybody is happy.

I don't want my dad hurt.

I don't want Robin hurt.

- [Steve] This frustrating
when you try to help,

and there's two against you, you know.

- That looks like hell.

Holes everywhere.
- Didn't you just say.

They go behind and change this,

do this, do this way, do that way.

Why am I wasting time here?

They got no respect.


So I walk away.

- I need to talk you
right now on the side.

- [Robin] Yes.

- [Claudia] My dad is losing it right now.

- [Robin] Over what?

- [Claudia] You don't
listen to anything he wants.

You keep changing everything he wants.

He doesn't, he thinks that everything

he's trying to do over there,
you're (beep) redoing it.

- No, I just wanted

- I know, Robin
- The problem was,

I told everybody where the saws should go

and nobody mentioned it to him.

- I'm telling you

that he might leave right now
- Okay, okay.

- So anyway, go do what you need to do

- Yes.
- I will go deal with dad.



Dad, what you doin'?

- [Steve] I don't understand
why I'm even here.

I can't move one machine without Robin

right on my back.
- [Claudia] That's not true.

- [Steve] I'm not stupid.

- That's not true.
- Come on.

- Really?
- Really.

- Everything out of here,
- Really.

- Everything out of here.

- [Steve] You guys come behind
and you change everything.

I can't work like that.

- I'm telling you,
- They

Robin does not want me here.
- I've never.

I don't need the hassle.

I don't need the argument.

- We do everything as a
team, all of us together.

- Oh yeah, sure, sure, sure, yeah.

'Cause I won't put up with that.

Never did, never will.

Then I'll leave.

- Okay, I'm gonna have a meeting
with everybody right now.

Guy, come with me for a second.

Robin, come with me for a second.

My dad is really unhappy right now.

He says that you guys
have zero respect for him.

My dad's gonna walk, if we
figure this out right now.

My dad is an elder with experience,

and we all need to be respectful.

We're pushing him out.

He feels like you guys are
all like, yes men to Robin.

And you said a few times,
I gotta go talk to Robin,

I gotta go talk to Robin.
- Well--

I know, and Robin is taking over again

and saying or not this--
- I not.

- I didn't take over.

Nobody intentionally, is
trying to undermine him.

He's gotta understand,
this is gotta be done.

- [Claudia] I know.

- To go mine.

- [Claudia] I know.

- So, if he starts pulling
Guy or me or whoever

off all the time, it doesn't get done.

Robin and Steve, they both
know what they're doin'.

Claudia is the boss.

And they all have a different
idea of how to do sonethin'.

Oh there's gonna be a lot of head buttin'.

- For me, if you wants whatever done,

I'll just do it, as long
as it's okay with you guys.

Whatever way you want me
to play it, I'll play it.

- You guys can't say, "I
need to talk to Robin"

About this again.

- Well--

- [Claudia] You can't, you need to just do

what he wants you to do,

and then me and Robin will deal
with the consequences of it.

We're not including him enough
in the team, and he's right.

My crew have my back and Robin's.

It will be difficult of
them to work with my dad.

Everyone's antsy, it's springtime,

and we just want to get in there.

It's tough.

You test your family.

You test your friendships.

Every single day I question
why I'm I doing this.

- [Claudia] Robin?

- [Narrator] The next
morning, in Jade City.

- Anything about the Six-Pack?

- Those parts should be here, on the 27th.

- In a week?

- It's the earliest we can get it.

- [Narrator] Claudia and
Robin, hit another setback.

Without new hubs to engage
Six-Pack's all wheel drive,

the truck won't make it
up the hill into Two Mile.

- [Robin] Found the hubs online.

But I think they're coming
out of Florida or Texas,

and they're saying 5, 6 days.

- So what, that's the fastest
that you guys could find?

- Fastest.

It's a little later
than we wanted it to be,

but it's, is what it is.

Not much we can do about it.

- [Claudia] Well, everyday
there's something new

that's stopping us from
going into Two Mile.

All we're doing is trying to get in.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.

And that feels like there is
never gonna be a tomorrow.

- [Karim] It's just white flour I think.

(paper rustling)

- [Claudia] So, what do you have?

- [Karim] This is the cake?

- Oh the cake?

- Yeah, the French dessert cake.

- Yup.

- [Narrator] With tensions
running high in Jade City,

camp cook Karim is baking
one his specialties,

in hopes of boosting morale.

- I enjoy doing that.

Putting smile in people's face (chuckles).

- [Claudia] Fancy dancey!

Karim's great but he's a
baker more than a cook.

- Here they go.

I was born in Algeria,

and I came to Canada in '93.

Is a lot of things that I love to make.

Donuts, chocolate croissants,
almond croissants,

spinach and feta croissants.

- Sorry, I don't know
whether I can watch cooking

without sampling it.

Hiring a pastry chef and a
baker wasn't my first choice.


But it is really difficult to find cooks.

- [Narrator] But now, Karim's
cake may be the secret

weapon she needs to
lift the crews spirits.

- I do like challenge, yes I do.

- Good, we got a challenge comin'.

I feed my guys and try
to make happy with food.

- Well, this is exactly what we want.

- And keep the crew
from killing each other

is top priority right now.


There she is.

I was gonna say, you think that feeds 15?

I was fluent with you
and be happy (laughs)

- [Karim] I think that
would feed 15, Claudia.

- Okay, show me your magic.

You make that into 15.

- Let's chill it now.

- [Narrator] A new day in Jade City.

- [Robin] Oh we gotta find out
exactly what's wrong with it.

- [Guy] I can feel the air in it.

- [Narrator] And new
problems with Six-Pack.

- [Gary] Okay, put the air there Josh.

Oh, we got the line to go back on here.

- [Narrator] Now there's
trouble with the air brakes.

So all the lines will need to be replaced

before it's safe to take the truck

up the mountain trail into Two Mile.

- [Robin] Well, if he flips the switch

there should be air coming out

- Yeah no air comin' here.

None, zero.

- [Claudia] The whole
idea for this year was

get to the mine site,

pull the jade out, sell it.

And that would pay for our mining season.

By the time the jade
gets out and gets sold,

we're gonna totally not have any money.

And then what do you do?

My mining season could
be very short this year.

It could be nonexistent.


- [Narrator] Claudia's
dad, Steve, is also worried

about losing critical mining time.

- Cost money.

Look at this, seven people
working on the truck.

- There is come back out?

- Did it?

- Yup, we gotta put the air trip.

- [Narrator] Steve gives
Claudia a suggestion.

- You are behind already, so
- Yeah.

send a few guys up there.

- Dad just pulled me to the side

and said, "Claudia, I
really think that you should

downsize and go in."

We have the two trucks
and we have the crew.

- So what's the problem?

This is come when it's time.

- [Narrator] Steve's
advice, send a small crew

into Two Mile to start mining

and leave a few behind to fix the truck.

- In my brain, this works.

That we go in, we take
the cook, the fridge,

all the new stuff that we need.

The diesel, we take what we can,

because again, we're delayed.

- I just talkin' to Guy
and Gary about same thing.

Sayin' how we can take
a quad or two in there

and just goes to workin'.
- Yeah.

I can't waste two, three,
four days anymore, I can't.

I already wasted enough
time on this bunkhouse

and this Six-Pack truck that
these guys all wanted to have.

I will order all the parts.

You guys have the rest of the day off

and six o'clock tomorrow morning,

we meet here and we just go.

The Six-Pack has to wait for parts

and then we will take it on its next trip

with the bunkhouse.

But right now, no more
time's being wasted.

We're going mining tomorrow.

- It would be nice to go
to bed before midnight.

- Yeah.


- [Claudia] Oh my goodness,
this looks a fancy bakery!

This is not Claudia's kitchen.

- Not anymore.

- No, it's been clean for like two weeks.


- [Narrator] After a
frustrating week of crew fights

and endless truck repairs,

Karim serves up his gourmet dessert

in hopes of improving morale.

- [Claudia] Karim's worked all day

to make this special cake
called a Thousand Leaves.

He wants us to all have a slice of it,

'cause it's his specialty.

- [Gary] Here, I'll slide it to you.

- [Guy] Okay.
- That's a nice guy.

- [Guy] I gotta watch my physic anyway.

- [Karim] Enjoy you guys.

(intense cymbal vibrating)

- [Guy] Well, not too pretty bad.

- You hear me?

- [Robin] Yup.
- [Claudia] Good job.

- [Alan] Why that is good.
- [Guy] That is good.

- [Robin] It's good.
- [Alan] Awesome.

- [Gary] Anything messy is good.


- [Narrator] Karim's pastries
are a winner with the crew.

- He is a hell of a pastry chef.

- Yeah, I've never seen fancy desserts

in a mining camp before.

- See?

That's what I'm talkin' about.

- Yeah I do have some kind
of ability to you know

make people happy yeah.

When I bake a special dessert,

that makes my dad good.

- That is great.

He makes great pastries (laughs)

and at the end of the day,

who doesn't love a great pastry?

- [Gary] Done deal man.

- [Robin] Gotta push it right
back it, you can go ahead.

- [Narrator] Later that evening,

Steve adds one more finishing touch

to his jade store tourist attraction.

A vintage truck that will
display jade rocks for sale.

- [Robin] Right, right there.

- [Narrator] Even
Robin's shown up to help.

- [Steve] We can put big ones here.

- [Robin] Oh, with Claudia's we've been

around each other for very long time.

I know he has it own unique way.

- Okay, lift her up.

- [Steve] One thing that
is almost impossible to do,

is fire your family.

- That looks great.

- But you don't wanna
put much more in there.

- No, no.
- [Steve] No.

- Looks like a shark tail.

- So no matter how much
problems is created,

you're stuck with some.

So you gotta figure out
how to deal with it.

- So, are you staying for the season?

Or did we scare you away?

- I was close.

- It was close?

Almost too much work, huh?

- I was lookin' at that road,

I said, "My boat looks better everyday."


Definitely is difficult work with family.

But I gotta get used to it.

That a, I'm not the
boss and I accept that.

- [Robin] Okay, I forgot
my other shoes there

and my gum book here.

- [Narrator] Six a.m. the next morning.


- [Robin] Gun, let's go.

- [Narrator] Robin and the crew

are heading to Two Mile

without their mining truck Six-Pack.

Claudia and Steve will
fly in by helicopter

later in the day.

- [Claudia] I think that people
that have family businesses

understand my family.

Because, you have to
have a desire so strong

that you're willing to work together

through all the good and the bad.

- [Steve] The don't
matter how much you argue,

and that when family needs you,

you better be there.

She's following my footprints

and she's willing to gamble.

That's how I was, exactly.

I'm proud of her.

And I think we'll find
the best jade there is.

- [Claudia] Woo!


- [Narrator] Next time, on Jade Fever.

- We're gonna get in the hot tube?

- No.
- No?

- Hot tub time!

Kid's in!

- [Larry] Here we go.

(truck rumbling)

And this class is how you make scrap.

- That big one's movin' now.

- [Joshua] Uh, I'm leakin' something.

- [Gary] Not another hose!


- [Gary] That one is, full
blown got a hole in it.

- [Joshua] Right there.

We definitely wanted to move
dirt today and expose jade.

Not be deeling with this (beep).