Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - Jade Fever - full transcript

Robin's surprise shopping spree stresses Claudia out when his purchasing blunders delay their mining season. Scrappy Larry shares some unexpected news of his own.

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(intro music)

(wind howling)

- [Guy] Morning, Claudia.

How'd you sleep?

- [Claudia] Ugh, you
know those nights when

you're so uncomfortable,

you just hurt, but you don't
know why you hurt so bad.

You just don't want to lay there anymore.

- That's kind of a normal night for me.

- Ugh!

- [Narrator] At the Two Mile
Jade Mine in northern BC

- And one for that, two.

- [Narrator] Claudia's camp
is bursting at the seams.

- This is where's
Joshua's living right now

is in the first aid room.

- [Joshua] I've got a
hammock slash ballast,

and I hold my tent down at night,

so on the really windy stormy nights,

I just get in here with my sleeping bag,

and I hold my tent down while I sleep.

Call it a night.

The tent is just a temporary bandaid.

We need accommodations for the employees.

We need to start to
develop our infrastructure

here a little bit more sophisticatedly.

- Camp is overcrowded.

Everybody's on top of each other.

This is good.

You're sleeping right there.

- [Kamir] Okay.

- [Claudia] We have Kamir this year.

- I am sleeping in the kitchen.


- [Claudia] And my dad's coming out.

- I woke up.

I couldn't sleep much.

I slept maybe an hour.

- Tomorrow I'll bring you a sleeping bag.

Everybody is crammed in together.

Nobody's really happy.

Double click on it.

- [Narrator] Claudia and
Robin need to find a solution

fast, so they search
for a bunkhouse online.

- [Claudia] Just do that one.

- [Robin] No, just wait a
minute. I'm looking for the--

- Robin knows nothing about computers,

but he knows how to buy
on the auction sites.

Double click on it.

Did you put it in to--

Oh, there's the bunkhouse.

This has four bedrooms?

- It says that this
bunkhouse has four bedrooms.

- [Claudia] That's what we need.

We need a bunkhouse because
we need to have more room,

and we need it to be warmer and safer

and a nice, closed-in environment.

[Narrator] With the click of a button,

Robin buys a bunkhouse.

[Claudia] Perfect.

[Narrator] Now, they'll
have to put mining on hold

to make a trip to Edmonton to pick it up.

[Claudia] It's gonna
delay us at least a week.

With a hundred days of mining,
every single day is critical.

Every lost day is a lost day
I'll never get back again.

You have everything, Robin?

(helicopter blades whirring)

[Narrator] The timing couldn't be worse.

Just as their season gets underway.

(heavy machinery noise)

Last week, Josh pulled
what could be the highest

grade core samples they've ever seen.

(Josh laughing)

(Claudia laughing)

- First day of mining, great samples.


- [Josh] There might be a
hundred tons of that right here.

- [Claudia] Wooh!

- [Narrator] But mining
this deposit means stepping

up their game and expanding
their infrastructure.

- [Claudia] We have a
drill program that we're

trying to do this year,
so we just need to have

a little bit more accommodations.

(helicopter blades whirring)
- [Claudia] In a hundred days,

you don't have a week to waste.

But, we need this bunkhouse.

(hammers breaking rock)

- [Claudia] Oh, my God!

- [Josh] This is gonna be
the million dollar rock.

- [Claudia] Jade makes
people do crazy things.

(truck horn honking)

- [Claudia] You're
doing a good job staying

between the lines.

- [Robin] Oh, you betcha.

- [Narrator] Claudia and Robin
are on the road to Edmonton.


Along with Scrappy Larry,
who will haul the bunkhouse

back to Jade City.

- [Josh] This deck's got rollers on it.

Is that so we can kinda
drag the bunkhouse on it.

- Yeah.

- [Josh] Yeah.

- [Narrator] Josh will
share driving duties.

- There we go.

- [Narrator] So Larry can make
a special stop along the way.

- [Larry] Picking up some priority cargo.

- Scrappy found a girlfriend.

- I met her on one of
them senior dating things,

and you know, it was a
big jump for her to meet

a scrap truck driver.


Her kids were gonna hog tie her.

- [Claudia] She's gonna
meet up in Edmonton,

and they're gonna come
back to Jade City together,

so she's coming to the scrap yard.

- Larry, ten minutes and you'll be

on your date number two.

- I already got the
parking spot picked out.

- You're going on date number two,

and me and Robin are 35 years tomorrow.

- How many dates is that?

- [Claudia] Trust me honey,
you lose count after a while.

(Claudia and Robin laughing)

- [Josh] Yeah, that's her.

There's Susan.

- Where?
- [Josh] In the parking lot.

- [Larry] Oh, there she is.

(Josh laughing)

(truck horn honking)

(Larry laughing)

- Oh, I'm so glad you made it.

- Scrappy Larry was married
for a really long time,

and then lost his wife quite
a few years ago to cancer.

He's had a really rough
time these last few years.

- I'm Josh.

- [Susan] Hi, Josh.
- It's a pleasure to meet you.

- Hi. Claudia.

How are you?

- I'm good, thank you.

- It's so nice to see
Scrappy and Susan together,

and he's really happy, so
we're really thrilled for him.

- [Narrator] At the Edmonton auction lot--

- They have us all ready to go.

- Right on.

- [Narrator] Claudia and
Robin meet up with Gary

to load the bunkhouse.

- What they need is the guns to load this.

- Oh, my God.

- [Narrator] Robin bought it
on the internet sight unseen.

- [Claudia] What, it's that big one there?

It's exciting!

- [Robin] This doesn't look
like the (beep) right trailer.

- [Claudia] What?

- [Robin] It's the wrong trailer.

I look in the bunkhouse
and that's not what the

pictures I was looking
at when I bid on it.

- [Claudia] This is not what we ordered.

We needed to have four rooms.

We basically have a two bedroom.

It's not what we bought.

- But the number on there's
the same number on here.

Like the frame number.

- Two, five, two, nine.

- Yeah.

- All the numbers match,
but the pictures that he

showed me, and what he was
bidding on, doesn't match this.

It doesn't show the side,
like where the door is.

Oh, my (beep) God.

What did Robin do?

I don't know what you did.

- [Narrator] Robin's
online shopping blunder

is a $14,000 mistake.

- I don't know that we'll ever
find out quite what happened,

but Robin bought the wrong bunkhouse,

and now we're stuck with it.

- There's nothing you can do.

Once you buy it, it's yours.

Now we gotta put doors in here.

- We have to do a renovation.

- [Gary] Watch yourselves.

It's gonna move.

Yeah, pretty close.

There we go.

[Larry] There, you've got 'er.

[Josh] What overhang?

- And he's on.

- [Larry] I guess we're
off like a herd of turtles

(Susan laughing)

(truck horn honking)

How about you, Big Momma, you got a copy?

- [Narrator] Claudia's in a
hurry to get back to Jade City,

but Scrappy Larry has other ideas.

- We're thinking of stopping
for an ice cream cone.

You guys feel like doing that?

- Oh, Scrappy.

Yeah, sure.

We're already so delayed, let's
just stop for an ice cream.

- You betcha.

- Scrappy's giddy like a little girl.

- You want chocolate?

- Yes, please.

- [Claudia] I get that they
want to date along the way,

but I need to get home.

- You ready to hit the road?

- Yeah.

- [Narrator] Josh takes the wheel,

so the new couple can
have some alone time.

- [Josh] Just ring the bell
if you guys need anything.

I'll be here.

- No! No, don't take your pants off here.

- [Susan} Stop it! Don't
distract the driver.

- [Josh] Nicer, nicer, every kilometer.

Must be headed home.

- You know, I don't really
wanna go there because

when she sees the place, I
think she's gonna shoot me.

I'm a little bit worried.

I mean, I didn't lie.

I did tell her I have
rustic conditions here,

but didn't tell her exactly how rustic.

I'm gonna be so dead when she comes here.

(Larry laughing)

- [Narrator] Morning
just outside Jade City.

- [Larry] Let's go check it out.

- [Narrator] After
arriving late last night,

Susan gets her first chance
to tour Scrappy Larry's

home by the light of day.

- [Susan] Oh, you've got lots of stuff.

- I locked my guns up,
so she don't kill me when

she sees the accommodations.

This is a phone system over there.

- [Susan] Holy smoke.

- [Narrator] Larry fears
his scrap yard homestead

could send Susan running.

- [Larry] Yeah, I'm a little worried.

I think I'll be able to
calm her down, I hope.

- [Susan] You needs a big garage sale.

- [Larry] I've got a big garage.

It's just full of junk.

- [Susan] No, I said a big garage sale.

(both laughing)

- [Susan] I've never been
to somewhere where there's

such a vast collection and such an amazing

array of different stuff.

- I got a little bit of
everything here, you know.

They need somethin' weird, whatever.

Most of the times, I have it.

But, I'm not a hoarder.

I don't think.


- [Narrator] After Susan
has checked out his home.

- [Susan] It's gotta be
cup of tea time by now.

- [Narrator] Larry asks the big question.

- [Larry] What did you think?

Was it not too bad?

- No, it's fine.

It's not a problem.

- Okay, so you're lying, right?

(both laughing)

- [Susan] No, I'm not!

Lots of possibilities.

- [Larry] She's willing
to give it a whirl,

so can't ask for more than that.

- [Narrator] Later that
morning at the scrap yard,

Robin's got a surprise up his sleeve.

- [Robin] Scrappy, what the hell?

(Larry laughing)

- So, that six by six.

I should square up with you on that.

- What six by six?

(Larry mumbling)

- He decided to buy something
without consulting me.

What six by six?

No shopping.


Let me see what he just did.

I'm gonna kill him.

Let me see.

Robin (beep) Bunts.


Not too pretty happy.

- [Larry] Claudia, there's your
new investment right there.

- [Claudia] Oh, dear God.

- [Larry] Downhill, we're straight.

- First, Robin buys the wrong bunkhouse,

and then he buys an old truck?

- [Narrator] Robin needs
a special truck to get the

bunkhouse up the steep
trail up to Two Mile.

- Six-wheel drive.

- [Josh] This is gonna be amazing.

You know those tires are
radials 'cause you can see

the steel belt.

- It's a six-wheel
drive, so I just figured

we'll just call it six pack.

- [Claudia] So, that price
is that freakin delivered?

- [Larry] No. We gotta drive it down.

- [Robin] Hopefully, it
will do lots of things,

but getting the bunkhouse in is key.

- Okay, we're going home.

Let's leave.

Let's go before I start to bury people.

- [Narrator] The guys will
return later in the day

to get the old truck running.

- [Josh] Men and their junk!

- [Guy] This is not gonna go
well. I can tell you right now.

- [Robin] Wanna make a bet?

- Is it gonna start or not start?

Well, when I first looked at it,

I'm going okay, it's an older

piece of junk type of thing.

Been sitting for years,
but you never know.

- [Guy] Did we bring ether?

- [Robin] Yep.

(truck engine turning over)

- [Guy] That don't sound good.

- No.



- [Guy] Well, we know we got power.

That should knock.

- [Robin] Should we
dump that good diesel--

- Well, we can, yeah.

- [Narrator] The problem
could be old fuel in the tank.

- [Robin] It definitely
smells like paint thinner,

and that's not what diesel smells like.

- [Narrator] So, they
top it up and try again.

- [Josh] She good?

- [Robin] Punch it.

(engine starts)

- [Josh] Yeah! There you go.

Oil pressure's good.

Battery's good.

(Josh laughing)

- [Guy] You're officially ordering parts.

It started, so fair enough.

We're ahead of the game already.

- It's nice to finally get a win.

Didn't waste money.

We just have to do the tires.

They're all wore out,
so we had to buy tires.

- [Josh] See you guys in Two Mile.

- [Guy] There she goes, Robin.

- I want to see Claudia's expression.

(Robin laughing)

- [Claudia] Kamir, do we have red wine?

- [Kamir] Yeah.

(truck horn honking)

- [Claudia] Oh, my God,
Robin got it going.

I'm never gonna hear the end of it.

- [Guy] When that thing
lit up, Robin lit up like

a Christmas tree.


- I can't see why we
can't use these tires.

I don't want to spend
ten thousand on tires.

- [Narrator] It turns
out, Robin already has.

- [Robin] So, we got
floater tires for the back

and float tires for the front.

This is an invoice.

- [Claudia] He obviously
shopped a few days earlier

without talking to me about it,

so, yeah, he's in big trouble.
- That can go right there.

- [Robin] The six pack,
it's an older truck.

These should be on the front.

It's just gonna be a work in progress.

Do it in there good.

- Are you kidding me?



- Well, them rims ain't
going on the front.

- [Narrator] Robin ordered
the wrong front tires.

- Most trucks are same
bolt pattern front to back.

This one's different.

Should've caught it.

We didn't.

We got a problem.

The bolt pattern here is
different on the front

than it is on the back.

Tires I was gonna put on it, don't fit.

(horn honking)

- [Narrator] Finally, some
good news in Jade City.

- Triple ply.

- [Narrator] Robin has found
another set of front tires

to replace the floaters that didn't fit.

- These tires have been
a thorn in our butt.

- Yes, it's a very good
start to the morning.

- Coffee?

- [Claudia] We have so much to do.

We really have to get going
out to the mine sites.

- [Narrator] Claudia's
determined to leave for Two Mile

first thing tomorrow morning.

Uh, what? Coffee break?

- Yeah.

- Who says?

- Did you not look at the time?

- [Narrator] But, her crew
doesn't appear to be in a rush.

- Well, I feel like I
need to motivate my crew

to move faster.

Things get done, but not
fast enough for my liking.

Can I take your cup now?

Okay, thanks.

Get to work.

- Yep.

- [Narrator] One of the projects
moving at a snail's pace

is the bunkhouse renovation.

- You framed that in?

You framed the other wall in?

[Joe] Yeah.

- And now you're just
putting the doors in?

- Yeah, I'm gonna frame the door.

- [Claudia] Joe's only got one door done.

He's still got two or three more to do.

How long?

- Soon.

- There's so much to get done.

We're really running out of
time. We gotta get going.

Robin, get Joshua to organize
the stuff that has to go.

- Just give me a second, please

- If I don't start to organize this,

you're not be organized enough
for us to be able to go.

- I'm gonna organize the stuff
for what I need out there.

- [Claudia] Okay, but
you can't do it yourself.

You need to get somebody else
to start to take it for you.

At least put it beside the truck.

- Claudia would like everything
to be done right now.

It just takes as long as it takes.

- If we have to stay up til midnight,

we stay up til midnight.

That's just the way it goes.

(machinery whirring)

- [Robin] Never a dull moment.

- [Narrator] At Larry's
scrap yard, change is afoot.

- [Susan] Hey!

- [Larry] What's going on?

How am I supposed to find
anything around here now?

I had every pile all neatly stacked.

I can't believe it.

She's been steady cleaning.

Look at my coffee cups clean.

Holy, too organized for me.

You washed the floor.

I can actually see the color of it now.

- I know.

Isn't that amazing?

- I keep telling her,
every time I come home,

I figure I've gone to the wrong house.

- Your rag.

- I hurt my hands.

(both laughing)

- He's just wonderful.

I love him.

- I told ya I can dry dishes.

Just being with her makes me happy.

- We've got a system.

He does the outside and I do the inside.

- Yeah.

And you know how neat the outside is.

(both laughing)

- [Narrator] Evening in Jade City.

- [Robin] And the crowd goes wild.

Doesn't that look pretty?


- [Claudia] It's pretty expensive.

Yes, she is.

- [Narrator] Six pack is ready to roll,

and the bunkhouse has two extra rooms.

- [Claudia] So now it's totally finished?

- Yeah

- Okay, we're gonna load it up and go.

- Yes, it's okay.

I'm done!

- I want to have a quick
meeting here with you guys.

We will work as long as we
need to tonight to make sure

that this is all geared
up and ready to go for

Scrappy to pick up in the morning.

- You've already got a 12, 13 hour day.

Last minute job.

Oh, let's put the
bunkhouse on the trailer.

- [Narrator] Guy drags the
bunkhouse into position.

And Robin raises the
trailer to line it up.

- Are you gonna pick that up?
- [Robin] A little tiny bit--

- [Josh] Whoa!

Hey! What are you doing?

- I gotta go over about that far.

- Okay, it's just the
kingpin and I'm on here.

What the (beep)?

- We're really tired, really frustrated.

- We're gonna hook to right there.

Now we have more lift.

- Yeah.

- You ready, Gary?
- Go ahead and give it a shot.

- [Josh] Watch the chain.

(gravel moving)

- She's coming.

- Oh, this is gonna be a huge gun show.

- Let me rehook.

- Okay, stand back when
he spins, you guys.

- Back up.

- [Josh] Tell him to stop.

- Whoa! Pulling the wood off.

- It's half rotten.

- Get that.

Pull this one out.


- [Claudia] Let's do it.

Pull it on.

- [Robin] That looks pretty good there.

- She's on there, mom.

- [Claudia] Great job.

Nine o'clock at night.

We started at six this morning.

But, the trailer's on
and we're ready to go.

- [Narrator] Tomorrow morning,
they'll leave for the mine.

- I don't care what they
say about your crew.

- It's a motley one, that's for sure.

(truck horn honking)

- [Narrator] An early start in Jade City.

Claudia and crew are
finally heading out to their

claim at Two Mile.

- [Claudia] The pressure is on.

We do need to get to
camp as fast as possible.

- Yeah, there you go.

- [Narrator] Scrappy Larry will haul the

bunkhouse to the trail head,

and Robin will follow,

taking six pack on another trail.

- Six pack can't go down the
road with the floater tires.

They're not legal.

When we get to the landing,
Larry will drop the trailer

and we'll just back under
with six pack and take off.

- [Narrator] But, something's not right.

- Try again.

- [Josh] Nope, that rear
axle's not kicking in.

- Is that the one on the floor?

- [Josh] Yep.

- Now you need the one
for the four-wheel drive.

- [Narrator] The truck
doesn't have enough power

to climb the ramp.

- Try it again, yep.

- [Josh] Let Gary try it out.

Here you go, boss.

- Why? She won't lock in for ya?

- [Robin] It's only one tire kicking in.

- [Narrator] The truck's
six-wheel drive has failed.

- [Robin] Nope, one tire.

- [Josh] (beep)

- There's an air valve right here.

This is on its own air valve.

That goes down to your depth.

- Why is everyone looking aimlessly?

- [Robin] One tire driving isn't good.

- [Claudia] Only one tire?

- [Robin] Can't get it to
kick the other ones in.

- Sounds to me like a broken axle.

- Shut it off.

- Can't go up there with one wheel drive.

- I know.

- [Narrator] Without six-wheel
drive, there's no chance

of the truck making it up the steep,

winding road to Two Mile.

- [Claudia] Major problem.

Is it a special piece that you
have to order and everything?

- Yeah.

It's an old truck.

- Unhook it.

Put it back.

- [Robin] That's about all we can do.

- [Claudia] So to me,
the six pack is a dud.

You win some, you lose some.

I think Robin lost this one.

Everything that we've been
working on has just fallen apart.

Definitely no way to
get out to Two Mile now.

We're done.

We stay.

- [Narrator] Next time, on Jade Fever.

- [Claudia] Oh, my God.

There's a lot of snow up here, you guys.

- [Robin] We got snow on the road.

- [Claudia] My dad's gonna
try to run my camp, I know it.

- This definitely is
difficult work with family.

Your husband doesn't listen.

That looks like hell.

It's frustrating when you try to help,

and there's two against you.

Why am I wasting time here?

- [Claudia] Dad?

- Robin doesn't want me here.

- I need to talk to you
right now on the side.

- Yes.

- I'm telling you that
he might leave right now.