Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 5, Episode 2 - Jade Fever - full transcript

While Guy and Gary race to fix the torn-up road into the claim, Claudia's hoping a new crew member will be the lucky ticket she desperately needs to turn this make-or-break mining season into a success.

(helicopter whirs)

- [Claudia] Look!

We're home!

- [Male Voice] Whoop whoop!

- Wow.

- [Narrator] In the high Alpine

of Northern British Columbia

- Ah, it's just the way we left it.

- [Narrator] Claudia arrives
at her Two Mile mining camp

for the first time this season.

- Look at my cabin.


We're back at Two Mile.

It's great!

Look at it.

- This is looking not to pretty bad.

- This is what I've been waiting for

the whole eight months!

Woo hoo!

- [Narrator] Claudia and
Gee were here last year,

- Home sweet home.

- [Narrator] But for new cook Korem,

it's his first look at camp.

- I love my kitchen already!


You mean this is my view?

- [Claudia] This is our view!

- [Korem] I love it!

- It's exactly the way we left it.

- Ugh, really?

Okay. Well, we'll have
to break into this one.

- Seriously?

Yeah, might be a surprise or two.

Is there a poop?

Oh that's a big poop.

Something was in here!

- A big ass rat.

Somebody needs to come clean the poop.

- That's going to be your job.


- Yeah, okay.

- Okay, I'm gonna try
to wrap my brain around

what I need to do.

- I'll go fire up the generator.

- You can do it!

(generator roars)

Whoo hoo!

- There's lights!

- [Claudia] We got it!

- We're good.

- [Claudia] We got power.

(radio static)

Oh, I heard the two-way radio.

(radio static)

- [Narrator] Some of the crew

are still trying to get to camp.

- Robin do you got a copy, Robin?


Does anybody have a copy for Claudia?


- [Narrator] An hour ago,

Claudia left Robin, Gary and Josh

on the mud caked trail into Two Mile.

After an already relentless
ordeal on the road.

(man yelling)

Filled with deep ruts,

(man yelling)

nasty water holes,

- Oh come on!

- [Narrator] And frustrating break downs.

- [Man] Awe, we'll never make it.

- [Narrator] Now it's 9:00 pm

and still no sign of the guys.

- [Man On Radio] The hole
when you see it, like

neck deep, like it's like..

- He can't hear me.

- [Man On Radio] Five, six feet deep

on the one side, it goes really deep...

(radio static)

- It's stressful for me,

we can't communicate with each other

so I don't know what's going on.

- [Man On Radio] I'm going to try

to keep my wheel up on the one side.

If I slide in, I don't know.

- [Claudia] Anything can
happen to them out there.

Somebody could get hurt,

they could be in real trouble.

- [Man] Holy (beep).

Water is deep enough,

even with the six inch lift.

If they fix the road,
it'd be easier for us.

- Hopefully it'll be dry.

- [Narrator] Still 30
kilometers from Two Mile,

Robin, Gary and Josh continue
the slow crawl to camp.

- [Gary] That road tries
to stop us, like it sucks.

It takes it's toll on everything.

- This could be interesting.

I might have to use a
little throttle here.

- Try to get in safe and in one piece.

- Eliminate the (beep) damn water.

- Oh no argument.

- [Robin] This year the
road to get there is

a lot of mud it's just
making it more challenging.

- [Narrator] But mud
isn't their only obstacle.

- [Man] Okay.

Close to the Turnagain.

- [Narrator] Every spring
crossing the strong currents

of the Turnagain River is a risky venture.

- [Man] It came up since last night.

Yeah, so side by side and quads go across.

- [Narrator] This year
heavy snow melt has raised

the water level so high,

it's too dangerous to
even attempt on quads.

- [Man] Better off to leave them.


Mother nature kicks in,
there's nothing you can do.

I mean, Gee lost the quad in
the Turnagain River last year.

Robin, he's not willing to
take the chance to do that

and I'm on his side with that.

- [Narrator] They make it
across the swollen Turnagain

but the problems don't end there.

- [Man] Oh!

- Please don't go to the left.

- [Robin] When you get into a mud hole,

first thing you have to
do is pick which route.

You pick the wrong way, you're done.

- Oh, he's doing it.

- Oh, he's hitting it hard.

- Oh, oh oh!

(man yells)

- My dad is such a pimp!

- Told you he was going to make it.

- That was sick!


That was amazing!

- I'm about to try it so don't go far.

- That was sketchy and amazing.

If he does exactly what you did,

he'll make it through.

Little more speed there.

- Pedal to the metal.

- Go, go, go, go, go!

(engine revving)

- Oh my (beep) God!


(theme music playing)

- Oh my god!

- This is going to be
the million dollar rock.

- Woo hoo!


- [Claudia] Jade makes
people do crazy things.

(upbeat music)

- Hook it on the side, George.

- [Narrator] 25 kilometers
from their mining claim,

- Ready?

- [Narrator] An already bad
day just got a lot worse.

(truck engine)

- You can probably pull him now.

- No I need good traction.

It's sucking me under the bush.

(tires spinning)

- Oh he's spinning.

Watch the cable.

- [Gary] A road like that, tow
truck isn't 10 minutes away.

When you're stuck, you're on your own.

- Oh, oh!


Aw, you're good.

- Woo-ee!

We should be almost
done with this adventure

by the end of the year.

- Yup.


- That spot there was
just about five feet deep.

So the water literally came
over the hood of that truck

and swamped it.

- Little water in the air box.

You know the road's bad when
you drown the motor with water.

Not a good year.

- Totally.

- [Narrator] They're parked
until the engine drys out.

- Just let it sit.

Let her dry out.

- [Man] Oh, this is unreal.

(bright music)

- So, they all have heaters?


- [Narrator] 10:30pm at Two Mile.

As the sun sets on the high alpine camp,

Claudia prepares for a cold night.

- Let's get that warm for them.

Might be five below tonight.

- [Man On Radio] Got to
figure out that mud spot.

- Oh Robin, can you hear me?

- [Robin] I hear you every
once and a while, Claudia.

- Are you guys and both
trucks on your way?

- We are.

Get the heaters going
in the cabins because

everybody's muddy and wet.

- Everything is hot, everything is warm.

All the beds are made.

Are you leaving the
quads on the other side?

- [Robin] We have...deep...it's above

- Holy (beep).

Okay babe, just come home.


He lost me.

When it's really late, then
I'm really stressed out.

They're absolutely exhausted
and then that's when things

can really go wrong.

- [Man] Son of a bitch.


- [Robin] The road is not getting better.

You just want it over.

Stay right over to the left.

- [Man On Radio] Roger that.

- This is just set-back after set-back.

- We got to stop, let it cool down.

- It's getting underneath
everybody's skin.

- The fan is not actually turning.

- It was back there.

- [Narrator] Now to make matters worse,

water in Gary's engine is
causing it to overheat.

- Just too much for the old girl.

- Yup.

- [Man] You want the
beginning of the season

to be seamless and quick and effortless

and this year,

it's been one hurtle after another.

The whole road is just messed right up.

(theme music)

- Yeah that road is worse
than I've ever seen it.

- It's not even good enough for quads.

- [Narrator] After a grueling
14 hour day on the road,

Robin and his crew
still haven't made it to

their mine at Two Mile.

- Is it warm now still?

- No, temp's come right down.

- Okay, well let's get up there.

- Let's go.

- The best way for the
road is just get in the

equipment and go.

You're thinking only "I'm
going to get to camp".

You don't worry about
the in-between parts,

let's just get to camp.

- There she is.

- Mmhmm.

- [Narrator] Even in pitch dark,

Two Mile camp is a welcome sight.

- [Claudia] Oh, that sounds bad.

Oh, you guys!

As soon as I hear those
engines coming from far away,

I am absolutely grateful.

Come inside, it's warm inside.

- Okay, I'm coming.

- I'm thankful that they made it.

I'm thankful that everyone is safe

and hopefully tomorrow we start mining.

- Fricken' amazed if
them eggs made this trip.

- [Narrator] Morning at Two Mile.

- How many broken eggs we got?

- Not even one.

- Are you kidding me?

- Yeah, they made it alive.

- Hey, my driving is okay.

- I think so!


- We got here but the condition
of this road right now

is the worst that I've ever seen it.

Road's got to be fixed.

The most important thing is
to be able to go in and out.

If we can't haul fuel in
and get all the jade out,

we can't mine so we
need the road passable.

- [Claudia] The road is absolutely
the number one priority.

I can't get diesel, I can't do nothing.

I can't run my company without that road.

(machines rumbling)

- This road is crap.

It's tough going.

- [Narrator] Gee and Gary
are sent out in the mine's

only dozer and excavator
to repair the torn up road.

- The road has to be done.

But it's just mud, more mud,
and the more you drive it,

the more water comes up.

I mean, there's nothing
you can do about it

but fix it.

- We got a lot of work ahead of us, Gee.

- I know.

I hear you on that one.

- [Narrator] A 40 kilometer
stretch of rough trail leading

into camp will have to be repaired.

- To do this road properly,
should be two, three weeks.

Because we literally got to
build road in a few spots.

- I guess we carry on a little bit.

- Sure.

I'll be up here somewhere
fixing the ugly hole.


- Hopefully between Gary and I,

we can get the road decent enough.

The crunch is on again.

- Oh god, Joshy.

Carry me.


- [Narrator] Back at Two Mile,

- Why are we walking up here?

- Just wait til we get to the steep stuff.

- [Narrator] Claudia, Robin
and Josh make the first trip of

the season to the mine site.

- Okay come on Stuccer,
show me how it's done.

- [Narrator] But with
their quads abandoned at

the Turnagain River,

they're forced to go on foot.

(man groans)

For Robin, the uphill
climb is especially tough.

- I got a hip transplant this spring.

I have to take it easy.

Got to make sure I'm on stable ground

so I don't slip and fall.

Okay, wow.

- [Narrator] They reach
the massive jade lands they

discovered just as winter
hit late last season.

- Pretty good.

- This is perfect.

- We found this last year.

It was really awesome.

Really great potential for this season.

Great colors, so be really nice
to pull some down this year.

- It's like cash in the
bank just sitting here.

Well we know that jades there now

but the thing is, is how much is there?

It could be millions, hundreds
of millions of dollars.

It's a big mountain.

- If a third of it is really
good then it definitely

is going to pay for a few mining seasons.

- That's a big area to clear.

Can't do anything without
the Cat right now.

Get that road fixed.

- Yup.

- But we can start drilling.

That jade has to be cut immediately.

We can't mine if we don't
sell jade this year.

It's impossible.

Let's go.

- Okay.

- You got to be a faster pace than that.

(rock music)

- [Narrator] Later that day,

- Holy!

- [Narrator] The newest
member of the crew arrives:

Claudia's father veteran
jade miner, Steve Simonovic.

- [Claudia] My dad was on Two
Mile for quite a few years.

He plaster mined.

- [Narrator] Steve worked the
Two Mile claim 40 years ago.

- Feels good.

Feel like home, yeah.

- Look it!

Look at my field!

Look at my flowers.

- Oh nice, yeah.

- Isn't that beautiful?

- Yeah but we're not looking for flowers.

We're looking for jade.

- We're looking for flowers too, come on.

I'm here to show her what I know.

The mining and field things
that nobody knows around here.

Look at that.


You know, just a few miles away,

some of the best jade was found.

So that's a good gamble, you know.

There's enough here for a thousand years.

- [Narrator] With everything
on the line this season,

Claudia's depending on her dad.

- That's my golden ticket
this year is my dad.

He has a lot of experience
that can help us

because it really is a
crucial year this year.

(theme music)

- [Man On Radio] Go in more
over here or you're going to

drown out your batteries.

- You got her.

- [Narrator] This morning,
Robin and Josh head back across

the Turnagain River.

- Keep going!

- [Narrator] To pick-up the quads

abandoned on the other side.


- Let's get that one on the truck first

and then get this one.

- Okay, I'll back it up
to that quad I guess.

Don't do that.

Please, please for the
love of God, don't do that.

(man groaning)

Don't do that.

My dad just got his hip replaced.

He seems to think that
he's nearly recovered

but in all of our opinions, he
needs a lot of recovery time.

Stop it, Jesus.

- Hey, get that started.

Let's go, come on.

- I don't want to (beep)
deal with you next year

when you can't walk.

You just had your hip replaced
a month and a half ago.

- Don't give me (beep).

- I'll just lay around and watch.

(engine starts)


- Because I can't lift anything,

I catch myself all the
time wanting to lift stuff

that I should not even
be thinking about doing.

There you go.

- Is that good?

- Keep coming.

Straighten out.

Right there.

- Now just don't start
man-handling anything please.

It's kind of my mission this
year to alleviate as much as

I can and have his back because
I know he's a workaholic

and he's going to do way too much.

- I'll go to try to pull these boards out.

- Oh hold on, hold on.



But yeah, my dad doesn't listen.

Come on, ahh!

So, we'll see what happens.

- Keep coming, doing good.


(water rushing)

Got all the quads ready to go,

now it's just get going.

Get back out there.

- [Narrator] Later that day,

- Okay let's go do some work now.

- [Narrator] It's a quick trip
on the quads to the mine site

where Robin and Josh want to
show Steve their jade lands.

- At the end of the season
we ended up finding a really

high potential spot so
we're really excited.

- You know these are all connected?

- Yup, it runs right there.

- Yup exactly.

- I started in the jade mines
with my grandpa in his claims

walking around, doing a
little bit of prospecting

so the fact that my grandpa's
back and working with us,

that's awesome.

- There's got to be
some good stuff in here.

- Somewhere.

- Really good, yeah.

- And see in this one, this
is got the better color

but until you drill it, you won't know.

- [Narrator] Robin wants to
pinpoint the highest quality

sections of jade before he
starts pulling down rocks.

- We're going to drill the
center of this then to see if

it's actually decent jade.

- On the back side or on this side?

- Somewhere in the
middle, right in the top.

- Up top?

- Yeah just drill
straight down through it.

- I don't know, man.

It's going to be a pain in
the ass for the person who

has to pump for me.

It's real narrow.

This is slippery.

You should not be up on top with your

hip just being replaced.

- No I can be up top there.

- Whatever you say.

- Okay.

- I always try to watch out for him

and just remind him of
his mobility restrictions.

(man groaning)

You want some help there?

- I got it.

- But he was confident.

I was worried.

Same (beep) as always.

Where's that switch?

- Oh (beep).

- See?

Ah, I do not (beep) like
it up here without (beep)

anything to stand on.

(machine starts)

- The Two Mile jade is very promising.

We know it's there.

So we need to find out where it's at.

Get it ready, get it sold, real fast.



- [Narrator] After waiting all winter,

- Keep your fingers crossed now.

- [Narrator] They've got high
hopes for this core sample.

- No, it's not good quality.

- Too much black.

- Yeah, it had lots of
gray water coming out.

That's not good.

- That's a bad sign.

- That was frustrating because
it looked like there'd be

something there.

- Here, look grandpa.

- Oh yeah.

It's challenge, you know.

But when you find out it's no good,

you move on.

It's disappointing but
hey, that's life, you know.

Sometime in 20 feet,
the lands just change.

- And now we're into a downpour.

- [Narrator] To top it off,
the weather takes a turn

for the worse.

- Hey look, its hailing.

- We'll get out of this rain.

- Auf Wiedersehen.

- [Narrator] Robin and
Steve head for shelter.

(machine starting)

But Josh isn't giving up.

He's moved onto a rock
at the foot of the lands.

- I've worked hard and
invested time and effort

into this lifestyle.

And I want to see my parents succeed.

In my opinion, the secret
to success is persistence.

(theme music)

(machines humming)

- [Narrator] At Two Mile,

- Okay, beautiful.

- [Narrator] Josh has
zeroed in on promising rock

at the foot of the lands.

This core sample will confirm
if his hunch is right.

- Oh!


It's nice color like.

Yup, yup, yup.

This is awesome.

Look at that.

Hey you guys, come check this out.

- Okay, I'll come up too this time.


Holy (beep) that's green.


- Oh yeah, I'm so stoked on this.

Soon as I pulled it out, I was like...

I've watched you, you look

and then you look

and then you see through the scratches

and you're like holy (beep).


- I've had to deal with so many things,

the rain, the hail, the wind, the cold.

And first day of mining, great samples.

That is really cool Josh.

- It's fricken nice.

Here you go.

- [Narrator] Josh checks a second sample

from deeper in the rock.

- Oh, that's so sweet.

It's the same, it's
consistent, like it's the same.

- Look at that apple green.

Joshua look at this!

Look at this green.

- I see it.

You can see?


- There might be a hundred
tons of that right here.

- So what does that mean?

- That means I get to
bring the excavator up here

and dig this out.

Grandpa asked me when I
started digging on this,

"Oh yeah, you like that?

Is that one talking to you?"

And I was like, "yeah,
started talking to me."


- He's talking to me.

- When you find the jade,

it'll talk to you, I said.

"Take me, take me".

And he took it and it's there.

He found it.

- You got to believe.

- Have a feeling.

- Yeah, he did.

- My son has the nose?

- Yeah.

- And now you got your third generation

jade miner right there.

The fact that my dad was there,
I'm there, my son is there.

That's huge for me.

- Finally we found it.

- Yup.

- Josh, my grandson, did, yeah.

- [Claudia] Just to know that there is

three generations mining,

is an amazing feeling.

Can we just move here?

- I'm building a cabin on jade foundation

once we're done here, for sure.


Yeah, I'll just carve
my cabin out of jade.

- Woohoo, yes you will!


- [Narrator] Next time on Jade Fever:

- This was where Josh was
living, the first aid room.

- I got a hammock/ballast.

- I am sleeping in the kitchen.

- We just need to have
more accommodations.

That's what we need.

- Well there's your new
investment right there.

- Oh dear god.

- Downhill we're straight.

- Let's go before I start to bury people.

What, that big one there?


- Get your own trailer.

- What?

- That's not the pictures
I was looking at.

- God, what did Robin do?

Bought the wrong bunk house
and now we're stuck with it.

Robin (beep) Bunce.

(theme music)