Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 4, Episode 9 - Jade Fever - full transcript

Claudia's crew is pushed to their limit with the immense task of tearing down and moving their mining camp to 2 Mile. When illness and a heat wave strike the camp, tempers flare. Claudia ...

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(slow beat music)

- [Narrator] On a muddy trail

in the Cassiar Mountains
of British Columbia,

- Ooh!

- [Narrator] Claudia and
her crew are making a move.

- [Radio] Make sure you
give me a little bit of time

otherwise you're gonna be
up on my ass every hill.

- Yeah, not a problem.

- [Narrator] They're
hauling the first load

of equipment to the new mine site,

called Two Mile, 60 kilometers away.

- Two Mile is the place to be for us.

Unfortunately, all our
infrastructure's at Wolverine

and so we have to rip
everything down at Wolverine

and drag it to Two Mile.

- It's not a good thing to have to move.

It's very costly, it's very stressful

and it's the end of the season.

- Hey, mom, can you hear me?

- Yep.

- [Josh] The hill here is
going be a problem for dad.

- I'm gonna get out and look at it

once I get to the bottom here.

- Okay, Dad's going to go take a look.

- [Josh] This is scary deep

on the left hand side here, Dad.

(ominous music)

Okay, if you're making it, Mom,

you just let me know and
I'll get out of the way.

- Take your time.

Over there looks bad, (beep).

- Well, I have to go over here

that's why I wanted him to pack it.

- Dear Lord, help me!


- [Robin] We're good.

- [Claudia] We're good to go.

Head up (beep), go Josh, go Josh, go!

The road to Two Mile is really rough.


- [Narrator] Two Mile is
a hard rock jade claim.

A site that has a personal
connection to Claudia.

- My dad started there 40 years
ago and wouldn't give it up.

It's the one claim he
held onto for the longest,

and I think that this
might be what we needed

to really push us through this season.

- [Narrator] A week ago,

- Tomorrow morning we head into Two Mile.

- Tomorrow morning.

- [Narrator] Claudia and Robin shut down

their dynasty jade mine.

- [Robin] We're chasing treasures now.

- [Narrator] And trekked out to Two Mile

where they discovered a
potential jade jackpot.

- [Claudia] Wow, look at that.

- Well, there's definitely jade here.

- This here is a whole
big lens right here.

- [Claudia] Right here, too.

- We're just tripping over the stuff.

- [Narrator] But starting
from scratch at a new site

more than half way through the
100-day jade mining season,

is a risky move.

- Sometimes you do have
to pull the band-aid off

and just do the move, make the move.

- [Narrator] The crew will make
multiple 60 kilometer trips

from Wolverine to Two Mile.

Today they'll go as far

as another mining camp called Boulder.

- How you doin', girl?


- Are we not to old for this (beep)?

- It's too much fun.

- Do I like moving?

No, moving sucks.

- [Narrator] They'll leave
the first load at Boulder

and chopper back to
Wolverine to break camp.

- There we go.

Not looking forward to it.

It's frustrating but you just
suck it up and do your job.

- [Claudia] I'm sure
the guys aren't happy,

but we're running out of time.

I need to be mining Two-Mile right now.

Right now, right now!

(tools clanking)

- (laughing) Oh, my God!

- [Gary] This is going to
be the million dollar rock.

(yells in excitement)

- [Claudia] Jade makes
people do crazy things.

(acoustic guitar music)

- Well, we've got to hurry up, right?

We're hurrying.

Spent all this time setting up camp

and then three years later
you gotta move camp again.

Yeah, we don't have enough
time to do nothing properly

so we're just pounding
stuff out and packing

and we'll be working late, starting early.

Just not enough time.

It's official, no more TV.

- [Narrator] At Wolverine,
it's time to tear down

the mining camp that Jade City crew built

just three years ago.

- Let go.
- Yeah, you sure?

- Let go, yeah I got it.

- [Narrator] Claudia brought
in two extra helpers,

Jo-Jo and Eddie, to
help speed up the move.

- [Claudia] Yeah, I don't
think that people understand

that it is like a little village

that you've created there.

Because it's home sweet home
that you've lived in for years.

I'm going to empty the kitchen,

it's going to all move around.

It's way too move-y around-y.

We have to try to figure out the food.

Where to cook, when to cook, what to pack.

Everything has to be torn down.

All the walls, all the
roofs, all the beds.

- We're good.

- There.

- Just think about moving a house

and then add 10 times the problems on it.

It's horrible.

- Oh, I'm doing this
absolutely in the wrong order.

My parents are stressed out for sure.

We're on a tight, tight,
tight time crunch.

- Screws are hot.

- You know, it's really hot as well.

It's not an ideal thing.

- If this, we're probably going to

break an egg on top there.

- Probably cooked.

- It's gonna fry, yeah. It's gonna cook.

- It is 32 in the sun.


- It's effin' hot.

- Right now we have no rain,

we had had a huge dry spell.

Scorching hot, like 36 yesterday.

- I found shade.

Seriously, you have no idea

how much cooler it is behind this bed.

- Gotta take her easy, you don't wanna

break down up here.

- [Narrator] Fifty kilometers away,

Scrappy Larry and his assistant Henry

are rolling towards Wolverine.

- Well, the road is not
there in a lot of places.

We've been in eight-wheel
drive all the way.

There was maybe a couple of good spots

for about a hundred feet.

But I got Henry, my right-hand man.

He's swamping for me today.

Had a little bit of problems
with the truck today.

I got a water leak some place,

we have to keep stopping for water.

I can't find the leak.

- [Narrator] Claudia
needs Larry's heavy duty

army truck and trailer to
move all of her cabins.

- We'll get going here.

Guys, there's a fire up here someplace.

I don't know where it is.

It looks like it's a
little smokey up that way.

- [Narrator] Back at Wolverine,

- [Claudia] There's the fire plane.

Checking out the fire, keeping an eye

on all of these.

There was a whole of bunch
of lightning last night.

Actually the smoke is
really smokey over there.

- [Narrator] Thick smoke
is pouring into the valley

sparked from a forest fire nearby.

But the forest fire is kind of serious

with the dry that we've had.

A little bit rain that we've had here

is not enough to stop the forest fire.

And since it's coming towards my camp,

it makes me nervous.

- [Narrator] Claudia
calls the neighboring camp

to try to get an exact
location of the wild fire.

- Are you guys having smoke
issues at all today, too?

- [Radio] That's the
first we've heard of it.

- [Claudia] We're getting sucked in.

Once we start smelling smoke, I guess then

it's time to run.

- Two down, two to go.

- There's mice nests everywhere in here.

- Oh, it's hot on the inside.

- [Narrator] At Wolverine, Claudia's crew

is struggling to tear down

their old jade mining camp
in the heat and smoke.

- It's very very hectic,
very busy, and very hot

and we've got a forest fire down the way.

- There's something holding in.

- Unless there's a nail up hiding there

that I couldn't see.

- Yeah, it's overlapped here.

- All this is is holding the plywood

to the framework.

- But that's part of the wall.

- That's part of the wall.

- I think it's just,

- Just take it.

(tools thudding)

- Yeah, she's coming. There.

Now there's a broken screw here.

Pain in the ass.

- It don't get worse than moving camp.

Nobody likes it.

That's why everyone's got anxiety about it

right from the get-go.

- [Narrator] Claudia tries her best

to keep her crew's spirit's up.

- It's Guy's favorite.

Watch what happens when I show him this.

Guy! What is this?

- Monkey bread!

- Mr. Marshall, it's gonna be hot.


- That didn't come out too well.

- [Narrator] The plan is to
dismantle the entire camp,

and leave for the new site

they call Two Mile later today.

- Scrappy be here in about three hours.

We got a cabin and I have
to lift up to pull down.

- Where we at?

- Not much time to waste.

- [Narrator] But the
crew is moving slowly,

on top of dealing with
intense heat and smoke,

they're starting to get sick.

(guitar plucking music)

- Three for sure down with the flu.

Eddie, Guy, and Jojo.

So they're struggling through.

How are you doing, Eddie?

- A few people got the flu already

down in Jade city and brought it up here.

Now half of the crew is
gone and has the flu.

- It's smokey, and you're sick.

Jojo's sick, Guy's sick.

We are getting sick and running
out of medicine, as well.

And people aren't gonna be
making the right decisions,

'cause their heads aren't clear.

- We're good.

- Okay, Guy.

Just swing it over here.

- So everybody's uncomfortable.

Everybody's pissy.

- Drop her down.

You've got two people.

You gotta lower it down, Guy.


- Okay, that's enough. Only one (beep) guy

give directions (beep).

- This is stupid.

- Robin, you get here, okay?

I can't have you (beep)
interfering all the time.

- It's really slow and what
we need the most is fast.

If we don't get this done really quickly.

then we eliminate mining days.

- [Narrator] The valley continues
to fill with thick smoke.

The forest fire seems to be moving closer.

- There's the plane again!

Checking out the fire.

I don't know how forest fires work.

How fast can it come up this valley?

It's really dry.

- You good, you got that?

- [Claudia] Yeah, we need all
the quads filled though, Josh.

Can you fill in the quads for me?

- I was like literally
in the middle of loading

the truck when you started screaming at me

like I'm not doing nothing.

- [Claudia] What truck?

- My gear from my cabin into this truck

so that I'm ready to go.

I'm not doing nothing.

- [Claudia] Okay.
- Okay,

I don't need directions.

- Yeah, you do, 'cause I
need 'em all filled, please.

- Hah, well.

- There's lot of smoke in here

but hopefully we're out of here,

if it is coming this way,

we're out before it gets here.

- [Narrator] Claudia calls Jade City

for an update on Scrappy
Larry's arrival time.

He's already hours late.

- Okay, so we gotta really move quickly.

You haven't heard from Scrappy?

Okay, we'll wait for him and
I will talk to you later.

- [Narrator] Larry is
stuck again on the road.

He's having more problems with his truck.

- I got an airbag leaking.

Losing all my air.

I hope I got enough air.

I'll have to try and fix it at camp.

We'll get going here.

Ah, we'll make her.

- [Narrator] The air bags
control the suspension

on his trailer and are vital

for the heavy load he'll be moving.

- I might be able to tighten it up.

I don't know.


Coming in hot.

- [Narrator] Hours later,
Larry and his moving truck

finally rumble into Wolverine camp,

almost half a day late.

(truck honking)

- Oh, he must be happy, 12 hours?

- Hey.

- How was the trip, man?

- Horrible, but other
than that, not too bad.

- [Narrator] Now they can't even hope

to leave for Two Mile until tomorrow.

And Larry's truck and
trailer took a beating

on the drive in.

- [Claudia] Gary, can you
fix it with what we have?

Just to slow it down?

- I mean I can't stop the leak,

but I can definitely slow it down.

- [Narrator] Gary thinks he can fix

the air bag leak.

- [Gary] One here, it's just the one.

- Just the one.

And it's going, too, on the frame,

so it's on the plate itself.

- [Narrator] But the tires
are a bigger concern.

- What?

Ah, (beep).

- This tire's really pissin'.

Scrappy, come look at this.

- I noticed he sliced the tire coming in.

The road's a little bit
narrow for this truck,

for the length of it.

The biggest struggle we're going to have

is the weight of the
cabins with those tires.

- [Claudia] If we didn't have
bad luck, we've had no luck.

- Watch these rocks.

You're gonna wait, Josh, right there.

Okay, yup!

- [Narrator] Under smoky
skies at Wolverine.

- Pretty damn hillbilly, I gotta say.


- I can't see where I'm going now.

- [Narrator] Mechanical
problems and a flu bug

have delayed the move

to the new Jade mining
claim called Two Mile.

Now a day late, the crew is hustling

to get the cabins loaded on to the back

of Larry's army truck.

- Alright, you've got it.

- [Josh] Quite the time crunch.

We're hammering as many cabins

and as many stacks of wood as
we can get on Larry's deck.

We're gonna burnout to
Two Mile this afternoon,

and try to get there
before the sun goes down.

- I'll come around here, Josh.

- Right now, we're a little behind.

- Watch your fingers.

- 'Cause we should be
just tying (beep) down now

and leaving.

So we're definitely under the crunch.

- Oh, I guess it's good now.

- We need to go backwards more.

- He's flush here.

- [Narrator] Scrappy Larry wrecked a tire

on his way into Wolverine.

Robin's worried the trailer won't be able

to handle the weight of the load.

- Line her up.

- Time for me to empty the kitchen.

There's no technique.

You just make it as tight as you can

and pray for the best.

- [Narrator] With the risk
of a forest fire on the way,

there's not time to properly pack up

the kitchen for transport.

- Likelihood of it all
staying is very unlikely.

- Well, if it rolls it don't matter

what you did inside then.

- That's right.

Can you knock on wood
now that you said that?

(wood knocking)

Thank you.

I don't wanna lose anything,
especially my kitchen.

What do you think?

=Just close the door and go.

- Okay, close the door and go.

If it breaks or if we lose it

there'll be no kitchen to cook.

So, yeah, it's gut-wrenching.

- [Narrator] Guy uses the excavator

to maneuver the kitchen on to the back

of the Bedford.

- Get out of the way! Get out of the way!

There you go, straight back.

Right in the middle, right
that down in the middle.

(cabin creaks)


- It's off the rail, Robin!

- [Robin] What?
- The kitchen's off the rail.

I knew I'd lose the kitchen,
I just had a feeling

I was gonna (beep) lose
the kitchen this trip.

It could have knocked the fridge out,

it could have busted everything inside.

- Must be a lot more
weight on this side, eh?

- Got a longer gap, too.
- Longer gap.

We're waiting too much longer

when they're going tomorrow.

- It's getting too late to go.

- We'll be there by 10, 11 tonight.

(wood thuds)

Okay, you wanna try this again?

- The other way!

You coming, Guy!

- We're hot, we're tired, frustrated.

It all adds up.

- [Narrator] The smoke
from the forest fire

is getting worse.

And with each delay, Claudia is getting

more anxious to leave.

- The whole valley is filling up

with smoke here really badly.

Can you phone forestry?

Tell them we think we have a forest fire,

but it's never been as bad as it is today.

And we can't even see the mountains now.

Now we smell smoke, so we're trying

to get out of here as fast as we can.

It's really bad today.

- Hey, I need a whole
(beep) ton of blocking, Joe.

Big, small, medium, everything we got.

- [Narrator] The kitchen
is on the Bedford.

Now, the crew has to stabilize it.

- That kitchen's never safe to sit until

I'm sitting that high.

We just gotta make sure

we got her chained down
and proper, that's all.

- Y'all stable it up?

- He's pulling these blocks over.

Yeah, our chains jangle.

Okay, I'll drop her off.

- That's it?

- Yeah.

- Okay, let's go.

No, I know, we're not
on schedule at all, no.

We don't even have all
five cabins on there

like the boys were hoping.

So we'll see either more loads

or I can convince Larry
to do another load.

One or the other.

(door shuts)

- Thank you for all the help.

- Drive safe, man.

- Okay, five hours away.

- [Narrator] With an
eye on the smoky skies,

the exhausted crew is finally ready

to leave Wolverine.

- [Josh] Oh, come on.

My throttle just came off!

I got halfway down the
hill, then I'm going

(feet stomps)

no gas, no gas pedal.

The pedal, done!

(slow music)

- Oh, come on.

- [Claudia] Throttle pedal
broke on the Bedford.


- [Narrator] The Jade City
crew can't catch a break

as they race to leave their
old mining site, Wolverine.

- So brutal.

- I gotta find a door hinge.

- [Claudia] Joe! A hinge.

A door hinge.

- I got a deal with throttle pedal.

I'll steal this one.

- [Narrator] Gary grabs
a hinge off the door

of the one remaining cabin.

He thinks he can McGyver a
fix on the throttle pedal.

- Do we have any smalls bolts here?

- Well, if we have to
we'll use two zip ties.

We just could not take
too long on this (beep).

Oh yeah, I see how it goes there.

- You want me to put that in there?

- Yeah, so it fits right
tight in that notch.

- If we don't get this
done really quickly,

then we're losing mining days.

So, not a good thing.

- [Gary] Try not to wobble it, Josh.

Don't bend the vet.

- There it is, it went through.

- Okay right there, now hold it.

Take it out, get the screw in.

(drill turns)


- So drill a hole to where it's gotta be.

- He broke.

- These are useless.

- I know, but that's all we had.

- It's okay, it'll be what it'll be now.

We gotta go.

- 'Kay, done.

- Yeah, it's gonna be a
midnight kind of night.

- [Narrator] It's 5 PM
and the exhausted crew

is finally leaving Wolverine.

- See you at the other end!

- [Narrator] And after
a disastrous few days,

Claudia is wondering
whether moving to Two Mile

this late in the season
is the right decision.

- I think when you jade mine,

you have to think fast on your feet.

If we can mine for 100
days, that's pure luck.

Things aren't going your way,

you have to be prepared to move.

- It is smoky.

There's a forest fire somewhere,

we're just not a hundred
percent sure where.

It's nerve-wracking with, you know,

here right now with this much smoke.

- You do the best you
can with the decisions

that you have in front of you.

It's scary, but we gotta keep going.

- [Narrator] Next time, on Jade fever.

- [Claire] Time is money,
and we're out of both.

(ominous music)

- That's so sketchy.

If one of my synth points comes undone,

everybody's food is gonna
be laying on its side.

- I've got two tires down for sure.

I'm gonna end up losing them all.

(muffled radio)

- Why can't I (beep) hear him?

This is why you don't split up.

This is me being scared!

- [Gary] Super bad decision.