Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - Jade Fever - full transcript

A mistake delays the crew's first crack at cutting the Pit 3 lens, and when the inside is finally revealed, deep fractures plague the giant piece of jade. On Highway 37, a food truck ...

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(upbeat music)

- [Robin] Comin' in hot!

- [Male] Woo wee!


- [Robin] Punch it Chewy!

(tires spinning)

- [Male] Woo hoo hoo!


- [Robin] This morning, we're
heading down to pit three.

I'm going to unhook right there.

So we can set it up to attempt to cut

that nice big piece of jade.

- [Narrator] At pit three,
on the Dynasty Jade Mine,

Robin and the crew are
ready to finally slice open

the massive jade lens
they exposed a week ago.

- [Male] 'Kay, Guy

- [Robin] Got the wire saw.

- [Male] 'Kay.

- [Robin] We've got the generator.

This is our power source for the saw.

- [Male] Okay, well,
let's set this bad boy up.

- [Robin] Right here.

- [Narrator] Robin's excited to get

his new wire saw cutting.

- The wire saw, right
now, just the design of it

and how it cuts, is way better

than our old ones that we had.

- [Male] So, ten feet across.

This'll be the best spot for it.

- [Robin] The new design
where the saw itself feeds.

It's on a slope so that the
weight of it pulls it through.

- [Male] Okay.

- [Robin] I gotta head back,
I gotta make some calls.

- [Male] Fair enough.

- [Male] Okay, thanks, Robin.

- [Robin] Alrighty.

- Well, he wants one here,

- Yeah.

- Give or take.

- And then one as far as we can this way.

- [Male] Okay, cool.

- Oh, I'm just making a level spot there

for the water saw setup.

- [Narrator] They need
to cut the 100-ton rock

into movable chunks and get a clear look

at the quality of the jade.

(dog grumbles)

- You know you might be sittin'
on a million bucks there,

Stuker, eh?

No, you don't have a damn clue.

- [Guy] That rock is very exciting.

Found by Robin, dug up by me.

If this is 40% good jade,
our summer's paid for.

Look's like we're all set up here.

- [Male] Maybe we can start cuttin'?

- Let's hope.

I want to cut that piece of rock,

absolutely I wanna cut it.

(motor starting)

We got power.

Hey, line her up, see what happens.

- I don't know how high
I'm supposed to take this.

Is that high enough?

- [Guy] Yeah, we'll try that.

- [Josh] Alright, ready here, I guess?


- [Guy] Yeah, there you go.

(saw buzzing)

Oh, yeah, oh, yeah.

(saw buzzing)

(engine misfiring)

Generator's back firing?


(motor winding down)

- Oh, I think we've
gotta little bit of air

in the fuel system.

(motor struggling to start)

You can tell this is
not gettin' full fuel.

- [Narrator] Guy checks
the generator's fuel line.

- Are you (beep) serious?

- [Josh] What, fuel line?

- It's (beep) gas.

- [Josh] No.

- Okay, well we're (beep).

- This is a diesel-run generator.

- Somebody grabbed the
wrong jerrycan, and,

yeah, that's why it's runnin' funny.

For some reason, one of us
grabbed the wrong jerrycan

and it was gas, not diesel.

There's no oil in gas.

It'll kill that diesel engine, basically.

Stupidest mistake a guy can
make, we managed to do it today.

How the (beep) can this happen?

Now I'm (beep) pissed.

Un-- (beep) believable.

So, now we've gotta clean
the whole system, injectors,

everything, and, yeah.

Yeah, our day's shot today.

When you only have 100, 120
days to mine, every day counts.

I'm pissed off.

There she is sittin', not bein' cut.

The only way this can end up better

is if there's a million
bucks sittin' there.

(banging rocks)

(upbeat music)

- Oh, my god.

- [Male] This is going to
be the million dollar rock.

(upbeat music)

- Yeehew!


- [Claudia] Jade makes
people do crazy things.

(bird calling)

(dog barking)

- [Guy] What are you smelling, Stuker?


- [Narrator] At Dynasty,
Guy is flushing out the gas

that was mistakenly put
in the diesel generator.

- Today we got diesel.

Okay, so we'll start with
a new fuel filter here.

Then I'm gonna put some
automatic transmission fluid

in the diesel to clean
whatever we can't get to.

That should clean all the
injectors and the rings

and pistons, and should be good to go.

Okay, fingers crossed.

- [Josh] It'll work.

(engine struggling)


- [Guy] Come on!

(engine struggling)

- Oh! Nope, almost.

- [Guy] Okay, one more.

(engine struggling)


- [Josh] Right on.

- We've got the generator goin'.

We're just gonna fire up the saw here

and start cuttin' that corner.

- [Narrator] After a week
of setbacks and breakdowns,

the much anticipated first cut

on the giant lens is underway.

- Okay.

- [Narrator] Guy expects
the cut will reveal

the same high-quality jade they extracted

from the middle of the lens.

- [Guy] We pulled out
about six, eight inches

of core sample, and it just looked great,

so we know it's jade.


- Try it out.

- I have really high
hopes for this boulder.

(engine running)

(saw buzzing)

- [Josh] Nice.

- Okay, I'm gonna crank her up.

- [Josh] Yeah, crank it up.

I'm gonna hold it just so it doesn't flop.

- [Guy] Cool.

- Ha, ha, if this is anywhere close

to the drill cores,
it's gonna be big money.

- If my math is right,
my guess is $900,000,

and I went cheap on my math, so.

Time will tell.

(upbeat music)

- [Narrator] Outside
Jade City, on highway 37,

Claudia is racing towards the
scene of a truck accident.

- We just got a call that a
food truck's just gone over,

right at the Yukon border.

- [Narrator] Highway 37 is notorious

for its twists and turns.

Two years ago, Josh was in
a crash on this highway,

when the driver fell
asleep behind the wheel.

(echoing collision)

- I could be in the ICU right now.

I could be dead, it's really scary.

- [Narrator] A year earlier,
a driller was injured

hauling jade cores back to Jade City.

- [Robin] I don't about Kevin,
'cause he was on oxygen,

so he's not good.


- Every year, people die on this highway.

So, the safety on this highway
is crucial to our community.

Right around here.

Um, the guy is safe, so,
what they need to do is

they need to empty the whole food truck.

So, we're just gonna go and
help them empty the whole truck

and take some food home

that would be normally going to the dump.

(eery music)

Holy cow.

- [Narrator] The truck came

around the sharp corner too fast.

- Oh yeah, you can see how
it's bubbled and burbled.

- [Narrator] Legally, the
food can't be sold now.

So, the Jade City gang
salvages everything they can.

- This guy needs some more salads.

I don't think people quite
understand how rural we are,

and how nice, fresh produce
is extremely limited

and really expensive.

It's a cherry catastrophe, it's
looks like somebody's died.

To us, it's like hallelujah.


One and a half more
pallets and we're done.

The end is absolutely in sight.

There's a spinach on
the top if you want it.

It's gotta be a quarter
million dollars worth of food,

you know, so we'll share it.

I'm just gonna bring a huge trailer load,

and donate it to the next town.

Uh, that's gonna be hard
closin' the tailgate.

So, this is yours, Alex?


Well, the community
will have lots tonight.


- [Guy] This could be the goods.

- [Narrator] At Dynasty, the
saw has almost finished cutting

through the edge of their
promising jade lens.

- Mr. Marshall.

- [Josh] Work hard. It
doesn't look too bad, eh?

- [Guy] It's all white.

- [Narrator] Jade filings are
typically white or colorless.

- [Guy] It's jade, we know that.

And that's just the edge.

- [Gary] Okay, that's gettin' close.

- [Guy] Okay, shut her down.

- Try it from the top, Guy?

- Yeah.

I'll get out of the way
so I don't get splashed.

We're gonna get a result here right quick

to see if it's good jade, bad
jade, fracture, no fracture.

So, we're gonna find out.



- [Guy] Nope, too many fractures.

- [Male] Yeah.

- [Guy] Ugh, Guy not happy, at all.

Good day gone bad.

(dramatic whooshing)

(upbeat music)

- [Guy] (sigh) Disappointed

- [Narrator] At Dynasty,
the first cut from the lens

has revealed large fracture lines.

Fractured jade is unsuitable
for carving or jewelry

because it won't hold together.

- Okay, well, I gotta good feeling

it's only gonna get better.

- [Gary] Oh, that's
decent down there, Guy.

- [Guy] Oh.

Oh, that's not too pretty bad.

- [Narrator] But the color is unlike

anything they've seen before.

- That's a lot better
than not too pretty bad.

When the rock came off, I
thought that it was lower quality

due to all the scuff marks,
but once Guy got his light

on it, you could actually see
quite a bit more solid color

than I had anticipated.

- [Guy] There's lots of glow everywhere.

That's apple green, way
better than I thought.

And we're just, in
like, a foot and a half.

- [Narrator] If they can get
a big chunk without fractures,

this lens could still
deliver a huge payday.

- Boys, I think we're in the money.

Yeah, this has gotta go to town tonight.

'Cause raw jade, it don't look that good,

but once you polish it, it
brings the color right out.

Hot damn.
- Oh, yes!

(dramatic whooshing)

- [Police] Hello, sir, how're you doing?

- [Driver] Fine.

- [Police] Good.

- [Narrator] After yesterday's
food truck rollover,

the police have set up a
road block on highway 37

to slow down drivers.

- We're just doin' a road block
here to check for speeders.

We've been havin' some motor
vehicle collisions happenin',

so we're just makin' sure
everybody's safe, alright?

- [Driver] Okay.

- A lot of these
truckers, their bosses try

to make them rush faster to
get down to the United States

or up to Alaska, so a lot of
the drivers get complacent.

That's where we have
most of our accidents.

Where are you goin' to be sleepin' today?

- [Driver] By 6:30 somewhere,
I don't know where,

I don't know the highway.

- Just take care of yourself, okay, ma'am?

(dramatic whooshing)

(guitar music)

- [Narrator] Back in town,
Claudia and Robin are

getting a look at the first
cut from the pit three lens.

- [Guy] So, mostly flaws.

- [Claudia] Yeah.

- [Guy] You can see
the one fracture there.

- The color in it is nice,

but it's the fractures I'm nervous about.

I really don't like the
fractures that are in it.

- This section right here,
Robin, I think we have potential

of it being better underneath.

- Yeah, 'cause further
over it had colors in it

so we gotta go and cut it the other part.

With this rock here, it's
promising with the colors,

but it's not the same as the core

so see what the middle is
like where the core was.

Hopefully, it's showing part of it

that isn't got any fractures.

- Let's go cut some jade.

- [Guy] Yep, let's go cut.

(upbeat music)

- [Guy] Let's push the
saw right to the front.

We should just about be
able to grab that back,

and swing it over.

- [Narrator] At pit three,
Gary, Guy, and Josh prep

for the next cut.

- We're gonna reset and
take a bigger chunk off.

And, hopefully, it's just all jade.

So, somewhere like this, right?

- Yeah.

So, I'm gonna come through
the bottom and around the top.

(beep) Now, I don't know
if I can get out of here.

Here we go.

That looks better.

- Okay, I'll tip this
corner here so we good.

- [Guy] Crimp?

- [Gary] Yeah.

(engine starting)

- Okay.

First cut worked well, but
it was like a 25-foot cable.

This is more like a 40-foot cable

and I think we're getting almost maxed out

for what this saw can handle for length.

(saw buzzing)

Watch out, watch out.

- [Gary] We got a big wobble.

- [Guy] That bottom is flappin'.

- [Josh] Yeah, yeah.

- [Guy] Just let her
run slow for a bit then.

- [Gary] Yeah, that's not even half speed.

- [Guy] Well, it sounds
better, it's not stoppin'.

- [Gary] It's only at 40

- Son of a bitch.

- [Gary] That groove is
gonna take forever to start.

- [Narrator] The saw is struggling to cut

with the longer wire.

- [Guy] Well, we can't
get her up to snuff here.

The longer the cable, the harder it is

for it to spin, right?

We're only cutting at
half speed right now.

I'm gonna leave it at 40 for a bit.

I'm stressin' out 'cause we can't really

get it spinnin' enough to cut properly.

(dramatic whooshing)

(upbeat music)

- Oh my god, it did go in the water, eh?

- [Narrator] On highway 37,
another rig has rolled over

on the same corner.

- All I heard was that he was okay.

- Okay
- Yeah, he was okay.

- Another food truck rolled
in the exact same spot,

exact same corner.

(truck crashing)

- Second one in a week, yeah?

It's always the same,
always around these corners.

Holy (beep).

- Some people, I think, forget how to use

their basic judgment, how to slow down,

they think that they
can handle the corners,

and they're not really watchin' the signs

of how sharp the corners are.

A car just, was like, almost
airborne around this corner

so we're gonna try to flag people.

- [Narrator] On this
remote northern highway,

closure is not an option.

- You're good to go,
yeah, you're good to go.

This is scary, this is
really not a great corner.

- Speed, ultimately,
is the biggest factor.

You gotta corner like this that
just pops up outta nowhere.

It's gonna bite you in the butt.

- [Narrator] Trucker, Cory
Gray, knows how important

this road is to the
communities in the north.

- In the long run it affects everybody,

it affects Watson Lake, Whitehorse,

you know, now there's Americans
suffering up in Alaska, too,

because their grocery store
is gonna be runnin' low

on stuff as well.

- Oh, you guys, so must waste.

Without this highway, my
business doesn't exist.

It's why my dad put his store here,

is 'cause it's right on the highway.

I want people to enjoy their
experience in Jade City

so safety is huge for me.

- [Narrator] After two
accidents in less than a week,

the police are cracking down
on dangerous drivers again.

- Sergeant, so, he looks very
sleepy 'cause he just stopped,

slept for maybe an hour, and
then he was trying to just,

you know, gamble kinda
thing, so now I got him here,

and he needs to stop
for ten hours right now.

- Yeah, tell him to
take it up to Jade City.

And let him know we'll
check him on our way through

if he's still there.

- Sounds good, I'll get him to park there.

So, right now, you are in an infraction

of the Transport Act, okay?

So, I wanna make sure that
you are getting that rest

before you get on the road again.

- [Narrator] The officer
follows the trucker to Jade City

to make sure he stops for some rest.

- He's just gonna stay here,
make sure he's all rested up.

Log book's are all in
check, I made a second look.

Everything was okay.

(dramatic whooshing)

- [Gary] What're you at there?

- Not even at 20.

- [Narrator] At Dynasty, the
wire saw is still struggling

to finish a second, larger
cut that will get closer

to the core of the giant lens.

- [Gary] 'Cause this,

this is never gonna change going this way.

- Right now we're spinning slow.

It's better to be patient,
just slow and steady.

- [Narrator] Robin and
Claudia arrive at site

to see what's holding up the second cut.

- [Claudia] How long you
think this is gonna go?

- [Guy] I cannot bring
this thing up to speed now.

Gotta find the sweet spot,
and we're not finding it.

- [Claudia] Rob.

- So, it's fighting now to
cut, bigger chunk coming off,

it's a significant amount of wire,

and we can't get the speed up on the saw.

- Everything's on the
line with this boulder.

It's a big deal, if I'm
delayed even by a day,

we're in a lot of trouble here.

So, what do we do?

- [Robin] We have to
figure something out here

because this ain't
happenin', not with this.

(dramatic whooshing)

- [Claudia] Don't add 20, Robin.

- We had it at 70 earlier.

- [Narrator] At Dynasty, the second cut

on Claudia and Robin's prize jade lens

is moving at a snail's pace.

- So, what do we do?

- [Robin] I don't know.

- [Narrator] The longer wire
needed for the bigger cut

is proving to be too much
for the saw to handle.

- I know once the saw is
here, we can cut at 70.

- [Narrator] Robin thinks
he may have a quick fix.

- Okay, we're gonna shorten
the cable and come up.

- Good call, then we'll speed things up.

We're gonna use the first wire
that we did the first cut,

'cause it's that much
shorter, and rehook it.

It should work.


Is it pretty tight?

- Hell, yeah.

There we go.

- [Guy] The rest should
be easy peasy, okay?

- [Gary] Oh, yeah, look at
that, you be good to go.

- [Guy] Somebody's gonna
have to get dirty here.

- [Gary] Cool, perfect.

- [Guy] We got the shorter
cable back on fast.


- [Claudia] 'Kay, are we
betting that this is gonna

change everything, it's
gonna be perfect now?

- [Robin] Yep.

- [Claudia] Ah, she's
happy now, 20, 30, 50, 70!

Oh my god, that makes me nervous.

- No, no, we got her running
good now and I'm happy.

- Running better, we got the
RPMs up where they should be.

- I think the rock is
starting to go like this.

- Well, keep it on cuttin'.

- [Guy] Just keep cuttin' until we can't.

- Hopefully this will be cut
in half an hour, 45 minutes.

There isn't much holdin' that on there.

- Man, we're so close.

- [Robin] Yeah, okay, shut her off.

- [Claudia] What do you want to do, Robin?

- [Robin] We're gonna try and pry this.

- [Claudia] Okay.

- [Narrator] With just
a small piece to go,

they decide to wedge open the cut.

- [Claudia] It's movin'.

- [Robin] Not enough, though.

- [Gary] Okay.

- I'm sure there's some
good sections in there.

I'm nervous about cracks,
and that's the main thing.

- [Guy] There she goes.

- [Gary] Okay. Push it
over with the excavator.

- The color looks good here,
but I can still see fractures.


- [Gary] Even these lines here.

- There's one big one here.

But we're still on the edge,
so as long as it gets better.

- Yep.

- [Narrator] They haven't
cut past the fractures,

but the color of this
lens continues to impress.

- Come look at this.

- This is the good stuff right here.

- [Claudia] So this piece is gonna

be the intriguing piece.

- [Guy] Yep.

- It's 120 tons for god's sake,

it doesn't all have to be grade
A jade, but just the center?

It will be a great year.

- Okay.

- Pull it up.

The color is okay, I'm just
hoping the next one is better

so that we can sell it
and make some money.

We're good to go.

- None of this is easy.

It could be a bust ten times
and the eleventh works,

so we gotta keep goin' and
see if it gets any better.

(dramatic whooshing)

- [Narrator] Next time, on Jade Fever.

- [Robin] Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain.

It's not quitting.

- [Guy] Yeah, this is muddy here.

- Just friggin' wonderful.

- [Gary] This kind of work for Josh,

this is perfect for him.

Stay really slow.

Oh! That'll do it.

- [Josh] I need to be
as efficient as possible

and not break the equipment.

What the (beep)!

- [Claudia] Am I worried?

Yes, it costs 20, 30 thousand
dollars to cut this rock.

- Three, two, one.

That looks pretty green from here.

(Hollow tapping)