Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 4, Episode 5 - Jade Fever - full transcript

A brand new saw arrives in Jade City, and the crew puts it to the test cutting an heirloom boulder mined by Claudia's father 30 years ago. Robin wants to cut the giant lens at Dynasty ...

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(suspenseful music)

(water splashes)

- The retirement plan right here.

- [Narrator] At the Dynasty Jade mine

in Northern British Columbia.

- On this level here is where it was.

I wanna cut the bottom off
of this rock full length.

There'll be more than one cut.

- [Narrator] Robin is
itching to crack open

a giant pice of jade.

- We wanna get this rock cut

because there is a potential

that particular rock could
be worth a half a million.

The first six inch is all serpentine,

and then we got a 30
inch sample of good jade.

We got one core sample out and it's great,

but to know if the whole
rock, 40%, 60% is good,

gotta cut it.

- So there's no fracture.

That's good money jade.

- Well it better be, 'cause I
already went and got a loan.


- So we'll go up and take a look and see

what's gotta be done up there.

- [Narrator] Robin needs
to get the site ready.

He's got a brand new wire saw on the way.

- You can't cut any of
the jade without water,

so we'll make a flat
spot here for the tank.

- [Narrator] Their water tank will sit

on the highest spot on the site.

- Push it back over onto this ground,

and then it can sit here.

Give us lots of flow.

You go in a ways and
then that's Savary Creek.

So I'll walk over there.

- [Narrator] The closest water
source is down the mountain,

over a kilometer away.

- This goes to Savary Creek?

- Yep.

Look at that, running water.

Never gonna suck that dry.

- Nope.

- Set the pump there
and there's a whole nice

pool there for the hose.

- Let's see how the old pump
will make out on this one.

- Yeah, it's got lots of lift to do,

so it will be working.

- Uphill, and then downhill,
and then back uphill.

- Okay walking down here was easy.

- We got a lot of work ahead of us here.

- It might be a million dollar boulder.

We gotta cut it, and then we'll find out.

(hammer pounds)

- Oh, my God.

- This is gonna be the
million dollar rock.

- Yahoo.

Jade makes people do crazy things.

(hammer pounds)

- [Narrator] In Jade City
a much anticipated shipment

has arrived from China.

A brand new wire saw.

- Our saw finally arrived so now the boys

are gonna see what it looks like.

- Work your way down.

and then go back and then--

- I am.

- take it right up.

- It's a gravity pulled saw,

so it has a little jack on the front of it

that actually gravity pulls
the motor through the rock.

- This is self-propelled,
self-manned, self-efficient.

You can do jobs while the saw is cutting

and get a lot done.

So it's gonna be a real bonus

for productivity on our mine site.

(upbeat music)

- Wow.

Man, I hope she works
as good as she looks.

'Cause she looks pretty good hon.

- Here is the instruction.

- (laughs) I don't think
it's the instructions.

- Yeah, tells you what to do,

tells you where to go,
and how to get there.

- Don't hurt yourself.

Welcome to Canada, buddy.

- [Narrator] Now that the saw has arrived,

Robin needs to get pit
three ready for cutting

as soon as possible.

- Pit three looks like
it has great potential.

So if we get some good
stuff and we can actually

pay for our mining off of the
first piece that we found,

that makes it an excellent year.

(truck engine whirs)

- [Narrator] The first task is to move

their giant water tank a kilometer--

- All right, I'll hook to you.

- [Narrator] From their old
pit one camp up to pit three.

- How much water's in there?

- [Robin] That much.

- [Claudia] Eww.

- Okay, that color's good for coffee.

Wanna top this up?

- This one here will
pump from the creek up

into this tank to run the wire saw.

- Clear

- Okay, beauty.

- We cannot cut jade without water.

The water keeps the wire cool.

And it actually makes a nicer cut.

So your wire's spinning and if
you don't have enough water,

you'll see a little wave in the cut.

So we need lots of water.

- [Narrator] Hauling the
water tank up to pit three

with the excavator is a tricky task.

- [Man] Uh, oh.

(machinery noise drowns out speaking)

(upbeat music)

(tank clangs)

- Here we are.

- We're gonna have to go up past the bank.

- Hey Stuker.

- Way up.

- It'll be perfect.

- Guy, left.

No, Guy go right. (mumbles)

- That spot is the ideal spot.

Gives us enough pressure for
the wire saw to work properly

with that kind of flow.

- That'll do right there.

- And that's the key
thing is having the height

so that we can work anywhere
down below and have water flow.

- I'm gettin' too old for
this (beep), Guy. (laughs)

(upbeat music)

- [Narrator] Down the hill,
Josh and an old family friend,

Eddie, are trying out the water pump.

- All right, it pull starts as well.

- Okay.

- [Narrator] It hasn't been
used since last season.

- Throttle, choke, starter.

- We need unlimited water at pit three

and we'll try to accomplish that.

I don't wanna pull too hard and break it.

(engine whirs)

(engine whirs)

- Whoa, what's goin' on there?

- (beep) See without even the pressure,

that bulge is already pushing out.

It's just if I crank the pressure up-

(engine whirs)

Nice job.

Son of a bitch.

The pump is leaking.

The main priority today
is to get water and

without the pump I can't get water.

Just too much water sprayin' out.

This one's kind of (beep).

We wanna have water up
on pit three for the saw.

However it's not lookin'
like that's gonna happen.

He's not gonna be happy about that.

- [Narrator] Josh heads out to deliver

the bad news to his dad.

(Quad engine revs)

- Okay

- We'll take a look at it.

- Well we can't have a leak.

There you can see where
it was stripped there.

- Yep, it's stripped.

- Yep, it's stripped.

- This part is wore out or inside?

- They're both (beep).

- That's why it leaks.

- Nope.

We need a new head.

Trying to Mickey Mouse
this in won't do it.

- This is a long ways to pump,

and there's no way that will hold.

- We can't fill the water tank,

and we can't run the wire saw

because we need this particular piece.

- What do you wanna do
with your water pump?

- I gotta--

- Go to Jade City and deal with it.

- And make some phone calls.

Can't pump the water to the tank.

It's hard to conserve money
when stupid little (beep)

like this happens and costs you.

- Yeah, we're not cuttin' today.

(suspenseful music)

- They seem to have the wire saw ready?

- Yeah, it's neat.

I haven't seen it function

but I've seen it sort of being assembled.

It looks cool.

- [Narrator] It's a big day in Jade City.

The crews newest toy, a wire saw,

is getting its first test.

- Are you ready?

- Oh, God.

- [Narrator] Claudia
wants to cut a boulder

that's been sitting in front
of her store for decades.

Any piece of jade she can sell this year

will help fund their mining.

- This is a heritage boulder,
I've had this for 15 years.

My dad mined it like 30 years ago.

So if this is really good inside,

I will really want to commit suicide.

So do you need somebody to double check

everything you've done, or you're good?

- Eddie got the electrical all set up

sort of by how they have
it in the Chinese book.

There's five different ways
of hooking the wires up.

- Which one is- it's the ground wire-

- This is the neutral.

This is the ground that goes up there.

- 'Cause even in Europe
they changed the colors.

- [Narrator] The Chinese-made
saw is missing one key piece,

assembly instructions in English.

- This is the ground.

- I hope. (laughs)

- Push it ahead. Okay.

- Everything's ready to go.

- When you press that start button,

everybody has anxiety, because
this is not easy to replace.

This took me a couple of months to order,

figure out what we wanted,
get it here, have it built.

- Are you ready?

- Yeah.

- It's going that way.

- Hopefully.

- Over the top.

- All right. Unless you
got your wires crossed.

- This would take me another
two months to get another one

if we cook the motor.

We'd be in a lot of trouble.

Two months is more than half my season.

- Okay.

(engine putters)

- What the-

(machine shrills)

- Uh, oh.

- Not the noise we wanna hear.

- There is no English on that.

Turn it on and go.

- When you get equipment
from out of the country

a lot of the time there's
like communication gap.

- Okay, one more try.

(machine shrills)

- Can you-

- I need you to, I need
you not to talk right now.

Don't be telling me what to do

when you don't even look
at this or the book.

- [Narrator] Eddie and Gary
double check Robin's wiring.

- This is the one to the generator.

Oh, these are backwards.

- This one should be hooked
the same as this one,

and this one like this.

- Because what we figured it's-

look, this is the out and
we need three phase here.

- Look at the wiring and
we need a five wire setup

and we've only got four.

- Yeah.

- This is a ground.

We gotta use the ground as a live wire.

That's what we gotta do.

Now we can just run a
separate ground wire.

We don't know if the electrical's right

until we start the saw.

- Fire in the hole.

(engine whirs)

- Yeah.

- Whoo. We have that part working.

Down low.

- That's awesome.

- That's cool.

- And I'm so quiet, Joshua, listen.

- Be quiet so we can
hear the saw. (laughs)

(saw blade whirs)

(suspenseful music)

- [Narrator] Later in
the afternoon at Dynasty,

its a job that no one wants.

Running hoses through
the bush for the water.

- Our next task here is
that we gotta go gather up

all our water line and
stretch it down to the creek.

That's where the young
kids come in handy I guess.

- [Narrator] Robin elects
Josh for the laborious task.

- What are I doing?

- Use a six by six and bring
that hose out of the trailer,

hook the two together and just pull 'em.

- I walked straight from the top there.

I just walked straight in like off

where the rocks are there,

just walk straight this way.

Does that old road go straight?

Just follow it.

- Hmm.

So you're running it down the road.

- Yeah.

- Okay, that's easy.

This is gonna take me like an hour.

- Well, no it's a lot of hose.

- Is it?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

I'm gonna go pull on some hose.

- [Narrator] Josh has to
stretch out and connect hoses

all the way from the top of pit three

down to the creek a kilometer away.

- I don't think this is the best way

to do it with the hoses.

I think the best way is to
roll it up and take your time,

however my dad wants me
to drag it with the Quads.

Just following orders, you know.

- Watch your fingers.

- Well this one's got a kink, too.

We can probably put this one back as well.

- This water line that
we're gonna be running now

will be the longest that we've run.

So it's also a trial and error.

- Yeah, throw one more on there,

then we're done with the reds.

Geez, you guys are making my
day here easier by the minute.

- Wait until you get over to
where you're gonna string it.

- Probably close to
three quarters of a mile

of hose to stretch out.

- I think you're over your weight limit.

- You think so?

My tires look like they got air.

- Heh, heh.

(Quad motor revs)

- This is still this guy.

So female onto the pump, so female down.

So the female goes down all the time.


Against me and Eddie's
better judgment today

we're sort of just strapping
the hoses on to our Quads.

(suspenseful music)

while it's gettin' dragged,
any rock, foreign debris,

whatever can put a slash line in it.

Even if the hose doesn't get snagged,

it can get torn, just
dragging them up these

really tight winding back roads.

There's a lot of willows and
bogs and all kinds of stuff

on the edges of the
trails from being slashed,

because the trails overgrow every season.

Slash marks leave stumps,
and stumps grab hose.

(suspenseful music)

Come on.



That's not cool.

It's snagged, yep, and I
can't get it to pull around

these guys with the power of the Quad.

Thought maybe I'd turn
the willow into a bearing.

Didn't happen.

(suspenseful music)
(Josh grunts)

There we go.


- [Narrator] While Josh preps
the hoses near the creek,

Gary pulls them up to the water tank

at the top of pit three.

- Gary's my Hercules.

- Well, I'm on a roll.

(suspenseful music)

- Nailed it.

- We're using GPS to get
elevation for our pump in here,

see how high we gotta lift the water.

Flatter's better for pushin' water,

but we don't have that option around here.

(Quad engine revs)

(suspenseful music)

- This is where the
pump's going right here.

Just doing GPS elevation change from

where the tank is to here

just so I'll know how much head pressure

we're gonna have goin' up this hill.

- [Narrator] If the
elevation change to pit three

is too great, the pump might not be able

to push the water all
the way up to the tank.

- [Man On Two Way Radio] Up there's 973

and I'm bouncing between 931 and 932 here,

so 41 to 42 meters difference.

- Forty two meters.

Let's see how the old pump
will make out on this one.

- Looks like it's about 200
years old so I don't know.

- It's a worn out old piece of equipment.

- This is the longest line
we've ever done before.

It's got to go, eh,

it's gonna make it or it won't.

(suspenseful music)

- [Narrator] In Jade City
after a full day of cutting,

the saw has made it through one

of Claudia's old jade
boulders on her front drive.

- Shut her down, and we'll wedge it open.

- [Narrator] She's anxious
to see if there's been

a small fortune sitting
under her nose all along.

- Tell me when you're ready.

This rock cannot be grade
A jade in the middle

because I've suffered for 15 years,

ate macaroni and cheese
at dinnertime all winter.

Oh my God, you guys.

- We're gettin' ready to
finally break it open.

It's been cuttin' here for two days.

- Holy-

(hammers pound)

- Now it's opening up.

- There we go.

- It's moving?

- Yep.

(hammers pound)

(Claudia screams)

- Hmm.

- Just the green.

If it was just a little bit more green.

- I don't think that's
that bad of a color.

- There we go.

- So I think it's gonna come out way nicer

once you polish it.

- Yeah, yeah.

- [Narrator] The boulder
isn't the million dollar rock

Claudia was hoping for.

But the saw works and is ready to tackle

the giant lens at Dynasty.

- So we know the saw works.

That was our whole objective,

now we need to take it down to Dynasty

and we need to cut open
that next potential.

- Bap.

- Yep.

- [Narrator] Later in the day at Dynasty.

- (mumbles) two more o-rings on there.

You got 'em?

- Yeah, and then tighten
it up and back in.

- [Narrator] The pump has been repaired.

- Okay I'm gonna go unload the pump.

(Quad engine whirs)

- [Narrator] Now Josh and
Gary need to finish the job

and get water up to pit three.

- Okay, hold on a second.

- I'll let her slide.

- If you can (mumbles) (beep).

- I'm holdin' this.

- I'm gonna rip the (mumbles) up.

That's what I was gonna do is
just put this on the bottom.

- This pump will be
pushing over a kilometer

at an elevation change of 42 meters.

Yeah it's got lots of lift to do,

so it will be workin'.

(suspenseful music)

- Right now, we're
definitely in unknown waters.

My dad's never had lines
strung this long on this site,

so we've never had this type
of head pressure on this pump.

And we've never had this much
back pressure on this pump.

- I think we're about to
start pumpin' some water here.

Are you ready?

- Yeah, you bet.

- Then I guess we'll find
out when we hook up the pump

if there's any ruptures in it.

(pump engine putters)

- Okay have you guys started pumpin'?

- Okay, no, I got nothin' yet.

- I think it blew off somewhere.

- Now the boys are gonna walk the line

make sure there's not a ruptured
hose or puncture somewhere.

We need all the pressure
we can get to get up here.

[Quad Engine Revs]

- Oh you can see the leak right there.

- Shut her down.

- Holy-

(suspenseful music)

- We got a hose come
apart on us here, Guy,

we gotta put her together.

- Easy fix?

- [Narrator] The crew is under pressure,

trying to get water to the
top of pit three at Dynasty.

- Yeah, it blew right
off the fitting here.

You must have been getting water close.

I got lots of water
comin' back on us here.

- On standby for water.

- That's a lot of pressure man.

Three clamps it blew off.

- Oh, it's your fault this broke?

- Yeah. No actually, I'm just
doing what I'm told nowadays.

- I'm gonna reconnect this hose,

put new clamps on it, three of 'em.

- There was some loose hose
clamps on the bottom sections

here and pressure built up in
the path of least resistance.

- Move up to the next one,
and tighten that one up,

'cause it was leaking too.

- So when they come by,
this fitting was spraying

water all over the place,
just from head pressure.

If you got a leak somewhere like this,

you're not gonna get water at the top

because of the head pressure.

- When you have a pump pumping up hill,

the weight of the water actually
causes the psi on the hose

and on the fittings to
go way through the roof.

- [Narrator] With the steep
climb up to pit three,

they have to run the pump full throttle

and hope the hoses hold up.

- Yo, Mr. Martial.

- Go ahead there, big guy.

- [Man On Two Way Radio]
We're gonna head down

to the pump and fire it up.

- Water will be comin'
at you if you're ready.

- Buddy, I was born ready.

- [Man On Two Way Radio] Let's hopefully

get water this time.

- All right.

- Let's find out if this is gonna work.

(pump engine putters)

- 200 psi.

That is cranked way up.

- Okay, well I got nothing like with-

Okay, hang on, she's
buckin' pretty good there,

probably just air locked.

Oh, we got water.

- Yep, that's awesome.

- Thanks guys.

You can get all you want.

- Job done.

Come on Mama, let's get out of here.

- Pretty much we're done
with the water here.

So we're just gonna let
the tank fill up half

so we have enough water for the saw.

So things are looking good.

It's the first time I've ever
been excited about water.

Stuker, we got water.

Pit three has water.

Hey, Stuker's not even
excited about the water.

Is this like your day off today or what?

And he's falling asleep
as I'm talking to him.

Sleep (mumbles).

What a life.

Here she goes.

- [Narrator] With water to
cool the saw at pit three,

they'll be able to start
cutting the giant lens and see

if the jade inside matches
their expectations.

- It could be thin, it could thick.

It could be lots, little,
it could be spotty.

We just gotta cut it.

(suspenseful music)

- [Narrator] Next time on Jade Fever.

- We just got a call that a
food truck's just gone over.

Oh, my God.

It did go in the water, eh?

- Thank god the driver is okay.

- It's gotta be a quarter million dollars

worth of food, you know?

- You know you might be sittin'

on a million bucks there Stuker, eh?

(wire saw whirs)

- Watch out, watch out.

- (machine thumps)

- We got a big wobble.

- Yeah, there you go.

- Generator's backfiring.

- What?

- How the (beep) can this happen?

No I'm (beep) pissed.