Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - Jade Fever - full transcript

The crew heads out to recover a quad that was swept down the overflowing Turnagain River. Back at Dynasty, Guy and Gary make a second discovery that has Robin and Claudia excited. When ...

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(calm music)

- Okay

- Nice

- Hey, Kylie.

- What?

- Stand back further.


- Whoa, I felt something pull loose.

- That's why you have more
than one strap, I guess.


- [Narrator] In Jade City,
Josh is enjoying some

down time with his girlfriend, Kylie,

before heading out on a special job.

- Should we let the dogs out?

- Sure.

(dogs barking)

- Hold on, Blue.

And you're gonna stay with me.

(dogs barking)

- Go right in your hammock, okay sure.

- Got three dogs.

I've got Mama and Rolo.

Rolo, sit!

(dog howling)

No, not speak!

No, no, no, sit!

And then Blue is a purebred Husky.

Blue, come here!

- [Kylie] Come here, Husky!

- Right here, go ahead.

- Hi, come here!

- Most people that live up
here have a dog, for sure.

We lost Blue already! Oh, there she is.



Yeah, the dogs are part of the family.

Blue, Blue. You (beep) mut.

Gotta go to work.

- I know.

(exciting music)

- [Narrator] Josh is off to
meet the rest of the crew

for an important recovery mission.

- See you later!

- [Kylie] Bye.

- Few weeks ago, me and Guy went out

on the quads to scope the
entire trail to Wolverine.

- You ready?

- Lead the way!

- [Narrator] Their
scouting trip was cut short

when Guy and his quad were swept down

the swollen Turnagain River.

- Okay, so where are you?

Are you wet?

- There they are!

(shivering noises)

- [Narrator] The quad is still sitting on

the bank of the river.

- [Josh] We floated a quad down the creek

and potentially wrecked a $9,000 quad.

Are you ready?

- Hell, yeah!

- And I'm not even being overconfident.

If we can get in there
and get the quad back out

and then it's not a big financial loss.

- Okay, Joshabee, you're good?

- Yeah, I'm good.

- [Narrator] Claudia has
brought the whole crew

to help with the recovery.

- Okay, give me a kiss honey.


Kissing every day.

I just wanna have a quick
safety meeting you guys

and then I just wanna do a few stretches

before we get out on the road.


- You should not stretch,
you might pull something.

- Should be okay, take a day ride with

the quads and go check it out.

- [Guy] Look at hot rod Josh

with them goggles and everything.

- Meow.

- Pack the kitties.

- K, you ready to go?

- K, let's go.

(engines revving)

(exploratory music)

- Once we get there, to the Turnagain

retrieving it might turn out to be

a little bit of work.

Guy says it's nice and simple, but I think

that might not be the case.



(cheerful music)

- Oh my god!

- [Guy] This is gonna be
the million dollar rock!


- [Claudia] Jade makes
people do crazy things.

- Woo-hoo-hoo!

- So today we're going down

to pick up Guy's quad.

The one they lost down the Turnagain.

I love being out here with the crew

and doing something fun together

and I think that just going out for a day

on the quad is what we all need.

We're gonna daycation.



- [Guy] Let's just stop right here.

- [Josh] Looks lower than it was, hey?

- [Guy] Yeah, it looks lower.

- [Josh] It's right there, look!

- [Claudia] Oh, oh, you
guys really went down far!

I thought it waws like right here.

- Oh, no no no, we were
in the water for a while.

- Oh, so Guy, we gotta pull it all

the way up that mountain?

- We just gotta go up, right up to

the road there, yep.

- Confidently, I right now would take

that 570 or any of these quads

across here with rocks piled on.

- [Guy] I was confident
too when I crossed.


- I'm not the first one
to ever sink a quad here

so you can get caught, and I did.

We just kind of forgot
to stretch last time.


- Joshua Bunce?

- Yes?

- Let's go!

- K, let's go.

No, put your hands right here and here

and then just hop out slowly.

I've shown my mom, you have to just

slowly slide out like
a normal human being.

- [Claudia] I'm gonna sleep
while they do all the work.

- She's, uh, she's mosquito bait for us

so we can work on the quad

and not worry about the bugs.

- Hey, good luck, might need it.

- [Josh] It's all good.

- I'm not letting this side go.

- I'm not saving you guys.

- This is hilarious. We're gonna sink

cause of all the weight if anything.

- Oh, here we go.

On the road again.

Hey you help me on this.

- [Josh] Don't get in too much of a rush.

- You don't want to drown the motor.

- Careful, careful, easy!


- You almost got your bum wet!


- [Josh] We did it!

- It's so easy, what
happened the last time?

- Where is it at Guy?

- [Guy] Hang on!

- Right here?

- Now, the tough part starts.

They gotta get that quad all the way up.

Oh, Mr. Marshall.

- [Josh] Okay, I need another ten feet.

- Looks like they're gonna wench

it up with the six by six.

Joshua's hooking it up right now

and we'll see if it's
gonna go up the mountain.

- Tighten her up!

- Bring it up.

- Tighten her up.

- Keep it going.

- K, wench in!

- Go, go, go, go.

- [Josh] It's all good, no rush!

Go slow cause if it breaks I'm (beep)

- Keep going!

- Turn your wheels, Josh!

So it don't smoke that tree.

- That's a pretty steep angle.

A lot of things can go wrong if

luck isn't on their side.

(engine roaring)

- Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

- Oh, (beep)!

- Oh, it's spinning out.

- K, Guy, wench her.

- [Josh] I've almost
got it, I'm lifting it.

- Keep going.


- Hey, pull me on the road, sir.

- The exhaust pipe's pissing.

- Good, that means we're draining her.

- It's on the road.


- Mission accomplished.

- Now we gotta check for water and stuff

and figure it out from there.

- You checked the oil, looks nice, eh?

- Yup, nothing in the oil.

- Cool.

- Guy said he turned that quad off

before the motor was taking in water,

so we're gonna find out real quick here.

- We can kick the plug out.

Got your lighter?

Just in case some water
got into the cylinder.

- So we'll get her going.

- We are draining all the
water out of the clutch

and we're just letting things dry here

a minute and then we
will try and start it.

- K, sounds good.

(engine starting)

- All the way in?

- There you go.

(engine revving)

- Let's go!

- K, let's go.

- [Narrator] Now they need to get

both vehicles back across the river.

- We gotta go closer.

- [Narrator] Claudia's
crew gets a lucky break.


- [Claudia] Yay, we have company!

- [Narrator] Another miner
is crossing the river.

- We just got really
lucky and just happens

to be going by the boys
so he's gonna grab on

to one of the quads and drag them across

and make it just a little bit safer.

- Yeah, I'm ready.

- He's ready to go!

- We're going!

- It will get wet on this side.

- Yep, straight on the rock bar.

- Thanks, chico!

- Watch these guys.

- [Claudia] Oh, here we go!

See, look how deep it is!

- [Josh] Drag race across the Turnagain.

Little deep, little deep.

- Nice to be towed across

cause I don't think it would have made it.

- She's back on this
side and it's running.


- For one quad!

So, it's gonna be a problem?

- No, it should be fine.

You're suppose to spill
blood to find Jade,

but I'm gonna switch it up this year.

You need to sink a quad and start

finding lots of Jade.

How's that?

- Okay!

- Let's get out there.

- [Claudia] Let's go, let's get back.

- Hey!


- [Gary] Gotta watch my
dog, she's underneath me.

Can you see her?

- Oh, yeah.

- [Narrator] At the Dynasty Jade Mine,

Guy and Gary are having a
rough time getting to work.

- How are you doing Missy?

Can't stay there very long.

I've gotta move.


The dog can't let me out of her sight.

If she does, she panics.

She knows I'm in the
hole so she sits there.

She'll move.

She'll either move or get
buried, one of the two.

I'm hoping it's the first. (laughs)

- [Guy] Sometimes you
gotta learn the hard way.

Okay, let's go find some Jade.

- [Narrator] They're ripping up pit three,

chasing the Jade lens they partially

uncovered two days ago.

- Here she goes!

- [Claudia] It's a go!

- Nailed it!

- [Claudia] Woo!

- That's some nice color.

- This is the tip of the iceberg.

- The big payout's gonna be down below.

- Where are you gonna rip, here, Guy?

- Just the bedrocks
here so we can go down,

follow the lens, see if it
starts dipping back or not.

- Okay.

- [Narrator] Robin wants Guy and Gary

to dig deeper and see if they can get

a better idea of the
true size of the lens.

- We gotta start following it now.

We wanna see if it feathers
out or where it goes.

- Getting hard there!

- We don't know if it goes down ten feet,

one hundred feet.

Once you find a lens,
you're there for years.

- I gotta go look, it looks too green.

- [Narrator] Just a few
feet from the toppled lens,

Guy has hit another outcropping.

A sign that pit three may be one gigantic,

hard rock Jade deposit.

- Go get me some water please.

- But it's way the (beep) over there.

- [Guy] I gotta keep you in shape, Gary!

- Round's a shape!


- Can I pour the water?

- Absolutely!

- Well that doesn't look like
super green too me, does it?

- I think it's Jade, man.

- Nice!

- Yeah, that looks pretty green, here.

- He's tripping over the (beep) this year.

- I'm thinking this whole
place is just loaded.

Let's put a tooth on her
and see what happens.

- I don't know if I can
handle any more fun.

- [Guy] You can handle it!

(cranking noises)

- [Gary] That's a nice little rock!

- [Guy] Absolutely!

- I don't got any green in there.

That's a nice color, there, eh?

- Oh yeah.

K, this is Jade!

- It came from up top.

It's the top of this lens, has to be.

- My Jade trophy!


- [Narrator] Guy and
Gary will load up the big

boulder to be cut back in Jade City.

- Until you cut the Jade, you don't know.

It could be thin, it could be thick,

you just gotta cut it.

It's hard to get our hopes up too high

but it's pretty hard not to.

- [Gary] (laughing) Yep!


- [Kylie] Blue!

- [Narrator] In Jade City, bad news.


Josh and Kylie's Husky, Blue,

has gone missing overnight.

- We're just putting
up missing dog posters

all over the place for Joshua and Kylie.

Called the SBCA which will contact

every place across BC in case the dog

gets brought in by somebody.

Cause after three, four
days in the mountains,

very unlikely she's going to be able

to survive with all the
bears and wolves out here.

- Blue!



Let's go!

Me and Kylie don't know
what to do right now.

We're in a pretty intense state of panic

and, yeah, we're just
searching for the dog.


Hopefully she'll come
back here this evening.

- [Narrator] Josh and Kylie are searching

the woods where Blue was last seen.

- Try to get to a vantage point here

where I can climb up high.

And maybe jump into this tree.

- There's lots of wildlife around

and the woods are pretty dense.

She could have just found an animal trail

and just went with it and kept running

and then got lost.


- [Josh] Blue, let's go!

- I'm very worried, yeah.

I love her, I've had her since

she was five weeks old so

she's always been my little baby.



- Husky, let's go!

It's such an extensive area out here

that we're looking in.

She could be anywhere by now.

(dramatic music)

(desperate music)

- So Joshua's dog Blue is missing

and the bad thing is, is that Joshua's dog

is a Husky and can run for days.

She's small and fast.

- [Narrator] Josh and Kylie's dog Blue

has been missing for two days.

- Those dogs are in a really
precarious way right now.

There's been bears everywhere
and lots of wolves.

If she gets caught by a porcupine

and she starts to bleed then

every animal will smell blood.

So, I'm hoping and praying
that she comes home.

- [Narrator] Josh has parked his camper

where Blue was last seen.

He's searching the woods for her

while Kylie stays back.

- What did you guys do?

- Um, we just showed up
and checked everything,

but there was no sign of her up at...

- Up at Guys?

- Guys, so we've just been
sitting here calling her.


(desperate music)

- I don't know what to do.

So many God (beep) places
she could have gone.

What's her mind frame?




I don't know.

Where do you look?

We're in the mountains.

The dog could be anywhere.

- [Narrator] Claudia
checks the old abandoned

mining town site of Cassiar.

- Kylie used to bring the dogs down here

to play so maybe she could smell it

and remember this place?

I don't know.

Old cabins all over this road here

that people used to
use in the Cassiar days

and maybe she's in one of
those cabins, safely warm,

and she'll just come out one day

and somebody will see her.



I just don't think she's around here.

Joshua and Kylie have been through a lot.

These dogs are like their kids.

They don't have children,
they're very young,

so they're devastated, of course.

- [Narrator] Claudia
returns to the camper to

check in with her son.

- There's Joshua on the roof.

I think you're right, she's just

gonna have to come back.

Cause how do you, I don't
even know how to look, Josh.

(desperate music)

- [Narrator] In Jade
City, Robin gets to work

on the lens fragment they
pulled from the Dynasty Mine.

- This rock is from pit three.

It looks really good.

We wanna cut it and make sure
that there's no fractures.

If it's good, the potential
on the site is really good.

- [Narrator] If this rock is high quality,

pit three could turn
out to be the windfall

they've been looking for.

- Now that it's on cutting,

we'll just let it go, and just

check on it every once in a while.

It looks like it's cutting slow, so...

We'll see.



- Oh, gosh, Guy!


Porcupine quills.


- Where was she, at home?

- Right on my porch.

She was sitting waiting , I think, Christ.

- Yeah, leave her in there Claudia.

Don't let her out yet.

We need a collar on her.

- Oh my baby.

She's been in the woods for five days.

We've been looking for her,

we've sent search parties out for her.

My fear is though, that she should go

to the vet right now.

Somebody's going to need to meet the kids

and take her to the vet.

They're phoning the vet right now.

- Yeah, well let's get,

we're gonna get these out first.

- She's weak and dehydrated.

Probably in pain or in shock.

So we'll take the quills out right now

and then we'll get her some water.

Watch the eye on the other side.

- Oh that one pulled.

- Oh, oh, oh.

- Okay, just let her rest a minute.

- Hold on a second, there's
one right here, Guy.

- Oh, oh, oh.

Get these out of the way here.

Or she's gonna step on them
and we can't have that.

- Ow, I got myself!


- It's okay girl.

- Arg.

- Are you all right?

Got another one?

- She's got one more there, somewhere.

It's okay girl.

Is there more anywhere else.

- Well that one got broke twice, there,

you see it?

- Yeah, I don't know if
we're gonna get that out.

- I would leave it.


- You gonna do that again?

- She goes (beep) guaranteed.

- Do you guys, were you able
to look in her mouth at all?

- Nothing. It's great.

- Empty?

- Yeah, you're good.


- We're six, seven hours from the vet.

Jessica and Kendra are
gonna run her to the border

and then Joshua should
be there and then they're

just gonna take Blue back to Whitehorse.

- Okay.

- We'll be right back!

- She had quills in her
for at least two days

cause they were in deep, they were dry,

and it was started to get infected.

- [Narrator] Josh and
Kylie have a five hour

drive to the vet in Whitehorse.

- [Josh] Come on let's go, let's go.

Quick, quick, quick.

(mysterious music)


- Okay, looks good!

- [Claudia] Oh god,
please make this be good!

- [Narrator] The saw has
cut through the latest

test sample of Jade from pit three

and it's ready for inspection.

- Keep going!


- We had a really tough week.

We all need good luck.

We need to get great Jade.

There you go.

- Oh, look at that.

Two and...

- One more


- Oh my god, wow!

- That looks good!

- [Claudia] This here is beautiful.

- You've got that one
fracture, but besides that.

- [Narrator] There may be fractures,

but the color of this boulder is good.

Another sign that pit three may be loaded

with high quality Jade.

- Really beautiful sections, Guy!

The potential on pit three is amazing.

That accident where
Guy went down the river

and it stopped us from going to Wolverine

definitely changed our vision of this year

and divine intervention?


I'm taking it.

Good job, let's go have some dinner.

- Now we just gotta cut better than that.

- Hey!

- What?

- That's, uh, like stealing.

- Oh.

- It's not like he picked that one up.


- Je m'excuse.


- Hey, let's go drink some beers.

- I just saw Josh, he just
got back from the vet.

(hopeful music)

- I hope everything is okay.

I hope Blue is okay and
it's not too, too bad.

- Hello.

- Hi.

Hey, how are you?

- Good, tired.

- How's Blue?

- She's good.

- Come here, are you still dozed up?

So the cut her and pulled some out?

- Yeah, just on her leg.

- Oh, honey.

- He said don't worry about the cut outs.

He said they look like
open wounds, he said,

but they'll seal up pretty quick.

Look at her, she's fricken'
limping like a little coward.

And we've been feeding her
on the whole drive home.

We've been giving her a handful at a time.

KFC popcorn chicken, and
uh, Tim Horton's chili.

- (laughing) Oh my god.

So you're trying to make it so that she

realizes that this is the place to stay

and never to leave again?

- Just keep this dog tied
to me or Kylie at all times.

- Oh, boy oh boy.

- I'm so happy.

Thank you for taking care of my dog.

- Yeah, no problem.

- We definitely,
definitely dodged a bullet.

Blue is stable and healthy and
once the swelling goes down

she's gonna be good to
go and we're gonna be

out causing mayhem again in no time.

I love you.

- Okay, love you.

- Come on Blue, let's go.

- Come on, Husky.

- Oh, yeah.

- [Narrator] Next time, on Jade Fever.

- Welcome to Canada, buddy!


- Uh oh.

- Not the noise we wanna hear.

- That particular rock could
be worth a half a million.

- You cut it, you'll know.

- Uh oh.

- You cannot cut Jade without water.

- Holy!

Shut her down!

- Son of a bitch!

- [Claudia] This is a heritage boulder.

My dad mined it like thirty years ago.

- Holy (beep)!

- [Claudia] Oh my god, you guys!

(techno noises)