Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 4, Episode 3 - Jade Fever - full transcript

Guy struggles to topple a giant jade lense using just his excavator. After a frustrating breakdown, family conflicts erupt. And when Josh's safety concerns at the site are ignored, he questions his future in the family business.

(upbeat music)

- Want the whole thing or just one half?

- We're going to have to
go the whole length across,

from that end to that hump.

- [Guy] Okay.

- It's a good day.

- Feels like it.


- [Narrator] At Pit Three
on the Dynasty Jade Mine,

Claudia and her crew are digging deep

on their recent big find.

- I'll see if I can go
down a bit more there.

- [Robin] 'Kay.

- [Narrator] Core samples they took

from this outcropping last week.

- [Donnie] Oh there we go.
- [Robin] Ha ha.

- [Narrator] Revealed
the most promising jade

the crew has ever discovered.


- No way!

That's really great.

The plan is to keep
going down, see how deep

and how long that really good point is.

I want to know that it's still
good down here, it's not just

one little pocket that we've
just got lucky on there.

- That's getting hard there.

- [Robin] 'Kay.

- If it's a lens deeper
it goes the better we are.

The better chance we have of
finding a lot more good jade.

- Letting the boys hand
dig here a little bit,

see what they find.

- [Narrator] Underground,
jade lenses can measure

from meters thick to
just centimeters thin.

The best jade is apple green in color

with no fractures.

- [Robin] Oh.

- [Narrator] Robin and his brother Donnie

spot a troubling sign just under the dirt.

- [Robin] Ah, son of a bitch.

- [Narrator] A large fracture
line running the length

of the lens.

- [Robin] This is loose, Guy.

- Do you figure she's broken?

- [Robin] Oh yeah, that's
the crack right there.

- [Donnie] Right there.
- [Claudia] What?


Holy (beep).

- [Robin] See?

- [Claudia] Wow.

- [Robin] Kind of disheartening.

(beep) me.

Feel how smooth that was,
look at this one right here,

still goin' down.

- [Guy] Yeah.

- That there is the lens,
that's where it goes.

That's where our big payoff's
gonna be is down below.

- Okay, well, if this piece
is broken we can lay her down.

- [Robin] Yup, this is a loose piece.

- [Donnie] Okay (sighs).

- [Narrator] They'll try
to break off the lens

at the fracture line.

- So I should be able to break that free?

- [Robin] Yup.

- [Narrator] If that
chunk of jade is good,

they can cut it up for a quick sale

and make some much needed cash.

- How much do you think this weighs?

- Depending how thick that
bottom is, way over a 100 tons.

- [Claudia] It's gonna tell us

what the season's going to look like

'cause if that looks really great,

that could be our million dollar boulder

that we've been looking for.

- Now we got dirt to move.

- [Donnie] Okay.

- Okay, we're going home.

- Yes, sir.

- [Robin] Lock it out, Guy.

- [Guy] Yup. I'll pop her out.

- [Claudia] Very exciting.

(upbeat music)

(machinery scraping)

- Better change the angle.

Looks like there are two sets loose.

Just going to have to wiggle
it every other way possible

until it comes down.

(machinery scraping)



Whoops, that's not good.

It's a 100 thousand pound rock

with a 30 thousand pound excavator.

(machinery scraping)

(upbeat music)

(machinery scraping)

- Son of a bitch.

(inhales deeply)

This is the one.

Okay, now I got you.

(machinery scraping)

She's not moving!

First attempt, not too pretty good.

I'm thinking it's still half connected

because it should move.

It's got my ass whooped.

(tools clanking)

- [Claudia] Oh (laughs) my God!

(upbeat music)

- [Guy] This is going to
be the million dollar rock.

(country music)

- Yahoo!


- [Claudia] Jade makes
people do crazy things.

(truck beeping)

- [Gary] A little more.

Right there.

- [Narrator] At Pit One
on the Dynasty Jade Mine,

Gary and Josh are hard at work
stabilizing the ramp leading

to the back side of the site.

- [Gary] Our slope is too steep
on this side so we're just

making it safe so we can get back in there

to mine in that corner.

- [Narrator] In it's current condition,

the road is no longer
safe for heavy equipment.

- But any point in time
(beep) can start to slop.

Definitely not the most safe.

- I knew this corner
was going to be a pain.

We needed an access coming
off the top over here, so,

now I'm in a sketchy angle.


Well, that's not cool.

Hey Josh.

- Go ahead, Gary.

- The reset alarms in
the hoe is telling me

I'm about to tip over.

- I'll get out of your way.

- [Gary] Because of the
weight in this bucket

and that sharp edge, one mistake
and you go over the edge.

- [Narrator] Gary carefully
repositions the excavator

away from the steep ledge.

- [Gary] That sounds so much better.

Bring her on back,
Josh, whenever you want.

All right.

(country music)

(machinery clanks)

(truck beeping)

- [Gary] What the (beep)?

- [Narrator] The excavator
track has seized.

- [Gary] Hey, Josh.

- [Josh] For (beep) sakes.

- [Gary] It's gotta be a pin.

It might be on the inside, eh?

- [Josh] Yeah.

I really don't see one.

- Can't even see which one's broken.

- Gary!

Got it.

- [Narrator] One of the pins
that holds the excavator track

in place has snapped.

- [Josh] Should I jump on
the phone with my old man?

- [Gary] Yeah, give him a call right away.

- [Josh] Is there a
secondary pin and a main pin

or are they all the same?

- [Gary] I don't know if
there's a master on this,

some of these big ones don't have them.

- [Josh] I don't even see one, eh?

- [Gary] Nope.

- Okay, I'm going to
go give my dad a call.

- [Gary] Thanks, Josh!


- Hey.

So, there is no master pin on that 450,

they're all the same pins

and one of the pins on the
track is sheared in half.

The track, it's only
holding on by half a rail,

so until the track is fixed on the 450

we can't walk it anywhere else.

No, no, I--

Aw, (beep).

There's no master link, that's
the very (beep) first thing

I said to you.

I would not suggest anybody
to work for their parents.

I'm going to start again, slowly.

There's days where it's (beep) annoying.

Well, you have a mechanic
here, so, I don't know.

Why don't you ask him?

He didn't seem to think I
needed any numbers or anything.

You know, I'll be 23 this year.

And I get less respect now
than I did as a 16 year old.

Gary would have given me the numbers

if I needed these numbers,
I don't know what you...

Totally frustrating.

I would suggest letting
the mechanic do their job.


(phone beeps)

(breathes deeply)

I'm getting bitched at
every day I'm on the site

for doing my (beep) job.

- By rights, this thing should move.

This is a contemplating look.

- [Narrator] At Pit Three,
Guy is at a standstill.

- [Guy] Just at the point,
here, where I can't get

to it with the excavator.

- [Narrator] The excavator
bucket can't dig any further

under the lens.

- And there's only one way of doing it.

Let's try this.

- [Narrator] Guy wedges
the bucket against the lens

to hold it in place.

- [Guy] Right there.

- [Narrator] His plan is
to hand dig underneath

to loosen up the lens.

- Normally I don't do
this hand shoveling but...

Right now, I'm just working
on my retirement plan.

This is still frozen.

That's not good news.

We might have to wait
'til this thaws out a bit.

Or maybe let it sit all
night and tomorrow morning

we'll show up and it'll
be laying on the ground.

That'd be cool.

I thought pressure wise
it would have been easy,

but it wasn't.

The rock won today.

But it's not going to win every day.

(upbeat music)

- [Josh] 24 hours later, eh?


Holy (beep).

- [Narrator] At Pit Three,
Guy wants a second opinion

from the crew on how to
bring down their prized lens.

- [Gary] Look at that,
it just keeps going, eh?

- [Guy] That's what I was hoping for.

- [Josh] Hey, okay, hold
on, I see footprints.

- [Narrator] But Josh only sees
one thing, Guy's footprints

under the lens.

- [Josh] This is a death trap.

Seriously, that's nuts.
- Right there.

- [Josh] Nobody's working
under that, right?

How did you guys dig that out like that?

- Right here.
- Oh, okay.

- [Narrator] Josh is the
certified first aid attendant

on the crew but his safety
concerns are falling

on deaf ears.

- When they did that, I think--

- [Josh] That's dangerous.

Am I wrong?

- That's jade, too, isn't it?
- Right here?

- [Josh] Hello?
- [Gary] I was just saying

it looked like horse rock but--

- [Guy] Nope.
- [Gary] it's not, that is.

- [Josh] My dad dragged me up
here to look at this thing.

And, so, what's the
point of showing me this

if you're going to ignore
me when I'm talking to you?

Hey, Dad?

You have no idea--
- Underneath that other one.

- It goes here.

- You have not found a bottom yet.

- That's jade too, isn't it?
- Right here.

- Totally (beep) ignoring me.
- There might be something.

Perfect, love that, I don't
even know why I'm here.

- [Gary] Get this started.

- [Narrator] Later in the
afternoon, at Pit One,

Claudia has arrived with a new pin

for the broken excavator track.

- That, there, is the pin for
the rail on this excavator.

- [Narrator] Replacing
a pin is normally done

with a hydraulic press but
they don't have one on site,

so, Gary comes up with a cheap bush trick.

- [Gary] Press would have been the answer

but we do with what we got.

We're working out of Robin and
Claudia's pocket this year,

so we do it old school.

- So propane will get it
cold enough so it seizes,

so it goes in easier then
expands once it warms up.

- [Gary] I hope so.

- [Claudia] (laughs) The
technology behind it.

- [Gary] Yeah.
- [Claudia] The science.

- Right there.

[Robin] You want both sides heated, right?

- [Gary] Yeah.

[Gary] See the frost on that pin?

- [Robin] Ready?

- [Claudia] Okay, move.

- I'm going to get western.

(metal clanging)

- [Claudia] I don't know if it's moving.

(metal clanging)


- [Robin] Ah, yes.

- [Gary] It's still in this piece.

- [Robin] Yeah.

(exhales loudly) Okay.

- [Robin] Josh, can you
come up and help Gary?


- [Claudia] Josh!

Josh, Joshua, come here.

Do you not have a radio?

Dad was calling you, grab a radio, babe.

- I don't have a radio.

- [Claudia] You don't
think to bring a radio

with you every morning.

- I'm right here.

- It's not easy working with family.

It's not the same as them
taking orders from a stranger.

It's tough.

- [Josh] Just tell me what to do.

- I'll grab that cold pin and start it.

And then you wail the (beep) in.

- [Josh] No problem.

- [Gary] Wail on her!

(metal clanging)

- Crooked.


- [Josh] Get the (beep) out of my...

Ugh, whatever.

Ah, (beep), okay, get...

I can't do this with you--
- I'm watching it.

- Well, I'm scared to hit you.

(metal clanging)

- [Claudia] Oh!

Does it work that way, better, Robin?

Is it moving?
- Who the (beep) cares?

Quit talking about it let me hit it!

- [Claudia] Joshua, I'm just trying to see

if it's working better, if it's moving.

- It's breaking my (beep) wrist,

I don't care if it works better,
I'm not doing it that way.

- [Robin] Joshua has always had an opinion

on how things should run.

- [Claudia] No, Gary's straightening it.

- [Josh] Yeah and I'm
(beep) going to hit it

when it's straight.

- [Robin] He doesn't treat
it as he is an employee,

he's the son so he does not
have to be told what to do.

- Wow.

I can't (beep) hit that hard.

Yeah, no, I got to...

I'm (beep) up.

Not doing it!

- [Claudia] Joshua.

(breathes deeply)

- [Josh] Hey, you decide
what you want to do,

I ain't the boss here.

- [Claudia] Geez, we're dysfunctional.

(eagle screeches)

(upbeat music)

- [Josh] I want to go to work.

- [Narrator] After a
stressful day of working

with the family, Josh is
getting some much needed

alone time on the loader.

- Definitely wouldn't mind
being an employee somewhere

instead of the owner's son.

All employees just withhold their opinion

and get their paycheck.

As a son it's (beep) annoying.

I definitely feel more
inclined to speak up

when I see something wrong happening

because I'm not just here for the paycheck

but I don't feel like when I speak up

my opinion is listened to.

Don't work with the people
you love if it doesn't work.

(upbeat country music)

♪ Instead of working in the rain. ♪

I'll work under a tarp.

- [Narrator] Up the
hill, Gary has a new plan

for replacing the broken excavator pin.

- One way or another, we
got to make this thing work.

So, when I'm going to fabricate a press,

I'm going to get it in there.


- [Narrator] He's building a press

out of scrap metal and an old car jack.

- [Gary] Well, we'll see if it works.

I'm hoping this works.

Give her some heat, see if she slides.

- [Narrator] The homemade press
applies 20 tons of pressure

on the pin.
- Unreal.

- [Narrator] But the pin
still doesn't slide in.

- [Gary] You got to be (beep) me.

Okay, you want to put
it right at the very top

and just put the weight against it.

We'll see what happens?

- Yeah.

- [Narrator] After two days
of digging at Pit Three,

the ground has thawed and
the lens is fully exposed,

giving the crew a better chance
at finally bringing it down.

- [Robin] Bring it as
high as you can get, Guy.

- It's the angle.

- [Guy] Let's see if that moves.

- She's moving.
- Is it?

- [Robin] It's wiggling.

- It did?

- [Claudia] Yeah, come on, Guy.

- [Robin] The crack on
the right opened up.

- So, it's going.

Joshua, you got a copy?


- [Narrator] Claudia tries
to get a hold of Josh,

she wants him to witness the big event.

- Oh, did that ever move!

This is a real team effort.

We need all of us to be here.

Joshua, you got a copy?

Joshua, you got a copy?

I don't know if he is
away from the radio or

I don't know if he got hurt, I don't know.

- Do you wanna take the six
by six down and go get him?

- [Claudia] Yeah.

- There's no answer with Josh.

'Kay. Just go for a quick trip.

- [Robin] Yup.

- [Claudia] Joshua!

- [Josh] Why are you screaming?

- For the last 35 minutes I've

been calling you every three minutes.

- What?
- There's no--

- No, my radio's on in there.

- Nope, we've been calling you--

- Or you maybe turned...

What's going on?
- I don't know.

Well, originally I was just
calling you to tell you--

- Is there an emergency?

- No, originally I was just
calling you to tell you

to come because we were dropping the rock.

But then after 30 minutes, I realized

that we have a real problem
because if it's an emergency,

second protocol is to jump

- Yeah, well,
- in the quad and come down.

my problem is is there's so
much chatter on the radio

- So you have to--
- That I turn it down a bit.

- You can't because I've been
calling you for 35 minutes.

(Josh sighs)

This is important.

- No (beep), that's why I

always have it on me and it's
always turned on but, today,

the one (beep) time I've
ever turned the volume down--

- That's when accidents happen, I know!

- Yeah, for sure, for sure.
- So, please!

- Well, Dad every ten seconds is like,

"Guy, Guy, Guy, Guy, Guy!"
- Okay, but you can't.

That's the way to be safe.

- Don't make a big deal
out of it, I just forgot

to (beep) turn the volume
up on the radio one time.

- [Claudia] I'm trying not
to make a big deal about it,

Josh, I want to fix this--
- Good.

- [Claudia] Now before
something major happens.

Please turn off your machine--
(Josh sighs)

and come up with me

so that you can watch this rock come down.

- I could care less about the
rock coming down, I'm working.

- So you don't want to come?

- [Josh] I don't want to come up there.

I'll turn my radio back up.

- Okay.

(intense music)

(upbeat music)

- [Robin] Where's Josh?

- [Claudia] He didn't come, but I--

- He didn't want to?
- [Claudia] Nope.

- [Gary] Right here, Guy.

- If you want, I can go
around back and pull.

There's more torque that way.

- [Narrator] At Pit Three,
the crew is struggling

to detach a massive lens of jade.

- [Robin] We're just
over here on this side.

- [Guy] It's a big rock, not
good ground to play with.

And when you're putting that
kind of pressure on the bucket,

you don't want to slip and
have things move real fast.

- [Claudia] Push.

(machinery scraping)

- You ready?

- Okay, let's try it.

- [Claudia] Please.

Up, that's it!

Tell him it's going.
- It's moving!

- [Robin] She's goin'.

- [Claudia] That's it.

- Is she gonna go?

- [Claudia] It's a go!

- Perfect!

- She ain't going anywhere, now.

- Yeah. (grunting)

- [Claudia] You see it?

- That nice colored jade is right there.

- [Robin] Wow.

(grunting) I got it.

- [Gary] Oh, yeah, look at that, eh?

- How does it look?
- I can see it right there.

- [Claudia] Whoo!

- [Gary] That's nice
color, too, right there.

- That's just like what
was in that drill core.

- Yup.

- [Claudia] You can see
the layers underneath

and you can see the potential of the jade.

We'll cut it, we'll see what the best part

of the rock is, but this is a
big, huge lens it looks like,

so, keep digging that mountain up.

- [Guy] This is the tip of the iceberg.

- It better be the tip of the iceberg.


- [Gary] Hey, Josh,
could use a helping hand.

- [Josh] Okay, buddy.

- [Narrator] Later that
afternoon, Josh is cooled off

and joined Gary to help him finish

replacing the excavator pin.

- [Josh] Is it working?

- [Gary] I got it to move a little bit.

- [Josh] You take a break, you earned it.


- I don't mind working with Josh.

I have a boy the same age as Josh.

So, I know how to deal with him already.


- [Gary] Let's give her a shot.

(metal clanging)


- [Josh] There it is!



- [Gary] About another two
inches and then we'll make sure

She's lined up.
- Yup.

Come on, no!

(metal clanging)

I'm a very easily frustrated person.

I have a short fuse and I
don't have much patience.

But, I am accountable for my attitude.

- [Gary] Looks like she's moving, Josh.

- [Josh] She is.


- Let's drive this one home.


- [Josh] Yup, she's in.

Just have to drive her in now.

I just want to see
everybody succeed long-term.

I want to be trusted.

I gotta find a way to calm the (beep) down

or to get the (beep) out of here.

I got to find a way to make it work.


- She's in!
- Whoo!

Bam, good job, Uncle Gary.

That was deadly.

- [Narrator] Next time on Jade Fever.

- I'm not saving you guys!

- [Guy] Careful, easy.

Watch out!

- He's at this kind of an angle.

- [Guy] Go, go, go, go, go!

- [Gary] Oh, it's getting off.

- [Guy] We don't know if it
goes down ten feet, 100 feet.

It's the top of this lens, it has to be.

- [Robin] My jade trophy.

- [Claudia] This rock,
it looks really good.


[Claudia] So, Joshua's
dog Blue is missing.

These dogs are like their kids.

- [Josh] We're up at an
intense state of panic.


- [Josh] Blue, let's go!