Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 4, Episode 13 - Jade Fever - full transcript

At 2 Mile, the crew is preparing for their final push before winter. Josh and Gary head back to the landing for a load of fuel. But after a delayed delivery and problems on the road, ...

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- [Josh] Hey, there's a pond here.

- Let's go to that little bank there Josh.

- Yep.

- [Robin] That big clump right there,

just behind it.

- [Josh] The rock?

- [Robin] This is the lens right here.

- [Josh] Yep.

- And that other, see it's right there.

- [Narrator] It's late August.

Robin is showing his son Josh

a large potential jade deposit
on their new claim, Two Mile.

- This might be the first spot to go to.

I like this, the potential's here.

We are in the area to
actually find some jade

and that's the most important part.

- Yeah see this is good, too.

It's green, it's apple green.

We want to get some jade
out of the ground this year

because you know, so far
we're not making any money.

- [Narrator] Josh breaks off a sample

of what they hope is a jade lens.

And if the quality is good,

they'll start drilling the site today.

- [Josh] Now I got my sample piece.

- This will be first spot
we drill, is right here.

(dramatic beat)

- This is the first season we've ever had

to pay for everything ourself.

So if my parents and
all of us fail this year

to find sellable jade then
it's gonna be extremely likely

that next year we won't be mining.

- [Narrator] With less than a month to go,

the crew needs to find high-quality jade

or this season could be their last.

(dramatic music)

- Saw works.

Hey, Dad?

That is from the first lens
that me and you found today.

- [Robin] Mmm-hmm, it's solid.

- Wow, that's nice grain.
- Yeah, the color is in it.

- Yeah it's just--
- That's very hard.

- [Claudia] Yep.

- [Josh] What I saw right
there, just look at that, Gary.

Look if you get real close to
that centipede caterpillar.

- [Robin] It's this thing here.

- [Josh] That little
tiny caterpillar there,

that's top notch high quality.

- [Narrator] Claudia
needs to find a lot more

than just a hint of high-quality jade

before winter ends her mining season.

- So what about drilling where you just

pulled that off of and do some testing?

We have that wire saw,
we have the saw down here

and we have the drill,
and we need to utilize

everything that have and the excavator.

You want to find jade as fast as you can.

Our season's almost over.

It's panic time.

We have 20 days left.

Weather is the one thing that can stop

jade mining right in its tracks.

It's gonna hit us hard
like a son of a bitch

when the season ends.

(metal clanging)

(laughing) Oh my god.

(upbeat music)

- [Josh] This is gonna be
the million-dollar rock.


- Jade makes people to crazy things.

I sent my whole crew out today.

We have trucks that have to go get fuel.

So me and Robin are going
to do the mining today.

- [Robin] Okay.

- Okay so you will be
ahead in the excavator

and you have your radio as well?

- [Robin] Yep.

- Okay.

We are dating today.

- You are one machine, on
one vehicle, I'm on another.

(Claudia laughing)

- That's the way we
always date, separately.

This is like a day date for me and Robin.

Think of it like a day date of mining.

- [Narrator] With the
crew gone to get fuel,

Claudia and Robin are left
alone today at Two Mile

to start drilling cores.

They need to find and
dig out some good jade

before the snow flies.

- The ground is not level so be careful.

- [Claudia] So it's cool
that we are starting

Two Mile together because we
both feel that this is gonna be

the start of something really special.

- [Robin] Hey, we're here.

- [Claudia] Wow, it's gorgeous up here.

- Yep.

Wondering what it's
like to drill up there?

This one here will be
the first we're drilling.

- [Narrator] Robin will use a small drill

to test the deposit for high-quality jade.

- (laughing) I didn't think
it was full of water already

when I offered to carry it up.

- [Narrator] But drilling requires water.

- Feel the burn.

No goin' to the gym tonight, aye!

- [Narrator] Setting up
a permanent water system

could take days.

So Robin and Claudia
are doing it old school.

- I feel like my Dad's
story now 'cause he said,

he'd have to go from
the lake up to the top

of the other mountain to
go 10 minutes on the drill.

- I wouldn't be doing it.

- Well, we're sorta doin' it.

- We want something that when we take

the drill core out it's sellable gate.

Not, oh yeah we are in the
right area to look for jade.

- [Claudia] Holy cow, wow.

(upbeat music)

Is that another bottle?

We're out?

That fast?

- [Narrator] Robin only
drills a foot into the rock

before their water supply runs dry.

- Oh it's gonna be a long day.


- Right over here is the water.


(Claudia laughs)

Yep, there's one.



Yeah, I'll run the drill,
you pack the water.

- [Claudia] (laughing) Well.

Oh, kill me now.

Oh my god.

I need some water.


I've got a jacket calling me.

I am too old for this (beeping) honey.

That's why I have employees.

- [Robin] It's gonna break
pick that core out of there.

There is the first one.

- [Claudia] Is it breaking?

- [Robin] Fractured left guts.

- [Claudia] Oh let me see.

Prove it.

- [Narrator] The drill core
only has a small amount

of fractured jade in it.

- [Robin] There.

- Fault line that.

- I know I wanna to keep drilling.

- [Narrator] Just off the
highway near Dease Lake.

- Well it is Monday.

They were supposed to
fill out this morning.

- [Josh] Tank's empty.

- [Narrator] Gary and Josh
have arrived at the trailhead

to discover that their fuel
order was never delivered.

- We were hoping that
this tank on the back

of the international would
be filled when we got here.

So we're just kind of struck
waiting for the fuel truck

to show up and fill this tank.

Kind of a pain in the ass.

- [Narrator] Josh and
Gary will have to haul

the load of fuel 60
kilometers from the trailhead

to the Two Mile.

It's a dangerous trip that
can't be done in the dark.

- First time for everything
that we're actually waiting

for somebody else.

It's usually us, that is behind.

Now Claudia's gonna be
waiting for us and...

Gotta love waiting, not!

- I hate waiting.

- [Robin] Let's see here.

Yeah, that's about

the right height.
- Claudia, do you copy?

- [Claudia] Yes?

- [Narrator] At Two Mile,
Kylie radios Claudia

with an update from jade city.

- [Kylie] Kendall just called and said

that the fuel won't be
there at the landing

for another hour, so they won't be

at the landing until 2:30 pm.

- (sighs) So they won't be here until 8?

- [Kylie] Approximately.

- They're even pushing
the six hours to here

from 2:30 that's 8:30,
9:00, they're in the dark.

No, they better come tomorrow.

They can't come today.

- Well the field truck they promised me

that it would be filled up
this morning, now it's delayed.

I'm not happy.

- [Narrator] Josh and
Gary have no SAT phone

and they're out of radio range.

- We're asking for problems,

'cause they can't even see
climbing the hill properly.

So, it's not worth it at night.

- [Narrator] There is no way to reach them

to warn them not to come.

- So yeah, we're stressed.

(pensive music)

(upbeat music)


- [Gary] He's coming in hot.

- [Josh] He knows he's late.

- [Narrator] At the
trail head the fuel truck

has finally arrived.

- He has only got so much fuel on.

We'll fill the rock truck and then,

put the rest in this tank.

- The fuel truck's pumps
quit a hour and half

down the highway and so he had
to rip apart his pump system.

It made his day go a lot
longer than he anticipated.

Ended up being at six-hour delay.

- [Narrator] The delay
means facing the steep hill

up to camp in the dark.

But Claudia wasn't able
to reach Josh and Gary

to warn them not to come.

- [Josh] Get a full fill of fuel.

I want one of those for my hoses.

- I don't know what to expect today.

We've have actually had a couple days

of good weather here so.

If it's muddy, it's slippery,
but I'm gonna be packin'

2,000 gallons of diesel.

So, it's gonna to be slow and steep.

It's steep and dangerous.

- Okay, I'm gonna go ahead.

- Yep.

- [Narrator] Josh leads
the way in the rock truck,

with Gary following close
behind in the crummy.

(truck rattles)

- Woo, what a deep quake!

We drive to the conditions in the low job

and he's feeling heavy.

The whole rock bed here that we're in is

hard on tires at the best of the times

let alone packing this much weight.

- [Narrator] Just an hour
into their journey...

- [Gary] What the (beeping)?

- [Narrator] There's a
truck blocking the road.

A group of hunters were on their way home

when they got stuck in the mud.

- Let them get out of the way.

They're in our way.

- Yeah.

- The only way he's coming out is forward.

- [Narrator] Josh and Gary
try to help pull them out.

- Okay, somebody get in there.

- [Narrator] As soon as
the truck is pulled free

from the mud, Gary and Josh
spot something in the ditch.

- Did you see the moose, Gary?

Firsthand, I came across a
moose that's clearly been shot

for four or five days already.

Moose season just started 24 hours ago.

They just threw it in the ditch, here.

He says he's got a tag for it,

but we know he doesn't.

They know somebody is going
to see and report them

when they try to throw it out.

- [Narrator] Josh realizes that
he is come across poachers,

so he takes things into his own hands.

- We're gonna film it all for the police,

and for everybody, and because

if you break the law out here,

we need proof, that's the problem.

By identifying those guys, I was able to,

you know, feel better
about pullin' them out

while they are doing
the illegal (beeping).

- That was (beeping) up.

(upbeat music)

- I'll chip that off.

- [Narrator] At Two
Mile, Claudia and Robin

are now drilling a
second deeper test core.


- [Robin] There it is.

Flaw line right there.

- So it goes (beeping) here in there so...

- [Narrator] But the second core

isn't any better than the first.

- [Claudia] You want to keep going?

- [Robin] It's solid.

- [Claudia] I still think
there's a lens here, Robin.

- [Robin] Yep.

- [Claudia] I think it needs to be dug up.

If we start down there.

- [Robin] Gotta go and look down there

'cause that looks way too
much like a lens right there.

- [Narrator] They decide
to expose a deeper

section of the lens.

- (mumbling) this land has potential,

so he is going down as far as he can.

I think we have to prove every
single hunch that we have.

Kylie you got to copy, Kylie?

- [Kylie] Yeah, hi.

- Have you heard anything?

- [Kylie] Nothing at all.

- Oh they are probably gonna come.

I don't think that they
are gonna hold off.

- [Kylie] I think so too.

- I'm worried about the boys.

I think it's going to be pitch black

by the time they come in tonight.

It might becomes dangerous,
especially coming up this road.

You can't see what you are driving.

So yeah, I don't know what's going on now.

We're worried here.

(pensive music)

- My engine temp is up little bit

pulling this weight in the hills.

- Yeah, I'm not too surprised,
but hey, cross our fingers.

- [Narrator] Josh and Gary
are inching towards Two Mile,

but after multiple delays they won't make

it to camp before dark.

- Road up the Two Mile, it's a trail that

the sheep made then so we follow.

Now we are just creeping
to boulder alley here,

which is in fun all by itself.

This is my worst part of the drive

and this is everybody's
worst part of the drive.

Uh oh.

I gotta stop here, Josh.

- Okay, I'll stand by.

- Well that's not cool.

Just went flat on me.

I'm hoping its just a low tire.

Bent rim.


- [Narrator] With the rim bent,

tubeless tires can't hold air.

- Better find a hammer and
something on one of these trucks.


That aint' gonna work.


Bad day.

(intense music)

- Joshua you got a copy. Josh?

- [Narrator] It's 8 pm at Two Mile.

Josh and Gary haven't
returned from their fuel run.

- So yeah, I don't know
what is going on now.

We have sent contact to
say don't come in tonight.

But I think that they
are pretty determined

to be here in camp.

Josh you got a copy, Joshua?

We're worried 'cause
it's pitch black by 8:30.

Hopefully everything will be okay.

(intense music)

- [Narrator] 10 Kilometers away.

- [Gary] We had some issues
with the crummy on the way out.

The tire I fixed is
holdin' air, knock on wood.

When you're out here, you do
what you got to do to fix it.

- [Narrator] With the bit of brute force,

Gary was able to fix the crummy's tire

and get back on the road.

- [Gary] Last push up the hill.

- [Narrator] But the
delay means crawling up

Two Mile hill in the dark with the crummy

and its heavy load of fuel.

- [Gary] It is not best case scenario.

You can't see everything in the dark.

Everything's different.

Too much weight.

Come on Baby.

- [Josh] You having troubles?

- [Gary] I gotta get a run for it.

- [Josh] Man.

- [Gary] Give her.


Well that's not cool.

Ouch, she won't pull itself.

Somebody's gonna have to
run up and get the CAT.

Temperature's way up.

- [Narrator] The crummy is overheating

and can't make it up the hill.

- Way too much weight to climb this hill.

We're gonna try to get the chain off here.

Yeah, just backed on Josh.

- [Josh] (mumbling) on my way.

- I knew I wasn't making this one.

- [Narrator] They'll
have to use the loader

to try and pull the
heavy truck up the hill.

- [Gary] Let's go.

- [Josh] Gary, whenever
you're ready (muffled speech).

- Yeah go ahead Josh.

And away we go.


I think we should be good now, Josh.

We'll just find a spot to park that thing,

and say I unhook ya.

- [Narrator] The tow was a success.

- [Josh] All right buddy drive safe.

- [Narrator] And Gary is back on the road.

- I see the lights of home.

(grunts) We made her. (laughing)

Miserable road.

Hey Abigail.

- Shuttin' her down.

Ha, a joyous sound.

Gee what do we got to get
off this thing tonight?

- [Josh] Nothing.

- [Gary] Perfect.

(pensive music)

- [Narrator] Next morning
Josh, Gary and Robin

are ready to drill the
lens that Robin and Claudia

exposed yesterday.

- [Josh] So you're thinking right here?

- So yeah somewhere
there would be perfect.

We need to drill stuff that was

right in the ground or under the ground.

That's the idea of drilling right there.

So that bank, we start (beeping)
with that, we get an issue.

That's all loose, you can
tell by looking at it.

- [Narrator] Drilling the lens could cause

the unstable boulders above to slide.

- [Gary] I don't like it.

- [Robin] (laughs) Okay.

- 'Cause that would come
down and get you right there.

- Yep.

- So?

- I'll warm up then and get this tuned up.

Get this thing started.

- Gary right now is making it safe

so that we can actually drill
near the bottom of that lens

without any rock falling on us.

Gary is getting it ready
and then we will drill

and hopefully it's a good lens.

If it's not, we go test another spot.

- [Narrator] After two worthless cores,

they need this lens to pay off.

- I won't get my hopes too high but

we know it's jade and we'll drill it

and see what it looks like.

- I'm looking for that nice emerald green

that says money. (laughing)

- [Gary] Right about there, okay?

- Drilling slow which
is a very good thing.

Everything is looking good so far.

When we get the core out, we'll know.

- There.

- [Josh] Should we, maybe,
check if we are lucky?

(intense music)

There you go.

So, that's the soft stuff I went through.

- [Narrator] The crew is
getting a look at their

third round of test cores at Two Mile.

- This is gone right down into...

- Black.

- [Robin] It's Black?

- [Narrator] But with
the winter closing in,

so far everything they have
seen at this site has been junk.

- [Gary] Yeah but it
doesn't even have a glow.

- [Robin] Nope.

That's too dark.

- [Gary] Yeah.

- [Robin] Deeper we
go, it's getting worse.

- Right now we are runnin' on
the time crunch for the year.

The weather could change in a week,

it could change in two weeks.

The maximum we got is a month.

This drill, I thought it
would look better going down,

but it's going in the black.

It's not worth nothing.

- [Josh] Neither are these cores.

- Yeah this is just (beeping).

Well, next we gotta go up top.

When you're out and you're
hunting for the jade

and then you're taking a drill core out

and it doesn't look good,
it gets very depressing.

We want sellable jade.

Hey right there.

Look at that.

- [Narrator] On the way back to camp,

something catches Robin's eye.

- The green on this one
and the green right here.

- [Josh] Uh huh.

- [Robin] It's got some
decent color green in it.

- [Josh] Wow, wow!

See, that's the color I like to see.

- This is definitely lens.

The way it's coming out of the rock,

it can't be a rock in here.

It's gotta be a lens.

It's got glow to it, for sure.

- [Gary] Yep.

- [Robin] We gotta drill this.

- [Gary] I think you are right.

Drill that one right there.

- [Narrator] Robin
brings some sample rocks

back to camp to show Claudia.

If this lens proves to
be high-quality jade,

it could be the break they
need to save their season.

(upbeat music)

- [Robin] Right here.

These ones here.

- Wow, so this is right
there on the way up?

- [Robin] Yep.

- Oh.

That's a nice green.

That's a really nice green.

Robin, it's snowing.
- It's hailing.

- Know what that means?

Snow's coming soon.

- [Narrator] The new lens looks promising

but Mother Nature sends a warning

that cold weather is on its way.

- Yeah, jade mining season's way too short

and it can be even shorter
depending on the weather.

If the worst-case scenario
happens and we have a snow,

our season ends.

So big trouble.

- [Robin] If this weather doesn't break,

we'll be leaving real soon.

- [Narrator] Next time on Jade Fever.

- [Gary] Western (beeping), get out of it!

- [Robin] Thar she goes, rolling thunder.


- [Josh] This could be the
biggest hard rock deposit

anybody ever finds.

- Geez.

- Reality's gonna set in quickly here.

Now it's gonna start
getting really difficult.

- It's snowin' man!

I don't think we are
going up the hill today.

- [Claudia] If I don't
mine jade this year,

we have no mining season next year.

- [Robin] Oh, look at that.

- [Josh] We found jade!