Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 4, Episode 12 - Jade Fever - full transcript

The crew prospects their brand new site and see more jade than any previous claim they've mined. Surprise visitors Tony and Henry drop in to see their progress at the new site. Roughing it ...

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(dramatic music)

- [Robin] There we go, lean in there!

(engine whirring)

- Go!

- [Narrator] Claudia and
her crew are rolling out

to prospect on their new
jade claim, Two Mile.

- [Gary] Very busy day, today.

- Two Mile, for us, is a long-term site.

When you go in, you don't
just rush off to it.

You need to plan.

- This where the hike starts, Robin?

- [Robin] Yep.

- I hate hiking!

There, there's a caribou.

- Oh, right there.

- [Claudia] Oh, I see.

- [Guy] He gone!

- Okay, let's go take a look
and see what it looks like.

- Okay, we're gonna follow you, Vish.

- It's hard starting a new site

'cause you absolutely don't
have a starting point.

- This area, the ground is not good.

It's too much water.

- We're just really going in and guessing

where we should try drilling.

So starting from scratch
is extremely difficult.

- [Narrator] Claudia's claim at Two Mile

covers a mountainous area,

the size of 270 football fields.

- That one there is a jade boulder.

There's like six right here.

- One, two, three, four, five, six.

- [Narrator] It's a rich
site, that hasn't been mined

since Claudia's father
was here decades ago.

Back then, he just went
after placer boulders

on the surface.

- Well I'm doing what he didn't do,

and he wanted to prove the hard rock,

but he just picked up the placer.

Placer was all that they could
really easily do back then,

so, 40 years ago, it was a different game.

And now, so we get a
chance at the hard rock,

and this is hard rock country.

(air swooshing)

- [Narrator] Hard rock
mining is more difficult,

because it involves digging out lenses

of jade from the bedrock.

(air swooshing)
- Claudia!

This is a lens right here.

It's come out here, runs right up.

- Hard rock mining is great,

'cause if you do find a
lens that's really good,

that could mean that you stay on that site

and find many, many more lenses,

and your mining for years in one area.

- I'm gonna go up to the top.

This is where you come at 3:00 a.m.

and watch the Northern Lights.

Cool, man, 'cause like
there's just massive pieces

of jade everywhere sticking out here.

- Your grandpa says that this whole center

of that hill is jade.

- Yeah.

More chunks of the lens,

the lens comes right here, so it's fins.

- On Two Mile, there is
so many visible lenses

that when you see a lens, you
don't just rush off to it.

We have to decide where to start.

The guys would like to start
at the top and come down.

And I would rather be closer to camp,

and try to get material

that costs us less money.

- [Narrator] Robin spots a
second possible jade deposit

down the hill.

- 'Nother one over there.

- [Narrator] Much closer to camp.

- So this is the lens, right here.

'Cause look at this green right here.

But I think we start on this one first,

work our way to the top.

This is a excellent spot to start!

- Oh, we know there's jade here.

We just gotta come get it.

- When you're hard rock mining,

and you do find good stuff,

it's never little bits and pieces.

It's big!

- Hell, yeah!

(tools clanking against rocks)

- [Claudia] (laughing) Oh, my God!

(rock music)

- [Joshua] This is gonna
be the million dollar rock!

(rock music)



- [Claudia] Jade makes
people do crazy things!

(air swooshing)

- [Narrator] Down at camp, at Two Mile.

- Oh, yeah!

- Crank sharp to get it up.

- [Narrator] The crew is
anxious to start mining

a jade deposit on the
lower part of the claim.

- Wait, those air brakes won't hold her!

- [Narrator] But first, they
need to make camp livable.

- Right there.
- 'Kay, there

- We just need to have camp finished.

It's hard to mine and have
a camp that's not finished.

This little trailer
isn't the best condition,

but for a $400 investment,
it's not too pretty bad.

- [Joshua] We've moved these
trailers around so many times,

this is like, almost
second nature already.

- [Claudia] God, I hope this goes well,

'cause this could go bad really quick.

- 'Kay.

Gotta go ahead or he's
gonna break the tail light.

(suspenseful music)
(metal grinding)

(chain clinking)

- Robin!

- [Guy] That coulda' went bad.

- [Joshua] Nice job, dad!

- Lucky nobody was back there!

(chain rattling)

(hammering wood)

- [Narrator] A long week of moving camp

has been hard on Josh and the whole crew.

(trailer falling)

- Okay, that's enough!

Only one (beep) guy give directions!

- That's so sketchy!

(engine turning)

- [Narrator] And a string of bad luck

at Wolverine put everyone on edge.

- Really?

- Time to get out of here.

It's cursed, I know it!

(air swooshing)

- Cut, right there, whoa!

Right there.

- [Narrator] Now, there
weary crew is struggling

to put the finishing
touches on the new camp.

- Ahh!

- Yeah, moving camp's not fun.

Lots of labor.


But, I'll be honest with ya,

I'm not into lifting
too (beep) much today.

Glad I'm in tip-top shape!

- Everyone's really bitchy today.

The best you can do, Joe
Joe, with what we have.

- Oh, I got the job of

insulating all the cabins today.

Hey! Get to work!

- Work is not supposed to be camping.

Camp is supposed to be camp.

- Everyone's tired, no one's had a shower.

I need a shower.

- [Narrator] The final
piece of Two Mile camp

to be set up might be the most important.

- What makes a good camp?

First thing, hot shower.

98% of the people are gonna be happy.

(structure crashing to ground)

- There!

- I haven't had a shower in like six days.

Gotta hook up the hot water system

before we worry about the shower.

We got the shower now, we
just have no hot water tank.

- Stringin' out our water line.

We're gonna get water to camp.

Then we can all have a nice,

hot shower instead of a
cold bath in the creek.

- Yeah.

(hands rubbing)

A shower'd be nice.

- I don't know, actually,
who gets the first shower.

- Oh, I'm guessing it'll be Claudia.

- Oh, probably Claudia.

- Probably not gonna be me.

- [Narrator] But, before
they can get a handle

on the hot water system...

- [Josh] Huh.

- [Narrator] a chopper flies overhead.

- [Robin] Whose is that one?

- [Josh] PWH, or whatever, yeah.

- [Robin] He's goin' around.

- Yep.

- [Narrator] A chopper
could mean competing miners

are trying to squeeze in on
a potentially hot, new area.

- 'Kay, put all the tanks there,

or as far as I can reach.

- Do you want it right on the
corner or way in the back?

- That's good.

- Huh.

- [Narrator] Just then,
Gary spots some people

on the road, not far from camp.

- [Josh] You see people?

- Yeah, three of them, right there.

Walking right on the road.

- [Josh] Oh.

- They obviously got
dropped off of the chopper.

They were just standing right here.

They were here, turned
around and walked away.

- What's that?

- Three guys are walkin' right there,

goin' back up the hill.

- Three guys with shovels
and big backpacks.

- Must be our neighbors.

- [Robin] Yep.

That's what I would guess, is prospectors.

- It's a little weird when people walk

within 20 meters of your
camp and don't say hello.

- I start to get nervous.

That's just not the way we do business.

If that was me, I would've come down here,

and said what they were gonna do,


- Oh yeah, they're just right there, dad.

- [Narrator] The
strangers from the chopper

are heading straight for the jade deposit

on the lower part of the claim.

- A little bit over,
and they're on our line.

- [Josh] Yeah.

(ominous music)

(upbeat music)

- [Narrator] At Two Mile, things
are getting a little ripe.

- That window right there,
where you can see the 18 inches

of space above that window,
that's where I sleep.

'Cause I haven't showered in seven days

and I stink like a turd.

Come on in and, you know,

check out my crib.

- [Narrator] Smelly josh
invited his girlfriend Kylee

to spend the week with him
at their new mining camp.

- I've been sleeping right here lately.

- [Narrator] But the unfinished camp

is taking its toll on everyone.

- This is where I sleep.

(laughing) Nice dig!

- Like, I showered the morning
we were coming to camp,

'cause I'm like, it's gonna be a week

since I've had a shower,
and he showered two days

before we even left home, and I was like,

(laughing) I'm not cuddling you!

- If I lay like this,

then my nose touches the
roof, practically, see?

- I have a nice big bed, share
with the dogs. (laughing)

- I had to deflate my mattress,

'cause when my mattress was
inflated, I was like this.

And now I'm like this.

- I'd rather spoon with the
dogs, they smell way better!

I think Claudia has already
claimed the shower first,

because I think she's
going on day 10 today,

of not showering!

- The dogs have this bench, and
then the dogs have this bed,

and the dogs have the bed on the floor.

- Josh will be third, probably.

I'll shove him in there!


- C'mon, let's go see mom,

c'mon, c'mon, Tud!

(air swooshing)

(eerie music)

- A little bit farther,

we're almost on the line.

- Yeah, it was a bit weird having

those three guys dropped off.

- [Narrator] After an unknown group

of prospectors came suspiciously close

to a jade deposit on the
lower part of his claim,

Robin wants to double
check the boundaries.

- We're just going with
the GPS coordinates

of the line that we have
in the aerial photo.

Now we're gonna line the
exact line and mark it,

and go from there.

- So we just gotta find where it

kicks off the road sideways here.

But, it should go over.

- And goes right up there.

Yeah, it turns.

Must turn.

(heavy breathing)

- Nobody's ever been this close

and mined this close with us,

so it'll be interesting
if they put permits there

to mine right beside us for next year.

- An old mining post,

from 1978.

Really old.

- [Narrator] Decades ago,

claim lines were marked with stakes.

- That is my line.

- [Narrator] Modern GPS is
faster, and more convenient,

but has an error range
of about eight meters.

- We're at 497-532.

This is the line, that runs this way.

Anything on that side is the claim.

'Cause that knob on the end
of the lake is on my claim.

- There's a really vague sort
of idea of whose is what,

and how close to the line you are.

So yeah, you could be in a lot of trouble,

they could be in trouble,
there could be lawsuits.

I think they're just assessing their work

and seeing their stuff,
taking photos of everything,

making sure that I'm not
gonna take any of their jade.

You have to watch out for your assets,

and the assets right here are jade.

- This is a lens right here.

I have to get a picture
of the GPS location

of the lens.

(device beeping)

- Okay, we're good.

- [Narrator] The crew
will be back tomorrow,

to drill and test the lens.

If they like what they see,

they can start digging up the mountain

to expose the deposit.

(air swooshing)

- [Narrator] Down at camp,
the crew is still trying

to set up the shower.

- Well, all this is movin', right?

- No, not, we're not
worried about the pump yet.

- Gary wanted that left there, Guy.

- What's that?

- That strap that I was trying
to undo, that he's doing now.

- I just wanted to make sure
it was still on the bottom.

- Right, I was trying to untie the strap

and you told me not to, and
then Guy immediately did it,

so I was trying to tell him not to.

Like what the (beep) am I here
for, if not to help people?

- [Claudia] It's very
unorganized right now.

We're camping right now.

We're camping, we're not mining.

We're camping.

We're down to the last
four weeks of mining.

So these guys have to make this work.

- All right.

- You know what, if
you're just gonna leave

the tank on the ground,
leave it right there.

- [Narrator] The last step to
get the shower up and running

is to clean out the
big water storage tank.

- Put some water in it,
washed and drained out,

then it's good.

- But we have to figure
out how we can clean

the bottom 'cause it's full
of mold and everything.

- I don't, I don't wanna

figure things out.
- You can't.

Okay, of course you don't.
- I don't wanna figure

things out.
- Of course you can't.

- When do I wanna figure things out? When?

- Joshua, don't!

- I'm trying to do jobs, but
every job that I go to do,

I get chased out of.

- Go in that thing and wipe it out for me.

I will get you some towels,

I will get you some hot water.

And that can be what you do.

You can figure it out.

- Aw, (beep) this.

(intense music)
(air swooshing)

- [Narrator] At Two Mile, the
camp is one dirty job away

from having a functional
shower and a happy crew.

- Ah!
- Ah!

- [Narrator] But nobody
wants to do the job.

- Robin, how do you think we
should figure out the tank,

how to clean it out?

- It's only like five
gallons you're dumping in,

you're washing the stuff,
wipe the floor down,

just like we did before, and dump it out.

- [Claudia] But somebody has to get in it,

is what you're saying.
- Yep.

- Joshua's got the most
important job on the site,

so that I can take a shower.

If I give you some hot water and a rag,

you can go in there or what?

- Yeah, I'll figure it out.

- Josh got the job 'cause Josh

don't work well everyday
with other people.

(door closing)

- My feet are dirtier than this tank,

so I don't understand
why you want me in here.

You know, I'm the most nimble
and I have the easiest time

gettin' in and out of (beep) like that,

and Gary doesn't fit, so you know,

sent me in there.

Gary'd be like Santa, Santa
Claus down the chimney.

- (laughing) It's probably not warm.

- Gimme that, I'll stand on that

so I don't have to
stand in the cold water.

Where's the hot water?

- I'm gonna go get it for you if...

- Go get the hot water!

Why am I in here?

- (laughing) Where are you?

- [Joshua] Uh, I'm in here.

Where's the water?
- Can I pour?

- Yeah just... you could
just pour it in, yep.

Oh (beep)! Stop pouring it!

Stop, it's on my (beep) feet!

(Claudia laughing)

- Don't pour! Don't pour!

(Claudia laughing loudly)

(bowl clanking on tank)

- I had a feeling I'd probably
be doing this today, yup.

- No, no, he doesn't get the first shower.

I've had the least amount of water

to my body in the last nine days.

I get the first shower!

(water splashing)

I'll be in the warmish, warm kitchen,

getting ready for my shower.


- Ugh.

Okay, that can be filled with water.

We'll get the hot water
running in the kitchen.

We'll get the shower goin',
everybody'll be happy,

clean, we won't stink
around each other so much.

Bring morale up at camp a little bit.

Not that it's not at an all-time high.

(water splashing)

(helicopter whirring)
- But before the crew

can hit the showers,
another strange chopper

is spotted close by.

- [Claudia] Who's here?
(helicopter whirring)

Who the (beep) is waving?

- I don't know, I heard'em,
so I turned around

and I saw'em comin' through the pass.

(helicopter winding down)

Oh, Henry and Tony.

- [Narrator] Tony Ritter is
one of the most successful

jade miners in the area.

- What's up, chief?
- How you doin', man?

- How you doin', man?

- [Narrator] Henry Lee
is an old family friend

and jade dealer.

- You guys are pushin' it late,

with having to put the camp
in and everything else.

Winter's comin', you guys!

- No, please don't say that!

I got, I need 30 days.

- Yeah, that's right.

- [Tony] When it snows here,
it could be in like tonight.

It's a pretty small community,
so everybody knows everybody,

and we all kinda gotta
look after each other.

I could see right now where I would go.

- Tell me!

- See, you can see that
little section there,

that little hole, and there's
those columnar rocks there

that aren't deteriorated like the rest.

- Right where I'm pointing,
right there in the middle?

- Right there.
- Yes.

- The jade or rock that's
closely associated with it,

because it's so much harder
than the rest of the rock,

you'll see, everything will erode

around it.
- Around it.

- Make it stick out.

See all that limestone there?

- Yep.

- You know, that's what you
look for, you look for that,

and then that, that eroded serpentine.

- Yep.

- That's like your perfect
environment right there.

- [Narrator] Tony thinks
the high-quality jade

is most likely in the
upper part of the claim,

not the lower deposit,
where the crew planned

to start mining.

- But, you guys got
lots of area to look at,

there's probably gotta be 100 targets,

just within eyesight here.

- Yep.
- Yep.

- Can't believe how
much work you guys did.

- I'm really proud of everybody.

It was great for you to come in.

- Yep.

- Thanks for stopping in.
- Yeah.

- Keep in touch with me.

- I would say the future
for Robin and Claudia

looks better here than it
has in the last few years.

And I think it's gonna pay off for them.

(helicopter whirring)

- When Tony Ritter says there's
good jade, we go after it.

- [Tony On Radio] The deposit

runs right up through the mountain here.

It's plain as day!

I can't believe nobody's pursued that yet!

- [Narrator] But Robin has a major concern

about this deposit.

- You know what the ping is?

- What?

- We gotta go check it out.

Might not be on our line.

(eerie music)

(air swooshing)

(upbeat music)

- [Claudia] That's exciting!

♪ We've got running water ♪

♪ We've got... ♪

♪ Running water! ♪

- [Narrator] The water
tank at Two Mile camp

is filling fast, for the
all-important shower.

- Hot water tank full.

- [Narrator] The hot water
heater is working overtime.

- Good to go.

- [Narrator] And the crew has
only one thing on their mind.

- Shower time for somebody tonight!

- I'm next after you.

- Or there's a (beep) fight on.


Have you seen that shower?

- I ain't (beep) goin' in there!

No way!

- I know lots of people want to be first,

but if I could sneak in there real quick

and make sure everything works fine,

then I'll tell everybody,

"Okay, it's safe to go shower".

And I'ma make sure that
hot water tank works good.

Make sure it's at the right temperature.

It's very important for
the rest of the crew.

So, I think I should go first.

- [Claudia] Yay, towel, shampoo, shower.

- Yeah, you take your
time in the trailer there,

I'll go clean the shower.

- Yeah, buzz off, it's mine first!

- Anybody in there, Robin?

- [Robin] Nope.

- There better be nobody else in there.

- Get lost (laughing)! Get lost!

Get out! (laughing)
- What?

- Get!

Felt there was hot
water, there's hot water.

- Yeah, yeah. (gagging)

- [Claudia] It's all gross in here!

- [Guy] Yep!

- I gotta go get a rag.

- Robin, Robin!
- What?

- Go grab me a towel.


(clothing rustling)

(door squeaking)

- I'm comin' in!

- [Guy] Too late!

- (beep) you, (laughing) get out!

- [Guy] I'm naked!

- You are not!

- Hey, he's already in the shower.

- You are not!

- [Guy] Yeah, woo!

- You lie.
- Woo! Ohh.

- Yeah, he's inside.
- You are not!

(laughing) You're such a liar!

Okay, you go look.

- Yeah, he's in the shower,
his clothes is right there.

- He is not!

No, his clothes are not in there.

- Right, take a look, right here.

- [Guy] I'm cleaning the shower!

- You are such an (beep)
hole (laughing loudly)!

You get out!
- It's so hot!

- Get out!
- Don't use up all

the hot water.
- I'm washing

my (beep ) right now.

- Get (laughing) out!

♪ Shoo bee doo bee doo ♪

- You have a three minute
shower time then I'm turning

the water off.
- I need a minute

for each foot!
- Gonna get another towel.

- I'm turning the water off.

- [Guy] Thirty seconds for my (beep).

- What an (beep) hole!

- [Guy] Twenty seconds for my
nuts, 'cause they're small,

just saying.

(door creaking)

- Woo!


- [Robin] Gumboots, and
a towel, there ya go!

- Why, I couldn't find my crocs!

- [Claudia] I deserved the shower first.

- Woo!

(playful music)

(door creaking)

- That hot shower was decadent!


It was like chocolate
after you haven't had

chocolate for a few months.

It was a great shower!

Dirty or not.

(air swooshing)

- [Robin] Okay, let's
put her in hyperdrive,

see if we can get to the top.

- I'll clock you guys.

- [Narrator] Later that afternoon...

- This particular spot that Tony

has spotted is a question mark.

We have to go up and GPS it,

and that's where we will start mining.

- [Narrator] Robin, Guy, and Gary

are trying to determine whether

a jade deposit at the top of the mountain

lies on their claim.

- Prospecting is kinda' fun.

Except when it's like this.

Now this is steep.


Somewhere here.

Right here, Robin.

Now I see what he was looking at, Gary.

This space.
- That big one right there.

- Is it lens, or just a loose rock?

- Looks like lens.

- [Narrator] But is it on their claim?

(ominous music)

- Just gotta find a rock.

This is where we need
to start, is right here.


You're on your claim here.

- [Narrator] GPS confirms that the deposit

is on their claim.

Now, the push begins to get sellable jade

out of the ground, before freeze up.

- Well, it was a long hike
up here, but lotsa jade,

so, next time I come up here,

better be with a piece of equipment.

(air swooshing)

- [Narrator] Next time, on Jade Fever...

- We're dating today.

- You're on one machine, I'm on another.


- That's the way we always date.


- This one here will be
the first we're drilling.


- There. Is the first--

- Is it breaking?

I'm too old for this, honey.


- You drive through the conditions

and the load you have,

and she's feelin' heavy.

(tire popping)
Uh oh!

Well, that's not cool!

What the (beep)?

(tire spinning)

- [Gary] Bad day!

(wood banging)