Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 4, Episode 11 - Jade Fever - full transcript

As the crew struggle to build their new camp, Gary and Guy head out to reclaim their own mine, Wolverine. But Guy believes the old site is cursed and won't let them go without a fight. As ...

(light upbeat music)

- [Claudia] Guy, the
generator goes right on this?

- Yeah, we're just gonna
level it, add a floor.

- That actually looks pretty level.

- [Claudia] Open your other eye.

- [Narrator] At their new
jade claim called Two Mile,

in northern British Columbia,

- This way.

- [Narrator] Claudia and her
crew are starting from scratch.

- We've built camps, but now,

this is the first time
we've ever had to move one.

- [Narrator] They're reassembling camp

from a jumbled mess that was hauled in

from their old mine site, Wolverine.

- This was a quick move,

and everything is sort
of dumped everywhere.

- We'll flip it over first, Reuben.

- [Claudia] If we're missing
one piece of this puzzle,

we could be in a lot of trouble.

- One, two, seven!

- It'll take us a while to
organize it the way we want to,

but now we know what we need more of.

So a bigger dining room for sure,

a bigger generator area,

and we need more jade.

- [Narrator] Three weeks
ago, the crew uncovered

promising signs of jade at Two Mile.

- Take a look at that
big boulder right there.

- [Claudia] Wow!

- We're just tripping over this stuff.

[Narrator] But the tough task

of moving to a new site mid-season.

- [Claudia] Ah, the
kitchen's off the rail.

- [Narrator] Has put them behind.

Now the pressure is on
to get camp operational

and jade out of the
ground before winter hits.

- [Man] Good.

- We're a lot higher up on Two Mile.

Cold we can deal with, snow we cannot.

So we don't have a long
time to make money.

Let it down.

- It won't go down until I get my toe out

from underneath it.

(Claudia laughs)

Strapping on there and then
we got ourselves a roof.

The higher you go, the
shorter your mining season.

You gotta try to get every day you can.

- Dinner in three minutes.

- [Robin] Little bit right there, yep.

- Dishes, spaghetti.

Might be a dining room ready for dinner.


A window in a dining room.

Never thought I would get it.

That's the exciting thing.

We got a dining room.


I'm excited.

But it's a whole new ball game.

- Done!

Oh this is perfect.

- We need to get a move on it.

We really need to get mining.

And a beer and a toast.

30 days lefts.


(Claudia laughs)

- [Gary] Cheers

(rhythmic rock music)

- Oh my God.

- [Man] This is gonna be
the million dollar rock.

- Yaahoo!

- [Claudia] Jade makes
people do crazy things.

- [Guy] There, full.

- [Robin] 'Kay, when
you're done I'll take it.

[Narrator] Next morning,
the crew is preparing

for one final trip back to Wolverine.

- So you guys grab the radios,

the sat phones, okay.

- Gary and I are gonna
in with some extra fuel.

So we'll do a reclamation today.

Once it's all done I'll be happy.

Up until then, I'm not be a happy camper.

[Narrator] Claudia can't
break ground at the new site

until the old site is reclaimed.

- Reclamation is when you're
finished mining an area.

You put everything back as
close to natural as you can.

So you gotta bury
everything and then you have

to put back all the black topsoil.

- You're gonna have a fun fun ride.

- Yeah I don't need you yahoos
(beep) explaining it to me.

I know.

- It's gonna be fun.

- [Guy] It's not gonna be fun.

But do it and get it over with.

- [Gary] All smiles and butterflies.

Watch that first bump.


- Oh yeah, I can feel him already.

- [Narrator] Wolverine has been home

to some of the crews greatest finds.

- Oh!
- Look at it!

- [Man] Jing-a-ling

- It is beautiful!

- [Narrator] But over
time, the site seemed

to only produce disappointment.

- [Guy] Fractured like
there's no tomorrow.

Not too pretty good.

- [Claudia] Did you find any jade?

- [Narrator] And this year, their plan

to start mining at Wolverine early ...

- No, are lying?

Where are you?

Are you wet?

- [Narrator] ... ended in
disaster for Josh and Guy.

(teeth chattering)

- Oh my God, Guy.

Here's a extra t-shirt.

They're soaking wet.

(helicopter blades whirring)

- If I never see Wolverine again I'm fine.

It's cursed man.

You cannot have that much
bad luck in one site.

We're gonna reclaim and get out.

I'm even scared to grab a gear here.

Got some (beep) funny.

Here, you shift.

(Guy laughs)

- Well the boys are on their
last trip to Wolverine.

These guys have to finish
reclamation and get everything

off of Wolverine and get back here.

We need to start mining.

- [Guy] A little six-hour
drive from Two Mile.

Now Gary and I are gonna
fuel up the excavator.

Get it started and get
busy on the reclamation.

- It's exactly like getting
your damage deposit.

If you leave your site
looking good when you leave,

you get your bond back.

- [Guy] How's that there, Gary?

- [Gary] I have no faith in this machine.

You ready?

- Yep.

(engine cranking)


We had fuel problem with it.

It doesn't like to start.

So we gotta boost it.

We gotta use ether.

There it is.

- [Gary] Okay.

(engine cranking)

(can spraying)

- [Narrator] Ether is a starting fluid.

- Again

- [Narrator] Sprayed into
the intake to help ignite

diesel engines when they're cold or damp.

- [Guy] She's not gonna go.

- [Gary] Nothing (beep) is easy Guy.

(engine cranking)
(can spraying)

Not even fricking firing.

- Cursed.


I think the injection pump's a little weak

because it just doesn't like to start.

- I'll go give her another prime.

- [Guy] Let me know when you're
10 in, I'll crank it over.

- [Gary] Give her, Guy.

(engine cranking)

(engine starting)
- Oh!

There she goes.

Okay, get busy.

We finally got her to go.

The ol' girl's running.

Let's hope it stays that
way so we can get this

finished up and go back to Two Mile

and we can actually do some mining.

(drill whirring)

- [Jo Jo] Okay.

- [Narrator] Back at Two
Mile, all hands are on deck

to get the camp up and running.

- Come on.

There we go.

Moving camp from one site
to another is a big job.

That's a big window.

- [Man] Yep.

- And it should be done in
a certain type of a manner.

Instant airflow.

Not in total chaos.

- [Jo Jo] I hope this is the right piece.

- [Narrator] Handyman Jo
Jo is trying to help out.

- I'm gonna have to cut it off.

They came over here to build everything.

It's all a rush.

We didn't really follow the rules.

You know, like mark everything down.

- [Man] Does that work for ya?

- [Man] No.

- [Man] Try the other way.

- [Narrator] Claudia's helpers Stef

and Eddie are no better off.

- [Man] Nah, it ain't gonna work.

- I think we're screwed
because the plywood

that we put up to cover the cabin

are the pieces that we need.

And it just started raining.

- Okay.

Time to get out of this (beep) rain.

It's a pain in the ass.

- The rain just wrecks
everything on the ground.

It's just pure mud.

It's hard to get around.

So we're all running around
trying to do everything we can.

And that's not always
the best way to do it.

Oh this is so bad.

- I have to cut some plywood, Claudia.

You know, if we waste our time looking

for the pieces nothing will get done.

- Do what we can.

- Exactly.
- That's all we can do.

It's a big mess.

I only have my crew here
to work a couple days

to get the cabins up.

And the reclamation
absolutely has to be done.

Every minute slows us down
when we're not mining.

Gary and Guy have to finish up Wolverine.

I hope everything's okay.

- [Gary] It'll pop back on easy enough.

- [Narrator] At Wolverine,
reclamation is on hold again.

- [Gary] What happens when
your rails are wore out.

- [Narrator] The excavator
track slipped off the roller.

- Cursed.

Bucket here.

- Yep and I'll hook it to the clevis.

We'll just wrap it through
the hoop on the bucket

and put some tension on her.

She'll pop back in.

Lock in a little bit as you go.

There's always gonna be breakdowns.


But this is different.

Not once, twice.

It's kinda weird.

Keep going.

Okay, back off the bucket.

But we'll push through it.

Always do.

Real slow.

Okay, bam!

- Bush fix 101.

That was easy fix, so we can live that.

We don't need breakdowns today.

- [Narrator] Josh and Shawn
have arrived at Wolverine

to haul out any remaining scraps.

- Oy oy oy.

My parents are stressed out for sure.

We're on a tight, tight time crunch

and if we don't get this
camp totally out of here

and reclaimed, they're not gonna

get the money back from the bond.

And we're not gonna be able
to afford to mine Two Mile

or even get setup this year.

- [Gary] Made pretty good time?

- We made it from camp
to here in four hours.

(Gary laughs)

Hey man, get western.

We got the Bedford, the Crummie,
and the rock truck here.

We're gonna load up all three of them

and then everybody's heading
out of Wolverine today.

Last day onsite, so
reclamation'll be done.

Everything'll be clean.

It has to be like we were
never here or we don't

get the bond back and
we can't mine Two Mile.

- [Gary] Everything's gotta go man.

Say, Guy.

- [Guy] Those are savers.

- It's definitely the end
of an era here at Wolverine.

But we're excited to chart
a new story out at Two Mile

and find some lenses and make some money.

- [Gary] That'll work.

You can go down.

The other down some' bitch.

There it is, bam!

- This one's done.

We'll get the Crummie
loaded up, get the camper

on the Bedford and we'll hit the road.

- Off like a herd of turtles.

(engine cranking)

- Uh oh.

Yeah, she's not starting.

- [Josh] Is it in neutral?

- [Shawn] Yeah

- [Josh] Looks like
the batteries are dead.

- It won't let us leave.

It's cursed.

- [Guy] We sure don't need this.

- [Josh] Shoulda left
the damn thing running.

- [Gary] Yeah.

- [Josh] Dammit.

- [Narrator] As the Jade City
crew reclaim their old site,

The curse of Wolverine has struck again.

- We were just getting ready to leave

and we can't get the
international to fire up here now.

So were just trying to
diagnose real quick.

These things start on oil pressure, right?

- [Gary] Right.

- [Josh] Well she's low on oil.

We better put some in it.

- [Gary] Yeah.

- The dipstick is reading pretty low.

So we're gonna top up the oil

and it's gonna fire right up hopefully.

- We should be good.
- Yep.

- Hey turn the key on.

(fast clicking)

There's what I wanted to hear.

Okay, try her.

(engine cranking)

Give it a lil, put your foot to the floor.

(engine cranking)


- Ugly.

We were ahead of schedule
before this happened.

- I don't know what to look for.

- Son of a bitch, son of a bitch.

- [Guy] Emergency shut-off got flicked.

- Yeah, but I wonder which
way is which on this (beep).

- [Guy] It should be flicked up.

- [Shawn] Yeah.

- But if it's flicked up, it's backwards.

- Right.

- We'll try it and we'll see.
- Try it right now.

(egine cranking)

- That (beep) should start.

There's no reason it shouldn't start.

Let's check the fuel pump fuse.

Well if we got a burnt out fuse

you got something shorted out.

I don't think that's gonna do it.

I don't think it's
amps, I think it's fuel.

(engine cranking)

- You got oil pressure.

- It should start.

(loud thud)

(beep) thing.

- Okay, well somebody better call my folks

and find out what they wanna do.

- Gotta be something stupid.

Should start regardless.

- [Gary] You gonna make the call?

- [Guy] Yeah I'm gonna make the call.

We ain't leaving Wolverine just yet.


- [Man] We got a shorter one right there.

- [Narrator] Back at Two Mile ...

- [Claudia] Pouring in finally.

It's like literally pouring
where the electricity comes in.

- [Narrator] ...Claudia's
dealing with troubles of her own.

- Robin forgot the silicone.

Guess we should've did
that when it was warm.

- It's like a little
waterfall right there.

- It is (beep).

(phone rings)


- How you doing Claudia?

We got big problems.

The Crummie won't start.

Not good

- [Claudia] And the excavator?

- [Guy] The excavator's
running, the trucks are loaded,

but the Crummie won't start.

- Okay, everything else is okay though?

- [Guy] Yeah, we're okay.

- [Claudia] Okay, see you soon.

- [Guy] Okay, thank you.

- Bye bye

(Claudia sighs)

If I don't get my reclamation done,

I don't get my bond money back.

There's a huge amount of money

that the government's
holding of mine right now

that should be on this
property so that we can mine.

- Might as well blast,
'cause it's what, five now?

- Okay

Let's go.

- [Narrator] Reclamation is on hold.

The crew is forced to
leave the Crummie behind

and head back to Two Mile to regroup.

- [Guy] Always expect the
unexpected and you should be fine.

- Okay, buddy.

Goodbye Wolverine jade mine.

Been nice knowing ya.

- [Gary] How'd you sleep?

- [Guy] I didn't.

- [Gary] Perfect.

(Gary and Guy laugh)

- [Narrator] After a
restless night at Two Mile,

Guy and Gary are back on the road

to Wolverine to finish
reclamation of the site.

- [Guy] One more time, Gary.

- [Narrator] But first
they're getting some help

to revive the stalled Crummie.

- [Gary] Dwayne's the man.

He's the best mechanic I know.

- [Narrator] Up ahead,
Claudia's called in a favor.

Henry Lee and his camp
mechanic Dwayne are arriving

at Wolverine to try to get
the Crummie up and running.

- Yoho, what a trip.

Shaken but not stirred.

- Yeah, right

- Yeah

- You know we love to help.

Anything that need to
be helped, we will help.

- First, key.

Very important.

We have a key, hoo hoo.

When I try starting this Henry,

you can tell me if
there's any kind of smoke

at all coming through the exhaust pipe.

Okay just for (beep) and giggles.

- [Henry] Yeah, go!

- [Dwayne] Cranking.

(engine cranking)

- No problem.

Hey, no problems, man.

- I have magic fingers.

- What the (beep) are we doing here for?

Let's go home.
(Dwayne laughing)

They say it's broken, right?

It should be broken.

- Well you have to turn the key.

Let's call 'em magic fingers.

I think what we should do just for fun

is start driving down
this road a little bit

just to see what the reaction is.

(Dwayne and Henry laugh)

- Backing up.
- Oh for (beep) sakes.

- Oh for (beep) sakes!

(Dwayne laugh)

- What the (beep) did you do?

- Now the first thing you gotta do

is take that little
key and give it a turn.

- We did.

- Maybe it's magic fingers.

We're the bomb.

- Are you surprised or what?

- Very.

We fought with that (beep)
thing for two and half hours.

- Did it just start?

- I (beep) a bit but I
haven't got a freaking clue

other than a maybe a piece
of dirt in the solenoid.

- I told ya.

It might just (beep) start.

- [Gary] All right.

- Fair enough.
- Can't thank ya enough.

- Thank you very much.

We'll see you on the flip side.

- [Gary] You got it.

Thanks for bringing him.

- No worries, Gary.

[Dwayne] - King of all magic.

- [Henry] You're the man!

(Dwayne laughs)

- [Guy] Okay, let's go.


- [Gary] Her knees are deep.

- [Narrator] Gary and Guy just need

to fill the rock truck with a few

left over low-quality jade boulders.

Then they can finally hit the road

out of Wolverine for good.

- [Guy] Let's go home, have
a beer, and talk about this.

- [Gary] Okay, I'm with ya.

- [Guy] Start mining tomorrow.

- [Gary] Yeehaw!

I'll just park it.

Uh oh.

Oh my God, what?

- [Guy] Eh, something happen down there?

- [Gary] Really?

- Gary lost two tracks, not one.

That never happens.

- [Guy] This place is cursed.

- [Gary] Ya think?

- I'm not into any of
that, but it's cursed.


- [Gary] Murphy's Law!

- [Narrator] At their old site, Wolverine.

- Everything goes good then
all of a sudden (clucks).

- [Narrator] There's more
trouble for Gary and Guy

and their quest to leave.

- Wore out stuff.

Walked on a couple rocks
right here at the bottom.

Both tracks, not one.

Both tracks come off the front rollers.

That just never happens.

It's a pain in my arse.

We gotta get a chain,
hook it here, pull it over

and turn at the same time and
pop it back on the idlers.

We gotta do that on both sides.

- We have one big chain.

Put a (beep) knot in it, I don't care.

Time to get outta here.

Get this done and get outta here.

It's cursed, I know it.

So I'll get her kinda half ass tight here

and I'll back up as you go ahead.

- Keep coming, Guy.

- Okay

(tracks rumbling)

- [Guy] Not showing the love.

- [Gary] Keep going, keep going.

Little more.

There, that's getting close.

(metal clanking)

- [Guy] What was that?

- Are (beep) kidding me?

Broke the big chain.

- [Guy] We were half on.

- We gotta get it over the idler though.

We need two chains.

One there and one there.

We had a double chain, but
we don't have a double chain.

We've got nothing to fix this with today.

- No

This we are not prepared for.

- Yep.

Sit right (beep) there.

Seems like a never ending
story for Wolverine.

- Won't let us mine here
now it won't let us leave.

I really hate this place now.

- Hello.

- Hello.

- [Claudia] Hello, Mr.
Marshall, what's up?

- Are you sittin'?

- What?

I'm waiting.

- Both tracks come off the excavator.

We're dead in the water
with the excavator.

It's sittin' where the saw use to be.

- The CAT and the
excavator can stay behind,

but the rock truck and
the Crummie are coming.

- [Guy] Okay.

- Perfect, done.

- And we'll see you guys
in about five hours.

- That sounds great.

I'll see you for supper.

And we got wieners and beans
for you guys for dinner.

Woo, wieners and beans!

- You (beep) serious?

Wieners and beans?

Wieners and beans.


- I'm kidding, I'll see you soon.

- Okay, bye bye.

She don't (beep) care.

It can stay here 'til next year.

Let's load up and get outta here.

Cursed, done, not going back.

Hi Two Mile, bye Wolverine.

- No I don't believe Wolverine is cursed.

I know the boys all do.

I just think that we're being nudged

in a different direction.

Oh, there they are.

(truck horn honks)

Woo, she mama.

I think that Two Mile is our home.

(Claudia laughs)

That was easy, huh?

- [Guy] Oh yeah, yeah.

Place is cursed.

- We're done with Wolverine.


- [Guy] I know.

- I feel like it can bring us,

not just that million-dollar boulder,

but millions of dollars worth of jade.

So, cursed?

Maybe not.

Maybe pushed in a better direction.

- [Narrator] Next time on Jade Fever.

- [Guy] This where the
hike starts, Reuben?

- [Reuben] Yep.

- I hate hiking.

- Taste's like jade.

That tastes like money.

- [Man] Whose is that one?

- [Josh] PWH.

You see people?

- [Man] Yeah, three of 'em right there.

You can go ask 'em what they're doing.

- [Guy] Well all this is moving, right?

- It's very unorganized right now.

We need to get mining.

Go in that thing and wipe it out for me.

Can I pour?

- [Man] Oh Jesus, stop pouring it!

- [Woman] I can't believe
nobody's pursued that yet.

- Might not be on our land.