Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 4, Episode 10 - Jade Fever - full transcript

On the rough road to 2 Mile, Josh struggles with a heavy, unstable load and gets separated from the convoy. He faces a lonely night on the trail while Robin and Claudia forge ahead to the ...

(bass music)

- Oh boy.

Break another shock.

(truck horn)

- Not gonna be able to keep an eye

on these blocks on the back so,

pretty much my first notification
this trailer's going for

a ride is gonna be when
it falls off my truck.

- Or maybe when you hit
some lumber or something.

- [Claudia] We're running outta time.

I need to be mining Two Mile by tomorrow.

Time is money.

And we're outta both.

- [Narrator] Claudia
and the Jade City Crew

have made a big gamble.

Starting up a brand new mining site.

More than 3/4 of the way

through their one hundred
day Jade mining season.

- We have about a month
left in the mining season.

That's it.

So under the crunch to get mining.

- [Narrator] They're hauling
their camp and equipment over a

narrow, rugged, 60 kilometer trail.

To their new Jade mining
site, called Two Mile.

(suspenseful music)

- Wow, it's super unsettling
how much smoke's in the

background there.

There's a forest fire somewhere behind us.

We're just not 100% sure where.

- [Narrator] Earlier today:

- [Claudia] We're running outta time.

- Watch your fingers.


- Okay, let's go.

- [Narrator] Claudia's crew
hastily left their old camp in

Wolverine, as smoke from a
nearby wild fire blew in.

- [Male #1] It is smokey.

- [Narrator] Now, they're
putting the fire behind them.

But the late exit from camp

means they're running out of daylight.

(equipment moving)

- Holy (beep) that's nerve wrecking.

That sucks.

- [Narrator] Claudia
and Robin's son, Josh,

has been trusted with
transporting the most vital load.

The camp cook shack

and all of their food.

- You feel the bump

and then you imagine the
effect it's gonna have on the

very precarious trailer.

It just makes your heart stop.

- [Narrator] Josh is taking his
time with his unsteady load.

He's already falling behind
the rest of the crew.

- I can't see the back
of my load at all and

it's really making me uncomfortable.

There's so much movement.

Everybody just left me behind like,

it'd just be nice to
have somebody behind me,

letting me know if my
blocks were falling apart.

It just looks like it's
(beep) falling off already.

(equipment rattling)

- [Josh] Holy (beep).

My shack is moving
separate from the frame.

That's so sketchy.

I gotta stop.

(low background music)

- [Josh] That's not good.





- [Josh] These

boards here that I'm trying
to hold in place are literally

holding up the entire front of the cabin.

So they're important.

If the boards come out forward,

then the front of the trailer's gonna fall

and the tank's gonna get crushed,

and this is all gonna

come apart.

(door slamming)

- [Josh] Everybody's food is
gonna be laying on its side

if I don't

pay close attention here.

If I flip over,

I'm gonna be

the absolute least popular
person on the mine site.

(country music)



- [Josh] This is gonna be
the million dollar Rockies.

(country music)

- Yee Hoo!

- [Claudia] Jade makes
people do crazy things.

- [Narrator] Scrappy
Larry and his army truck

are leading the charge to
the new Two Mile mining camp.

He's carrying

all of the lumber for the
cabins on his trailer.

- (beep), man.

- [Narrator] Robin and JoJo
are keeping a close eye

on Larry and his heavy load.

- Oh, broke some straps.

(country music)

- [Robin] I think

Scrappy has

lost and

everything come loose.

Think some straps broke.

So we gotta


- [Narrator] Some of the straps

securing the cabins

have come off.

- That come loose?

- Everything come flying off.

- [Robin] Oh, they slid off?

- Yup.

- [Narrator] But the straps
aren't Larry's biggest problem.

- [Larry] Holy (beep)


- [Larry] I've got two
tires down for sure.

I'm gonna end up losing them all.

- [Narrator] Two tires have been shredded

by the narrow road.

- [Larry] This trailer's a little bit

too long for in here.

Because when you're
going around the corners

you're catching tires.

You can't help it.

And now I'm loaded, right?

When I was empty,

it would,

most of the time just go
over the rocks, right?

Now it's not doing that.

Not doing very good.

(suspenseful music)

- That probably won't be the last one.

By the time I get to Boulder.

- [Narrator] Boulder is 45
kilometers from Wolverine.

It's an old mining camp.

From Boulder,

they will make a steep, 15 kilometer climb

into the high Alpine.

Before they reach their
Two Mile, Jade claim.

(straps squeaking)

- Okay.


- [Robin] Watch out for

big chunks of rubber.


- [Larry] Roads are rough.

- [Robin] Yeah.

- [Larry] Okay.

Let's get outta here.

- He loses anymore tires,

we're (beep).

(engine roaring)

- [Narrator] Larry and
Robin press forward.

(CB radio)

- [Robin] Anybody heard how

Josh is making out?

You got a copy, Josh?

Can you hear me, Josh?

- [Narrator] While Josh
continues to fall behind.

- I don't know where
Larry, or my dad, or my mom

or anybody is.

Radio check.

Can anybody hear me?

(engine roaring)

(equipment rattling)

- [Josh] They're not answering me.

That sucks.

I've lost radio communications.

It's like I'm out here on my own.

And I got this really precarious load

and so

if it shifts,

I don't have any help to straighten it.

So I gotta keep

very slow and steady.

Or I'm not gonna make it.

(suspenseful music)

(suspenseful music)

- Come on, you can do it.

- [Narrator] Scrappy Larry
and his shredded tires

are hobbling into the
mining camp, Boulder.

- Come on, baby.

(gravel crunching)

(suspenseful music)

- [Claudia] Look at this, Pete.

Three of them.

Two on the other side.


- [Claudia] Can you fix that?

- [Pete] Claud,

I don't think I can fix that one, though.

- We're finally here at Boulder.

It's 8:30 at night.

We still got another hour
and a half to go up to

Two Mile.

- [Pete] Holy (beep).

You think he's gonna make
it up Two Mile with that?

- [Narrator] Larry's tires
won't make it any further.

So Claudia has recruited Pete Danio,

Boulder's on-site mechanic.

- [Pete] Hey Larry, I'll
just put a patch on that one

and it'll be all right, right?


- [Larry] Maybe a new cap?

Can we recap it?


- [Pete] Yeah, probably.

- Well, I only had one
dent a little while ago.

I thought,

I figured I could fix that
rim but I think it's...

(Claudia laughing)

- [Pete] Well, I don't think
it's fixable now but...

- [Larry] I don't think so.

- [Claudia] Robin's coming right behind.


- [Claudia] So, Pete's gonna
pull those off for Scrappy.

- [Narrator] Pete will pull
off what's left of the outside

tires from Larry's trailer.

But the job will take a few hours.

- [Robin] I think it's better
if you come up in the morning.

We can come down with the quads because

if it's getting dark,

I don't recommend you pull this up there.

- [Narrator] With the worst
part of the trail still to come,

Robin tells Larry to
park it for the night.

- [Robin] Road is ten miles long,

15 kilometers,

all uphill.

It is

a very

trying road

with a heavy load.

- Scrappy why don't you
plan on coming up at

7:00, and we'll meet you
at that hill at 7:00?

- Okay, yeah.

- [Claudia] And then
we can set up the tent.

And we have the two trailers.

I'm just concerned about Josh.

Pete's been trying to
get a hold of Josh, too.

He, he's far behind because
he wasn't really safe.

As long as he gets here safe.

The problem is is that
if he has any problems,

who's gonna hear him now?

He's really taking his time,

Thank God,

but now we've lost contact with him.

But it's almost gonna be dark.

So we gotta go,

get up the hill,

and hopefully everything'll be okay.

- [Narrator] Claudia
and Robin forge ahead.

They'll set up camp at Two Mile

before they run out of daylight.

And hope for the best for Josh.

- [Robin] If,

Josh takes too long,

Josh will be in the dark.

(guitar music)

- [Josh] I'm (beep) tired.

- [Narrator] Ten kilometers from Boulder,

and with no working headlights,

Josh continues to inch forward

on his own.

- [Josh] I wanna park
this truck and go to bed

is what I wanna do. Like,

that's crazy.

(CB Radio)

- Josh

- Hello

- Hello, where you at?

- [Josh] I'm very far away from you.

I don't know if you can hear me

but I'm not even in The Burn yet.

I have no headlights,

so I'll be calling it a night
soon here, and sleeping.

(CB Radio)

- I still can't hear most
of what you're saying.

(CB Radio)

- [Josh] Why can't I (beep) hear him?

This is why you don't split up

this far.

I'm like hours behind them.

I gotta stop before I get frustrated

and (beep) dump this thing
'cause I'm pissed off.

(dramatic music)

- [Robin] Claudia, you got a copy?

- [Narrator] Kilometers
from the Two Mile Camp,

Robin radios Claudia

with an update from Josh.

- Josh is spending the night on the road.

He's just entered The Burn.

We should've stayed in Boulder.

- [Claudia] Oh my god.

- [Robin] This should've never happened.

We should've stayed right there.

Super bad decision.

- [Josh] I feel like I'm more
of a hindrance than a help.

They just left me here on the trail.


Nobody feels guilty.

Nobody gives a (beep).


(whispers) So stupid.

(dramatic music)

(guitar music)


- [Narrator] All alone
on the road to Two Mile,

Josh is waking up after
spending a cold night

sleeping on the kitchen floor.

- Okay, my straps are still good.

(engine starting)

(engine roaring)

- [Josh] Welcome to Josh in the morning,

your favorite breakfast (beep) show

with all the cursing and

profanity that you could possibly ask for.

Today, we're hauling
this huge white (beep)

precariously balanced on Jenga blocks.

Could we move to a caller?

Could we get a caller?

Do we have any callers on the line?

It's been quite the chore

to keep this camper on the truck here

and stay slow enough so
that I don't lose it.

(chain bangs)

- [Josh] Oh come on.

Look at that.



My chain snapped.

This old (beep) chain
that they used to hold

to hold my (beep) camper on snapped.


See that?

It's just not (beep) tight enough.

It will have to do.

- [Narrator] Josh has no
replacement for the snapped chain.

So he'll have to try
and make it to Two Mile

with the unstable load

barely secured.

- [Josh] (whispers)
Oh, what a (beep) joke.

(CB Radio)

- Hello, are you on the move there, Josh?

- Yes.

(CB Radio static)

- Where you at?

- [Josh] I'm just, just
coming into Boulder now.

Had to re-chain everything.

- Yup. Okay.

- Usually, Two Mile's about an hour

from Boulder, where I am at right now.

At least.

(slow music)

- [Narrator] An hour ahead of Josh,

Scrappy Larry and his load
of disassembled camp cabins

is at the base of the hill up to Two Mile.

The two outside, shredded tires

have been pulled off his trailer.

- Okay. Oh, oh.

Forgot to put my...

Brakes on.



All ready to climb the hill.

- All right,

you noticed how, how
narrow the road is now.

- [Larry] Who called it a road?


- [Robin] You've gotta
take that corner wide.

- [Larry] We just need some wheels.

We've got enough lumber.

We can build a tow truck.


- [Larry] Okay. Let's go.

(suspenseful music)

- Sun in our eyes.

- This (beep) corner.

- [Larry] Gonna miss her?

Oh boy.

Oh yeah, I can't... I can't make it.

I can't make it.

Maybe I can.

(suspenseful music)

- Come on, come on. You can do it.

(suspenseful music)

- [Larry] Come on, up the hill.

(suspenseful music)

- (beep)

(engine roaring)

- [Larry] Well, this one's
gonna be a son of a gun.

(Suspenseful music)

- [Robin] Stuck there, Larry?

- [Larry] Yeah, and the
trailer is climbing the bank

and I'm spinning out here.

- I hope we get up the hill.

If I can't get up this hill,

I guess this is where
their camp's gonna be.

(suspenseful music)

- [Robin] Gary's bringing the CAT down.

Just too much

loose gravel.

(chain rattling)

(engine roaring)

- [Larry] He's just gonna
stay hooked up to me

'cause we got the steep part coming yet.

I thought this was the steep part, Henry.

Oh boy, yeah, she is steep, eh?

- [Henry] Yeah, oh yeah.

(CB Radio)

- I'll just get ya right up
on this flat here, Larry!

- [Larry] Am I outta the worst (beep) now?

- Yeah, you bet.

(engine humming)

- And, we're turning up Two Mile.

- [Narrator] Josh has finally
made it to the junction

for Two Mile.

- I'm mentally drained.

I don't like the point that I'm at here.

It's not cool.

(engine humming)

- Just turning on to the Two Mile road.

(CB Radio)


So, it is secured good, there?

- Good enough, I guess.

If it ends up in the trees,
it's not my problem anymore.

(CB Radio)

- [Robin] Okay.

- [Josh] Zero respect for me
or anything I have to say.

If anybody says one thing


"oh it's nice to finally
(beep) have some food join us,

I'm gonna lose my (beep) cool

'cause I've been eating

Rice Krispies Squares and dad's cookies,

pushing as hard as I
can to get to everybody

to get the food to them

because they (beep) off on me.

- [Narrator] Gary and
Robin are waiting for Josh

at the bottom of the steep hill.

- [Gary] It's gonna be good
to have some food today.

Last night was a long
night when you're eating

peanuts and granola bars for supper.

(engine humming)

- [Josh] Hey man.

- [Robin] It looks okay.

Were these screwed?

- [Josh] They weren't screwed together.


- [Josh] These top ones,

these four right here,

those were the ones that weren't screwed.

Those were the ones that
fell out before I made it

20 minutes outta camp.

Then I had to crawl under there

and kick all (beep) night.

Actually these four here,

do not have one screw in
them because I've been

kicking them,

I've been kicking them for
the last (beep) 18 hours.

Laying under there.

If you guys would've stuck with
me instead of abandoning me,

I would've asked one of
you to drive it all night.

- [Gary] Don't yell at me.

I wasn't here, man.

- [Josh] Everybody had gone.

I'm all by myself.

Nobody comes back on a (beep) quad.

No (beep) call.

Like, I'm like an hour up the trail

in the pitch black, like...


- [Josh] If I was out here,

I would've came and got you.

You would've never spent
the night on the trail.

You and Ghee?

You guys would've never
spent the night on the trail

like that.

I slept on a (beep) plywood floor.

That chain (beep)

I'm shaking.

I'm trying to stay calm here.

Come look at this chain with me.

Would you use that?

'Cause if you would,

you'd have something
like this happen to you.

Why would you even use that chain?

- [Robin] 'Cause we don't
have any other chain.

- [Josh] I won't bug you guys anymore,

and I won't talk to you,

and I won't bitch to you,

but there's another chain back here

that's in the exact same condition.

- [Robin] This one here,

are not gonna break.

We break these chains on this?

- [Josh] I already did.

- [Robin] It's tight.

- I already did break the chain.


This morning.

I broke it.

I just

showed you the (beep) link.

- [Robin] Anyways.

- [Josh] Let's tow the bitch up

and if it lays on the ground,

I'm going home.

And if it doesn't,

then I'm going home, like...

This is me being scared.

I've had a long two days.

- [Gary] Well, if you're scared,

hold on,

just listen for a sec.

Your dad can drive this,

- [Josh] Perfect. I said that.

I just said that.

How many times does this
guy have to say that?

Obviously, it looks perfect to you guys.

I hope it makes it

with all my heart and soul,

that this makes it up there

because I just worked
really hard to get it here

in one (beep) piece.

- [Robin] Joshua,

- [Josh] Aw, (beep) this.

(slow music)

(upbeat music)

- [Robin] Josh has black and white.

There's no gray area.

He gets overworked on things
'cause it isn't how he

would've planned it.

- [Narrator] After 60 kilometers
and two days of traveling,

the end is in sight for the weary crew.

- Oh. Easy baby.

- [Larry] Don't wanna lose
her this close to camp, right?


- [Larry] Now I don't know
where they want me to park.

(truck horn honking)

- [Claudia] Woo hoo!

(engine stops)

- [Claudia] You can get
Gary to grab the excavator

and get him to unload.

- [Narrator] With so few days
left in the mining season,

Claudia puts the crew right to work

setting up camp.

- It's the end of August.

So, we're going like crazy here.

It's the beginning of our season.

And it's the end of the season.

So we're gonna set up camp right now.

We might have 30 days to mine.

Yeah, we're panicked.

- [Robin] Keep it coming.

(slow music)

- [Robin] Okay, hit the brake right now.

Right there, now put the brakes on.

- [Josh] Yeah, I just did.

I jacked them.

And the clutch,

and the brakes.

It still rolls.

- You're that far from the back.

- [Josh] Why don't I move over ?

- [Robin] No, no, no just
straighten your wheels out.

- [Josh] Well I can't until I'm moving.

- [Robin] That way.

Okay, stop.

Right there.

Right there.

Straighten your wheel
out this way a touch.


If you can hold it right there, that...

Right there.

Now, put the brakes on.

You gotta back up.

- You come do it.

I'll let you run over my leg

but I'm not gonna run over your leg.

I can't have that on my conscience.

- [Claudia] You have to tell
us what you're doing, Robin.

- [Josh] Ooo! (beep)

- [Claudia] Stop! Stop.

That's as close as
you're gonna get, Robin.

- [Robin] There.

- This is stupid.

- Sorry.

- Moving that camp was horrible.

It was a lot of tears and a
lot of heartache for five days.

You don't wanna see your
family go through that.

This is gonna go good
or it's gonna go bad.

One or the other.

Little bit more.

We have touchdown.


- [Claudia] I don't think we
wanna check out the kitchen.

Oh my gosh, everything (laughing)

- [Male] Oh look, a shmorgishboard.


- [Josh] When I handed it over to my dad,

the kitchen was in perfect shape.

By the time he had gotten here
in the one hour of driving,

the kitchen was annihilated.

- My favorite bowls.

They lived through everything.

They're like 1960's.

- [Male] Oh my god, he
broke the coffee pot.

- [Claudia] That's just
the tip of the iceberg,

I'm sure.

I don't even know what the (beep) that is.


- [Claudia] What keeps you from running?

What keeps you from saying,

I've had enough?

It's easy to run.

But, I don't think it's a choice.

I think

we're meant to be here, and we're meant

to be doing this.

Because there's Jade here and,

we're gonna prove it.

- [Narrator] Next time

on Jade Fever...

- [Claudia] We built camps,

but now this is the first time
we've ever had to move one.

- [Male #1] It's not gonna be fun.


do it and get it over with.

- [Male #2] We got the
Bedford, the Crummy,

and the Rock truck.

We're moving to Two Mile.

- Off like a heard of turtles.

(engine turning)


- [Robin] This place is cursed.


- [Male #1] We got big problems.

- [Robin] Not good.


- [ Male #1] Ouch!

- (beep)

- [Male #2] We ain't
leaving Wolverine just yet.

(suspenseful music)